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Cassano Matthew J & Sanchez Mary, 6 Old Towne Rd, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Cassano Matthew J & Sanchez Mary
Address: 6 Old Towne Rd, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 433.07, Lot: 59
Parcel: 0409_433.07_59
Assessment (2020): $235,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

8 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.890435314625-75.0074045015640409_433.07_5012 Old Towne RdWilson, Raye A & Margarita M$207,700$8,403
39.890781818121-75.0065641300070409_433.07_57405 Old Towne Cr EMoshang, Joan$222,200$8,990
39.890834231916-75.0068393499920409_433.07_58403 Old Towne Cr EAllen Amanda J$212,700$8,605
39.890901901062-75.0071744182090409_433.07_596 Old Towne RdCassano Matthew J & Sanchez Mary$235,100$9,512
39.891037894654-75.0078580627470409_433.19_75 Old Towne RdDavis James C$236,800$9,580
39.891177722816-75.0067131175770409_433.07_61402 Kresson RdGalante Ryan Joseph$195,800$7,922
39.89124558906-75.0070591644110409_433.07_60400 Kresson RdGorman John & Otto Heather$217,200$8,787
39.891381660599-75.0077427862150409_433.19_6378 Kresson RdCampbell Arthur C Jr$221,500$8,711

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