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Aquawood LLC, 1946 The Woods II, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Aquawood LLC
Address: 1946 The Woods II, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 520.04, Lot: 1, QCode: C1946
Parcel: 0409_520.04_1_C1946
Assessment (2020): $116,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

24 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.866813245128-74.953548108770409_520.04_1_C19561956 The Woods IIDoner Matthew J$115,200$4,661
39.866866217142-74.9535449802250409_520.04_1_C19551955 The Woods IIShapiro, Alisa T$115,200$4,661
39.866835198034-74.9534741658130409_520.04_1_C19541954 The Woods IIYcs Property Management LLC$122,700$4,964
39.866889510573-74.9534706368460409_520.04_1_C19531953 The Woods IIKim Elizabeth$119,700$4,843
39.866855698716-74.9533985475030409_520.04_1_C19521952 The Woods IIPreston, Katie$122,700$4,964
39.866910010952-74.9533950188630409_520.04_1_C19511951 The Woods IIWaitsman, Harold$122,700$4,964
39.866878991915-74.9533242048480409_520.04_1_C19501950 The Woods IIStella Daniel J$115,200$4,661
39.866931962939-74.9533210756280409_520.04_1_C19491949 The Woods IIGriesback Alan R$114,500$4,632
39.866928699743-74.9531206369170409_520.04_1_C19481948 The Woods IIAckerman, Donna A$116,600$4,717
39.866981713376-74.95311915250409_520.04_1_C19471947 The Woods IIFinnerty Mary$57,000$2,306
39.866952007862-74.9530473960120409_520.04_1_C19461946 The Woods IIAquawood LLC$116,100$4,697
39.867006370246-74.953045553740409_520.04_1_C19451945 The Woods IINavarra Emily$98,200$3,973
39.866973896118-74.9529724353060409_520.04_1_C19441944 The Woods IIWilliams G Trustee % Shureway$116,100$4,697
39.867028258501-74.9529705929740409_520.04_1_C19431943 The Woods IILikhnekevich Anton$98,200$3,973
39.86699855315-74.9528988364290409_520.04_1_C19421942 The Woods IIEhly Charles & Paula J$113,800$4,604
39.867051567641-74.9528973518140409_520.04_1_C19411941 The Woods IISapita Michele$62,900$2,544
39.867364511622-74.9528549195210409_520.04_1_C19341934 The Woods IIFoster, Howard III$112,200$4,539
39.867305364654-74.9528314828420409_520.04_1_C19361936 The Woods IIKeith Alexandra L$119,700$4,843
39.867247217941-74.9528044294930409_520.04_1_C19381938 The Woods IIKortsarz Guy S & Kortsarts Yana$119,700$4,843
39.8673997953-74.9528035512870409_520.04_1_C19331933 The Woods IIEardley Marie$68,300$2,763
39.867189155929-74.9527798942750409_520.04_1_C19401940 The Woods IIVecchione Ernie R & Laura T$112,200$4,539
39.867341733604-74.952779015650409_520.04_1_C19351935 The Woods IIFriedman, Michael S & Etal$119,700$4,843
39.86728358628-74.9527519619370409_520.04_1_C19371937 The Woods IIMadden Sarah E$119,700$4,843
39.867224439904-74.9527285260640409_520.04_1_C19391939 The Woods IIMills Tiffany$68,300$2,763

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