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Barranger, Gail, 354 Tuvira Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Barranger, Gail
Address: 354 Tuvira Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 436.03, Lot: 72
Parcel: 0409_436.03_72
Assessment (2020): $195,700
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

28 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.899748238074-74.9825867185760409_436.03_54206 Europa CtHou, Brian T & Cindy M$270,900$10,960
39.899350196428-74.9825830130590409_436.03_57106 Europa BlvdSabapathi Mani & Kalpana$390,300$15,791
39.899880264233-74.982450549180409_436.03_53208 Europa CtHorton Tonya M$307,600$11,434
39.900017279188-74.9823080650980409_436.03_52210 Europa CtKose Haci$275,400$11,142
39.89937911056-74.9823028624050409_436.03_58102 Europa BlvdD'Amico, Leon & Angela$346,100$14,003
39.899695289379-74.9821162792720409_436.03_74361 Tuvira LnShalamayev Igor & Rybakova Anna$237,600$9,613
39.899761207965-74.9820504410460409_436.03_75362 Tuvira LnWeber, Kimberley$213,200$8,626
39.899379501217-74.982032454520409_436.03_118Tuvira LaneTuvira Homeowners Assoc
39.899813233732-74.9820149906230409_436.03_76363 Tuvira LnColeman, Gregory P & Susan H$216,500$8,759
39.89954049751-74.9820107995520409_436.03_73355 Tuvira LnKatsnelson, Ilya & Svetlana$231,900$9,382
39.89986456034-74.9819720104890409_436.03_77364 Tuvira LnShah Atit$220,200$8,909
39.898952037455-74.9819577582450409_436.06_21101 Europa BlvdHwang Young & Lee Misook$333,600$13,497
39.899942493997-74.981941423850409_436.03_78365 Tuvira LnHwang, Young$227,000$9,184
39.899495120056-74.9819411951740409_436.03_72354 Tuvira LnBarranger, Gail$195,700$7,918
39.899458018895-74.9818856029780409_436.03_71353 Tuvira LnRampall, Indresh & Poonam$210,100$8,500
39.900042191278-74.9818716384460409_436.03_79381 Tuvira LnZhao Tinglan$226,100$9,148
39.899431079702-74.9818193927270409_436.03_70352 Tuvira LnGureghian, Victoria O$193,900$7,845
39.899390774145-74.9817330360120409_436.03_69351 Tuvira LnVeksler Anna$235,800$9,540
39.89934107592-74.9816208187990409_436.03_68345 Tuvira LnTammishetti Nithin$230,100$9,309
39.899684643541-74.9815337892240409_436.03_117371 Tuvira LnRiverso-Nataloni Joann$235,600$9,532
39.899309209697-74.9815323196590409_436.03_67344 Tuvira LnConti, Joseph A$203,700$8,241
39.899759427755-74.981471230890409_436.03_116372 Tuvira LnSohn Sung W$205,000$8,294
39.899279374986-74.9814641374350409_436.03_66343 Tuvira LnZhao, B & Qiu, H H/W$211,500$8,557
39.899811056103-74.9814307486370409_436.03_115373 Tuvira LnSoverno & Bernard Family Trust$204,100$8,257
39.899249511922-74.9813959873030409_436.03_65342 Tuvira LnGrewal, Gurmet S & Apinder K$194,300$7,861
39.899885519329-74.9813819372010409_436.03_114374 Tuvira LnChettair Loganathan$204,300$8,265
39.899195377541-74.9813092869280409_436.03_64341 Tuvira LnFaulseit, B & Gail, B$232,400$9,402
39.899930478847-74.9812300181270409_436.03_113401 Tuvira LnRyan Cynthia L$236,100$9,552

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