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Carey Sharla & Slack Tracie, 347 Chanticleer, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Carey Sharla & Slack Tracie
Address: 347 Chanticleer, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 520.04, Lot: 1, QCode: C0347
Parcel: 0409_520.04_1_C0347
Assessment (2020): $203,900
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

27 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.869288006368-74.9531426317310409_520.04_1_C0340340 ChanticleerBonfiglio, Suzette$201,900$8,168
39.86935193472-74.9524470566950409_520.04_1_C0351351 ChanticleerSabatino, Frank C$173,000$6,999
39.86935576094-74.9531143825290409_520.04_1_C0339339 ChanticleerUtter George B Jr & Berigan Karen E$173,000$6,999
39.869374828871-74.953046566490409_520.04_1_C0341341 ChanticleerEgger Dennis$61,400$2,484
39.869417198521-74.9530830134630409_520.04_1_C0342342 ChanticleerDeal-Blachniak, Cynthia Ann$61,400$2,484
39.869425455927-74.9524369496990409_520.04_1_C0352352 ChanticleerStauffer, J & Smith, B$201,900$8,168
39.869434336878-74.9530214715410409_520.04_1_C0343343 ChanticleerCheung Ming$58,500$2,366
39.869469898262-74.9530533563720409_520.04_1_C0344344 ChanticleerArhat Inc C/O Community Development$57,400
39.869485605655-74.9523889508360409_520.04_1_C0353353 ChanticleerWainfan Martin & Lois$173,000$6,999
39.869499964019-74.9529971363840409_520.04_1_C0345345 ChanticleerBhar, Bratati$174,000$7,040
39.869525733475-74.9523083659310409_520.04_1_C0354354 ChanticleerKessler, Robert B & Gail R$207,100$8,379
39.869549108543-74.952930337740409_520.04_1_C0346346 ChanticleerJohns Charles S$201,900$8,168
39.869645664146-74.9522099932450409_520.04_1_C0355355 ChanticleerSoble Toby$206,800$8,367
39.869696531507-74.9534478802180409_520.04_1_C0427427 ChanticleerElwell Tracy$173,000$6,999
39.869719119724-74.9521991095490409_520.04_1_C0356356 ChanticleerTiganu Sergiu & Ecaterina$177,000$7,161
39.869728161459-74.9533862840960409_520.04_1_C0428428 ChanticleerPak Hyunsook$199,100$8,055
39.869738158387-74.9525858822520409_520.04_1_C0349349 ChanticleerWaxman Howard & Jo-Ann$244,100$8,864
39.869778965631-74.9521504756720409_520.04_1_C0357357 ChanticleerWeinroth, G & Cressman T H/W$206,800$8,367
39.86980637536-74.9525501322180409_520.04_1_C0350350 ChanticleerSlifer Scott$213,800$8,650
39.869818585508-74.9520694681360409_520.04_1_C0358358 ChanticleerBeder Abraham & Mindy$177,000$7,161
39.869819505596-74.9527494322330409_520.04_1_C0347347 ChanticleerCarey Sharla & Slack Tracie$203,900$8,249
39.869872698482-74.9526834761690409_520.04_1_C0348348 ChanticleerBurns Kathleen$175,000$8,864
39.869961998362-74.9530261036070409_520.04_1Cropwell & Walden Pond DrChanticleer Homeowners Assoc
39.870050769849-74.9531226198150409_520.04_1_C0402402 ChanticleerMaranoff Richard & Shirley$209,100$8,460
39.870107660354-74.953117324180409_520.04_1_C0401401 ChanticleerBell, Edward P & Myra$201,600$8,156
39.870171256778-74.9531114044510409_520.04_1_C0403403 ChanticleerKatz Sidney B & Lori S$208,800$8,448
39.870228147689-74.9531061088510409_520.04_1_C0404404 ChanticleerMills Veronica$214,800$8,690

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