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Chung Dan & Myungryang & Jungsuh, 314 Tuvira Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Chung Dan & Myungryang & Jungsuh
Address: 314 Tuvira Ln, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 436.03, Lot: 63
Parcel: 0409_436.03_63
Assessment (2020): $237,500
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

29 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.898673494121-74.9817832045440409_436.05_99_C005656 Buckingham PlKazan, Ali A & Lelia$312,700$12,651
39.898742554702-74.9817686391390409_436.05_99_C005555 Buckingham PlBranch Rhonda D$268,800$10,875
39.899390774145-74.9817330360120409_436.03_69351 Tuvira LnVeksler Anna$235,800$9,540
39.898802509088-74.981723025530409_436.05_99_C005454 Buckingham PlJacovelli, Judith A$269,900$10,920
39.898846414179-74.9816548860680409_436.05_99_C005353 Buckingham PlCorn Adele Judith$303,900$12,295
39.89934107592-74.9816208187990409_436.03_68345 Tuvira LnTammishetti Nithin$230,100$9,309
39.899309209697-74.9815323196590409_436.03_67344 Tuvira LnConti, Joseph A$203,700$8,241
39.899279374986-74.9814641374350409_436.03_66343 Tuvira LnZhao, B & Qiu, H H/W$211,500$8,557
39.899249511922-74.9813959873030409_436.03_65342 Tuvira LnGrewal, Gurmet S & Apinder K$194,300$7,861
39.899195377541-74.9813092869280409_436.03_64341 Tuvira LnFaulseit, B & Gail, B$232,400$9,402
39.899583167628-74.9812149518890409_436.03_18.03_C0336336 Tuvira LnPark James$177,600$7,185
39.899526471053-74.9811653812640409_436.03_18.03Europa LaneTuvira Homeowners Association
39.899562200424-74.9811620556130409_436.03_18.03_C0335335 Tuvira LnHu, Jingjing$132,800$5,373
39.899062773449-74.9810924578650409_436.03_63314 Tuvira LnChung Dan & Myungryang & Jungsuh$237,500$9,609
39.899595990373-74.9810839908120409_436.03_18.03_C0334334 Tuvira LnDaga Kishor K & S % Sand Inv$165,500$6,696
39.899527245819-74.9810767404540409_436.03_18.03_C0333333 Tuvira LnSilipena Carol$137,200$5,551
39.899485541842-74.9810235318270409_436.03_18.03_C0332332 Tuvira LnShin, Robert & Susan$174,900$7,076
39.899547862043-74.9809956326480409_436.03_18.03_C0331331 Tuvira LnAcciani, Mary O$128,300$5,191
39.899017181551-74.9809839037770409_436.03_62313 Tuvira LnBanavalikar, B G & P H/W$206,500$8,354
39.898987294013-74.9809157613170409_436.03_61312 Tuvira LnHaynes, Linda D$196,100$7,934
39.898943833975-74.9808166762290409_436.03_60311 Tuvira LnAphale Jay N$229,600$9,289
39.899288699855-74.9808120995480409_436.03_18.02Europa LaneTuvira Homeowners Association
39.899443025644-74.9807604691750409_436.03_18.02_C0322322 Tuvira LnFayanova Marina$155,000$7,315
39.89950887375-74.9807321470410409_436.03_18.02_C0321321 Tuvira LnSurden Leslie S$150,900$6,105
39.89942205832-74.9807075740720409_436.03_18.02_C0323323 Tuvira LnKose, Haci R$131,400$5,316
39.899455848274-74.9806295089740409_436.03_18.02_C0324324 Tuvira LnOrozco Robert$168,700$6,575
39.899387103476-74.9806222590250409_436.03_18.02_C0325325 Tuvira LnBarker Bruce E Sr & Sandra$136,000$5,502
39.899345399048-74.9805690508830409_436.03_18.02_C0326326 Tuvira LnZerbo, Wayne % Metro Comm Mgmt$174,900$7,076
39.899407719718-74.9805411516670409_436.03_18.02_C0327327 Tuvira LnLandolfi Joseph$125,900$5,093

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