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Balkey Albert J & Mary Ellen-Truste, 831 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Balkey Albert J & Mary Ellen-Truste
Address: 831 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 437.03, Lot: 1, QCode: C0831
Parcel: 0409_437.03_1_C0831
Assessment (2020): $179,300
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

32 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.898412322127-74.9702565711220409_437.04_63100 Renaissance DrCarnemolla Ronald Jr & Novick Cara$433,300$17,531
39.898795106338-74.9702156740530409_437.03_1_C0825825 Society HillGoldstein Gary$177,400$7,177
39.898768622212-74.9701379921250409_437.03_1_C0826826 Society HillPeleg Dahlia & Penna Ilana$181,800$7,355
39.8992172551-74.9700858067170409_437.03_1_C0805805 Society HillMalitz, Edwin & Shirley$176,900$7,157
39.898729332404-74.970053783080409_437.03_1_C0827827 Society HillTurchin, Robert H & Lynn G$132,700$5,369
39.898786962408-74.9700317194410409_437.03_1_C0828828 Society HillDwyer Marguerite$133,500$5,401
39.899188183266-74.970000533050409_437.03_1_C0804804 Society HillCraig, William$177,400$7,177
39.898311293375-74.9699644947120409_437.04_6198 Renaissance DrVemuri, Sesha L$568,700$23,009
39.899161699711-74.969922854280409_437.03_1_C0803803 Society HillBarr Deborah L$175,900$7,116
39.899082543175-74.9698601164250409_437.03_1_C0801801 Society HillRachlin, Rosalind S$130,100$5,263
39.899140654532-74.9698395660590409_437.03_1_C0802802 Society HillColino, Josephine$143,400$5,801
39.898630632603-74.9696858243330409_437.03_1_C0829829 Society HillMarshall Amy E$134,600$5,445
39.898614651006-74.9696103456040409_437.03_1_C0830830 Society HillMaccarella Gina$143,400$5,801
39.898679276273-74.9695849559230409_437.03_1_C0831831 Society HillBalkey Albert J & Mary Ellen-Truste$179,300$7,004
39.898739105845-74.9695505722840409_437.03_1_C0832832 Society HillKarp Melina$175,800$7,112
39.898804784625-74.9695128270180409_437.03_1_C0833833 Society HillGandhi Zindadil M & Mittal$172,900$6,995
39.898864614399-74.969478442560409_437.03_1_C0834834 Society HillGerwurtz Bonnie D & Michael J$174,800$7,072
39.899007272159-74.9694606602260409_437.03_1_C0837837 Society HillBerkowitz Bruce$141,400$5,721
39.898930293446-74.9694406966440409_437.03_1_C0835835 Society HillBetchen Stephen$180,300$7,294
39.898990181093-74.9693858119160409_437.03_1_C0836836 Society HillRothchild Sidney & Ellen$130,300$5,271
39.898526263376-74.9693520485990409_437.03_1_C10081008 Society HillPasquarello, George N & Claudine M$132,700$5,369
39.898586151453-74.9692971639250409_437.03_1_C10071007 Society HillMagliano, Raymond V & Sheri B$177,400$7,177
39.898509173032-74.9692772013920409_437.03_1_C10091009 Society HillAdelson, Jared$140,700$5,692
39.898651830507-74.9692594182730409_437.03_1_C10061006 Society HillCitron, Arthur D & Hollis E Gross -$184,600$7,468
39.898711659987-74.969225034410409_437.03_1_C10051005 Society HillWilson Kermit + Ruth$172,600$6,983
39.898777338709-74.9691872885530409_437.03_1_C10041004 Society HillPolish Theodore N$179,200$7,250
39.898837168191-74.9691529038450409_437.03_1_C10031003 Society HillAhluwalia Jolly S & Gurmeet K-Trust$177,400$7,177
39.898901793361-74.9691275139830409_437.03_1_C10021002 Society HillSteinberg, Gladys C.$140,700$5,692
39.898885812381-74.9690520349410409_437.03_1_C10011001 Society HillRegan, Eleanor B L/E & R J & T W$132,700$5,119
39.898404558077-74.9689809152960409_437.03_1_C10111011 Society HillD'Angelo Kathleen$140,700$5,692
39.898462669565-74.9689603645350409_437.03_1_C10101010 Society HillLipkin Morris + Nettie$128,400$5,195
39.898383511864-74.9688976289910409_437.03_1_C10121012 Society HillConnor Karen$177,600$7,185

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