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Arhat Inc C/O Community Development, 1965 The Woods II, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Arhat Inc C/O Community Development
Address: 1965 The Woods II, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 520.04, Lot: 1, QCode: C1965
Parcel: 0409_520.04_1_C1965
Assessment (2020): $80,200
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

44 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.867526487475-74.9547674461640409_520.04_1_C18521852 The Woods IIMirica, Eugenia$136,600$5,526
39.867468454427-74.9547293601720409_520.04_1_C18531853 The Woods IIFalzarano John + Diane$119,700$4,843
39.867513156747-74.954689172830409_520.04_1_C18541854 The Woods IIAn, Shan$114,100$4,616
39.867458014508-74.9546502579520409_520.04_1_C18551855 The Woods IICawley Kate$109,200$4,418
39.867501739377-74.9546113279250409_520.04_1_C18561856 The Woods IIChillem Cristina$127,000$5,138
39.86712421299-74.9545201944550409_520.04_1_C18641864 The Woods IIBannan, John J$112,200$4,539
39.867183506482-74.9545012610080409_520.04_1_C18621862 The Woods IIFoell Danielle$119,700$4,843
39.867243896815-74.9544844066340409_520.04_1_C18601860 The Woods IIAcker Benjamin D$119,700$4,843
39.867303664491-74.9544637960409_520.04_1_C18581858 The Woods IIGonzalez Randy E$112,200$4,539
39.867133286532-74.9544523961550409_520.04_1_C18631863 The Woods IIRochman, Debra K$68,300$2,763
39.867193054364-74.9544317853670409_520.04_1_C18611861 The Woods IIPeterka, Lois E$119,700$4,843
39.867253444686-74.954414930930409_520.04_1_C18591859 The Woods IILatvenas, Justin$119,700$4,843
39.867312738182-74.9543959970220409_520.04_1_C18571857 The Woods IIOlivencia, Emelinda$75,400$3,050
39.867603144347-74.9541561170770409_520.04_1_C19711971 The Woods IIZanetich Deanne$68,300$2,513
39.867543896549-74.9541331175320409_520.04_1_C19691969 The Woods IINusbaum And Wang LLC$119,700$4,843
39.867485631967-74.9541064939250409_520.04_1_C19671967 The Woods IINusbaum And Wang LLC$119,700$4,843
39.867638202436-74.9541044882840409_520.04_1_C19721972 The Woods IIBhandari Vineet & Anita$112,200$4,539
39.867427463441-74.9540823871470409_520.04_1_C19651965 The Woods IIArhat Inc C/O Community Development$80,200
39.867580034146-74.9540803824250409_520.04_1_C19701970 The Woods IISantillo, Matthew S$119,700$4,843
39.867521769853-74.954053758850409_520.04_1_C19681968 The Woods IIVioletti, Joseph R$119,700$4,843
39.86746252145-74.954030759440409_520.04_1_C19661966 The Woods IIKumar Aditya S & Sharma Anita A$112,200$4,539
39.86777528716-74.9539990338770409_520.04_1_C19091909 The Woods IILee, Ji E$112,200$4,539
39.867828226662-74.9539950972330409_520.04_1_C19101910 The Woods IIGlc Cole Group LLC$130,700$5,288
39.867796568481-74.9539247596010409_520.04_1_C19111911 The Woods IIHobbs Katharina F & Charles F$119,700$4,843
39.867850845534-74.953920402740409_520.04_1_C19121912 The Woods IIDavid, Mariecar B$139,600$5,648
39.86706892017-74.9539088233640409_520.04_1_C19631963 The Woods IIDenney George III$112,200$4,539
39.867009838078-74.953885116540409_520.04_1_C19611961 The Woods IIMarchesani, V C & E A-Trust$119,700$4,843
39.866951765008-74.9538577971790409_520.04_1_C19591959 The Woods IIYeh Fang Yun$119,700$4,843
39.867104343508-74.9538576168980409_520.04_1_C19641964 The Woods IIFarese, John$112,200$4,539
39.867816382809-74.9538488327150409_520.04_1_C19131913 The Woods IITrotta Richard J Jr$119,700$4,843
39.867870659857-74.9538444761820409_520.04_1_C19141914 The Woods IIUs Bank Trust Na % Resicap$141,800$5,737
39.866893770647-74.953832995920409_520.04_1_C19571957 The Woods IIMeng Xianmin & Xiao Yuhong$112,200$4,539
39.867046349166-74.953832816270409_520.04_1_C19621962 The Woods IIDi Pietro, Nicolette P$119,700$4,843
39.866988276083-74.9538054973270409_520.04_1_C19601960 The Woods IIAbduljabbar Zainab & Ahmed Hasan M$119,700$4,843
39.866929193994-74.9537817895410409_520.04_1_C19581958 The Woods IIGeorge, Gweneth D$112,200$4,539
39.867839001487-74.953774138930409_520.04_1_C19151915 The Woods IIHornick, Lisa M$115,200$4,661
39.867891941281-74.95377020210409_520.04_1_C19161916 The Woods IIAslanian Amanda S & Rota Andrew$130,700$5,288
39.867895929828-74.9535622734780409_520.04_1_C19171917 The Woods IIMellitz Cynthia A$112,200$4,539
39.867948896448-74.9535590067480409_520.04_1_C19181918 The Woods IIEsposito, Dean C$130,700$5,288
39.867917768153-74.9534882722610409_520.04_1_C19191919 The Woods IIGoldberg Gary & Lee$119,700$4,843
39.867972075831-74.9534846021770409_520.04_1_C19201920 The Woods IIKurtz, Scott E$136,600$5,526
39.866889510573-74.9534706368460409_520.04_1_C19531953 The Woods IIKim Elizabeth$119,700$4,843
39.86793815226-74.9534125997910409_520.04_1_C19211921 The Woods IICunney Jacqueline$119,700$4,843
39.866910010952-74.9533950188630409_520.04_1_C19511951 The Woods IIWaitsman, Harold$122,700$4,964

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