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Digioia Doretta R, 18 Crofton Commons, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Digioia Doretta R
Address: 18 Crofton Commons, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 337.07, Lot: 18
Parcel: 0409_337.07_18
Assessment (2020): $160,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

33 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.932046619169-74.9822223264010409_337.07_44 Crofton CommonsScarduzio, James & Florann$157,800$6,134
39.932468652235-74.9822176292630409_337.07_3232 Crofton CommonsNusbaum And Wang LLC$168,200$6,805
39.932520322196-74.9821935250640409_337.07_3333 Crofton CommonsThomas Jean$159,200$6,191
39.932041749495-74.9821490893490409_337.07_55 Crofton CommonsNebel, Richard P & Stella R$158,900$6,429
39.932562713297-74.9821358589430409_337.07_3434 Crofton CommonsDe Finis Joan & Joseph M$151,000$6,109
39.932614383024-74.9821117545180409_337.07_3535 Crofton CommonsRogers Daniel P$151,200$6,117
39.932670692858-74.9821044313280409_337.07_3636 Crofton CommonsSeenarine Rajendra & Claire Grist -$157,600$6,376
39.932023898991-74.9820816493510409_337.07_66 Crofton CommonsRupnik Joseph$159,600$6,207
39.931980086339-74.982025804360409_337.07_77 Crofton CommonsSzlachta Dorothy$157,600$6,376
39.93196223606-74.9819583639890409_337.07_88 Crofton CommonsAnthony Anna Artman -$164,800$6,667
39.932392551599-74.9818821821940409_337.07_3131 Crofton CommonsRutberg, Jeffrey & Robin$169,200$6,845
39.932415838339-74.9818176005640409_337.07_3030 Crofton CommonsGobac Steven & Semple Jacob R$151,800$6,141
39.93188222347-74.9817997588790409_337.07_99 Crofton CommonsFosbre Family Living Trust$162,900$6,340
39.932451555751-74.9817605816460409_337.07_2929 Crofton CommonsBoose Barbara L$156,900$6,348
39.931864372712-74.9817323187980409_337.07_1010 Crofton CommonsSparling, Brian & Maria$168,200$6,805
39.932474842062-74.9816959992830409_337.07_2828 Crofton CommonsMartino Carolyn R$157,900$6,388
39.932100730261-74.9816784313170409_337.07_1616 Crofton CommonsDesiderio Vincent & Zamichieli Mary$150,500$6,089
39.931859502889-74.9816590812120409_337.07_1111 Crofton CommonsCrecelius, Minerva$106,400$4,054
39.932510558977-74.9816389793360409_337.07_2727 Crofton CommonsBenjamin James P & Megan$152,200$6,158
39.93212401674-74.9816138493410409_337.07_1717 Crofton CommonsMalinowski Christopher & Betty$153,000$6,190
39.931841651743-74.9815916418360409_337.07_1212 Crofton CommonsVerna Frances$109,100$4,164
39.932533845483-74.9815743964740409_337.07_2626 Crofton CommonsPowell Stephanie$159,000$6,433
39.932122441748-74.9815341414720409_337.07_1818 Crofton CommonsDigioia Doretta R$160,100$6,477
39.931836781747-74.9815184048460409_337.07_1313 Crofton CommonsFlade, Doris J$152,800$6,182
39.932532270209-74.9814946884010409_337.07_2525 Crofton CommonsSkinner, Charles R III$158,300$6,404
39.932145727852-74.981469559560409_337.07_1919 Crofton CommonsWeingardt A & M % B Weingardt$158,600$6,416
39.931831911426-74.9814451678960409_337.07_1414 Crofton CommonsMangels Emma$159,200$6,191
39.93255555648-74.9814301059070409_337.07_2424 Crofton CommonsGenda Elizabeth$160,900$6,510
39.932181445255-74.9814125406360409_337.07_2020 Crofton CommonsTinsley Brian A$152,100$6,153
39.93181406045-74.9813777285290409_337.07_1515 Crofton CommonsZin, Mar H$159,200$6,441
39.932204731329-74.9813479582750409_337.07_2121 Crofton CommonsCosta Robert$158,400$6,408
39.932240447921-74.9812909385030409_337.07_2222 Crofton CommonsMarcus, Evan M & Tara S$157,100$6,356
39.93226373422-74.9812263560240409_337.07_2323 Crofton CommonsOrsino, Mary C$154,400$6,247

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