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Frelinghuysen Township (Warren County) Property and Tax Data Index Table

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Frelinghuysen Township (Warren County) Index Map
New Jersey Index Table
Warren County Index Table

Index of Parcels in Frelinghuysen Township (Warren County)

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ParcelOwner NameProperty Address
2106_502_9.01_Q02921129 Associates L L C1129 Route 94
2106_701_18.1325 Warren County LLC % Wishnia Esq25 Dutch Hill Road
2106_1101_12.01845 Frelinghuysen LLC845 Route 94
2106_104_11.03_Q007993 Llr Trust93 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_104_11.0393 Llr Trust93 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1501_4Ackerman, Alyssa N73 Bear Creek Road
2106_801_9.02Ackerson, Gregory R & Karen A79 Ackerson Road
2106_801_9.02_Q0290Ackerson, Gregory R & Karen A79 Ackerson Road
2106_801_7.08Akindunbi Oluwatosin/Ajani Ayodej4 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_801_10.01Albanese, Andrew J & Jennifer111 Ackerson Road
2106_801_10.01_Q0231Albanese, Andrew J & Jennifer111 Ackerson Road
2106_1401_21.04Alessio, Frank P & Judy L66 Greendell Road
2106_1201_7_Q0187All County Farm LLC7 Route 661
2106_1101_12_Q0187All County Farm LLC821 Route 94
2106_1401_1.05Allaman, George L III & Tammy L18 Greendell Road
2106_1601_22.08Alleyne, Anthony D & Jamie L56 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_18.09Alpaugh, Glenn R142 South Street
2106_1401_18.09_Q0278Alpaugh, Glenn R142 South Street
2106_1401_1.33Altonjy, Thomas J & Louanne C18 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_801_1.02Alwell, Michael141 Silver Lake Road
2106_603_6Amgs Holdings LLC288 Silver Lake Road
2106_1001_6Anchundia, Robert & Marjorie244 Main Street
2106_1601_12Anderson, Estate Of Helen97 South Town Road
2106_1301_14Andres Randall/Eicoff Renni1028 Route 519
2106_1005_5Andres, Randal H1022 Route 519
2106_901_4Andreski, Barbara & Vincent350 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_21Appello, Michael & Susan104 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_201_8.06Arfken, Erik & Tammy64 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1003_9Armstrong Helen Anita/Worob Heather247 Main Street
2106_1003_10Armstrong, Helen Anita241 Main Street
2106_1601_22.09Armstrong, John R & Susan C54 Allamuchy Road
2106_1801_3_Q0103Atterbury, Robert & Leah106 State Park Road
2106_101_2.01Aulicino Robert J/Hugo Catherine195 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_501_19Auringer, Addison C Jr & Abbe C1174 Route 94
2106_1701_9_Q0142Aurori, Kieran & Teresa23 Heller Road
2106_1701_9Aurori, Kieran & Teresa23 Heller Road
2106_1401_18.01Avatos, Nicholas & Catherine Wilcox130 South Street
2106_1401_1.12Avery, Mark & Sandra6 Homestead Drive
2106_602_2.01Baguley, Philip W & Antonina48 Golden Chain Road
2106_1401_1.01Baird, Austin & Dorothy28 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.18Baldwin, Diane21 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1602_1_Q0196Banta, James & Linda275 Route 661
2106_1602_1Banta, James & Linda275 Route 661
2106_901_15Banta, James & Linda272 Main Street
2106_901_15_Q0196Banta, James & Linda272 Main Street
2106_801_16.02Barba, Jane S150 Lanning Road
2106_1001_14_Q0193Barbour, Bruce214 Main Street
2106_1001_14Barbour, Bruce214 Main Street
2106_1801_5.04Barcadepone, Michael & Monica64 State Park Road
2106_902_9.01Barnes, Andrew & Marilyn374 Main Street
2106_801_7.04Barrow, Richard & Mary8 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_1602_3.02Bartek, Michael319 Main Street
2106_1701_7.01Bassett, Timothy S618 Route 519
2106_1701_7_Q0167Bassett, Timothy S622 Route 519
2106_1701_7.01_Q0167Bassett, Timothy S618 Route 519
2106_201_30Basto, Louis E & Judith M760 Route 94
2106_1401_18.12Baum, Helen142 Greendell Road
2106_1401_18.07Baum, John T Jr & Erika146 Greendell Road
2106_1401_18.07_Q0012Baum, John T Jr & Erika146 Greendell Road
2106_1602_3Bean, R Bennett & Cathy Bao357 Main Street
2106_603_10.03Beckenthal, George & Tamara264 Silver Lake Road
2106_801_7.06Bedford, Edward A6 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_502_9Begic, Susan & Darko1149 Route 94
2106_602_2.03Belfiore Louis P/Kristensen Jean30 Golden Chain Road
2106_1302_3.10_Q0004Bell, Anthony J139 South Street
2106_1302_3.10Bell, Anthony J139 South Street
2106_1001_7Belowsky, John240 Main Street
2106_801_10_Q0098Belton, Lori87 Ackerson Road
2106_801_10Belton, Lori87 Ackerson Road
2106_1201_17.06Benbrook, Robert J139 Route 661
2106_1501_14Bender, Brian R256 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_18.06Bender, Isaac W & Sharon L154 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.07Benincasa, Angelo S & Dawn E24 Greendell Road
2106_104_1.01Berger Russell A/Griffin Joseph J2088 Stillwater Road
2106_1804_3Berry, James W & Marbern L230 State Park Road
2106_1804_3_Q0232Berry, James W & Marbern L230 State Park Road
2106_1804_4Berry, Joyce L240 State Park Road
2106_1804_5_Q0018Berry, Joyce Lynette & Patricia Ann252 State Park Road
2106_1803_8.01_Q0018Berry, Joyce Lynette & Patricia Ann251 State Park Road
2106_1803_8.01Berry, Joyce Lynette & Patricia Ann251 State Park Road
2106_1804_6_Q0018Berry, Joyce Lynette & Patricia Ann270 State Park Road
2106_1803_8Berry, Patricia Ann253 State Park Road
2106_1501_5Berthold, Robert C & Betty Lou63 Bear Creek Road
2106_701_18.12Bevacqua, Christopher & Dorene27 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_18.12_Q0259Bevacqua, Christopher & Dorene27 Dutch Hill Road
2106_1602_3.05Billing, Lore299 Main Street
2106_1602_3.05_Q0296Billing, Lore299 Main Street
2106_1501_15_Q0326Bockbrader, Nicholas & Stacy262 Allamuchy Road
2106_1001_13Bokman, Caroline M220 Main Street
2106_403_6Boland, James M & Gena A1021 Route 94
2106_1401_1.10Bonfanti, Steven & Angie35 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_701_21Bonzulak, William & Helen34 Ackerson Road
2106_701_18.08_Q0164Bonzulak, William & Helen42 Ackerson Road
2106_701_21_Q0164Bonzulak, William & Helen34 Ackerson Road
2106_1201_17.08Borie Michelle A/Barton Michael P4 Lackawanna Drive
2106_201_25Boubev, Konstantin Konstantinov790 Route 94
2106_1801_5.01Boyd, Adam & Megan50 State Park Road
2106_1803_9_Q0025Boynton, David C197 State Park Road
2106_1803_9.10_Q0025Boynton, David C173 State Park Road
2106_1803_9.07_Q0025Boynton, David C & Patricia D177 State Park Road
2106_1803_9.09_Q0025Boynton, David C & Patricia D175 State Park Road
2106_1803_9.08_Q0025Boynton, David C & Patricia D189 State Park Road
2106_601_9Brazzano Christopher/Tapie Rebecca28 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_9_Q0109Brazzano Christopher/Tapie Rebecca28 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_9.03Brazzano Christopher/Tapie Rebecca30 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_9.03_Q0109Brazzano Christopher/Tapie Rebecca30 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_602_4.04Brennan, Martin D100 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_14Brink, Tracy Susan80 South Street
2106_1301_17.05Bromirski William/Ellis Diane79 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.09Brown, Keith & Chiara37 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_701_3.02_Q0106Brown, Scott & Tracey541 Route 519
2106_701_3.02Brown, Scott & Tracey541 Route 519
2106_601_11.05_Q0017Brozowski, Mary Ann Trstee Brozowsk1221 Route 94
2106_601_11.02Brozowski, Mary Ann Trstee Brozowsk1233 Route 94
2106_102_6.08Brunner Edmund/Jenkins Janet2165 Stillwater Road
2106_1003_17Burd Judy L215 Main Street
2106_104_6.01Burns, James K & Mary A2164 Stillwater Road
2106_1602_3.12Burns, Michael889 Route 519
2106_1501_3.06Bush, Steven, James & Michael95 Bear Creek Road
2106_201_19Bustos, Lilia M852 Route 94
2106_201_7.02Butnick, Joel & Nancy94 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_1.39Butrymowicz, John J & Barbara30 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1201_17.07Buttgereit, Paul G & Wendy2 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1301_11Byland, Laurie1050 Route 519
2106_1301_12Cable, Jennifer1038 Route 519
2106_201_9.01Caffrey, Ryan & Kristel40 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_1.38Calamusa, William & Angela28 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_801_3Calcagne, Christopher R161 Silver Lake Road
2106_801_3_Q0028Calcagne, Christopher R161 Silver Lake Road
2106_603_12.01_Q0270Campbell, Keri65 Golden Chain Road
2106_603_12.01Campbell, Keri65 Golden Chain Road
2106_1201_17.03Campolo, Joseph R1055 Route 519
2106_201_21Canace, Robert J & Cindy S836 Route 94
2106_201_21_Q0245Canace, Robert J & Cindy S836 Route 94
2106_201_6.07Cangelosi, Robert & Lisa126 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_601_11.01Caprario, Glenn & Linda23 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1301_17.06Capwell, Scott E & Kathleen A81 Greendell Road
2106_501_17Cardenas, Nathan & Erica1182 Route 94
2106_501_4_Q0306Carlwood Land Development LLC24 Pippin Hill Road
2106_501_4Carlwood Land Development LLC24 Pippin Hill Road
2106_1401_6Carpenter, Betty175 Allamuchy Road
2106_701_13Carr, Christine605 Route 519
2106_201_26Carreras, Venus786 Route 94
2106_1601_17Carroll, Suzanne1 Camp Weahqua Road
2106_902_2_Q0117Carson, Daniel & Whitney31 Lanning Road
2106_902_7Carson, Daniel & Whitney779 Route 519
2106_902_4Carson, Daniel & Whitney67 Lanning Road
2106_902_7.03_Q0118Carson, Daniel & Whitney771 Route 519
2106_902_7_Q0118Carson, Daniel & Whitney779 Route 519
2106_902_3_Q0117Carson, Daniel & Whitney55 Lanning Road
2106_902_12_Q0117Carson, Daniel & Whitney156 Mill Road
2106_902_3Carson, Daniel & Whitney55 Lanning Road
2106_902_4_Q0117Carson, Daniel & Whitney67 Lanning Road
2106_902_9.06_Q0117Carson, Daniel & Whitney360 Main Street
2106_701_25Carter, Jed R/Gallagher, Brenda267 Silver Lake Road
2106_201_36.03Caruso, Jessica A & Michael26 Muller Road
2106_1501_6.09Caruso, Robert & Aileen23 Bear Creek Road
2106_103_11.02_Q0328Casella, Michael2131 Stillwater Road
2106_103_11.02Casella, Michael2131 Stillwater Road
2106_1601_26Cassidy Kayley/Mayer Kris J838 Route 519
2106_1802_4.02Cassidy, Thomas & Dolores30 Heller Road
2106_701_3.03Castillo, Oscar & Cristina S543 Route 519
2106_201_16.03Castles, Andrew J & Alice C916 Route 94
2106_201_12Castles, James A24 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1301_23.04Cecchetti, Wayne D & Donna A241 Greendell Road
2106_1501_13.03_Q0033Cedar View L L C238 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_13.04_Q0033Cedar View L L C228 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_17.02_Q0130Cedar View LLC989 Route 94
2106_1101_1_Q0130Cedar View LLC9 Mott Road
2106_1101_1.02_Q0130Cedar View LLC889 Route 94
2106_1501_13.01_Q0033Cedar View LLC240 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_13.01Cedar View LLC240 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_13_Q0033Cedar View LLC230 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_17.03_Q0130Cedar View LLC955 Route 94
2106_1501_12.03_Q0033Cedar View LLC210 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_14.06_Q0130Cedar View LLC8 Mott Road
2106_1501_13Cedar View LLC240 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_14.01_Q0130Cedar View LLC927 Route 94
2106_104_6.02Center For Humanistic Change Of Nj2158 Stillwater Road
2106_902_9.05Ceylan, Mustafa174 Mill Road
2106_201_5_Q0137Charles Schaffer Properties LLC170 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1602_4Chionchio Jr, Edward J915 Route 519
2106_104_9.02_Q0029Chirip, Andrew37 Henfoot Road
2106_104_9.02Chirip, Andrew37 Henfoot Road
2106_1003_12Chrusz, Est Of Helen235 Main Street
2106_1003_11Chrusz, Helen Estate Of239 Main Street
2106_1001_9Chrusz, Helen Estate Of234 Main Street
2106_602_4.01Chuddley Frederick/Warnkin Dawn106 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1302_3.04Chughatta, Rihaz & Susan111 South Street
2106_1602_3.04Cipolla Jr, Michael871 Route 519
2106_801_7.09Cirone, Brian & Arianna3 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_902_6.03Cishek, John H & Mary M765 Route 519
2106_902_6Cishek, John H & Mary M759 Route 519
2106_1401_3.04Clegg, Richard H & Grace J119 Allamuchy Road
2106_1201_17.15Clifton, John M & Mae Louise1 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1601_22Coffman, Jeffrey L52 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_15.03Cole, Leon & Selma30 South Street
2106_602_8Colman Jerome I & Glenda % A Brown30 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_8_Q0035Colman, Jerome I & Glenda % A Brown30 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1302_2.01Colquhoun Ian/Kacerek Noelle101 South Street
2106_502_32_Q0110Com Supprtd Garden Genesis Farm Inc90 Silver Lake Road
2106_502_27.01_Q0110Com Supprtd Garden Genesis Farm IncKerrs Corner Road
2106_502_32Com Supprtd Garden Genesis Farm Inc90 Silver Lake Road
2106_301_21_Q0065Comm Of The Sisters Of St Dominic41:a-B Silver Lake Road
2106_502_7_Q0065Comm Of The Sisters Of St Dominic42 Silver Lake Road
2106_301_21Comm Of The Sisters Of St Dominic41:a-B Silver Lake Road
2106_103_6.01Condit, Frederick G2069 Stillwater Road
2106_103_6.01_Q0015Condit, Frederick G2069 Stillwater Road
2106_201_5.04Connor, Martin & Deanna176 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_902_9.02_Q0036Consentino, Judith340 Main Street
2106_902_9.02Consentino, Judith340 Main Street
2106_1401_3.01Conway R/Donohue-Conway M/Donohue D125 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_18.11Cook, Ann138 South Street
2106_701_1_Q0037Cooke, Patricia515 Route 519
2106_701_1.03_Q0037Cooke, Patricia449 Route 519
2106_701_1Cooke, Patricia515 Route 519
2106_1801_12_Q0037Cooke, Scott & Diane510 Route 519
2106_1801_12Cooke, Scott & Diane510 Route 519
2106_701_1.01Cooke, Scott & Diane509 Route 519
2106_1101_3.02_Q0225Cornella, Alex & Rena A69 Mott Road
2106_1101_3.02Cornella, Alex & Rena A69 Mott Road
2106_501_28Cornwell, Barbara A & Bryan LeePippin Hill Road
2106_1401_1.30Corsi, Matthew & Kelly10 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_103_1Cortese, Lauren B201 Spring Valley Road
2106_801_1.01Corvino, Ralph Jr & Patricia A135 Silver Lake Road
2106_801_1.01_Q0256Corvino, Ralph Jr & Patricia A135 Silver Lake Road
2106_1002_1County Of Warren147 Route 661
2106_1302_1_Q0111Covacci, Steven29 South Street
2106_1302_1Covacci, Steven29 South Street
2106_801_9.05_Q0355Cowboy Realty LLC71 Ackerson Road
2106_801_9.04_Q0355Cowboy Realty LLC51 Ackerson Road
2106_801_9Cowboy Realty LLC59 Ackerson Road
2106_801_9_Q0355Cowboy Realty LLC59 Ackerson Road
2106_1101_16.02Cowell Jr, Charles873 Route 94
2106_502_23.02Cowell, John25 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_501_16Critelli, James/Ann Marie & Donald1184 Route 94
2106_1201_5.04Critical Infrastructure Mgmt LLC779 Route 94
2106_1201_5.05Crone, William M & April L789 Route 94
2106_1301_17.04Cullen, William D III75 Greendell Road
2106_1803_9.02Curtis, Robert & Janet L157 State Park Road
2106_1401_21_Q0209D'Antuono, Matthew L & Emily J76 Greendell Road
2106_1401_21D'Antuono, Matthew L & Emily J76 Greendell Road
2106_1501_6.05Dabrowski, James R & Anne Marie39 Bear Creek Road
2106_502_13_Q0330Darling, Robert Jr, Daniel,Route 94
2106_502_26_Q0330Darling, Robert Jr, Daniel, Phillip53 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_502.01_1Darling, Robert Jr, Daniel, Phillip59 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_603_2Darling, Ronald & Jamie348 Silver Lake Road
2106_902_23_Q0224Daugherty, Craig & Deborah190 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_603_1.02Davidson, Glenn A & GenevieveSilver Lake Road
2106_1401_19.03Davie, William M118 Greendell Road
2106_1401_7Davis, Jane M189 Allamuchy Road
2106_1701_12.03De Carolis Jr, Michael A75 Heller Road
2106_1701_12.04_Q0214De Carolis Jr, Michael A69 Heller Road
2106_1701_12.01_Q0214De Carolis Jr, Michael A95 Heller Road
2106_1703_3De Carolis, Alan134 South Town Road
2106_1702_1.01_Q0055De Carolis, Alan165 Heller Road
2106_1701_13_Q0055De Carolis, Alan101 Heller Road
2106_1703_3_Q0055De Carolis, Alan134 South Town Road
2106_1802_5_Q0055De Carolis, Alan70 Heller Road
2106_1003_15De Carolis, Alan223 Main Street
2106_1703_3.02_Q0055De Carolis, Alan120 South Town Road
2106_1005_3De Carolis, Alan1014 Route 519
2106_1702_1_Q0055De Carolis, Alan115 Heller Road
2106_1703_4_Q0055De Carolis, Alan130 Heller Road
2106_1802_5De Carolis, Alan70 Heller Road
2106_1802_5.01_Q0055De Carolis, Alan64 Heller Road
2106_1801_13_Q0056De Carolis, AlanRoute 519
2106_1703_3.01_Q0055De Carolis, Alan128 South Town Road
2106_1702_1.04_Q0055De Carolis, Alan129 Heller Road
2106_1702_1.03_Q0055De Carolis, Alan141 Heller Road
2106_1702_1.03De Carolis, Alan141 Heller Road
2106_1702_1.04De Carolis, Alan129 Heller Road
2106_1702_1.02_Q0055De Carolis, Alan171 Heller Road
2106_1801_4.02_Q0179De Carolis, Gabriel Jr & Caroline92 State Park Road
2106_1801_4.02De Carolis, Gabriel Jr & Caroline92 State Park Road
2106_1801_4_Q0179De Carolis, Gabriel Jr & Caroline74 State Park Road
2106_1801_4.04_Q0179De Carolis, Gabriel Jr & Caroline80 State Park Road
2106_1801_4.03_Q0179De Carolis, Gabriel Jr & Caroline96 State Park Road
2106_1601_22.07De Oliveira, Michele L2 Bear Creek Road
2106_201_17.02_Q0081Decamp, Sue A866 Route 94
2106_201_17.03_Q0081Decamp, Sue ARoute 94
2106_201_17.02Decamp, Sue A866 Route 94
2106_1802_3Decarolis, Alan23 State Park Road
2106_1501_3.08Decicco Michael/Nesius Catherine117 Bear Creek Road
2106_1401_3_Q0331Decie, Kevin & Anne Marie65 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_3Decie, Kevin & Anne Marie65 Allamuchy Road
2106_1601_26.02Decker, Richard858 Route 519
2106_1601_26.02_Q0333Decker, Richard858 Route 519
2106_1401_15.12Decker, Richard J Jr & Denise M62 South Street
2106_1401_1.26Defilippis, Marco & Janet V3 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1602_3.03Defino, James & Stephanie881 Route 519
2106_301_3.01Delorenzo, James A115 Silver Lake Road
2106_1201_31.01Deloreto, Raymond1127 Route 519
2106_1301_17.01Deno Michael/Canepa-Deno Darlene65 Greendell Road
2106_501_15Depuy, Sherri L1188 Route 94
2106_1801_9Dericks, Richard A & Carolyn A562 Route 519
2106_701_6.01_Q0045Dericks, Richard A & Carolyn A549 Route 519
2106_701_6.01Dericks, Richard A & Carolyn A549 Route 519
2106_1801_8_Q0045Dericks, Richard A & Carolyn A574 Route 519
2106_201_6.04Desautels, Ryan & Susan130 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_15.11Deschak, Rodney J & Roberta58 South Street
2106_601_14Deutsch, David M & Carole S83 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_301_9Devenney, Joseph & Carol253 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_104_1Diaz Neil/Garcia Marialina2092 Stillwater Road
2106_501_18Diaz, Jorge Rosas1180 Route 94
2106_201_16.01Dibenedetto, Nicholas & Jean Ann910 Route 94
2106_1401_19.01_Q0307Dicambio, Brent J & Jennifer150 South Street
2106_1302_6_Q0307Dicambio, Brent J & Jennifer149 South Street
2106_1401_19.01Dicambio, Brent J & Jennifer150 South Street
2106_1401_10_Q0307Dicambio, Brent J & Jennifer144 South Street
2106_801_13_Q0162Dicarlo, James & Mary659 Route 519
2106_801_13.01Dicarlo, James & Mary661 Route 519
2106_801_13.01_Q0162Dicarlo, James & Mary661 Route 519
2106_1401_24.03Dicarlo, Mary Ellen & James M Jr10 Greendell Road
2106_402_7Dickinson, Todd S & Jane E1034 Route 94
2106_103_6Dicristina Valerie C & Vito G Co-Tr2025 Stillwater Road
2106_103_6_Q0038Dicristina Valerie C & Vito G Co-Tr2025 Stillwater Road
2106_1601_15_Q0212Diomedes Associates LLC17 Camp Weahqua Road
2106_1601_15Diomedes Associates LLC17 Camp Weahqua Road
2106_701_2_Q0301Dowd, David J & Johanna Huss523 Route 519
2106_1801_11_Q0301Dowd, David J & Johanna Huss524 Route 519
2106_701_2Dowd, David J & Johanna Huss523 Route 519
2106_1401_15.10Draeger, Jane54 South Street
2106_603_11.03Dragland, Carol J31 Golden Chain Road
2106_603_11.04Dragland, Helen25 Golden Chain Road
2106_901_1Drewes, Robert S & Carol A128 Route 661
2106_1201_10.02Drum, Brian & Joanne45 Route 661
2106_1302_3.09Drylie, James & Sharon L259 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_19.02Duardo, Antonio & Francesca114 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.15Duncan, Donald J & Karen A1 Homestead Drive
2106_1401_19_Q0039Dunlop, James100 Greendell Road
2106_1501_6.04_Q0049Durling, Dale A & Gail J43 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_6.03Durling, Dale A & Gail J84 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_6.17_Q0049Durling, Dale A & Gail J29 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_6.10_Q0049Durling, Dale A & Gail J78 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_6.03_Q0049Durling, Dale A & Gail J84 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_6.16_Q0049Durling, Dale A & Gail J82 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_6.13Durling, Dale Jr & Veronica11 Bear Creek Road
2106_1201_2Edwards, Daniel & Catherine715 Route 94
2106_502_12Egner, Christopher & Dawn1177 Route 94
2106_1805_1.03Eitner, Alan R & Donna Lynne178 State Park Road
2106_602_1Engle Marc/Heninger Lori56 Golden Chain Road
2106_104_3English, Joseph W & Michael W2114 Stillwater Road
2106_1601_22.01Erd, Charles & Alice38 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_22.01_Q0051Erd, Charles & Alice38 Bear Creek Road
2106_902_23.02Espinosa, Rolando & Marguerita N218 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1301_19.05Everswick, Patricia131 Greendell Road
2106_1301_19.05_Q0053Everswick, Patricia131 Greendell Road
2106_301_12.04Farley, Hugh J & Susan98 Mott Road
2106_1401_15Fazekas Jr, John J240 Greendell Road
2106_201_32.05Federal Aviation Administration43 Muller Road
2106_1804_2.01Feher, William J226 State Park Road
2106_1804_2.02_Q0319Feher, William J220 State Park Road
2106_1804_2.01_Q0319Feher, William J226 State Park Road
2106_502_30Fernandez, Plutarco D118 Silver Lake Road
2106_1201_10.01Ferraro, Lisa35 Route 661
2106_1201_17.16Ferrucci, Albert J & Mary Ann3 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1802_4Fiechter, Paul & Diane4 Heller Road
2106_1803_3.01Fielding, Glen C271 State Park Road
2106_1801_5.02Fields, Janice56 State Park Road
2106_201_8.11Fiesseler, Sharon50 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_801_19Finn, Thomas J38 Lanning Road
2106_801_6Finn, Thomas J189 Silver Lake Road
2106_901_17Finn, Thomas J199 Mill Road
2106_1602_5Finn, Thomas J269 Main Street
2106_901_18Finn, Thomas J280 Main Street
2106_201_7.01_Q0273Fiore, David & Dayna78 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_7.01Fiore, David & Dayna78 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1802_4.01Fischer, Raymond P Jr & Corinne M36 Heller Road
2106_1501_12Fisher, Timothy H & Robin D196 Allamuchy Road
2106_1601_19.02Fitton Trisha/Sanfilippo Joseph94 Bear Creek Road
2106_1602_2Fleno, Patricia A285 Main Street
2106_603_10Fletcher Lucian III/Murphy Melissa19 Golden Chain Road
2106_1301_23.05Fliegel Jennifer/Alway Michael243 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.20Forbes, Lowell T & Cheryl15 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_602_10.01Fossetta, Robert & Linda80 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_2.07_Q0052Fountain, Brett A & Janet M34 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_2_Q0052Fountain, Brett A & Janet M36 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_2Fountain, Brett A & Janet M36 Golden Chain Road
2106_902_10Fowles, Thomas M & Jennifer L192 Mill Road
2106_1201_9Franco, Ronald & Brianne23 Route 661
2106_1301_23.07Frascella, Michael249 Greendell Road
2106_201_27Frelinghuysen Board Of Education780 Route 94
2106_1201_5.03_Q0059Frelinghuysen Rodney & Robinson V755 Route 94
2106_1201_5.08_Q0059Frelinghuysen Rodney & Robinson VRoute 94
2106_1401_5Fridman, Hanna T163 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_11Fridman, Hanna T164 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_5_Q0060Fridman, Hanna T163 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_11_Q0060Fridman, Hanna T164 Allamuchy Road
2106_1801_10_Q0023Fries Daniel/Damico Melinda540 Route 519
2106_1801_10Fries Daniel/Damico Melinda540 Route 519
2106_1801_10.02_Q0023Fries Daniel/Damico Melinda530 Route 519
2106_1301_15.03Fritz, Hervey25 Greendell Road
2106_1301_15.02Fritz, Martha Lynn23 Greendell Road
2106_1301_17.09Galante, Michael & Stacy A93 Greendell Road
2106_1201_5.02Galione, Joseph & Patricia751 Route 94
2106_1401_18.02Gallagher, James J Jr & Donna136 South Street
2106_1601_22.05Gallara, Benito & Giuseppa12 Bear Creek Road
2106_1101_7_Q0204Galway, Dennis M & Donna319 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1301_23.01_Q0064Gang, Walter A & Linda227 Greendell Road
2106_1301_23.01Gang, Walter A & Linda227 Greendell Road
2106_901_15.01Garofalo, Robert & Jacqueline175 Mill Road
2106_201_24.01_Q0169Gary Kapitko Living Trust70 Kerr Road
2106_201_24.01Gary Kapitko Living Trust70 Kerr Road
2106_801_9.03Gavin, Peter & Giulia23 Ackerson Road
2106_1803_11.01Gebhart, Frederick W151 State Park Road
2106_902_9.08Gelenites, Michelle178 Mill Road
2106_701_3Gelok, William & Claire531 Route 519
2106_301_4_Q0065Genesis Farm Inc89 Silver Lake Road
2106_501_25Genesis Farm Inc1106 Route 94
2106_1401_1.11George, Daniel A & Christie4 Homestead Drive
2106_1301_20.01Gernant, Lawrence & Cindy195 Greendell Road
2106_1101_4.02_Q0069Gerson, Benjamin113 Mott Road
2106_1101_4_Q0069Gerson, Benjamin111 Mott Road
2106_301_11.01_Q0069Gerson, Benjamin110 Mott Road
2106_1101_4.02Gerson, Benjamin113 Mott Road
2106_1501_5.02Gerstner, Jeffrey & Diane67 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_6.02Geseking, Brian86 Allamuchy Road
2106_1803_9.04Geswelli, John N & Carmella A163 State Park Road
2106_601_4Giordano, Thomas & Melissa S170 Silver Lake Road
2106_301_12.04_Q0314Glasson, Kenneth A & Gayle98 Mott Road
2106_1302_3Godlewsky, Richard J & Jo Anne87 South Street
2106_102_6Godown, Evelyn L1 Stone Bridge Road
2106_104_4Goedeke, Robert W2138 Stillwater Road
2106_201_32.03Goetz, Robert J & Wendy W33 Muller Road
2106_1101_13Goldsmith, Brett & Lori807 Route 94
2106_1401_1.22Gorski, Edward P11 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_403_5Gorski, John J & Linda1017 Route 94
2106_1201_22_Q0067Gottfried, Noah1061 Route 519
2106_1201_22Gottfried, Noah1061 Route 519
2106_1401_18.10_Q0278Gra Associates140 South Street
2106_1501_16_Q0236Grabovetz, Gregory190 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_16Grabovetz, Gregory190 Allamuchy Road
2106_902_21Grabowsky, Richard F & Anita M230 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_902_20Grabowsky, Richard F & Anita M234 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1401_15.09Grajewski, Christopher J50 South Street
2106_502_34Greck, Georgina & Melissa68 Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_20Greco, Loren A52 Greendell Road
2106_1501_3.03Greer, Frank M & Margherita C89 Bear Creek Road
2106_301_16Grimme, Monique945 Route 94
2106_301_10Grisi, Frank & Lona257 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1101_2.01Grosso, Stephen25 Mott Road
2106_104_11.05Grote, Dr Walter R2014 Stillwater Road
2106_201_16Grzelak D900 Route 94
2106_501_3.01Gsa Enterprises LLC % Schussel Rick32 Pippin Hill Road
2106_501_3.02_Q0233Gsa Enterprises LLC % Schussel Rick32 Pippin Hill Road
2106_501_3.01_Q0233Gsa Enterprises LLC % Schussel Rick32 Pippin Hill Road
2106_1201_17.17Gurba, Stephen Michael5 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1701_14_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi HHeller Road
2106_1702_2Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H60 South Town Road
2106_1101_15_Q0016Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H861 Route 94
2106_201_18Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H864 Route 94
2106_1701_4_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H700 Route 519
2106_1701_15_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi HHeller Road
2106_1101_15Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H861 Route 94
2106_1702_2_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi H60 South Town Road
2106_1701_12.02_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Michael & Abbi HHeller Road
2106_1701_2_Q0136Gurba, Stephen Trstee The Stephen L760 Route 519
2106_1701_2Gurba, Stephen Trstee The Stephen L760 Route 519
2106_502_23.01_Q0247Gurdak, John A & Maryann Hughes19 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_502_23.01Gurdak, John A & Maryann Hughes19 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1301_19.06Guterl, Nancy L117 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.03Hagan, Robert944 Route 519
2106_1301_23.03Haggerty, Steven & Bonnie S233 Greendell Road
2106_1401_15.16_Q0026Haggerty, Steven & Bonnie S16 South Street
2106_701_18.05Hagopian, Paul Alexander & Edeltraud106 Ackerson Road
2106_1004_6Hahn, Tyler24 Allamuchy Road
2106_1001_16Haines, Timothy A206 Main Street
2106_1101_11.01Hammaren, Curtis & Jeanette M24 Route 661
2106_1401_1.02Hammer, Jacob L & Lynne B950 Route 519
2106_1401_1.02_Q0347Hammer, Jacob L & Lynne B950 Route 519
2106_1401_1.13Hammond, David J5 Homestead Drive
2106_902_23.01Hanichak, James J210 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1302_3.08Hannam, Keith & Sheryl117 South Street
2106_1301_17_Q0312Hansen, Chris W97 Greendell Road
2106_1301_17Hansen, Chris W97 Greendell Road
2106_902_8.01Hansen, John J821 Route 519
2106_902_6.02_Q0159Hansen, Ray Jr & Deborah A155 Lanning Road
2106_103_11.01_Q0166Hanula Est C/O S Van Hassel2125 Stillwater Road
2106_102_4_Q0166Hanula Est Of J C/O S Van Hassel12 Hess Road
2106_1401_1.25Harclerode, Robert A & Kathryn P5 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1401_1.21Harclerode, Robert A & Kelly M13 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_801_18.01Hardy, James & Shelly54 Lanning Road
2106_801_16.01Hardy, Peter & Joyce729 Route 519
2106_701_3.01Harrington, John L539 Route 519
2106_1101_2.04Hart, Christopher D & Ann-Jennifer47 Mott Road
2106_1201_4Hart, James M & Melissa745 Route 94
2106_901_16Hart, Patricia197 Mill Road
2106_1101_9.01Hartley, Jan96 Route 661
2106_1101_11.02Hartley, Jan48 Route 661
2106_502_15Harvey, Shelley1185 Route 94
2106_1602_3.09Haselmann, Ronald Jr & Heather329 Main Street
2106_501_10Hawksnest 1226 LLC1226 Route 94
2106_402_3Hawksnest Holdings LLC1048 Route 94
2106_901_20Hawksworth, Timothy276 Main Street
2106_104_12.01Hayden-Bonner, Jeanne87 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1201_17.22Hein Waclaw/Martewicz Edyta14 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1201_14Heine, James97 Route 661
2106_403_1Heininger, Dwayne1003 Route 94
2106_104_6.03Hendershot, Thomas & Melissa89 Henfoot Road
2106_701_18.15_Q0311Hendricks Scott/Lynnell Lindsay54 Ackerson Road
2106_701_18Hendricks, Scott & Lynnell60 Ackerson Road
2106_701_18_Q0311Hendricks, Scott & Lynnell60 Ackerson Road
2106_1301_19.02Hergert, David & Sarah143 Greendell Road
2106_502_3Hernandez, Jason & Kiem Sin T1083 Route 94
2106_1501_6.15Herold, Ryan74 Allamuchy Road
2106_402_2Hesse, Joseph R1056 Route 94
2106_301_12.02Heymer, Roy L & Donna A90 Mott Road
2106_1401_1.14Hicok, David J & Lenore3 Homestead Drive
2106_1401_4Higgins Charles/Siegel Alice Jan141 Allamuchy Road
2106_1201_5.06Highmark Holdings LLC785 Route 94
2106_701_9.01Hildebrandt Martha/Smolha Jeffrey587 Route 519
2106_301_18.03Hma Investment Associates Lp17-C Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_15.08Hocking, David & Susan48 South Street
2106_902_6.01Hodgson, James A Jr & Erin F137 Lanning Road
2106_1401_1.36Hoffmann, Gary J & Shirley A24 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1601_13Hofmeister, Raymond G Etals115 South Town Road
2106_1601_13_Q0031Hofmeister, Raymond G Etals115 South Town Road
2106_1601_14.01_Q0031Hofmeister, Raymond G Etals115 South Town Road
2106_1601_14.02_Q0031Hofmeister, Raymond G Etals115 South Town Road
2106_1701_10_Q0032Hofmeister, Raymond G Etals47 Heller Road
2106_102_9Homespun LLC33 Stone Bridge Road
2106_301_12.05Hoogerhyde Stephen/Mallery Crea84 Mott Road
2106_701_5.01Hope Real Estate Partnership LpRidgeway Avenue
2106_1501_8Horn, Frederick Jr & Amy Jo104 Allamuchy Road
2106_1001_8Hosseini, Mohammad Ali Hakimzadeh238 Main Street
2106_101_5Houghton, William I III & Gail F36 Henfoot Road
2106_101_6Houghton, William I III & Gail F189 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_101_5_Q0072Houghton, William I III & Gail F36 Henfoot Road
2106_103_5House, David E & Carol S13 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_701_7Howell, Glenn & Kathe575 Route 519
2106_101_1Huggins, Paul191 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_402_18Huttick, George Jr & Joyce228 Spring Valley Road
2106_603_7Hynes, Shaun & Corinne280 Silver Lake Road
2106_1201_6_Q0083Ihm Realty Associates LLC799 Route 94
2106_201_22_Q0083Ihm Realty Associates LLC29 Kerr Road
2106_201_23_Q0083Ihm Realty Associates LLC40 Kerr Road
2106_603_3.03Incera, Spencer D330 Silver Lake Road
2106_1301_19.03_Q0229Iozzi, Louis Jr & Mary147 Greendell Road
2106_1301_19.03Iozzi, Louis Jr & Mary147 Greendell Road
2106_201_8.04Irizarry, Ralf F & Sandra28 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_11Irizarry, Ralf F & Sandra30 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_701_18.07Ivey, David R & Michele Benzaia46 Ackerson Road
2106_901_9.02Ivory, Kordes E & Steven R296 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_501_11J C P & L Company C/O Tax Dept1220 Route 94
2106_1003_5J-Burg Properties LLC261 Main Street
2106_201_8.10Jackson Jr John/Xiao Shanyun54 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1201_17.24Jackson, Clifford & Julia10 Lackawanna Drive
2106_402_14Jacobsen, Spencer & Hannah1016 Route 94
2106_1602_1.01Jaime, Jose & Melissa907 Route 519
2106_1501_2James Brian L/Bryan Vivian G129 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_22.10Jaronsky, Christopher & Terry M4 Bear Creek Road
2106_801_20.05Jarski, Rafal & Sylwia4 Lanning Road
2106_701_6.03_Q0074Jensen, Christian J & Renae569 Route 519
2106_701_6.02_Q0074Jensen, Christian J & Renae555 Route 519
2106_701_6_Q0074Jensen, Christian J & Renae559 Route 519
2106_701_6.03Jensen, Christian J & Renae569 Route 519
2106_502_29Jensen, Paula122 Silver Lake Road
2106_201_32.01Jespersen John/Vanderhoof Kaitlin25 Muller Road
2106_1003_7Jms-Stone House Inc255 Main Street
2106_1001_3Jms-Stone House Inc258 Main Street
2106_1301_1_Q0010Johnson Donald/Rowe Amy1174 Route 519
2106_1301_1Johnson Donald/Rowe Amy1174 Route 519
2106_1401_16_Q0075Johnson Family Associates LLC210 Greendell Road
2106_1301_21Johnson Family Associates LLC209 Greendell Road
2106_1301_21_Q0075Johnson Family Associates LLC209 Greendell Road
2106_1301_2_Q0075Johnson Family Associates LLCRoute 519
2106_1301_1.02_Q0010Johnson Jr Donald/Rowe Amy1190 Route 519
2106_1301_1.02Johnson Jr Donald/Rowe Amy1190 Route 519
2106_1602_3.01Johnson, Douglas315 Main Street
2106_201_16.02Johnson, George L906 Route 94
2106_1004_6.01Johnsonburg Christian Cem Assoc34 Allamuchy Road
2106_1601_11Johnsonburg Gun Club91 South Town Road
2106_1201_18Johnsonburg Methodist Cemetery Assc1023 Route 519
2106_501_8Jones, Nancy J B3 Pippin Hill Road
2106_402_8Jones, Rita J1030 Route 94
2106_402_9Jones, Rita Jean1028 Route 94
2106_1201_3.05_Q0002Jones, Robert J Jr & Genevieve38 Yellow Frame Road
2106_1201_3.05Jones, Robert J Jr & Genevieve38 Yellow Frame Road
2106_602_11Jones, Russell III & Sarah44 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_11_Q0071Jones, Russell III & Sarah44 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_301_2Journe, Michael J & Marybeth123 Silver Lake Road
2106_1301_17.03Jurena, John J & Carolyn A71 Greendell Road
2106_902_7.02Kaleda Joann/George Jr133 Lanning Road
2106_1701_3Kaleda, Paul & BarbaraRoute 519
2106_1701_1Kaleda, Paul & Barbara780 Route 519
2106_502_17Kalin, Walter1195 Route 94
2106_1301_1.01Kane, Brian & Adele1180 Route 519
2106_1003_19Kapitko, Sarah Elizabeth209 Main Street
2106_902_3.01Kasper, P Trustee Wildrick Gold Sta45 Lanning Road
2106_104_11.06_Q0079Kattermann, Arnold J2020 Stillwater Road
2106_104_11.08_Q0079Kattermann, Arnold J107 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_104_11.07Kattermann, Arnold J2010 Stillwater Road
2106_104_11.07_Q0079Kattermann, Arnold J2010 Stillwater Road
2106_1501_3.02_Q0213Katzenstein Family NJ LLC121 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_16.01_Q0213Katzenstein Family NJ LLC162 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_1.01Katzenstein Family NJ LLC173 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_16_Q0213Katzenstein Family NJ LLC154 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_1_Q0213Katzenstein Family NJ LLC161 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_1.01_Q0213Katzenstein Family NJ LLC173 Bear Creek Road
2106_1301_15.01Katzenstein, Kurt & Patricia49 Greendell Road
2106_301_18.01_Q0158Kaufman D/Dalva/Cate Tracy17-A Silver Lake Road
2106_301_18.01Kaufman D/Dalva/Cate Tracy17-A Silver Lake Road
2106_301_18.02Kaufman, Donald B17-B Silver Lake Road
2106_1005_4Keefe, Shaun1018 Route 519
2106_603_10.01Keesser, Michael & Kristin144 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_603_9Keesser, Michael & Kristin144 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_1.27Kellaher, Colin & Karen1 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_301_9.01Kelly, Joseph C Jr & Heather245 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1501_10.01Kempinski, Craig & Raelyn140 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_15.13Keppler, Douglas E & Jocelyn68 South Street
2106_1401_1.37Kievit, Thomas J & Darlene G26 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_801_7.11Kimball, Clifton & Kathleen1 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_1805_1.01King, Ryan M188 State Park Road
2106_603_11.02Kirkwood, Alan R & Ann39 Golden Chain Road
2106_603_11Kirkwood, Alan R & Ann49 Golden Chain Road
2106_502_31Kistler, Glenn R & Lorraine A112 Silver Lake Road
2106_1601_19Kleber, Richard & Brenda90 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_19.04_Q0084Kleber, Richard & Brenda102 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_19_Q0084Kleber, Richard & Brenda90 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_9.02Klecka, Thomas110 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_9.02_Q0085Klecka, Thomas110 Allamuchy Road
2106_201_8.09Klein, Max F & Ingrid J58 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_102_8_Q0086Kleindienst James/Hoyer Katherine23 Stone Bridge Road
2106_102_8.01_Q0086Kleindienst James/Hoyer Katherine27 Stone Bridge Road
2106_101_12_Q0086Kleindienst, Arthur & Katherine M24 Stone Bridge Road
2106_101_14Kleindienst, Arthur & Katherine M34 Stone Bridge Road
2106_101_12Kleindienst, Arthur & Katherine M24 Stone Bridge Road
2106_101_4Klemm, Willard J & Jeanette GHenfoot Road
2106_1602_3.11Klinger Kristen/Gruver Shaun885 Route 519
2106_501_26Klobocista, E % Tim1090 Route 94
2106_501_26_Q0217Klobocista, E % Tim1090 Route 94
2106_1601_25.02Knudsen, Gary & Joan892 Route 519
2106_1301_17.10Kohuth, Daniel101 Greendell Road
2106_402_15Kostovski Christopher/Janiszewska1012 Route 94
2106_902_23.06Kousoulis, Marie P204 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1401_1.41Kovach, Glenn J & Sherry A36 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_102_7Kovach, John & Patricia15 Stone Bridge Road
2106_901_10Kovacs, Ashli141 Mill Road
2106_301_12.01Kramer, Edward R Jr & Leigh106 Mott Road
2106_104_9.01Krause, Lisa & Erik49 Henfoot Road
2106_104_9.01_Q0088Krause, Lisa & Erik49 Henfoot Road
2106_602_4.03Krawchuk, Kaine K110 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_18.15Kretsch, Thomas & Diane120 South Street
2106_1501_6.11Kroll, Edward & Luciana17 Bear Creek Road
2106_102_6.07Kronen, Peter G & Donna2169 Stillwater Road
2106_1401_15.14Kronmiller, Daniel & Aimee72 South Street
2106_902_9.13_Q0205Krueger, David C324 Main Street
2106_902_9.10Krueger, David C322 Main Street
2106_902_9.10_Q0205Krueger, David C322 Main Street
2106_501_14Kruse, Thomas1192 Route 94
2106_401_2Kuhar, Lowayne229 Spring Valley Road
2106_201_8.01Kuhn Christopher George Jr & Lisa46 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_8.01_Q0009Kuhn, Christopher, George Jr & Lisa46 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1701_11Kuhn, George & Lisa65 Heller Road
2106_1701_11_Q0195Kuhn, George & Lisa65 Heller Road
2106_1701_11.01_Q0195Kuhn, Lisa59 Heller Road
2106_403_3Kumetz, Divina1011 Route 94
2106_701_28Kumetz, Divina341 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_28_Q0345Kumetz, Divina341 Silver Lake Road
2106_1801_5.03Kutner, Adam & Cassandra60 State Park Road
2106_502_14Lacken, Vivienne E & Willard G Jr1181 Route 94
2106_902_23.03Lackovic, Dennis J & Cynthia I222 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_11.03Lafferty, Jaime & Michael1231 Route 94
2106_801_8.01_Q0014Lafrieda, Patrick & Jennifer19 Ackerson Road
2106_801_8.01Lafrieda, Patrick & Jennifer19 Ackerson Road
2106_1804_8.03Lago, David & Gabriella Godinho352 State Park Road
2106_701_24Lambert, Curtis E & Karen259 Silver Lake Road
2106_1301_20.03Lance, Scott & Karen1110 Route 519
2106_1101_2.02_Q0216Landgraf, Carl F III41 Mott Road
2106_1101_2.02Landgraf, Carl F III41 Mott Road
2106_1302_3.16Lang, Kenneth79 South Street
2106_902_9.07Lang, Peter F & Diana R326 Main Street
2106_1201_10Lang-Holland Trust % Ken Holland29 Route 661
2106_402_12Lantigua, Dessyre1020 Route 94
2106_1101_16.01Lantinga, Cecilia867 Route 94
2106_1401_18.04Laskey, Richard K & Cindy E118 South Street
2106_201_8.05Lavecchia, Joseph34 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_701_18.04Leahy, Thomas J92 Ackerson Road
2106_104_6_Q0170Leanzo, Lauren & Chris91 Henfoot Road
2106_104_6Leanzo, Lauren & Chris91 Henfoot Road
2106_701_18.02Leclair, Dawn102 Ackerson Road
2106_301_15.01Lee, Woo Hwang & Boon Nam939 Route 94
2106_501_7.01Lepore, Vincent & Lorraine7 Pippin Hill Road
2106_402_17Lerz, Drew R & Laura Brill230 Spring Valley Road
2106_501_27.03Lerz, Drew Rolf & Laura Jean Brill216 Spring Valley Road
2106_1201_3.04Lester, Mary Jennifer735 Route 94
2106_602_4Leverett, Dwayne112 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_4_Q0203Leverett, Dwayne112 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_103_2Levow, Wendy215 Spring Valley Road
2106_403_7Lezon, Patryk1025 Route 94
2106_603_3_Q0100Liang Shuang/Cai Qingqing324 Silver Lake Road
2106_603_3Liang Shuang/Cai Qingqing324 Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_1.19Licata, Keith & Christine17 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1801_3.02_Q0101Linz, Steven100 State Park Road
2106_1803_12Linz, Steven121 State Park Road
2106_1805_5_Q0101Linz, StevenState Park Road
2106_1803_12.01_Q0101Linz, Steven121 State Park Road
2106_1803_12_Q0101Linz, Steven121 State Park Road
2106_1805_4_Q0101Linz, Steven124 State Park Road
2106_1801_5.05Lippmann, Mark & Kathryn68 State Park Road
2106_1701_8.01Little, Antoinette9 State Park Road
2106_1201_3Lizza, Arthur M & Dianne J731 Route 94
2106_1003_20Longenecker, Allen & Sharon205 Main Street
2106_1803_9.01Luberto, Anthony P & Angelique H155 State Park Road
2106_102_6.01Lubrecht, Peter Sr & Thea2157 Stillwater Road
2106_1201_17.11Lubrecht, Peter T Jr & Lynn K6 Ramsey Court
2106_1601_18Luciani, Mario & Maria C10 Camp Weahqua Road
2106_1601_18.01_Q0021Luciani, Mario & Maria C134 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_18_Q0021Luciani, Mario & Maria C10 Camp Weahqua Road
2106_1302_3.11Lurz, Richard L & Lisa R107 South Street
2106_1001_10Lynch Christopher/Cholak Kellie230 Main Street
2106_1401_3.05_Q0317Lynch, Eric & Adrienne129 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_3.05Lynch, Eric & Adrienne129 Allamuchy Road
2106_801_7.01M & T Bank Sbm Hudson City Savings15 Ackerson Road
2106_1004_3Mac Intosh, Cheryl10 Allamuchy Road
2106_1003_4Mac Intosh, Cheryl9 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_1.24Macaione, Michael7 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1201_3.03_Q0219Magretto, Richard & NicoleRoute 94
2106_1805_2.04Mahan, Gregory & Sherry158 State Park Road
2106_601_6.01Mailler-Conte Paul/Citarella Brit66 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_201_14Maimoni Anthony M/Flanagan Wendy946 Route 94
2106_201_36.02Maino, Alicia & Michael28 Muller Road
2106_1805_1Maio, Brittany A & Daniel K174 State Park Road
2106_1805_1_Q0174Maio, Brittany A & Daniel K174 State Park Road
2106_201_5.02Malcolm, Richard & Ruby182 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_101_13Malton Farms Associates36 Stone Bridge Road
2106_402_3.02Maluchnik, Leighanne, Joanne & Doug1054 Route 94
2106_1401_21.01Mandina Esq, C40 Greendell Road
2106_501_13Mandrona Tracy/Baker Zachary1194 Route 94
2106_502_24_Q0274Mangiaracina, George & Michele33 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_502_24Mangiaracina, George & Michele33 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1201_17.13Mantz, Kimberlee3 Ramsey Court
2106_1501_12.02Manz, Paul & Elizabeth200 Allamuchy Road
2106_401_1Marchese, Bryan1006 Route 94
2106_201_5.03Marchioni, Dennis & Angela178 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_501_12Marilyn Grandin LLC1200 Route 94
2106_502_1Marksboro Associates LLC1877 Route 94
2106_402_4Marksboro Cem Assoc C/O E Jones1042 Route 94
2106_1301_1.03Marques, Susan1198 Route 519
2106_103_6.03_Q0239Marra, Joseph G Jr & Jennifer A53 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_103_6.03Marra, Joseph G Jr & Jennifer A53 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_103_6.04_Q0239Marra, Joseph G Jr & Jennifer A2009 Stillwater Road
2106_801_20.08Marrero Ralph T/Loza Anne K150 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_201_8.03Martin, Eric & Heather32 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1501_7Martin, John Alan & Susan Gordon Qu94 Allamuchy Road
2106_502_16Martin, Kevin J & Brenda J1193 Route 94
2106_1501_6.01Martin, Susan Gordon Quackenbush88 Alamuchy Road
2106_301_19Marvin, Brian D & Katherine A25 Silver Lake Road
2106_502_8Mason, Michael James20 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_23Massie, Karen A255 Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_1.29Materan, Elsa & Eligio6 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1301_23Matheny School & Hospital Inc255 Greendell Road
2106_1301_23.09Matheny School & Hospital Inc253 Greendell Road
2106_1801_3.01_Q0257Mathews, John102 State Park Road
2106_1801_3.01Mathews, John102 State Park Road
2106_1601_19.01Mattos, Kevin & Suzanne/Hipplekm104 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_19.01_Q0148Mattos, Kevin & Suzanne/Hipplekm104 Bear Creek Road
2106_902_11Matusewicz, Darrin & Christeen170 Mill Road
2106_701_5_Q0300May-Bennett, Sara D120 Ridgeway Avenue
2106_701_5May-Bennett, Sara D120 Ridgeway Avenue
2106_1401_13.02Maza, Luis Roberto & Shannon M100 South Street
2106_1401_4.01_Q0044Mazanek, Gregory J135 Allamuchy Road
2106_201_10Mazurkiewicz Christopher/Spriggs C36 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_502_4Mccracken Erin J Johnson Patricia1089 Route 94
2106_1101_9_Q0310Mccrea, Ryan Lynn102 Route 661
2106_1101_8_Q0310Mccrea, Ryan Lynn112 Route 661
2106_1101_9Mccrea, Ryan Lynn102 Route 661
2106_103_9Mcdonald Carol % Roy Mcdonald2101 Stillwater Road
2106_1601_22.04Mcdonald, Ryan & Abbey16 Bear Creek Road
2106_701_1.02Mcdonald, Tessa Der503 Route 519
2106_902_22Mcdonough, J & B C/O CarsonLanning Road
2106_1001_2Mcevoy, Joseph262 Main Street
2106_403_2Mcgill, Thomas & Deborah1007 Route 94
2106_603_2.01Mcglew, Suellyn O & Michael336 Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_21.06Mcgovern, George & Cynthia80 Greendell Road
2106_1401_13.03Mclaughlin, Raymond J Jr & Leona M104 South Street
2106_1302_3.14Mcmullan, Kelly & Charles113 South Street
2106_601_13.01Mcmyne William F/Tonjes Rebecca79 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1001_11Mcpeek, Todd J & Dawn M228 Main Street
2106_502_22Meeks, Kevin & Mary Brie5 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_102_6.02Menz, Valerie2163 Stillwater Road
2106_102_6.02_Q0116Menz, Valerie2163 Stillwater Road
2106_603_1.03Merlino, Ferdinand RSilver Lake Road
2106_104_5_Q0107Mickelsen, Wilhelm2146 Stillwater Road
2106_104_9_Q0107Mickelsen, Wilhelm H & Ellen B17 Henfoot Road
2106_101_8_Q0107Mickelsen, Wilhelm H & Ellen B60 Henfoot Road
2106_104_7Mickelsen, Wilhelm H & Ellen B75 Henfoot Road
2106_101_10Mickelsen, Wilhelm H & Ellen B76 Henfoot Road
2106_104_7_Q0107Mickelsen, Wilhelm H & Ellen B75 Henfoot Road
2106_602_3.03Midkiff, Alan H120 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_2.05_Q0234Midkiff, Alan H44 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_3.03_Q0234Midkiff, Alan H120 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_102_6.04Mikita, Jerry & Kathryn11 Stone Bridge Road
2106_103_8Mikulin, Daniel2039 Stillwater Road
2106_1804_1Milcheck, Gary W196 State Park Road
2106_1804_1_Q0321Milcheck, Gary W196 State Park Road
2106_502_22.01Miller Adam/Sturgeon Elizabeth9 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1805_2.05Miller, Alan C & Kim E152 State Park Road
2106_701_18.06Miller, Edward P96 Ackerson Road
2106_1803_10Mills Kendall C/Barone Elyse185 State Park Road
2106_701_22Mills Kendall/Barone, Elyse253 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_10Mills, John N22 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_602_4.05_Q0202Milton, Zeffriena & Michael116 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1201_17.23Mise, Ivar John12 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1201_17.20Mise, Ivar John11 Lackawanna Drive
2106_603_4Mjm Land LLC278 Silver Lake Road
2106_1501_12.01Mlecz, Richard192 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_12.01_Q0339Mlecz, Richard192 Allamuchy Road
2106_1301_19.04Mlecz, Richard139 Greendell Road
2106_701_14.03Molnar, Arpad A Jr & Darlene L607 Route 519
2106_1201_32Mooney, Joyce Carol1087 Route 519
2106_1401_1.28Moore, David A & Eleanor A2 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1301_13Moore, Edward S & Andrea1030 Route 519
2106_1201_8Moore, Gerald G & Catherine L15 Route 661
2106_201_8.02Morelli, Peter F & Geraldine70 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1501_6.07Morelli-Gergits, Dawn E33 Bear Creek Road
2106_601_7.02Morrell, Robert L54 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_501_21Mosher, Justin1162 Route 94
2106_201_17Mount, Ian842 Route 94
2106_502_5Moyer, Gerard O & Elizabeth1093 Route 94
2106_602_2.02Mrocka, Anthony & Lauren52 Golden Chain Road
2106_1401_24Mueller, Siegfreid G8 Greendell Road
2106_201_32.07_Q0114Muller, Charles Jr & Frances41 Muller Road
2106_201_32_Q0114Muller, Charles Jr & Frances49 Muller Road
2106_201_34_Q0114Muller, Charles Jr & Frances71 Muller Road
2106_201_32.06Muller, Charles Jr & Frances45 Muller Road
2106_201_32.06_Q0114Muller, Charles Jr & Frances45 Muller Road
2106_201_35_Q0114Muller, Charles Jr & Frances72 Muller Road
2106_1302_5.03Murphy, MichaelSouth Street
2106_301_6Murphy, Richard175 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_301_6_Q0078Murphy, Richard175 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_301_6.01_Q0078Murphy, Richard201 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_17.02_Q0157Murphy, Richard & Gloria100 Lanning Road
2106_801_16_Q0157Murphy, Richard & Gloria130 Lanning Road
2106_801_18.03_Q0157Murphy, Richard & Gloria94 Lanning Road
2106_801_17Murphy, Richard & Gloria104 Lanning Road
2106_801_17_Q0157Murphy, Richard & Gloria104 Lanning Road
2106_801_17.01_Q0157Murphy, Richard & Gloria102 Lanning Road
2106_501_7Muscaritolo, Barbara11 Pippin Hill Road
2106_1302_3.15Naomi, Daniel & Lori73 South Street
2106_1401_18.08Naomi, Michael V & Lisa D136 Greendell Road
2106_201_13.02Napholz, Rita944 Route 94
2106_1401_1.08Nardone, Anthony & Lourdes39 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1301_16Nardone, Anthony Sr & Judith27 Greendell Road
2106_301_5.01_Q0185Natalewicz Matthew/Raffino Samant143 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_301_5.01Natalewicz Matthew/Raffino Samant143 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1201_12.01_Q0115Natyzak, Helen53 Route 661
2106_1101_10_Q0115Natyzak, Helen80 Route 661
2106_1201_12Natyzak, Helen61 Route 661
2106_1201_13Natyzak, Helen75 Route 661
2106_1201_13_Q0115Natyzak, Helen75 Route 661
2106_403_4Necsosa LLC1015 Route 94
2106_603_10.02Neice, Jeffrey L & Brenda260 Silver Lake Road
2106_502_33Nelson Carl L/Rogers Amy Marie76 Silver Lake Road
2106_602_7Nelson, John ACamp Wasigan Road
2106_602_7_Q0199Nelson, John ACamp Wasigan Road
2106_602_4.02Nero, Auran & Shamona118 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_1.04Neuffer, Eric P & Kimberly F14 Greendell Road
2106_201_7Nicholoff, Robert M88 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_402_11Nodzak, Donna M1024 Route 94
2106_103_6.02Norman, Vivian D & Ronnie2055 Stillwater Road
2106_103_6.02_Q0047Norman, Vivian D & Ronnie2055 Stillwater Road
2106_1201_17.25North Warren Prop % J Angeleri16 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1201_17.27North Warren Prop % J Angeleri1007 Route 519
2106_1201_17.26North Warren Prop % J Angeleri135 Route 661
2106_601_11.06_Q0335Northwest Investors LLC8 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1401_22Noto, Thomas A & Christine36 Greendell Road
2106_601_11.04Noureldin Mohamed Nasr/Vassileva1227 Route 94
2106_603_1.01Nowak Jozef A/Reinert KaitlinSilver Lake Road
2106_1601_22.06Nurge, Dorothy H20 Bear Creek Road
2106_201_1O'Dell, James H & Karen B198 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_902_23.05O'Hagan, Andrew & Jennifer206 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1201_10.03O'Keeffe, Martin41 Route 661
2106_1101_16_Q0255O'Keeffe, Martin875 Route 94
2106_1201_3.06O'Neil, Michael R46 Yellow Frame Road
2106_201_32.02O'Toole, Michael & Georgena29 Muller Road
2106_1805_2.01Olver, Clifford A & Lisa A168 State Park Road
2106_801_20.03Orlandi, Geoffrey & Barbara A140 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_20.03_Q0006Orlandi, Geoffrey & Barbara A140 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1601_25Ortiz, Angel & Victoria900 Route 519
2106_1201_13.01Osadca, Debra Natyzak10 Old Stage Road
2106_101_7Otto Brian/Recenello Victoria18 Henfoot Road
2106_1302_3.13Pachnos, Nicholas & Lisa Marie115 South Street
2106_1201_17.09Palumbo, Craig & Cheryl Marie6 Lackawanna Drive
2106_1401_13.01Palumbo, Deborah A108 South Street
2106_1602_3.08Pandiscia, Doreen L & Edward341 Main Street
2106_801_19.02Parichuk, Joseph M & Nicole M30 Lanning Road
2106_301_13.01_Q0120Parker Barbara B/Parker Tyson48 Mott Road
2106_301_13.01Parker Barbara B/Parker Tyson48 Mott Road
2106_301_13_Q0120Parker, Newton Tyson & Barbara B50 Mott Road
2106_301_13Parker, Newton Tyson & Barbara B50 Mott Road
2106_1302_3.01Partika, Christopher & Kristina145 South Street
2106_1302_3.01_Q0013Partika, Christopher & Kristina145 South Street
2106_1201_17.18Paseler, Eric & Dana7 Lackawanna Drive
2106_601_9.02Pasquale, Peter32 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_8Pasquale, Peter40 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1001_1Paul, John & Bertha266 Main Street
2106_1004_4Paul, John & Bertha14 Allamuchy Road
2106_1003_3Paul, John & Bertha15 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_1.23Paust, David B & Robin L9 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1401_9.01Peaceful Valley Farms LLC219 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_9.04_Q0033Peaceful Valley Farms LLC209 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_9_Q0033Peaceful Valley Farms LLC211 Allamuchy Road
2106_801_20.04Peck, Harry B126 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_20.04_Q0272Peck, Harry B126 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1302_3.06_Q0122Pender, Timothy B & Judith B65 South Street
2106_1302_3.06Pender, Timothy B & Judith B65 South Street
2106_1302_5_Q0122Pender, Timothy B & Judith BSouth Street
2106_901_9.01Pepe, Michael D282 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1001_5Perez Benny J/Diaz Belinda248 Main Street
2106_801_7.07Perez, Jason5 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_1804_2_Q0327Perez, Kirk J & Nichole M210 State Park Road
2106_1804_2.03_Q0327Perez, Kirk J & Nichole M214 State Park Road
2106_1804_2.03Perez, Kirk J & Nichole M214 State Park Road
2106_501_27.01Perretti, Ruth Mary220 Spring Valley Road
2106_501_27_Q0238Perretti, Ruth Mary218 Spring Valley Road
2106_1501_3.01Peterson, Charles S77 Bear Creek Road
2106_1401_1.35Peterson, Charles S22 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1805_2.07Peterson, Daniel & Emily166 State Park Road
2106_1805_2.07_Q0192Peterson, Daniel & Emily166 State Park Road
2106_101_2Peterson, George W & Lynda MLincoln Laurel Road
2106_501_27.02Peterson, Steven C224 Spring Valley Road
2106_902_3.02Petrullo Dana/Wingerter Kevin49 Lanning Road
2106_103_3.02Phillips, Shawn1000 Route 94
2106_1501_6.12Pignotti, Marc & Karen15 Bear Creek Road
2106_1805_1.02Pillus, Marc184 State Park Road
2106_1501_6.06Pittenger Robert/Cummings Deborah37 Bear Creek Road
2106_102_6.06Pittenger, Robert7 Stone Bridge Road
2106_1201_34Pittenger, Ronald E & Sharon H1149 Route 519
2106_1201_34.01Pittenger, Ronald E & Sharon H1169 Route 519
2106_1301_3_Q0123Pittenger, Ronald E & Sharon H1154 Route 519
2106_1201_34_Q0123Pittenger, Ronald E & Sharon H1149 Route 519
2106_1601_22.02Pizarro, Jhony E Quispe8 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_22.03Pizarro, Jhony E Quispe8 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_20Placko, Nancy J82 Bear Creek Road
2106_201_29Poe, Lynn A764 Route 94
2106_1401_18.03Polowy, Edward G128 Greendell Road
2106_1401_17_Q0034Polychronis, Cary170 Greendell Road
2106_902_9.03_Q0139Ponczek, John A & M Cynthia330 Main Street
2106_902_9.03Ponczek, John A & M Cynthia330 Main Street
2106_1003_15.01Possehl, David & Gail939 Route 519
2106_1101_3.01_Q0126Post, Bonnie W95 Mott Road
2106_1101_3.01Post, Bonnie W95 Mott Road
2106_1501_3.05Potemkin, Sergey93 Bear Creek Road
2106_1302_5.01_Q0008Potten, KeithSouth Street
2106_1302_5.02_Q0008Potten, Keith JSouth Street
2106_1003_1Poyer, Clinton C & Doris C25 Allamuchy Road
2106_1003_26.01Poyer, Clinton C & Doris CAllamuchy Road
2106_1302_3.07Predenkoski, David & Lisa121 South Street
2106_1601_20.01_Q0127Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc88 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_6Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc822 Route 519
2106_1601_7_Q0127Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc29 South Town Road
2106_1601_6_Q0127Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc822 Route 519
2106_1601_21.01_Q0127Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc64 Bear Creek Road
2106_1601_10Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc93 South Town Road
2106_1601_3.03Presbyterian Camp & Conf Inc828 Route 519
2106_104_11.04Prezioso, Frank S69 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_301_7Price Courtney/Scanapico Robert223 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_403_11R0thie's Farm LLC1045 Route 94
2106_1101_4.01_Q0066Radabaugh, Bernita Gerson119 Mott Road
2106_301_11Radabaugh, Bernita Gerson120 Mott Road
2106_1101_4.04_Q0066Radabaugh, Bernita Gerson121 Mott Road
2106_1101_4.01Radabaugh, Bernita Gerson119 Mott Road
2106_301_11_Q0066Radabaugh, Bernita Gerson120 Mott Road
2106_301_15Radom, Susan J935 Route 94
2106_201_15Radom, Susan J934 Route 94
2106_801_20.07Raftery, Thomas & Dianne152 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1501_6.14Ramos, Keith & Cynthia5 Bear Creek Road
2106_1201_17.02Ramsey, Carol1033 Route 519
2106_1101_7.01Ramsey, Frederick S & Carol A305 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_103_4Reay, Katharina968 Route 94
2106_801_7.03Recenello, Bernard J9 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_603_1.05Reder, Richard & GailSilver Lake Road
2106_1101_2.05Reduzzi, Christopher J & Gina49 Mott Road
2106_1101_2.05_Q0024Reduzzi, Christopher J & Gina49 Mott Road
2106_301_20Rem NJ Property C/O Mentor Network33 Silver Lake Road
2106_1301_17.02Remia, Edward & Leanne115 Greendell Road
2106_1602_3.10Resch, Steven A & Eva M891 Route 519
2106_801_18.02_Q0253Reuter, Erich & Lisa70 Lanning Road
2106_801_18Reuter, Erich & Lisa76 Lanning Road
2106_801_18_Q0253Reuter, Erich & Lisa76 Lanning Road
2106_201_16.04Ribaudo, Peter J & Katherine E924 Route 94
2106_801_21.01Richards James F/Mccallum Barbara110 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1401_13Ridge & Valley Conservancy22 South Street
2106_501_9Ridge And Valley Charter School Inc1234 Route 94
2106_104_2Ridge And Valley Conservancy2100 Stillwater Road
2106_104_11Ridge And Valley Conservancy2040 Stillwater Road
2106_1302_4Riedinger, Paul A Jr169 South Street
2106_701_18.03Riley, Robert G & Dawn M84 Ackerson Road
2106_1003_8Ringle, Ellen251 Main Street
2106_1001_4Ringle, Ellen252 Main Street
2106_1805_2.06Rivera, Roberto Tosado146 State Park Road
2106_801_7.10Robertson, Glenn A & Camille M2 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_902_5Robinson, David G & Nadine K125 Lanning Road
2106_801_11Rocca Michael/Quartarolo-Rocca N121 Ackerson Road
2106_801_11_Q0162Rocca Michael/Quartarolo-Rocca N121 Ackerson Road
2106_801_12_Q0162Rocca, Michael E & Nicole M129 Ackerson Road
2106_601_9.01_Q0007Rochette Michael J/Lautz Katrina53 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_601_9.01Rochette Michael J/Lautz Katrina53 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_11.01_Q0007Rochette Michael/Lautz Katrina54 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_11.01Rochette Michael/Lautz Katrina54 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_801_20.01_Q0184Rodgers Iris P/Vanheteren William16 Lanning Road
2106_801_20.02Rodgers, Iris10 Lanning Road
2106_1302_3.03Rodriguez, John D125 South Street
2106_1401_1.32Roe, James M & Michelle A16 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_601_1.01Rogers Daniel/Flaherty Siobain228 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_2_Q0141Rogers Daniel/Flaherty Siobain190 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_1.01_Q0001Rogers Daniel/Flaherty Siobain228 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_1Rogers Daniel/Flaherty Sioban230 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_1_Q0141Rogers Daniel/Flaherty Sioban230 Silver Lake Road
2106_301_14_Q0130Rogers Jr Richard D/Pamela S6 Mott Road
2106_1101_1.04_Q0130Rogers Jr, Richard D9 Mott Road
2106_1401_9.02_Q0033Rogers Jr, Richard D201 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_17_Q0130Rogers Jr, Richard D985 Route 94
2106_1101_1.01_Q0130Rogers Jr, Richard D21 Mott Road
2106_1401_9.01_Q0033Rogers Sr, Richard D219 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_9.03_Q0033Rogers Sr, Richard D205 Allamuchy Road
2106_1501_13.02_Q0033Rogers Sr, Richard D224 Allamuchy Road
2106_301_14.04_Q0130Rogers, Pamela Suzanne10 Mott Road
2106_301_14.02_Q0130Rogers, Pamela Suzanne923 Route 94
2106_301_14.04Rogers, Pamela Suzanne10 Mott Road
2106_1101_1.03_Q0130Rogers, Pamela Suzanne895 Route 94
2106_301_17.01_Q0130Rogers, Pamela Suzanne995 Route 94
2106_301_14.03_Q0130Rogers, Richard D Jr & Pamela S14 Mott Road
2106_301_14.05_Q0130Rogers, Richard D Jr & Pamela S919 Route 94
2106_602_5Romano, Torri Michael94 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1201_17.21Rosa, Ronald & Angela15 Lackawanna Drive
2106_602_13_Q0131Rossi, John & Louise & John D26 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_601_12Rossi, John & Louise & John D27 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_601_12_Q0131Rossi, John & Louise & John D27 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_201_32.04Rousseau, Scott & Donna35 Muller Road
2106_1301_9Rtc Farms LLC1100 Route 519
2106_1301_10Rtc Farms LLC1090 Route 519
2106_201_31_Q0022Ruch, Kenneth & Andrea730 Route 94
2106_1201_21Russell Patricia/Revocable TrustRoute 519
2106_1003_18Russo, Donna R211 Main Street
2106_201_36Rutherford Doreen N50 Muller Road
2106_403_11.01Ruthie's Farm LLC1045 Route 94
2106_1302_3.03_Q0003Rutzler, James & Patricia125 South Street
2106_102_6.05Ryan, Howard9 Stone Bridge Road
2106_1601_21Ryker-Milling/Heather & Milling A54 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_5.01Ryker-Milling/Heather & Milling A55 Bear Creek Road
2106_1401_8Saalfield Mark F/Bundschuh Clare195 Allamuchy Road
2106_1101_3.03Sagan, Philip & Linda79 Mott Road
2106_103_3.01Salei, Eyal & Ronit3 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_1.17Sanders, Julius & Barbara27 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_103_3Santos, Eric & Caitlin S969 Route 94
2106_103_3_Q0020Santos, Eric & Caitlin S969 Route 94
2106_1302_3.19Santos, Floriano & Celina265 Allamuchy Road
2106_1302_3.19_Q0277Santos, Floriano & Celina265 Allamuchy Road
2106_1003_6Sardis, Toni Lynn259 Main Street
2106_603_1.04_Q0281Sartori, John JSilver Lake Road
2106_1501_5.03Satkowski, Edmund G & Doreen A71 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_6.08Sayers, Corrie A27 Bear Creek Road
2106_103_11_Q0137Schaffer, Charles19 Hess Road
2106_201_24_Q0137Schaffer, Charles & Doreen A170 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_24Schaffer, Charles & Doreen A370 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_101_3Schaffer, Charles Jacob & Elisa AnnHenfoot Road
2106_301_3Schaffer, Daniel93-95 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1501_3_Q0105Schein, Judith103 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_3Schein, Judith103 Bear Creek Road
2106_1302_3.05Schimmel, Steven H & Kathleen67 South Street
2106_1302_3.05_Q0138Schimmel, Steven H & Kathleen67 South Street
2106_1804_8.01Schmidt, Cinda G & Peter W340 State Park Road
2106_1201_17.01Schmidt, Dylan & Amanda1029 Route 519
2106_1003_2Schnabel Scot Matthew & Christoph17 Allamuchy Road
2106_1004_5Schnabel Scot Matthew & Christoph16 Allamuchy Road
2106_603_2.02Schneider, Bonnie K & Susan A342 Silver Lake Road
2106_1101_2Schneider, Masha51 Mott Road
2106_902_9.15Schnepf, Adele Marie310 Main Street
2106_902_9Schnepf, Adele Marie300 Main Street
2106_902_9.16Schnepf, Adele Marie306 Main Street
2106_1401_1.16Schreiber, Robert S & Krista33 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_801_1Schrick, Karl III & Cynthia100 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_902_23.04Schumacher, Larry C & Maureen226 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_902_9.04Schuring, John R & Janet H334 Main Street
2106_1601_19.03Schwartz, Christopher A & Michelle98 Bear Creek Road
2106_601_7.01Schwartz, Elizabeth A46 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1101_10.01Schwenke, Kurt W & Shirley58 Route 661
2106_1302_3.02Scopelliti, John J137 South Street
2106_1201_3.02Scuralli, Victor & Mary ElizabethRoute 94
2106_801_7.05Seaman, Robert & Linda7 Meadow Oak Drive
2106_402_16Sebastian Diane S/Ramos F & S232 Spring Valley Road
2106_701_26Seibert, John G & Theresa M281 Silver Lake Road
2106_1501_10Senzig, David C144 Allamuchy Road
2106_1302_3.18Severini, Matthew J & Kathleen A143 South Street
2106_501_5Shaffran, Shirley & Nicholas17 Pippin Hill Road
2106_501_6Shaffran, Shirley & Nicholas15 Pippin Hill Road
2106_301_5Shatto Donald B & Harrod Patricia A137 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_301_5_Q0183Shatto Donald B & Harrod Patricia M137 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_13.02_Q0040Shea, Douglas M & Shauna663 Route 519
2106_801_13.02Shea, Douglas M & Shauna663 Route 519
2106_603_5Sherman, Robert J & Dian M294 Silver Lake Road
2106_1201_17.12Shonk, Michael B & Adriana N5 Ramsey Court
2106_301_12_Q0011Sickels, Frederick III & Debra A102 Mott Road
2106_301_12Sickels, Frederick III & Debra A102 Mott Road
2106_1301_17.07Siguencia, Claudio E & Olga M85 Greendell Road
2106_1805_2Siguencia, Guillermo140 State Park Road
2106_1805_6_Q0192Siguencia, Guillermo136 State Park Road
2106_1805_2_Q0192Siguencia, Guillermo140 State Park Road
2106_502_10Siker, Stephen Jr1167 Route 94
2106_603_8Sillett, John & Barbara272 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_21.04_Q0175Silverman Kendra/Gomez Luis10 Ackerson Road
2106_701_21.04Silverman Kendra/Gomez Luis10 Ackerson Road
2106_1701_16Silversides, Margaret & William26 South Town Road
2106_1701_16.01_Q0144Silversides, Margaret & William34 South Town Road
2106_1101_11_Q0121Simonetti James J/Corless Kelly52 Route 661
2106_1101_11Simonetti James J/Corless Kelly52 Route 661
2106_1101_3Sims, Oliver J & Bonnie75 Mott Road
2106_1101_3_Q0206Sims, Oliver J & Bonnie75 Mott Road
2106_1201_5.01Sinha, Dineshwar P & Mary L763 Route 94
2106_1201_5.01_Q0146Sinha, Dineshwar P & Mary L763 Route 94
2106_701_28.01Skinner, Arthur H355 Silver Lake Road
2106_201_20Skyway Warehouses Inc848 Route 94
2106_1401_2Sless, Gary J Sr & Doris Jans47 Allamuchy Road
2106_1805_2.02Sliver, John R & Charlotte164 State Park Road
2106_104_11.02Sloan, Russell III & Rebecca65 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_1.34Smigel, Craig J & Caroline R20 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1201_17.19Smith, Corey & Leah9 Lackawanna Drive
2106_701_14.01_Q0150Smith, Emily H619 Route 519
2106_1701_6_Q0150Smith, Emily H634 Route 519
2106_1701_6Smith, Emily H634 Route 519
2106_701_15_Q0150Smith, Emily H & Lyle631 Route 519
2106_701_15.01_Q0150Smith, Emily H & Lyle627 Route 519
2106_1701_5_Q0150Smith, Emily H & Lyle660 Route 519
2106_1803_1.02Smith, Frederick & Doris349 State Park Road
2106_601_11Smith, Lorraine11 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1301_23.08Smith, Michael J247 Greendell Road
2106_1003_13Smith, Sandra229 Main Street
2106_1003_14Smith, Sandra229 Main Street
2106_1803_9.06Smith, Stephen B & Suzanne M169 State Park Road
2106_902_9.12Smith, Thomas W & Nancy D320 Main Street
2106_1301_17.08Smolen, Scott & Tracy87 Greendell Road
2106_1801_7.01Smolha, Barbara A44 State Park Road
2106_701_10_Q0178Smolha, Jean581 Route 519
2106_701_16Smolha, Jean649:a-B Route 519
2106_1801_7.02_Q0178Smolha, Jean592 Route 519
2106_701_11Smolha, Jean593 Route 519
2106_701_16_Q0178Smolha, Jean649:a-B Route 519
2106_701_9Smolha, Jean583 Route 519
2106_701_11_Q0178Smolha, Jean593 Route 519
2106_403_10Smolha, Jean1037 Route 94
2106_701_21.02Sobieski, Stacia Anne24 Ackerson Road
2106_1803_9.03Soisson, Donald M & Edwina159 State Park Road
2106_1601_5Soldano, Deanna & Matthew Jacob5 South Town Road
2106_201_6.03_Q0151Solomon Jr, Howard R122 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_6.03Solomon Jr, Howard R122 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_104_12Soranno, Nicholas C Jr & Rhonda L77 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_701_14Spera, Anthony P & Ruth R611 Route 519
2106_801_19.01Spriggs, Holly Susan42 Lanning Road
2106_1703_4_T01Sprint Spectrum Lp C/O Site Develop130 Heller Road
2106_1301_23.02Stalter, Randall R & Robyn J237 Greendell Road
2106_1401_18Standfast, Terrence126 South Street
2106_1301_18Stangl, Stephen G121 Greendell Road
2106_502_19Stanton, Joseph & Patricia1203 Route 94
2106_1802_1State Of New Jersey D E P75 State Park Road
2106_103_9.01State Of New Jersey D E P2089 Stillwater Road
2106_1804_8State Of New Jersey D E P330 State Park Road
2106_1803_17State Of New Jersey D E PSouth Town Road
2106_501_1State Of New Jersey D E PRoute 94
2106_1804_7State Of New Jersey D E P290 State Park Road
2106_1703_6State Of New Jersey D E PSouth Town Road
2106_1703_5State Of New Jersey D E P82 Heller Road
2106_1803_16State Of New Jersey D E PSouth Town Road
2106_1703_2State Of New Jersey D E P150 South Town Road
2106_501_2State Of New Jersey D E PRoute 94
2106_1803_3State Of New Jersey D E P265 State Park Road
2106_1601_8State Of New Jersey D E P83 South Town Road
2106_1802_6State Of New Jersey D E P50 Heller Road
2106_1803_13State Of New Jersey D E PState Park Road
2106_1802_2State Of New Jersey D E P85 State Park Road
2106_501_24State Of New Jersey D E P1124 Route 94
2106_1803_1.01State Of New Jersey D E P333 State Park Road
2106_1803_1.03State Of New Jersey D E P319 State Park Road
2106_501_25.01State Of New Jersey D E P1106 Route 94
2106_1703_14State Of New Jersey D E P103 State Park Road
2106_1803_1.04State Of New Jersey D E P333 State Park Road
2106_101_9State Of New Jersey D E P22 Henfoot Road
2106_1601_6.01State Of New Jersey D E P83 South Town Road
2106_501_23State Of New Jersey D E PRoute 94
2106_1803_2State Of New Jersey D E P289 State Park Road
2106_1803_6State Of New Jersey D E PState Park Road
2106_1803_4State Of New Jersey D E PState Park Road
2106_1803_5State Of New Jersey D E PState Park Road
2106_1703_10State Of New Jersey D E P89 State Park Road
2106_1201_26.03State Of New Jersey D E PRoute 519
2106_1804_8.02State Of New Jersey D E P346 State Park Road
2106_103_11.04State Of New Jersey D E P2127 Stillwater Road
2106_104_8State Of New Jersey D E P2124 Stillwater Road
2106_103_10State Of New Jersey D E P2123 Stillwater Road
2106_103_7State Of New Jersey D E PStillwater Road
2106_501_24.01State Of New Jersey D E P1154 Route 94
2106_1501_9State Of New Jersey D E P112 Allamuchy Road
2106_602_9State Of New Jersey D O TCamp Wasigan Road
2106_1301_22State Of New Jersey D O TGreendell Road
2106_801_5State Of New Jersey D O T181 Silver Lake Road
2106_901_3State Of New Jersey D O TRoute 661
2106_1201_16State Of New Jersey D O T119 Route 661
2106_901_2State Of New Jersey D O T120 Route 661
2106_801_4State Of New Jersey D O T179 Silver Lake Road
2106_1301_8State Of New Jersey D O T1122 Route 519
2106_901_8State Of New Jersey D O T302 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_3State Of New Jersey D O T184 Silver Lake Road
2106_602_6State Of New Jersey D O T88 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1201_23State Of New Jersey D O TRoute 519
2106_901_11State Of New Jersey D O T143 Mill Road
2106_201_17.01State Of New Jersey D O T874 Route 94
2106_901_12State Of New Jersey D O T149 Mill Road
2106_1301_6State Of New Jersey D O TRoute 519
2106_1301_5.01State Of New Jersey D O T1112 Route 519
2106_901_14State Of New Jersey D O TMott Road
2106_601_16State Of New Jersey D O T87 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_902_13State Of New Jersey D O T148 Mill Road
2106_902_14State Of New Jersey D O T146 Mill Road
2106_601_15State Of New Jersey D O TCamp Wasigan Road
2106_601_17State Of New Jersey D O TCamp Wasigan Road
2106_1805_3State Of New Jersey D O TState Park Road
2106_1301_5.02State Of New Jersey D O TRoute 519
2106_901_5State Of New Jersey D O T342 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_901_6State Of New Jersey D O T332 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1201_33State Of New Jersey D O T1111 Route 519
2106_1703_15State Of New Jersey DepState Park Road
2106_1703_11State Of New Jersey Dep103 State Park Road
2106_1701_8State Park Enterprise LLC612 Route 519
2106_1801_6State Park Enterprise LLC606 Route 519
2106_801_14_Q0046Staufenberger Michael/Fitzell Wil699 Route 519
2106_801_14Staufenberger Michael/Fitzell Wil699 Route 519
2106_902_9.09_Q0189Staufenberger, Joanne186 Mill Road
2106_902_9.09Staufenberger, Joanne186 Mill Road
2106_1301_15.04_Q0080Staufenberger, Michael21 Greendell Road
2106_1301_15.05_Q0080Staufenberger, Michael35 Greendell Road
2106_1301_15.06_Q0080Staufenberger, Michael43 Greendell Road
2106_1301_15Staufenberger, Michael J55 Greendell Road
2106_1301_15_Q0080Staufenberger, Michael J55 Greendell Road
2106_602_11.02Stefankiewicz, Aaron & Gretchen36 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1301_20.02Stephens, Roger E & Meaggan A193 Greendell Road
2106_1601_24Stewart, David912 Route 519
2106_902_9.14Stiefel, Richard F182 Mill Road
2106_502_25Stiles, Robert & Helen45 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_701_18.14Stillerman, Charles & Kelly4 Dutch Hill Road
2106_1201_38_Q0155Stites, Philip A & Gail ARoute 519
2106_1201_40Stites, Philip A & Gail A1187 Route 519
2106_1201_40_Q0155Stites, Philip A & Gail A1187 Route 519
2106_902_1_Q0308Stock, Robert H & Ann E11 Lanning Road
2106_902_1Stock, Robert H & Ann E11 Lanning Road
2106_1401_21.05Stoft, III, George J & Beatrice M70 Greendell Road
2106_602_1.01Stokes, Thomas60 Golden Chain Road
2106_1101_14Stout Iv, William855 Route 94
2106_701_21.01Stovel, David A & Polly A247 Silver Lake Road
2106_1401_1.40Stracco, Christopher J & Carolyn34 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_1401_11Sue C Brown, Revocable Trust Of112 South Street
2106_1401_24.02Suopys Allen B/O'Connor Amy C D12 Greendell Road
2106_1401_21.03Sweeney, Carla58 Greendell Road
2106_1401_21.02_Q0019Sweeney, Carla64 Greendell Road
2106_1401_21.03_Q0019Sweeney, Carla58 Greendell Road
2106_901_19Sweet Jane's Realty LLC278 Main Street
2106_1001_12Swentzel, James L224 Main Street
2106_901_9Swistak, Michael J & Lorianne288 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_5Sydrock, Lillian L150 Silver Lake Road
2106_801_2Sydrock, Lillian L149 Silver Lake Road
2106_201_33_Q0076Tailercio, Joseph22 Muller Road
2106_603_3.01Terry Kibrel/Locklin Connie M312 Silver Lake Road
2106_603_3.04Terry Kibrel/Locklin Connie M318 Silver Lake Road
2106_402_1Terwilliger, Edward A & Deborah J1062 Route 94
2106_902_7.01Testa, Richard J795 Route 519
2106_1601_18.02The Brennan Living Trust120 Bear Creek Road
2106_801_15_Q0119The Emily Pantaleoni Family 2018 Tr715 Route 519
2106_801_15The Emily Pantaleoni Family 2018 Tr715 Route 519
2106_603_11.01The Ludmila F French Rev Trust51 Golden Chain Road
2106_603_3.02The Ludmila F French Rev Trust304 Silver Lake Road
2106_301_1The Marie Living Trust By Marie D117 Silver Lake Road
2106_901_1.01The Nature Conservancy132 Route 661
2106_1201_20The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_901_7The Nature Conservancy312 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1201_24The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_27The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_26The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_11The Nature Conservancy12 Old Stage Road
2106_1201_28The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_17.04The Nature Conservancy1051 Route 519
2106_1201_26.02The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_17.05The Nature Conservancy1039 Route 519
2106_1201_5The Nature Conservancy771 Route 94
2106_1201_13.02The Nature Conservancy103 Route 661
2106_1201_19The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_15The Nature Conservancy115 Route 661
2106_1201_22.01The Nature Conservancy1099 Route 519
2106_1201_25The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_26.01The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_39The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_3.01The Nature Conservancy721 Route 94
2106_1201_35The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_30The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1301_4The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1201_31.02The Nature Conservancy1125 Route 519
2106_1201_3.07The Nature ConservancyYellow Frame Road
2106_1201_31The Nature Conservancy1119 Route 519
2106_1301_20The Nature Conservancy169 Greendell Road
2106_1201_36The Nature ConservancyRoute 519
2106_1601_14The New Jersey Natural Lands TrstSouth Town Road
2106_1601_15.02The New Jersey Natural Lands Trst139 South Town Road
2106_1601_15.01The New Jersey Natural Lands TrstSouth Town Road
2106_1401_18.05The Ronald Lynn Brown Revoc Liv Trs150 Greendell Road
2106_1401_3.06The Ronald M & Robert J Sims Rev Tr91 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_3.06_Q0145The Ronald M & Robert J Sims Rev Tr91 Allamuchy Road
2106_104_10The Township Of Frelinghuysen145 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_602_12Thorn Bryan/Smith Holly32 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_201_8.07Thourot, Robert & Shirley62 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_104_11.01Thourot, Robert & Shirley59 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1803_11Ti Properties I LLC145 State Park Road
2106_1005_2Tice, Robert1008 Route 519
2106_201_4Tilney, Richard J & Patricia A194 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1201_17.14Togno, David & Judith A8 Lackawanna Drive
2106_103_11.03Togno, David Jr & Laura2139 Stillwater Road
2106_103_11.03_Q0334Togno, David Jr & Laura2139 Stillwater Road
2106_601_18Toledo Alberto/Romero Angelica93 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_601_18.01_Q0030Toledo Alberto/Romero Angelica95 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_601_18_Q0030Toledo Alberto/Romero Angelica93 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_24.01Tolosi, Anthony & Sarah6 Greendell Road
2106_201_6.01Tomasino, J M K M J150 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_6.02Tomasino, J M K M J138 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1401_3.02Topping, Roger J109 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_3.03_Q0062Topping, Roger J101 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_3.02_Q0062Topping, Roger J109 Allamuchy Road
2106_1401_15.02Torres, John W20 South Street
2106_1501_3.07Towey, Michael & Cheryl109 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_3.09Towey, Michael & Cheryl115 Bear Creek Road
2106_901_1.02Township Of Frelinghuysen140 Route 661
2106_201_6Township Of Frelinghuysen112 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_31.01Township Of Frelinghuysen720 Route 94
2106_201_8.08Township Of Frelinghuysen884 Route 94
2106_1001_15Township Of Frelinghuysen210 Main Street
2106_1003_16Township Of Frelinghuysen (garage)219 Main Street
2106_1401_15.17_Q0341Tracey, Gregory & Lisa12 South Street
2106_603_12_Q0149Trill, Nick & Emily57 Golden Chain Road
2106_1101_4.03_Q0073Trone, David291 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_602_2.04_Q0163Tudor, Michael John & Helen A46 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_2.04Tudor, Michael John & Helen A46 Golden Chain Road
2106_601_7Turrentine, Anita L60 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1601_4_Q0095Turtle Creek Farm LLC808 Route 519
2106_1601_4.02_Q0095Turtle Creek Farm LLC800 Route 519
2106_902_8Turtle Creek Farm LLC809 Route 519
2106_902_8_Q0095Turtle Creek Farm LLC809 Route 519
2106_1601_4.01_Q0095Turtle Creek Farm LLC796 Route 519
2106_201_6.05Tynan, Andrew C & Patricia A164 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_201_6.05_Q0190Tynan, Andrew C & Patricia A160 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_1302_3.12Unangst, John & Lisa69 South Street
2106_1201_5.07_Q0271Unified Financial LLC783 Route 94
2106_2000_1United Telephone Co Of NJ IncMessenger Service
2106_502_28Unknown C/O Tax CollectorSilver Lake Road
2106_1201_29Unknown C/O Tax CollectorRoute 519
2106_1201_29.01Unknown C/O Tax CollectorRoute 519
2106_1201_37Unknown C/O Tax CollectorRoute 519
2106_1005_1Valley Fall Properties L L C1002 Route 519
2106_1001_17Valley Fall Properties LLC204 Main Street
2106_701_21.03_Q0172Van Grouw, Ronald J & Jacqueline16 Ackerson Road
2106_701_18.11Van Grouw, William P & Dena22 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_18.11_Q0165Van Grouw, William P & Dena22 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_20_Q0165Van Grouw, William P & Dena30 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_18.01_Q0165Van Grouw, William P & Dena29 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_19Van Grouw, William P & Dena30 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_19_Q0165Van Grouw, William P & Dena30 Dutch Hill Road
2106_701_18.01Van Grouw, William P & Dena29 Dutch Hill Road
2106_102_3_Q0166Van Hassel, Cira22 Hess Road
2106_103_12_Q0166Van Hassel, Cira11 Hess Road
2106_102_1Van Hassel, Cira36 Hess Road
2106_102_5_Q0309Van Hassel, Cira6 Hess Road
2106_103_13_Q0166Van Hassel, Cira35 Hess Road
2106_102_1_Q0166Van Hassel, Cira36 Hess Road
2106_102_2Van Hassel, Sally26 Hess Road
2106_102_6.03_Q0166Van Hassel, Sally16 Hess Road
2106_102_2_Q0166Van Hassel, Sally26 Hess Road
2106_902_9.11Van Saders, Wayne & Claire314 Main Street
2106_1401_18.14Van Vugt, John & Bonnie122 Greendell Road
2106_1401_1.06Van Vugt, Joseph & Allison20 Greendell Road
2106_1301_23.06Vandermolen, Evin245 Greendell Road
2106_1201_17.10Veno, Holly L & Andrew, Thomas E4 Ramsey Court
2106_402_5Vineyard Assembly Of God1042 Route 94
2106_402_6Vineyard Assembly Of God1038 Route 94
2106_701_8Vitale, Darlene579 Route 519
2106_1701_9.01Vogt Paul F/Sherman Judith A1 Heller Road
2106_1302_2Vollebregt Robby/Incantalupo Sabi93 South Street
2106_1401_15.07Votta, Allison & Brenda44 South Street
2106_201_9Voytac, Jenni42 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_701_18.10Vuz, John Jeffrey & Barbara Ann50 Ackerson Road
2106_701_18.10_Q0221Vuz, John Jeffrey & Barbara Ann50 Ackerson Road
2106_801_3.01Vygovskiy, Filipp & Anatasia Koshiv167 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_4Wagner, Joseph535 Route 519
2106_701_18.09Waithe, Leary I & Junita U88 Ackerson Road
2106_1805_2.03Walker, Gerald & Carol160 State Park Road
2106_1602_3.07Wasek, Paul N & Jennifer H345 Main Street
2106_801_20.06Weber, Benjamin & Gail156 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_201_2Wecht, David & Catherine ALincoln Laurel Road
2106_1301_7Westbrook Realty % F Salem1130 Route 519
2106_101_11_Q0170Westbrook, Jacob & Karen96 Henfoot Road
2106_401_3White, Henry E & Cally L225 Spring Valley Road
2106_201_36.01White, Henry E & Christine36 Muller Road
2106_1301_19.01Whitehead, Keith C & Michele L151 Greendell Road
2106_201_5.01Widgren, William A & Susan V186 Lincoln Laurel Road
2106_403_8Wieland, Laurie1029 Route 94
2106_403_9Wieland, Laurie1033 Route 94
2106_402_19Wierzbicki, Gerard T & Lisa A226 Spring Valley Road
2106_1301_24Wijedasa Estate LLCRoute 519
2106_801_7.02Wilburn, Richard G & Marlene H5 Ackerson Road
2106_801_7.02_Q0276Wilburn, Richard G & Marlene H5 Ackerson Road
2106_502_27Williams, Andrew H126 Silver Lake Road
2106_601_6_Q0173Williams, Andrew H80 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_502_27_Q0173Williams, Andrew H126 Silver Lake Road
2106_1501_3.04Williamson, Wesley85 Bear Creek Road
2106_1501_3.04_Q0260Williamson, Wesley85 Bear Creek Road
2106_501_20Williard, Mark C & Margaret A1166 Route 94
2106_1501_9.01Willis, Mark E & Martha G112 Allamuchy Road
2106_1101_2.03Willmot, Gregory D31 Mott Road
2106_601_11.07Wilson, Christopher12 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_601_11.07_Q0335Wilson, Christopher12 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1101_16.03Wilson, Christopher James879 Route 94
2106_502_11Wilson, Raymond1169 Route 94
2106_502_24.01_Q0005Wilson, Raymond N27 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_502_24.01Wilson, Raymond N27 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_1803_9.05Wilson, Zachary Michael165 State Park Road
2106_701_27_Q0350Windy Ridge LLC311 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_27.01_Q0350Windy Ridge LLC321 Silver Lake Road
2106_901_13Winfield, James161 Mill Road
2106_901_13.01Winfield, James163 Mill Road
2106_1601_25.01Winfield, James & Amy886 Route 519
2106_502_6Winners, Raymond1097 Route 94
2106_502_18Woelkers, Frank J & Mary Darlene1199 Route 94
2106_602_3.01Wolfe Joan/Freeborn Lisa & Andrew20 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_3.01_Q0235Wolfe Joan/Freeborn Lisa & Andrew20 Golden Chain Road
2106_1401_15.04Wolff, Glenn & Wendy Sue34 South Street
2106_1401_15.06Wolff, Roselyn B40 South Street
2106_1401_15.05Wolff, Roselyn B36 South Street
2106_1401_15.01Wolff, Roselyn B76 South Street
2106_602_3Woodcock Pieter/Karen/Roman C & J2 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_3_Q0027Woodcock Pieter/Karen/Roman C & J2 Golden Chain Road
2106_602_3.02Woodcock, Pieter & Karen126 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_701_17Woodruff, Dennis M130 Ackerson Road
2106_602_2.06Wrobleski, Kyle & Morgan42 Golden Chain Road
2106_902_16_Q0154Wroe-Street, Raymond A & Kimberley144 Mill Road
2106_902_15_Q0154Wroe-Street, Raymond A & KimberleyMill Road
2106_902_19_Q0154Wroe-Street, Raymond A & Kimberley236 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_902_18Wroe-Street, Raymond A & Kimberley140 Mill Road
2106_902_17_Q0154Wroe-Street, Raymond A & KimberleyMill Road
2106_902_18_Q0154Wroe-Street, Raymond A & Kimberley140 Mill Road
2106_1801_9_Q0045Wu Tim/Judge Kathryn562 Route 519
2106_1803_9Wu Tim/Judge Kathryn197 State Park Road
2106_502_20Wundrack, Kyle R1 Kerrs Corner Road
2106_801_9.01Wysowaty, Walter45 Ackerson Road
2106_1201_1Yellow Frame Cemetery Assoc707 Route 94
2106_1401_18.13Yoon, Leia H122 South Street
2106_602_4.06_Q0202Young, Dezzie L114 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1601_26.01Yurow, Daniel & Maria F852 Route 519
2106_1801_5Zagari, Vincenzo L & Christine E70 State Park Road
2106_601_13Zaret, Carole67 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_10_Q0315Zenker, Julia F70 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_602_10Zenker, Julia F70 Camp Wasigan Road
2106_1401_1.31Zilberfarb, David R & Donna M14 Saddle Ridge Road
2106_301_4.01Zurovchak Joseph/Endres Susan73 Silver Lake Road
2106_701_12Zwarych, Terrance S601 Route 519
2106_701_14.02Zwarych, Terrance S623 Route 519