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Baskin, Brian & Constance, Lake Dr E, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Baskin, Brian & Constance
Address: Lake Dr E, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 306.01, Lot: 10
Parcel: 0409_306.01_10
Assessment (2020): $6,000
Geometry: not available, map shows region

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

25 neighbors on block 306.01 in Cherry Hill Township

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.934759090265-75.0026129731250409_306.01_2923 Christian LnDowhy, Edward$252,700$10,224
39.934959480517-75.0024962238510409_306.01_2821 Christian LnBerner Mark A & Angela$246,100$9,957
39.934925021372-75.0015852097030409_306.01_2322 Christian LnTrace, Glenn & Kimberly$315,800$12,777
39.934712380021-75.0016516750110409_306.01_2224 Christian LnTalcott, Patricia L$370,300$14,982
39.934325813618-75.0022272159380409_306.01_2130 Christian LnAdorno, Francis P & Rhonda$262,900$10,636
39.935473914977-75.0023553778880409_306.01_27401 Columbia BlvdO'Connell Josie & Dillon R$191,500$7,748
39.935338574566-75.0021339620410409_306.01_2619 Christian LnMurawski Stephen & Elizabeth$292,100$11,818
39.935183839745-75.0018805697980409_306.01_2420 Christian LnRusso, Jon & Louise M$265,300$10,734
39.934020888691-75.002080787860409_306.01_1328 Liberty LnChoi, Young S & Park Y$315,000$12,744
0409_306.01_10Lake Dr EBaskin, Brian & Constance$6,000$242
39.933906241338-75.003022367360409_306.01_1622 Liberty LnLifschitz Biana$339,900$13,752
39.933871096976-75.0033969346880409_306.01_17515 Columbia BlvdOllis, Barbara L & Richard D$186,600$7,549
39.933984062725-75.0023879023280409_306.01_1426 Liberty LnRabinowitz H & C$294,400$11,911
39.933955377978-75.0027066879260409_306.01_1524 Liberty LnBenedon Robert & Pamela$321,400$13,003
39.934131354889-75.0033024247560409_306.01_18505 Columbia BlvdMariscal Alexander & Danna G$217,200$8,537
39.934353470489-75.0032679814380409_306.01_19501 Columbia BlvdGross Christina$160,500$6,493
39.935713854122-75.0016314426690409_306.01_8Lake Dr EO'Connell Josie & Dillon R$6,900$279
39.934716215645-75.0032054096690409_306.01_1425 Columbia BlvdSantos, Carlos & Christine$184,600$7,468
39.935011028479-75.0030376128950409_306.01_2419 Columbia BlvdProvda Dore J & Jennifer$333,300$12,473
39.935324190163-75.0028553871440409_306.01_3417 Columbia BlvdGoldstein Michelle R & Jonathan T$309,300$12,514
39.936169735001-75.0023671967840409_306.01_6399 Columbia BlvdGallo, Anthony Jr$307,200$12,429
39.934597405651-75.0028635336020409_306.01_3125 Christian LnLorenz M R & Talcott P H/W$272,800$11,037
0409_306.01_32400 Lake Dr EPissarro Evelyn J$213,000$8,617
39.935687385658-75.0026440414190409_306.01_4415 Columbia BlvdFoster, Anthony & Joyce$284,700$11,518
39.935946885325-75.001914187870409_306.01_7Lake Dr WO'Connell Josie & Dillon R$39,900$1,614

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