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Chase Melissa, 630 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Chase Melissa
Address: 630 Society Hill, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 437.03, Lot: 1, QCode: C0630
Parcel: 0409_437.03_1_C0630
Assessment (2020): $181,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

30 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.899011632531-74.9725901784310409_437.04_548 Collage LnLi Zhu & Wang Zeechung$454,200$18,376
39.899419549043-74.9725750882450409_437.03_1_C0624624 Society HillMercedes Bette$142,700$5,773
39.89947936773-74.9725659885240409_437.03_1_C0623623 Society HillMellendorf, Nancy J$132,100$5,344
39.899408279072-74.9724886624030409_437.03_1_C0625625 Society HillO'Mara Rebecca & Lerman Michael$177,400$7,177
39.89939098984-74.9724067329770409_437.03_1_C0626626 Society HillIngersoll Lisa$174,600$7,064
39.899779488698-74.9723846021690409_437.03_1_C0611611 Society HillBollampally, Indira$132,900$5,377
39.899834526017-74.972352844110409_437.03_1_C0612612 Society HillFeldman Melvin N.$140,700$5,692
39.899372009526-74.9723167943010409_437.03_1_C0627627 Society HillHackett-Moore Malika A$180,500$7,303
39.898956309507-74.9723142221380409_437.04_626 Collage LnLiu, J & Lai P H/W$442,600$17,907
39.899810292346-74.9722710294120409_437.03_1_C0610610 Society HillBalin Irvin J & Leslie A$173,600$7,023
39.899354720185-74.9722348644210409_437.03_1_C0628628 Society HillJacobs Leonard + Zucker Linda$178,300$7,214
39.899793002746-74.9721890996560409_437.03_1_C0609609 Society HillCohen Meredith L$193,100$7,274
39.899335739775-74.972144925510409_437.03_1_C0629629 Society HillFreedman, Jacqueline & Melissa$184,100$7,448
39.899774022449-74.9720991597530409_437.03_1_C0608608 Society HillApell Erwin + Britt$181,300$7,085
39.899756732513-74.9720172296890409_437.03_1_C0607607 Society HillMerkin, Laura$182,800$7,396
39.898893207379-74.9720034865810409_437.04_554 Collage LnLevenbach Gary & Rachel$511,700$20,703
39.89929540019-74.9719616758370409_437.03_1_C0630630 Society HillChase Melissa$181,100$7,327
39.899276419794-74.9718717370310409_437.03_1_C0631631 Society HillWolfe Cristina M$178,100$7,205
39.899718320926-74.9718210422040409_437.03_1_C0606606 Society HillCohen Andrea$184,000$7,444
39.899259129663-74.9717898080520409_437.03_1_C0632632 Society HillArmstrong, Susan A$180,300$7,294
39.899701030706-74.971739112720409_437.03_1_C0605605 Society HillWeiss Joel + Lillian$177,700$7,189
39.899234895861-74.9717079938520409_437.03_1_C0633633 Society HillEber Benjamin$135,400$5,478
39.898796847317-74.9716979308670409_437.04_562 Collage LnFink Marc & Bolotina Inna$445,000$18,004
39.899289932799-74.9716762356650409_437.03_1_C0634634 Society HillHorwitz Hope J & Joseph B$140,700$5,692
39.899682050602-74.9716491740450409_437.03_1_C0604604 Society HillBroder, Stephen N & Eileen S$178,600$7,226
39.899664759985-74.9715672434760409_437.03_1_C0603603 Society HillWilderman, Lee & Helene$177,400$7,177
39.899599093135-74.9714890285670409_437.03_1_C0602602 Society HillStone Corrynn L$142,700$5,773
39.899658950473-74.9714800644610409_437.03_1_C0601601 Society HillKaiser, Lynne$128,400$5,195
39.89918073235-74.9713316508060409_437.03_1_C0635635 Society HillLevin, Alan B$132,700$5,119
39.899164905162-74.9712562025660409_437.03_1_C0636636 Society HillDalton Deborah$140,700$5,692

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