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Armbruster, T C & Kane, S L H/W, 916 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Armbruster, T C & Kane, S L H/W
Address: 916 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 437.03, Lot: 1, QCode: C0916
Parcel: 0409_437.03_1_C0916
Assessment (2020): $141,900
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

36 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.89988886127-74.9699723121710409_437.03_1_C0706706 Society HillHaggerty, Margaret A$172,600$6,983
39.899954539948-74.969934566050409_437.03_1_C0707707 Society HillFeigenbaum Martin$177,600$7,185
39.900096225337-74.9699239922010409_437.03_1_C0710710 Society HillMccray, K & Williams, M$143,300$5,797
39.90006221442-74.9699032152950409_437.03_1Society Hill BlvdSociety Hill Homeowners Assoc
39.900014371015-74.9699001807150409_437.03_1_C0708708 Society HillSmith, Susan A & Craig$175,800$7,112
39.899587961147-74.9698844696740409_437.03_1_C0924924 Society HillPeleg Dahlia % Herman Realty$132,700$5,369
39.90007923146-74.9698491689350409_437.03_1_C0709709 Society HillHoward Janis B$134,700$5,449
39.899647674314-74.9698286208190409_437.03_1_C0923923 Society HillBerman, Jodi Lee$179,300$7,254
39.899570966015-74.9698096476190409_437.03_1_C0925925 Society HillCollins, William A & Roerdomp E$143,400$5,801
39.89971335482-74.9697908742120409_437.03_1_C0922922 Society HillKnowles Jessica M$179,800$7,274
39.899773184305-74.9697564901970409_437.03_1_C0921921 Society HillWitrow Myra$173,700$7,027
39.899838863215-74.9697187439980409_437.03_1_C0920920 Society HillTong Elaine$178,300$7,214
39.899898692886-74.969684359750409_437.03_1_C0919919 Society HillGruber, Michele H$179,300$7,254
39.899962842919-74.9696570352390409_437.03_1_C0918918 Society HillTan, Jennifer K$140,800$5,696
39.900237765372-74.9695900075310409_437.03_1_C0331331 Society HillSandoli Edward J$134,900$5,458
39.899947013539-74.9695815867210409_437.03_1_C0917917 Society HillJade Hernandez 2012 Trust$132,900$5,377
39.900220771317-74.9695151843150409_437.03_1_C0332332 Society HillFlood Joseph Jr$140,700$5,692
39.899462060643-74.9694315421540409_437.03_1_C0926926 Society HillKirschling Patrick J & Kathleen Cas$132,700$5,369
39.899519690132-74.9694094769260409_437.03_1_C0927927 Society HillVolusher Robert D$142,700$5,773
39.899480400271-74.9693252675680409_437.03_1_C0928928 Society HillSchwarzwaelder, Douglas$177,400$7,177
39.899723019306-74.9692851365590409_437.03_1_C0916916 Society HillArmbruster, T C & Kane, S L H/W$141,900$5,741
39.89978113085-74.9692645839150409_437.03_1_C0915915 Society HillKessler Amy$128,400$5,195
39.899453915558-74.9692475856870409_437.03_1_C0929929 Society HillCohen Terri$173,700$7,027
39.899708289245-74.9692027596440409_437.03_1_C0914914 Society HillJames Wayne A$179,200$7,250
39.899424842335-74.9691623119510409_437.03_1_C0930930 Society HillColclough Rhonda$179,800$7,274
39.899679216208-74.9691174857020409_437.03_1_C0913913 Society HillMurphy Arlene & Francis X III$179,100$7,246
39.899352000759-74.9691004876950409_437.03_1_C0931931 Society HillRayden, Libby H Lisker -$135,800$5,244
39.899410112172-74.9690799350840409_437.03_1_C0932932 Society HillWlodarczyk-Schwartz Karolina$140,700$5,692
39.899652731462-74.9690398036750409_437.03_1_C0912912 Society HillTomar Heather & Levin Andrew$166,000$6,716
39.899613441323-74.9689555939670409_437.03_1_C0911911 Society HillWilson Kristin A$140,700$5,692
39.899671070109-74.9689335282310409_437.03_1_C0910910 Society HillGoldberg Gary$128,600$5,203
39.899206154994-74.9687010554290409_437.03_1_C9021902-A Society HillThomas, Patricia$84,900$3,435
39.899254040933-74.9686661326710409_437.03_1_C0903903 Society HillHoran, James B$176,900$7,157
39.899191710183-74.9686586879830409_437.03_1_C9022902-B Society HillBomze Ilene & Richard$69,400$2,807
39.899319719273-74.9686283861090409_437.03_1_C0904904 Society HillWarne Katherine & John E III$180,600$7,307
39.899379548765-74.9685940013920409_437.03_1_C0905905 Society HillSakal, Rebeca$179,600$7,266

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