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Chase Sandra-Lee, 217 Wilbur Ave, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey

Parcel Data:
Owner: Chase Sandra-Lee
Address: 217 Wilbur Ave, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey
County: Camden
Block: 233.01, Lot: 37
Parcel: 0409_233.01_37
Assessment (2020): $135,100
Effective Flood Zone: X

Municipal Data:
Parcels: 27,475
Area: 15474.2 acres
Perimeter: 26.43 miles
Population 2010: 71045
Pop Density 2010: 2939/sq-mi

26 neighbors in Cherry Hill Township whose centroid is within 200 feet of parcel centroid

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latlonParcelLocationOwner NameAssessmentTaxes
39.950813919156-75.0315524855770409_233.01_3222 Wilbur AveCahill, Matthew & Renee$141,600$5,729
39.95070434851-75.0315430236370409_233.01_4224 Wilbur AveCristobal Luviminda V & Etal$150,600$6,093
39.950594777712-75.0315335617540409_233.01_5226 Wilbur AveCamba, Pablo & Melinda$141,200$5,712
39.950485206821-75.0315240994760409_233.01_6228 Wilbur AveColon Edwin$151,000$6,109
39.950375636018-75.0315146381560409_233.01_7230 Wilbur AveKuczykowski, Louis J Jr & Denise$127,100$5,142
39.950266065357-75.0315051763240409_233.01_8232 Wilbur AveAndrzejewski, Patricia$125,300$5,069
39.950037377848-75.0314854285770409_233.01_9234 Wilbur AveGrossman Nancy Olenginski -$180,700$7,311
39.950830448095-75.0309533278390409_233.01_32207 Wilbur AveMahoney, Christopher J & Crystal L$131,400$5,066
39.950720877668-75.0309438678540409_233.01_33209 Wilbur AveTnd Home Renovation Llp$135,700$5,490
39.950611306803-75.0309344061470409_233.01_34211 Wilbur AveGalloway William D & Coffin Theresa$132,300$5,352
39.949752905455-75.0309334525420409_233.01_12619 Harvard Ave NAlvin, Rosalie M$183,700$7,432
39.950501735686-75.0309249456270409_233.01_35213 Wilbur AveMarshall, John L$135,700
39.950392164757-75.0309154848210409_233.01_36215 Wilbur AveLouby Horace A & Lena L$133,200$5,139
39.950282593838-75.0309060239080409_233.01_37217 Wilbur AveChase Sandra-Lee$135,100$5,466
39.950160696465-75.0308954989960409_233.01_38219 Wilbur AveSwartz Michael L & Georgeann$149,000$6,028
39.949993820136-75.0308810899310409_233.01_39221 Wilbur AveGallagher Donald$213,000$8,367
39.949760413283-75.0307150119290409_233.01_13621 Harvard Ave NLiebman Marcia S & S F Satinsky Jt$168,200$6,805
39.94976951325-75.0305370549430409_233.01_14623 Harvard Ave NGross Gary H & Laurel$159,200$6,441
39.950741991044-75.0305310011040409_233.01_2222 Willis AveClerico Diane & Vincent A$140,800$5,696
39.950632420344-75.030521541210409_233.01_2124 Willis AveGiampaolo Anthony + Cheryl$144,500$5,846
39.950522849146-75.0305120810170409_233.01_2026 Willis AveMohr, Dennis N$134,900$5,458
39.950397062001-75.0305012206370409_233.01_1928 Willis AveRoberts Jr, Raymond C. & Lois$139,700$5,652
39.950257578257-75.0304891774530409_233.01_1830 Willis AveMiller, Daniel E & Barbara A$122,400$4,952
39.950120614552-75.0304773522660409_233.01_1732 Willis AveRenna Nicholas & Emily$146,800$5,939
39.949983651042-75.0304655274350409_233.01_1634 Willis AveAlvarez Dalissa$194,300$6,696
39.94978088899-75.0303146086730409_233.01_15625 Harvard Ave NCimmarotta, Luca$155,400$6,287

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