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Barot Ranjit & Sulochana, 55 Lafayette Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Barot Ranjit & Sulochana
Address: 55 Lafayette Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 520.02, Lot: 55
Parcel: 0409_520.02_55
Assessment (2020): $147,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

39 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.867091985921-74.9564874512690409_520.02_7272 Lafayette LnShorokhova, Irina$138,100$5,587
39.867162752173-74.956478693820409_520.02_7171 Lafayette LnNordvig Jens & Anna Starikovsky -$143,600$5,810
39.867228477312-74.9564726670270409_520.02_7070 Lafayette LnSuresh Shashikiran & Karunakar Shwe$142,600$5,769
39.867294202651-74.9564666398010409_520.02_6969 Lafayette LnShapiro Judith$146,400$5,923
39.867359932498-74.9564605344560409_520.02_6868 Lafayette LnGabbay, Meir & Michelle$144,400$5,842
39.867426105174-74.9564530148470409_520.02_6767 Lafayette LnHoffman Bruce & Andrea$152,500$6,170
39.867559958068-74.9564161392120409_520.02_6666 Lafayette LnLi Man Lung & Hofstadt Jessie Manyu$149,700$6,056
39.867625809901-74.956404281390409_520.02_6565 Lafayette LnKeller, Constance A$146,800$5,939
39.867690899992-74.956389656750409_520.02_6464 Lafayette LnSmith Teresa T$146,300$5,919
39.867755998891-74.9563721271950409_520.02_6363 Lafayette LnXue, C H & Ge, J F H/W$145,500$5,886
39.867821097944-74.9563545965520409_520.02_6262 Lafayette LnSharon Ventures Inc$147,000$5,947
39.867886186417-74.9563372822430409_520.02_6161 Lafayette LnMin, S S & Suh, P$143,100$5,789
39.867982301468-74.956318474420409_520.02_6060 Lafayette LnMccoy, Patricia E$146,300$5,919
39.867206879032-74.9560281905440409_520.02_5959 Lafayette LnWu Hsi-Mien & Li-Wen H/W$163,800$6,627
39.867278103033-74.9560190080820409_520.02_5858 Lafayette LnVaturi Zion & Rivka$150,700$6,097
39.867343520318-74.9560075459340409_520.02_5757 Lafayette LnVaturi Zion & Rivka$141,300$5,716
39.867408764463-74.9559943288540409_520.02_5656 Lafayette LnRaval, Pavitra R$142,500$5,765
39.867473879325-74.9559782218140409_520.02_5555 Lafayette LnBarot Ranjit & Sulochana$147,100$5,951
39.867539006803-74.9559611117050409_520.02_5454 Lafayette LnSharon Ventures Inc$144,200$5,834
39.867604556469-74.9559466091090409_520.02_5353 Lafayette LnDolney-Dillon Diane L-Trustee$149,600$6,052
39.867737210848-74.955895815040409_520.02_5252 Lafayette LnGoldstein Robert & Meryl L$148,200$5,996
39.867802632267-74.9558839920860409_520.02_5151 Lafayette LnMatthews Patricia$150,900$6,105
39.867868108633-74.9558726628330409_520.02_5050 Lafayette LnSchwartz Kelsey B$146,900$5,943
39.867933771378-74.9558638071880409_520.02_4949 Lafayette LnSwei P C & Harrington D & Swei S C$146,700$5,935
39.86799927672-74.9558564069430409_520.02_4848 Lafayette LnMckeaney, Edward F & Dorothy$147,600$5,971
39.867220744138-74.9555098499260409_520.04_1_C18331833 The Woods IIFast Cash For Properties LLC$112,200$4,539
39.86728018639-74.9554917184990409_520.04_1_C18351835 The Woods IIBryd Evelyn Wallace -$119,700$4,843
39.867340709064-74.9554756813460409_520.04_1_C18371837 The Woods IIAmato, Constance R Trustee$119,700$4,843
39.867400638468-74.9554558795950409_520.04_1_C18391839 The Woods IILamey, Mary G$112,200$4,539
39.867230361042-74.9554421776870409_520.04_1_C18341834 The Woods IIDunn, Christine A$128,000$5,178
39.867290291291-74.9554223759410409_520.04_1_C18361836 The Woods IIMartinovic Ratko$136,600$5,526
39.867350813655-74.9554063387230409_520.04_1_C18381838 The Woods IIFacchine Danielle L$136,600$5,526
39.867410255249-74.9553882066610409_520.04_1_C18401840 The Woods IIVergara Jorge E & Martha$130,000$5,259
39.866929832551-74.9553873734980409_520.04_1_C18291829 The Woods IIJacobs, L & L B & Zucker, B$119,700$4,843
39.866989748731-74.9553675005980409_520.04_1_C18311831 The Woods IIShade, Barbara M$109,200$4,418
39.866939888496-74.9553180192640409_520.04_1_C18301830 The Woods IISimons Young S$136,600$5,526
39.867561876079-74.9553127553980409_520.04_1_C18411841 The Woods IINabrzeski Robert Jr & Diane$112,200$4,539
39.866999318076-74.9552998170490409_520.04_1_C18321832 The Woods IIDiventura, Amalvia$130,700$5,288
39.867605792544-74.9552741890810409_520.04_1_C18421842 The Woods IIBitman Jessica$130,700$5,288

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