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Cherry Hill Township (Camden County) Property and Tax Data Index Table

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Parcels are sorted by Owner Name. While you could use your browser find-in-page facility to find a parcel here it will probably be faster and easier to locate the parcel on the Index Map for the municipality (link below) or by using the filter on the Asmt Table or Sales Table tabs there.

Cherry Hill Township (Camden County) Index Map
New Jersey Index Table
Camden County Index Table

Index of Parcels in Cherry Hill Township (Camden County)

Click in the parcel column for index map and complete property data for parcel.
ParcelOwner NameProperty Address
0409_389.02_41 Utah Avenue LLC1 Utah Ave
0409_240.01_131000 Maple Avenue LLC1040 Maple Ave
0409_402.01_31001 Building Associates1001-1007 Kings Hwy S
0409_500.01_121003 Astoria Boulevard LLC1003 Astoria Blvd
0409_500.02_51008 Astoria Bl Asso LLC % C B Ellis1008 Astoria Blvd
0409_342.02_1101 Route 70 LLC101 Rt 70 E
0409_395.07_21010 Kings Highway LLC1010 Kings Hwy S
0409_317.01_11106 Garfield Trust3106 Garfield Ave
0409_393.01_11108 Kings Highway LLC108 Kings Hwy S
0409_339.35_21103 Nkh LLC1103 Kings Hwy N
0409_342.18_6_C11091109 Barclay LLC-Uris J-Trustee1109 Barclay Towers
0409_526.03_41109 Winding LLC1109 Winding Dr
0409_525.11_61124 Crane Road LLC1124 Crane Dr
0409_444.01_3113 Stratford LLC1310 Kings Hwy N
0409_124.02_11171 Chapel Avenue LLC C/O Nappen1171 Chapel Ave W
0409_341.18_51180 Route 70 LLC1198 Rt 70 E
0409_395.08_1_C118D118d Cherry Parke Blvd LLC118d Cherry Parke
0409_133.01_51200 Haddonfield Rd Associates LLC1109 Mercer St
0409_134.01_11200 Haddonfield Road Associates Ll1200 Haddonfield Rd
0409_139.01_91205 Warren Avenue LLC1205 Warren St
0409_463.09_18_C12091209 At 1840 Frontage Rd LLCMark 70-#1209
0409_52.01_1_C0121121 Park Place LLC121 Park Pl
0409_161.01_171218 Martin Ave LLC1218 Martin Ave
0409_404.43_161230 Brace Partners, L. L. C.1230 Brace Rd
0409_404.43_17_C01051236 Brace Road LLC1236-E Brace Rd
0409_436.03_161256 Marlkress Partners LLC1256 Marlkress Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0135135 Uxbridge LLC135 Uxbridge
0409_341.27_11390 E Marlton Pike/Cherry Hill LLC10 Ranoldo Terr
0409_425.01_121400 Brace Road At Cherry Hill LLC1400 Brace Rd
0409_128.02_31401 West Chapel LLC % Met Pub Adj1401 Chapel Ave W
0409_435.18_11435 E Rt 70 LLC1435 Rt 70 E
0409_463.09_171450 Route 70 East LLC1450 Rt 70 E
0409_430.09_1_C0149149 Uxbridge LLC149 Uxbridge
0409_178.02_11501 Route 38 At Cherry Hill LLC1501 Rt 38
0409_364.01_31501 West Marlton Pike LLC1501 Rt 70 W
0409_513.02_11505 Associates2001 Rt 70 E
0409_177.02_21520 Route 38 LLC1520 Rt 38
0409_395.07_1154 Oxford St LLC500 Park Blvd
0409_526.01_21600 Springdale LLC1600 Springdale Rd
0409_139.01_71604 Rt 70 LLC1604 Rt 70 W
0409_463.01_121660 Suckle Highway LLC1840-50 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_528.42_91702 Ake, LLC1704 Berlin Rd
0409_528.42_101702 Ake, LLC1702 Berlin Rd
0409_528.42_51712 Berlin Rd LLC1712 Berlin Rd
0409_528.42_341743 LLC1743 Country Club Dr
0409_500.01_41753 Route 70 East LLC1753 Rt 70 E
0409_472.01_2_C00041765 Springdale Road, LLC1765-B2 Springdale Rd
0409_472.01_2_C00031765 Springdale Road, LLC1765-B1 Springdale Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0177177 Tavistock Court, LLC177 Tavistock
0409_53.01_231805 West Route 70 L P1730 Park Blvd
0409_53.01_41805 West Rte 701805 Rt 70 W
0409_463.09_18_C03091840-309 Frontage Road LLCMark 70-#309
0409_477.01_11854 E Marlton Pike LLC1854 Rt 70 E
0409_470.02_171860 Marlton Pk Assc Dunkin Donuts1860 Rt 70 E
0409_470.02_161864 LLC1864 Rt 70 E
0409_464.02_2_C10091879 Old Cuthbert Rd Unit 10 LLC1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #9
0409_464.02_2_C10101879 Old Cuthbert Road LLC1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #10
0409_464.02_2_C10121879 Old Cuthbert Road Unit 12 LLC1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #12
0409_464.02_2_C10331879 Old Cuthbert Road Unit 33 LLC1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #33
0409_481.01_11892 Greentree LLC1892 Greentree Rd
0409_470.13_21892 Route 70 LLC1892 Rt 70 E
0409_463.01_91898 Old Cuthbert Rd LLC1898 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_316.01_11900 Capital Trust II3106 Church Rd
0409_475.01_21902 Fairfax LLC1902 Fairfax Ave
0409_478.01_31905 Point View Avenue LLC1905 Point View Rd
0409_478.01_41907 Point View Avenue LLC1907 Point View Rd
0409_478.01_101907 Point View Avenue LLCPoint View Ave
0409_470.01_131908 Marlton Pike East LLC1908 Rt 70 E
0409_472.01_111909 Route 70 LLC1909 Rt 70 E
0409_479.01_71910 Olney Avenue Assoc LLC1910 Olney Ave
0409_470.01_111916 Partners LLC1916 Rt 70 E
0409_467.22_25_C00061916 Properties LLC % Harris London1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-6
0409_470.01_231919 Green Tree Road LLC1919 Greentree Rd
0409_475.01_71920 Fairfax Associates LLC1920 Fairfax Ave
0409_470.01_101924 Route 70 LLC1924 Rt 70 E
0409_472.01_211935 Rt 70 Assoc, LLC1935 Rt 70 E
0409_529.25_111937 Haddonfield Berlin Road LLC1943 Berlin Rd
0409_529.25_131937 Haddonfield-Ber Rd LLC % Alberti1937 Berlin Rd
0409_470.01_51942 East Route 70 LLC1942 Rt 70 E
0409_470.01_31946 East LLC1946 Rt 70 E
0409_507.01_31960 Route 70 LLC1960 Rt 70 E
0409_470.10_41988 Orchards LLC C/O B Matthews1998 Rt 70 E
0409_285.14_141989 Edward Lackner Properties LLC409 Belmont Dr
0409_481.01_41998 Springdale LLC1915 Princess Ave
0409_481.01_31998 Springdale LLC1909 Princess Ave
0409_482.01_81998 Springdale LLC1998 Springdale Rd
0409_127.01_11999 Real Estate Trust602 Hollywood Ave
0409_128.01_231999 Real Estate Trust Fbo Robinson625 Hollywood Ave
0409_66.01_32 Executive Holdings LLCTwo Executive Campus
0409_574.01_42 West Evesham Road LLC2 Evesham Road West
0409_524.14_1020 Southwood LLC20 Southwood Dr
0409_470.10_72000 Rt 70 LLC2000 Rt 70 E
0409_470.10_7_T012000 Rt 70 LLC % Crown Atlantic2000 Rt 70 E
0409_342.15_422001 Erie Lp1401 Rt 70 E
0409_426.01_1201 Berlin Road Associates LLC101-203 Berlin Rd
0409_583.02_1201 Merion Avenue LLC201 Merion Ave
0409_430.09_1_C0202202 Uxbridge LLC202 Uxbridge
0409_285.20_22028 Chapel Avenue LLC2028 Chapel Ave W
0409_339.11_14_C0203203 Sussex Realty LLC203 Sussex House
0409_321.01_12203 Wilson LLC203 Wilson Rd
0409_392.01_11204 Kings Highway LLC204 Kings Hwy S
0409_489.01_52060 Fairfax Avenue LLC2060 Fairfax Ave
0409_392.01_12208 Kings Highway LLC208 Kings Hwy S
0409_111.01_4209 Chapel Avenue LLC209 Chapel Ave W
0409_468.01_172090 Springdale Real Estate LLC2090 Springdale Rd
0409_577.01_2421 Perot Avenue LLC21 Perot Ave
0409_470.10_162110 Route 70 LLC2110 Rt 70 E
0409_201.01_7212 Linderman Ave LLC212 Linderman Ave
0409_285.03_12128 Route 38 Associates LLC2128 Rt 38
0409_523.13_13220 Cherry Hill Realty LLCRear Of Kresson
0409_198.01_10223 Glenwood Ave Associates223 Glenwood Ave
0409_54.01_5_C0225225 Breeders Cup Drive LLC225 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_207.01_3226 Haddonfield Road LLC226 Haddonfield Rd
0409_348.01_22314 Harbor Dr LLC101 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_288.02_42314 NJ 38 Cherry Hill NJ LLC2314 Rt 38
0409_12.01_162320 Marlton Pike LLC2320 Rt 70 W
0409_288.02_112322 Route 38 LLC2322 Rt 38
0409_289.05_22400 Church Road LLC2400 Church Rd
0409_356.01_1250 Maine Holdings LLC250 Rt 70 W
0409_404.39_142602 Deerfield LLC1031 Red Oak Dr
0409_528.60_142602 Deerfield LLC506 Kings Dr
0409_286.28_22298 Kings Highway At Cherry Hill L298 Kings Hwy N
0409_429.04_1_C0299299 Tavistock LLC299 Tavistock
0409_68.01_13 Ecch Owner LLCThree Executive Campus
0409_239.01_630 Haddonfield Rd LLC30 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.04_39301 Commerce Drive LLC1526 Berlin Rd
0409_464.02_2_C1004305 Harper Dr LLC1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #4
0409_194.01_18307 Greenleigh LLC307 Greenleigh Ct
0409_501.01_53111 Building Inc1111 Marlkress Rd
0409_520.04_1_C12283129 Partners LLC1228 Chanticleer
0409_342.07_6315 Route 70 East Ltd315 Rt 70 E
0409_52.01_1_C0316316 Park Place LLC316 Park Pl
0409_342.07_7325 Route 70 E Ltd325 Rt 70 E
0409_182.01_9326 Haddonfield Road LLC326 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.09_37332 Cranford LLC332 Cranford Rd
0409_286.27_31336 Surrey Road LLC % C Taylor336 Surrey Rd
0409_199.01_8350 Church Rd LLC350 Church Rd
0409_590.01_13510 Woodcrest LLC10 Melrose Ave
0409_287.07_636 Maple LLC36 Maple Ave
0409_193.01_1236 Spruce Street Cherry Hill LLC36 Spruce St
0409_404.26_17366 Bortons Mill LLC366 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_408.01_7369 Kresson LLC369 Kresson Rd
0409_333.02_538 Special LLC % R Marks2442 Rt 38
0409_425.01_53p Holdings LLC2 Coleman Ave
0409_342.34_4_C00024 1 3 Partners LLC413b Rt 70 E
0409_426.01_34 Eagle LLC109 Berlin Rd
0409_283.01_164 Pillars LLC12 Hassemer Ave
0409_342.28_1_C0400400 Barclay Walk At Cherry Hill LLC400 Barclay Walk
0409_282.02_1041 Coles Avenue LLC41 Coles Ave
0409_181.01_10421 Third Ave LLC421 Third Ave W
0409_285.19_10436 Suffolk LLC436 Suffolk Dr
0409_341.02_9450 Rt 70 East LLC450 Rt 70 E
0409_434.24_15490 Browning Lane LLC490 Browning Ln
0409_340.01_26499 Ropa Realty LLC499 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_468.01_5_C00015 N. Olney LLC % J Bell5 Olney Ave N
0409_395.03_43500 S King's Highway LLC500 Kings Hwy S
0409_15.01_3501 King Ave LLC501 King Ave
0409_387.01_3509 Route 70 West LLC509 Rt 70 W
0409_281.01_3351 Haddonfield Equities LLC51 Haddonfield Rd
0409_127.01_2523 Hollywood Ave Associates LLC606 Hollywood Ave
0409_127.01_8523 Hollywood Ave Associates LLC1301 Rt 38
0409_402.01_2600 Whp LLC4 Munn Ave
0409_465.01_9601 Chapel Avenue Associates LLC601 Chapel Ave E
0409_465.01_10601 Chapel Avenue Associates LLC599 Chapel Ave E
0409_411.01_3603 Kresson Road LLC603 Kresson Rd
0409_163.01_5614 Hf LLC/Pdq Realty LLC614 Haddonfield Rd
0409_127.01_3614 Hollywood Ave Assoc614 Hollywood Ave
0409_128.01_20619 Hollywood Avenue Associates LLC619 Hollywood Ave
0409_467.21_1_C0014620 Deer Road Equities LLC620 Deer Rd, Ste 14
0409_473.01_17 Esterbrook Lane LLC7 Esterbrook Ln
0409_426.01_197-Eleven Inc1442 Brace Rd
0409_339.18_297-Eleven Inc Pt10924719 Kings Hwy N
0409_136.01_1270 Mercer Associates LLC1820 Rt 70 W
0409_344.01_570 Wa One Inc1030 Rt 70 W
0409_292.02_1725 Cooper Landing Rd LLC725 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_429.02_976 Berlin Rd Cmmr LLC76 Berlin Rd
0409_66.01_2771 Cuthbert LLC % Viking Asso771 Cuthbert Blvd
0409_108.01_38 Capital LLC305 Wisteria Ave
0409_592.01_48 Lakeside Avenue LLC8 Lakeside Ave
0409_57.01_1.028 Redwood Avenue LLC8 Redwood Ave
0409_521.09_1278 Steeple Chase Court LLC8 Steeple Chase Ct
0409_520.04_1_C0819819 Chanticleer LLC % M Portnoy819 Chanticleer
0409_339.25_20828 Kingston LLC828 Kingston Dr
0409_395.06_36830 S Kings Highway LLC830 Kings Hwy S
0409_295.01_1833 Rancocas Rd LLC323 Washington Ave
0409_288.04_69 Beekman LLC9 Beekman Pl
0409_468.01_19 North Olney Ave LLC C/O Equivest9 Olney Ave N
0409_430.02_1903-907 Berlin Road LLC907 Berlin Rd
0409_339.01_7905 North Kings Highway Cherry Hill905 Kings Hwy N
0409_345.01_24.01910 Route 70 West, LLC % Div Ctr910 Rt 70 W
0409_401.01_1911 Kingshh LLC % A Riggs911 Kings Hwy S
0409_341.14_5926 Edgemoor Road At Cherry Hill Ll926 Edgemoor Rd
0409_340.06_99oyte, Linda134 Valley Run Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0801A & E Rental Apartments LLC801 The Woods
0409_12.01_8A & I Real Estate Investments LLC709 King Ave
0409_12.01_4A & I Real Estate Investments LLC2310 Rt 70 W
0409_433.16_7_C0102A & L Realty LLC102 Haddontowne Ct
0409_528.05_17A R Investments1607 Pleasant Dr
0409_409.01_20A. L. Realty Associates790 Berlin Rd
0409_385.01_9Aaron Daniel F40 Madison Ave
0409_518.16_14Aaronson Jeffrey & Susan1019 Rymill Run
0409_302.01_27Aaronson Jeffrey S422 Kennebec Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0458Aaronson, E & Winick, C458 Centura
0409_595.01_8Aasvij Inc515 Rt 38
0409_437.01_14Ab Partners Properties LLC1149 Marlkress Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0271Abad Karen1027-A Society Hill
0409_528.61_5Abadi Ali & Houtan Haleh533 Kings Dr
0409_292.02_12Abahazy Arthur & Marilyn15 Poplar Terrace
0409_515.18_36Abahazy Arthur M & Kitson Jennifer7 Abinger Ln
0409_340.17_1Abazi, Ismail & Lindiita405 Windsor Dr
0409_385.01_22Abbaszadeh, Ramin & Linda57 Cooper Ave
0409_178.01_6Abbate, Vincent & Giuseppina1500 Rt 38
0409_524.10_25Abbate, Vincenzo & Guiseppina11 Country Walk
0409_372.01_14Abbey, Eileen M (l/E Gemma C Abbey)40 Cooper Ave
0409_341.01_18Abbot, Inc % Wills Eye Hospital408 Rt 70 E
0409_177.01_15Abbott Church Goods Inc1515 Rt 38
0409_167.01_9Abboud, S M & Obradovic, B1501 Bedford Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0638Abbruzzese Robert638 Kings Croft
0409_526.06_26Abdali, Waledullah & Etals1225 Kresson Rd
0409_525.05_4Abdall Wahedullah11 Middle Acre Ln
0409_341.07_1Abdalla Lara1005 Rydal Rd
0409_341.05_4Abdallah, Ibtesam1020 Chelten Pkwy
0409_285.11_32Abdallah, Raid402 Saratoga Dr
0409_520.02_15Abdelgader Amin I15 Lafayette Ln
0409_339.07_4Abdelhadi Omar Mohamed & Ortiz Madi406 Sheffield Rd
0409_525.25_24Abdelkader Ahmed S & Midori1817 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_521.09_83Abdelsamie Samer M37 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_529.16_13Abdelshahid Ayman & Barsoum Cherie117 Ashley Ct
0409_114.01_17Abdou, Michelle M620 Franklin Ave
0409_4.01_8Abdul-Hamid Idrisa & Ismail8 Hoffman Ave W
0409_431.14_28Abdula, Adzmer I & Priscilla M154 Ashbrook Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0332Abdulbaqi Ayser A332 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C1960Abduljabbar Zainab & Ahmed Hasan M1960 The Woods II
0409_286.39_91Abdulkadar Feroz91 Greensward
0409_340.03_1Abdullah Jeremy & Ravin306 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0158Abed Jeannine158 Tavistock
0409_519.09_19Abed Kareem732 Evesham Rd
0409_520.04_2_C1507Abed Management LLC1507 The Woods
0409_342.04_2Abed Thair & Jalil Sherene105 Bowood Dr
0409_191.01_2Abed, Abed322 Evergreen Ave
0409_527.05_41Abed, Thair & Jalil S105 Bryant Rd
0409_339.21_3Abel Eric R & Raymond E304 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_252.01_4Abele Eric & Kristin112 St Martins Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1703Abelow Gerald & Lynne-Trustees1703 Chanticleer
0409_338.28_2Abersold George + Charlotte4 Rutgers Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0216Abesh Jesse Susan216 Kings Croft
0409_528.31_4Abesh Joseph W & Lindsey B506 Heartwood Dr
0409_404.27_21Abesh, Daniel & Jane132 Barcroft Dr
0409_196.01_7Abeyta Andrew & Yvonne317 St James Ave
0409_335.14_18Abeyta, Fabiola C1107 Harvest Rd
0409_513.27_7Abeywickrama Chathuranga & Courtney902 Cropwell Rd
0409_435.01_4Abh Properties LLC103 East Gate Dr
0409_518.16_22Abiona, Olugbenga D & Folu O H/W1025 Rymill Run
0409_174.01_6Abiuso Grace A & Michael J Jr1511 Martin Ave
0409_159.01_7Abiuso John A & Eleanor A1201 Martin Ave
0409_524.10_17Abiuso Patrick & Debra5 Country Walk
0409_155.01_4Abiva Nepo A & Purtia R-Trustee723 Fulton St
0409_513.12_30Abiva, Julius R & Toni A14 Niamoa Dr
0409_525.22_23Ablon Jordan & Ilana1032 Owl Ln
0409_518.10_3Abo Martin + Jane104 St Vincent Ct
0409_342.35_28Aborn Brady H1111 Green Briar Rd
0409_339.24_28Abou-Afach K & Gonzalez-Davila N818 Johns Rd
0409_519.01_40Abouzgheib Wissam & Nahra Raquel950 Brick Rd
0409_52.01_1_C0112Abraham Libu & Louis112 Park Pl
0409_437.12_47Abramov Oleg & Marina47 Versailles
0409_528.60_36Abramowitz Arthur & Roberta2004 Queen Anne Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0203Abramowitz, Wendy SMark 70-#203
0409_286.39_18Abrams Mark18 Greensward
0409_404.36_7Abrams, Brad F & Cooper-Abrams S1008 Red Oak Dr
0409_525.21_12Abrams, Gary O1012 Annapolis Dr
0409_412.02_27Abrams, Jeffrey A & Ruth D103 Lane Of Trees
0409_437.04_18Abrams, Jodi L7 St Moritz Ln
0409_305.01_3Abrams, Lawrence N & Stacy N434 Columbia Blvd
0409_437.09_10Abrams, Russell & Racine105 Renaissance Dr
0409_525.36_5Abrams, Steven & Tracy17 Exton Circle
0409_524.13_9Abramsohn Howard + Gerry36 Country Walk
0409_288.06_29Abramson Gabrielle Z29 Appley Ct
0409_54.02_5_C4613Abramson Robert T4613 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_339.12_9Abramson, Lois117 Chelten Pkwy
0409_287.09_11Abramson, Shelly W9 Isaac Ln
0409_404.35_5Abranovitz, Steven & Lynn9 White Oak Ct
0409_340.05_38Abrenilla Napoleon + Nancy120 Ridge Rd
0409_286.39_106Abrol Raman106 Greensward
0409_513.27_43Abronski, Douglas H & Colleen M938 Cropwell Rd
0409_515.03_20Abruscato William & Lorraine107 Henfield Ave
0409_338.14_4Abruzzese Robt & Joan506 Douglas Dr
0409_340.27_7Abruzzo Mae T & Montufar J-Trustee313 Royal Oak Ave
0409_340.28_2Abruzzo, Maria A Ferrante -323 Brentwood Ave
0409_433.20_1_C0460Absar Noman460 Centura
0409_566.01_3Abusedo, Fawze15 Fifth Ave E
0409_528.22_2Abutboul, David500 Tearose Ln
0409_570.01_9Acampa Laura L8 Hoffman Ave
0409_411.06_10Accardi, James C & Selena A119 West Riding Rd
0409_436.03_18.03_C0331Acciani, Mary O331 Tuvira Ln
0409_339.01_8Accu Properties LLC911 Kings Hwy N
0409_339.01_9Accu Properties LLC909 Kings Hwy N
0409_339.01_10Accu Properties LLC915 Kings Hwy N
0409_289.05_8Accu Wash, Inc833 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0957Acerbo Brian J957 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0154Acerbo-Calligari Tiziana154 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0380Acerbo-Calligari Tiziana380 Tavistock
0409_128.01_36.03Acetti Betty3 Paige Ct
0409_435.12_7Acevedo Francisco & Tempera Kristin1325 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_360.01_18Acevedo, Juan Jr & Kathleen M214 Rhode Island Ave
0409_471.06_4Achey Peter R & Alison108 Lavenham Rd
0409_518.16_6Achey Saundra J1003 Rymill Run
0409_520.04_1_C1860Acker Benjamin D1860 The Woods II
0409_337.06_1_C0731Acker, M & Lee, R731 Kings Croft
0409_513.09_16Ackerly James & Joann11 Tunbridge Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0176Ackerman Anastasia Tilli176 Tavistock
0409_471.12_14Ackerman William & Jackie15 Wexford Ct
0409_520.04_1_C1948Ackerman, Donna A1948 The Woods II
0409_338.02_29Ackerman, Karen508 King George Rd
0409_528.33_12Ackerman, Staci K & Jeffrey S500 Country Club Dr
0409_525.38_10Ackmann Evan R & Elizabeth K26 Robin Lake Dr
0409_454.01_3Ackrivo, Linda J105 Daytona Ave E
0409_434.25_1Acorcey Robert & Sharon-Trustees1100 Kresson Rd
0409_6.01_1Acorn Management LLC6 Dale Ave
0409_397.05_5Acosta Anyi G4 Shepherd Rd
0409_520.04_2_C2106Acosta Jasmine G2106 The Woods
0409_527.05_29Acosta, Timothy J1625 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_520.04_1_C0406Acquaviva, Geraldine406 Chanticleer
0409_286.02_20Acquesta, A M & G L2814 Chapel Ave W
0409_404.52_1Adair Arlene313 Sherry Way
0409_336.03_3Adair, Lowess C5 Old Salem Rd
0409_292.02_3Adamek, Tara A & Murray, Sean M721 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_529.16_11Adamo John D & Michaela121 Ashley Ct
0409_537.01_4Adams Jennifer K198 Evesham Rd
0409_339.18_33Adams Jonathan B111 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0304Adams Katheryn + Edward Jr304 The Woods
0409_528.49_16Adams Megan & Ryan403 Barby Ln
0409_430.09_1_C0123Adams Patricia H123 Uxbridge
0409_429.04_1_C0131Adams Paul131 Tavistock
0409_328.01_10Adams Robert H & Helen T208 Columbia Blvd
0409_54.01_5_C1804Adams Stacy L1804 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_340.31_99_C0411Adams Teresa411 Playa Del Sol
0409_431.14_48Adams Thomas & Kathleen1123 Valleybrook Rd W
0409_292.01_2Adams Zachary & Samantha4 Poplar Terrace
0409_313.01_6Adams, David W & Mildred A311 Roosevelt Dr
0409_54.01_8_C0245Adams, Doris A245 Plaza Grande
0409_469.09_41Adams, Jeffrey A & Janette K39 Strathmore Dr
0409_257.01_5Adams, John M & Colleen11 Colmar Rd
0409_286.32_2Adams, Joseph L & Rachel N302 Cleveland Ave S
0409_397.05_22Adams, Kathleen G72 Shepherd Rd
0409_397.05_23Adams, Stephen T76 Shepherd Rd
0409_578.01_47Adap, Renato A & Ruth16 Perot Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0104Adass Angelika104 Chanticleer
0409_340.05_19Adcock Theresa M247 Maine Ave
0409_513.30_26Adderly, Marie426 Old Orchard Rd
0409_471.11_6Addis, Randall F & Amy L11 Dunbarton Rd
0409_404.15_15Addis, Robert Aaron & Beth A115 Courtland Rd
0409_426.01_15Addison Justin M7 Coleman Ave
0409_188.01_16Addison Quinn Development LLC346 Lincoln Ave N
0409_58.01_33Addison, Genevieve636 Woodland Ave
0409_286.09_1Adegbiji Abel A & Priscilla O1 Meryl Ln
0409_437.03_1_C1025Adelizzi Karen A1025 Society Hill
0409_471.10_11Adelizzi Raymond M & Alissa10 Wicklow Ct
0409_518.10_8Adelizzi, Raymond & Catherine114 St Vincent Ct
0409_342.12_16Adelman, Jeffrey & Sharon113 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0910Adelman, M S & Gibbs, D K910 Kings Croft
0409_412.01_7Adelson Fred B & Carol S-Trustees43 East Riding Dr
0409_437.03_1_C1009Adelson, Jared1009 Society Hill
0409_311.01_3Aderski William E107 Roosevelt Dr
0409_371.01_7Adg Investments LLC907 Rt 70 W
0409_520.04_1_C0527Adg Investments LLC527 Chanticleer
0409_337.03_3Adhikari Ramila6 Olde Springs Ln
0409_572.01_5Adhikari, Ghanasyam & Supti11 Hoffman Ave
0409_340.31_99_C0424Adibi, Sina & Soheyla424 Playa Del Sol
0409_526.03_6Adika Baruch & Ariella1121 Winding Dr
0409_146.01_4Adika, Baruch1011 Fulton St
0409_281.01_19Adili Alija62 Overbrook Dr
0409_513.23_39Adkins Fred Richard5 Waverly Rd
0409_357.01_5Adkins, Carl & Lamonda119 New Hampshire Ave
0409_367.01_21Adkisson, Raymond W39 Conwell Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1211Adleman, Dayle1211 Chanticleer
0409_285.13_1Adler Abraham & Mirel327 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_513.18_9Adler Barry & Muriel123 Thornhill Rd
0409_528.39_23Adler Betty S407 Heartwood Dr
0409_434.05_19Adler Harris & Amy1621 Crown Point Ln
0409_519.06_21Adler Leon232 Sandringham Rd
0409_518.14_27Adler Richard Ellis & Aileen-Trust2 St Anthony Ct
0409_339.02_1Adler, Debra C200 Sheffield Rd
0409_411.05_1Adler, Ira & Joan24 Indian King Dr
0409_437.11_4Adler, John H & Shelley61 Cameo Dr
0409_471.04_19Adler, Mark D & Pamela M101 Partree Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0110Adler, Mark D & Pamela M110 Society Hill
0409_286.07_5Adler, Robert D & Lucimar9 Eddy Ln
0409_370.01_6Admint LLC1005 Rt 70 W
0409_429.04_1_C0206Admiral Insurance Company206 Tavistock
0409_338.26_11Adoff, William & Barbara17 Rutgers Rd
0409_306.01_21Adorno, Francis P & Rhonda30 Christian Ln
0409_578.01_54Adragna, Joseph & Carolyn Mcginty32 Evesham Road West
0409_471.06_9Adriaenssens Mark103 Ashford Rd
0409_115.01_8Adriatico Arnoldo & Pangilinan Mari518 Helena Ave
0409_338.25_10Adriatico Calixtro & Ricalinda & Jp21 Syracuse Dr N
0409_105.01_20Adrnj Investments LLC650 Kenilworth Ave
0409_500.02_6Ads Partners LLC19 Perina Blvd
0409_426.01_8Advanced Dimensions II LLC25 Moore Ave
0409_528.65_11Aeillo, Frank & Angelique502 Lilac Ln
0409_470.04_16Aezen, Peter M & Amy G19 W High Ridge Rd
0409_342.20_11Afbjlc Professional Center LLC405 Kings Hwy S
0409_54.01_8_C0327Afek, Joseph & Irene327 Plaza Grande
0409_340.31_99_C0201Affordable Rental Assn At Tavistock201 Playa Del Sol
0409_395.08_1_C123AAffordable Rental Housing Assn At T123a Cherry Parke
0409_52.01_1_C0506Affordable Rental Housing Assn Tvsk506 Park Pl
0409_337.06_1_C0238Affordable Rental Housing At Tavist238 Kings Croft
0409_140.01_15Affrime Kristen A1111 Graham Ave
0409_190.01_23Afshari Mohammed333 Evergreen Ave
0409_435.11_2Afsharsznd, Inc31 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_435.16_5Afsharzand Zahra1244 Forge Rd
0409_411.05_18Afsharzand, Hamid16 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_521.16_3Aftab, Saima5 Bridle Ct
0409_529.19_10Aftanis Joseph R & Jaclyn T133 Dumas Rd
0409_342.08_3Agbottah Jonas B-Trustee & Adiase N107 Brookmead Dr
0409_370.01_13Ager Steven A36 Edison Ave
0409_335.12_9Agey Bret117 Garfield Ave
0409_525.13_6Aggarwal Girish & Manju1720 Independence Ln
0409_527.02_16Agner Elizabeth A1513 Beverly Terr
0409_529.12_14Agner Sheila1754 Hillside Dr
0409_382.01_5Agnew Brian & Smith Jennifer110 Edison Ave
0409_547.01_5Agostini Todd A Sr & Kareem A403 Philmar Ave
0409_434.10_5Agosto Denise1316 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_433.07_49Agren, Donald & Jeanne14 Old Towne Rd
0409_513.04_13Agresta, Samuel & Rocchina R3 Cricket Ln
0409_335.11_5Agresto Susan Marie109 Hedgerow Dr
0409_520.04_2_C1704Aguelo Joedegar B & Dalumpine Jaspe1704 The Woods
0409_577.01_11Aguilar, Edward A.6 Ashland Ave
0409_339.05_8Aguilar, Jerry P & Leonida708 Douglas Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0211Aguirre Angelica211 Tavistock
0409_435.01_6Agurkis Barbara C1205 Fulwood Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0968Agus, Zalman S & Sondra L968 Chanticleer
0409_404.10_15Agustin Melvin T & Andrea N542 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_340.09_32Agustin, Leonor328 Windsor Dr
0409_185.01_17Agzigian Lauren & James409 Princeton Ave
0409_129.01_12Ahadi, Abdul W & Etals541 Highland Ave
0409_375.01_30Aharon, John1113 Park Dr
0409_525.22_11Aharon, Yoav & Mindy1013 Annapolis Dr
0409_528.63_13Aharoni Adar403 Cranford Rd S
0409_248.01_19Ahern, John & Joann1608 Media Rd
0409_437.03_1_C1003Ahluwalia Jolly S & Gurmeet K-Trust1003 Society Hill
0409_437.11_2Ahluwalia Jolly S & Gurmeet K-Trust65 Cameo Dr
0409_227.01_4Ahmad Farzad C/O J Intriago805 Princeton Ave N
0409_284.01_3Ahmad Maqbool24 Coles Ave
0409_523.01_14Ahmad Nadir & Sophia Khan -104 Saddlebrook Ct
0409_519.09_36Ahmad Zaka U & Hanifa K118 Partridge Ln E
0409_199.01_31Ahmadi Fahima & Ahadi Diba223 Ivins Ave
0409_239.01_10Ahmand, Farzad & Nanhid40 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.05_43Ahmed Saman & Rizvi Syed Jawal Akht315 Morris Dr
0409_218.01_22Ahmed Shahzad112 Third Ave W
0409_342.07_22Ahmed, S & F & 2002-0000138llc302 Midway Dr
0409_546.01_17Ahmed, Saeed & Fozia301 Palmwood Ave
0409_529.15_22Ahmed, Salahuddin & Razia138 Chaucer Pl
0409_404.31_34Ahrens Steven F & Kara M133 Barcroft Dr
0409_515.06_19Ahuja, Subhash Chander & Asha900 Marlowe Rd
0409_520.04_1_C2005Aicher, Walter A & Marie E2005 The Woods II
0409_397.05_31Aiello Donna Marie55 Stanford Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0806Aiello, Katherine J806 The Woods
0409_435.08_16Aiken, Gerard & Katherine212 White Marsh Way
0409_404.32_12Aiken, Mary B1260 Charleston Rd
0409_340.17_11Aikey, S E & Arenas, O M521 Mackin Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0102Aires Realty Associates, LLC102 Society Hill
0409_467.01_1Airgas Usa LLC % D Puntel1910 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_529.14_17Aitcheson, Blanca124 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_187.01_24Aj & K Management LLC361 Lincoln Ave N
0409_335.15_16Aj & K Management LLC1105 Garfield Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0127Aja, Loretta L127 Tavistock
0409_433.15_17Ajayi, Emmanuel1102 Haral Pl
0409_437.13_2Ak Enterprises Cherry Hill LLC1875 Rt 70 E
0409_92.01_3Akben, Serkan900 Beechwood Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0110Akhilele, Grace I110 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0912Akhtar Dinaz912 Chanticleer
0409_289.01_24.04Akhtar, Nadeem & Zareen343 Oak Ave
0409_431.14_19Akinskas Joseph & Helen136 Ashbrook Rd
0409_471.02_37Akinskas Kevin J & Katherine A4 Dorset Rd
0409_339.26_3Akkaya Onur & Merve404 Howard Rd
0409_471.12_8Akkerman, John N & Baiba A10 Wexford Ct
0409_528.44_11Akre, David & Jill407 Queen Anne Rd
0409_340.03_3Aksamit Artur A302 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_524.12_19Al-Sayyad Dawn10 Country Walk
0409_436.03_41Al-Zurayer, N & Al-Ghufaili, F H/W215 Europa Ct
0409_339.03_1Alabanzas, Alan T & Juana202 Elkins Rd
0409_524.13_18Alagappan Sukumar & Sukumar Chintha30 Country Walk
0409_436.03_89Alagappan, Sukumar & Sukumar, Chintha411 Tuvira Ln
0409_340.15_3Alam Anwar & Zeenat5 Forge Ln S
0409_528.31_2Alamar, Mimi502 Heartwood Dr
0409_469.17_31Alan, David13 Westbury Dr
0409_436.03_44Alawi Faizan221 Europa Ct
0409_186.01_17Alayo Albert & Megan335 Union Ave
0409_340.10_17Albahrani Ammar312 Valley Run Dr
0409_342.17_1Albanese Michael & Lauren1125 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_513.46_8Albanese, Lorraine634 Bamford Rd
0409_192.01_25Albatarseh Hani S341 Hinchman Ave
0409_514.04_18Albert & Aileen Cwanger Revoc Trust36 Downing St
0409_539.01_2Albert Daniel & Duncan G Ariel214 Evesham Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0516Albert Emilie M516 Chanticleer
0409_387.01_15Albert, B & Mancini, N60 Harding Ave
0409_528.42_2Albert, Randy B1718 Berlin Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1408Albertelli, Paul D & Helen M1408 Chanticleer
0409_340.24_42Albertini, Robert A & Nilda Y350 Windsor Dr
0409_146.01_8Alberto, Thomas P & Carol K1016 Murray Ave
0409_528.49_17Alboher, Eric K1740 Country Club Dr
0409_340.21_15Albrecht Frederick J & L404 Rhode Island Ave
0409_513.11_5Albrecht Tracey & Michael125 Old Orchard Rd
0409_346.01_5Albrecht William7 Virginia Ave
0409_409.01_8Albrecht, William5 Lantern Ln S
0409_433.20_1_C0146Albright John146 Centura
0409_434.07_14Albuher Eran & Hila1216 Sea Gull Ln
0409_528.39_35Albuquerque, Anthony & Judith412 Queen Anne Rd
0409_463.09_18_C1302Albury Ronald G & Daryl RMark 70-#1302
0409_340.31_99_C0017Alc Management LLC17 Playa Del Sol
0409_513.44_20Alcamo, Joseph G & Elizabeth C220 Mimosa Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0306Alcorn Catherine M306 Kings Croft
0409_224.05_2Aldana Kriszaldy243 Sixth Ave W
0409_527.02_17Aldrich Eric, Eliza & Maxfield Anne1515 Beverly Terr
0409_338.09_11Alejandro Ralph & Haydee320 Chapel Ave E
0409_339.32_9Alejo, Ernesto B & Erlinda M911 Orlando Rd
0409_515.10_3Alekperov Eldar & Janie M205 Henfield Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1126Alekperov Emil & Eldar1126 Chanticleer
0409_437.05_37Aleksandrov, Leonid & Larisa95 Renaissance Dr
0409_285.11_18Alemi Matthew T & Jeanine L411 Tanforan Dr
0409_339.22_2Alemi, Stephen & Phyllis301 Chelten Pkwy
0409_130.01_5Alen Construction Inc1615 Chapel Ave W
0409_186.01_10Alerce Real Estate Holding LLC346 State St
0409_430.06_2Aleski, Edward J & Lorrane G217 Woodstock Dr N
0409_218.01_1Alessandrini Paul J & Marsha A105 Woodland Ave
0409_428.01_11Alessandrini, Kenneth W14 Mcphelin Ave
0409_523.06_14Alessi Paul & Diane4 Hawthorne Dr
0409_518.08_8Alexander Bradley M & Dawn3 Glenperth Ln
0409_435.08_2Alexander Ryan & Katz Arielle E217 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_513.04_10Alexander, John J & Anne M9 Cricket Ln
0409_395.06_17Alexander, Karen3 Rose Ln
0409_433.11_1Alexander, Stephen149 Mansfield Blvd N
0409_513.28_11Alexander, Stuart A & Dorothy1 Black Latch Ln
0409_433.13_38Alexandroff Michael & Jaime200 Provincetown Rd
0409_528.01_29Alexanian Alex + Annabelle104 Rue Du Bois
0409_528.01_30Alexian Alex & Annabelle102 Rue Du Bois
0409_513.34_6Alfano Albert & L211 Lamp Post Ln
0409_435.09_10Alfano Albert T137 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_469.07_8Alfano Ann G1915 Huntington Dr
0409_54.01_5_C0505Alfano Michael & Meadows Breann505 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_335.18_6Alfano Richard W & Nicole L15 Farmhouse Ln
0409_436.01_8Alfano, Donald J & Kristen1304 Drew Ct
0409_513.14_19Alfano, Martin T105 Highgate Ln
0409_469.15_1Alfieri Michael J & Young Madison1 Anders Dr
0409_433.17_2Alfonsi Darlene A3 Plymouth Dr
0409_463.06_11Alfonsi, Darlene9 Logan Dr
0409_340.18_27Alfonsi, Lino504 Mackin Dr
0409_379.01_15Alfonsi, Salvatore708 Park Dr
0409_415.01_5Alfonso Alejandro J & Kristi K1300 Charleston Rd
0409_573.01_9Alfonso Arcadio + Maye101 Railroad Blvd
0409_430.09_1_C0199Alford, Eugene & Gladys199 Uxbridge
0409_341.05_13Ali Arshad & Mushtaq Asma1015 Kingston Dr
0409_465.04_3Ali Christopher & Jacqueline101 Kingswood Ct
0409_469.18_21Ali Nabil & Fadia5 Green Acre Dr
0409_282.01_37Ali Sadia49 Delwood Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4724Ali Shaheda S & Mohammed4724 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_515.12_1Ali, Aamir & Shenaz112 Apley Dr
0409_234.01_14Ali, Amina28 Oakview Ave
0409_579.01_8Ali, Anjum & Shawana195 Eleanore Terrace
0409_436.03_49Ali, Hydar & Sufia B216 Europa Ct
0409_528.05_22Ali, M & Ruhmatunnisa, S H/W202 Cranford Rd
0409_340.18_6Alibrando, Matthew L & Cynthia D511 Rhode Island Ave
0409_340.31_99_C0512Alicea Celines512 Playa Del Sol
0409_223.01_1.02Alicea Steven & Yamaira312 Elma Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0222Aliferov, Oleg V & Tatyana N222 Kings Croft
0409_408.02_4.01Alikham Najam1 Barclay Ct
0409_339.27_16Alimagno Bonifacio413 Howard Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4344Alimam Ammar4344 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_180.01_22Aljaf Zeyad & Ayad407 Woodland Ave
0409_521.09_132Alkaysi, M H & Abdulbagi, A H/W42 Equestrian Ln
0409_523.01_29Alkial Mohamed M104 En Provence Ct
0409_288.05_1_C0211Alkial Mohamed M211 Chestnut Pl
0409_523.01_25Alkiyal Michelle & Bilal11 En Provence Dr
0409_340.15_12Alksnis, Vladislav E & Irina413 Valley Run Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1207All Nations Financial1207 Chanticleer
0409_371.01_11All Nations Financial12 Wesley Ave
0409_52.01_1_C0509All Nations Financial LLC509 Park Pl
0409_520.04_1_C1152All Nations Financial LLC1152 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0934All Nations Financial LLC934 Chanticleer
0409_339.13_7All Nations Financial LLC212 Chelten Pkwy
0409_247.01_3Allakhverdov Ruslan S1608 Maple Ave
0409_515.10_1Alleborn John & Lori J201 Henfield Ave
0409_433.07_58Allen Amanda J403 Old Towne Cr E
0409_433.16_6Allen Bartlett E II110 Haddontowne Ct
0409_529.26_1Allen Bonilla R & Ann111 Keats Pl
0409_341.06_7Allen Darcella1023 Chelten Pkwy
0409_404.24_28Allen Edw M & J336 Bortons Mill Ct
0409_520.04_1_C0301Allen Ellis C301 Chanticleer
0409_183.01_27Allen Eric Scott & O'Neal Brianna309 Woodland Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0204Allen Gregory204 Society Hill
0409_337.06_1_C0718Allen Jennifer Abbott-& Lymper J718 Kings Croft
0409_469.06_10Allen Maria1912 Huntington Dr
0409_469.18_20Allen Peter & Dolores7 Green Acre Dr
0409_437.04_43Allen Robert A & Kelly L16 Collage Ct
0409_513.33_22Allen Stephen & Dinn Tara630 Croyden Dr
0409_463.04_10Allen, Averetta8 Holden Rd
0409_515.09_12Allen, Frank & Carolann39 Charles Ln
0409_246.01_11Allen, James P & Jennifer G11 Lenape Rd
0409_413.02_6Allen, Laraine F42 East Riding Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0526Allen, Lois S526 Kings Croft
0409_513.09_27Allen, Mark T & Roma F200 Old Orchard Rd
0409_335.15_24Allen, Maurice R & Patricia L1121 Garfield Ave
0409_342.18_6_C0508Allen, Selina508 Barclay Towers
0409_58.01_23Allen, William J & Perpetua M1507 Linden St
0409_521.09_93Alleva Jennifer M & David17 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_335.06_21Allibone William166 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_521.17_34Allison Dagogo B & Carol B68 Bridle Ct
0409_395.08_1_C130BAllison Raymond P & Georgina130b Cherry Parke
0409_546.01_5Allman, Anthony C & Diane M107 Sixth Ave E
0409_520.04_1_C1712Alloway, Janice1712 Chanticleer
0409_514.04_8Alm David & Danielle16 Downing St
0409_463.09_18_C0208Almeida Marco & CarlaMark 70-#208
0409_470.09_3Almiron Analia5 Crestview Dr
0409_340.19_2Almodovar, Linda V.2803 Chapel Ave W
0409_287.06_1Almonte, Henry & Nidia738 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_397.06_2Alnaki Saud A M A3 Shepherd Rd
0409_286.17_17Alon Bonifacio & Evelyn5 Pebble Ln
0409_180.01_11Alonso, Omar & Liduvina428 Third Ave W
0409_515.20_29Alonzo, T A & Yia, E103 Longstone Dr
0409_529.19_13Alpas Imelda H139 Dumas Rd
0409_528.33_5Alpdogan Seyfettin O & Tulin Badak -514 Country Club Dr
0409_526.02_8Alperstein Arthur & Klara1136 Winding Dr
0409_524.10_31Alperstein David & Holly23 Country Walk
0409_524.10_42Alperstein David R31 Country Walk
0409_340.33_41Alpert Rena A41 Windsor Mews
0409_340.08_12Alpine Cash Management LLC108 Ormond Ave W
0409_409.01_6Alpine Holdings LLC10 Lantern Ln S
0409_527.03_16Alrabie Catharyn Virecci -1524 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_469.19_3Alsaidi Taha4 Strathmore Dr
0409_528.03_4Altbaum, Marne1511 Dogwood Dr
0409_341.11_32Altenburg Kenneth + Doris322 Chelten Pkwy
0409_286.17_1Alter, Lauren115 Knollwood Dr
0409_519.01_39Alterman, Stuart & Lauren990 Brick Rd
0409_433.07_23Altieri, Albert M & Anna M48 Plymouth Dr
0409_338.23_27Altman, Edward S14 Syracuse Dr S
0409_513.19_16Altman, Robert W & Jacquelyn J130 Thornhill Rd
0409_404.27_20Altmiller, J Cooper & Geralyn M130 Barcroft Dr
0409_159.01_11Altobell, Paul & Lisa1219 Martin Ave
0409_471.07_1Altomonte, Nicholas & Lisa100 Wexford Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0212Alvarado Kenny212 Playa Del Sol
0409_518.02_3Alvarez Alejandro1209 Cropwell Rd
0409_233.01_16Alvarez Dalissa34 Willis Ave
0409_54.02_5_C4721Alvarez Rene & Norma4721 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_515.16_36Alvarez Ruben N & Cipriana T104 Longstone Dr
0409_341.02_17Alvarez, Fulgencio G & Lanie G4 Russell Terrace
0409_122.01_2Alves Alycia624 Kenilworth Ave
0409_179.01_25Alvin, Donna401 Yale Ave
0409_233.01_12Alvin, Rosalie M619 Harvard Ave N
0409_431.04_1Alwahibi Saleh Ali M117 Brookfield Rd N
0409_286.02_12Aly, Shehata & Denise24 Glen Ln
0409_338.15_4Amadio, Joan523 Douglas Dr
0409_338.27_9Amador-Castaneda Javier & Castaneda44 Syracuse Dr N
0409_194.01_14Amalia N & Nikolaos G Kokolis325 Greenleigh Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0325Amarante Ramona325 Tavistock
0409_513.28_13Amarante Ramona209 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_528.55_13Amaro, Carlos & Archana404 Downs Dr
0409_125.05_4Amaro-Ramos Alan M, Nancy D & Mendoza506 Beechwood Ave
0409_54.01_5_C0809Amato Michael & Darlene809 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_404.27_22Amato Michael J & Kristen M134 Barcroft Dr
0409_286.06_22Amato Thomas Jr4 Eddy Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1837Amato, Constance R Trustee1837 The Woods II
0409_339.32_22Ambacher, Jeffrey L & Lois T910 Deland Ave
0409_288.03_3Ambari Adrian2 Beekman Pl
0409_520.04_1_C1246Ambler Cara L1246 Chanticleer
0409_469.16_6Ambler Darren12 Westbury Dr
0409_465.01_6Ambleside Realty LLC617 Chapel Ave E
0409_342.09_52Ambrose, Benjamin P & Bernadette8 Grass Rd
0409_464.02_2_C1036Ambrose, Gene & Renu Remodeling & P1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #36
0409_100.01_3Ambrose, Thomas E & Melissa R808 Beechwood Ave
0409_395.06_9Ambrosino Matthew19 Rose Ln
0409_464.02_2_C1035Ambrosino Richard + Elaine1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #35
0409_467.04_11Ambrosino, Michael L & Pamela A500 Doe Ln
0409_413.02_41Ambrosino, Richard A Jr & Mindy B29 North Riding Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0701Ambrozy Joseph C & Sotirchos Alexia701 Kings Croft
0409_54.01_8_C0312Ambrozy, Joseph V & Helen M312 Plaza Grande
0409_309.01_13Ame, Arben230 Madison Ave N
0409_408.02_4.06Ameeri Naqeeb A & Nosheen2 Barclay Ct
0409_185.01_32.01Amelio, Catherine438 Yale Ave
0409_433.16_7_C0301Amer Asso Of Teachers Of German Inc301 Haddontowne Ct
0409_433.16_7_C0104Amer Assoc Of Teachers Of German In104 Haddontowne Ct
0409_464.02_5American Cancer Society C/O J Casey1851 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_285.23_1American European Ins Co % Hudson Eqt2250 Chapel Ave W
0409_431.02_1American Healthcare Solutions LLC951 Berlin Rd
0409_207.01_18American Heritage Federal Credit Un826 Church Rd
0409_167.01_6American Legion Post 3721532 Martin Ave
0409_436.02_8American Society Of Perianesthesia90 Frontage Rd
0409_528.65_5Ames Courtney A & Carter Brian B508 Morris Dr
0409_518.03_23Ames, Marvin & Laura11 Harrowgate Dr
0409_525.29_2Ames-Korth, Alyssa B1205 Concord Ln
0409_149.01_3.01Amico Christopher V807 Mercer St
0409_54.02_5_C4626Amico Frank J Jr & Frank J Sr4626 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_339.09_11Amico Peter L III & Tidd Allison M416 Bradford Rd
0409_411.08_12Amin Narendra H8 Hessian Way
0409_340.31_99_C0602Amin, Kamlesh602 Playa Del Sol
0409_513.27_51.03Aminof Leon & Shmuel Dana6 Jordan Ct
0409_431.12_12Amiri, Amri & Andrea135 Oakdale Rd
0409_470.02_23Amodei, Joseph1885 Greentree Rd
0409_470.02_21Amodei, Joseph A & Diane S1883 Greentree Rd
0409_397.06_4Amofah Sharon A3 Caldwell Rd
0409_528.44_8Amon, Edward P & Maxine Z1760 Dewberry Ln
0409_285.10_16Amora Rheina2112 Chapel Ave W
0409_338.11_24Amoriello Thomas523 Bancroft Rd
0409_469.09_21Amoriello, Pasquale & Sally A6 Hilltop Dr
0409_384.01_12Amorosa Judith A & Struck Jullianna152 Sheridan Ave
0409_470.01_14Amoroso Family Revocable Lvg Trust1900 Rt 70 E
0409_470.01_15Amoroso, Robert & CathieSpringdale Rd-Rear
0409_183.01_22Amp Property Services LLC321 Woodland Ave
0409_286.13_10Amparo, Lysette20 Ivy Ln
0409_518.06_1Amron, Robert K & Rose A Metzger -24 Partridge Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1501Amsili Yitshak1501 Chanticleer
0409_404.45_28Amsterdam, Jay & Deborah310 Cotswold Ln
0409_523.02_16Amui, Jewel N32 Coopers Run Dr
0409_390.01_6Amy Bacheler, LLC400 Kings Hwy S
0409_469.05_20An Perry & Elise Hsieh11 Forest Hill Dr
0409_523.01_33An Shanying & Yu Jiang101 En Provence Ct
0409_404.41_19An Young Il & Myo Soon1038 Red Oak Dr
0409_434.05_15An, Jae Suk & Soo Hyun1613 Fort Duquesne Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1854An, Shan1854 The Woods II
0409_513.23_14Anagnostis Jack & Maria204 Lamp Post Ln
0409_57.01_28Anas, Casimero A & Evangeline C624 Third Ave W
0409_513.17_8Anastasi Marie M16 Latches Ln
0409_340.33_88Anastasopoulos John & Mariketi88 Windsor Mews
0409_342.12_18Anciano, Ricardo Y & Cleofe C117 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_434.08_2Andalft Anthony C & Lawson Marvin A1604 Fort Duquesne Dr
0409_529.12_27Andalora Francis P. & Dorothy E.1528 Hillside Dr
0409_529.12_37Andaloro, Thomas A & Barbara1510 Hillside Dr
0409_519.01_13Anders Leslie7 Kate Ct
0409_431.04_19Andersen Russell A Jr & Dorothy A210 Brookfield Rd S
0409_342.23_14Andersen Wesley K & Michelle M1224 Fulwood Rd
0409_431.06_1Andersen, Andrew J211 Brookfield Rd N
0409_338.10_19Anderson Amanda503 King George Rd
0409_528.52_8Anderson Andrew K & Ahrens Meghan E406 Morris Dr
0409_513.48_2Anderson Ashley R & Brogden Raymond208 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_404.24_22Anderson Darlene & Heather348 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_431.15_1Anderson Dennis & Darlene133 Ashbrook Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0136Anderson Elizabeth S-Trustee136 Plaza Grande
0409_397.06_17Anderson Gregory William59 Shepherd Rd
0409_342.16_14Anderson Ian1104 Green Briar Rd
0409_371.01_15Anderson Jeremy R & Alexandria N36 Wesley Ave
0409_288.05_1_C0511Anderson June Elaine511 Chestnut Pl
0409_529.14_30Anderson Karl & Laurie107 Mcintosh Rd
0409_342.09_50Anderson Kenneth D303 Brookmead Dr
0409_140.01_9Anderson Kimberly1112 Severn St
0409_236.01_5Anderson Marian G25 Oakview Ave
0409_404.47_4Anderson Mark C & Patricia L1235 Folkestone Way
0409_430.09_1_C0237Anderson Pamela237 Uxbridge
0409_338.25_3Anderson Shawn & Caitlin5 Syracuse Dr N
0409_525.02_21Anderson Terry M & Karen S9 Robin Lake Dr
0409_431.09_5Anderson, Chad J & Nicole109 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0328Anderson, Court 0328 Chanticleer
0409_433.09_8Anderson, Hassell & Susan1008 Salem Rd
0409_342.05_29Anderson, Joseph G & Nancy L1 Parkwood Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0101Anderson, Lisa101 The Woods
0409_430.09_1_C0146Anderson, Maurice J146 Uxbridge
0409_525.17_13Anderson, Michael & Allison1016 Cardinal Ln
0409_338.24_58Anderson, Russell & Tina M408 King George Rd
0409_214.01_17Anderson, Stephen M & Cynthia A101 Barlow Ave
0409_404.22_6Anderson, William & Nancy113 Deerfield Rd
0409_518.02_25Andino Lopez Jose R & Ericka C5 Parnell Dr
0409_463.09_18_C0108Andis Properties LtdMark 70-#108
0409_463.09_18_C0106Andis Properties LtdMark 70-#106
0409_463.09_18_C0104Andis Properties LtdMark 70-#104
0409_515.17_7Andorko David & Elise110 Saxby Terr
0409_341.11_2Andrade Marco & Stefanie1008 Tampa Ave
0409_108.01_19Andrade, Johnny D & Jacqueline R632 Merchant St
0409_342.15_37Andraka John101 West Gate Dr
0409_528.52_2Andraka Joseph E & Antoinette M308 Morris Dr
0409_469.13_20Andre, Pierre J & Daniella1974 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_342.28_1_C0702Andreou Apostolos & Lambros702 Barclay Walk
0409_342.18_6_C1001Andreou, Lambros & Kelly Ann1001 Barclay Towers
0409_415.01_1Andress Ethel D.500 Clover Ave
0409_404.36_27Andrew Mark & Lincoln-Andrew Mylina10 Roland Ct
0409_525.13_14Andrews, Douglas B & Dawn L1012 Heartwood Dr
0409_285.13_6Andrews, Elizabeth J337 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_435.08_11Andrews, M & Irvine, L A1302 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_469.05_29Andrey, Robert J & Kathryn39 Forest Hill Dr
0409_335.02_17Andric Dennis & Bonnie Bobek -211 Harvest Rd
0409_513.07_10Andricsak Gregory S & Nancy E24 Thornhill Rd
0409_285.16_16Andriella, Gary W & Huong T2 Santa Anita Pl
0409_335.14_8Andris Teresa74 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.19_19Andris William J L/E522 Rhode Island Ave
0409_519.09_48Andriyanychev I & Andriyanychevaa142 Partridge Ln E
0409_233.01_8Andrzejewski, Patricia232 Wilbur Ave
0409_286.39_136Anello Doug & Stephen136 Greensward
0409_437.03_1_C0337Anello Douglas C337 Society Hill
0409_437.03_1_C0107Anello Stephen M107 Society Hill
0409_528.32_7Ang Dexter O & Go Mylene S1902 Queen Anne Rd
0409_335.06_18Angelastro Frank & Margaret158 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_247.01_5Angelastro, Christopher & Thomas, B1600 Maple Ave
0409_513.44_10Angelastro, M & Mcfadden, E304 Mimosa Dr
0409_469.14_16Angeline Phyllis11 Lisa Ln
0409_404.13_37Angelo Michael B Jr & Kira Anne302 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_286.39_38Angelo, Victoria & Leon(decsd)38 Greensward
0409_339.30_35Angelos Leon & Elene803 Richard Rd
0409_288.03_14Angelotti, Ralph & Joanmaria24 Beekman Pl
0409_521.11_13Angelova Aneliya M6 Walkaway Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0127Angelova Aneliya M127 Kings Croft
0409_528.05_5Angelucci Cassandra M310 Pleasant Dr
0409_525.16_22Angelucci Thomas & Gladys89 Charlann Circle
0409_519.05_11Angelucci, Christopher N & Judith204 Monterey Ave
0409_150.01_6Angelucci, Marc & Karen1229 Hollis Ave
0409_528.54_8Angelucci, Nicholas102 Country Club Pl
0409_513.24_21Angemi, Norman & Shana N423 Old Orchard Rd
0409_529.15_7Angerstein, William Jr & Janet118 Ashley Ct
0409_513.33_6Anghelache, Constantin & Ioana631 Old Orchard Rd
0409_286.39_46Angilella Ross G46 Greensward
0409_528.36_1Anglade, Jean R & Bernarda420 Queen Anne Rd
0409_434.06_24Angstreich Steven & Linda1212 Heron Rd
0409_282.01_10Angud, Glenn S & Irene M9 Chestnut Terr
0409_412.02_4Angulo, E Michael & Susan Shin113 Mews Ln
0409_338.08_11Anicas, Maria V213 Elkins Rd
0409_230.01_18Anicic Albert45 Cornell Ave
0409_340.15_5Aningalan Edison & May Ann9 Forge Ln S
0409_339.11_9Aningalan, Bernie L & Editha S212 Drake Rd
0409_514.05_22Aningalan, Fructuoso & Etal23 Downing St
0409_339.11_8Aningalan, Jim & Angeles210 Drake Rd
0409_340.01_4Aningalan, Leilani M & Aris C242 Mcgill Ave
0409_243.01_19Anis Saira % Realty Solutions11 Ambler Rd
0409_340.10_18Anjum Wagas & Annie314 Valley Run Dr
0409_437.04_44Anjum Waqas & Annie14 Collage Ct
0409_525.06_6Ankrah, Nil Obeng & Victoria1600 Ravenswood Way
0409_286.39_69Ankwicz, Irene69 Greensward
0409_513.07_6Anona, Albert F & Rita16 Thornhill Rd
0409_469.17_19Ansari Shazia & Qureshi Arfan3 Lucille Ln
0409_528.30_4Ansell Benjamin H & Susan Meltzer -506 Cypress Ln
0409_340.19_14Anselmo Nicholas M & Stephanie2 Forge Ln S
0409_427.01_7Ansert Janet Marie9 Mcphelin Ave
0409_520.04_1_C2020Antalosky, Brian & Alisha2020 The Woods II
0409_469.08_11Antalosky, Frances H30 Strathmore Dr
0409_434.14_9Antanaitis Jo Ann1120 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_525.16_7Antell Malcolm & Claudia1025 Cardinal Ln
0409_465.01_3_C1021Antenucci Frank1950 Old Cuthbert Rd, U-21
0409_520.04_2_C1706Anthony Alexandra1706 The Woods
0409_337.07_8Anthony Anna Artman -8 Crofton Commons
0409_513.33_37Anthony C & Christophe D-Trustees856 Cropwell Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4025Anthony David W & Nancy4025 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_341.11_21Anthony Douglas & Salome917 Kingston Dr
0409_582.01_5Anthony Jenna Lynn224 Dobson Ln
0409_404.22_12Anthony Jessica M125 Deerfield Dr
0409_342.13_3Anthony Michael J110 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_518.01_7Anthony Regina A82 Harrowgate Dr
0409_404.49_17Anthony, James C Jr310 Sherry Way
0409_119.01_15Antipas Peter & Christine619 Jerome Ave
0409_437.04_17Antipas, Peter & Susanna5 St Moritz Ln
0409_437.03_1_C1020Anton David M1020 Society Hill
0409_342.20_17Antonas Candace M114 Brace Rd
0409_469.06_20Antonelli Joseph A III & Marissa M9 Darien Dr
0409_335.11_25Antonelli Ma & Buonanno V H/W100 Garfield Ave
0409_342.09_28Antonelli Phyllis A & Wisdom Karen233 Redstone Ridge
0409_527.01_5Antonelli, Donna109 Woodfield Ct
0409_342.15_20Antonelli, Robert A104 Tarlton Ct
0409_513.06_7Antoniak, Wojciech4 Anvil Ct
0409_339.03_9Antonio Mark & Grace217 Sheffield Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0924Antonoff Jeff L & Haut Florence924 Chanticleer
0409_437.06_29Antonov Vitaliy & Svetlana14 Lucerne Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0222Antonov, Vitaliy Y & Svetlana A222 Society Hill
0409_54.01_8_C0334Antonovsky, Peter V & Maya334 Plaza Grande
0409_340.27_19Antony, A & Mani, B C H/W312 Brentwood Ave
0409_528.23_6Antrim Benjamin F III & Yvonne-Trus1759 Fireside Ln
0409_141.01_11Anuat Celedonio & Lucina912 Mercer St
0409_429.04_1_C0147Anyzek, Bernadette147 Tavistock
0409_431.03_9Anzabi Sarra1006 Pinebrook Rd
0409_285.25_6Ap Ma I Cht Owner LLC2141-2151 Rt 38
0409_501.01_2Apco Petroleum Corp1849 Rt 70 E
0409_286.39_127Apel S & Alexander S D H/W127 Greensward
0409_437.03_1_C0608Apell Erwin + Britt608 Society Hill
0409_528.41_14Apell, Jeffrey & Jennifer C1820 Country Club Dr
0409_404.33_5Apgar Ian Robert111 Bentwood Dr
0409_436.03_60Aphale Jay N311 Tuvira Ln
0409_518.23_10Apilungo, Myles & Mindy6 Lynford Dr
0409_528.58_8Apinorasethkul C & Ontida & Apirath2008 Morris Dr
0409_339.32_16Apoldo, Louis J & Veronica J904 Kingston Dr
0409_286.02_8Aponik, John S & Linda M16 Glen Ln
0409_528.05_24Aponte Anthony & Vargas Johanna1602 Berlin Rd
0409_404.49_32Aponte Raoul J432 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_397.05_41Aponte, Marianne15 Stanford Rd
0409_340.05_33Apostol Mila J130 Ridge Circle
0409_239.01_13Appalucci, Theodore J & Sharon35 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_239.01_14Appalucci, Theodore J & SharonPennsylvania Ave
0409_513.47_15Appanaitis Ian & Naomi639 Bamford Rd
0409_524.19_4Appel, Joel & Linda1 Jodi Ct
0409_286.03_15Appell Roslyn J28 Knollwood Dr
0409_518.21_19Appelson Dena & Norton Edward239 Hadleigh Dr
0409_404.48_8Apper Gloria K & Kabachnik Peter1202 Cotswold Ln
0409_434.13_1Apple Bruce A. & Jan L.1156 Sea Gull Ln
0409_433.07_27Appleman, Brian & Deborah40 Plymouth Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0221Appleson Herbert Joseph-Trustee221 Chanticleer
0409_513.14_28Appleson Herbert Joseph-Trustee17 Highgate Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1946Aquawood LLC1946 The Woods II
0409_342.18_6_C0214Aquawood LLC214 Barclay Towers
0409_342.18_6_C0708Aquawood LLC708 Barclay Towers
0409_304.01_10Aquilino, Eleanor412 Columbia Blvd
0409_335.06_12Aquilino, Robert & Jane146 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_513.12_13Aquino Andres & Augustina13 Lamp Post Ln
0409_350.01_3Aquino Lolita207 Connecticut Ave
0409_397.01_22Aquino, Emilio & Ofelia68 Edison Rd
0409_286.11_23Aquino, Judy102 Knollwood Dr
0409_502.01_20Ar Rockhill, LLC30 Rockhill Rd
0409_436.03_7Aramark Uniform Services, Tax Dept1178 Marlkress Rd
0409_199.01_10Aratea Doris M100 State St
0409_513.17_6Arato Rosendo H Jr & Estrelita A12 Latches Ln
0409_469.04_3Arbeit Marc & Smith Lorraine1905 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_101.01_10Arbelo, Miriam N830 Northwood Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0530Arbittier Howard & Marilyn530 Chanticleer
0409_338.02_35Arcano Lisa440 King George Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0615Arcari William III615 Playa Del Sol
0409_338.08_13Arcari, Stacey209 Elkins Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0329Arcari, Stacey & William329 Playa Del Sol
0409_340.31_99_C0629Arcari, William III629 Playa Del Sol
0409_340.31_99_C0202Arcari, William III & Stacey E B/S202 Playa Del Sol
0409_339.05_13Arcaro Cosmo718 Douglas Dr
0409_341.17_8Arcaro, Cosmo27 Ranoldo Terr
0409_341.06_26Arcaro, Nicholas & Josephine911 Chelten Pkwy
0409_529.01_11Arcaroli, Alfred M & Abbot T119 Cuffys Ln
0409_546.01_13Arcaroli, Louis & Anna Mae403 Palmwood Ave
0409_341.13_15Arcaroli, Louis P & Cory E902 Abington Rd
0409_529.21_4Arcaroli, Thomas121 Keats Pl
0409_404.09_4Archambeault Teresa & Matthew John514 Tarrington Rd
0409_404.25_19Archer Christopher C124 Farmington Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0610Archibald John R610 Playa Del Sol
0409_339.16_25Arcinese Marissa & Robert Jr213 Cambridge Rd
0409_340.09_23Arcinese Robert Sr310 Windsor Circle
0409_337.06_1_C0229Arcomone Matthew & Shilova Ekaterin229 Kings Croft
0409_404.20_15Ardito Anthony M & Sherry L121 Fenwick Rd
0409_286.26_10Ardito Norma M19 Orchid Ln
0409_340.33_21Ardito, Marlene21 Windsor Mews
0409_337.06_1_C0805Arena Corinne805 Kings Croft
0409_412.02_10Arena, Charles N Jr & Claire F101 Mews Ln
0409_408.02_7Arena, Douglas509 Kresson Rd
0409_524.10_8Arena, Suzanne P4 Fairhaven Ct
0409_525.26_3Arenth, Thomas & Margaret1909 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_446.01_6Argentina Carmen & Sonia1100 Queens Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0739Argentina Perry739 Kings Croft
0409_544.01_8Argibay, Donna J115 Palmwood Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1311Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1311 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1315Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1315 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1202Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1202 Chanticleer
0409_433.20_1_C0231Arhat Inc C/O Community Development231 Centura
0409_520.04_1_C0711Arhat Inc C/O Community Development711 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0520Arhat Inc C/O Community Development520 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0344Arhat Inc C/O Community Development344 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0359Arhat Inc C/O Community Development359 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C0715Arhat Inc C/O Community Development715 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0384Arhat Inc C/O Community Development384 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0382Arhat Inc C/O Community Development382 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C1802Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1802 The Woods II
0409_429.04_1_C0268Arhat Inc C/O Community Development268 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C1115Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1115 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0278Arhat Inc C/O Community Development278 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0250Arhat Inc C/O Community Development250 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C0825Arhat Inc C/O Community Development825 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0395Arhat Inc C/O Community Development395 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0394Arhat Inc C/O Community Development394 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0420Arhat Inc C/O Community Development420 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0396Arhat Inc C/O Community Development396 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0218Arhat Inc C/O Community Development218 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C1135Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1135 Chanticleer
0409_433.20_1_C0223Arhat Inc C/O Community Development223 Centura
0409_520.04_1_C1141Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1141 Chanticleer
0409_52.01_1_C0110Arhat Inc C/O Community Development110 Park Pl
0409_520.04_1_C0731Arhat Inc C/O Community Development731 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1344Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1344 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0408Arhat Inc C/O Community Development408 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0370Arhat Inc C/O Community Development370 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C1965Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1965 The Woods II
0409_429.04_1_C0371Arhat Inc C/O Community Development371 Tavistock
0409_340.31_99_C0419Arhat Inc C/O Community Development419 Playa Del Sol
0409_342.18_6_C0812Arhat Inc C/O Community Development812 Barclay Towers
0409_520.04_1_C1343Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1343 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1151Arhat Inc C/O Community Development1151 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0372Arhat Inc C/O Community Development372 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C0501Arhat Inc C/O Community Development501 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0360Arhat Inc C/O Community Development360 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0216Arhat Inc C/O Community Development216 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0358Arhat Inc C/O Communtiy Development358 Tavistock
0409_395.08_1_C101BArhat Inc C/O Comunity Development101b Cherry Parke
0409_437.08_16Ari, Ohnona & Natalie4 St Moritz Ct
0409_513.03_12Arias Caleb & Emily Stern18 Highgate Ln
0409_520.02_20Arias Waleska Batista -20 Lafayette Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0208Aries Ram LLC208 Tavistock
0409_52.01_1_C0518Arifi Peknur & Azar Esra518 Park Pl
0409_338.15_29Arige, Naresh526 Lee Ann Rd
0409_338.22_2Ariola Jacqueline Wagner5 Syracuse Dr S
0409_462.02_12Aristone, Thomas A & Jennifer113 Green Vale Rd
0409_526.03_9Arjun Seeta1129 Winding Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0104Arjun, Seeta104 Kings Croft
0409_338.20_6Arking Joseph410 Chapel Ave E
0409_379.01_22Arleth Jennifer A & James Jr143 Cooper Ave
0409_53.01_9Arlotta, Frank R Jr22 Curtis Ave
0409_581.01_12Arman Charles & Bianco Josephine A227 Dobson Ln
0409_529.12_32Armando Marc & Kelly1520 Hillside Dr
0409_366.01_4Armarsh LLC1301 Rt 70 W
0409_437.03_1_C0916Armbruster, T C & Kane, S L H/W916 Society Hill
0409_513.17_3Armendinger Jacqueline M6 Latches Ln
0409_340.33_31Armento Dennis % M Armento Exc31 Windsor Mews
0409_288.05_1_C0204Armon Properties Lc204 Chestnut Pl
0409_288.05_1_C0304Armon Properties Lc304 Chestnut Pl
0409_338.09_16Armour, Jennifer J & Robert H Jr602 Douglas Dr
0409_412.02_8Armstrong Benjamin & Jacqueline105 Mews Ln
0409_404.21_18Armstrong Lisa M & Michael106 Fieldstone Rd
0409_459.01_5Armstrong Maria209 Daytona Ave E
0409_513.21_19Armstrong Matthew10 Candlewyck Way
0409_521.17_11Armstrong Michael W22 Bridle Ct
0409_528.43_9Armstrong Paul & Shirley403 Viking Ln
0409_184.01_37Armstrong, Emily333 State St
0409_286.22_1Armstrong, John & Jennifer1 Knoll Ln
0409_404.28_6Armstrong, Mark G & Emily F102 Hapenny Dr
0409_529.16_14Armstrong, Paul & Shirley115 Ashley Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0632Armstrong, Susan A632 Society Hill
0409_285.20_1Arnal, David2030 Chapel Ave W
0409_193.01_23Arnas, Michael G308 Greenleigh Ct
0409_251.01_9Arnauer Scott J & Kathleen L1409 Overbrook Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0203Arnautovic Alen203 Playa Del Sol
0409_288.05_1_C0604Arnautovic Edin & Indira604 Chestnut Pl
0409_342.18_6_C0402Arnautovic, Edin402 Barclay Towers
0409_335.13_16Arnautovic, Edin & Indiris127 Harvest Rd
0409_54.01_5_C0805Arndt Rosemary K805 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_513.17_2Arnold Arthur & Patricia4 Latches Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0824Arnold Brande824 Society Hill
0409_335.16_8Arnold D C & Marcy C J116 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_285.11_4Arnold Diane L & Glezerman Randolph407 Garden State Dr
0409_463.06_12Arnold Wm & Wang Hui Qin & Peiyi Lu7 Logan Dr
0409_257.01_3Arnold, Michael J1808 Maple Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0310Aronberg Carol310 Chanticleer
0409_182.01_4Aronberg M C-Trust & Carol % Poer308 Haddonfield Rd
0409_412.03_6Aronberg, Linda-Rev Trust 2nd Amen33 Leith Hill
0409_54.02_5_C4545Aronovitz Arnold & Arlene4545 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_404.41_8Aronson, Andrew & Robin1218 Sequoia Rd
0409_58.01_25Arora, S S & Nanda, S602 Woodland Ave
0409_471.04_28Arougheti Paul J & Sella Shiri18 Weston Ct
0409_529.12_18Aroyo Gabriel & Perez Jahaida1546 Hillside Dr
0409_465.03_6Arpaderli Vahid108 Kingswood Ct
0409_435.07_7Arrison Charles J & Eileen S310 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_408.01_6Arrojo Benjamin & Elisa367 Kresson Rd
0409_533.01_8Arroliga, Joaquin & Christine190 Evesham Rd
0409_288.05_1_C0206Arrowood, Carol F206 Chestnut Pl
0409_339.19_15Arroyo I & Briones R H/W105 Forest Rd
0409_339.16_12Arroyo, Jennifer L & Jaime220 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_244.01_9Arroyo-Young Michael D & Clethea M1301 Media Rd
0409_437.13_1Artdor Realty Company Lp1871 Rt 70 E
0409_527.05_43Articolo, Laurence C101 Bryant Rd
0409_467.06_8Arzillo Carolyn T529 Doe Ln
0409_338.09_31Arzoumanian Hagop (l/E) & Haroutioun303 Sheffield Rd
0409_533.01_1Arzu, Ivan G2 Bayberry Ct
0409_54.01_5_C2009Asada Michael K & Kim E2009 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_521.15_2Asante, D K & Kwakwa, H A H/W5 Equestrian Ln
0409_288.06_21Asaram Rajesh & Ruby Lily21 Appley Ct
0409_521.05_22Asari Kazuhiro & Mai10 Blossom Ct
0409_337.06_1_C0732Asay, Robert C & Phyllis732 Kings Croft
0409_434.12_17Asbell, Samuel & Susan K1109 Sea Gull Ln
0409_524.19_3Asbell, Yale I & Audrey200 Fries Ln
0409_513.30_19Asbury United Methodist Church1 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_430.06_11Ascalon Ronit311 Woodstock Dr N
0409_525.32_17Ascalon Tanya C1009 Owl Pl
0409_340.09_18Ascencio Alberto J & Kathleen204 Miami Ave W
0409_470.08_8Ascola, John K & Linda G11 Greentree Way
0409_340.16_35Ashe, B & Goodwin, H339 Windsor Dr
0409_54.01_5_C0211Asher Rahul211 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_578.01_9Ashfield, Richard T221 Ashland Ave
0409_338.10_32Ashlock, Charles R Jr & Amy Benedet529 King George Rd
0409_433.09_15Ashmen Shawn M & Christina L1022 Salem Rd
0409_428.01_4Ashmen, Frank Sr & Susan2 Mcphelin Ave
0409_434.02_22Ashworth Stephen P & Pauline E34 Edgewood Dr
0409_437.05_38Aslam Mona & Masood93 Renaissance Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1916Aslanian Amanda S & Rota Andrew1916 The Woods II
0409_404.40_9Aslanian Dennis & Tracy1124 Buttonwood Dr
0409_413.04_3Aslanian, Simon & Linda22 North Riding Dr
0409_188.01_43Asman Christopher & Megan321 Monroe Ave
0409_435.12_11Asman Timothy & Sharon L1309 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_340.05_21Asman, P J & Druckenbrod, S162 Valley Run Dr
0409_525.11_9Asnen, Muriel E & Joel1112 Crane Dr
0409_404.43_17_C0107Aspep1236-G Brace Rd
0409_437.07_10Asroff, Scott & Laura53 St Moritz Ln
0409_338.17_15Assaedy Yahya A & Seidi Nabila A503 Lee Ann Rd
0409_404.07_35Assan Joseph M & Kathleen529 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0324Astmann David324 Playa Del Sol
0409_513.06_9Astmann, Frederick & Carolyn Jean8 Anvil Ct
0409_513.21_16Astran, Daniel & Gina M4 Candlewyck Way
0409_345.01_26Astros K & O LLC922 Rt 70 W
0409_404.11_30Atcheson, William111 White Oak Rd
0409_341.13_12Atchison, Mary K & Joseph A III908 Abington Rd
0409_524.14_23Athias, Franklin A & Cheryl A46 Southwood Dr
0409_336.04_4Atias H & Atiya E H/W6 Old Salem Rd
0409_288.04_7Atiya Arie & Rohama7 Beekman Pl
0409_288.07_1Atiya Rohama119 Chestnut St
0409_287.03_9Atiya, Ami & Weiss, Megan16 Aaron Ct
0409_525.13_8Atkin, Stuart R & Karen A1728 Independence Ln
0409_404.17_4Atkins Carol M & William C151 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_341.28_13_C0001Atkins Cherry Hill LLC104 Rt 70 E
0409_434.19_9Atkins Elliot L & Sharon W7 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_513.38_19Atkins, Patricia B319 Mimosa Pl
0409_434.02_2Atkins, Robert & Joy1369 Heartwood Dr
0409_339.08_15Atkins, William T Jr + Elizabeth401 Bradford Rd
0409_340.14_5Atkinson John E & Li-Yu409 Valley Run Dr
0409_519.05_20Atkinson Monica215 Sandringham Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0279Atkinson Thomas Jr + Antonietta279 Tavistock
0409_342.21_12Atkinson William C III100 Granville Dr
0409_513.42_7Atkinson, Michael E & Maureen M101 Rye Rd
0409_443.01_11Atlas Properties II LLC1400 Kings Hwy N
0409_521.09_63Atlas, Jenifer B2 Manor House Ct
0409_404.04_3Attanasio, Ferdinand & Deborah421 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_156.01_12Attanasio, Giovanni A & Lori A1303 Hollis Ave
0409_395.08_1_C126CAttansio, Lori A126c Cherry Parke
0409_404.11_7Attinson, Mark & Sandra554 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_174.01_2Attix Craig1503 Martin Ave
0409_339.20_2Au, Hung Thien & Grace Ho203 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_1.01_5Auchinleck, David2385 Rt 70 W
0409_404.45_18Auchter Thomas M305 Munn Ln
0409_404.09_12Audino, Anna D112 Willow Way
0409_338.09_34Audino, Darren C605 King George Rd
0409_54.01_5_C0913Auerbach Glenn D913 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_309.01_7Auerbach Steven & Iris Janet3301 Church Rd
0409_525.18_1Auerbach, Amy & Seth1820 Ticonderoga Ln
0409_471.10_10Auerbach, Ann12 Wicklow Ct
0409_433.23_17Augarten Mitchell1131 Haral Pl
0409_429.04_1_C0273Augelli John Sr & Mildred & Tricia273 Tavistock
0409_404.16_11Augugliaro Alexander & Emily115 Old Carriage Rd
0409_404.46_4Augugliaro Arthur L & Jeanne C115 Munn Ln
0409_518.04_13Augustin David R & Pamela S41 Harrowgate Dr
0409_471.07_20Augustin, David P Jr & Jean H108 Wexford Dr
0409_54.02_5_C4734Auletto Gabrielle M4734 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_433.09_11Auletto Jeffrey & Joann1014 Salem Rd
0409_335.10_12Auletto, William & Elise177 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_529.21_12Aulicino Claire E & Goldberg Jared137 Keats Pl
0409_286.12_17Aulisio John & Hill Judith Ann31 Ivy Ln
0409_340.16_43Aumiller Linda L & Roy355 Windsor Dr
0409_340.24_22Aumiller Roy & Linda305 Massachusetts Ave
0409_336.01_8Aurelio Salvacion A14 Brookdale Ct
0409_289.04_48Auslander Lior & Limor48 Mara Ct
0409_339.31_6Austermuhl, Charles & Edythe901 Edgemoor Rd
0409_528.11_4Austin, Mary Rachel & David E313 Pleasant Dr
0409_525.37_5Austin, Scott & Caroline M2 Wedgewood Circle
0409_518.14_39Austin, Thomas & Pamela18 Cohasset Ln
0409_285.21_9Auto Wash Inc301 Hialeah Dr
0409_404.11_11Avedissian Richard & Darlene112 Bentwood Dr
0409_395.05_33Avedissian, David4 School Ln
0409_471.11_1Avedissian, Pierre A & Marian1 Dunbarton Rd
0409_518.09_1Avella David P & Amy L60 Harrowgate Dr
0409_401.01_2Avelluto Giuseppe & Giovanna907-909 Kings Hwy S
0409_429.04_1_C0191Averell David M191 Tavistock
0409_389.01_11Aversa Debra63 Park Dr
0409_434.02_17Avery Harold W & Susan B1309 Heartwood Dr
0409_470.03_33Avery Susan12 W High Ridge Rd
0409_338.28_8Aviad Corrianne R & Gross David A4 Colgate Dr
0409_339.32_23Avila Abelardo & Emma912 Deland Ave
0409_519.09_34Avila Megan12 Sudley Green Ct
0409_286.11_22Aviram Zeev & Gila104 Knollwood Dr
0409_519.09_29Avner, Charles & Barbara2 Sudley Green Ct
0409_342.18_6_C0009Awacs Inc-Corp Phone % Tower Tm9 Barclay Towers
0409_515.03_9Awad A & Anter A A H/W822 Marlowe Rd
0409_189.01_17Awad Fevian Samy344 Monroe Ave
0409_433.20_1_C0026Awad, A & Salah, M26 Centura
0409_549.01_25.02Awadhiya, Prashant & Anjana128 Philmar Ave
0409_521.03_9Awokoya Segun & Courtney1417 Autumn Ln
0409_578.01_2Awom Obioha R205 Ashland Ave
0409_521.09_44Axelrod Joshua B & Aylson F2 Carriage House Ct
0409_340.24_45Axelrod Sheldon I & Audrey L333 Rhode Island Ave
0409_239.01_5Axler, Marvin & Marilyn26 Haddonfield Rd
0409_381.01_26Ay Stephen137 Edison Ave
0409_183.01_17Ayala Andres335 Woodland Ave
0409_335.16_10Ayala E & Moran K E120 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_386.01_28Ayala, Andres N33 Madison Ave
0409_435.02_27Ayala, Juan J & Maria R1239 Forge Rd
0409_342.23_8Ayala, Ronald W & Else M117 Fox Chase Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0288Ayala, Yemele288 Tavistock
0409_338.13_10Ayala-Baldeon Bryan & Zahn Veronika509 Hastings Rd
0409_189.01_14Ayala-Santana Ricardo & Neel Bryan336 Monroe Ave
0409_404.15_18Aydelotte, Richard & Lorraine139 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_52.01_1_C0511Aydin, Yildirim511 Park Pl
0409_520.04_1_C0946Ayes, Nicole H946 Chanticleer
0409_528.28_5Aylesworth, Kevin D & Valeta H508 Queen Anne Rd
0409_338.27_16Aynbinder, Vitaliy & Brooke J30 Syracuse Dr N
0409_387.01_1Ayoub Francisco & Yousef & Yacoub &539 Rt 70 W
0409_524.10_27Ayoub Sharbel15 Country Walk
0409_525.02_1Ayres, Ruth Ann3 Robin Lake Dr
0409_434.11_2Ayyagari Kumar S & Jayaraman Pushka1262 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_525.26_4Ayyappan Vasudevan & Subbaraj S1913 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_378.01_4Azam Mishael M & Pushman Jonathan D629 Jefferson Ave
0409_404.46_8Azar Todd R & Heidi M1216 Kay Dr W
0409_431.14_45Azar, George J & Kay A1129 Valleybrook Rd W
0409_404.46_7Azar, Todd R & Heidi M1208 Kay Dr W
0409_546.01_16Azara Anthony J305 Palmwood Ave
0409_433.07_42Azcona Eric12 Plymouth Dr
0409_404.45_12Azcona, Heriberto A & Luz306 Munn Ln
0409_116.01_21Azcona, Martin & Ybelka C603 Franklin Ave
0409_395.08_1_C123CAzeez Luanna123c Cherry Parke
0409_341.01_17Azia Properties LLC406 Rt 70 E
0409_513.21_22Azikiwe Rume J16 Candlewyck Way
0409_518.18_21Aziz Amna6 Cherrywood Ct
0409_515.07_8Aziz, Abdul & Shaifa1510 Squire Ln
0409_54.01_5_C1406Azizoglu Reha O & Basak E1406 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_339.24_17Azores, Paul & Patricia401 Howard Rd
0409_342.18_6_C0211B & M Real Estate LLC211 Barclay Towers
0409_342.18_6_C1510B & M Real Estate LLC1510 Barclay Towers
0409_342.18_6_C0611B & M Real Estate LLC611 Barclay Towers
0409_395.08_1_C106BB & M Real Estate LLC106b Cherry Parke
0409_342.18_6_C0701B & M Real Estate LLC701 Barclay Towers
0409_156.01_2B And R Rental LLC803 Murray Ave
0409_427.01_12Baab Daniel Jay & Sarah England -19 Mcphelin Ave
0409_515.18_5Baba, Suresh & Thanam209 Longstone Dr
0409_395.03_8Babayeva, Irina26 School Ln
0409_340.33_11Babb, Diana J11 Windsor Mews
0409_404.19_12Babcock Travis & Eliza119 Nantucket Dr
0409_286.39_97Babiak, Andrew & Mary J97 Greensward
0409_433.09_22Babitz Martyn & Lisa1009 Lowber Dr
0409_339.08_11Babnew Donald & Kathleen409 Bradford Rd
0409_340.21_13Babnew, Robert M & Patricia A408 Rhode Island Ave
0409_529.19_5Babroff, Craig S & Sherri A123 Dumas Rd
0409_528.39_15Babu Yogesh & Rajeshri427 Doral Dr
0409_335.14_6Babukutty, Joseph & Annamma66 Kings Hwy N
0409_519.05_25Babula, Roman & Maria205 Sandringham Rd
0409_379.01_23Baccarini, Maurizio P137 Cooper Ave
0409_140.01_10Bach Realty LLC926 Haddonfield Rd
0409_433.10_18Bach, Harry A & Suzanne M213 Philellena Rd
0409_404.15_16Bacheler Amy E135 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0234Bacheler Amy E234 Kings Croft
0409_528.26_9Bachman Alicia & Tanner1757 Morris Dr
0409_520.04_1_C2014Bachman Allen & Jacqueline H2014 The Woods II
0409_339.09_16Bacho Alan421 Kingston Dr
0409_201.01_4Bacino, Linda L206 Linderman Ave
0409_341.27_22Back Ira F & Gloria R54 Ranoldo Terr
0409_521.09_22Back, Kimberly A16 Manor House Dr
0409_462.02_16Back, Steven & Leanne105 Green Vale Rd
0409_525.17_19Backal, David C & Susan H1025 Dell Dr
0409_152.01_6.01Backlin, Charles R & Marcellyn K827 Fulton St
0409_341.27_12Baclit Wayne Scott & Mary Ellen34 Ranoldo Terr
0409_234.01_3Bacon Sidney8 Oakview Ave
0409_286.30_4Baczek Agnieszka31 Saddle Ln
0409_521.17_33Badar Asma66 Bridle Ct
0409_404.23_13Badaracco Jr, James & S1244 Folkestone Way
0409_515.09_17Badecki, Daniel J & Betty A29 Charles Ln
0409_342.22_20Badger, Robert B & Lisa1211 Wyndmoor Rd
0409_395.05_21Badgley Michael A8 Rose Ln
0409_578.01_28Bado, G & White L H/W270 Eleanore Terrace
0409_528.59_34Badolato James E & Michelle512 Knights Pl
0409_286.29_4Badran, Omar A & Kristina T315 Surrey Rd
0409_340.09_6Badtorff, Paul R & Linda M321 Berkshire Ave
0409_518.15_14Baeckstrom, Christer & Patricia22 Brondesbury Dr
0409_513.35_4Baek, Hwa Choon & Moon Chan107 Lamp Post Ln
0409_513.05_1Baelen, Susan104 Old Orchard Rd
0409_285.19_16Baer, Darren410 Hialeah Dr
0409_525.20_6Baer, Seth & Karen1812 Lark Ln
0409_437.01_5Baev-Lasalle Cherry Hill Medical Ce1865 Rt 70 E
0409_527.03_5Baez Evelyn1616 Bryant Rd
0409_285.11_9Bagley Jacob & Susan417 Garden State Dr
0409_452.01_12Bagocius Joseph C110 Ormond Ave E
0409_515.10_9Bagot, Harry & Krista L111 Apley Dr
0409_513.47_24Bah Abdourahm & Souare Dienabou619 Bamford Rd
0409_302.01_8Bahar, Yoseph J415 Silver Hill Rd
0409_404.30_18Bahlo, Jurgen F & Barbara M219 Gravel Bend Rd
0409_335.18_12Bahnck, Thomas & Gloria R20 Peppermill Dr
0409_341.12_6Bahram, R & Wjasow, C988 Kingston Dr
0409_521.08_3Baik, Myung Yul & Youn Ork1505 Chalet Dr
0409_282.01_11Bailey Godwin P5 Chestnut Terr
0409_319.01_2Bailey Jennifer M127 Monroe Ave N
0409_430.06_1Bailey Mark & Gillick Casey215 Woodstock Dr N
0409_92.01_8Bailey Partners LLC917 Northwood Ave
0409_404.31_10Bailey Ryan K & Christina M222 Gravel Bend Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0202Bailey Sheree N202 Kings Croft
0409_101.01_4Bailey Sybil & Capaldi Pamela804 Northwood Ave
0409_397.02_16Bailey Three LLC83 Edison Rd
0409_397.02_25Bailey Three LLC127 Edison Rd
0409_524.10_1Bailey William P & Lorraine M18 Fairhaven Ct
0409_411.05_12Bailey, Kathleen A28 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_469.13_11Baillargeon David & Grace112 Morningside Dr
0409_340.16_28Baillie, Thomas M & K M325 Windsor Ct
0409_521.17_25Bailwal, Rakesh50 Bridle Ct
0409_528.27_13Baim, Elizabeth533 Heartwood Dr
0409_354.01_2Baine Steven E420 Rt 70 W
0409_342.21_19Baines Mildred114 Granville Dr
0409_342.23_6Baines, Craig A & Patricia L125 Fox Chase Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0415Baird Julianne & Peyton Luke A415 Tavistock
0409_341.27_9Baird Michael & Diane30 Ranoldo Terr
0409_286.22_11Bajar Christopher & Leonara21 Knoll Ln
0409_518.20_24Bajgier Steve & Judith220 Hadleigh Dr
0409_286.27_8Bajwa, Rajinderp & Singh, Dilder5 Plumm Ct
0409_521.09_123Bak, Hyung J30 Equestrian Ln
0409_437.07_23Baker Alon & Marissa Weiss -7 Collage Ln
0409_188.01_23Baker Andre R Jr370 Lincoln Ave N
0409_286.20_16Baker Erik & Pepin Kristen24 Orchid Ln
0409_513.42_11Baker Gamal & Jillian104 Collins Dr
0409_187.01_20Baker Jason424 State St
0409_433.11_12Baker Jr, Paul W & Mary W21 Old Towne Rd
0409_387.01_6Baker Kelley6 Harding Ave
0409_529.05_7Baker Mark A & Stella H117 Winesap Rd
0409_435.10_1Baker Sandra52 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_342.02_22Baker Todd108 Bowood Dr
0409_434.19_1Baker Vincent J & Amanda J23 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_529.16_6Baker William M Jr116 Byron Terr
0409_297.01_6Baker, Alan S & Helen K412 Washington Ave
0409_471.11_8Baker, Brian K & Stephanie K15 Dunbarton Rd
0409_436.01_21Baker, Edward & Amanda1385 Paddock Way
0409_520.02_40Baker, Marshall J & Harriet A40 Lafayette Ln
0409_437.12_74Baker, Michelle74 Versailles
0409_111.01_23Baker, Reginald & Joyce C609 Merchant St
0409_338.06_1Baker, Richard D & Virginia L108 Chapel Ave E
0409_469.09_17Baker, Rogers & Inez14 Hilltop Dr
0409_545.01_17Bakhrakh, Valeriy & Olga102 Palmwood Ave
0409_519.01_25Bakogiannis Michael K133 Partridge Ln E
0409_395.08_1_C106ABakshas Jacob106a Cherry Parke
0409_528.22_16Bakshtein Alex & Vered519 Fireside Ln
0409_54.02_5_C4042Bal Karan & Bajwa Harshali4042 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_285.02_5Bala Cynwyd Assoc Lp % Preit-Rubin1 Mall Dr
0409_340.08_16Balabis Evelyn116 Ormond Ave W
0409_340.04_22Balabis Sergio & Emerenciana236 Maine Ave
0409_90.01_2Balabuch, Theodore & Linda A904 Longwood Ave
0409_436.03_36Balaity, Elaine S131 Europa Blvd
0409_337.03_21Balajee Yogesh Prasad & Arya Kamna30 Fountain Ct
0409_529.03_4Balakas, Samuel J & Teresa A1908 Sussex Ave
0409_470.05_5Balanca Samir & Fitnet9 Birchwood Park Dr S
0409_518.15_19Balanos Javier F5 Lynford Ct
0409_395.03_19Balashova Nataliya46 Winding Way
0409_342.28_1_C0600Balboa, Isabel C600 Barclay Walk
0409_404.24_43Balcarek Rafal J & Doreen102 Warfield Rd
0409_338.28_23Balcavage, Rose M11 Bucknell Dr
0409_342.22_11Balchunas, Patricia117 Granville Dr
0409_529.27_6Balco, Francis T & Kathleen1614 Longfellow Dr
0409_342.18_6_C0710Baldacchino Michael J & Dawn G710 Barclay Towers
0409_309.01_8Baldarrago, Jose R213 Cleveland Rd
0409_288.05_1_C0107Baldassari, C & B107 Chestnut Pl
0409_337.06_1_C0735Balderson, H & Van Der Slicen735 Kings Croft
0409_404.21_19Balderstone Thomas C104 Fieldstone Rd
0409_433.07_14Balderstone, Thomas C & Susan P1001 Salem Rd
0409_528.58_12Baldino Joel2016 Morris Dr
0409_58.01_6Baldwin Alison R657 Highland Ave
0409_288.03_8Baldwin Jeffrey12 Beekman Pl
0409_519.03_2Baldwin Kevin203 Nathaniel Ave
0409_463.09_18_C0207Balen Erica & Jay H JrMark 70-#207
0409_463.09_18_C1004Balen Jay Harrison JrMark 70-#1004
0409_54.01_8_C0344Balestra, Elisa R344 Plaza Grande
0409_437.03_1_C0610Balin Irvin J & Leslie A610 Society Hill
0409_54.02_5_C4631Balis Evangelia4631 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_425.01_21Balis Properties LLC1424 Brace Rd
0409_513.11_9Balis, Harry & Anastasia11 Chimney Ln
0409_341.03_19Balis, John W & Angela J1019 Edgemoor Rd
0409_425.01_19Balis, William & Pete1420 Brace Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0831Balkey Albert J & Mary Ellen-Truste831 Society Hill
0409_404.24_10Ballas-Ruta Nadia S-Trustee117 Farmington Rd
0409_513.33_18Ballay, Christopher T & Suzanne N622 Croyden Dr
0409_52.01_1_C0522Ballendorf Joyce L522 Park Pl
0409_431.02_3Ballezzi Robert & Donna106 Brookfield Rd N
0409_340.20_12Balli, S & Memeli, M409 Rhode Island Ave
0409_513.28_25Balmer, George R & Allison4 Brae Ln
0409_114.01_11Balmes, Jeffrey608 Franklin Ave
0409_434.23_8Balotin, Nahum M TrusteeRear Browning Ln
0409_434.23_7Balotin, Nahum M Trustee432 Off Browning Ln
0409_433.20_1_C018GBalsam Co I L. P.Centura
0409_525.33_3Balsley, John W & Deborah S1924 Lark Ln
0409_54.01_5_C0232Balter Joanna232 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_382.01_34Baltish, Edward T Jr141 Grant Ave
0409_282.03_14Balzano, Augustus & Joann21 Coles Ave
0409_430.06_19Balzer Marc & Shira R218 Woodstock Dr S
0409_256.01_5Bamonti Frank & Rita7 Colwick Rd
0409_404.36_2Banas, Ebby L & Julietta100 Southeast Gate Dr
0409_513.18_6Banas, Meson12 Ramsgate Rd
0409_189.01_1Banavali, Siddharth300 Monroe Ave
0409_436.03_62Banavalikar, B G & P H/W313 Tuvira Ln
0409_404.43_1Bancroft Neurohealth1255 Caldwell Rd
0409_523.01_2Bancroft Neurohealth1811 Kresson Rd
0409_286.29_12Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke24 Saddle Ln
0409_336.02_11Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke19 Brookdale Dr
0409_518.10_18Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke134 St Vincent Ct
0409_391.01_6Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke11 Nevada Ave
0409_469.12_17Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke117 Morningside Dr
0409_434.02_20Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke42 Edgewood Dr
0409_515.13_2Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke202 Balfield Terr
0409_462.02_1Bancroft Neurohealth % T Burke135 Green Vale Rd
0409_528.15_15Bancroft Neurohealth Inc % T Burke407 Cranford Dr
0409_411.07_8Bancroft Neurohealth Inc % T Burke110 West Riding Rd
0409_466.01_1Bancroft Neurohealth Inc % T Burke1981 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_469.20_5Bancroft Neurohealth Inc % T Burke1932 Greentree Rd
0409_342.20_3Bancroft Neurohealth Inc % T Burke201 Kings Hwy S
0409_404.46_10Bancroft, Michael T & Ruth M1221 Kay Dr W
0409_433.04_10Bandaruk Kathleen & Jeffrey1015 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_335.14_28Bandock, Melissa A4 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_525.25_4Banerjee, Pradeep K & Sumita1812 West Point Dr
0409_388.01_10Banfe Daniel L & Colleen M30 Park Dr
0409_338.05_10Banfe Michelle-Trustee111 Chapel Ave E
0409_528.39_5Bang Hee & Sung Hee407 Doral Dr
0409_285.03_5Bang, Heechul & Sung Hee1600 Church Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0601Bangiev YuriMark 70-#601
0409_110.01_1.01Bank Of America Na122 Williams St
0409_199.01_17Bank Of America Na114 State St
0409_578.01_1Bank Of New York Mellon-Trustee203 Ashland Ave
0409_526.04_15Bank Of New York Mellon-Trustee1001 Kresson Rd
0409_434.16_9Bank, Anita1653 Lark Ln
0409_149.01_1Banker Aashutosh & Etal1009 Hollis Ave
0409_165.01_18Bankers Trust Co. C/O Still, C1923 Chapel Ave W
0409_286.10_5Bankers Trust Of Ca, C/O Renaud, E49 Knollwood Dr
0409_58.01_24Bankert, Jeffrey1509 Linden St
0409_338.12_1Bankert, L A & Biscup, J E511 Salsbury Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0609Banks Chelsea609 Kings Croft
0409_430.09_1_C0173Banks Lena V173 Uxbridge
0409_431.04_4Banks Michael1003 Pinebrook Rd
0409_112.01_9Banks Nathaniel & Clara545 Main St
0409_112.01_6Banks, Terrance K535 Main St
0409_434.24_4Bann, Dennis J & Diaz Jr, Romul724 Kresson Rd
0409_513.42_6Bannan Peter V & Commons Patricia J103 Rye Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1820Bannan, J J & Bilotti, M S H/W1820 The Woods II
0409_520.04_1_C1864Bannan, John J1864 The Woods II
0409_520.04_2_C0301Bannan, John J301 The Woods
0409_328.01_12Bannar Jordan200 Columbia Blvd
0409_381.01_15Bannar, James & Susan154 Wesley Ave
0409_338.28_4Bannar, Michael & Kathleen8 Rutgers Rd
0409_548.01_14Bannar, Raymond F Jr & Beverly A404 Philmar Ave
0409_525.08_12Bannett, David J & Dorit6 Willow Ct
0409_525.38_11Bannett, Gregg A & Julie24 Robin Lake Dr
0409_528.27_17Bannett, Mina1815 Fireside Ct E
0409_413.02_23Bannett, Scott8 East Riding Dr
0409_513.50_3.14Bantivoglio Kerrie Ann12 Villagio Ct
0409_520.04_1_C0431Bantivoglio Thomas & Marie431 Chanticleer
0409_430.09_1_C0184Banulis Peter G & Sally J184 Uxbridge
0409_342.19_5Banzali Christopher & Amanda1120 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_166.01_3Banzali Fely F506 Hanover Ave
0409_468.03_5_XBaps Cherry Hill LLC1 Carnegie Plaza
0409_468.03_5Baps Cherry Hill LLC % Corp Off1 Carnegie Plaza
0409_471.12_18Baptiste Kyle7 Wexford Ct
0409_528.35_14Baptiste Naomi Jean1902 Morris Dr
0409_525.36_2Bar Baruch M & Michal9 Exton Circle
0409_338.02_13Bar-Or, Aran & Etals203 Kingsley Rd
0409_514.07_16Baraka Nabil A & Faten H35 Downing St
0409_335.06_23Baran Andrew S172 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_435.10_7Baran J & Watson E H/W65 Pine Valley Rd
0409_404.07_38Baran, Andrew J541 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_184.01_50Baran, Frederick Jr & Patricia423 State St
0409_339.28_1Baranoff, William C & Florence810 Richard Rd
0409_285.13_24Baranova Margarita & Camarre Maria306 Laurel Pl
0409_335.12_1Baranowski Henry W III & Madelaina101 Garfield Ave
0409_341.11_40Baratta Augustus + Jeanette916 Tampa Ave
0409_469.19_4Baratta, Frank & Susan1931 Kings Point Rd
0409_469.08_24Baratta, Stephen P & Mary-Alice17 Karen Dr
0409_519.08_5Barattolo James W & Linda M248 Sandringham Rd
0409_470.07_21Baratz Daniel & Rachel35 Lakeview Dr
0409_286.06_14Baratz Shira L & Shawn M20 Eddy Ln
0409_519.03_11Barba Paul J & Giannone Ruta L221 Nathaniel Ave
0409_518.02_26Barbagallo Donald & Crum Mary7 Parnell Dr
0409_160.01_4Barbarino Victor & L701 Murray Ave
0409_342.03_48Barbarino, Armando237 Rt 70 E
0409_159.01_1Barbarino, Armando & E1107 Martin Ave
0409_256.01_6Barbarisi, Lorraine11 Colwick Rd
0409_513.29_4Barbarito Frank J & B23 Paper Mill Rd
0409_387.01_26Barber C. & Caldwell S.43 Harrison Ave
0409_521.05_21Barber Gregory H & Krissia8 Blossom Ct
0409_528.02_6Barber Patti308 Browning Ln
0409_342.03_15Barber Rachel M26 Brookmead Dr
0409_342.18_6_C0507Barber, Kenneth James Jr507 Barclay Towers
0409_338.17_3Barber, Mark F & Heather O413 King George Rd
0409_437.01_18_C0107Barbera Robert & Kurt-Krb Printing1165-G Marlkress Rd
0409_463.06_18Barbera, Robert & Bernadette6 Logan Dr
0409_437.01_18_C0108Barbera, Robert & Kurt-Krb Printing1165-H Marlkress Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0820Barbieri Claudia820 Society Hill
0409_395.08_1_C118EBarcelone Vincent J118e Cherry Parke
0409_395.08_1_C104DBarcelone, Lawrence J & Janice D104d Cherry Parke
0409_529.05_10Barch, Keith J & Donna M1900 Baldwin Rd
0409_341.02_8Barclay Citgo LLC1000 Rt 70 E
0409_436.01_23Barclay Farms Swim Club315 White Marsh Way
0409_404.27_12Barclay Parry & Jamie114 Barcroft Dr
0409_463.09_15Barclay Real Est Asso C/O L Kaplan1432 Rt 70 E
0409_342.18_6Barclay Towers Homeowners AssocBarclay Towers
0409_342.28_1Barclay Walk Homeowners AssocBarclay Walk
0409_339.32_25Barclay, Michael W & Donna M916 Deland Ave
0409_384.01_5Barczak, Raymond1212 Park Blvd
0409_165.01_12Bard Doris J1917 Chapel Ave W
0409_339.04_14Bard Kip Kennard319 Kingston Rd
0409_286.05_13Bard Sheldon & Krassan Susan25 Coach Ln
0409_528.14_9Bardunias John Paul517 Garwood Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0619Bare Mark & Catherine619 Society Hill
0409_469.07_1Barford M & Alexander R1901 Huntington Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0509Barge, Laura V509 The Woods
0409_339.13_33Barger Beau & Jeanne217 Drake Rd
0409_404.16_2Barger Robert & Rachel135 Old Carriage Rd
0409_338.27_13Barger Timothy A & Rebecca36 Syracuse Dr N
0409_338.15_20Barger, Glen A508 Lee Ann Rd
0409_513.41_11Barger, Walter & Rochelle5 Niamoa Dr
0409_411.05_5Bargero, Gina E-Trustee16 Indian King Dr
0409_288.05_1_C0502Bargman, Yvelisa502 Chestnut Pl
0409_54.01_8_C2048Bargus Partnership2048 Plaza Grande
0409_340.20_3Baril David E & Michael J410 Windsor Dr
0409_470.07_4Barish Joseph & Estelle12 Birchwood Park Dr S
0409_130.01_24Barker B E & Tocco L A513 Woodland Ave
0409_436.03_18.02_C0325Barker Bruce E Sr & Sandra325 Tuvira Ln
0409_4.01_1.02Barker G F Jr & Terboss A21 Hoffman Ave W
0409_166.01_21Barker, Bruce E & Sandra1222 Bedford Ave
0409_513.43_20Barker, Bruce R & Valerie K114 Rye Rd
0409_525.18_5Barkhamer Gregory & Kimberly1025 Owl Ln
0409_513.34_1Barkow, Adam & Sandra A201 Lamp Post Ln
0409_321.01_5Barkowsky, Ronald J & Wendy216 Lincoln Ave S
0409_528.63_3Barksdale Maxwell H & Abbey F417 Downs Dr
0409_469.02_22Barkwell, Victoria D & David L8 Brookville Dr
0409_528.11_13Barlow, Elaine304 Tearose Ln
0409_470.08_3Barmach Kenneth R & Ellen A5 Greentree Way
0409_437.09_6Barnaba, Mario L & Maggy5 Artisan Way
0409_471.05_14Barned, Robert M & Marie G107 Weston Dr
0409_430.09_1_C0136Barnes Ann136 Uxbridge
0409_513.30_2Barnes Joann15 Wheelwright Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0210Barnes Rachel L210 Society Hill
0409_518.13_14Barnes, Christopher & Luciana5 Capshire Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0609Barnes, Genene C609 Playa Del Sol
0409_342.03_27Barnett Amanda37 Kenwood Dr
0409_514.04_6Barnett Clifford & Ruth12 Downing St
0409_431.10_11Barnett Felicia107 Sunnybrook Rd
0409_528.42_31Barnett, Andrew & Vivian1737 Country Club Dr
0409_469.08_2Barnett, Barbara48 Strathmore Dr
0409_338.12_8Barnett, Lee G & Denise520 Hastings Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1247Barnett, Michael A1247 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0419Barnett, Selina R419 Chanticleer
0409_518.08_6Barney Robert J & Lerato M2 Pendleton Dr
0409_220.01_8Barnhart, Evelyn W203 Church Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0936Barnhill David & Constantina936 Chanticleer
0409_404.51_4Barnshaw, William & Angela411 Sherry Way
0409_518.12_10Barnum, Frederick O III & Marian V6 Capshire Dr
0409_518.10_52Barnum, Gary C & Jeanne S57 Cohasset Ln
0409_285.10_23Baron Ronald L & Brenda434 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_355.01_7Baron Sean P & Jamie L11 Vermont Ave
0409_404.45_31Baron, John M1224 Cotswold Ln
0409_404.17_21Barone Christopher & Nan-L/E110 Iron Master Rd
0409_404.17_24Barone Christopher M & Lauren A102 Iron Master Rd
0409_471.09_2Barone Daniel A & Sara J124 Ashford Rd
0409_404.08_1Barone Giovanni & Alban Paula M501 Tarrington Rd
0409_292.04_10Barone Kyle & Sonia17 Poplar Terrace
0409_342.11_20Barone, Joseph B & Etals210 Southview Dr
0409_430.07_4Barone, Joseph L & Bernadette M123 Woodstock Dr N
0409_528.15_5Barone, Leah408 Garwood Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0404Barone, Solange Rose-Trustee404 Kings Croft
0409_433.20_1_C0016Baroody Family LLC16 Centura
0409_521.17_31Baroody Michel & Inaam62 Bridle Ct
0409_286.10_23Baror Aran & Alicia85 Knollwood Dr
0409_520.02_55Barot Ranjit & Sulochana55 Lafayette Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0803Barr Deborah L803 Society Hill
0409_513.34_20Barr Stanley I & Roberta R210 Croyden Dr
0409_122.01_4Barr, August J630 Kenilworth Ave
0409_337.01_1Barr, Jaime A36 Crooked Ln
0409_345.01_11Barr, Marla907 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_515.04_4Barr, Michael & Sheryl117 Sandringham Rd
0409_513.48_6Barr, Valerie216 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_286.26_2Barracliffe, Robert M & L3 Orchid Ln
0409_436.03_72Barranger, Gail354 Tuvira Ln
0409_579.01_7Barraza Martinez Mario A & Palta Ci193 Eleanore Terrace
0409_513.10_19Barrera, Carlos & Margarita R32 Lamp Post Ln
0409_338.13_12Barrett Joseph & Judith505 Hastings Rd
0409_390.01_15Barrett K E & Gassert L B Trustees16 Utah Ave
0409_339.23_4Barrett Madeline307 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_340.07_23Barrett, E W & Foran, S147 Valley Run Dr
0409_471.10_9Barrett, Jeffrey S & Denise M14 Wicklow Ct
0409_253.01_1Barrett, Michael F & Michele D1200 Media Rd
0409_286.22_19Barrett, Michael P24 Lantern Ln
0409_286.39_111Barrett, Rosalie M111 Greensward
0409_452.01_11Barris Maria Sabella -112 Ormond Ave E
0409_549.01_9Barron, Donna C107 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_336.02_8Barrot Tabitha C Duckrey-& Daniel15 Brookdale Dr
0409_412.05_10Barroway Robert & Suzanne110 Mews Ln
0409_523.08_10Barroway, Kenneth & Pamela18 Whitby Rd
0409_431.10_23Barry A. & Mc Granaghan B.7 Brookfield Ct
0409_527.02_22Barry Abdourahmane & Diallo Oumou1525 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_251.01_12Barry Brian , Nicole & Patricia120 Lenape Rd
0409_537.01_9Barry J A & Lownie D L12 Sussex Ave
0409_54.01_8_C0323Barry R Jr & Springer M % R Barry323 Plaza Grande
0409_337.06_1_C0605Barry Richard J III605 Kings Croft
0409_523.08_11Barry Stephen P20 Whitby Rd
0409_470.07_32Barsh Eric R & Julie O'Dellick14 Crestview Dr
0409_286.27_30Barski Edward M & Lisa A334 Surrey Rd
0409_528.37_6Barsky Barbara1808 Rolling Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0213Barsky Mark213 Kings Croft
0409_528.36_9Barsky, Phyllis A1814 Morris Dr
0409_524.07_17Barsky, Robert & Nancy5 Southwood Dr
0409_195.01_2Barstys Joseph & Carmen303 Westminster Ave
0409_528.18_3Bart Bernice Blum1755 Garwood Dr
0409_404.17_17Bart Donald & Nina118 Iron Master Rd
0409_463.09_18_C1202Bartal Israel & NiraMark 70-#1202
0409_433.05_1Bartel Robert J.119 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_337.06_1_C0319Bartelt, Angela E319 Kings Croft
0409_337.06_1_C0320Bartelt, Heide H320 Kings Croft
0409_286.06_3Barth Frank D & Lesser Gale A5 Darby Ln
0409_253.01_4Barth George & Cynthia106 St Davids Rd
0409_471.04_22Barth, Eivind H Jr & Marlene S6 Weston Ct
0409_513.15_20Barth, F Douglas & Lisa312 Highgate Ln
0409_161.01_20Bartholomew Shannon E1208 Martin Ave
0409_285.23_5_C0022Bartkovich Steven N & Centurione St22 Regency Court
0409_434.09_3Bartnikowski, Alfred L & Henriette1388 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_338.17_7Bartolucci Tony & Emilie R405 King George Rd
0409_105.01_14Barton, Audrey M709 Northwood Ave
0409_433.04_5Bartorelli Andrew J & Richard A1005 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_108.01_18Bartra Emma315 Wisteria Ave
0409_90.01_5Bartra, Raul A908 Longwood Ave
0409_339.14_8Bartusis, Mary C & Mark T210 Avon Rd
0409_176.01_1Baruch Cherry Hill LLC457 & 475 Haddonfield Rd
0409_525.30_1Basak, Swapan-Kr & Rita1201 Cardinal Ln
0409_433.03_31Bascope Suely & Lackovic Dragan1022 Berlin Rd
0409_338.02_21Bascou, Robert J & Mary Ann524 King George Rd
0409_518.14_32Basehore, Mark R Jr & Pamela M32 Cohasset Ln
0409_469.05_23Baselice Janine C17 Forest Hill Dr
0409_530.02_7Basen, Sonnie A & Donna J14 Jonathan Rd
0409_412.02_11Basford, Asher C Jr & Karen1301 Marlkress Rd
0409_529.15_16Bash, Daniel S136 Ashley Ct
0409_340.08_10Basile Dina C102 Ormond Ave W
0409_404.30_2Basile, Joseph J & Michele S202 Heritage Rd
0409_286.39_75Basilicato Alfred & Patricia75 Greensward
0409_404.36_63Baskies Properties LLC1235 Sequoia Rd
0409_306.01_10Baskin, Brian & ConstanceLake Dr E
0409_412.01_13Bass Ellen Jane36 Spring Mill Ln
0409_108.01_11Bass Emmitt D Jr606 Merchant St
0409_108.01_14Bass Emmitt Jr610 Merchant St
0409_528.28_10Bass Scott J & Meghan1808 Fireside Ln
0409_437.07_30Bass, Debbi126 Renaissance Dr
0409_118.01_3Basso, Erin M & Raymond602 Jerome Ave
0409_295.01_10Bastedo Crystal312 Lake Dr W
0409_340.31_99_C0314Bastien, Arnaud & Maria314 Playa Del Sol
0409_337.05_9Bastnagel, Raymond & Susan11 Fountain Ct
0409_337.06_1_C0345Basu Nina A345 Kings Croft
0409_515.16_17Basu Tapan + Manju111 Saxby Terr
0409_521.09_27Basu, Abhimanyu & Anamitra26 Manor House Dr
0409_434.13_10Basu, Sushanta & Divya1120 Sea Gull Ln
0409_423.01_10Batastini Paul + A32 Willard Ave
0409_423.01_12Batastini, Paul & A35 Berlin Rd
0409_423.01_14Batastini, Paul J31 Berlin Rd
0409_184.01_24Bates Donna324 Woodland Ave
0409_404.12_29Bates James S154 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_436.01_55Bates, James Marshall & Marylynn9 Kaywood Ln
0409_527.04_1Batezel Stephen M & Ashley E1616 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_353.01_17Bath Harkirat K & Jagraj Singh6 New Hampshire Ave
0409_470.04_12Batra Deepak & Anju B Batra11 W High Ridge Rd
0409_404.41_1Batt, Joshua & Emily1202 Sequoia Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0222Battaglia, Paul R222 Plaza Grande
0409_381.01_1Battagliese Wm & Marg913 Jefferson Ave
0409_528.32_17Battaglino Andrew & Etal533 Balsam Rd
0409_525.14_14Batterman Steven & J109 Charlann Circle
0409_525.27_17Batterman, Caren + Scott1964 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_524.03_5Battilana, Robert L21 Cunningham Ln
0409_434.16_12Battista Samuel & Natlie1012 Peacock Ln
0409_533.01_10Battista, B J & Blockinger, A L130 Ocean St
0409_528.18_34Batzar Kenneth & Regina1712 Lark Ln
0409_528.35_5Batzar, Craig L & Lisa B407 Country Club Dr
0409_404.07_10Bauducco S & L & Galanakis E1328 Shelly Ln
0409_338.10_24Bauer Dale513 King George Rd
0409_436.01_13Bauer Ronald J & Clare E1305 Drew Ct
0409_404.09_2Bauer, Anna E506 Tarrington Rd
0409_215.01_15Bauer, Christopher W & Johanna R102 Petitt Ave
0409_404.09_3Bauer, Mary T510 Tarrington Rd
0409_434.08_6Bauer, Murray & Helene1613 Crown Point Ln
0409_286.02_3Bauerle, Brian & Kira6 Glen Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0338Bauersfeld, K & Walter, L B338 Kings Croft
0409_433.07_2Baugh Richard & Priscilla1018 Robwill Pass
0409_463.06_16Baughn, Frankie S2 Logan Dr
0409_430.09_1_C0151Baum Edmund L & Barbara Miller -151 Uxbridge
0409_285.13_9Baum Jonathan & Yocheved343 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_437.13_2.01Baum Prop LLC % Bridgestone Am1877 Rt 70 E
0409_520.04_1_C1054Baum Susanne1054 Chanticleer
0409_471.11_27Baum, Richard & Mardell117 Ashford Rd
0409_569.01_2Bauman John & Claire402 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0827Bauman, John E & Mary Jane827 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0515Baumann Marianne515 Chanticleer
0409_528.21_17Baumer Alex & Nguyen Vi502 Cranford Rd
0409_525.23_24Baumgarten Steven & Jacqueline1044 Swallow Dr
0409_287.01_20Baumgartner Michael20 James Run
0409_337.06_1_C0706Baumgartner William Jr & Katherine706 Kings Croft
0409_528.47_1Bausch Suzanne B1750 Morris Dr
0409_340.04_3Bauso, Mary223 Miami Ave W
0409_286.06_2Bautista Christine M3 Darby Ln
0409_519.05_13Bautista Maricel C208 Monterey Ave
0409_286.39_137Bautista, Ines137 Greensward
0409_286.11_27Baver Michael & Wald Jaina94 Knollwood Dr
0409_338.24_1Bavosa Albert & Eleanor32 Dartmouth Rd
0409_437.12_98Baw Wei-Kang98 Versailles
0409_475.01_3Baw, Wei Fang & Hsiu Chu1910 Fairfax Ave
0409_524.13_21Baw, Wei Kang & Mei Chun10 Walden Way
0409_397.02_38Bay Christopher & Janet16 Park Circle
0409_326.01_9Bayat Farzana & Ali110 Monroe Ave N
0409_528.18_18Bayawa Eugene P & Crystal1008 Heartwood Dr
0409_467.04_5Bayliss Whitney34 Green Vale Rd
0409_339.30_34Bayne Barbara805 Richard Rd
0409_339.18_42Baynes Edward C Jr & Kimberly129 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0058Bayona Luis58 Centura
0409_513.07_7Bayoumy Ayman A18 Thornhill Rd
0409_339.19_6Bayruns Theodore & Veronica Gregg -116 Elkins Rd
0409_513.47_22Bayruns Timothy J & Kandace L623 Bamford Rd
0409_467.21_1_C0011Bayview Realty LLC620 Deer Rd, Ste 11
0409_467.05_7Bazin Robert & Rosemarie42 Green Vale Rd
0409_520.04_1_C2010Bazis, Virginia M2010 The Woods II
0409_339.01_1Bbt 3 Pooh LLC901 Kings Hwy N
0409_337.06_1_C0626Bchtikian, Narina626 Kings Croft
0409_515.01_1Bd Of Education/Twp Of Cherry Hill198 Sandringham Rd
0409_119.01_9Bdb Properties LLC609 Jerome Ave
0409_527.05_5Bea Vivian Jolley1617 Berlin Rd
0409_189.01_19Beach Patricia L348 Monroe Ave
0409_338.27_19Beal Diane3 Colgate Dr
0409_437.03_1_C5022Beale Valerie J & Siedman Michael502-B Society Hill
0409_525.11_14Beale, Weston H & Mary M1105 Heartwood Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0510Bean Eleanor E510 Society Hill
0409_523.12_2Bean Richard & Janet1212 Cropwell Rd
0409_342.13_33Bean Richard C Jr & Jennifer K L585 Pelham Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0228Bean, Donald228 Centura
0409_433.20_1_C021GBean, DonaldCentura
0409_523.05_4Beaney James & Ann12 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_579.01_4Beaney, Bryan R202 Dobson Ln
0409_287.08_12Beard Gary & Marilyn749 Hedy Ave
0409_393.01_12Beard, Mary6 Oregon Ave
0409_386.01_29Bearden William & Eithne25 Madison Ave
0409_285.04_16Bearden, Brenda K32 Embassy Ct
0409_430.09_1_C0226Bearman Beverlee226 Uxbridge
0409_543.01_10Beasley, Martin S117 Carolina Ave
0409_397.02_26Beatrice Samuel Jr131 Edison Rd
0409_342.22_12Beatty Elizabeth119 Granville Dr
0409_518.16_3Beatty Theodore & Allison79 Partridge Ln
0409_348.01_15Beatty, James D & Carol V132 Connecticut Ave
0409_469.08_28Beauchemin, David P & Sharon M25 Karen Dr
0409_342.09_18Beaulieu, Donat E & Patricia A485 Pelham Rd
0409_285.10_39Beaver Christopher A402 Tanforan Dr
0409_513.31_26Beaver John W & Djamila25 Regent Rd
0409_359.01_5Beaver, R M & NJ (l/E) & Etal608 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_529.07_14Beaverson, Claire S212 Mcintosh Rd
0409_525.08_33Becerra, J A & Ruiz, M1225 Heartwood Dr
0409_471.08_16Bechard Thomas & Patricia106 Highgate Ln
0409_404.34_2Bechtel Dale R & Ann W103 Willow Way
0409_395.08_1_C119ABechtel, Joseph M119a Cherry Parke
0409_338.22_37Bechtel, S A & Dietzler, F40 Clemson Rd
0409_513.23_20Becica Ivo & Murray Kathryn216 Lamp Post Ln
0409_283.01_8Becica, Ivan & Kevin12 Coles Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0214Beck Barbara B214 Kings Croft
0409_385.01_21Beck Christopher M & Lesley A Cruz -59 Cooper Ave
0409_341.17_12Beck Douglas D & Maher Elizabeth R31 Ranoldo Terr
0409_397.05_11Beck Raymond S III & Margaret28 Shepherd Rd
0409_156.01_11Beck Sean & Hoffman Jennifer808 Dover St
0409_521.07_20Beck Thomas & Kerriann1530 Chalet Dr
0409_397.01_12Beck William A & Iacovelli Marc32 Edison Rd
0409_404.25_6Beck, Michael & Ann111 Rockingham Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0136Beck, Susan Carol136 Kings Croft
0409_256.01_14Beck, Thomas & Eileen28 Colmar Rd
0409_523.02_31Beck, William & Denise62 Coopers Run Dr
0409_286.09_15Becken, Donna E C/O O Becken-Poa3028 Chapel Ave W
0409_465.03_5Becker Alan & Shimpeno Maryann106 Kingswood Ct
0409_288.05_1_C0305Becker B Maralyn305 Chestnut Pl
0409_471.11_9Becker Beth Ilyssa & Craig David17 Dunbarton Rd
0409_292.02_7Becker Don & Audrey3 Maple Terr
0409_404.21_1Becker Jason & Jeneanne171 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_528.46_5Becker Max & Elaine1758 Rolling Ln
0409_285.07_9Becker Michael S & Abby D2 Pimlico Pl
0409_162.01_21Becker Patricia624 Mercer St
0409_250.01_2Becker Thomas M & Fusco Jolene M113 Lenape Rd
0409_434.14_3Becker, Andrew S & Meridith B1144 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_527.05_45Becker, Christine1604 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_335.03_22Becker, David L & Patricia M200 Harvest Rd
0409_513.27_51.06Becker, Howard A & Mikki S11 Jordan Ct
0409_521.13_4Becker, Jeffrey M & Darcy Blitz20 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_286.39_68Becker, John M68 Greensward
0409_337.06_1_C0102Becker, Kimberly Ann102 Kings Croft
0409_335.15_15Becker, Robert M & Karen C1103 Garfield Ave
0409_527.01_6Becker, Scott & Laura111 Woodfield Ct
0409_342.29_19Becker, William I & Anna S417 Pelham Ct
0409_471.13_3Beckett James J III & Carolyn146 Weston Dr
0409_521.07_16Beckman, Richard D & Elaine V1524 Chalet Dr
0409_296.01_4Becksted, Nancy L311 Coolidge Rd
0409_338.14_8Bedden Bette & Dorothy514 Douglas Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0358Beder Abraham & Mindy358 Chanticleer
0409_163.01_3Bedford Equities610 Haddonfield Rd
0409_163.01_1Bedford Equities LLC606 Haddonfield Rd
0409_289.03_7Bedics, Michael S & Molly E2 Carol Ct
0409_337.06_1_C0335Bednarchick Andrew335 Kings Croft
0409_335.07_19Bednarchick, Robert & Joanne122 Spring House Rd
0409_338.11_13Bednarz Erin & Michael501 Bancroft Rd
0409_411.04_5Beer, James R2 Indian King Dr
0409_341.11_8Beerley Joseph J & Linda A1020 Tampa Ave
0409_340.06_16Beerley, Jo Ann150 Valley Run Dr
0409_404.12_28Beese Matthew & Meghan152 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_529.19_16Begalke Susan138 Eaton Way
0409_520.04_1_C0933Begelman, Barbara H933 Chanticleer
0409_338.26_16Begley Lisa Anne7 Rutgers Rd
0409_515.09_27Begun Daniel A & Caren S9 Charles Ln
0409_340.13_2Behen Owen Joseph + Patricia319 Valley Run Dr
0409_92.01_2Behlau James + Joan708 Birch St
0409_192.01_34Behlau Linda L323 Hinchman Ave
0409_193.01_22Behlau, Linda304 Greenleigh Ct
0409_523.07_21Behm, Edward F & Maureen E31 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_404.36_45Behr Matthew J & Bari J1201 Sequoia Rd
0409_431.14_6Behrend, Andrew H & Beth L112 Ashbrook Rd
0409_521.14_2Behrend, Evelyn R3 Furlong Dr
0409_594.01_1_C0001Behringer Harvard Wdcrst/J Sanchez111 Woodcrest Rd
0409_529.13_13Beichner Keith & Peggy108 Chaucer Pl
0409_435.13_9Beideman Deborah1372 Paddock Way
0409_430.09_1_C0238Beider Laura238 Uxbridge
0409_437.11_23Beigel Daniel M & Lainee B15 Cameo Dr
0409_528.08_10Beigie, Jeffrey M & Tracy R311 Cranford Rd
0409_525.08_7Beiler Jonathan P & Lynne B1156 Willowdale Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0012Beilowitz, Steven12 Centura
0409_521.06_11Beinart, Jeffry & Susan1637 Prince Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0409Beit Georgia Z & Glaunert Bruce W409 Chanticleer
0409_286.33_30Beitz Edward & Janice4 Coventry Ct
0409_471.02_10Beitz, Frank J & Therese6 Tendring Rd
0409_337.05_7Beizer Martin R & Geraldine A7 Fountain Ct
0409_430.09_1_C0170Bekas Thomas170 Uxbridge
0409_368.01_13Bekas, Areti1220 Jefferson Ave
0409_242.01_6Bekas, Kostantinos12 Ambler Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0168Bekes Carolyn168 Uxbridge
0409_430.09_1_C0167Bekes Carolyn167 Uxbridge
0409_285.12_26Bekes Matthew406 Jamaica Dr
0409_434.02_7Belazi Misa1349 Heartwood Dr
0409_520.02_81Belazi Mohamed A81 Lafayette Ln
0409_520.04_2_C2105Belcher, Brenda2105 The Woods
0409_470.07_26Belchikoff Frederick & Teresa45 Lakeview Dr
0409_287.09_18Belfer, Robert & Gail16 Isaac Ln
0409_351.01_10Belfiore, Theresa16 Massachusetts Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1244Beling, Dennis & Indra1244 Chanticleer
0409_329.01_6Belinsky Tatyana2800 Church Rd
0409_513.27_35Belinsky, Gloria J12 Black Latch Ln
0409_520.04_1_C0319Belitsky Aaron A-Trustee319 Chanticleer
0409_518.23_3Belitsky, Aaron & Jaime307 Hadleigh Dr
0409_523.11_14Belkin, George & Andrea S28 Doncaster Ct
0409_528.42_8Bell Atlantic NJ % Duff & Phelps1706 Berlin Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0324Bell Charles N & Barbara J324 Chanticleer
0409_515.14_12Bell Edward M & Carol S102 Brompton Dr
0409_528.60_28Bell Jaclyn & Schwerin Andrew534 Kings Dr
0409_342.29_8Bell Jeffrey & Bridget Horgan -242 Redstone Ridge
0409_430.09_1_C0276Bell Kathryn276 Uxbridge
0409_286.09_4Bell Michael7 Meryl Ln
0409_371.01_16Bell Michael A & Taylor Sandra M42 Wesley Ave
0409_471.05_17Bell Michael F III & Jodi Ann101 Weston Dr
0409_341.12_17Bell Robert & Jo Ann907 Abington Rd
0409_218.01_9Bell, Alene & Patricia & Robert M209 Woodland Ave
0409_513.04_15Bell, Derwin H5 Highgate Ln
0409_520.04_1_C0401Bell, Edward P & Myra401 Chanticleer
0409_528.39_18Bell, Jeffrey & Karen433 Doral Dr
0409_201.01_15Bell, Lesa A211 Barlow Ave
0409_524.15_6Bell, Richard & Donna29 Southwood Dr
0409_525.02_18Bell, Richard W Jr & Donna L6 Middle Acre Ln
0409_527.04_8Bell, Veronica Green1602 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_520.04_2_C1308Bellace George & Julie1308 The Woods
0409_338.19_1Bellace, George M & Julie C401 Chapel Ave E
0409_528.58_7Bellagamba Anthony & Lisa2006 Morris Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0116Bellan, Suzanne116 The Woods
0409_296.01_3Bellardine, L & Palena, D320 Washington Ave
0409_287.01_36Beller, Robert P36 James Run
0409_340.33_35Bellerjeau, Diane & Donald P35 Windsor Mews
0409_525.17_15Belleza, Anthony & Alisha1009 Dell Dr
0409_525.14_8Bellezza Anthony & Alisha121 Mona Ct
0409_513.26_15Belli, Jane C2 Elbow Ln
0409_483.01_1Bellini Property Management LLC2010 Springdale Rd
0409_513.51_3Bellino Anthony & Alexa980 Cropwell Rd
0409_515.11_14Bellino Patrick & Paige211 Balfield Terr
0409_469.08_18Bellino, Mary Jeanne5 Karen Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0310Bellino, Michael A310 Society Hill
0409_339.23_13Bello, Gary G & Deborah M802 Kingston Dr
0409_152.01_10Bello, R Y & Calderon, B H/W818 Murray Ave
0409_158.01_6.01Bellon, Joseph & Theresa J1010 Hollis Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0911Bellows, Dorothy A911 Kings Croft
0409_395.08_1_C126BBellwoar Deborah126b Cherry Parke
0409_513.05_9Belman Jonathan & Lindsey Shepherd -4 Evans Ln
0409_337.01_6Belmonte, John III & Denise44 Crooked Ln
0409_518.08_2Belsky, Martin & Theresa18 Parnell Dr
0409_539.01_3Belson, S R & Millerick, Ma H/W220 Evesham Rd
0409_288.04_4Belton Kenneth L & Stout B & P Jr13 Beekman Pl
0409_339.13_10Beltran German & Christina218 Chelten Pkwy
0409_401.01_16Beluch Katherine % E. K. Church40 Newell Ave
0409_513.46_14Belz, Robert & Lynne646 Bamford Rd
0409_549.01_18Bemberry, Ronald J110 Philmar Ave
0409_528.18_37Ben-Ari Arik T & Orit523 Gatewood Rd
0409_529.15_29Ben-David, A & Dalin, J H/W141 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_528.52_15Ben-Moyal, Armand & Danielle415 Junewood Dr
0409_340.05_13Benabdallah, Makrem A & Susan L225 Maine Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0524Benash, Darlene524 Kings Croft
0409_341.04_15Bender Aaron1011 Abington Rd
0409_395.03_29Bender D-Trustee & Bender Michael26 Winding Way
0409_411.05_9Bender Deborah R Trustee34 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_367.01_11Bender Pamela48 Sheridan Ave
0409_528.65_10Bender Paul Elliot & Daryl504 Lilac Ln
0409_513.22_1Bender Sandra J & Etal-Trustees208 Roanoke Rd
0409_404.17_7Bender Stephen T & Lexley157 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_287.09_2Bender, Jonathan L & Brenda2 Isaac Ln
0409_412.05_15Bender, Marilyn A100 Mews Ln
0409_573.01_1Bender, William F104 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_338.18_16Bendig, James F & Karen413 Preston Rd
0409_513.36_12Bendik Jay B Trustee23 Split Rock Dr W
0409_520.04_1_C0219Bene, Barbara219 Chanticleer
0409_335.16_1Benecke Dwight & Linda-Trustees5 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_518.07_1Benedetto Christopher & Christine2 Thackery Ln
0409_340.08_5Benedetto Louis J & Kath109 Miami Ave W
0409_520.04_1_C2032Benedict Jennifer M2032 The Woods II
0409_523.12_12.01Benedict's Place Urban Renewal, LpSt Mary's Dr
0409_521.05_34Benedict, M C & Keilson, B7 Chateau Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0905Benedon Mitchell J & Robert M905 Chanticleer
0409_306.01_15Benedon Robert & Pamela24 Liberty Ln
0409_472.01_10Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank1901 Rt 70 E
0409_471.07_23Benemerito Mark J & Maria Z102 Wexford Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0753Benenfeld Judith753 Chanticleer
0409_528.16_14Benevento Jacqueline515 Tearose Ln
0409_339.30_24Benfold Edward & Herta825 Richard Rd
0409_469.09_1Benigno Katherine & Stephen47 Strathmore Dr
0409_513.42_8Benitez Raymundo & Eleanor111 Mimosa Dr
0409_339.32_6Benito Carlos & Elvira917 Orlando Rd
0409_529.13_16Benjamin Corissa Swinton-& Tareek1766 Longfellow Dr
0409_337.07_27Benjamin James P & Megan27 Crofton Commons
0409_528.40_19Benjamin, Jeffrey A & Melissa1913 Country Club Dr
0409_364.01_7Benjamin, Milton K & P R12 Webster Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0202Benner, Aubrey202 Tavistock
0409_515.03_36Bennett Fletcher & Laura135 Henfield Ave
0409_528.09_6Bennett James + Sandra325 Nature Dr
0409_515.07_21Bennett Jared D & Shana M1509 Brick Rd
0409_44.01_6Bennett Joanne106 Washington Ave S
0409_524.12_16Bennett Scott & Paula16 Country Walk
0409_340.24_5Bennett, Brandon B500 Valley Run Dr
0409_339.16_14Bennett, Charles M224 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0101Bennett, Kenneth M & Gloria101 Chanticleer
0409_525.25_22Bennett, Laurence & Melissa1825 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_411.05_8Bennett, Marvin H & Barbara36 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_525.03_6Bennett, Sima C-Trust1 Robin Lake Dr
0409_544.01_28Bennette Daniel & Tiffany Hess -124 Carolina Ave
0409_52.01_1_C0210Benninghoff, Scott210 Park Pl
0409_520.04_1_C0106Benoff Charlotte & Leonard106 Chanticleer
0409_339.09_25Benson Charles + Darlene403 Kingston Dr
0409_529.02_2Benson Jonathan1903 Berlin Rd
0409_119.01_25Benson Kenneth D & Denise A638 Longwood Ave
0409_467.22_25_C0019Benson Paul1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-19
0409_513.34_23Benson Raymond & Kathleen608 Croyden Dr
0409_335.09_23Benson Rick113 Spring House Ct
0409_528.08_1Benson Robert A322 Iris Rd
0409_111.01_7Benson Ruby L.217 Chapel Ave W
0409_521.09_98Benson Tara5 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_523.09_12Benson, Curt & Branca, Lisa C3 Whitby Rd
0409_185.01_33Benson, G & Cobb L1206 Chapel Ave W
0409_513.40_10Benson, James E & Karen22 Split Rock Dr W
0409_520.04_2_C0501Benson, Jeannette L501 The Woods
0409_108.01_15Benson, Kenneth & Denise618 Merchant St
0409_520.04_1_C1111Benstead, Daria1111 Chanticleer
0409_286.39_138Bentivegna, Antonio138 Greensward
0409_286.39_78Bentivegna, Antonio78 Greensward
0409_412.06_2Bentivogli, D J & Carla913 Kresson Rd
0409_383.01_3Bentley Jeffrey R & Brandy T Weber -165 Sheridan Ave
0409_342.21_22Bentley, Kristin T120 Granville Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0399Bentley, Robert L399 Centura
0409_335.05_8Benton, Tami D218 Madison Ave N
0409_429.04_1_C0385Bentsen John L & Shelagh385 Tavistock
0409_182.01_3Bentz Raymond J & Priscilla-Truste304 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.09_31Benun, Avi & Marsel320 Cranford Rd
0409_520.04_2_C1508Benz Christopher P1508 The Woods
0409_199.01_22Benzenhafer Frederick II & Michele206 State St
0409_500.01_5Beowulf Enter II Inc % J & J Staff1763 Rt 70 E
0409_503.02_2Beowulf Enterprises III LLC1814 Rt 70 E
0409_513.50_3.19Beran Harvey M & Tober Susan A18 Villagio Ct
0409_471.08_9Berardinelli Denis & Janet111 Wexford Dr
0409_435.10_8Berardy, John A Jr & Denise M75 Pine Valley Rd
0409_435.12_8Berchtold, Wallace & Cynthia1321 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_286.26_1Berckman, Ann1 Orchid Ln
0409_342.23_10Berckman, Daniel & Dawn109 Fox Chase Ln
0409_335.02_5Berdini Arthur C & Bettye3415 Church Rd
0409_528.03_24Berdini, Elizabeth M1514 Pleasant Dr
0409_513.26_16Berenato Anthony4 Elbow Ln
0409_529.18_21Berenato Evelyn M132 Dumas Rd
0409_184.01_38.01Berenato Percy + Josephine337 State St
0409_524.05_3Berenato Stephen J & Jody57 Cunningham Ln
0409_184.01_40Berenato William345 State St
0409_529.16_16Berenato, Gilbert & Judith Ann111 Ashley Ct
0409_404.33_6Berenato, M J & Rocco, A H/W113 Bentwood Dr
0409_339.04_22Berenato, William & Linda303 Kingston Rd
0409_469.02_5Beres Wendy A & John A1908 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_338.08_5Beresin Debra208 Chapel Ave E
0409_286.07_19Berezansky Jsoeph P & Besthoff Jenn6 Forge Ln
0409_434.24_22Berezofsky Esther E460 Browning Ln
0409_524.04_12Berg, Ian & Lee100 Fries Ln
0409_528.46_3Berg, Jeffrey & Celestine1754 Rolling Ln
0409_470.07_14Berg, John M & Anne M21 Lakeview Ct
0409_528.63_20Bergen, Stuart & Susan417 Cranford Rd S
0409_520.04_2_C0404Bergenty, Todd C404 The Woods
0409_340.21_20Berger Barry & Stephanie509 Valley Run Dr
0409_513.18_3Berger Jeffrey B & Barbara A6 Ramsgate Rd
0409_528.15_9Berger Jos & Claire502 Birch Dr
0409_525.13_29Berger Todd & Beaver Beverly1005 Eagle Ln
0409_528.45_16Berger, Adam J & Rachel E1755 Dewberry Ln
0409_523.01_31Berger, David & Lisa105 En Provence Ct
0409_287.01_28Berger, Jacqueline S28 James Run
0409_469.08_23Berger, Leslie15 Karen Dr
0409_434.02_26Berger, Mitchell & Alessandra18 Edgewood Dr
0409_513.08_29Berger, Norman & Sandra3 Elbow Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0715Berger, Robin715 Society Hill
0409_252.01_14Berger, William A & Marilyn M1300 Media Rd
0409_518.10_35Berger-Ettenson Adrian & Silver Ari15 Pawtucket Dr
0409_52.01_1_C0220Berghaier, Tania220 Park Pl
0409_313.01_4Bergman Marcia & Ronald307 Roosevelt Dr
0409_436.03_90Bergman, Mary E412 Tuvira Ln
0409_388.01_17Bergstrom, Ryan & Melissa43 Harding Ave
0409_342.16_29Beri Bernard F III & Kristin1123 York Rd
0409_339.14_31Beri S J & Bowman J217 Chelten Pkwy
0409_453.01_2Beri, Marie103 Tampa Ave E
0409_435.07_15Beringer Albert & Phyllis1235 Winston Way
0409_337.03_11Berinson Eric & Patricia6 Fountain Ct
0409_102.01_1Berk & Berk At Cherry Tree LLC535 Rt 38
0409_412.01_1Berk Michael S & Nicole30 Spring Mill Ln
0409_471.09_16Berk, Marilyn G127 Weston Dr
0409_338.02_2Berkery, Joseph & Sheri103 Ramble Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0515Berkery, Valerie515 Society Hill
0409_342.07_28Berkes Lionel L & Andrea6 Briar Rd
0409_335.03_9Berkes, Brian & Patricia217 Garfield Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0837Berkowitz Bruce837 Society Hill
0409_528.64_13Berkowitz Michael & Susan405 Fireside Ln
0409_521.04_10Berkowitz Michael J & Lynn M Boiane1619 Prince Dr
0409_518.23_2Berkowitz, Alan & Evelyn305 Hadleigh Dr
0409_470.07_2Berkowitz, Bernard & Barbara16 Birchwood Park Dr S
0409_525.06_7Berkowitz, Eric H & Meredith1605 Ravenswood Way
0409_463.09_18_C1507Berkowitz, Lydia AMark 70-#1507
0409_518.14_9Berkowitz, Steven A & Alayne54 Cohasset Ln
0409_285.15_14Berlin Kenneth C & Leslie B308 Hialeah Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0125Berlin Peter D & Emily J125 Society Hill
0409_291.01_4Berlin, P J & Steinbach, H L1 Marshall Ave
0409_521.09_74Berlinsky, Alfred S & Shelli2 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_470.10_12Berman Charlotte % Poer2086 Rt 70 E
0409_524.10_35Berman Jodi Lee6 Nine Acre Ct
0409_285.07_12Berman Joel + Phyllis408 Narragansett Dr
0409_521.08_14Berman Laura E1541 Chalet Dr
0409_528.61_6Berman Nelson R & Rochelle R529 Kings Dr
0409_335.07_21Berman, Albert B118 Spring House Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0711Berman, Barbara711 Kings Croft
0409_528.42_42Berman, Barry J & Audrey M1759 Country Club Dr
0409_524.19_5Berman, Brett A & Jessica Hessert -5 Jodi Ct
0409_342.03_47Berman, Fred & Sandra231 Rt 70 E
0409_528.33_11Berman, Frederick K & Sandra L502 Country Club Dr
0409_528.20_17Berman, Ilene1754 Garwood Dr
0409_523.01_19Berman, Joan Greenberg8 En Provence Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0923Berman, Jodi Lee923 Society Hill
0409_521.15_3Berman, Richard P & Rebecca G7 Equestrian Ln
0409_463.09_18_C0406Berman, Robert A-TrusteeMark 70-#406
0409_479.01_3Berman-Rose LLC1872 Greentree Rd
0409_339.10_4Bermes Linda C. & Michael448 Kingston Dr
0409_149.01_5Bermudez Robert813 Mercer St
0409_431.03_13Bermudez, Jose I & Ivette1014 Pinebrook Rd
0409_341.05_6Bernal C & Maisuria S1024 Chelten Pkwy
0409_340.30_7Bernard Dubin House Lp C/O Jhf3051 Chapel Ave W
0409_395.06_28Bernard John J & Barbara700 Kings Hwy S
0409_335.11_14Bernard, Mark S1101 Millstream Dr
0409_528.27_23Bernard, Richard F & Jacqueline S1803 Fireside Ln
0409_306.01_28Berner Mark A & Angela21 Christian Ln
0409_470.06_12Bernet John Jr & Jacqueline22 Greentree Way
0409_337.06_1_C0608Bernetich Joseph F & Patricia Ann608 Kings Croft
0409_430.09_1_C0248Bernhardt Regina248 Uxbridge
0409_429.04_1_C0168Bernhardt, Jarrid168 Tavistock
0409_341.17_15Bernheim, Paul J35 Ranoldo Terr
0409_521.09_56Berns, Jeffrey S & Donna L26 Carriage House Ct
0409_434.06_14Bernstein Bobbi & Larry R1321 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_462.04_8Bernstein Edward & Sybil116 Green Vale Rd
0409_528.55_10Bernstein Jacqueline & Gabin Joseph404 Lavender Hill Dr
0409_513.15_16Bernstein Jonathan304 Highgate Ln
0409_437.11_19Bernstein M & Dishler E25 Cameo Dr
0409_518.18_1Bernstein Rebecca & Iannace Robert82 Partridge Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0309Bernstein Richard M & Allyson O309 Society Hill
0409_285.21_5Bernstein Richard S & Sara A309 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_433.01_10Bernstein Robert J419 Browning Ln
0409_529.20_20Bernstein, Allan S & Elaine128 Keats Pl
0409_285.08_11Bernstein, Lawrence H & Gylda A416 Narragansett Dr
0409_285.11_3Bernstein, R E & Wolf S H/W405 Garden State Dr
0409_526.03_12Berrigan John & Dorothy1133 Winding Dr
0409_147.01_5Berrios Pedro & Betzaida Feliciano -1001 Murray Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0295Berrios Pedro E295 Tavistock
0409_513.01_5Berrios, Jose L & Maribel13 Split Rock Dr
0409_142.01_6Berrios, P E & Betzaida, F1218 Severn Ave
0409_513.34_18Berry James & Carolyn206 Croyden Dr
0409_431.11_14Berry Jeanette E & Annette L1112 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_152.01_9Berry Mark & Cassandra820 Murray St
0409_523.07_10Berry Michael & Emilia9 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_339.13_35Berry Ryan & Jade213 Drake Rd
0409_389.01_5Berry Todd J21 Park Dr
0409_467.06_2Berry, C & Furtek L516 Deer Rd
0409_529.07_8Bersaglia, Anthony C & Debra J200 Mcintosh Rd
0409_338.23_9Bertelsen Nolan M & Nina T18 Clemson Rd
0409_471.02_6Bertino John & Christina14 Tendring Rd
0409_371.01_5Bertino, Amy & John911 Rt 70 W
0409_371.01_4Bertino, Amy & John925 Rt 70 W
0409_469.09_39Bertles, Charles R & Diane G35 Strathmore Dr
0409_525.10_20Bertos Frank & Seva1105 Crane Dr
0409_469.04_1Bertrand Tyrone & Masika1901 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_525.30_34Berzon, Steven & Susan1877 West Point Dr
0409_404.36_26Besen, Lynne G8 Roland Ct
0409_285.06_10Besras Hashem LLC322 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_469.05_12Bess David D & Laura10 Tracey Terr
0409_549.01_14Besse Isadore & Joseph102 Philmar Ave
0409_340.32_102Best George T102 Tamara Ct
0409_286.09_23Bestic Joseph S. Jr. & Honey R.3012 Chapel Ave W
0409_473.01_4_C0001Bestwork Industries For The Blind1940 Olney Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0835Betchen Stephen835 Society Hill
0409_437.02_16Bethel Baptist Ch1704 Springdale Rd
0409_437.02_13Bethel Baptist Church1720 Springdale Rd
0409_339.30_16Betko Mariusz & Iryna531 Howard Rd
0409_436.05_99_C0034Betley Christopher W & Emily P34 Buckingham Pl
0409_430.09_1_C0297Betley Thomas F297 Uxbridge
0409_304.01_9Betten Shawn408 Columbia Blvd
0409_433.20_1_C0472Bettinger, Carol A472 Centura
0409_340.31_99_C0012Bettlewood Properties LLC12 Playa Del Sol
0409_518.14_42Betts, Patrice E12 Cohasset Ln
0409_518.02_2Bevad Nicholas E & Carolina1213 Cropwell Rd
0409_408.01_4Beverly J & Ashford I363 Kresson Rd
0409_185.01_3Bey, Baseemah W453 Princeton Ave
0409_578.01_5Bey, Ernest & Williamson, Latasha213 Ashland Ave
0409_529.02_6Beyer Corinne M1906 Delicious Way
0409_292.03_12.01Bhagat Kajal29 Katherine St
0409_434.09_23Bhakta Mousumi1426 Starling Ln
0409_525.17_6Bhalerao Parag A & Naik Purvaja A1044 Cardinal Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1972Bhandari Vineet & Anita1972 The Woods II
0409_54.02_5_C4526Bhandoh Sameer & Tikoo Anita4526 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_520.04_1_C0345Bhar, Bratati345 Chanticleer
0409_434.19_3Bharatia Harsha K19 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_513.27_51.09Bhardwaj Yogesh & Puja5 Jordan Ct
0409_518.13_2Bhatnagar Meena + Sushil8 Pawtucket Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1506Bhatt Kevin S & Charaya Neha1506 Chanticleer
0409_529.19_1Bhatt Manisha1617 Longfellow Dr
0409_462.05_2Bhatt Urvish & Shah Kunjan102 Hart Rd
0409_431.08_10Bhatt Yashwant & Nita111 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_524.07_34Bhimani Siddharth26 Vanessa Ct
0409_515.15_39Bhogal, Bachittar S & Kuljit414 Longstone Dr
0409_525.30_37Bhoj, Dinesh & Pramila1865 West Point Dr
0409_514.03_1Bhoombia Kulwinder K & Swaran D701 Crestbrook Ave
0409_520.04_1_C2031Bhular Sukhwinder2031 The Woods II
0409_513.32_1Bhular, Meenu600 Old Orchard Rd
0409_520.02_6Bhurewar Neeraj6 Lafayette Ln
0409_520.02_39Bhurewar Rajendra & Megha39 Lafayette Ln
0409_58.01_41Bianchi James & Gloria662 Woodland Ave
0409_471.11_7Bianchi, Stephen J & Michaela C13 Dunbarton Rd
0409_342.28_1_C0706Bianchini, Janet706 Barclay Walk
0409_528.53_1Bianco Josephine Ann1714 Country Club Dr
0409_184.01_34Bianco, Karen325 State St
0409_339.27_6Bianco, Michale N404 Bruce Rd
0409_339.07_25Bianco, Thomas N & Kristyn403 Yorkshire Rd
0409_522.03_7Bianculli, David V14 Signal Hill Rd
0409_404.50_2Bianucci, Melanie418 Sherry Way
0409_163.01_10Biasotto Fl LLC624-626 Haddonfield Rd
0409_529.01_30Bibbo Joseph J105 Sleepy Hollow Pl
0409_399.01_7Bibighaus, Allan F & Carol M16 Plymouth Rd
0409_286.10_12Bichler, Barry63 Knollwood Dr
0409_528.31_6Bichner Joseph A & Silberstein Eric510 Heartwood Dr
0409_342.04_11Bickel H Iv & Lang N P H/W120 Kenwood Dr
0409_514.04_3Bickert Paul & Caitlin6 Downing St
0409_435.02_19Bicking, Donald S Jr1217 Forge Rd
0409_528.02_14Biderberg, Herbert L & Barbara Ann324 Browning Ln
0409_341.06_12Bidey, M & Lentz, C H/W1013 Chelten Pkwy
0409_54.01_8_C0135Bidey, Michael P & Donna B135 Plaza Grande
0409_429.04_1_C0114Bidwell, Eva & Leonard114 Tavistock
0409_335.04_1Bieberbach, Chris & Linda200 Garfield Ave
0409_336.02_21Biedebach, R M & Horan, J S30 Gregory Ct
0409_342.03_14Biederman, Dennis & June24 Brookmead Dr
0409_368.01_1Biedron Lauren M1241 Wayne Ave
0409_435.13_6Bieg, Genevieve M1356 Paddock Way
0409_436.03_107Bielecki Rafal D432 Tuvira Ln
0409_215.01_16Bien-Aime Michel106 Petitt Ave
0409_287.03_7Bienenfeld Jonathan & Sarah12 Aaron Ct
0409_430.07_14Bier Daniel E Jr & Tara N124 Woodstock Dr S
0409_524.10_23Bierig Daniel A & Susan12 White Pond Ct
0409_524.10_40Bierig David & Ahuva16 Nine Acre Ct
0409_524.13_24Bierig J & Kerelo J C & Wisneski C4 Walden Way
0409_523.01_17Bierig Jacob & Linda4 En Provence Dr
0409_523.13_5Bierig, Michael3 Justa Ln
0409_92.01_9Biermann Mary B & Spouse913 Northwood Ave
0409_54.01_5_C1207Biftu Beniam & Li Jie1207 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_518.10_29Bigley, Donald J & Sara E71 Harrowgate Dr
0409_404.22_20Bigley, Francis E & Patricia A108 Split Rail Dr
0409_286.12_12Bigornia, Esther21 Ivy Ln
0409_241.01_9.01Bilbao Francis Michael & Michelle7 Media Road
0409_463.03_3Bildner Ira J & Tamar4 Clark Dr
0409_430.05_8Bilgutay Canan A316 Woodstock Dr N
0409_370.01_17Bilik Jon & Megan64 Edison Ave
0409_342.18_6_C0408Bilinsky Jeffrey408 Barclay Towers
0409_286.05_23Bilinsky, Jeffrey & Iris14 Darby Ln
0409_455.01_6Billen Mark + Suzanne1108 Princess Rd
0409_404.25_17Biller Kristine128 Farmington Rd
0409_411.05_11Billet Kenneth R & Kimberly Ann30 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_434.09_8Billian, Stephan & Tatyana Komar -1368 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_515.09_14Billings Douglas R-Trustee35 Charles Ln
0409_245.01_2Billings, Robert A & Kimberly M14 Lenape Rd
0409_514.05_21Billington, Keith T & Margaret R21 Downing St
0409_302.01_15Billow Bruce401 Silver Hill Rd
0409_515.02_13Billow, Jeffrey & Arlene116 Sandringham Rd
0409_518.21_12Bilodeau David J & Jacyln P Minot -225 Hadleigh Dr
0409_342.19_7Bilodeau Jordan E & White Benjamin1116 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4621Bilovol Igor & Kholodna Tetyana4621 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_419.01_3Bilovol Lidiya7 Elmhurst Ave
0409_570.01_1Binas, Gina & Jerry310 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_302.01_23Bindell Yaakov & Molly414 Kennebec Rd
0409_285.06_17Binder Harriet L2103 Acqueduct Ln
0409_184.01_12Binder, Jerzy & Eva Kado428 Princeton Ave
0409_515.11_15Biney, Charles A & Evelyn213 Balfield Terr
0409_213.01_15Bingham Wesley R Jr107 State St
0409_465.07_5Binowski Catherine509 Deer Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0235Biondi Jonathan C235 Tavistock
0409_513.37_13Biordi Donald A107 Collins Dr
0409_434.14_20Birbaum, Mark I & Edith L1669 Blue Jay Ln
0409_513.16_6Birbilis John N. & Efterpe12 Tunbridge Rd
0409_404.17_6Birbilis Nikolaos & Marcia155 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_471.12_2Birchmeier, Howard S & Ruth Ann203 Wexford Dr
0409_408.01_8Bird James T & Phyllis L371 Kresson Rd
0409_470.06_3Bird, Brian & Sharon6 Greentree Way
0409_339.22_13Bird, Daryl L304 Cambridge Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0291Birdsall Janet H291 Uxbridge
0409_528.47_2Birnbaum Alexis H. & Michael L.1752 Morris Dr
0409_525.18_9Birnbaum, Lloyd C & Julia A1917 Owl Ct
0409_430.09_1_C0288Birnbaum, Myrna288 Uxbridge
0409_431.14_30Bisceglie, Michael T & Joanne158 Ashbrook Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0820Bisch Jacquelynne820 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C0815Bishop Sandra815 Chanticleer
0409_401.01_24Bishop Sean35 Munn Ave
0409_160.01_2Bishop, Gregory C & Michelle B1305 Martin Ave
0409_513.21_3Bishop, Richard & Tracy101 Roanoke Rd
0409_1.01_1Bishops View Apartments Owner LLC2395 Rt 70 W
0409_513.48_8Bisinger, Bradford J220 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_320.01_1Bisinger, Mary L105 Wilson Rd
0409_286.10_20Bisirri Sophie M & Smith Timothy M79 Knollwood Dr
0409_433.03_4Bisk, Ellen & Martin1000 Berlin Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0173Bisono Karla173 Centura
0409_501.01_6Bissmillah LLC1829 Rt 70 E
0409_338.28_14Bissonnette Ryan E & Chelsea D16 Colgate Dr
0409_341.13_17Bisulca, Chris P & Mary901 Deland Ave
0409_342.28_1_C0708Bitar Ziad708 Barclay Walk
0409_529.01_23Bitar, Jude E & Olivia114 Cuffys Ln
0409_286.03_6Bitar, Norma10 Knollwood Dr
0409_469.04_46Bitgue Lyle E.8 Forest Hill Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1842Bitman Jessica1842 The Woods II
0409_526.07_3Bitman, Garry N & Debra Joy1310 Kresson Rd
0409_528.59_1Bitman, Michael W & Erin C2001 Morris Dr
0409_287.06_3Bitting Kurtis & Taylor Katherine A5 Lloyd Ave
0409_286.02_5Bittle Michael & Denise J10 Glen Ln
0409_436.01_5Bittle William & Janice-Trustees333 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_518.08_7Bittner Frank III & Cherie1 Glenperth Ln
0409_404.41_3Bittner Frank J & Kelly L1206 Sequoia Rd
0409_339.12_18Bitto Patrick118 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_524.11_3Bitton-Benari Oren S24 Fairhaven Dr
0409_288.03_24Bittout, Zoubir & Evelyne8 Maple Ave
0409_352.01_10Bitzer Jeffrey & Cindy17 Massachusetts Ave
0409_224.05_1Bitzer Steve245 Sixth Ave W
0409_528.10_3Biviji, Amir & Farhat1611 Astor Dr
0409_436.01_22Bivins, Carlos M & Kelly A1381 Paddock Way
0409_397.04_28Bivona Allan Jr28 Stanford Rd
0409_338.10_1Bivona Karen535 King George Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1803Bixler Kimberly M1803 The Woods II
0409_431.09_18Bixler, William L & Lorie E104 Sunnybrook Rd
0409_469.17_32Bizic Vasile D & Dumitra11 Westbury Dr
0409_288.03_21Bizzell, Stanton & Clark, Sheila802 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_525.10_14Bizzoso, Ronald P & Gail R1129 Crane Dr
0409_529.25_3Bj Platt LLC2001 Berlin Rd
0409_514.02_9Black Anthony J.6 Cropwell Ct
0409_434.08_3Black James C & Linda J1608 Fort Duquesne Dr
0409_470.09_12Black Ronald & Janet59 Lakeview Dr
0409_411.08_16Black Russell1 Colonial Ln
0409_513.33_7Black, Marguerite & Etals629 Old Orchard Rd
0409_435.05_4Black, Michael & Christine1209 Winston Way
0409_342.09_13Black, Ruth J240 Sawmill Rd
0409_339.15_23Black, Steven205 Avon Rd
0409_286.27_37Black, Theresa C.36 Saddle Ln
0409_431.07_17Blackburn, G A & Smith, K N H/W134 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_365.01_4Blackjack Properties LLC2 Whitman Ave
0409_528.62_2Blackman Charles & Audrey2009 Queen Anne Rd
0409_519.09_4Blackman, Mitchell & Cecilia76 Brick Rd
0409_518.15_23Blackmer Ralph & Stacey4 Lynford Ct
0409_545.01_4Blackridge Capital LLC123 Philmar Ave
0409_285.16_14Blackstein Yonah R & Klein Chana R400 Hialeah Dr
0409_528.60_25Blackstone Andrew & Amy-Trustees528 Kings Dr
0409_199.01_36Blaetz, Sandra141 Ivins Ave
0409_411.03_7Blair Benjamin & Carol5 Hessian Way
0409_523.04_2Blair Brian J & Angel15 Coopers Run Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0403Blakely, Tracey C/O Donna Fox403 Playa Del Sol
0409_383.01_14Blaker Jeffrey & Marie166 Grant Ave
0409_528.07_9Blaker Selma M309 Iris Rd
0409_529.18_14Blaker, Alan & Susan139 Chaucer Pl
0409_437.07_1Blaker, Amy K & Evan B124 Lucerne Blvd
0409_518.20_25Blanc Eitan D & Sarah F222 Hadleigh Dr
0409_471.02_4Blanchard, David18 Tendring Rd
0409_337.03_5Blanchard, Edward P & Connie L10 Olde Springs Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0220Blanchet William J & Anne Marie220 Kings Croft
0409_231.01_11Blanck, Eric49 Bryn Mawr Ave
0409_286.39_6Blanco Judith6 Greensward
0409_433.20_1_C0172Blanda Simona R172 Centura
0409_463.09_18_C1108Blander, Arnold & MillicentMark 70-#1108
0409_404.25_3Blandy John + Andrea105 Rockingham Rd
0409_122.01_6Blaney Stephanie632 Kenilworth Ave
0409_513.48_4Blank Gal & Natalia212 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_513.24_14Blank Gregory M28 Waverly Rd
0409_525.25_12Blank Michael H & M J1840 West Point Dr
0409_340.33_76Blank, Boris & Larissa76 Windsor Mews
0409_528.60_8Blantz, Robert H & Barbara A514 Brian Dr
0409_339.10_25Blata Fuat406 Kingston Dr
0409_346.01_6Blatt Syndi9 Virginia Ave
0409_528.32_16Blatt, Robert & Robin531 Balsam Rd
0409_515.18_6Blatt, Syndi H207 Longstone Dr
0409_528.49_10Blaustein Al & Phyllis M415 Barby Ln
0409_342.07_29Blauvelt, Carol M8 Briar Rd
0409_231.01_5Blaze Nicholas & Meredith Adams -42 Cornell Ave
0409_338.22_23Blazewick John & Nancy49 Syracuse Dr S
0409_404.13_20Blazina David & Maria J128 Old Carriage Rd
0409_525.13_18Bleaken Jeffrey & Beth1741 Lark Ln
0409_462.04_37Blecha, Robert V & Patricia A105 Hart Rd
0409_224.06_9Bledsoe Theresa699 Church Rd
0409_513.22_10Bledy, Wayne A & Calliope7 Locust Grove Rd
0409_341.12_23Bleistein Brandon D & Dragon Lindsa919 Abington Rd
0409_340.10_21Bleistein Justin R & Dominica N320 Valley Run Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0209Blescia Robert & Teresa209 Kings Croft
0409_435.02_16Blessing, Jeffrey S & Stacey A1211 Forge Rd
0409_218.01_19Blevins Bryan206 Third Ave W
0409_431.11_20Blewett, Natalie129 Willowbrook Rd
0409_431.13_3Blewett, Thomas P & Patricia A133 Greenwood Rd
0409_436.01_11Blige Percell & Melica1311 Drew Ct
0409_342.34_7Blimegger Dustin E & Pamela M100 West Gate Dr
0409_119.01_20Blinebury Anthony J III & Donna M628 Longwood Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0116Blinsinger Kimberly A & Howard C Jr116 Kings Croft
0409_341.06_20Blisnuk, Karen923 Chelten Pkwy
0409_429.04_1_C0402Bliss Anita402 Tavistock
0409_434.16_6Bliss, Jerry A & Karen D1025 Bob White Dr
0409_340.16_30Blitz, Sarah & Etal329 Windsor Ct
0409_469.17_6Bloch Nathan & Ellen16 Green Acre Dr
0409_525.38_12Bloch, Jay L & Joan R22 Robin Lake Dr
0409_519.04_17Block Allen W & Susan B208 Nathaniel Ave
0409_545.01_16Block Nancy A100 Palmwood Ave
0409_525.09_3Block Richard Eric & Marie Lyn1149 Willowdale Dr
0409_463.09_18_C1605Block, Judith % Amy Block(poa)Mark 70-#1605
0409_529.12_47Block, Paul J & Dara A1408 Longfellow Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0923Bloemker William923 Kings Croft
0409_437.09_1Bloom Eleanor-Trustee101 Renaissance Dr
0409_437.09_11Bloom Eleanor-Trustee103 Renaissance Dr
0409_468.01_4Bloom Organization Of South Jersey3 Olney Ave N
0409_395.08_1_C102ABloom Paul A102a Cherry Parke
0409_520.04_1_C0909Bloom Robert & Roberta909 Chanticleer
0409_518.23_5Bloom Robin W311 Hadleigh Dr
0409_469.13_10Bloom, C & Feld, J110 Royce Ct
0409_520.04_1_C1412Bloom, Jonathan & Julie1412 Chanticleer
0409_418.01_1Bloom, Michael M120 Elmhurst Ave
0409_286.22_8Bloom, Paul15 Knoll Ln
0409_111.01_35Bloomquist, Jason207 Lawrence St
0409_288.05_1_C0513Blount, Brittany L513 Chestnut Pl
0409_437.12_96Blount, Joseph L & Alice96 Versailles
0409_103.01_6Blue Mango Holdings LLC701 Rt 38
0409_521.17_14Blue Nile Inc28 Bridle Ct
0409_316.01_9Bluewater Investment Holdings LLC330 Roosevelt Dr
0409_420.01_1Blum Amy100 Elmhurst Ave
0409_528.45_17Blum Arie & Suzanne Leah1753 Dewberry Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0326Blum Bruce N326 Kings Croft
0409_518.19_23Blum Jerold & Grace102 Kingsdale Ave
0409_285.08_5Blum Steven & Melinda428 Narragansett Dr
0409_286.30_6Blum, Mark A & Kimberly K4 Melody Ln
0409_338.18_4Blum, Mary D402 Cornwall Rd
0409_285.06_24Blumberg Chaim & Susan2110 Acqueduct Ln
0409_518.08_11Blumberg Charles & Mary9 Glenperth Ln
0409_469.15_7Blumberg, Michael J & Denise J13 Anders Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0803Blumberg, N & Litwin, B M803 Kings Croft
0409_521.09_95Blumenthal Andrew & Beth11 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_54.01_5_C1810Blumer Jared1810 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_525.30_33Bluth Robert & Maxine1881 West Point Dr
0409_340.33_69Blyden, Kelvin & Pamela Naval -69 Windsor Mews
0409_515.08_21Boaman Adam & Paloma2 Charles Ln
0409_528.17_1Board Of Education400 Cranford Rd
0409_167.01_5Board Of Education1510 Bedford Ave
0409_167.01_7Board Of Education1509 Bedford Ave
0409_343.01_4Board Of EducationMarlboro & Warren
0409_167.01_3Board Of Education2109 Chapel Ave W
0409_471.11_30Board Of Education210 Wexford Dr
0409_433.22_1Board Of Education500 Kresson Rd
0409_431.03_26Board Of Education1007 Berlin Rd
0409_524.18_1Board Of Education1762 Kresson Rd
0409_528.57_1Board Of Education1915 Queen Anne Dr
0409_513.51_10Board Of Education300 Old Orchard Rd
0409_286.35_1Board Of Education315 Roosevelt Dr
0409_286.37_1Board Of Education2900 Chapel Ave W
0409_343.02_6Board Of Education1105 Warren St
0409_278.01_2Board Of Education2147 Church Rd
0409_404.15_1Board Of Education134 Old Carriage Rd
0409_343.02_7Board Of Education1101 Warren St
0409_435.02_35Board Of Education1200 Winston Way
0409_513.51_5Board Of Education960 Cropwell Rd
0409_529.08_7Board Of Education150 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_339.05_17Board Of Education316 Kingston Rd
0409_433.01_7Board Of Education485 Browning Ln
0409_437.01_17Board Of Education1157 Marlkress Rd
0409_340.24_1Board Of Education223 Rhode Island Ave
0409_337.04_1Board Of Education3601 Church Rd
0409_469.10_30Board Of Education1960 Greentree Rd
0409_174.01_1Board Of Education706 Fulton St
0409_341.17_22Board Of Education53 Ranoldo Terr
0409_341.17_20Board Of Education55 Ranoldo Terr
0409_339.22_12Boardley Dominic & Danielle302 Cambridge Rd
0409_528.06_2Boardman Nuri & Stefanie309 Lily Ln
0409_342.18_6_C1412Boardman Samuel A1412 Barclay Towers
0409_340.19_28Boardman, Mark & Francine504 Rhode Island Ave
0409_385.01_11Bobb, Amy B & John J48 Madison Ave
0409_199.01_27Bobb, Eileen J216 State St
0409_106.01_6Bobbato Irrevocable Trust723 Beechwood Ave
0409_187.01_49Bobbato Irrevocable TrustGrant Ave
0409_187.01_48Bobbato Irrevocable Trust300 West Grant Ave
0409_187.01_47Bobbato-Clark, Maria301 Lincoln Ave N
0409_188.01_2Bobbato-Clark, Maria306 Lincoln Ave N
0409_188.01_1Bobbato-Clark, Maria304 Lincoln Ave N
0409_340.31_99_C0410Boben, Andrea410 Playa Del Sol
0409_286.25_9Bobote Myriem & Nasser Loai18 Bellows Ln
0409_337.01_12Bobroski Richard & Theresa Field -18 Dean Ln
0409_404.46_1Bobrove Aaron & Veronica Dana105 Munn Ln
0409_249.01_1Boccardo, Lorraine200 Colwick Rd
0409_340.05_11Bocci Kelly221 Maine Ave
0409_339.22_28Bocci, Carol A305 Chelten Pkwy
0409_513.24_17Bocco Dominic Jr431 Old Orchard Rd
0409_444.01_1Bocco, Joseph Jr1300 Kings Hwy N
0409_471.14_4Bochet Jason & Jaime23 Buxton Rd
0409_285.15_5Bochner Joshua C & Rea307 Monmouth Dr
0409_519.02_12Bock David & Denise121 Gainsboro Rd
0409_397.01_7Bock Kurt R12 Edison Rd
0409_525.17_1Bock, Donald & Virginia1037 Dell Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0802Boden Joanne & Daniel802 Chanticleer
0409_397.05_20Bodine Diane G & James B64 Shepherd Rd
0409_292.01_3Bodnar Jonathan C & Rand Dana F6 Poplar Terrace
0409_513.31_15Bodner Sheldon & Alyce-Trustees30 Cobblestone Rd
0409_437.07_15Bodofsky, Elliott & Amy43 St Moritz Ln
0409_431.08_3Boehm Daniel & Annamarie107 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_286.39_100Boehm Ingrid100 Greensward
0409_433.07_13Boehm Maria129 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_528.41_21Boehm Richard J & Debbie R1812 Country Club Dr
0409_525.22_12Boehning Darren F & Madeline P1009 Annapolis Dr
0409_395.05_5Boerum, Timothy9 Gere Terr
0409_513.12_19Boettcher, Warren & Kimberely D25 Lamp Post Ln
0409_404.45_13Bogan, K J & Galluzzi K310 Munn Ln
0409_342.07_31Bogarde Robert W & Christine11 Brookmead Dr
0409_146.01_10Bogart Greg & Laura1010 Murray St
0409_411.05_4Bogdan Scott & Jessica18 Indian King Dr
0409_404.45_11Bogdanoff, Elaine304 Munn Ln
0409_105.01_8Boggans Nichole M701 Olive St
0409_435.07_2Bogie Christopher T & Kimberly M201 Dorado Dr
0409_431.14_16Bognar Michele M130 Ashbrook Rd
0409_528.42_41Bogomolov Irena1757 Country Club Dr
0409_285.18_28Bogorad, Dina & Etal406 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_433.03_8Bogorowski, Robert J107 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_434.13_11Bogos Christina1116 Sea Gull Ln
0409_434.12_29Bogos, Anastasia M1157 Sea Gull Ln
0409_434.04_6Bogush B-Trustee (frank L S-L Est)1613 Mayflower Ln
0409_513.10_4Boguski, James G & Karen3 Candlewyck Way
0409_404.19_8Bogutz Albert E & Maureen F Rush -111 Nantucket Dr
0409_285.22_6Bogutz Richard M & Ruth S-Trustees321 Hialeah Dr
0409_523.07_15Bohan, William A III19 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_529.15_37Bohem, John P III & Christina125 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_515.05_1Bohi, Edward C & Natalie141 Henfield Ave
0409_513.11_22Bohus Charles & Suzanne8 Lamp Post Ln
0409_513.24_15Bohus, Steven M & Rita D30 Waverly Rd
0409_435.05_3Bohush, Matthew J1211 Winston Way
0409_436.03_32Boianelli, Vincent & Zaharo123 Europa Blvd
0409_430.02_6Boiler, Joseph R & Jennifer L7 Glenview Pl
0409_434.14_14Boiskin, Jonathan A & Staci1693 Blue Jay Ln
0409_529.05_14Bojer Nebojsa & Jennifer-Trustees116 Mcintosh Rd
0409_519.02_9Bokolas Thomas & Erica1514 Brick Rd
0409_431.11_7Boland, Barry J & Kimberly A128 Oakdale Rd
0409_513.38_21Bolanos, Francisco J & Maria T325 Mimosa Pl
0409_430.09_1_C0179Bolduc Thomas J & Donna179 Uxbridge
0409_285.23_5_C0025Boleslavsky Olga25 Regency Court
0409_518.17_10Bolinder Frederic L & Corinne E1016 Rymill Run
0409_339.24_31Bolinsky, Henry & Dorothy812 Richard Rd
0409_469.02_13Bolitsky, Joseph J & Barbara A1924 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_404.36_67Bollampally Indira7 Teak Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0611Bollampally, Indira611 Society Hill
0409_339.07_23Bollas Helen407 Yorkshire Rd
0409_342.08_10Bollin Ernest Jr & Gail311 Wayland Rd
0409_375.01_16Bollinger Blair799 Park Dr
0409_529.15_42Bollozos Rory Nelson M115 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_431.06_16Bollwage Lisa Marie & Gambino Micha219 Brookfield Rd N
0409_525.08_38Bologno, Natalie P & Steven51 Edgewood Dr
0409_528.10_2Bolotin Jack1609 Astor Dr
0409_340.27_16Bommu Anupkumar306 Brentwood Ave
0409_437.03_1_C9022Bomze Ilene & Richard902-B Society Hill
0409_437.03_1_C0521Bomze Kurt & Nadline521 Society Hill
0409_529.13_19Bona Eleanor J.1772 Longfellow Dr
0409_469.15_13Bonacci Breanne L & Nicolas V10 Lucille Ln
0409_543.01_11Bonadies Dominic S115 Carolina Ave
0409_347.01_16Bonanno Joseph702 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0513Bonavitacola Rosemarie513 Society Hill
0409_346.01_14Bond Cecilia A12 Connecticut Ave
0409_412.05_8Bond Edward + Mary107 Box Hill
0409_286.28_7Bond, David A & Renee A5 Stratford Ct
0409_338.28_27Bond, John E Sr & Judith A3 Bucknell Dr
0409_285.11_26Bondad, Antonio L & Diana C414 Saratoga Dr
0409_404.02_11Bondy Andrew S & Lori Frost -106 Willow Way Pl
0409_523.11_2Bones, Theresa M4 Doncaster Rd
0409_335.11_15Bonetti Eugene Jr & Lazowski Irina120 Garfield Ave
0409_286.11_20Bonewicz John & Rachael55 Ivy Ln
0409_520.04_1_C0340Bonfiglio, Suzette340 Chanticleer
0409_515.06_17Bong, Myong Su & Geum Ja904 Marlowe Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1083Bongiovanni, David M1083 Chanticleer
0409_431.15_3Bongwele, David137 Ashbrook Rd
0409_139.01_3Bonifacio, Andrea1202 Chambers St
0409_404.11_6Bonifay Joshua C & Tiffany K572 Tarrington Rd
0409_340.07_28Bonilla Adalberto & Zuleyka157 Valley Run Dr
0409_286.22_21Bonilla Edwin20 Lantern Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0206Boninfante Kirsten H206 Kings Croft
0409_185.01_25Boninfante Vincent M424 Yale Ave
0409_340.31_99_C0021Bonisa Holdings21 Playa Del Sol
0409_400.01_12Bonizio Angela26 Bel Aire Ave
0409_338.11_1Bonner Daniel T525 Bancroft Rd
0409_398.01_4Bonner Francisco611 Kings Hwy S
0409_528.21_1Bonner Myong S400 Tearose Ln
0409_52.01_1_C0508Bonner, Gina Majore508 Park Pl
0409_296.01_2Bono Domenic + Catherine400 Tyler Rd
0409_296.01_1Bono Mary324 Washington Ave
0409_342.03_33Bono, Anthony V25 Kenwood Dr
0409_162.01_6Bonocorsi Jas V & Theresa1119 Bedford Ave
0409_431.09_3Bonomo, Jennifer A & Brian J105 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_339.07_15Bonsall Nancy423 Yorkshire Rd
0409_521.12_14Bonventure, Michael A & Janice I20 Furlong Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0229Boogaard, Jeffrey J229 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0271Bookbinder, Lori271 Tavistock
0409_528.59_32Bookbinder, M S & Rozansky, D E H/W508 Knights Pl
0409_515.15_25Bookbinder, Robert & Myrna104 Dalton Terr
0409_338.14_9Booker Seth C & Stepheny C516 Douglas Dr
0409_513.31_20Bookin Michael & Reyna Virginia37 Regent Rd
0409_434.07_34Bookman Michael & Robinson Vanessa1261 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1113Bookman, Susan1113 Chanticleer
0409_339.12_17Books, Michael J & Marianne800 Brighton Rd
0409_527.05_36Boon Lorenza & Pace Marsha1611 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_340.07_19Boone Stephen M139 Valley Run Dr
0409_562.02_1Boone Thomas J & Jeanette29 Palmwood Ave
0409_285.10_22Boorstein, R Tr % W Boorstein Sup Tr2100 Chapel Ave W
0409_437.10_13Boory, Eric & Elissa6 Artisan Way
0409_337.07_29Boose Barbara L29 Crofton Commons
0409_529.20_18Booz, Gary & Lynne132 Keats Pl
0409_519.02_18Boparai Amrik113 Gainsboro Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4325Boppudi A K & Bolla S & Kongara M4325 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_404.12_30Borchert Marie102 Deerfield Dr
0409_434.05_11Bord Anna1604 Mayflower Ln
0409_52.01_1_C0119Borda Deborah A119 Park Pl
0409_342.22_2Borda, Darlene A1200 Fulwood Rd
0409_404.31_4Borden Barbara D & Edward F Jr206 Gravel Bend Rd
0409_360.01_6Bordenga Joseph & Sheryl211 Massachusetts Ave
0409_129.01_17Bordi, Martha526 Woodland Ave
0409_437.12_93Bordner Abigail & Jeffrey93 Versailles
0409_435.07_3Bordner, Donna L302 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_341.06_29Bordner, Kevin T & Kimberly905 Chelten Pkwy
0409_529.15_6Boreali, Lawrence F & Holly S116 Ashley Ct
0409_513.17_21Borella Louis & Marie103 Thornhill Rd
0409_431.05_6Borelle Frank & Janice202 Brookfield Rd N
0409_434.07_22Borenstein Debora & Jordan & Bursz1213 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_528.32_34Borenstein Michael & Grace515 Country Club Dr
0409_434.07_32Borenstein, Steven I & Allison B1253 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0950Borger, Gary L & Carol950 Chanticleer
0409_437.03_1_C1033Borges, Maureen P & Et Als1033 Society Hill
0409_54.01_8_C2025Borguet Yves J & Eric Urbain2025 Plaza Grande
0409_523.08_16Borinski, Marietta F30 Whitby Rd
0409_545.01_28Boris Leonard J & L M124 Palmwood Ave
0409_286.04_2Borja Ma Leah Socorro7 Knollwood Dr
0409_521.09_38Bornfreund, Cynthia S20 Dressage Ct
0409_520.04_1_C1084Bornfruend Steven M & Julie M1084 Chanticleer
0409_404.43_17_C0109Bornstein & Morgan, LLC1236-I Brace Rd
0409_404.43_17_C0111Bornstein & Morgan, LLC1236-K Brace Rd
0409_404.18_19Bornyasz, Stephen E & Linda J111 Iron Master Rd
0409_470.05_3Borodovsky, Steven & Mira5 Birchwood Park Dr S
0409_521.01_5Borokhovsky, Michael S & Natalie109 Spring Rd
0409_435.08_1Borowitz, Michael219 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_521.09_78Borowsky Mark E & Jocelyn D10 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_433.19_12Borrell Deborah374 Old Towne Cr W
0409_433.07_9Borrelle Michael Sr & Holly A1004 Robwill Pass
0409_469.02_3Borrelli David V1904 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_528.10_18Borrelli Jason G & Tara302 Nature Dr
0409_465.03_2Borrelli Louis J & Diane C100 Kingswood Ct
0409_338.02_6Borromeo Felix + Ingrid111 Ramble Rd
0409_287.01_31Borseti, Alberto31 James Run
0409_513.44_26Borsky, S & Kirshner, J208 Mimosa Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1031Borsutsky Igo & Olga1031 Chanticleer
0409_341.13_8Bortnowski, Michael G & Deborah916 Abington Rd
0409_250.01_12Borucki Joanne128 Merion Rd
0409_297.01_8Bosch, James & Judy2 Landover Ln
0409_198.01_6Bosch, Miguel & Norma230 Ivins Ave
0409_338.15_25Bosco Michael518 Lee Ann Rd
0409_434.09_43Bose Swapan & Krishnokoli1020 Bob White Dr
0409_528.55_1Bose Swapan + Krishnokoli422 Lavender Hill Dr
0409_395.08_1_C107ABose Tapas107a Cherry Parke
0409_469.12_7Bose Tapas & Rupasree1980 Greentree Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0406Bose, Krishnendu406 The Woods
0409_375.01_33Boshell Thomas + Parker Mary C H/W1010 Park Blvd
0409_335.11_19Bossard Joel Gray & Ann E112 Garfield Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0320Bosso Louis Jr320 Chanticleer
0409_340.27_24Bostic Sonya322 Brentwood Ave
0409_342.13_22Bothwell, Kevin M213 Timothy Ct
0409_337.06_1_C0817Botnick Dwayne & Suzanne817 Kings Croft
0409_431.02_2Bott F C Jr & Dallman K104 Brookfield Rd N
0409_58.01_22Bottalico, Carol-Trust601 Highland Ave
0409_430.09_1_C0299Bottalico, Grace299 Uxbridge
0409_341.11_4Bottalico, Michael A & Denise C1012 Tampa Ave
0409_434.22_3Bottaro A & Young F M H/W6 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_342.17_16Botte Diane123 Barclay Ln
0409_513.26_9Bottley Thomas & Phyllis18 Scattergood Rd
0409_513.26_8Bottley Thomas + Phyllis16 Scattergood Rd
0409_471.07_5Bouch Gabriel & Jennifer13 Tendring Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0229Bouchard Joseph H & Antonella229 Society Hill
0409_529.18_22Boucher, Aaron R & Susan E130 Dumas Rd
0409_416.01_1Boufarcha Fatima701 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_395.08_1_C106DBoufarcha Fatima106d Cherry Parke
0409_513.45_13Bouillon, Thomas & Anastaia856 Stonehenge Rd
0409_342.18_6_C1205Boulmetis Cyd1205 Barclay Towers
0409_286.39_85Boulmetis James85 Greensward
0409_513.46_18Boulos Adly Z & Paul A641 Croyden Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0411Bourke Downie Revocable Trust411 Kings Croft
0409_340.31_99_C0624Bourlotos, Stamatiki624 Playa Del Sol
0409_435.04_7Bourne, Richard J & Andrea L124 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_397.02_11Bousoulas, Mihail & Maria59 Edison Rd
0409_545.01_9Boutwell, Ray S113 Philmar Ave
0409_514.03_6Bove, Robert T Jr & Mary M711 Crestbrook Ave
0409_408.01_9Bovell Gilbert & Amanda375 Kresson Rd
0409_431.14_66Bovino Jeannette215 Brookfield Rd S
0409_529.15_27Bovino Louis R-Trustee145 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_521.07_22Bovino Michael A & Cynthia1534 Chalet Dr
0409_431.06_10Bovino, Christopher V & Denise233 Brookfield Rd N
0409_370.01_23Bovino, Nicholas T59 Grant Ave
0409_340.24_43Bowdoin Robert A & Veda Marie448 Valley Run Dr
0409_408.01_19Bowe, Stephen F & Cynthia E367 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_518.07_5Bowen David W & Christina Marie10 Thackery Ln
0409_365.01_19Bowen Richard G Jr13 Webster Ave
0409_529.12_24Bowen Scott J & Sonia I1534 Hillside Dr
0409_404.25_20Bowen Thomas & Sharon122 Farmington Rd
0409_217.01_17Bowen, David P209 Victor Ave
0409_197.01_1Bowen, George C & Barbara J230 Glenwood Ave
0409_286.31_3Bowen, William & Karen D25 Melody Ln
0409_54.02_5_C4831Bowers Ambrosea4831 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_519.01_22Bowers Kerry & Cleary Timothy127 Partridge Ln E
0409_397.05_38Bowers, Raymond & Joanne27 Stanford Rd
0409_180.01_6Bowes, Pauline410 Third Ave W
0409_562.01_6Bowker, Richard7 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_199.01_29Bowman Carol-Lynn227 Ivins Ave
0409_513.16_10Bowman Michael W Jr & Lindsey J20 Tunbridge Rd
0409_408.02_6Bowman Robert W & Amanda M505 Kresson Rd
0409_227.01_9Bowman, Fenix Manning -59 Oakview Ave
0409_260.01_6Bowne G L III & Pappas J1700 Media Rd
0409_342.23_5Bowne Walter T Jr & Mary J Murphy -129 Fox Chase Ln
0409_256.01_8Bowne, Gerald L & Sherry L19 Colwick Rd
0409_340.33_37Boxer Howard + Michele37 Windsor Mews
0409_519.04_4Boxley, Broderick & Ayanna P203 Monterey Ave
0409_437.07_40Boyarsky, Oleg & Helena10 Cameo Dr
0409_437.11_16Boyarsky, Valery & Julia33 Cameo Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0303Boyarsky, Valery & Julia303 The Woods
0409_520.04_2_C0111Boyarsky, Valery D & Julia111 The Woods
0409_544.01_25Boyce, Richard & Elizabeth118 Carolina Ave
0409_342.19_30Boyd Kevin & Ashley1123 Yardley Rd
0409_404.34_8Boyd Kristoffer G & Kristen104 White Oak Rd
0409_340.20_11Boyd Leila407 Rhode Island Ave
0409_339.09_8Boyd Thomas + Annette410 Bradford Rd
0409_338.24_8Boyd Thomas J Jr & Tortoreto Vaness18 Dartmouth Rd
0409_578.02_6Boyd, Dorothy L & Haywood100 Ward Terr
0409_523.07_9Boyell, L & Brady, D W/H7 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_341.17_11Boyer Tiffany & Brown Shantel29 Ranoldo Terr
0409_525.20_19Boyer, Peter J & Debra S916 Francine Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0292Boykov, Katherina G292 Tavistock
0409_528.47_18Boylan, Thomas & Lorene1751 Rolling Ln
0409_513.22_8Boyle Brian G & Christina C11 Locust Grove Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0936Boyle Carrie936 Kings Croft
0409_434.01_2Boyle Daniel & Arlene470 Hidden Ln
0409_529.05_5Boyle Gregory & Barbara B113 Winesap Rd
0409_342.13_20Boyle Gregory N & Maureen E221 Timothy Ct
0409_513.07_5Boyle James C14 Thornhill Rd
0409_469.14_15Boyle Joseph & Victoria Morgan -9 Lisa Ln
0409_565.01_1Boyle Robin522 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_513.30_11Boyle Thomas & Nancy2 Meadow Ln
0409_431.05_7Boyle William & Elizabeth204 Brookfield Rd N
0409_429.04_1_C0179Boyle, Dennis P179 Tavistock
0409_528.16_20Boyle, Geraldine M503 Tearose Ln
0409_548.01_15Boyle, Jane D406 Philmar Ave
0409_404.12_42Boyle, John E & Patricia126 Deerfield Dr
0409_514.05_9Boyle, Kevin G & Lisa A805 Marlowe Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0409Boyle, Loretta E409 Society Hill
0409_431.14_33Boyles, Larry & Donna164 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_469.09_10Boyles, Mark J & Virginia M28 Hilltop Dr
0409_338.15_1Bozakis, Irene D529 Douglas Dr
0409_433.12_6Bozarth Scott & Allison170 Mansfield Blvd N
0409_335.18_18Bozewicz, F (le) & Etals Trustees8 Peppermill Dr
0409_16.01_2Bpg 5 Exec LLCFive Executive Campus
0409_16.01_5Bpg 6 Exec LLC1112 Union Ave S
0409_342.01_1Br70 East LLCRt 70 W & Brace Rd
0409_342.20_4Brace Road Holding LLC % Needleman20 Brace Rd
0409_513.30_4Brach Jacek + Mary11 Wheelwright Ln
0409_518.11_10Brachman Michael L7 Pawtucket Dr
0409_529.02_13Braciszewski, Pamela M & Michael1920 Delicious Way
0409_525.21_4Brack, Kelli M1017 Swallow Dr
0409_365.01_5Brackney Janet C6 Whitman Ave
0409_166.01_25Bracy Aaron & Jeanne1206 Bedford Ave
0409_525.17_4Bradbury Wendy & Wuehler William1852 Ticonderoga Ln
0409_524.07_9Bradian Peter13 Doris Dr W
0409_285.19_24Bradin, Beverlee426 Hialeah Dr
0409_339.14_16Bradis Joseph P & Joann226 Avon Rd
0409_404.22_18Bradis Michael112 Split Rail Dr
0409_404.07_29Bradis Roxanne505 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_335.11_22Bradis, Helen R106 Garfield Ave
0409_335.14_21Bradis, John T & Nancy A1113 Harvest Rd
0409_395.08_1_C102BBradley Cian S By Custodian Klienbu102b Cherry Parke
0409_430.09_1_C0268Bradley E. Louise268 Uxbridge
0409_525.08_32Bradley Jarrell Jr & Paula1221 Heartwood Dr
0409_528.04_29Bradley John & Linda205 Cranford Rd
0409_335.12_23Bradley Patrick J & Michelle104 Harvest Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0814Bradley Sean & Karen814 Chanticleer
0409_339.32_10Bradley, Joseph & Cynthia909 Orlando Rd
0409_339.16_19Bradley, Lynne R.225 Cambridge Rd
0409_335.10_15Bradley, Robert D & Karen L118 Hedgerow Dr
0409_286.12_31Bradney, H % D Callaghan Poa16 Jade Ln
0409_339.10_19Bradshaw, Scott C & Dorothy M418 Kingston Dr
0409_338.28_7Brady Francis A & Linda A2 Colgate Dr
0409_341.03_15Brady Jeffrey1011 Edgemoor Rd
0409_166.01_22Brady Lawrence & Jessica1218 Bedford Ave
0409_404.29_18Brady Lynne M12 Heritage Ct
0409_518.15_41Brady Matthew T & Naseem Lily324 Hadleigh Dr
0409_340.21_3Brady Patrick & Karen2751 Chapel Ave W
0409_162.01_10Brady Tim & Lynne1135 Bedford Ave
0409_404.46_14Braem Daniel & Stephanie Sanderson -1232 Kay Dr S
0409_528.52_7Brahin, Jerome W & Rene404 Morris Dr
0409_404.45_24Brahin, Judith1252 Kay Dr E
0409_470.01_24Brahmanada Saraswati Foundation1929 Greentree Rd
0409_213.01_13Braidis Nicole L111 State St
0409_515.16_38Brainard Christopher E100 Longstone Dr
0409_179.01_22Brake Harry Jr & Mary411 Yale Ave
0409_335.02_20Brake Kevin M & Sherri205 Harvest Rd
0409_224.05_4Brakopoulos Violetta & Stavros239 Sixth Ave W
0409_218.01_18Bram, Felice208 Third Ave W
0409_565.01_8Brambilla, Stephen J & Heather J20 Fifth Ave E
0409_342.09_33Brammell Dan & Kathleen253 Redstone Ridge
0409_342.17_4Bramnick, Jeffrey B & Victoria1122 York Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0223Branch Debra H & Rhonda D & Stewart223 Plaza Grande
0409_436.05_99_C0055Branch Rhonda D55 Buckingham Pl
0409_340.07_29Branco, Anastasia161 Valley Run Dr
0409_400.01_22Branco, August & Norma9 Newell Ave
0409_342.02_11Brand David B3 Suffolk Ct
0409_528.15_7Brand Jakub & Batya506 Birch Dr
0409_437.06_5Brand Ronald D. & Barbara155 Lucerne Blvd
0409_335.07_14Brand Samuel A & Yvonne M132 Spring House Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0930Brand, Joan930 Kings Croft
0409_149.01_13Brand, S & J M % S Kalicharan828 Haddonfield Rd
0409_529.17_19Brandenburg Darren M & Ambrosino L116 Chaucer Pl
0409_395.08_1_C101CBrandenburg, Darren101c Cherry Parke
0409_395.05_2Brandimarto Jeffrey A15 Gere Terr
0409_337.06_1_C0343Brandjord James & Doris343 Kings Croft
0409_286.12_38Brandspiegel Lea2 Jade Ln
0409_434.09_26Brandwine, Beverly1414 Starling Ln
0409_335.04_15Brandy Max & Eileen214 Garfield Ave
0409_528.37_2Branfman, Alan & Joyce Lynn418 Queen Anne Rd
0409_434.07_3Brangan John & Judith1240 Heartwood Dr
0409_335.10_24Branscom, Yael L & Glen M100 Hedgerow Dr
0409_185.01_13Brasile, Salvatore M425 Princeton Ave
0409_434.11_6Braslow Alan B & Elaine L1246 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_515.15_6Brasteter, Henry Jr & Melissa205 Brompton Dr
0409_339.20_3Braswell Darell205 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_471.10_6Braswell Glenn + Janet11 Buxton Rd
0409_435.05_13Braswell Laura B1216 Wyndmoor Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0722Bratman Michael722 Chanticleer
0409_513.09_7Braude, Inna3 Tunbridge Rd
0409_528.42_14Braude, Richard & Rosane1709 Country Club Dr
0409_434.19_5Braun, Andrew T & Kelli A15 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_436.01_9Braunstein Dani & Lisa R1308 Drew Ct
0409_529.19_17Braunstein Kenneth136 Eaton Way
0409_528.03_22Braunstein Kenneth A & Paula Hale -1518 Pleasant Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0212Braunstein Sherri J212 Kings Croft
0409_528.63_12Braunstein, Lori S1730 Country Club Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0185Braunstein, Millard & Renee185 Centura
0409_433.03_1Brave Bull Holdings LLC1006 Berlin Rd
0409_469.17_21Braverman Bruce + Roberta33 Westbury Dr
0409_519.04_16Braverman Jerome S210 Nathaniel Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0106Braverman, Fred R106 Society Hill
0409_182.01_2Brazos C/0 Baden Tax Managment300 Haddonfield Rd
0409_436.02_5Bre/Esa P Portfolio LLC Pt#4551653 Rt 70 E
0409_529.12_35Brecher Robert J & Alison C1514 Hillside Dr
0409_431.05_12Breck, Brian C & Erin N214 Brookfield Rd N
0409_397.06_7Brecker Charles & Elaine L19 Shepherd Rd
0409_529.24_2Bredin, Edward J202 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_513.47_8Breen, George630 Guilford Rd
0409_515.15_33Breen, Susan M120 Dalton Terr
0409_487.01_1Bregan LLC1934 Olney Ave
0409_518.13_7Bregatta Ramona & Rosemarie (l/E)50 Partridge Ln
0409_525.15_9Breggar, Marilyn S214 Charlann Circle
0409_431.09_9Breininger, Daniel J & Dianne J125 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_286.19_15Brennan Brian C & Anne Marie62 Ivy Ln
0409_529.08_5Brennan Cherie L154 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_339.08_3Brennan Franics L Iv & Dana L404 Yorkshire Rd
0409_435.01_7Brennan Irene K1209 Fulwood Rd
0409_338.08_16Brennan Kelly M203 Elkins Rd
0409_523.07_1Brennan Sergio1 Coopers Run Dr
0409_288.04_5Brennan Stephanie & Scattolini M11 Beekman Pl
0409_286.17_10Brennan Terrance J21 Pebble Ln
0409_404.26_12Brennan Thomas F Jr & Brenda L205 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_435.04_20Brennan, E W & Hogan, A M133 Pine Valley Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0705Brennan, Elizabeth R705 Kings Croft
0409_528.45_10Brennan, John & Susan1767 Dewberry Ln
0409_91.01_10Brennan, Kelly M909 Longwood Ave
0409_520.04_2_C2107Brennan, Laurel T2107 The Woods
0409_381.01_30Brennen Frank K121 Edison Ave
0409_528.60_37Brenner Allan & Rochelle2006 Queen Anne Rd
0409_528.55_21Brenner, Jeffrey & Ruth W420 Downs Dr
0409_340.33_18Brenner, Lynnette M18 Windsor Mews
0409_528.12_12Brenner, Murray & Ellen1519 Astor Dr
0409_339.30_9Brenner, Shirley W517 Howard Rd
0409_528.27_10Bresalier, Helene B537 Heartwood Dr
0409_390.01_13Bresani Amelia14 Utah Ave
0409_518.15_12Bresani Nicholas J & Sara K18 Brondesbury Dr
0409_435.02_14Breskin, Douglas M & Brenda J1207 Forge Rd
0409_528.37_15Breslau, David & Leslie1821 Russet Dr
0409_341.13_10Breslin Leo & Amy E912 Abington Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0503Breslin Thomas503 Society Hill
0409_525.10_31Breslow Adam K2 Dale Ct
0409_471.14_6Breslow Megan Alissa19 Buxton Rd
0409_524.13_16Breslow, Alan D & Sherri S14 Thoreau Ct
0409_525.18_14Breslow, Brett M & Amy A1939 Owl Ct
0409_513.17_7Bressler Donna V & Ronald E14 Latches Ln
0409_463.09_18_C0706Bressman Marc I & EtalMark 70-#706
0409_287.01_32Brett, Philip32 James Run
0409_528.14_3Brettler, Steven505 Garwood Dr
0409_528.35_2Brettler, Susan K401 Country Club Dr
0409_513.44_4Brewer Rosemary Carmen2121 Old Marlton Pk
0409_525.27_5Brey Marie L1916 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_288.05_1_C0408Brezitskyy O & Brezitska & Bradley408 Chestnut Pl
0409_54.02_5_C4012Brice Eugene H III4012 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_190.01_10Bricker, John B Jr & Amanda309 Evergreen Ave
0409_391.01_3Bricklin, Morton B & Thelma59 Nevada Ave
0409_159.01_9Brickner Kathleen1211 Martin Ave
0409_436.01_58Brickner, W Alan Jr2 Promenade Ct
0409_388.01_11Brickner, William & Jane36 Park Dr
0409_437.06_1Bridge Investments LLC101 Lucerne Blvd
0409_566.01_5Bridgeman Leanne513 Railroad Blvd
0409_528.41_19Brier, Scott & Susan J403 Echo Ct
0409_577.01_1Brierly Daniel & Gay34 Ogden Ave
0409_342.18_6_C0603Brigante, Svetlana603 Barclay Towers
0409_289.02_19.02Briggs, Denis & Valerie418 Coolidge Rd
0409_467.22_25_C0016Bright Future Investment Group LLC1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-16
0409_567.01_5Bright Gary & Doreen501 Railroad Blvd
0409_526.06_10Brighton Development Group LLC32 Imperial Dr
0409_526.06_9Brighton Development Group LLC30 Imperial Dr
0409_467.04_3Brignoni Jasmine505 Fawn Dr
0409_339.14_32Brijlall Ashford S & Bissessar Nian215 Chelten Pkwy
0409_217.01_27Briles, Jean R710 Church Rd
0409_525.08_23Brill, David R & Michelle L1212 Crane Dr
0409_525.10_35Brill, Stephen R & Lauren1 Dale Ct
0409_340.16_41Brining Danielle R351 Windsor Dr
0409_513.04_5Brink Donald & Patricia8 Windgate Ln
0409_285.23_5_C0016Brink Scott16 Regency Court
0409_342.23_20Brinkman Raymond + Audrey124 Pine Valley Rd
0409_529.07_34Brinn Matthew & Melissa1924 Pippin Ct
0409_528.10_30Brinn, Andrew D & Ana Paula M326 Nature Dr
0409_525.15_3Brinson Raymond Jr + Bridget204 Charlann Circle
0409_529.14_28Briscella, Gino A & Virginia M111 Mcintosh Rd
0409_528.47_7Briskin Harold & Joan1762 Morris Dr
0409_342.11_7Bristow Dolores M (l/E) & Robin Anne223 Dickens Ct
0409_436.01_41Bristow, Gregory M & Roberta M1317 Paddock Way
0409_404.12_16Bristown, Albert C & Elizabeth M128 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_285.11_5Brito, Jose409 Garden State Dr
0409_529.17_9Brito, Jose125 Byron Terr
0409_401.01_23Britt Floyd & Nancy L/E39 Munn Ave
0409_435.02_29Britt Ryan & Cabeca Christy M1243 Forge Rd
0409_469.04_20Brittain, Cris & Wendy22 Karen Dr
0409_524.13_22Brittain, Ross & Rasa8 Walden Way
0409_520.04_2_C0109Britten Thomas W109 The Woods
0409_578.01_53Brittin Alfred & Amy26 Evesham Road West
0409_578.01_52Brittin, Alfred P & Amy Levine -24 Evesham Road West
0409_357.01_16Brittingham Ann Marie101 New Hampshire Ave
0409_286.23_8Brittner, Ronald L & Anita R25 Jade Ln
0409_282.04_7Britton Raymond T. & Kathleen E.22 Delwood Rd
0409_340.04_36Brizzi, Albert M & Cristina200 Maine Ave
0409_521.09_40Broad Joshua & Heather34 Manor House Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0625Broad Street Funding Trust I625 Playa Del Sol
0409_233.02_4Broadbent, M J & Matthews, C LWilbur Ave
0409_339.14_3Broadhurst Jason200 Avon Rd
0409_284.02_12Broadstone Bb Portfolio LLC % Outbk230 Lake Dr E
0409_528.14_19Brocco Diana R1672 Lark Ln
0409_285.16_2Brocco, Diane R & William A403 Monmouth Dr
0409_339.20_9Brock Jerry J217 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_285.18_6Brockman, Frank & Francine411 Jamaica Dr
0409_525.32_2Brodack, Martin & Barbara1017 Owl Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0604Broder, Stephen N & Eileen S604 Society Hill
0409_286.30_7Brodie Robert R Iv & Deangelo Laura6 Melody Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0226Brodkin Philip & Rachel226 Playa Del Sol
0409_339.11_14_C0313Brodkin Philip & Rachel313 Sussex House
0409_434.06_33Brodnick, Paul R & Ruth L1176 Heron Rd
0409_525.23_34Brodsky, Julian A & Lois G1004 Swallow Dr
0409_515.07_13Brody Barry A & Eileen B1520 Squire Ln
0409_285.18_11Brody Edward Z & Caryn L421 Jamaica Dr
0409_434.17_5Brody, Mark S1680 Blue Jay Ln
0409_513.23_15Brofft, Daniel J206 Lamp Post Ln
0409_524.10_49Brokke David Eric & Lyyn Eli45 Country Walk
0409_518.15_26Bromberg, Lois306 Hadleigh Dr
0409_455.01_5Bromke Gary-Trustee108 Daytona Ave
0409_338.14_13Bromke, Craig E Sr524 Douglas Dr
0409_515.11_25Bromke, Gary E & Michelle L503 Longstone Dr
0409_369.01_20Bromke, Keith E & Susanne56 Grant Ave
0409_430.09_1_C0142Bromley Lois142 Uxbridge
0409_528.18_5Bronstein Michael & Barbara Ten Com1761 Garwood Dr
0409_528.59_4Bronstein, Sharon R506 Arthur Dr
0409_224.07_3.01Bronzini Michael & Melissa515 Church Rd
0409_411.04_9Brood, M J & Knowlan, K M21 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_339.30_23Brook Michael & Jennifer827 Richard Rd
0409_431.03_25Brookfield Academy Inc1009 Berlin Rd
0409_341.10_7Brookins, Sonia3 Russell Terrace
0409_217.01_20Brookover William D & Judith P201 Victor Ave
0409_99.01_7Brooks Brianna L & Arden I811 Beechwood Ave
0409_549.01_19Brooks Doris112 Philmar Ave
0409_469.02_25Brooks Doris M14 Brookville Dr
0409_437.11_12Brooks, Ari D & Jennifer, S45 Cameo Dr
0409_528.59_22Brooks, Gail D503 Brian Dr
0409_520.04_1_C2011Brooks, Harold E2011 The Woods II
0409_430.09_1_C0259Brooks, Jeanine259 Uxbridge
0409_529.13_12Brooks, Kyle T & Stephanie P1759 Hillside Dr
0409_112.01_2Brooks, Melissia & Mildred515 Main St
0409_111.01_28Brooks, Oliver L525 Merchant St
0409_109.01_16Brooks, Oliver L & Mildred534 Merchant St
0409_431.08_8Brooks, Patricia A104 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_513.30_16Brooks, Paul & Singer Jan H/W7 Rabbit Run Rd
0409_200.01_15Broome Antoinette209 State St
0409_513.45_8Broome, Lisa606 Guilford Rd
0409_186.01_6Broome, Wilbert K & Antoinette334 State St
0409_337.06_1_C0834Brophy Kathleen & Thomas F834 Kings Croft
0409_339.04_12Brosius Traci322 Sheffield Rd
0409_142.01_8Brosman Michael1210 Severn Ave
0409_525.13_15Bross Alexander & Kaitlyn1753 Lark Ln
0409_528.39_2Bross David & Caryn1802 Country Club Dr
0409_339.28_9Brotnitsky Mark A & Tracy A401 Bruce Rd
0409_523.11_12Brotz Matthew D & Jamie B24 Doncaster Rd
0409_437.06_26Brotz, Fredric A & Brenda4 Lucerne Ct
0409_335.04_18Broussard, John & Rae Ann % Rsllc208 Garfield Ave
0409_357.01_13Brower Michael & Nicole400 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_437.12_92Brown Alla92 Versailles
0409_282.01_25Brown Asia22 Chestnut Terr
0409_513.34_11Brown Barry S & Michelle605 Old Orchard Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0639Brown Bernard & Irene639 Society Hill
0409_528.16_17Brown Beverly H Trustee509 Tearose Ln
0409_529.01_54Brown Catharine & Jennifer114 Sleepy Hollow Pl
0409_99.01_6Brown Chase C & Allison M815 Beechwood Ave
0409_339.38_1Brown Clark & Leah S.526 Howard Rd
0409_469.05_25Brown Clayton L31 Forest Hill Dr
0409_342.15_23Brown Colin & Hilaire Elizabeth101 Tarlton Ct
0409_573.01_16Brown David & Nancy5 Kassner Ave
0409_338.11_23Brown David A521 Bancroft Rd
0409_289.05_3Brown Dog Holding LLC2420 Church Rd
0409_335.09_11Brown Don J & Kath M114 Weather Vane Dr
0409_463.09_18_C1804Brown Edward & JoanMark 70-#1804
0409_578.01_29Brown Elaine C & Etal272 Eleanore Terrace
0409_404.25_2Brown Eleanor D L/E103 Rockingham Rd
0409_186.01_12Brown Eric H & Connie M Hougardy -351 Union Ave
0409_340.33_34Brown Hattie Ruth34 Windsor Mews
0409_515.18_14Brown Ian J106 Kilburn Dr
0409_513.44_52Brown Jaclyn & David649 Guilford Rd
0409_338.22_28Brown Jared & Jolie59 Syracuse Dr S
0409_449.01_11Brown Jeffrey A & Lindsey B14 Ormond Ave E
0409_528.14_22Brown Jeffrey E1660 Lark Ln
0409_395.06_13Brown Joseph F Jr11 Rose Ln
0409_434.17_21Brown Joseph R1017 Peacock Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0314Brown Laura314 Tavistock
0409_111.01_25Brown Lecetta D & Karen L601 Merchant St
0409_528.33_22Brown Lenard + Rhona533 Brian Dr
0409_434.03_7Brown Marshall J & Taiesha S1609 Plymouth Rock Dr
0409_285.21_11Brown Marshari305 Hialeah Dr
0409_52.01_1_C0524Brown Michelle M524 Park Pl
0409_433.06_9Brown Parrish Jr & Raudales Lillian1017 Robwill Pass
0409_155.01_9Brown Richard & Regina1408 Weld Ave
0409_521.12_5Brown Scott R & Laurie21 Manor House Dr
0409_464.02_2_C1038Brown Thomas Daniel1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #38
0409_527.05_33Brown Warren1617 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_111.01_26Brown Warrington E549 Merchant St
0409_286.33_32Brown, B C & Smith, S M23 Saddle Ln
0409_435.07_18Brown, Barbara A1223 Winston Way
0409_437.03_1_C0324Brown, Barbara A324 Society Hill
0409_433.23_9Brown, Barry1115 Haral Pl
0409_463.02_8Brown, C Jr & Ergood L Lh/W516 Park Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0914Brown, C W & Plonsky C914 Kings Croft
0409_189.01_8Brown, Clayton L316 Monroe Ave
0409_404.30_8Brown, Clifford & Marcia214 Heritage Rd
0409_467.03_1Brown, Cynthia509 Doe Ln
0409_544.01_23Brown, David & Winifred R114 Carolina Ave
0409_110.01_8Brown, Dustin T117 Chapel Ave W
0409_435.13_3Brown, Eric & Jennifer1320 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_161.01_10Brown, Eugene J & Michele1229 Bedford Ave
0409_342.09_46Brown, Gary L305 Pelham Rd
0409_513.24_25Brown, George415 Old Orchard Rd
0409_545.01_30Brown, James & Mary Ann128 Palmwood Ave
0409_521.09_35Brown, Jeffrey & Tracy14 Dressage Ct
0409_528.60_41Brown, Kathryn R2014 Queen Anne Rd
0409_339.21_12Brown, Kevin M & Kimberly A319 Cambridge Rd
0409_338.22_41Brown, Kevin M & Pamela C48 Clemson Rd
0409_528.09_21Brown, Lagreta B1600 Pleasant Dr
0409_109.01_32Brown, Lyndel & BeverlyRear Merchant St
0409_109.01_18Brown, Lyndel E & Beverly L542 Merchant St
0409_529.22_14Brown, Marietta1401 Hillside Dr
0409_518.23_6Brown, Marjory313 Hadleigh Dr
0409_433.12_13Brown, Martin S Sr156 Mansfield Blvd N
0409_513.06_13Brown, Mildred7 Evans Ln
0409_527.05_52Brown, Nicole M1618 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_325.01_11Brown, Patricia M & Gary T206 Wilson Rd
0409_513.33_3Brown, Peter H & Barbara H637 Old Orchard Rd
0409_285.10_2Brown, Richard J & Maureen425 Garden State Dr
0409_251.01_14Brown, Robert B & Lisa L108 Lenape Rd
0409_304.01_4Brown, Robert D Sr & Rita407 Kennebec Rd
0409_528.27_12Brown, Stanley & Nancy535 Heartwood Dr
0409_285.14_18Brown, Terrance D & K K441 Suffolk Dr
0409_529.15_18Brown, Warnell140 Ashley Ct
0409_476.01_17Brown, Warren & Donahue, Deborah1917 Fairfax Ave
0409_519.09_10Browne Barry Thomas88 Brick Rd
0409_519.09_15Browne Norman & Susan8 Inskeep Ct
0409_54.01_5_C1319Browne Wendy A1319 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_515.18_21Browner, Matthew E & Michele J1 Kilburn Ct
0409_289.05_5Browning, Joan305 Oak Ave
0409_528.35_20Brownstein Sydney F.1909 Rolling Ln
0409_521.16_14Browski Mark E & Jocelyn D27 Bridle Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0256Brozina, M & Gardiner, E H/W256 Tavistock
0409_525.02_2Brubaker James C & Linda Perozzi -17 Circle Ln
0409_286.17_34Brubaker Kyle & Allison32 Meryl Ln
0409_385.01_3Bruce Anthony F & Joan L16 Madison Ave
0409_404.32_10Bruce Jeffrey C1256 Charleston Rd
0409_342.05_23Bruce Stephen S & Susan P7 Parkwood Rd
0409_337.03_7Brucoli, Emilia G16 Crooked Ln
0409_518.10_38Bruder Brian A & Leigh Ann21 Pawtucket Dr
0409_224.05_3Bruder Christopher M & Burns Christ241 Sixth Ave W
0409_340.04_17Brudie, Ronald M. & Renee L.246 Maine Ave
0409_523.10_20Brudno Mitchell K14 Oakley Ct
0409_528.26_3Brugnolo Giancarlo & Ann D1758 Larkspur Rd
0409_192.01_12Bruhn Kayla A & Cordero Ricardo J338 Essex Ave
0409_404.22_10Bruhn, Eric & Deborah121 Deerfield Dr
0409_521.09_97Brukman, Leonid & Irina7 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_528.23_14Brumbaugh Mark T & Jennifer1758 Tearose Ln
0409_339.14_7Brumbaugh William A & Helen E-Trust208 Avon Rd
0409_513.16_15Brunkel, Robert W & Doreen17 Latches Ln
0409_471.07_8Brunner Deborah6 Lavenham Ct
0409_521.12_2Brunner, Jeremy S & Randee L3 Walkaway Ln
0409_462.02_6Bruno Alex M & Alysiamarie125 Green Vale Rd
0409_243.01_1Bruno Anthony1200 Maple Ave
0409_404.14_8Bruno Brandon123 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1206Bruno Derek S1206 Chanticleer
0409_340.08_6Bruno Gregory A & Lynne G-Trustees107 Miami Ave W
0409_452.01_6Bruno Jr, John A & Linda A111 Miami Ave E
0409_342.07_27Bruno Natalie4 Briar Rd
0409_335.10_9Bruno Nicholas J119 Weather Vane Dr
0409_342.13_26Bruno, Anthony J & Peden Joan H/W515 Pelham Rd
0409_339.27_5Bruno, Howard P & Christine G406 Bruce Rd
0409_397.02_8Bruno, James A & Trinh41 Edison Rd
0409_388.01_22Bruno, Rocco & Mary Lynne21 Harding Ave
0409_286.25_3Brusilow Bryan & Carolyn6 Bellows Ln
0409_335.09_17Bruton Charles R & Jane126 Weather Vane Dr
0409_315.01_1Bruton, Charles R & Jane B334 Roosevelt Dr
0409_470.04_1Bryan, Henry C & Et Al17 Westbrook Dr
0409_513.21_24Bryan, Robert & Elyse20 Candlewyck Way
0409_431.04_30Bryant Dorothy7 Maplebrook Ct
0409_404.12_32Bryant J & Egan E H/W106 Deerfield Dr
0409_54.01_5_C1916Bryant John K & Allison A1916 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_529.07_6Bryant, Jason & Amanda1905 Baldwin Rd
0409_430.06_9Bryant, Joseph R307 Woodstock Dr N
0409_378.01_10Bryce, Brendan M & Tracy B634 Park Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1835Bryd Evelyn Wallace -1835 The Woods II
0409_412.01_5Bryen, Zola I.39 East Riding Dr
0409_521.09_30Bryerman, Howard & Simone4 Dressage Ct
0409_114.01_5Bryne Juanita516 Franklin Ave
0409_54.01_8_C0134Bryson Kaye134 Plaza Grande
0409_469.10_19Bryson, John F & Kaye S110 Hilltop Ct
0409_342.04_10Bubel Marek W & Danuta112 Kenwood Dr
0409_515.20_17Bubel Pawel & Emily123 Kilburn Dr
0409_340.04_9Bucci Donald Jr & Chelsea211 Miami Ave W
0409_513.39_16Bucciarelli Arnold & Carol A10 Split Rock Dr
0409_467.22_25_C0013Bucelli Lou1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-13
0409_187.01_36Buch Andrew329 Lincoln Ave N
0409_341.05_2Buchanan, David & Lisa J1002 Rydal Rd
0409_518.09_3Buchberg Arthur M & Siracusa L6 Glenperth Ln
0409_528.32_4Buchman Myron & Tanya1908 Queen Anne Rd
0409_404.16_16Buchs John R & Kerry L101 Old Carriage Rd
0409_340.04_20Bucia Joseph & Donna Marie240 Maine Ave
0409_237.01_10Buck Brian810 Carlisle Rd
0409_567.01_1.01Buck Brian K11 Fourth Ave
0409_286.23_14Buck Gregory J & Renee14 Knoll Ln
0409_289.02_7Buck Joan312 Coolidge Rd
0409_58.01_12Buck Taylor & Hale Joseph635 Highland Ave
0409_286.10_39Buck, Arn D & Linda J21 Lafferty Dr
0409_245.01_20Buck, Brian K1404 Maple Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0294Buck, Martin J & Susan J294 Tavistock
0409_523.05_8Buckley Matthew E & Elisabeth S7 Hawthorne Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0433Buckman Stanley & Glenda433 Chanticleer
0409_528.48_16Buckman, Tony & Silver1746 Morris Dr
0409_340.08_4Buckman, Wm & Shellie111 Miami Ave W
0409_436.05_99_C0072Bucknum Robert & Eileen72 Buckingham Pl
0409_429.04_1_C0170Bucko Kristine & Rosario Koryn170 Tavistock
0409_338.16_25Buckwalter, Joel D & Catharine G411 Cornwall Rd
0409_340.33_16Buczynski Adam & Frank Emily16 Windsor Mews
0409_520.04_1_C1352Buda Alice1352 Chanticleer
0409_404.12_41Budesa Richard & Mary124 Deerfield Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1707Budman Gary & Laura1707 Chanticleer
0409_524.02_2Budman Gary B & Laura5 Manning Ln
0409_528.43_11Budman, Alan & Ronni1752 Country Club Dr
0409_286.15_2Budney, Richard R Jr & Kimberly A37 Wagon Ln
0409_528.34_9Budroe, John D & Marie400 Country Club Dr
0409_515.17_8Budsock Jason M & Yuen Ting108 Saxby Terr
0409_529.01_21Budsock, Jason M & Yuen T118 Cuffys Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1818Buehler Joan1818 The Woods II
0409_469.12_25Buehler Jon & Elizabeth101 Morningside Dr
0409_518.17_7Buell Scott R & Heather Keesing -1024 Rymill Run
0409_433.07_5Buffa Kristine1012 Robwill Pass
0409_285.01_2Buffington Michael V-Trustee16 Laurel Terr
0409_520.04_2_C1506Buford, Ross A1506 The Woods
0409_529.13_20Buggy, G J & Rinaldi, J1774 Longfellow Dr
0409_286.25_6Bui Hai & Amanda12 Bellows Ln
0409_52.01_1_C0514Bui Kimhoa514 Park Pl
0409_469.08_31Bui Thanhnhan1939 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_215.01_14Bui Vinh Q612 Church Rd
0409_282.04_2Bui, Hien Thu & Le, Son Van40 Delwood Rd
0409_515.03_26Bui, Nha D & Kimberly H119 Henfield Ave
0409_341.07_14Bui, Philip & Kim H1006 Chelten Pkwy
0409_338.24_57Bui, Thanh M & Hoa T410 King George Rd
0409_395.08_1_C128BBui, Tim & Nguyen, H H/W128b Cherry Parke
0409_433.16_8Builders League Of South Jersey Inc114-116 Haddontowne Ct
0409_162.01_18Builty Properties LLC1104 Martin Ave
0409_528.59_23Buividas, Stephen J501 Brian Dr
0409_527.05_49Bulakowski, John J & Blanch E1612 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_529.25_5Bulicki, Christopher & Megan1955 Berlin Rd
0409_543.01_19Bulicki, Patricia & Et Als27 Carolina Ave
0409_545.01_15Bulicki, R & Cannava, R C101 Philmar Ave
0409_125.05_7Bulifant Walton & Donald518 Beechwood Ave
0409_525.32_9Bullock Khary & Congleton Tamara1913 Lark Ln
0409_404.33_3Bulsak, Joseph & Anne Christine107 Bentwood Dr
0409_286.16_18Bulzak David P & Beth Morton -30 Wagon Ln
0409_529.12_17Bulzak, David P & Beth M1548 Hillside Dr
0409_108.01_1Bundy, Bruce Sr & Jacqueline301 Wisteria Ave
0409_436.03_81Bune Noel383 Tuvira Ln
0409_515.20_9Bune, Maria Ruby139 Kilburn Dr
0409_469.13_28Bunis Lawrence & Gayle4 Anders Dr
0409_342.30_19Bunks Scott M & Samantha M400 Pelham Rd
0409_431.14_15Bunn Marvin & Janice128 Ashbrook Rd
0409_471.02_15Bunt Richard & Julie138 Partree Rd
0409_545.01_19Buntaine Virginia106 Palmwood Ave
0409_513.06_1Bunting Alexis120 Old Orchard Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0134Buonanno Lisa N134 Tavistock
0409_518.07_8Buonincontro, Guy A & Barbara A11 Pendleton Dr
0409_469.17_37Buono, Russ & Michelle1 Westbury Dr
0409_434.16_11Burach, Drew A & Ilene H1661 Lark Ln
0409_104.01_8Burbank Michael + Bonnie716 Northwood Ave
0409_218.01_11Burcat Shelley & Dooner Mindy213 Woodland Ave
0409_431.07_3Burch Charon S106 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_545.01_21Burch Robt W & Shirley110 Palmwood Ave
0409_381.01_32Burch, Jennifer G113 Edison Ave
0409_248.01_2Burcher, Paul V & Cath105 Merion Rd
0409_458.01_13Burckley, John W208 Daytona Ave E
0409_340.18_14Burday, Lorraine527 Rhode Island Ave
0409_189.01_4Burdey, David304 Monroe Ave
0409_523.12_1Burdick Matthew & Christina1216 Cropwell Rd
0409_412.05_3Burdzy Jonathan Franciszek & Anne C35 Spring Mill Ln
0409_335.11_6Burens, Roger E Jr & Denise N111 Hedgerow Dr
0409_528.01_7Burgese, Maria & Eric E1808 Berlin Rd
0409_529.12_21Burgos Melvin J & Diamond Susan1540 Hillside Dr
0409_286.07_6Burgoyne Paul & Margaret11 Eddy Ln
0409_437.03_1_C7011Burgoyne, Patricia Kirby701-A Society Hill
0409_513.10_8Burgstein Cindy R11 Candlewyck Way
0409_196.01_4Burhenne Jay300 Hinchman Ave
0409_286.04_11Burke John R & Adele25 Knollwood Dr
0409_515.17_13Burke Kevin J & O'Brien Courtney J117 Dalton Terr
0409_338.30_2Burke Nicholas & Ryan Amelia-France355 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.27_28Burke Patrick Jr & Mary Anne340 Windsor Dr
0409_286.29_14Burke Thos R & Irene20 Saddle Ln
0409_515.02_5Burke, Mary Ann & Elting, Philip E100 Sandringham Rd
0409_252.01_9Burke, Steven J & Claire C121 St Davids Rd
0409_431.14_78Burkett Carol & Michelle226 Brookfield Rd N
0409_437.03_1_C0725Burkett Gillian725 Society Hill
0409_520.04_2_C0408Burkett, Gillian B408 The Woods
0409_337.06_1_C0241Burkett, Linda241 Kings Croft
0409_183.01_24Burkhardt Walter E. & Kathleen M.317 Woodland Ave
0409_529.26_14Burkhardt, Daniel S & Tracey L1509 Hillside Dr
0409_339.33_8Burkholder Duane R & Susan W220 Drake Rd
0409_338.18_6Burlage John + Nancy406 Cornwall Rd
0409_391.01_13Burlington Camden County Associatio10 Montana Ave
0409_391.01_9Burlington Camden Cty Assoc Real306 Kings Hwy S
0409_433.20_1_C0468Burlington Operating Group Inc468 Centura
0409_342.28_1_C0408Burlotos Eleni408 Barclay Walk
0409_519.09_40Burmood, Jason C & Jennifer A126 Partridge Ln E
0409_159.01_26Burn Loretta & Robert630 Mercer St
0409_352.01_12Burnbaum Nina & Mark14 Rhode Island Ave
0409_342.30_1Burnett, James B & Mary Beth100 Sawmill Rd
0409_435.16_15Burnett, Michael & Edith1222 Forge Rd
0409_527.02_31Burnett, Norman E1520 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_404.49_4Burnham, Scott P & Mary P422 Holly Glen Dr
0409_321.01_6Burnham. Scott P & Mary P3005 Church Rd
0409_471.13_1Burns Aaron M & Carolynn F150 Weston Dr
0409_101.01_3Burns Charles A Iv800 Northwood Ave
0409_161.01_19Burns Christopher1212 Martin Ave
0409_104.01_18Burns Danny G719 Longwood Ave
0409_245.01_17Burns John E & Martin13 St Martins Rd
0409_338.02_30Burns Joseph + Margaret506 King George Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0348Burns Kathleen348 Chanticleer
0409_338.15_28Burns Martin J524 Lee Ann Rd
0409_528.53_9Burns Michael E & Dolores I402 Junewood Dr
0409_513.29_21Burns Wilmer III & Lois A12 Wheelwright Ln
0409_342.34_12Burns, Barbara J & Thomas M460 Wayland Rd
0409_404.10_18Burns, Donald C & Linda M571 Tarrington Rd
0409_528.36_22Burns, Gary M & Hiller S1807 Rolling Ln
0409_520.04_2_C0308Burns, Jason308 The Woods
0409_528.14_12Burns, M M & Cohen, S G514 Gatewood Rd
0409_339.07_9Burns, Raymond D Jr416 Sheffield Rd
0409_215.01_7Burns, Robert M107 Linderman Ave
0409_58.01_43Burns, William & Barbara670 Woodland Ave
0409_431.18_7Burnt Mill Group LLC1515 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_342.05_30Buroojy, James312 Brookmead Dr
0409_52.01_1_C0107Burpulis Marisa107 Park Pl
0409_148.01_3Burpulis Nicholas & Sisco Marianne1005 Mercer St
0409_338.09_8Burr, James T & Cheryl A314 Chapel Ave E
0409_342.18_6_C0403Burrell Lenora403 Barclay Towers
0409_52.01_1_C0312Burrell, Erik J312 Park Pl
0409_469.17_26Burrows Alan J23 Westbury Dr
0409_515.09_11Burrows, Peter & Fiona41 Charles Ln
0409_433.20_1_C0116Burstein, Phyllis L116 Centura
0409_528.33_21Burstin Efrat517 Arthur Dr
0409_528.44_16Burstin Ran & Efrat402 Country Club Ct West
0409_437.03_1_C0614Burt Warren M614 Society Hill
0409_515.03_29Burt, David & Susan8 Henfield Terr
0409_342.18_6_C1209Burton, Traci1209 Barclay Towers
0409_192.01_6Burzynski Jason M326 Essex Ave
0409_285.15_8Busa Anthony V III & Kimberly A313 Monmouth Dr
0409_340.33_9Busa Theresa9 Windsor Mews
0409_431.10_3Busa, A & Simon, K A133 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_372.01_11Buscemi Richard L & Christine26 Cooper Ave
0409_381.01_24Buscemi Richard L III & Kimberlee145 Edison Ave
0409_528.55_2Busch Andrew N420 Lavender Hill Dr
0409_305.01_6Busch J. Jr.423 Kennebec Rd
0409_118.01_16Busch Lynn611 Helena Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0405Busch, Scott & Cindy405 Chanticleer
0409_525.14_16Busconi Thomas Brett & Malissa Chap105 Charlann Circle
0409_520.04_1_C0225Bush Dennis L & Linda J225 Chanticleer
0409_339.19_17Bush Joseph & Kathleen101 Forest Rd
0409_529.02_14Bush Ralph & Jane S1922 Delicious Way
0409_513.27_46Bush, Arthur B & Joyce A932 Cropwell Rd
0409_285.06_5Bushman B S & Estella A E312 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_338.17_11Bushta, David P511 Lee Ann Rd
0409_122.01_7Bushyeager, Howard T & Jennifer636 Kenilworth Ave
0409_54.02_5_C4522Busillo John J & Susan M4522 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_513.44_7Busler, Scott H & Marianne310 Mimosa Dr
0409_338.17_5Bussemer, Ray M & Marie M409 King George Rd
0409_258.01_6Bustard, J Peggy L/E1924 Maple Ave
0409_155.01_6Bustonera, Antonio V & Juanita731 Fulton St
0409_430.06_7Buszka Jerome F303 Woodstock Dr N
0409_523.02_4Butbul Gil Yossef8 Coopers Run Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0727Butch, Peter J727 Kings Croft
0409_397.04_21Butcher, Kathleen56 Stanford Rd
0409_544.01_26Butkus, Mary L120 Carolina Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0215Butler Charles H II Lisa A215 Tavistock
0409_342.19_3Butler Christie J & Christopher G1124 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_431.13_4Butler Daniel B131 Greenwood Rd
0409_433.08_11Butler Darrin & Kerri49 Plymouth Dr
0409_286.29_19Butler Jeffrey & Chelsea10 Saddle Ln
0409_525.30_9Butler Michael S & Jean C1233 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_469.03_2Butler Peter J & Maureen4 Green Acre Dr
0409_514.07_3Butler S L & Mora C E5 Banner Rd
0409_285.11_6Butler Stephen & Miriam411 Garden State Dr
0409_431.14_7Butler William & Regina114 Ashbrook Rd
0409_528.33_20Butler, Bruce & Linda515 Arthur Dr
0409_128.01_36Butler, C & Murdock, V L7 Paige Ct
0409_518.03_15Butler, Charles J-Trustee25 Partridge Ln
0409_424.01_13Butler, Donald H30 Moore Ave
0409_424.01_12Butler, Donald H28 Moore Ave
0409_289.03_2Butler, Gary H & Kathleen A7 Carol Ct
0409_335.14_12Butler, Richard1001 Friendship Ln
0409_424.01_11Butler, Rita26 Moore Ave
0409_342.09_57Buttaro Amy & James313 Brookmead Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0915Butter, Adam M915 Chanticleer
0409_431.13_8Butter, Eric J & Colleen J123 Greenwood Rd
0409_342.15_9Butterfoss Paul R103 Kevin Ct
0409_52.01_1_C0111Butterwick Colleen P111 Park Pl
0409_429.04_1_C0391Buttress Sharon391 Tavistock
0409_471.07_7Butts, Christopher & Dominque4 Lavenham Ct
0409_354.01_15Buyse, Christopher M15 New Hampshire Ave
0409_342.02_6Buzby Jason14 Kenwood Dr
0409_404.08_12Buzby, John S & Ruthe1205 Black Baron Dr
0409_340.04_47Buzby, Leon M & Joann E209 Rhode Island Ave
0409_431.06_2Buzhaker, Mendel & Svetlana1005 Cedarbrook Rd
0409_342.02_20Buzi Amarildo & Lorena38 Kenwood Dr
0409_513.43_21Buzzone Lucy A116 Rye Rd
0409_340.07_15Bycer, Marcia S131 Valley Run Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0326Byers Catherine & Toombs Allen Lee326 Tavistock
0409_470.07_36Byers Catherine & Toombs Allen Lee6 Crestview Dr
0409_528.09_26Byers Michael E & Anne C310 Cranford Rd
0409_342.04_16Byers, Esther109 Brace Rd
0409_395.08_1_C108BBynum, Jacqueline A108b Cherry Parke
0409_527.05_53Byrd Joel M & Jennifer1620 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0702Byrne Maria T & Carbone Peter & Mar702 The Woods
0409_513.08_27Byrne, John A & Mary C7 Elbow Ln
0409_338.22_17Byrnes Anne & Dimedio Michael37 Syracuse Dr S
0409_309.01_10Byrnes Michael209 Cleveland Rd
0409_525.28_10Byrnes Patricia G1916 West Point Dr
0409_313.01_7Byrnes, Michael & Mary313 Roosevelt Dr
0409_519.01_23Byron, Lori129 Partridge Ln E
0409_513.42_9Bystrycki John D100 Collins Dr
0409_285.14_7Byun Jong Hwa & Jung Yun313 Belmont Dr
0409_521.08_12Byun, Hyan Chang + Soon Rye1537 Chalet Dr
0409_413.02_10Byun, Jinsuk & Meekyung34 East Riding Dr
0409_436.03_108Byun, S H & Chang, S431 Tuvira Ln
0409_467.22_25_C0008Bz & V Enterprises LLC1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-8
0409_528.05_20Bz Management1601 Pleasant Dr
0409_470.01_21C & J Properties Inc C/O J Mcgowan1913 Greentree Rd
0409_524.02_3C & S Ristich LLC1007 Springdale Rd
0409_467.01_13_C0001C K NJ LLC670 Deer Rd
0409_239.01_9C Lipton LLC38 Haddonfield Rd
0409_463.09_18C120170 Homeowners AssociationFrontage Road
0409_352.01_13Caba Erdinc & Pamela12 Rhode Island Ave
0409_470.06_15Cabalo Nicodemo & Carolina28 Greentree Way
0409_515.20_8Cabalo, Nemesio & Minda141 Kilburn Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0604Cabano Louis & Helen604 The Woods
0409_513.44_12Cabello Alan & Christine300 Mimosa Dr
0409_395.03_26Cabin Investments LLC32 Winding Way
0409_217.01_5Cabinian Alex & Erlinda112 Woodland Ave
0409_9.01_12Cabo 1 Enterprises LLC16 Union Ave
0409_339.14_13Cabrera, Roberto & Myrtelina220 Avon Rd
0409_286.39_114Caccese Richard & Frances114 Greensward
0409_431.05_11Cacchio, Frances212 Brookfield Rd N
0409_436.05_99_C0064Cadambi, Srihari & Neelanjana64 Buckingham Pl
0409_282.01_32Cadbury Continuing Care At Home Inc2317 Church Rd
0409_338.20_8Caesar Michael V414 Chapel Ave E
0409_525.08_29Cafagna, John J & Stacey M1209 Heartwood Dr
0409_335.16_14Caffrey Alfred & Janet F15 Peppermill Dr
0409_288.04_3Cahill Jodie S15 Beekman Pl
0409_431.08_1Cahill John & Swartz Jamie105 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_335.09_14Cahill, Bernard & Joan A120 Weather Vane Dr
0409_434.17_12Cahill, John & Pam1004 Eagle Ln
0409_233.01_3Cahill, Matthew & Renee222 Wilbur Ave
0409_338.09_32Cahill, Meredith D301 Sheffield Rd
0409_285.18_20Cain Elizabeth & Michael422 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_529.01_10Cain, Michael A & Bonnie117 Cuffys Ln
0409_397.05_34Cain, Stephen & Deborah43 Stanford Rd
0409_528.59_41Caine Brian E & Debbi L Sunshine -505 Knights Pl
0409_520.04_1_C1242Caine Natalie A1242 Chanticleer
0409_101.01_14Cairns, Craig821 Longwood Ave
0409_335.13_27Caja, Paul J & Sheri R3521 Church Rd
0409_471.02_34Cajulis Arthur J & Jinnwien122 Weston Dr
0409_522.03_1Cake, Stephen T & Mary L2 Signal Hill Rd
0409_527.02_49Cakir, Hikmet1517 Berlin Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0184Cakmak Aslihan184 Centura
0409_527.05_13Cakmak Aslihan100 Cranford Rd
0409_528.52_17Cala-Rizo Olga M411 Junewood Dr
0409_549.01_13Calabrese Lisa100 Philmar Ave
0409_58.01_1Calabrese, Angelo & Carolyn679 Highland Ave
0409_564.01_10Calabrese, George L & Cheryl L14 Sixth Ave E
0409_429.04_1_C0209Calaf, Bienvenido Jr209 Tavistock
0409_397.02_2Calalo, Artee11 Edison Rd
0409_469.20_6Caldas, Enrique & Consuelo1936 Greentree Rd
0409_471.12_11Calder Lloyd J & Susan M L/E16 Wexford Ct
0409_433.13_6Calderon Ariel R & Michelle165 Mansfield Blvd N
0409_523.07_14Caldes, W & Valentine, B17 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_369.01_21Caldwell Janice1108 Jefferson Ave
0409_368.01_9Caldwell, Janice L1204 Jefferson Ave
0409_340.05_42Caldwell, Victoria M108 Ridge Rd
0409_339.13_40Calhoun William J III & Kelly A203 Drake Rd
0409_521.10_9Caliankara Jaison & Joy Deepa1 Saddle Horn Dr
0409_365.01_13Califano, Esther M1400 Park Blvd
0409_538.01_7Calingasan Lourdes N & Spouse212 Evesham Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1354Calio, Rosemary1354 Chanticleer
0409_518.07_4Caliri, Janice8 Thackery Ln
0409_338.19_14Calisterio, Ana L & Tom G413 Chapel Ave E
0409_342.26_13Callaghan Kevin M & Jennifer L125 Sawmill Rd
0409_339.24_26Callaghan, Brian A & Geralyn M814 Johns Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0197Callahan Glenn P & Keeley Therese M197 Uxbridge
0409_404.13_22Callahan, Eric C & Lauren M126 Old Carriage Rd
0409_435.09_11Callahan, Vici L141 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_286.28_12Callan, Christopher M & Renee M3 Saddle Ln
0409_183.01_11Callaway William + Maureen322 Third Ave W
0409_430.09_1_C0195Callista, Claire E195 Uxbridge
0409_577.01_13Callista, James4 Ashland Ave
0409_358.01_2Callomon, P R & Yoshii, Sh/W502 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_339.20_6Calogero Joseph & Eileen211 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_529.10_8Caltabiano Lauren A & Louis A & The208 Ocean St
0409_404.22_17Caltabiano, James J & Claire116 Split Rail Dr
0409_463.06_4Calubayan Al & Virginia18 Holden Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0307Calubayan Virginia CMark 70-#307
0409_462.04_16Calubayan, Ray & Monica132 Green Vale Rd
0409_340.21_16Calvary Assembly Of God402 Rhode Island Ave
0409_528.66_3Calvin Morris Real Estate LLC102 Browning Ln
0409_513.33_24Calvo Michelle D & C Otterwell James634 Croyden Dr
0409_358.01_8Calvo, Raymond C & Mary117 Rhode Island Ave
0409_166.01_20Calzaretto, Domenic & Francis1226 Bedford Ave
0409_143.01_8Calzaretto, Lisa914 Murray St
0409_546.01_9Cama Plan Fbo Eric Gardner Ira Act#109 Sixth Ave E
0409_404.20_23Camac Partners Lp318 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0218Camacho Fernando M218 Chanticleer
0409_342.09_24Camardo Shane217 Redstone Ridge
0409_285.14_12Camarre Maria405 Belmont Dr
0409_579.01_6Camarre Phillip & Miosotis180 Dobson Ln
0409_189.01_13Camba Domingo & Adelaida332 Monroe Ave
0409_234.01_35Camba Jelsie P & Baros Marylou5 Willis Ave
0409_340.05_4Camba Joan P207 Maine Ave
0409_339.04_17Camba, Cezar & Geraldine313 Kingston Rd
0409_191.01_7Camba, Domingo C & Adelaida G332 Evergreen Ave
0409_233.01_5Camba, Pablo & Melinda226 Wilbur Ave
0409_342.20_6Camden Co Council Of Girl Scouts40 Brace Rd
0409_429.02_1Camden Co Park10 Berlin Rd
0409_431.14_1Camden County1201 Berlin Rd
0409_431.14_13Camden CountyAshbrook Rd
0409_596.03_2Camden CountyHampton Rd
0409_998_16Camden CountyCamden County Rds
0409_998_16.01Camden CountyCamden County Rds
0409_437.13_3Camden County College1889 Rt 70 E
0409_49.01_1Camden County Mua7 Park Blvd
0409_49.01_3Camden County MuaPark Blvd
0409_260.01_13.01Camden County MuaDevon Rd
0409_331.01_3Camden County MuaChurch Rd
0409_338.16_2.01Camden County MuaRear Cornwall Rd
0409_431.14_81Camden County MuaBrookfield Rd N
0409_431.14_80Camden County MuaBrookfield Rd N
0409_431.16_7Camden County Open Space1205 Berlin Rd/62 Oakdale
0409_6.01_7Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_373.01_1Camden County Park Commission1301 Park Blvd
0409_7.02_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_27.02_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_53.02_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_374.01_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_406.01_1Camden County Park Commission101 Old Bortons Mill Rd
0409_5.01_12Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_403.01_1Camden County Park CommissionKings Hwy S
0409_396.01_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_1.02_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd
0409_8.01_1Camden County Park Commission601 Park Blvd
0409_38.01_1Camden County Park CommissionPark Blvd Rear
0409_49.01_2Camden County Parks CommissionPark Blvd
0409_528.26_5Cameron, Daniel G & Sharon C1762 Larkspur Rd
0409_285.01_7Cameron, Joseph S & Maida I6 Laurel Terr
0409_395.08_1_C113ACamilli James113a Cherry Parke
0409_528.15_11Camm Robert & Donna Mae495 Tearose Ln
0409_577.01_16Cammack, Kenneth & Ernest3 Perot Ave
0409_525.08_27Cammarata Ted & Jaclyn1201 Heartwood Dr
0409_529.20_2Cammarata, Andrea & Etal117 Eaton Way
0409_529.14_15Cammarata, Francesco120 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_521.17_5Cammarata, Ted10 Bridle Ct
0409_528.41_4Cammisa, Joseph & Margaret406 Doral Dr
0409_404.12_36Camp, Jason D & Laura A114 Deerfield Dr
0409_186.01_16Campagna Robert A337 Union Ave
0409_568.01_8Campana Jr Paul M & K18 Second Ave
0409_568.01_5Campana, Paul M III17 Third Ave E
0409_404.12_4Campanella, Alfred & Carolyn J104 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_433.19_6Campbell Arthur C Jr378 Kresson Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0171Campbell Christine B171 Tavistock
0409_404.26_9Campbell Clifton M & Lisa199 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_364.01_5Campbell Edward Jr4 Webster Ave
0409_286.12_20Campbell James37 Ivy Ln
0409_54.02_5_C4011Campbell Janell S4011 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_252.01_13Campbell Joseph R105 St Davids Rd
0409_335.03_1Campbell Julie A1008 Millstream Dr
0409_338.07_13Campbell Kevin J204 Kingsley Rd
0409_335.16_7Campbell Leonard J & Donna M110 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_467.05_2Campbell Robert & Joanne517 Park Rd
0409_342.13_10Campbell Robert D & Patti J124 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_215.01_8Campbell Stephen A & Diane H105 Linderman Ave
0409_286.39_120Campbell Thomas W120 Greensward
0409_429.04_1_C0141Campbell, Cathleen141 Tavistock
0409_437.12_101Campbell, Christine A101 Versailles
0409_518.04_12Campbell, David B & Deborah39 Harrowgate Dr
0409_513.16_23Campbell, John G & Margaret M1 Latches Ln
0409_299.01_1Campbell, Kevin & Mary Jane430 Silver Hill Rd
0409_190.01_5Campbell, Robert % C Campbell303 Hinchman Ave
0409_528.42_18Campbell, Roger & Jenifer103 Country Club Pl
0409_518.19_20Campbell, Scott & Joanne108 Kingsdale Ave
0409_161.01_5Campbell, Terrance & Annette1209 Bedford Ave
0409_465.01_2Campden Assoc LLC & Mrps-Cherry Hil1960-70 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_465.01_4Campden Associates LLC621 Chapel Ave E
0409_54.01_8_C0248Campi Russell & Cathleen248 Plaza Grande
0409_469.05_18Campiglia Augustine & S7 Forest Hill Dr
0409_183.01_4Campione Karen S806 Dudley Ave
0409_513.31_4Campisi Jason & Jessica8 Cobblestone Rd
0409_528.21_22Campisi, Joseph425 Morris Dr
0409_285.01_8Campisi, Santo & Lucy4 Laurel Terr
0409_431.14_69Camporeale Joseph P & Heilweil Jess221 Brookfield Rd S
0409_515.15_28Campoverde, Hugo V & Teresa110 Dalton Terr
0409_515.15_22Campoverde, Lauro G & Kristina M200 Longstone Dr
0409_338.28_12Cana, Mentor & Nertila Tafa -12 Colgate Dr
0409_404.38_7Canal Paul S1017 Red Oak Dr
0409_528.41_23Canal Traci L402 Echo Pl
0409_525.10_5Canal, Annette Y1221 Crane Dr
0409_437.07_59Canal, Maryann N19 St Moritz Ln
0409_529.22_9Canale, Michael & Catherine M129 Kipling Rd
0409_187.01_18Canales Paul350 Union Ave
0409_340.13_6Canales-Medina Juan & Maldonado Jul311 Valley Run Dr
0409_286.12_15Canavatchel, Anthony & Andrea27 Ivy Ln
0409_431.10_6Cancello, Nicola & Georgina127 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_460.01_3Cancelosi Anthony & R205 Tampa Ave E
0409_316.01_13Candelario, Richard311 Lincoln Ave S
0409_340.04_10Candelori John A & Olga V209 Miami Ave W
0409_520.04_1_C0425Candelori William II & Renee425 Chanticleer
0409_412.02_19Candelori-Bedard Melaney O1317 Marlkress Rd
0409_525.18_10Candera Hamilcar & Maryln1921 Owl Ct
0409_395.01_7Cane John & Jennifer19 School Ln
0409_395.01_14Cane, John P5 School Ln
0409_515.10_7Canetta Marco & Alicia115 Apley Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0302Canfield, Sara L302 The Woods
0409_397.01_20Cangemi Ariel64 Edison Rd
0409_404.13_8Cangiano Vincent & Laura109 Wayside Dr
0409_433.07_20Cangiano, Patrick A Jr & Samantha54 Plymouth Dr
0409_528.49_21Caniglia Falco S & Geraldine406 Fireside Ln
0409_341.13_30Canilao Justinn M & Rosalinda B927 Edgemoor Rd
0409_340.24_15Canlapan, Wilhilmina311 Brookline Ave
0409_340.19_5Canlas Abigail Y2809 Chapel Ave W
0409_395.06_12Cann Caroline R13 Rose Ln
0409_392.01_7Cannavo Carolyn (l/E Richard Davis)11 Oregon Ave
0409_341.27_16Cannavo Sandra42 Ranoldo Terr
0409_339.18_39Cannon Glenn Et Als123 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_513.33_32Cannon Kevin R Sr & Rebecca650 Croyden Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1801Cannon Linda Lauretta1801 The Woods II
0409_217.01_3Cannon, John D & Sharon L108 Woodland Ave
0409_368.01_16Cannuli Charles D & Donna M1251 Wayne Ave
0409_523.02_23Cano Leslie46 Coopers Run Dr
0409_433.19_3Canora Charles + Millie372 Kresson Rd
0409_286.39_130Cantarella Desiree130 Greensward
0409_513.22_11Cantarella, Morgan J5 Locust Grove Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0131Canter Dana A131 Kings Croft
0409_520.04_1_C1221Canter Jacqueline H1221 Chanticleer
0409_529.19_12Canter, Scott137 Dumas Rd
0409_518.16_2Canto, David & Wilson, Cheryl81 Partridge Ln
0409_299.01_5Cantor Lawrence422 Silver Hill Rd
0409_338.07_26Cantrell C & Smegal S202 Kingsport Rd
0409_513.30_20Cantrell Harry-Trustee414 Old Orchard Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0818Canturk Gulgun818 Kings Croft
0409_527.02_21Cantwell Christian & Tracy1523 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_338.22_30Cantwell Gregory S & Renee63 Syracuse Dr S
0409_513.28_3Cantz, Lori A17 Black Latch Ln
0409_187.01_14Canuso Angelo J III & Dale & Steven334 Union Ave
0409_471.04_9Canuso, Francis & Rosemary121 Partree Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0265Canzanese Andrew265 Tavistock
0409_525.09_6Canzano Kenneth A & Jacqueline R1133 Willowdale Dr
0409_156.01_1Cao Quan Van & Vo Van T801 Murray Ave
0409_42.01_1Cao, M & Trinh, H K2 Park Blvd
0409_529.12_36Capaldi, Steven L & Melanie1512 Hillside Dr
0409_286.10_21Capano, Michael & Carolyn A81 Knollwood Dr
0409_431.03_22Capehart Joseph G. & Pamela J.104 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_518.14_17Capella Frank Jr + M Emily22 St Anthony Ct
0409_339.27_10Capella, Mary Lou801 Johns Rd
0409_404.14_3Capello Anthony M & Cody Brigid111 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_529.27_2Capilato, Joseph & Patricia109 Chaucer Pl
0409_129.01_5Capitanio Steven515 Highland Ave
0409_195.01_1Capizzi, J & Steinberg, R301 Westminster Ave
0409_340.19_18Caplan, Bette W524 Rhode Island Ave
0409_433.09_18Capone Debra L1017 Lowber Dr
0409_465.01_7Capone Debra L & Genay Greg-Trustee615 Chapel Ave E
0409_340.01_15Capone, Vincent M & Elizabeth I318 Brookline Ave
0409_513.34_14Caporusso Jeffrey & Vanessa611 Old Orchard Rd
0409_465.07_2Cappella, Amedeo & Annamarie501 Deer Rd
0409_463.09_18_C1204Cappiello Lucia & Lomangino AntonieMark 70-#1204
0409_458.01_2Cappo Helen N (l/E) & Etal1105 Princess Ave
0409_378.01_6Capponi Heather D & Alexander Wm R627 Jefferson Ave
0409_339.33_2Capprotti Michael & Molly905 Knight Rd
0409_54.01_5_C0241Cappuccio Anthony R & Marie R241 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0602Cappuccio, B W & Lambert, J E602 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_285.06_20Cappuccio, Ronald J2109 Acqueduct Ln
0409_339.18_23Caprara Charles600 Elkins Terr
0409_513.02_5Capresecco Nicholas D & Ashley M15 Old Orchard Rd
0409_411.05_31Capri Ethan & Danielle705 Kresson Rd
0409_342.20_9_C4002Capri South LLC % R Catalano401-4a Kings Hwy S
0409_52.01_1_C0303Caprice Sharon L303 Park Pl
0409_518.20_4Caprio, Anthony G Jr & Stephanie L17 Brondesbury Dr
0409_528.04_24Capriotti Erynn & Vincent1529 Pleasant Dr
0409_286.18_11Capriotti John M & Florence J21 Wagon Ln
0409_335.02_14Capriotti, John J217 Harvest Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0340Capuano, M & Gibb, S W/H340 Society Hill
0409_525.14_2Capurso Mary133 Charlann Circle
0409_354.01_14Caputo Christopher F17 New Hampshire Ave
0409_338.24_63Caputo, Salvatore & Jacqueline401 Cornwall Rd
0409_431.13_15Caputo, Stephan & Kimberly157 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_340.16_39Cara, Michael & Patricia347 Windsor Dr
0409_347.01_20Carabasi John & Rita103 Connecticut Ave
0409_525.16_13Caracciolo Thomas & Emily1049 Cardinal Ln
0409_437.06_4Caracciolo Thomas A. & Barbara J.157 Lucerne Blvd
0409_413.03_1Caracciolo, G & Wedgwood J H/W2 Millhouse Ln
0409_529.23_14Carandang Federico & Mila1415 Longfellow Dr
0409_188.01_40Carapellotti Charles331 Monroe Ave
0409_469.18_1Carapetyan Nils T & Jennifer I45 Green Acre Dr
0409_342.12_4Carbine, Gail A122 Barclay Ln
0409_183.01_15Carbonara, David334 Third Ave W
0409_183.01_16Carbonara, David S302 Princeton Ave
0409_335.04_9Carbone, Francis & Regina215 Madison Ave N
0409_395.04_12Carcich Susan10 Gere Terr
0409_433.07_52Cardea, Barbara F406 Old Towne Cr E
0409_286.29_3Cardella Michael L313 Surrey Rd
0409_463.04_9Cardile Andrew & Ulrich Serena A3 Clark Dr
0409_181.01_1Cardinal Realty Assoc, Inc400 Haddonfield Rd
0409_282.03_10Cardona, Enrique & Ivette9 Coles Ave
0409_513.35_18Cardone, Angelo Jr & Lorraine100 Mimosa Dr
0409_338.19_13Cardoso Tirso L & Nancy M-Trustees415 Chapel Ave E
0409_404.18_17Carelli Robert & Diana Brosko L/E115 Iron Master Rd
0409_437.12_95Carey Ann M-Trustee95 Versailles
0409_429.04_1_C0172Carey Conell172 Tavistock
0409_520.04_1_C0347Carey Sharla & Slack Tracie347 Chanticleer
0409_413.02_32Carey, Gerard V & Doris11 North Riding Dr
0409_525.30_11Carey, J T & Barr, E Mh/W1239 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_336.01_11Carey, Thomas C20 Brookdale Dr
0409_342.13_5Cargan Christopher & Catharine114 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_339.13_15Cariela Natale J & Tammy228 Chelten Pkwy
0409_434.07_9Carino Marlon & Avegail1216 Heartwood Dr
0409_567.01_8Carino Michael S & Elma M10 Third Ave E
0409_434.17_8Carkeek, Christian & Ruby1692 Blue Jay Ln
0409_526.04_6Carl Mogil Revocable Trust1150 Barbara Dr
0409_371.01_21Carl Rachel902 Jefferson Ave
0409_338.30_9Carleton Associates383 Kings Hwy N
0409_335.06_16Carleton Elizabeth M154 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_437.07_32Carletti, John & Teresa130 Renaissance Dr
0409_471.04_24Carley William & Wanda10 Weston Ct
0409_528.34_1Carlie Nathan Aaron & Alison416 Country Club Dr
0409_341.16_3Carlin Emily A & Stephanie M909 Tampa Ave
0409_335.07_6Carlin John & Tricia133 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_481.01_6Carlin, Anna1921 Linden Ave
0409_404.26_28Carlisle Brett M102 Rockingham Rd
0409_513.30_9Carlos Juan & Romero Phoebe4 Meadow Ln
0409_528.07_5Carlson Christopher & Christine317 Iris Rd
0409_433.04_15Carlson Kurt M & Clare R1024 Haral Pl
0409_339.23_8Carlson Richard & Elizabeth812 Kingston Dr
0409_528.07_6Carlson, Christopher & Christine315 Iris Rd
0409_471.02_8Carmichael, Arthur (dec) Evelyn10 Tendring Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0186Carmody Clare M186 Uxbridge
0409_337.06_1_C0240Carmody James & Margaret240 Kings Croft
0409_431.08_6Carmona Michael H & Sherilyn D112 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_433.03_15Carnall, David F & Eloise R1013 Haral Pl
0409_437.04_63Carnemolla Ronald Jr & Novick Cara100 Renaissance Dr
0409_335.05_10Carney Brad A & Wosiski Tara L222 Madison Ave N
0409_285.23_5_C0008Carney Steven & Markella8 Regency Court
0409_549.01_17Carney, Edward J108 Philmar Ave
0409_58.01_47Carney, Frank & Danella, Sharon102 Redwood Ave
0409_395.08_1_C124HCarney, Kyle124h Cherry Parke
0409_281.01_20Carnish Erin & Bernard Sean64 Overbrook Dr
0409_224.08_6Carnrick Donna M401 Church Rd
0409_359.01_21Carol Steven112 Rhode Island Ave
0409_520.02_46Carollo Ann Marie46 Lafayette Ln
0409_528.66_1Carollo Inc1500 Berlin Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0156Caronia Stephen M-Trustee156 Centura
0409_137.01_5Carosella, Vincent & Mariana1207 Chambers St
0409_435.04_14Carpenter, Laurence A & Anne Marie101 Pine Valley Rd
0409_340.27_10Carpini M D & Marchese J307 Royal Oak Ave
0409_342.03_36Carpizo, Luisita V & Renee17 Kenwood Dr
0409_335.05_1Carr Allen Jr & Gertrude204 Madison Ave N
0409_404.36_43Carr Barry L Jr1129 Buttonwood Dr
0409_525.23_20Carr Edward J & Kristi A1060 Swallow Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0244Carr James F244 Tavistock
0409_430.09_1_C0145Carr John T145 Uxbridge
0409_223.01_5Carr Kristen & Ryan310 Elma Ave
0409_285.18_13Carr Michael J & Diane C425 Jamaica Dr
0409_470.08_19Carr Raymond & Shirley1985 Greentree Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0323Carr Thomas J Sr323 Kings Croft
0409_342.07_35Carr, A G & Waisner, P3 Brookmead Dr
0409_395.03_27Carr, Joan30 Winding Way
0409_435.02_20Carr, Michela1219 Forge Rd
0409_213.01_4Carr, Robert J102 Barlow Ave
0409_429.02_4Carr, Robert J44 Berlin Rd
0409_162.01_11Carr, Rudolph B & Janaina1137 Bedford Ave
0409_448.01_8Carranza Carlos E & Devalle Monica19 Tampa Ave E
0409_431.14_22Carrazana Roberto142 Ashbrook Rd
0409_525.25_17Carreau Robert M & Michele F1845 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_286.16_1Carrel William22 Wagon Ln
0409_431.15_15Carrero Henry J & Fabiola150 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_288.05_1_C0404Carrick William404 Chestnut Pl
0409_518.20_11Carrig Thomas + Kathleen121 Brondesbury Pl
0409_338.19_10Carrigan, Kevin414 Preston Rd
0409_578.01_12Carrion, Angel & Ana235 Ashland Ave
0409_528.44_7Carrion, J I & Herrera, J M1758 Dewberry Ln
0409_463.09_18_C1806Carroll John L & GeraldineMark 70-#1806
0409_469.15_8Carroll Patrick & Marianne15 Anders Dr
0409_395.05_16Carroll Paul19 Winding Way
0409_519.09_33Carroll, Andrea J10 Sudley Green Ct
0409_348.01_16Carroll, D & Mcgary C128 Connecticut Ave
0409_545.01_27Carroll, Ellen122 Palmwood Ave
0409_404.29_6Carroll, Jeffrey & Suzanne221 Heritage Rd
0409_390.01_9Carroll, Robert M & Theresa A406 Kings Hwy S
0409_404.36_52Carroll, Shawn & Catherine1215 Sequoia Rd
0409_404.44_8Carroll, Thomas & Diane1267 Kay Dr E
0409_437.03_1_C0339Carrow Barbara L339 Society Hill
0409_515.11_8Carrozza, William & Mary Ellen125 Apley Dr
0409_435.04_23Carrozzino Jerome & Maureen145 Pine Valley Rd
0409_342.22_1Carrozzino Joseph & Nanette1776 Fulwood Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0161Carrozzo Nicholas S161 Uxbridge
0409_513.34_26Carruel Juliann614 Croyden Dr
0409_194.01_10Carson Robert & Dawn314 Westminster Ave
0409_444.01_8Carson Robert J14 Miami Ave W
0409_514.06_15Carson, W Michael & Ellen B2 Banner Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0823Carter Denise W823 Kings Croft
0409_339.25_19Carter James & Morrison Kesha826 Kingston Dr
0409_433.12_5Carter Kenneth B & Deborah O106 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_515.04_12Carter Liv14 Sandringham Terr
0409_595.01_2_T01Carter Lumber Co731 Cuthbert Blvd
0409_595.01_2Carter Lumber Co731 Cuthbert Blvd
0409_154.01_4Carter Matthew K806 Fulton St
0409_515.07_23Carter Nython E1505 Brick Rd
0409_286.03_23Carter Patrick44 Knollwood Dr
0409_549.01_10Carter Peter & Irwin Alexandra105 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_404.13_12Carter Robert A & Mary E-Trustees115 Wayside Ct
0409_186.01_11Carter Toni Ann-L/E402 State St
0409_385.01_13Carter, C M-Trustee & W Balzereit76 Madison Ave
0409_528.06_5Carter, M P & Lattany M303 Lily Ln
0409_383.01_6Carter, Norma J183 Sheridan Ave
0409_515.04_7Carter, William III & Renee125 Sandringham Rd
0409_257.01_19Cartieri Edward & Joanne4 Kent Rd
0409_433.07_56Carty, James J & Jacqueline M407 Old Towne Cr E
0409_525.20_9Carusi, John A & Stacey E1824 Lark Ln
0409_366.01_14Caruso Jeanne M48 Conwell Ave
0409_339.30_21Caruso M A & Castellante T C835 Kingston Dr
0409_513.24_10Caruso Vincent J & L20 Waverly Rd
0409_518.12_3Caruso, Francis & Mary Garges22 Pawtucket Dr
0409_342.18_6_C0208Carvajal Johnathan S S208 Barclay Towers
0409_218.01_14Carver Samuel216 Third Ave W
0409_433.20_1_C008GCarvin DeniseCentura
0409_200.01_18Carvin, Gerald & Evelyn203 State St
0409_574.01_11Casamento, Rosemary Sylina13 Ellis Ave
0409_513.12_23Casanas, Mario & Teresa28 Niamoa Dr
0409_100.01_4Casario Joseph & Kathleen810 Beechwood Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0723Casario Linda D723 Society Hill
0409_286.39_109Casassa, C & Reilly, T E109 Greensward
0409_54.02_5_C4513Cascioli Elizabeth4513 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_523.07_13Casdia Bret A & Keli15 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_286.33_37Casdia Paul & Janine11 Blue Bell Dr
0409_336.02_15Casdia, Ronald C10 Gregory Ct
0409_234.01_8Case Richard & Rhona18 Oakview Ave
0409_397.05_4Casella, Richard I Jr19 Churchill Rd
0409_342.15_13Casey John B & Porter Rachel P1123 Green Briar Rd
0409_282.04_3Casey Maureen & Mishlinski Miriam36 Delwood Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4642Casey Raymond J & Nell G4642 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_404.44_3Casey, Donald J & Rose Ann A1237 Kay Dr S
0409_518.22_8Casey, John & Stephanie10 Staffordshire Rd
0409_513.28_20Casey, Michael L & Jill S9 Brae Ln
0409_513.09_21Casey, Rosemarie R212 Old Orchard Rd
0409_125.05_2Casher, Patricia C1203 Chapel Ave W
0409_340.16_36Caskey Herbert-Trustee (l/E Korff341 Windsor Dr
0409_467.05_8Caso, A & Cuccio, A F504 Fawn Dr
0409_435.02_13Casolaro Robt N & Julie1205 Forge Rd
0409_342.14_10Cason Thomas E Jr & Good Melissa1112 Yardley Rd
0409_340.24_44Caspe, Leo & Ma Ninfa335 Rhode Island Ave
0409_404.36_73Caspellan Thomas B & Jennifer V19 Teak Ct
0409_520.04_1_C0523Cassano Colleen523 Chanticleer
0409_433.07_59Cassano Matthew J & Sanchez Mary6 Old Towne Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1241Cassano Sebastian A & Supnick S N1241 Chanticleer
0409_404.31_12Cassano, Jeffrey & Anne248 Heritage Rd
0409_528.52_19Cassel, Ilene J407 Junewood Dr
0409_397.07_13Cassel, Robert E Jr136 Edison Rd
0409_386.01_6Casserly Andrea C30 Harrison Ave
0409_525.02_3Casserly, Douglas M & Martha H15 Circle Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0264Cassetta, Maurizzio264 Tavistock
0409_335.02_12Cassiano Peter P & J T231 Madison Ave N
0409_510.02_4.01Cassidy Angela B & Sheridan James F1635 Springdale Rd
0409_286.33_27Cassidy Ann & Jefferson Edward10 Coventry Ct
0409_469.05_4Cassidy Gary & Jocelyn G10 Darien Dr
0409_92.01_4Cassidy, Gerald & Lynn Sama -906 Beechwood Ave
0409_455.01_11Cassidy, Gerald S & Lyn Sama -107 Deland Ave
0409_529.24_3Cassidy, James A204 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_342.08_17Cassidy, Patrick T & Miriam K104 Westover Dr
0409_524.05_4Cassway, Rustin A & Karen L60 Cunningham Ln
0409_520.04_2_C2101Castagna, Sandra F2101 The Woods
0409_211.01_19Casteel, Walter C & Deborah T200 Petitt Ave
0409_526.03_8Castellanos Andres & Jill1127 Winding Dr
0409_411.05_13Castellanos Jill26 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_111.01_6Castilla-Morales D & Castilla-Mateo215 Chapel Ave W
0409_525.28_12Castillo E R & R C & Williams R1236 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_285.11_14Castillo Joel Sr & Marivel403 Tanforan Dr
0409_401.01_29Castillo Rutilio & Mercedes15 Munn Ave
0409_183.01_1Castillo, Fausto Manuel800 Dudley Ave
0409_201.01_20Castillo, Johel & Dora201 Barlow Ave
0409_525.10_25Castle Geoffrey T1112 Willowdale Dr
0409_130.01_11Castle Jeremy R526 Third Ave W
0409_335.07_10Castoldi, C L & Contino, C143 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_401.01_4Castorino Theresa905 Kings Hwy S
0409_412.02_26Castro Jose & Inelee T105 Lane Of Trees
0409_381.01_27Castro Linda E & Ramon Jr133 Edison Ave
0409_159.01_12Castro, Andrea L707 Dover St
0409_525.07_11Castro, Ivan & Betty Rebolledo -1602 Ravenswood Way
0409_471.01_12Castro, Jorge L12 Old Orchard Rd
0409_529.08_9Castro, Vilma1783 Baldwin Rd
0409_528.02_10Castronova Thomas C316 Browning Ln
0409_342.12_8Casuscelli, D L & Alburger, S114 Barclay Ln
0409_281.01_36Cat Clinic At Cherry Hill LLC35 Haddonfield Rd
0409_342.18_6_C0205Cataggio Richard & Dolores205 Barclay Towers
0409_342.13_32Catalani, Louis & Patricia M575 Pelham Rd
0409_515.10_13Cataldo Bernadine R103 Apley Dr
0409_528.18_17Catalfamo, Franco1004 Heartwood Dr
0409_578.02_1Catando, Susan201 Orchard Ln
0409_341.06_22Catanella, Anthony & Kathleen M919 Chelten Pkwy
0409_339.33_21Catania Philip J Jr906 Edgemoor Rd
0409_519.04_1Catanoso, Joseph V & Barbara116 Gainsboro Rd
0409_358.01_12Caterino Bartholomew C & Maria C122 New Hampshire Ave
0409_528.24_2Catherine Adam & Lindsey508 Fireside Ln
0409_408.01_12Cathers Alan W & Jean D405 Kresson Rd
0409_404.17_14Cathers Charles F & Ethel124 Iron Master Rd
0409_286.01_4Catholic Community Of Christ Our Li402 Kings Hwy N
0409_404.30_23Catone Michael A & Kristen M209 Gravel Bend Rd
0409_404.41_16Catrambone, Victor J & Tina M1044 Red Oak Dr
0409_528.24_11Cattanea, Thomas J & Nancy J514 Fireside Circle
0409_404.08_7Cattell John III & Latigona Brittne480 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_469.05_3Cattell, M & Sambucci, V12 Darien Dr
0409_523.06_4Cattuna, Louis M. & Bernadette F.39 Coopers Run Dr
0409_329.01_1Caulder Rose306 Columbia Blvd
0409_304.01_1Caulder Rose424 Columbia Blvd
0409_282.04_10Caulder Rose M17 Pratt Rd
0409_348.01_9Cauley Russel G Jr131 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_463.05_9Cauthorn, Jeffrey18 Gardner Dr
0409_286.39_30Cavacini James F-Life Estate30 Greensward
0409_515.17_15Cavalie, Judith Burgos113 Dalton Terr
0409_513.29_8Cavaliere Louis + Denise15 Paper Mill Rd
0409_518.15_10Cavaliere Paul S & Michele14 Brondesbury Dr
0409_404.12_40Cavallaro Frank & Suzanne122 Deerfield Dr
0409_437.05_36Cavallo Michaelangelo97 Renaissance Dr
0409_523.07_20Cavallucci Brian29 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_430.09_1_C0124Cavanaugh Mary C124 Uxbridge
0409_90.01_1Cave, Jeffrey T & Tara A900 Longwood Ave
0409_528.46_1Cave, William E & Shari R418 Gatewood Rd
0409_513.34_17Cavener, Mary A & Steven J204 Mimosa Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1855Cawley Kate1855 The Woods II
0409_525.11_22Cawley Raymond P & Jillian R1137 Heartwood Dr
0409_513.47_14Cbt Associates LLC642 Guilford Rd
0409_503.01_17Cdbd Properties LLC1801 Garden Ave
0409_10.01_2Cdl Real Estate Investment Group Ll2321 Rt 70 W
0409_430.05_1Cdp Holdings LLC302 Woodstock Dr N
0409_286.23_12Cease Arthur & Romarica18 Knoll Ln
0409_520.02_22Cecchetto Beverly22 Lafayette Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0604Cecero, Mariesa604 Playa Del Sol
0409_520.04_1_C1931Cedar Jeffrey & Staci1931 The Woods II
0409_395.08_1_C121CCedarpeak Holdings LLC121c Cherry Parke
0409_404.24_36Cedrone Barbara A116 Warfield Rd
0409_341.03_5Ceglia, Michael J1008 Abington Rd
0409_108.01_2Ceide Jemes303 Wisteria Ave
0409_465.04_5Celani Louis S105 Kingswood Ct
0409_433.18_8Celani, Michael L314 Portsmouth Rd
0409_288.05_1_C0105Celestin, Marcus105 Chestnut Pl
0409_518.15_22Celestino Michael & Natalie6 Lynford Ct
0409_404.16_19Celfo, Christopher & Lisa114 Kitty Hawk Rd
0409_513.44_47Celino, Jane639 Guilford Rd
0409_530.01_1Cella, Kyle J170 Evesham Rd
0409_514.04_33Cellular Hdqtrs Inc C/O A Rubin66 Downing St
0409_339.30_25Celo Rodney D & J-Ria823 Richard Rd
0409_286.12_33Celona, Thomas J12 Jade Ln
0409_520.04_2_C0405Celona, Thomas J405 The Woods
0409_342.16_13Cencetti-Weiniger Luise H1106 Green Briar Rd
0409_515.05_3Ceneviva, Anthony & Denise145 Henfield Ave
0409_437.03_1_C1112Cenicola, Bret & Kelly1112 Society Hill
0409_515.14_8Centanzo Michael5 Brompton Pl
0409_430.09_1_C0221Centonze Charlotte221 Uxbridge
0409_513.28_2Centonze Joseph19 Black Latch Ln
0409_54.02_4.03Central Park Clubhouse LLCVillage Place Blvd
0409_102.02_5Central Shore T11 LLC830 Longwood Ave
0409_191.01_15Central Shore T12 LLC506 Chapel Ave W
0409_433.20_1Centura Homeowners AssociationCentura
0409_569.01_3Century Builders & Development Cons400 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_229.01_7Cepas David G49 Oakview Ave
0409_434.13_28Cepeda Julius H & Chien Y1149 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_515.03_12Cepero, Orlando L & Maribel816 Marlowe Rd
0409_338.18_22Cephus Melva405 Preston Rd
0409_528.11_10Cepurneac Erika & Sergiu301 Pleasant Dr
0409_382.01_28Cerceo, E A & Rachion, J165 Grant Ave
0409_358.01_7Ceresani John V & Quin Elaine B113 Rhode Island Ave
0409_340.15_2Cerminaro Anthony & Mallory3 Forge Ln S
0409_341.13_9Cerminaro, F & Salvatore, R914 Abington Rd
0409_411.05_33Cero Jibo B701 Kresson Rd
0409_411.05_32Cero Jibo B703 Kresson Rd
0409_338.28_3Cerota Nathan W & Brooks Maisie6 Rutgers Rd
0409_528.64_18Cerota, Louis B & Angela R404 Cranford Rd S
0409_521.06_4Cerquitella Vincent & Natalie1 Summer Place
0409_521.08_2Cerquitella, Charles & Barbara1503 Chalet Dr
0409_433.23_6Cerrone, Michael & Emily A1109 Haral Pl
0409_289.01_19Cestare Daniel L18 Katherine Ave
0409_513.43_11Cetel Marvin & Karen & Rachel205 Mimosa Dr
0409_515.13_9Cetel, Howard + Rosanne216 Balfield Terr
0409_286.16_14Ceteras, Adrian & Jeannine A38 Wagon Ln
0409_577.01_19Cetin Galip & Erica M Esparrago -9 Perot Ave
0409_286.17_21Cevallos Sonia B4 Meryl Ln
0409_528.20_10Cevikel Erhan1767 Tearose Ln
0409_528.64_16Cezair, Trevor K & Stella1734 Country Club Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0110Cgc Realty LLC110 The Woods
0409_442.01_7Cgg Holding Co LLC17 Ormond Ave W
0409_372.01_6Ch Bd Of Comm-Dist 13 (erlton)801 Rt 70 W
0409_339.01_11Ch Bd Of Fire Comm-Dist 13951 Kings Hwy N
0409_548.01_9Ch Bd Of Fire Comm-Dist 13301 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_525.16_16Ch Bd Of Fire Comm-Fire Dist 13Springdale Rd
0409_521.16_7Ch Homes NJ LLC13 Bridle Ct
0409_529.25_4Ch Of Jesus Christ Lds(r Sheets L/E1959 Berlin Rd
0409_469.15_15Ch'ng Shi Baw & Lee Janice P6 Lucille Ln
0409_342.17_18Cha, Sejin & Etal127 Barclay Ln
0409_522.01_2Chabad Lubavitch Of Camden Cty Nj1925 Kresson Rd
0409_519.08_8Chacker, Robert S & Patricia I254 Sandringham Rd
0409_434.14_23Chacon Marlene1657 Blue Jay Ln
0409_335.14_22Chadwell, William & Lorraine1115 Harvest Rd
0409_342.19_9Chadwick, Sean T & Christina M1114 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_469.05_24Chafetz Nancy P19 Forest Hill Dr
0409_582.01_8Chaifetz, Stuart240 Dobson Ln
0409_525.23_15Chaifullo Nicholas & Rybak Larysa1824 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_340.33_28Chaitoff Herschel & Nashofer Aliza28 Windsor Mews
0409_340.33_75Chaitoff, Elaine75 Windsor Mews
0409_285.07_11Chaitoff, Harvey & Sharon406 Narragansett Dr
0409_529.04_1Chakravartly, Dhrubajoyti & Mallika114 Winesap Rd
0409_529.01_7Chakravartti Nanda & Madhabi111 Cuffys Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1044Chakravarty Surajit & Shovona1044 Chanticleer
0409_470.06_33Chakravarty Surajit & Shovona28 Lakeview Hollow
0409_404.05_5Chalbert, William A & Julia A413 Burning Tree Rd
0409_524.12_21Chalet Properties III LLC6 Country Walk
0409_404.39_8Chalik, Robert M & Sandra L1258 Sequoia Rd
0409_518.12_13Chall Justin W & Jill K21 Cohasset Ln
0409_404.35_10Challenger Dave & Jana M2 White Oak Ct
0409_528.24_17Chalmers, Cindy G500 Gatewood Rd
0409_248.01_7Chalmers, Joseph F & Joan B129 Merion Rd
0409_189.01_12Chamberlain, Steven & Terry328 Monroe Ave
0409_404.04_16Chamberlin Gary & Jessica440 Burning Tree Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0368Chamberlin William H368 Tavistock
0409_524.13_11Chambers Donald & Maria4 Thoreau Ct
0409_467.04_12Chambers, Jeffrey D & Pat504 Doe Ln
0409_52.01_1_C0525Chambers, Jerome525 Park Pl
0409_342.21_3Chambers, Michael B. & Victoria V.129 Randle Dr
0409_165.01_3.01Chan Elsa1905 Chapel Ave W
0409_395.08_1_C132DChan Jenny Tsang132d Cherry Parke
0409_54.01_8_C0143Chan Justin143 Plaza Grande
0409_342.09_44Chan Matthew & Rachel204 Westover Dr
0409_214.01_8Chan Mei Ling112 Linderman Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0831Chan Nelson831 Chanticleer
0409_515.09_2Chan Phillip & Anne997 Cropwell Rd
0409_435.10_6Chan Wai Chau55 Pine Valley Rd
0409_462.05_6Chan Y C & Hoang V H/W118 Hart Rd
0409_515.04_19Chan, D M C & Woo, A K106 Henfield Ave
0409_470.07_31Chan, H & Zhang, X16 Crestview Dr
0409_436.03_109Chan, M & Tseng, S H/W405 Tuvira Ln
0409_404.13_13Chance Darren P & Kristen G117 Wayside Ct
0409_528.31_15Chance, Curtis M530 Balsam Rd
0409_286.03_18Chandler Stephanie34 Knollwood Dr
0409_140.01_2Chandler, Christine & Brown, Antoni903 Mercer St
0409_217.01_4Chandler, Michael W & Lydia110 Woodland Ave
0409_437.03_1_C1107Chandra, Kamla1107 Society Hill
0409_413.01_4Chandra, Prasanta1168 Barbara Dr
0409_54.02_5_C4046Chang Charles & Barbara C4046 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_116.01_8Chang Diane S & Anthony Y608 Helena Ave
0409_524.10_39Chang Ernie C & Ko Emily M14 Nine Acre Ct
0409_518.21_26Chang Fred & Vuong Vanessa13 Lynford Dr
0409_523.01_4Chang Henry + Kao1801 Kresson Rd
0409_523.01_3Chang Henry + Kao1809 Kresson Rd
0409_523.01_6Chang Henry + Y-E Kao1807 Kresson Rd
0409_515.20_7Chang Jung Moo & Kyung Hi143 Kilburn Dr
0409_521.13_5Chang Li-Wen22 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0421Chang Longh-Chih421 Society Hill
0409_577.01_25Chang Rena J23 Perot Ave
0409_515.15_16Chang Taiyih + Chia Shu17 Brompton Ct
0409_434.10_8Chang Taiyih + Chia-Shu1411 Starling Ln
0409_568.01_3Chang Wen Chi & Carmen10 Second Ave
0409_286.02_16Chang Wenchi-Irrevoc Trust2822 Chapel Ave W
0409_524.17_1Chang Young & Hyun1097 Springdale Rd
0409_525.02_17Chang, Bor-Chin & Yann-Ing Yen2 Middle Acre Lane
0409_520.04_1_C1229Chang, C C & Yu, H W1229 Chanticleer
0409_515.13_1Chang, Chin M & Yoon J200 Balfield Terr
0409_437.12_60Chang, Fred C & David60 Versailles
0409_523.01_5Chang, Henry & Kao1805 Kresson Rd
0409_340.17_18Chang, Hsiang T & Wen K425 Valley Run Dr
0409_529.02_7Chang, Jungsen1908 Delicious Way
0409_388.01_3Chang, Kuei-Chan435 Rt 70 W
0409_471.03_4Chang, Li-Wen8 Rooftree Rd
0409_528.09_4Chang, Shang-Hsiung & Ying-Jung329 Nature Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0040Chang, Teresa P & James C40 Centura
0409_518.15_39Chang, Tsung Chi & Mei Tao328 Hadleigh Dr
0409_524.03_6Chang, Young & Hyun25 Cunningham Ln
0409_514.02_11Chanin William & Marcia I5 Cropwell Ct
0409_521.12_10Channamsetty R & Satyam N H/W31 Manor House Dr
0409_340.33_25Channell, Albert M25 Windsor Mews
0409_520.04_1Chanticleer Homeowners AssocCropwell & Walden Pond Dr
0409_342.22_3Chao James107 East Gate Dr
0409_513.12_34Chao, Ho Hsuan6 Niamoa Dr
0409_164.01_2Chapel Equities LLC1801 Chapel Ave W
0409_164.01_4Chapel Equities LLC512 Haddonfield Rd
0409_465.01_13Chapel Holdings Inc605 Chapel Ave E
0409_465.01_8Chapel Holdings Inc611 Chapel Ave E
0409_437.03_1_C0732Chapjian Albert Jr732 Society Hill
0409_513.46_7Chaplin Brandi C & James E632 Bamford Rd
0409_356.01_4Chaplin, Geo & S13 Maine Ave
0409_529.04_9Chapman Alexandria1924 Winesap Rd
0409_286.39_134Chapman Bethann D134 Greensward
0409_338.27_6Chapman Howard William & Shavaughn50 Syracuse Dr N
0409_529.15_12Chapman Kevin128 Ashley Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0110Chapman Lynn110 Tavistock
0409_341.05_17Chapman William & Susan Ronca -1007 Kingston Dr
0409_342.14_9Chapman, Michael J & Kristi1114 Yardley Rd
0409_299.01_8Chapman, William J & Susan Ronca -1 Landover Ln
0409_284.01_21Char-Al LLC2432 Rt 38
0409_529.27_1Charistidis Athanassios & Miguelina107 Chaucer Pl
0409_339.25_4Charles Keritha J813 Orlando Rd
0409_412.03_22Charleston Riding Swim Cl1297 Marlkress Rd
0409_286.06_9Charlton Stephen & Mohrfeld Lauren17 Darby Ln
0409_404.27_15Charney Edward & Linda120 Barcroft Dr
0409_337.02_1Chase Frederick W III30 Crooked Ln
0409_336.01_19Chase K Baumgardner-(paul-L/Est)103 Crooked Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0630Chase Melissa630 Society Hill
0409_342.23_17Chase Michael P & Megan Ann112 Pine Valley Rd
0409_470.06_28Chase Samuel L & Amanda Beck -18 Lakeview Dr
0409_233.01_37Chase Sandra-Lee217 Wilbur Ave
0409_148.01_4Chase, Kathleen R1009 Mercer St
0409_525.17_20Chase, Paul J & Linda M1029 Dell Dr
0409_337.02_3Chase, T A & Baumgardner, K4 Hillcroft Ln
0409_431.10_21Chassels Loren Jay-Trustee11 Brookfield Ct
0409_434.10_10Chatterjee Suhabrata & Amrita1419 Starling Ln
0409_529.07_20Chattin Mark H & Hoyt Theresa R227 Ocean St
0409_525.11_16Chatzinoff B. & Lamont D.1113 Heartwood Dr
0409_469.05_30Chau Anh D41 Forest Hill Dr
0409_433.20_1_C0464Chau Anne & Sorto Melvin464 Centura
0409_147.01_11Chau D & Mai G R1017 Murray Ave
0409_397.05_6Chau Tolan8 Shepherd Rd
0409_436.03_43Chau, Cheung C & Lin, Gui Hua H/W219 Europa Ct
0409_521.17_18Chaudhuri Debasish & Majumder Koel36 Bridle Ct
0409_285.23_5_C0001Chauhan Priya & Chandra Prateek1 Regency Court
0409_514.02_5Chaurushia Dixit & Peena703 Marlowe Rd
0409_520.04_2_C1111Chavanon Adrien R1111 The Woods
0409_433.20_1_C0112Chavarria, Martin & Jenina112 Centura
0409_527.04_11Chavoso, Reynaldo M III & Andrea L1607 Bryant Rd
0409_437.07_45Chawla Charaninder & Reen Manleen20 Cameo Dr
0409_515.12_12Chawla, Birbal & Kamlesh116 Apley Dr
0409_434.03_8Chawla, Harbhajan S & Jagjit1605 Plymouth Rock
0409_470.03_36Chawla, Harpreet S & Ramanjit K6 W High Ridge Rd
0409_288.05_1_C0608Chawla. Harbhajan S & Jagjit608 Chestnut Pl
0409_54.01_5_C1607Chayapruks Jin1607 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_404.10_10Chaykin Jerome & Norma522 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_475.01_4Chaykowsky, Adrian E1912 Fairfax Ave
0409_407.01_3Chct New Jersey LLC63 Kresson Rd
0409_286.28_8Cheafsky, Nancy305 Surrey Rd
0409_298.01_4Cheah, Zhen Y408 Silver Hill Rd
0409_520.04_2_C2308Cheapcells Limited Liability Co2308 The Woods
0409_469.06_23Checchio Joseph M & Patricia A15 Darien Dr
0409_434.09_5Checkoff Harry Todd & Heidi1380 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_431.14_57Chehet, Alexander & Svetlana1105 Valleybrook Rd W
0409_287.07_1Chein Gwendolen114 Chestnut St
0409_522.03_6Chein Jason Michael12 Signal Hill Rd
0409_286.19_16Chein Orin & Carrie60 Ivy Ln
0409_54.02_5_C4736Chen Bailin4736 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_188.01_9Chen Cecilio326 Lincoln Ave N
0409_513.44_46Chen Chang G & Rui R637 Guilford Rd
0409_463.05_2Chen Chi-Der & Yu Wenjing4 Gardner Dr
0409_54.02_5_C4346Chen Feng4346 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2005Chen Hua2005 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_521.05_30Chen Jack1640 Prince Dr
0409_519.05_8Chen Junhao & Qiuping108 Gainsboro Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4033Chen Katie4033 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_147.01_9.01Chen Li Zhong1013 Murray Ave
0409_528.08_2Chen M & Zhou, J H/W1513 Randy Ln
0409_528.49_13Chen Mei Feng & Liu Yan Bin409 Barby Ln
0409_434.09_12Chen Mia & Weihao1352 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_286.18_10Chen Min & Pan Jun Zhen & Ling Qi19 Wagon Ln
0409_340.20_10Chen Missy X405 Rhode Island Ave
0409_521.15_10Chen Rui & Wu Liang23 Equestrian Ln
0409_339.14_6Chen Sandy Mei206 Avon Rd
0409_469.07_16Chen Tong D & Jin Hua2 Lisa Ln
0409_469.10_17Chen Tsau-Rong & Sophia114 Hilltop Ct
0409_54.02_5_C4312Chen Wei J & Sun Yingyi4312 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_437.06_13Chen X & Li Y H/W131 Lucerne Blvd
0409_204.01_4Chen Xiang306 Victor Ave
0409_519.08_7Chen Xiao Yan & Zheng Jinyong252 Sandringham Rd
0409_523.01_1.01Chen Xiaofeng1815 Kresson Rd
0409_513.08_24Chen Xiaohua & Ning13 Elbow Ln
0409_528.16_16Chen Y & Zhou X H/W511 Tearose Ln
0409_514.07_19Chen Yanjing & Yongbin41 Downing St
0409_524.12_12Chen Yeou-San & Ying Nancy24 Country Walk
0409_329.01_5Chen Yi King & Ng Hui Ching303 Lake Dr E
0409_529.07_2Chen Yong & Huizhu1921 Winesap Rd
0409_340.04_32Chen Yong Gui & Qui Ziang216 Maine Ave
0409_470.06_31Chen Yong Zhang24 Lakeview Hollow
0409_437.09_9Chen Yongshun & Zhu Yanfang107 Renaissance Dr
0409_521.04_35Chen Yongshun & Zhu Yanmei4 Spring Ct
0409_513.27_47Chen Yun Fei & Chen Sumin930 Cropwell Rd
0409_147.01_9Chen Zai Bin & Zheng Mei Hua1011 Murray Ave
0409_513.33_9Chen Zhen & Jin625 Old Orchard Rd
0409_339.07_10Chen, Amanda Cuu418 Sheffield Rd
0409_518.18_3Chen, Anna78 Partridge Ln
0409_529.15_43Chen, C & Jing, R113 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_515.12_6Chen, Catherine T102 Apley Dr
0409_529.14_11Chen, Chi-Ming & Flora112 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_519.09_3Chen, Chung Luv & Yan74 Brick Rd
0409_470.03_22Chen, David34 W High Ridge Rd
0409_340.10_8Chen, David I & Tomomi305 Windsor Dr
0409_513.37_10Chen, Fang-Nan & Pi-Tsu101 Collins Dr
0409_286.10_25Chen, Gg H & Zhang, Y F49 Lafferty Dr
0409_435.05_2Chen, Ivan C & Daphne Y1213 Winston Way
0409_342.18_6_C0907Chen, Jenlung907 Barclay Towers
0409_519.01_19Chen, Jian Wen & Lin, Ping7 Todd Ct
0409_515.15_3Chen, Jill211 Brompton Dr
0409_469.02_9Chen, Kuo Kang1916 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_529.24_8Chen, P & Wang, P214 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_338.26_19Chen, Raymond1 Rutgers Rd
0409_513.49_4Chen, Shizhi & Jiang, Ying148 Thornhill Rd
0409_342.18_6_C0707Chen, W & Xu, B Y H/W707 Barclay Towers
0409_529.01_19Chen, W & Zhang, P H/W122 Cuffys Ln
0409_469.18_19Chen, Xin9 Green Acre Dr N
0409_524.13_10Chen, Yan34 Country Walk
0409_469.07_12Chen, Zhang F & Jenny10 Lisa Ln
0409_469.14_2Cheng Andrew & Chen Yu1921 Huntington Dr
0409_528.39_37Cheng D & Von V H/W408 Queen Anne Rd
0409_411.05_16Cheng H K & Tran V H/W20 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_566.01_2Cheng Hui-Jeng13 Fifth Ave E
0409_395.08_1_C120ACheng Hung Yin120a Cherry Parke
0409_54.02_5_C4345Cheng Judy4345 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_431.15_21Cheng L & Liang Q W/H99 Oakdale Rd
0409_342.18_6_C0207Cheng Shing Y207 Barclay Towers
0409_341.11_38Cheng Shing Y & Lin Xiu Ying912 Tampa Ave
0409_518.05_9Cheng, Andrew Y & Ho, Shiu-Ying18 Harrowgate Dr
0409_521.09_79Cheng, Jihua & Li, Sigang H/W45 Galloping Hill Rd
0409_513.27_51.02Cheng, Meishan & Cindy Jingwen -4 Jordan Ct
0409_190.01_29Cheng, Paul & Joyce Moc600 Chapel Ave W
0409_521.11_4Cheng, Tu-Ching & May Yin5 Manor House Dr
0409_433.12_18Chengyu Cui210 Philellena Rd
0409_166.01_23Cherby Benjamin1214 Bedford Ave
0409_342.03_42Cherfane Dany J & Rania12 Surrey Ct
0409_404.18_22Cherfane Elie I129 Kitty Hawk Rd
0409_337.02_17Cherfane P & Solimeo R H/W3 Hillcroft Ln
0409_404.50_7Cherfane Robert & Katia1208 Pams Path
0409_404.49_8Cherfane, Fadi & Rebecca406 Holly Glen Dr
0409_404.49_9Cherfane, Roger400 Holly Glen Dr
0409_434.13_7Cherilien Emmanuel S1132 Sea Gull Ln
0409_521.04_18Cherkas E Paul & Susan7 Autumn Ct
0409_525.16_23Cherne Brian K & Naomi87 Charlann Circle
0409_469.09_35Chernets A & Zaretska O H/W27 Strathmore Dr
0409_528.16_19Chernoff, E M & Lisker, D J505 Tearose Ln
0409_100.01_9Chernyavsky Boris828 Beechwood Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0825Cherry Ann Marie & Stewart James M825 Kings Croft
0409_359.01_23Cherry Denise M104 Rhode Island Ave
0409_333.02_1Cherry Hill Acquistions LLC2458 Rt 38
0409_54.02_8Cherry Hill Ar Parcel, LLC2200 Rt 70 W
0409_519.11_2.01Cherry Hill Care Group, LLCEvesham Road
0409_433.01_3Cherry Hill Chinese Christian Chur299 Browning Ln
0409_466.01_9Cherry Hill Commerce Center LLC1951-1961 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_286.05_25Cherry Hill Community Kollei Inc10 Darby Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0001Cherry Hill Community Kollel, Inc.1 Playa Del Sol
0409_285.02_9Cherry Hill Ctr C/0 Preit SvcsChurch Rd & Hdfld Rd
0409_285.02_6Cherry Hill Ctr C/O Preit Svcs2000 Rt 38
0409_285.02_4Cherry Hill Ctr C/O Preit SvcsCherry Hill Mall
0409_285.02_3Cherry Hill Ctr C/O Preit SvcsHaddonfield Rd
0409_285.02_6_BLDGCherry Hill Ctr C/O Preit Svcs2000 Rt 38
0409_500.01_1Cherry Hill Equities LLC1725 Rt 70 E
0409_340.30_17Cherry Hill Equity LLC % Needleman1040 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.30_16Cherry Hill Equity LLC % Needleman1030 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.30_18Cherry Hill Equity LLC % Needleman1060 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.30_19Cherry Hill Equity LLC % Needleman1050 Kings Hwy N
0409_340.30_15Cherry Hill Equity LLC % Needleman1020 Kings Hwy N
0409_500.01_11Cherry Hill Fire Destrict No 13Perina Blvd
0409_431.18_5Cherry Hill Fire District No 131501 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_500.01_8Cherry Hill Fire District No 131100 Marlkress Rd
0409_125.05_8Cherry Hill Fire District No 13524 Beechwood Ave
0409_92.01_5Cherry Hill Food & Outreach Council910 Beechwood Ave
0409_480.01_10Cherry Hill Govt Properties, LLC1886 Greentree Rd
0409_285.25_1.01Cherry Hill Inn Redevelop Ptnrs LLC2125 Rt 38
0409_285.25_1Cherry Hill Inn Redevelop Ptnrs LLC2121 Rt 38
0409_528.01_11Cherry Hill Land Associates LLC300 Evesham Rd
0409_437.01_17.01Cherry Hill Marlkress Llp/Sec Res1155 Marlkress Rd
0409_404.43_3Cherry Hill Mc Real Estate LLC1240 Brace Rd
0409_342.34_2Cherry Hill Medical Equities LLC409 Rt 70 E
0409_287.04_4Cherry Hill NJ Property LLC2150 Rt 38
0409_288.02_1Cherry Hill NJ Property LLC2302 Church Rd
0409_54.02_5.04Cherry Hill Partners At Haddonfield801 Haddonfield Road
0409_54.02_5.01Cherry Hill Partners At Haddonfield775-815 Haddonfield Road
0409_54.01_5_C0143Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place143 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2121Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2121 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5113Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5113 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5112Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5112 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5111Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5111 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5.03Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place803 Haddonfield Road
0409_54.02_5_C5114Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5114 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4834Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4834 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0141Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place141 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5346Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5346 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5341Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5341 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5343Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5343 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5342Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5342 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5135Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5135 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5133Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5133 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5131Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5131 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4824Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4824 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5345Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5345 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5134Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5134 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5136Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5136 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5044Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5044 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5042Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5042 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5344Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5344 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5041Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5041 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5132Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5132 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5043Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5043 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4723Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4723 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4512Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4512 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5124Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5124 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4733Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4733 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5231Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5231 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5236Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5236 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5234Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5234 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5123Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5123 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5126Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5126 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5121Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5121 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5235Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5235 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5233Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5233 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5232Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5232 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4934Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4934 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0142Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place142 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5125Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5125 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4931Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4931 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5122Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5122 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4933Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4933 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4932Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4932 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0144Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place144 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5012Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5012 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0131Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place131 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5011Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5011 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5336Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5336 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4405Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4405 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5335Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5335 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0133Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place133 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5331Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5331 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4403Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4403 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4401Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4401 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4407Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4407 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5334Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5334 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4832Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4832 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5333Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5333 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0134Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place134 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4409Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4409 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0132Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place132 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5332Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5332 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5214Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5214 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5313Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5313 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0121Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place121 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5212Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5212 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5211Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5211 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5311Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5311 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5224Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5224 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5213Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5213 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4842Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4842 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5225Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5225 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4812Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4812 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5312Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5312 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0123Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place123 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_3Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place637 Third Ave W
0409_54.02_5_C4813Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4813 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4811Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4811 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4924Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4924 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4921Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4921 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4923Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4923 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5222Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5222 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_2Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place641 Third Ave W
0409_54.01_5Cherry Hill Partners At Park PlaceGarden Park Blvd
0409_54.02_5_C5223Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5223 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0124Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place124 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5314Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5314 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5226Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5226 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5021Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5021 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5022Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5022 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5023Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5023 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5024Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5024 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5221Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5221 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0122Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place122 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4922Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4922 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5032Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5032 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5143Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5143 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0111Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place111 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5144Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5144 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4713Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4713 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C0112Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place112 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4714Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4714 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5141Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5141 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5142Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5142 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5145Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5145 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5033Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5033 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5034Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5034 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5146Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5146 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2111Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2111 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2113Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2113 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2115Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2115 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2117Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2117 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C1717Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place1717 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C2119Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place2119 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5031Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5031 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4944Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4944 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4943Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4943 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4942Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4942 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4941Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4941 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4822Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4822 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5241Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5241 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4826Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4826 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5Cherry Hill Partners At Park PlaceGarden Park Blvd
0409_54.02_5_C4911Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4911 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5246Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5246 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5324Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5324 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5323Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5323 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5242Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5242 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5245Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5245 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C4912Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place4912 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5325Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5325 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5322Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5322 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5244Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5244 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5326Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5326 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5321Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5321 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_5_C5243Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place5243 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.01_5_C1914Cherry Hill Partners At Park Place1914 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_54.02_7Cherry Hill Partners At Village Pla1101-2516 Churchill Dn Wy
0409_426.01_17Cherry Hill Plazas LLC219 Berlin Rd
0409_426.01_22Cherry Hill Plazas LLC C/O Levites225 Berlin Rd
0409_54.01_4.01Cherry Hill Pond A Partners, LLC1 Village Place Blvd
0409_54.01_4Cherry Hill Pond A Partners, LLC1 Village Place Blvd
0409_467.01_14Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church1920 Old Cuthbert Rd
0409_193.01_3Cherry Hill Properties LLC6-12 Orchard St
0409_436.02_1Cherry Hill Real Estate Associates1637-41 Rt 70 E
0409_341.17_2Cherry Hill Real Property LLC1402 Rt 70 E
0409_341.28_13_C0003Cherry Hill Realty Asso % Goodman108 Rt 70 E
0409_54.02_1Cherry Hill Retail Ptnrs, LLC2000 Rt 70 W
0409_54.02_3_C0002Cherry Hill Towne Center Partners L921 Haddonfield Rd
0409_54.02_3_C0001Cherry Hill Towne Center Partners L901-957 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.16_10Cherry Miriam Spellman -518 Garwood Dr
0409_395.08_1Cherry Park Homeowners AssociationPark Blvd
0409_338.30_10Cherry Professional Bldg LLC385 Kings Hwy N
0409_467.22_25_C0020Cherry Stone Properties LLC1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-20
0409_473.01_6Cherry Umbrella Land LLCPoint View Ave
0409_478.01_8Cherry Umbrella Land LLCStockley Ave
0409_468.02_1Cherry Umbrella Land LLCSpringdale Rd
0409_473.01_5Cherry Umbrella Land LLCRockhill Rd
0409_468.05_1Cherry Umbrella LLC2040 Springdale Rd
0409_473.01_4_C0002Cherry Umbrella LLC1940 Olney Ave
0409_484.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC1 Keystone Ave
0409_494.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC2020 Springdale Rd
0409_492.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC1937 Olney Ave
0409_468.01_15Cherry Umbrella LLC2080 Springdale Rd
0409_485.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC1931 Olney Ave
0409_497.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC1939 Olney Ave
0409_493.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC2 Keystone Ave
0409_495.01_1Cherry Umbrella LLC2030 Springdale Rd
0409_468.04_3Cherry Umbrella LLC2050 Springdale Rd
0409_468.04_4Cherry Umbrella LLC2 Pin Oak Ln
0409_468.04_1Cherry Umbrella LLC3 Esterbrook Ln
0409_286.28_20Cherry Valley Swim Club3406 Church Rd
0409_54.01_8_C2026Cherry, Mona2026 Plaza Grande
0409_407.01_9Cherrydale Development Partners LLC1350 Brace Rd
0409_463.09_18_C1304Chesin Ronald M & HarrietMark 70-#1304
0409_188.01_41Chesler, Jeff327 Monroe Ave
0409_521.09_15Chesnick, David & Lauren2 Furlong Dr
0409_288.05_1Chestnut Place Homewowners AssocChestnut Street
0409_528.05_41Cheston, C G & Barbara H311 Morris Dr
0409_436.03_114Chettair Loganathan374 Tuvira Ln
0409_436.04_7Chettiar Balachandran K207 Europa Ct
0409_52.01_1_C0319Cheung Caroline & Deng Fei319 Park Pl
0409_520.04_1_C0343Cheung Ming343 Chanticleer
0409_455.01_10Cheung Reena111 Deland Ave E
0409_340.33_86Cheung, Peter P86 Windsor Mews
0409_102.02_1Cheung, Wai-Ling816 Longwood Ave
0409_340.24_17Chevalier, Jorge & Belkis307 Brookline Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1063Chevez Anthony C & Jane1063 Chanticleer
0409_436.05_99_C0066Chew, Suzanne66 Buckingham Pl
0409_515.16_16Chewkanes, Michael & Lori109 Saxby Terr
0409_340.31_99_C0428Chhour Khoung428 Playa Del Sol
0409_109.01_33Chhour Khoung & Jane131 Wisteria Ave
0409_286.23_3Chhour Minh & Bui Hanh15 Jade Ln
0409_286.02_26Chhour, K & Pham, T1 Knollwood Dr
0409_513.27_49Chi Sung Ho & Nam H926 Cropwell Rd
0409_286.39_25Chiacchio, Frank & Audrey25 Greensward
0409_471.12_19Chiacchio, Frank A & Janet E5 Wexford Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0109Chialastri Paul D & Patricia Donahu109 Tavistock
0409_341.02_15Chiang Han & Lung L1020 Edgemoor Rd
0409_515.19_4Chiaravallotti, John8 Abinger Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0163Chiarelli Carla R163 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0317Chiarelli Gina Melissa317 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0255Chiarelli Kim255 Tavistock
0409_462.04_27Chiarello, Roxanne125 Hart Rd
0409_154.01_5.01Chiaro Carla808 Fulton St
0409_335.09_5Chiaro Stefania102 Weather Vane Dr
0409_287.01_21Chiaro Stefania21 James Run
0409_521.04_28Chiciak Andrew + Laura106 Spring Rd
0409_435.08_12Chick Paul F & Ciarrocca Roxanne M1304 Beaverbrook Dr
0409_528.02_2Chick Randy & Qian300 Browning Ln
0409_529.18_7Chickachop, Joseph C & Elaine P125 Chaucer Pl
0409_436.03_93Chidrawar Dattatraya A & Shilpa415 Tuvira Ln
0409_286.22_26Chieffo Joseph & Rosemary10 Lantern Ln
0409_360.01_8Chiemingo Christin H215 Massachusetts Ave
0409_360.01_22Chiglo Theodore B & Diane M222 Rhode Island Ave
0409_518.10_20Chilbert Joseph & Lovene-Trustees89 Harrowgate Dr
0409_431.07_20Childers Daniel & Patricia127 Ashbrook Rd
0409_138.01_1Childress, Deirdre1098 Fulton St
0409_340.04_12Childs John & Vickie205 Miami Ave W
0409_520.04_1_C0316Chilewich, Melvin & Jane316 Chanticleer
0409_338.27_2Chilinh Ngo & Vy Le47 Syracuse Dr N
0409_520.04_1_C1856Chillem Cristina1856 The Woods II
0409_193.01_25Chillem Stephen & Regina M316 Greenleigh Ct
0409_289.02_22Chimera Holdings LLCMarshall Ave
0409_289.02_23Chimera Holdings LLC424 Coolidge Rd
0409_525.13_16Chin Arthur & Bithiah1749 Lark Ln
0409_463.09_18_C0905Chin Choi K & Susan SMark 70-#905
0409_463.09_18_C0801Chin Choi K & Susan SMark 70-#801
0409_109.01_2Chin Kenneth & Mary103 Wisteria Ave
0409_469.16_5Chin Mary Y10 Westbury Dr
0409_339.31_8Chin Ned Takwee & Ann300 Chelten Pkwy
0409_395.08_1_C109CChin Richard109c Cherry Parke
0409_437.03_1_C1106Chin Vickie C1106 Society Hill
0409_340.33_56Chin, Eleanor % Kenneth Chin (exec)56 Windsor Mews
0409_528.10_28Chinici Andrew J & Melissa A322 Nature Dr
0409_528.42_27Chintapalli Rajshekhar & Santhoshin1729 Country Club Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1033Chintapalli Rajshekhar & Santhoshin1033 Chanticleer
0409_429.04_1_C0105Chiodi, David D105 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0324Chiodi, David D324 Tavistock
0409_360.01_1Chira, Mario & Genevieve M604 New York Ave
0409_430.08_7Chirico, M & Lee, D S125 Woodstock Dr S
0409_520.04_1_C0956Chisholm Kathy A956 Chanticleer
0409_286.18_9Chiu, Pei-Chou & Mei-Lan17 Wagon Ln
0409_525.08_30Chiulli Antoinette E1213 Heartwood Dr
0409_404.34_6Chiumento Matthew & Ashley R108 White Oak Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4646Chiusano John4646 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_285.23_5_C0021Chiusano Robert & Emi21 Regency Court
0409_285.23_5_C0024Chiusano Robert J & Emi24 Regency Court
0409_342.09_12Chmieleski Phillip J & Patricia J250 Sawmill Rd
0409_7.01_1Chnj Owner LLC2349 Rt 70 W
0409_518.21_22Cho Chung Hsin & Yuling5 Lynford Dr
0409_285.23_5_C0020Cho Jamie & Edward20 Regency Court
0409_433.20_1_C0214Cho, Jun Won & Young Hee214 Centura
0409_525.11_10Cho, Jung & Annja Ko1108 Crane Dr
0409_339.03_11Cho, Steven213 Sheffield Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0221Cho, Young I & Sunyoung U221 Plaza Grande
0409_408.03_8Chodak R H & B Mccafferty -1261 Charleston Rd
0409_525.17_11Chodak, Helen E1024 Cardinal Ln
0409_433.04_7Chodoff Louis L. & Susan1009 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_525.20_18Choe Jisun & Daniel920 Francine Dr
0409_513.20_8Choe Young & Whang Injoo309 Old Orchard Rd
0409_436.03_98Choe, Hayon425 Tuvira Ln
0409_430.09_1_C0287Choi Hyon Suk & Walter Carl L/E287 Uxbridge
0409_520.04_1_C0311Choi Jae311 Chanticleer
0409_54.01_5_C0236Choi Michael J236 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_348.01_6Choi Ok J119 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_412.03_2Choi Soonja P & Daniel J41 Leith Hill
0409_217.01_10Choi Tiffany V210 Woodland Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1218Choi Youngai R & Andrew I1218 Chanticleer
0409_525.18_16Choi, Byung & Jean1933 Lark Ln
0409_339.15_20Choi, Jong Ho & Jong Hye211 Avon Rd
0409_437.07_27Choi, Joon Seong & Jong Mi120 Renaissance Dr
0409_529.03_20Choi, Kenneth J1913 Delicious Way
0409_437.05_32Choi, Paul K & Heejoo150 Renaissance Dr
0409_286.12_39Choi, Steve M & Min Ja60 Knollwood Dr
0409_470.06_25Choi, Tae Sik & Jae Sok12 Lakeview Dr
0409_424.01_8Choi, Yong & Clara S20 Moore Ave
0409_524.14_11Choi, Yong S & Im S22 Southwood Dr
0409_306.01_13Choi, Young S & Park Y28 Liberty Ln
0409_338.11_22Chojnacki, Steven & Deborah519 Bancroft Rd
0409_437.12_18Chokkappa, R & Vaidhyanat, S H/W18 Versailles
0409_415.01_8Choksi, Mayur V & Gita1328 Charleston Rd
0409_367.01_19Chomentowski, Elizabeth47 Conwell Ave
0409_340.09_29Chomiczewski, Zenon & Lillian A322 Windsor Dr
0409_519.05_14Chon Bo Kyung210 Monterey Ave
0409_340.09_28Chon Chin Yon320 Windsor Circle
0409_286.22_25Chon Kwang Yong & Sook Cha12 Lantern Ln
0409_525.09_9Chon, Brian H & Chris1121 Willowdale Dr
0409_285.13_26Chon, Kwang Yong & Sook Cha302 Belmont Dr
0409_404.12_43Chong, Clifford W S & Lillian C128 Deerfield Dr
0409_339.13_21Chong, Jin H & Kum S240 Chelten Pkwy
0409_437.07_7Chong, Parkson Lee-Gau & C H59 St Moritz Ln
0409_404.07_31Chong, Steven & Jennifer513 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_528.29_14Chonofsky Faith & Cindy & Neil & An1807 Morris Pl
0409_521.12_7Chorney, Jeffrey & Maureen25 Manor House Dr
0409_404.12_17Chorzelewski, Edward & Jennifer130 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_576.01_8Chou Robin H & Koulin112 Ashland Ave
0409_288.05_1_C0213Chou, Chihpei213 Chestnut Pl
0409_339.03_4Chou, Hung Y206 Elkins Rd
0409_339.11_7Choudhry, Naseer A & Raana208 Drake Terr
0409_520.04_1_C1215Choudhury Sudeep & Shubhra1215 Chanticleer
0409_434.06_5Chow Brian Y. & Perry Shannon M.1616 Crown Point Ln
0409_434.24_14Chow Tsu-Yao & Her-Mei486 Browning Ln
0409_404.04_13Chow Yeekay & Jang Janet465 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_469.16_16Chowdhury, Erik & Yasmin32 Westbury Dr
0409_430.07_3Choyinski, James & Joanne121 Woodstock Dr N
0409_435.01_11Chp Assoc LLC1415 Rt 70 E
0409_54.02_7.01Chpvp Phase 2 LLCDel Mar Drive
0409_54.02_6Chpvp Phase 3 LLC2200 Rt 70 W
0409_54.02_2Chpvp Phase 3 LLC2200 Rt 70 W
0409_437.03_1_C1101Christensen Dale1101 Society Hill
0409_543.01_8Christiansen, Louise E Stallfort121 Carolina Ave
0409_404.16_20Christianto Mario & Haine Rachel A116 Kitty Hawk Rd
0409_338.07_15Christie Ralph W III & Christina M208 Kingsley Rd
0409_404.24_20Christie, Christopher & Mary M352 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0104Christine Arlene104 Society Hill
0409_339.29_5Christine, Mary508 Howard Rd
0409_179.01_13Christinzio, David A1300 Chapel Ave W
0409_340.01_2Christis, Vasilios & P246 Mcgill Ave
0409_523.02_3Christmann, J D & Lopriore, V T6 Coopers Run Dr
0409_437.03_1_C1111Christmas Daniel P & Jennifer M &1111 Society Hill
0409_437.06_37Christodoulou, Dimitrios & Victoria5 Lucerne Ct
0409_513.31_38Christophe, Jacquelin502 Old Orchard Rd
0409_348.01_1Christopher, Gregory & Bernice908 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_533.01_7Christopher, Thomas188 Evesham Rd
0409_528.52_3Christy, Sharon310 Morris Dr
0409_419.02_1Chromiak, Susan110 Elmhurst Ave
0409_190.01_11Chromiec, Vincent D & Margaret M311 Evergreen Ave
0409_434.13_29Chronakis Barbara1153 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_431.05_10Chrupcala, John A Jr & Emily A210 Brookfield Rd N
0409_213.01_12Chruszcz Izabela113 State St
0409_395.01_4Chruszcz, Izabela25 School Ln
0409_395.01_5Chruszcz, Izabela23 School Ln
0409_340.04_51Chrysler, James & Arlene217 Rhode Island Ave
0409_518.15_31Chu Chien Meng & Mei4 Hadleigh Terr
0409_437.12_52Chu, Mary S.52 Versailles
0409_529.04_14Chudzinski, John & Karen1915 Sussex Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0411Chugh Rajinder P & Verman Ritu411 Tavistock
0409_462.04_21Chugh Sonia142 Green Vale Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0828Chughtai Rubeil828 Chanticleer
0409_433.07_39Chukwueze, Samuel18 Plymouth Dr
0409_518.19_19Chumley Michael E & Howard Nicola L110 Kingsdale Ave
0409_246.01_16Chun Far Shen Revocable Trust1500 Maple Ave
0409_513.27_8Chun Munung & Sun900 Cropwell Rd
0409_340.33_24Chun Soon Jae24 Windsor Mews
0409_514.04_16Chung Caroline & Ahn Jong32 Downing St
0409_528.62_6Chung Cha R. & Shin H.2017 Queen Anne Rd
0409_436.03_63Chung Dan & Myungryang & Jungsuh314 Tuvira Ln
0409_437.12_80Chung Daniel H80 Versailles
0409_523.10_11Chung Grace & Chung Edward21 Doncaster Rd
0409_513.49_10Chung John H & Eileen S160 Thornhill Rd
0409_155.01_7Chung Kum Chae735 Fulton St
0409_513.23_18Chung Young Ki & Jeong Ran212 Lamp Post Ln
0409_513.03_6Chung, Choong H & Myung J6 Highgate Ln
0409_515.20_20Chung, Harry & Unsin117 Kilburn Dr
0409_135.01_1.02Chung, Henry Hue A & La, Ha K1209 Sherwood Ave
0409_520.04_1_C2028Chung, Myungryang, & J.2028 The Woods II
0409_433.01_5Chung, Shin Kuei & May499 Browning Ln
0409_513.18_13Chung, Soonyang115 Thornhill Rd
0409_462.04_33Chunko John & Wisnieski Meghan113 Hart Rd
0409_529.23_10Chuong, Khim En & Huong1407 Longfellow Dr
0409_529.25_1Church Of J C Of Latter Day Saints260 Evesham Rd
0409_282.02_9Church Of The Messiah Inc37 Coles Ave
0409_288.02_10Church Rd Civic Assn2326 Church Rd
0409_296.01_9Church Rd LLC2608 Church Rd
0409_263.01_2_C0003Church Road Real Estate LLC1001 Church Rd
0409_263.01_2_C0002Church Road Real Estate LLC1001 Church Rd
0409_467.02_7Church, Kenneth & Theresa49 Green Vale Rd
0409_339.09_4Church, Monica T & Christopher C402 Bradford Rd
0409_513.22_14Churchelow Thomas202 Roanoke Rd
0409_518.01_3Churchill Marion1915 Kresson Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0114Chvala Robert + Frances114 Society Hill
0409_288.03_30Chwastyk, G A & Fair, P M20 Maple Ave
0409_518.02_5Ciak Sigmund H & Colleen2 Partridge Ln
0409_433.06_6Cianciarulo, Robert & Phyllis J1011 Robwill Pass
0409_513.35_3Ciancitto Dina M105 Lamp Post Ln
0409_515.09_16Ciandra Chris Ann31 Charles Ln
0409_184.01_53Cianfarra Vincent Jr & Stamatoula431 State St
0409_404.49_35Ciaramella Jeffrey F420 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_404.39_13Ciarelli Mark & Judith H1029 Red Oak Dr
0409_515.02_22Ciarlante, Mary B134 Sandringham Rd
0409_471.07_15Ciarroccki, Michael J & Maria E8 Dunbarton Rd
0409_339.29_6Ciavarella Michael & Barbara510 Howard Rd
0409_431.07_34Ciccanti, Louise E Jr1105 Berlin Rd
0409_341.04_21Ciccarelli Grant1000 Kingston Dr
0409_382.01_10Cicchini, Barbara A134 Edison Ave
0409_570.01_2Cicco Francis J11 First Ave
0409_529.12_3Cicco John D & Linzie M1776 Hillside Dr
0409_339.38_3Ciccotelli Anthony & Wilson Amber M530 Howard Rd
0409_519.09_52Ciccotelli Attilio & Karen150 Partridge Ln E
0409_471.10_16Ciccotta, Reno J & Trudi137 Ashford Rd
0409_528.25_13Cicha, Richard T & Jana S1767 Larkspur Rd
0409_104.01_3Cici Lorenc & Anita706 Northwood Ave
0409_342.15_35Ciemiengo Z D & Amoroso L107 Barclay Ln
0409_286.23_2Ciervo Joseph & Nora13 Jade Ln
0409_286.19_12Ciervo, Joseph P & Elizabeth68 Ivy Ln
0409_431.10_25Ciervo, Nancy3 Brookfield Ct
0409_338.09_13Cieslewicz Mark M & Amelia J324 Chapel Ave E
0409_528.07_10Cifelli, Maria307 Iris Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0246Cilea Anthony D246 Plaza Grande
0409_470.08_11Ciliberti Richard17 Greentree Way
0409_184.01_52Cilurso Anthony S & Anna427 State St
0409_286.08_12Cilurso Theresa G & Michael J23 Forge Ln
0409_437.12_42Cimadamore, Maria42 Versailles
0409_54.01_5_C1201Ciminera Michael & Nicole1201 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_240.01_8Cimino Nicholas A & Jill A1009 Wayne Rd
0409_371.01_19Cimino, Thomas A Jr & Lisa M56 Wesley Ave
0409_233.01_15Cimmarotta, Luca625 Harvard Ave N
0409_286.16_2Cinaglia, Leonard A & Jolene134 Knollwood Dr
0409_338.07_3Cinaglia, Lisa213 Chapel Ave E
0409_338.18_15Cinardo Christoper & Jillian415 Preston Rd
0409_241.01_3Cinelli Gioia R & Rita1002 Wayne Rd
0409_404.24_13Cinelli Gregory & Alycia123 Farmington Rd
0409_404.16_13Ciniglio Patricia Diane111 Old Carriage Rd
0409_340.05_31Cintron Joshua M & Pagan Briana J134 Ridge Circle
0409_520.04_1_C0805Cintron, Judith I805 Chanticleer
0409_430.09_1_C0105Ciocci Virginia105 Uxbridge
0409_434.01_10Ciocco, Scott J & Laura J806 Kresson Rd
0409_112.01_13Cioffi Alfred Jr309 Chapel Ave W
0409_179.01_8Cioffi Alfred M III418 Harvard Ave
0409_349.01_3Cioffi, Deborah205 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_335.10_3Cioffi, Stephen A & Micaela A105 Weather Vane Dr
0409_138.01_2Cionci Richard J & Liles Nancy J1300 Wynwood Ave
0409_513.27_48Cipolla Michael Jr & Elizabeth928 Cropwell Rd
0409_513.02_6Cipriani, Lydia & Smith, Mark E17 Old Orchard Rd
0409_338.18_18Ciresi Eric & Segrest Carolyn409 Preston Rd
0409_433.06_11Cirignano Carmen & Melissa1100 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_524.14_16Cirignano Louis & Elizabeth32 Southwood Dr
0409_513.46_21Cirillo Teresa635 Croyden Dr
0409_520.04_3Cirlincione Adam532 Evesham Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0242Cirucci Daniel A & Carole J242 Plaza Grande
0409_404.28_10Cistone Rosemarie203 Heritage Rd
0409_281.01_8Citizens Bank Of Pennsylvania40 Overbrook Dr
0409_437.03_1_C1006Citron, Arthur D & Hollis E Gross -1006 Society Hill
0409_529.15_32Ciurlino, Frank D. & Norma J.135 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_463.06_21Cjg Properties LLCCarlton Dr
0409_437.01_18_C0112Cjjc Realty LLC % Lrp & P Graphics1165-L Marlkress Rd
0409_437.01_18_C0113Cjjc Realty LLC % Lrp & P Graphics1165-M Marlkress Rd
0409_338.23_8Cks Properties LLC16 Clemson Rd
0409_338.22_8Cks Properties LLC19 Syracuse Dr S
0409_529.05_9Cks Properties LLC1904 Baldwin Rd
0409_528.04_35Clair, Michelle M1536 Berlin Rd
0409_528.08_20Clamen Stewart & Klinghoffer Joella308 Iris Rd
0409_339.24_19Clancey Lauren802 Johns Rd
0409_340.24_16Clancy James A & Patricia L309 Brookline Ave
0409_339.05_9Clanton Mabel R710 Douglas Dr
0409_180.01_13.02Clapp Sharon D302 Harvard Ave
0409_518.04_11Claps Lewis & Jennifer Rinzler -37 Harrowgate Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0216Clarey, Megan216 Playa Del Sol
0409_395.01_6Clark Bryan Lee21 School Ln
0409_340.18_11Clark Eric J Jr & Shayla Cerise521 Rhode Island Ave
0409_434.07_20Clark James & Gabriele1205 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_515.03_35Clark James & Paula Russo -133 Henfield Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0813Clark Jeffrey & Louise & Marie813 Kings Croft
0409_513.33_12Clark Jeffrey A & Sandra D619 Old Orchard Rd
0409_188.01_47Clark John N & Davenport Nicole311 Monroe Ave
0409_342.13_15Clark John P & Lee Anne220 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_188.01_48Clark Maria Bobatto -309 Monroe Ave
0409_400.01_8Clark Mark A18 Bel Aire Ave
0409_521.03_4Clark Michael & Kristine1407 Autumn Ln
0409_338.07_17Clark Michelle L & Timothy M212 Kingsley Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0298Clark Rachael298 Uxbridge
0409_337.06_1_C0822Clark Ryan & Christine822 Kings Croft
0409_513.21_10Clark Thomas & Sally7 Firethorne Rd
0409_404.14_16Clark Veronica M106 Courtland Rd
0409_188.01_47.01Clark, Anthony F, Erney, Laura L313 Monroe Ave
0409_342.16_19Clark, Brant Y & Gail C1103 York Rd
0409_430.09_1_C0160Clark, Cameron & Joan160 Uxbridge
0409_430.03_5Clark, Charles G & Cathleen D4 Glenview Pl
0409_287.01_29Clark, Craig M29 James Run
0409_469.16_28Clark, Edward W Jr & Joann1948 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_436.03_94Clark, Faye E421 Tuvira Ln
0409_289.01_12Clark, G & Logan, E741 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_342.16_15Clark, Gail C & Brant V1102 Green Briar Rd
0409_513.18_1Clark, H & Mcmullen, J H/W2 Ramsgate Rd
0409_433.09_21Clark, Jeremy & Margaret M1011 Lowber Dr
0409_527.03_31Clark, Jerome L & Doris1605 Bowling Green Dr N
0409_337.06_1_C0821Clark, Kevin821 Kings Croft
0409_519.06_4Clark, Richard R Jr & Susan1492 Brick Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0130Clark, Susan130 Tavistock
0409_378.01_19Clark, Warren D & Debra131 Madison Ave
0409_518.08_10Clark, William7 Glenperth Ln
0409_184.01_59Clark, William & Maria447 State St
0409_467.04_9Clark, William C & Loredana18 Green Vale Rd
0409_339.27_8Clark, William J & Margaret M400 Bruce Rd
0409_518.02_17Clarke Brad & Phaedra12 Partridge Ct
0409_518.01_4Clarke Bradley & Quinten-Trustees88 Harrowgate Dr
0409_433.13_36Clarke Christine V & Teterus Steven204 Provincetown Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0804Clarke George E & George F & Michae804 The Woods
0409_520.04_2_C0802Clarke George E & George F & Michae802 The Woods
0409_193.01_26Clarke James & Maria320 Greenleigh Ct
0409_282.01_4Clarke Mark33 Chestnut Terr
0409_528.06_4Clarke Mayda L305 Lily Ln
0409_287.08_4Clarke Nanci Louise744 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_335.09_19Clarke Pansy123 Meeting House Ln
0409_289.05_6Clarke Thomas B309 Oak Ave
0409_579.01_10Clarke Thomas B199 Eleanore Terrace
0409_292.03_6Clarke Thomas B-Trustee7 Katherine St
0409_435.04_12Clarke, Robert & Barbara T104 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_109.01_22Clary Gertrude552 Merchant St
0409_108.01_10Clary Gertrude604 Merchant St
0409_337.06_1_C0231Classick, Elaine231 Kings Croft
0409_338.10_16Clauss, Fredrick W & Christine F502 Bancroft Rd
0409_449.01_6Clauss, Michael D & Lynn M19 Miami Ave E
0409_335.12_7Claxton Philip H & M A Jr113 Garfield Ave
0409_528.27_16Clayman, Eric J & Amy1817 Fireside Ct E
0409_188.01_27Clayton Tara365 Monroe Ave
0409_285.11_31Clear, M W & Hopkins D A404 Saratoga Dr
0409_391.01_4Clearview Equities LLC75 Nevada Ave
0409_524.04_10Clearview Equities LLC5 Gwen Ct
0409_339.03_14Cleary Jos J & Frances207 Sheffield Rd
0409_513.37_6Cleary Michael & Maureen21 Split Rock Dr E
0409_175.01_3Cleary, Joseph II & Susan1405 Martin Ave
0409_192.01_8Cleaver Glenn & Lyen Annette330 Essex Ave
0409_286.28_5Clemens, Michael & Clare A1 Stratford Ct
0409_430.09_1_C0262Clement Victoria W262 Uxbridge
0409_340.16_29Clemente C M & Nizna H/W327 Windsor Ct
0409_439.01_4Clemente, Debra L104 Miami Ave W
0409_429.04_1_C0123Clementi Karen123 Tavistock
0409_436.05_99_C0021Clementi, Maria21 Buckingham Pl
0409_223.01_2.01Clements Samuel & Margaret313 Church Rd
0409_341.13_26Clemmens Gary & Sandra919 Deland Ave
0409_435.05_18Clendining, Maryellen C200 Dorado Dr
0409_513.31_2Clerici Thomas & Janet4 Cobblestone Rd
0409_527.03_26Clerici Thomas James1541 Bowling Green Dr N
0409_233.01_22Clerico Diane & Vincent A22 Willis Ave
0409_433.15_2Clerkin, Virginia K1103 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_430.08_15Cliff Robert & Rita217 Woodstock Dr S
0409_515.08_17Cliggett Thomas10 Charles Ln
0409_513.26_3Cline Douglas C & Grace I6 Scattergood Rd
0409_513.33_15Cline Randolph F & Joanne M613 Old Orchard Rd
0409_224.08_5Clinton Sandra Lee Janton -405 Church Rd
0409_289.03_8Clinton, Dolores M1 Carol Ct
0409_433.09_23Cliver, Krista1007 Lowber Dr
0409_243.01_4Cloak Harold David III & Harold Jr4 St Davids Rd
0409_339.03_5Cloak, Harold & Repice Angela208 Elkins Rd
0409_340.15_8Close Patrick & Diane15 Forge Ln S
0409_380.01_12Closkey Adam D & Shannon S150 Cooper Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0357Clothier Kimberly A357 Tavistock
0409_513.05_2Clothier, Susan M106 Old Orchard Rd
0409_286.22_28Cloud Howard R6 Lantern Ln
0409_338.28_22Cloud Joshua & Victoria13 Bucknell Dr
0409_512.01_2Clover Shop Ctre LLC2075-2099 Rt 70 E
0409_340.05_22Cluley Alfred R & Eleanor160 Valley Run Dr
0409_513.30_3Clyde Jones Property Management LLC13 Wheelwright Ln
0409_523.07_19Clymer Douglas H & Doris H27 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_423.01_7Clymer Walter Jeru64 Kresson Rd
0409_435.11_5Cmj Real Estate LLC1505 Rt 70 E
0409_415.01_12Coach Frank C & Elizabeth A501 Fern Ave
0409_338.24_23Coalson, Ronald & Carol15 Clemson Rd
0409_285.08_4Coar, Kathy A430 Narragansett Dr
0409_242.01_14Coates, Gary & Kristine9 Bala Rd
0409_52.01_1_C0207Coba Inc207 Park Pl
0409_437.03_1_C0112Cobb Gary W & Gwendolyn112 Society Hill
0409_339.18_19Cobb Joshua T & Carleigh604 Elkins Terr
0409_335.06_45Cobb Mary Beth12 Farmhouse Ln
0409_404.49_18Cobb, Brian & Lucia304 Sherry Way
0409_433.03_32Cobbs Edward & Barbara1020 Berlin Rd
0409_521.09_29Coben, Robert M & Ronna H2 Dressage Ct
0409_469.15_5Cober Travis & Rickan Jordan9 Anders Dr
0409_341.03_3Coburn Craig H & Crystal A1012 Abington Rd
0409_404.26_14Cobuzio, Anthony V & Lisa A209 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_529.20_11Coccerino Anthony & Croce Samantha135 Eaton Way
0409_349.01_5Coccia Janet215 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_433.15_5Cocco, Nicholas A (jeanne L/T)1109 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_429.04_1_C0307Cochet, Laura A307 Tavistock
0409_430.05_13Cochetti Mary T313 Woodstock Dr S
0409_519.04_12Cochrane Alexander & Marlene303 Hille Dr
0409_514.07_14Coe Ryan11 Snowden Pl
0409_471.02_7Coen Kenneth J & Grace M12 Tendring Rd
0409_471.09_15Coen, John & Tricia129 Weston Dr
0409_518.21_3Coen, Thomas & Barbara L118 Kingsdale Ave
0409_340.08_11Coffee James + Geneva104 Ormond Ave W
0409_404.12_33Coffey Edward & Marcella108 Deerfield Dr
0409_316.01_7Coffey Janice G312 Roosevelt Ave
0409_525.06_5Coffey Kathleen S Mayfield -1604 Kresson Rd
0409_366.01_26Coffey, R L & Barford, K25 Whitman Ave
0409_337.07_3Coffin, Margaret3 Crofton Commons
0409_513.32_6Cogan Edward + Robin610 Old Orchard Rd
0409_521.10_6Cogan, Andrew M & Sondra L13 Saddle Horn Dr
0409_404.02_6Cohan, Andrew D & Susan L11 Willow Way Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0413Cohan, Sydell D-Revocable Trust413 Society Hill
0409_528.41_2Coheleach Robin & George402 Doral Dr
0409_469.05_7Cohen Adam S & Andrea J20 Tracey Terr
0409_523.01_9Cohen Alan & Brown Shari118 Saddlebrook Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0606Cohen Andrea606 Society Hill
0409_576.01_7Cohen Antera & Jeramy-Trustees107 Ward Terr
0409_285.22_5Cohen Avraham Fleetwood Dawn M319 Hialeah Dr
0409_528.48_5Cohen Barton + L % A Molotsky408 Barby Ln
0409_528.60_45Cohen David J & Kristy L Hurst -2022 Queen Anne Rd
0409_335.04_8Cohen Dennis & Susan213 Madison Ave N
0409_433.09_14Cohen Elliot M & Janet G1020 Salem Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0836Cohen Eugene & Busch Gisele836 Kings Croft
0409_521.05_23Cohen Hal & Helene12 Blossom Ct
0409_437.03_1_C0327Cohen Harvey S327 Society Hill
0409_159.01_3Cohen Howell & Justine1115 Martin Ave
0409_395.03_12Cohen Inna F60 Winding Way
0409_524.10_38Cohen Jason & Carly12 Nine Acre Ct
0409_515.14_28Cohen Jeffrey & S Waitsman328 Longstone Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0903Cohen Jennifer F903 Chanticleer
0409_525.10_11Cohen Jeremy & Mitchell & Sharon1141 Crane Dr
0409_525.02_6Cohen Jonathan & Nicole9 Circle Ln
0409_525.22_19Cohen Joseph & Joan1016 Owl Ln
0409_338.27_17Cohen Kenneth J. & Lois B.28 Syracuse Dr N
0409_528.42_48Cohen Larry & Myrna Lee1801 Country Club Dr
0409_285.06_21Cohen Lee & Victoria2111 Acqueduct Ln
0409_287.06_20Cohen Lee W & Victoria23 Maple Ave
0409_434.06_9Cohen Leslie D1341 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_165.01_16Cohen Melissa J1921 Chapel Ave W
0409_437.03_1_C0609Cohen Meredith L609 Society Hill
0409_370.01_32Cohen Michael & Brandie11 Grant Ave
0409_285.09_14Cohen Raquel C & Malul Roey D423 Narragansett Dr
0409_437.04_49Cohen Richard & Angela4 Collage Ct
0409_364.01_11Cohen Richard & Inna1512 Park Blvd
0409_258.01_12Cohen Robert & Verena35 Kent Rd
0409_528.28_3Cohen Robin J504 Queen Anne Rd
0409_339.03_2Cohen Ronit204 Elkins Rd
0409_437.05_33Cohen Roy S & Janis C-Trustee152 Renaissance Dr
0409_529.01_18Cohen Ruth124 Cuffys Ln
0409_338.22_38Cohen Scott & Zina42 Clemson Rd
0409_528.41_24Cohen Scott R & Melissa404 Echo Pl
0409_470.07_24Cohen Sonia M41 Lakeview Dr
0409_518.11_2Cohen Stacy S61 Harrowgate Dr
0409_434.09_42Cohen Stephen & Mishel1024 Bob White Dr
0409_528.42_43Cohen Stephen + Janet1761 Country Club Dr
0409_472.01_8Cohen Stephen + Mishel1793 Springdale Rd
0409_338.23_17Cohen Steven + Leslie34 Syracuse Dr S
0409_469.09_22Cohen Susan G4 Hilltop Dr
0409_437.03_1_C0929Cohen Terri929 Society Hill
0409_463.09_18_C1603Cohen Thelma LMark 70-#1603
0409_528.63_2Cohen Todd I419 Downs Dr
0409_437.12_69Cohen Yosef69 Versailles
0409_521.07_28Cohen, Alan & Judy1546 Chalet Dr
0409_528.22_27Cohen, Austin & Suzanne503 Cranford Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1804Cohen, Avraham1804 The Woods II
0409_337.06_1_C0734Cohen, Avraham N734 Kings Croft
0409_520.04_1_C0424Cohen, Barbara A424 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1326Cohen, Claire B1326 Chanticleer
0409_521.11_11Cohen, Dale J10 Walkaway Ln
0409_524.11_13Cohen, Diana & Yaniv40 Country Walk
0409_339.10_13Cohen, Elaine R430 Kingston Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0107Cohen, Evan M107 Chanticleer
0409_227.01_6Cohen, Fred53 Oakview Ave
0409_335.08_7Cohen, Gary & Joanne165 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_340.28_15Cohen, Herbert & Ronnie304 Berkshire Ave
0409_282.02_12Cohen, Herbert & Ronnie P2409 Church Rd
0409_470.11_1_C1008Cohen, Herbert L1910-1912 Rt 70 E
0409_437.11_25Cohen, Holly S25 Cameo Ct
0409_519.02_6Cohen, Ira F & Antonette C1520 Brick Rd
0409_340.18_18Cohen, Jason & Jamie522 Mackin Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0765Cohen, Jerome M & Susan B765 Chanticleer
0409_434.17_2Cohen, Joel D & Jennifer R1668 Blue Jay Ln
0409_434.14_11Cohen, Kenneth R & Susan Y1112 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0774Cohen, Linda B774 Chanticleer
0409_404.50_9Cohen, Linda S415 Holly Glen Dr
0409_528.38_8Cohen, Lisa S1904 Rolling Ln
0409_524.10_3Cohen, M & Bruder, I H/W14 Fairhaven Ct
0409_529.10_7Cohen, Marc & Sara210 Ocean St
0409_520.04_1_C0414Cohen, Marc C414 Chanticleer
0409_525.30_22Cohen, Marcia E & Arnold W1925 West Point Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0507Cohen, Marion507 Chanticleer
0409_437.05_26Cohen, Mark D & Stacia W138 Renaissance Dr
0409_404.35_9Cohen, Marla4 White Oak Ct
0409_523.05_5Cohen, Martin P & Cecile R22 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_520.02_4Cohen, Meir4 Lafayette Ln
0409_300.01_3Cohen, Michael & Karen Lee Kelly -23 Liberty Ln
0409_528.22_26Cohen, N L & Lane, K W W/H505 Cranford Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0901Cohen, NatalieMark 70-#901
0409_463.09_18_C1008Cohen, Natalie B & EtalMark 70-#1008
0409_519.04_15Cohen, Paul & Joyce S212 Nathaniel Ave
0409_470.11_1_C1004Cohen, Paul B.1910-1912 Rt 70 E
0409_515.13_19Cohen, Peter L & Ellen K409 Longstone Dr
0409_404.05_6Cohen, Rhonda417 Burning Tree Rd
0409_525.22_22Cohen, Robert B & Judith B1028 Owl Ln
0409_528.27_19Cohen, Ruth A1811 Fireside Ct E
0409_580.01_12Cohen, Samuel & Antera115 Henszey Ln
0409_437.11_34Cohen, Sander M & Rhona Paul -5 Cameo Ct
0409_527.05_25Cohen, Steven & Barbara1633 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_521.07_27Cohen, Stuart & Susan1544 Chalet Dr
0409_528.28_24Cohen, Suzanne B503 Balsam Rd
0409_434.11_9Cohler Michael D. & Abby N.1232 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_342.12_1Cohn B D & Rosenfelt M128 Barclay Ln
0409_528.61_7Cohn Jeffrey A & Rachel J525 Kings Dr
0409_404.40_11Cohn, Jacob & Kim M1128 Buttonwood Dr
0409_518.18_24Cohn, Steven & Robin12 Cherrywood Ct
0409_518.19_17Cokonis Alexander & Catherine1202 Hadleigh Ct
0409_544.01_30Cola Benjamin & Scarlet128 Carolina Ave
0409_513.28_24Colacicco, Lawrence E & Patricia A5 Brae Ln
0409_529.11_7Colacot, Thomas J & Reena T113 Simi Ct
0409_433.11_22Coladonato, Eileen M338 Provincetown Rd
0409_404.14_15Colaiacovo, Denise A108 Courtland Rd
0409_153.01_3Colandrea, Corrado816 Fulton St
0409_224.04_7Colandrea, L & Peruffo, L H/W239 Fifth Ave W
0409_367.01_12Colangelo Joseph & Mary52 Sheridan Ave
0409_286.13_19Colangelo, Peter J & Patricia A1 Liberty Ln
0409_525.26_15Colangelo, Salvatore & Nancy1868 West Point Dr
0409_513.17_13Colborn George & Annemarie-Trustee15 Ramsgate Rd
0409_341.06_23Colby Robert & Catherine917 Chelten Pkwy
0409_340.09_26Colby Scott R & Stephanie316 Windsor Circle
0409_437.03_1_C0930Colclough Rhonda930 Society Hill
0409_513.44_30Cole Alan W & Amy M605 Guilford Rd
0409_528.05_14Cole Ann M.1613 Pleasant Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0119Cole Beth Lincow -119 Chanticleer
0409_342.24_1Cole Cv Ch Hill NJ LLC % Cvs-05193011 Rt 70 E
0409_399.01_15Cole Dennis P & Rosemary11 Bel Aire Ave
0409_518.15_28Cole George G Jr & Lisa Ann310 Hadleigh Dr
0409_528.60_16Cole Jason M510 Kings Dr
0409_528.60_17Cole Jason M512 Kings Dr
0409_335.16_4Cole Matthew G100 Cherry Tree Ln E
0409_339.32_13Cole P & Saldana K H/W903 Orlando Rd
0409_431.13_22Cole, Alan & Gail9 Valleybrook Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0351Cole, Judy A351 Tavistock
0409_339.25_16Colella Stephen M820 Kingston Dr
0409_286.16_21Coleman Ashaki B24 Wagon Ln
0409_469.18_12Coleman Fred23 Green Acre Dr N
0409_202.01_4Coleman Janine & Santino A A Jr & S302 Linderman Ave
0409_52.01_1_C0215Coleman, Ashaki215 Park Pl
0409_342.09_1Coleman, Cathleen215 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_577.01_6Coleman, Derek & Shantelle E18 Ogden Ave
0409_528.53_2Coleman, Douglas & Nikki403 Lavender Hill Dr
0409_436.03_76Coleman, Gregory P & Susan H363 Tuvira Ln
0409_528.42_23Coleman, Jay Jr & Beth Ann113 Country Club Pl
0409_513.04_6Coles Rochelle D10 Windgate Ln
0409_465.01_3_C1016Coles Tenant LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-16
0409_465.01_3_C1015Coles Tenant LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-15
0409_286.28_21Colestown Cemetery100 Kings Hwy N
0409_437.03_1_C0802Colino, Josephine802 Society Hill
0409_335.03_4Coll William Jr & Claudia207 Garfield Ave
0409_353.01_4Coll, Thomas H5 Rhode Island Ave
0409_257.01_12Colladay, H Arthur & Gail A32 Kent Rd
0409_433.03_34Collado Maria Elena1016 Berlin Rd
0409_397.02_46Collazo Ariano28 Churchill Rd
0409_285.21_2Collazo Erik D & Jessica303 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_342.26_10Colletti Richard E & Regina A-Trust520 Pelham Rd
0409_57.01_35Collier Laura Ann644 Third Ave W
0409_111.01_39Collier Reginald M623 Merchant St
0409_300.01_2Collik, Mark & Barbara G21 Liberty Ln
0409_292.03_11Collings, Daniel V Jr & Lynn19 Katherine St
0409_514.05_2Collington W & Hjartardotti S H/W16 Sandringham Pl
0409_518.02_27Collins Brian9 Parnell Dr
0409_341.07_18Collins Caroline & Thomas J J1014 Chelten Pkwy
0409_404.12_35Collins Matthew III112 Deerfield Dr
0409_286.10_35Collins Quinton & Eldridge Charisse29 Lafferty Dr
0409_287.06_11Collins Tina21 Lloyd Ave
0409_339.09_19Collins Wayne J & Marlene415 Kingston Dr
0409_340.19_12Collins, Irene D2823 Chapel Ave W
0409_435.04_11Collins, James P & Teresa108 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_528.11_17Collins, Mechelle312 Tearose Ln
0409_431.04_15Collins, Shaune B & Susan B202 Brookfield Rd S
0409_437.03_1_C0925Collins, William A & Roerdomp E925 Society Hill
0409_514.06_3Collotti Elizabeth5 Sandringham Rd
0409_233.01_6Colon Edwin228 Wilbur Ave
0409_179.01_1Colon Jose434 Woodland Ave
0409_237.01_7Colon Julian7 Oakview Ave
0409_220.01_2Colon Maria L215 Church Rd
0409_188.01_45Colon Richard & Fan Jizhi317 Monroe Ave
0409_433.18_20Colon, Andres & Rosemarie321 Provincetown Rd
0409_120.01_17Colon, M & Vazquez, I603 Kenilworth Ave
0409_515.16_11Colon, Salvador & Mariana700 Marlowe Rd
0409_999_6Colonial Pipe Line 031313Various Locations
0409_437.03_1_C0202Colontonio, Maurice J III202 Society Hill
0409_437.03_1_C0201Colontonio, Thomas J201 Society Hill
0409_105.01_15Colonyantorno, Remona705 Northwood Ave
0409_525.20_13Colton, Harris & Arlene1840 Lark Ln
0409_106.01_11Colwell, David V & Joan M716 Kenilworth Ave
0409_435.13_11Colwell, John I & Deborah F221 White Marsh Way
0409_98.01_5Colwell, William R715 Kenilworth Ave
0409_340.03_9Comber Casimir & Sophie122 Maine Ave
0409_413.02_7Comber Michael P & Katherine N40 East Riding Dr
0409_513.12_24Comber, Kevin R & Kelly M26 Niamoa Dr
0409_520.04_2_C1104Combs Colburn III1104 The Woods
0409_434.11_22Combs, Terrance H & Jane1201 Heron Rd
0409_339.13_14Comer-Mulhall, Doralise226 Chelten Pkwy
0409_371.01_29Comfort Robert A & Glading Ashlea V43 Edison Ave
0409_430.09_1_C0158Comfort, Sue Ann158 Uxbridge
0409_395.08_1_C113CComhar Group LLC113c Cherry Parke
0409_463.09_18_C1404Cominetto EllynMark 70-#1404
0409_519.04_5Cominetto, Christopher & Ellyn205 Monterey Ave
0409_546.01_11Cominsky, Nancy R111 Sixth Ave E
0409_285.02_1Commerce Bank Na601 Haddonfield Rd
0409_528.66_2Commerce Bank Na1506 Berlin Rd
0409_468.03_6Commerce Bank Na Accts Pay2059 Springdale Rd
0409_500.02_4Commerce Bank, N. A.1006 Astoria Blvd
0409_500.02_2Commerce Bank, N. A.1713 Rt 70 E
0409_338.30_1Commerce Bank, N. A.357 Kings Hwy N
0409_42.01_16Commerce Bank, N. A.2 Grove St
0409_528.04_49Commerce Bank, N. A.1508 Berlin Rd
0409_55.01_3Commerce Center At Cherry Hill LLC650-850 Garden Park Blvd
0409_430.09_1_C0274Commisso, Joseph J & Lynne S274 Uxbridge
0409_520.04_1_C1142Commons At Chanticleer Condo Assn1142 Chanticleer
0409_335.16_11Community Alternatives Inc21 Peppermill Dr
0409_125.05_6Community Capital LLC514 Beechwood Ave
0409_434.17_19Community Options Inc1673 Lark Ln
0409_434.10_2Community Options Inc1328 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_525.14_3Community Synagogue Of Chery Hill I131 Charlann Circle
0409_411.04_4Comperatore Dominic & Kathryn4 Indian King Dr
0409_529.22_7Compton Bertram L & C A125 Kipling Rd
0409_523.11_10Compton, Bruce J & Ellen M20 Doncaster Rd
0409_342.19_15Comunale Richard Jr1102 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_518.14_36Cona Jeanne & Blaise24 Cohasset Ln
0409_337.06_1_C0100Conboy Kelly Mara100 Kings Croft
0409_340.16_16Concannon M-L/E, Concannon T & Ormsb416 Valley Run Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0414Concepcion Saro J414 Kings Croft
0409_286.28_18Conde Salvador & Susan11 Silvertop Ln
0409_99.01_1Condon Ashley Caruso-& Robert803 Beechwood Ave
0409_371.01_27Coneby, Glenn W Jr49 Edison Ave
0409_339.13_8Congelosi Mark & Shannon214 Chelten Pkwy
0409_528.48_28Congleton James & Barbara409 Gatewood Rd
0409_289.01_2Congregation Beit Tefilah Of Cherry817 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_519.11_2Congregation M'kor Shalom850 Evesham Rd
0409_285.10_32Congregation Sons Of Israel416 Tanforan Dr
0409_285.17_4Congregation Sons Of Israel407 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_287.05_1Congregation Sons Of Israel720 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_289.01_1Congregatn Beit Tefilah Cherry Hill819 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_467.20_11_C0011Conigliaro, Gary & Etals600 Deer Rd Ste 11
0409_342.16_24Conlan James J Jr & Kayla H1113 York Rd
0409_342.08_18Conley Brian C & Megan E108 Westover Dr
0409_463.09_18_C0405Conley Michael & Robb EmilyMark 70-#405
0409_513.44_39Conley Seth Michael & Cassandra Eve623 Guilford Rd
0409_436.06_26Conliffe, Theodore D Jr & Kara D111 Europa Blvd
0409_337.06_1_C0223Conlin, Joseph Jr223 Kings Croft
0409_513.23_34Conlon, Jacob M & Karen E17 Waverly Rd
0409_401.01_13Conn Patricia28 Newell Ave
0409_434.24_23Conn, Mitchell & Lisa G458 Browning Ln
0409_434.23_5Conn, Mitchell & Lisa GRear Browning Ln
0409_340.24_39Conneen Lucas & Kristen344 Windsor Dr
0409_404.09_18Connell Edward V & Camilla R-Truste100 Willow Way
0409_430.09_1_C0270Connell John C & Colleen270 Uxbridge
0409_404.25_21Connell Melissa A & Richard V120 Farmington Rd
0409_341.06_2Connell, R E & Pritel, E F1033 Chelten Pkwy
0409_185.01_27Connell, William Joseph428 Yale Ave
0409_528.04_30Connelly Brendan J & Polly J203 Cranford Rd
0409_404.24_21Connelly Mary & Mclister Patricia350 Bortons Mill Rd
0409_114.01_9Connelly, Denise C & John T III600 Franklin Ave
0409_365.01_6Connelly, Sandra H8 Whitman Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0304Conner, Colleen M304 Tavistock
0409_395.08_1_C128GConner, Joseph128g Cherry Parke
0409_399.01_4Conners, Daniel F & Grace R10 Plymouth Rd
0409_366.01_19Connery Christopher68 Conwell Ave
0409_513.24_11Connery, Charles J22 Waverly Rd
0409_529.03_9Connington Douglas G1918 Sussex Ave
0409_404.08_5Connolly, M K & Rinaldi, J472 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_412.01_8Connolly, Susan S45 East Riding Dr
0409_471.04_3Connor J Christopher & Kathleen M106 Weston Dr
0409_513.23_21Connor John & Mary218 Lamp Post Ln
0409_437.03_1_C1012Connor Karen1012 Society Hill
0409_458.01_3Connor Robert A1101 Princess Rd
0409_514.05_20Connors Benjamin J & Zoe C19 Downing St
0409_147.01_14Connors John J-Trustee1014 Mercer St
0409_339.26_4Connors Ronald & Marie406 Howard Rd
0409_518.20_7Connors Ronald & Stephanie11 Brondesbury Dr
0409_256.01_4Conover Barbara E-Trustee1700 Maple Ave
0409_527.02_61Conover Kelley E & Ryan J1541 Berlin Rd
0409_338.26_5Conover Matthew R & Jennifer A10 Syracuse Dr N
0409_371.01_2Conrad Kerri & Greenberg Heather S19 Edison Ave
0409_38.01_2Conrail Copr % New Jersey TransPark Blvd Rear
0409_528.36_10Conroy James A & Melissa L1816 Morris Dr
0409_528.53_3Conroy Paul & Lisa405 Lavender Hill Dr
0409_547.01_8Conroy Thos M & Victoria404 Palmwood Ave
0409_52.01_1_C0503Conroy William Jr503 Park Pl
0409_524.04_5Consalvo, Matthew Jr & Jeannine T36 Cunningham Ln
0409_528.09_30Consello Stephen A Jr & Helmer G M318 Cranford Rd
0409_404.19_19Console Christopher & Sara102 Fenwick Rd
0409_342.09_35Console Eric & Rachel221 Westover Dr
0409_342.30_10Console Gregory J & Christine A480 Pelham Rd
0409_523.01_32Console Richard P Jr & Cheryl M103 En Provence Ct
0409_338.11_4Consorte, Eric J514 Salsbury Rd
0409_513.12_5Constant Florence109 Old Orchard Rd
0409_434.02_16Constant Robert & Vashti1313 Heartwood Dr
0409_218.01_4Constantine, John F & Loretta G111 Woodland Ave
0409_513.09_25Consuegra, John D & Michelle A204 Old Orchard Rd
0409_342.09_31Conte Augustine Jr + Geraldine245 Redstone Ridge
0409_409.01_12Conte Brothers Inc1415 Brace Rd
0409_404.29_13Conte Christopher4 Heritage Ct
0409_289.01_11Conte Julia B7 Snyder Ave
0409_289.01_15Conte Pat & Julia6 Katherine St
0409_339.20_5Contento, Lorraine M & Etal209 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_518.14_13Conti, Christopher46 Cohasset Ln
0409_436.03_67Conti, Joseph A344 Tuvira Ln
0409_286.11_36Conti, Vincent R & Michelle C76 Knollwood Dr
0409_182.01_15Contreras Jimmy Jr & Hogan Francis321 Third Ave W
0409_404.31_22Contreras Michele207 Horse Shoe Ct
0409_340.09_11Contreras, Eugenio Et Als309 Berkshire Ct
0409_523.08_2Convey James & Donna M2 Whitby Rd
0409_54.01_8_C0346Conville, Deborah L346 Plaza Grande
0409_469.16_27Convissar, Bradley J & Alexis Z1950 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_434.02_1Convissar, Gerald & Michelle1373 Heartwood Dr
0409_288.06_32Conway Theresa L Est) Mccay L M32 Appley Ct
0409_525.03_4Conway, Francis J & Kathleen E25 Edgewood Dr
0409_289.02_19.01Conway, Sean W & Roseanna338 Oak Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0811Conway, Theresa811 Chanticleer
0409_248.01_1Conwell John R & Sharon A101 Merion Rd
0409_341.18_1Conwell Lp C/O The Goodman Group1100 Rt 70 E
0409_341.18_2Conwell Lp C/O The Goodman Group1104 Rt 70 E
0409_54.02_5_C4632Coogan Denise4632 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_515.18_4Coogan, Rosemary211 Longstone Dr
0409_164.01_15Cook Daniel H & Cheryl A1010 Bedford Ave
0409_515.02_4Cook Kevin P Jr & Allison K Burkett806 Marlowe Rd
0409_404.31_29Cook Louise K-Trustee206 Horse Shoe Ct
0409_529.12_44Cook Phillip F & Jaclyn M1414 Longfellow Dr
0409_348.01_18Cook, Carol A & Philip L120 Connecticut Ave
0409_523.10_5Cook, George N & Joan D9 Doncaster Rd
0409_525.02_10Cook, Janet L13 Willowdale Dr
0409_513.12_14Cook, John J & Gloria15 Lamp Post Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0277Cook, Kathryn277 Tavistock
0409_431.03_10Cook, Michelle Dilacqua1008 Pinebrook Rd
0409_342.08_24Cook, Randy & Michelle140 Westover Dr
0409_130.01_12Cook, Sean R532 Third Ave W
0409_519.01_9Cook, Timothy P & Christine M117 Partridge Ln E
0409_528.32_31Cooke, Donna L & Barry S509 Country Club Dr
0409_421.01_12Cooker Financial LLC35 Kresson Rd
0409_138.01_5Cookson E. J. III & Schuenemann L. A.1320 Wynwood Ave
0409_375.01_6Cookson Justine & Murphy John115 Park Dr
0409_342.18_6_C0510Coolahan William & Jean M510 Barclay Towers
0409_529.12_40Coomes P J & Buckland NJ & Bjelde1504 Hillside Dr
0409_338.02_4Coon Kristina M107 Ramble Rd
0409_340.06_8Cooney Joe & Margaret132 Valley Run Rd
0409_431.10_16Cooney Patrick & Patricia1104 Valleybrook Rd W
0409_335.13_6Cooney, Trevor J & Janine A107 Harvest Rd
0409_295.01_2Cooper Danielle J319 Washington Ave
0409_431.14_26Cooper Evangeline150 Ashbrook Rd
0409_463.09_18_C1708Cooper FrancineMark 70-#1708
0409_9.01_2Cooper Health System11 Harvard Ave S
0409_71.01_3Cooper Health Systems % W Smith2342 Rt 70 W
0409_404.43_15Cooper Healthcare Prop % W Smith1210 Brace Rd
0409_285.19_22Cooper Howard B & Yvonne R422 Hialeah Dr
0409_339.30_26Cooper Hugh A821 Richard Rd
0409_529.14_12Cooper Jocelyn P114 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_469.05_10Cooper Laurence & Choyinski Daniell14 Tracey Terr
0409_467.04_6Cooper Mark & Karen30 Green Vale Rd
0409_342.16_2Cooper Pauruosaspa & Hutokhshi114 Randle Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0707Cooper Terri707 Kings Croft
0409_4.01_11Cooper Tracy & Marshall12 Hoffman Ave W
0409_342.03_12Cooper, Ava A20 Brookmead Dr
0409_529.15_15Cooper, Gilda E134 Ashley Ct
0409_428.01_16Cooper, James M22 Mcphelin Ave
0409_342.15_24Cooper, R M Jr & Tran, T1119 Green Briar Rd
0409_437.06_34Cooper, Stanley I & Jodi D11 Lucerne Ct
0409_54.01_8_C0228Cooperman Harvey & Marilyn A228 Plaza Grande
0409_42.01_4Cooperson Douglass & Pauline109 Washington Ave S
0409_286.27_11Copeland, D E & Porter C R15 Plumm Ct
0409_431.08_9Coppenbarger, Christine102 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_518.14_28Coppol Carman40 Cohasset Ln
0409_480.01_4Coppola Christian & Maria1915 Olney Ave
0409_480.01_6Coppola Christian & Maria1919 Olney Ave
0409_340.31_99_C0006Copsetta, Norman G6 Playa Del Sol
0409_386.01_3Corbett Dennis T & Nancy A-Trustees8 Harrison Ave
0409_338.03_7Corbett James M-Trustee101 Chapel Ave E
0409_404.20_3Corbett, Thomas P & Monica B105 Kitty Hawk Rd
0409_286.39_53Corbisiero, Anthony M & Mary Ann53 Greensward
0409_404.07_8Corbley Timothy F1329 Shelly Ln
0409_514.06_12Corcoran Jeffrey D & Colleen M8 Banner Rd
0409_350.01_18Corcoran Mark & Caroline204 Massachusetts Ave
0409_342.29_11Corcoran Nicole254 Redstone Ridge
0409_520.02_21Corcoran, Brian P21 Lafayette Ln
0409_252.01_1Corcoran, Kelly M100 St Martins Rd
0409_411.04_11Corcoran, Merry C25 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_433.13_2Cordasco, Alfred F & Amy M173 Mansfield Blvd N
0409_513.49_5Cordero Eugenia M150 Thornhill Rd
0409_404.49_12Cordero Yadira1205 Pams Path
0409_338.26_14Cordero, Angelo & Danielle11 Rutgers Rd
0409_525.18_20Cordero, Natalie1002 Dell Dr
0409_286.15_8Cordes Theo F & Joyce B25 Wagon Ln
0409_342.16_6Cordisco, Dennis & Olimpia-Trust1118 Green Briar Rd
0409_397.02_43Cordivari Philip M Jr40 Churchill Rd
0409_399.01_12Cordo Vincent + Minnie19 Bel Aire Ave
0409_366.01_30Cordo-Garlick Nanci & Moore Janice11 Whitman Ave
0409_226.01_3Corea Robert A800 Princeton Ave N
0409_430.09_1_C0225Corea, Michelle L225 Uxbridge
0409_342.22_19Corelli, Peter L & Joan S Lee1209 Wyndmoor Rd
0409_513.27_51.10Corey, Christopher & Colleen3 Jordan Ct
0409_207.01_12Corey, Juanita201 Third Ave W
0409_395.08_1_C126ACorica, Alice126a Cherry Parke
0409_435.08_15Corkery Christopher C & Kristen M208 White Marsh Way
0409_339.10_9Corl Quoi T438 Kingston Dr
0409_120.01_28Corl, Bieu631 Kenilworth Ave
0409_436.05_99_C0053Corn Adele Judith53 Buckingham Pl
0409_338.02_27Cornaglia Joseph & Rita512 King George Rd
0409_433.04_19Cornaglia, Joseph J Jr & Susan1016 Haral Pl
0409_340.18_24Cornaglia, Robert510 Mackin Dr
0409_469.04_37Cornatzer, Robert A & Mary A26 Forest Hill Dr
0409_528.15_3Cornejo Juan C404 Garwood Dr
0409_431.09_1Cornejo Juan C & April S115 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_525.18_30Cornelious Toya M & Jules1042 Dell Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0317Cornell Frederick & Marilyn317 Chanticleer
0409_435.01_1Cornerstone Bank1405 Rt 70 E
0409_342.20_9_C2005Cornerstone Medical Properties LLC401-2c Kings Hwy S
0409_433.16_7_C0302Cornerstone Realty Company LLC302 Haddontowne Ct
0409_188.01_26Corney, Barbara J444 State St
0409_528.48_3Cornforth Steven R404 Barby Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0527Cornish, Paula J527 Playa Del Sol
0409_528.05_13Cornog, Nancy1615 Pleasant Dr
0409_529.25_5.01Corp/Pres. Bhp Ch/Jesus Christ Lds1957 Berlin Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0018Corporate Services Of Sj Inc18 Playa Del Sol
0409_464.02_2_C1005Corporate Services Of South Jersey1879 Old Cuthbert Rd #5
0409_413.02_14Corporate Trustees Inc26 East Riding Dr
0409_469.10_4Corpuz, Conrado & Ursula1967 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_285.08_2Corpuz, Salud428 Garden State Dr
0409_404.39_1Corrado, John & Gloria1242 Sequoia Rd
0409_459.01_11Corrales Maria L202 Tampa Ave E
0409_397.07_2Correa Kathry96 Edison Rd
0409_192.01_18Correa Yitzhak480 Chapel Ave W
0409_382.01_1Correia John & Joanne1017 Jefferson Ave
0409_248.01_14Correll Anthony C & Kristie E120 Colwick Rd
0409_434.24_3Correnty, Anthony L726 Kresson Rd
0409_408.03_4Corressel Robert & Patricia Ilves -609 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_285.05_6Corrigan, G & Bui, T11 Embassy Dr
0409_188.01_50Corris Marlene303 Monroe Ave
0409_335.16_12Corris, Leonard & Stephanie19 Peppermill Dr
0409_119.01_27Corsello Samuel S644 Longwood Ave
0409_435.02_33Corsey M J & Leonard K-Trustees336 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_341.06_19Corsino Anthony F & Morrow Lizabeth925 Chelten Pkwy
0409_130.01_15Corso Augustus A & Melissa A539 Woodland Ave
0409_528.38_11Corso Vincent & Calvitti John & Joa1910 Rolling Ln
0409_310.01_5Corso, Kenneth R & Jane113 Cleveland Rd
0409_525.28_2Corso, Tony & Rosalba1205 Skylark Ln
0409_525.16_25Corso, Vincent & Angela1098 Springdale Rd
0409_525.16_26Corso, Vincent & Angela1096 Springdale Rd
0409_404.23_15Corson, Matthew J & Sevrie S186 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_244.01_14Corson, Tom & Anna13 St Davids Rd
0409_244.01_15Corson, Tom & Anna11 St Davids Rd
0409_435.04_21Cortellessa, John & J K137 Pine Valley Rd
0409_288.04_2Cortes Luis Jr & Zayas Emmanuel G17 Beekman Pl
0409_433.10_21Cortes, Jason & Stacy207 Philellena Rd
0409_382.01_32Cortese Patrick H & Rebecca S149 Grant Ave
0409_527.02_25Cortez Anne R102 Bryant Rd
0409_513.21_14Cortez Daniel & Lauren209 Old Orchard Rd
0409_340.20_14Cortez, Edwin Jr & Christina413 Rhode Island Ave
0409_286.39_34Cortney, Lois34 Greensward
0409_129.01_7Corut, Sandra M523 Highland Ave
0409_596.02_3Corvi Paul J & Rosalinda Fortuna221 Wisteria Ave
0409_142.01_2Corvino Michael + Mary Lynn901 Murray Ave
0409_214.01_5Coscia John106 Linderman Ave
0409_342.28_1_C0700Cosden Robert700 Barclay Walk
0409_244.01_13Cosello, Andrew17 St Davids Rd
0409_437.12_102Cosenza Stephanie L102 Versailles
0409_528.01_20Cosenza, Andy122 Rue Du Bois
0409_431.09_6Cosenza, Ronald & Sarah111 Laurelbrook Rd
0409_286.20_21Cosico, Epilido & Josephine14 Orchid Ln
0409_339.21_13Cosme Harvey317 Cambridge Rd
0409_199.01_16Cosme Nancy112 State St
0409_528.28_8Cossrow Keith E & Joanne1804 Fireside Ln
0409_514.07_8Cost Anthony31 Downing St
0409_338.26_9Costa Peter J & Shea Lorra L18 Syracuse Dr N
0409_521.17_8Costa Philip16 Bridle Ct
0409_337.07_21Costa Robert21 Crofton Commons
0409_454.01_1Costa, John J & Mary Ellen101 Daytona Ave E
0409_433.05_18Costantino Carmen1002 Mt Pleasant Way
0409_435.16_18Costantino Denise1216 Forge Rd
0409_520.04_2_C1115Costantino Mary1115 The Woods
0409_341.07_7Costanza Louis R & Kath1013 Tampa Ave
0409_342.15_18Costello Edward M III & Lindsay L106 Tarlton Ct
0409_236.01_6Costello Mary A23 Oakview Ave
0409_469.02_16Costello Mary P1930 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_513.09_18Costello Monica & Michael15 Tunbridge Rd
0409_342.15_10Costello Terrence A & Rebecca L102 Kevin Ct
0409_342.19_4Costello, J D & Dudek, L D1122 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_513.49_9Costigan Amy Bender-& David M158 Thornhill Rd
0409_342.18_6_C1011Costiuc Dimitri1011 Barclay Towers
0409_342.18_6_C1506Costiuc Dumitru1506 Barclay Towers
0409_429.04_1_C0180Costow, Richard M180 Tavistock
0409_433.18_27Cote Bernard + Janet307 Provincetown Rd
0409_339.28_8Cote Peter & Janet805 Johns Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0736Cote, Christian & Julie736 Kings Croft
0409_525.02_7Coticone John P & A7 Circle Ln
0409_525.27_3Cotilla, Lawrence R & Betty L1908 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_529.26_7Cotter Beatrice B1512 Longfellow Dr
0409_397.02_42Cotter John F & Andrea44 Churchill Rd
0409_521.07_7Cotter, Patrick & Dana1508 Chalet Dr
0409_465.02_10Cottman Joshua & Janique461 Deer Rd
0409_513.42_5Cottman Laura105 Rye Rd
0409_527.02_28Cotton, M M & Taylor, T M1526 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_342.19_23Cottone James & Lisa1111 Yardley Rd
0409_525.30_44Couch, Cory S & Diane M1837 West Point Dr
0409_190.01_1Coughlin Benjamin S & Reichert Emil323 Plymouth Pl
0409_430.09_1_C0243Coughlin, Frances243 Uxbridge
0409_191.01_22Coughlin, Michael T & Joanne329 Essex Ave
0409_513.21_1Cougle Brian C & Christina M28 Candlewyck Way
0409_287.01_26Coulter James B & Stacy S26 James Run
0409_436.01_42Coulter, Edith L1311 Paddock Way
0409_513.09_4Counard Shawn M & Jamie L9 Thornhill Rd
0409_233.01_23Countey Christopher & Luker Dana20 Willis Ave
0409_427.01_3Countryman Andrew & Camerieri Wendy1 Mcphelin Ave
0409_395.03_4County Of CamdenSchool Ln
0409_404.37_1County Of CamdenNew Jersey Turnpike
0409_335.10_18Courduff Fredrick J112 Hedgerow Dr
0409_529.04_2Court, George & Nancy116 Winesap Rd
0409_529.01_48Courtright Joseph & Jayne Rudner104 White Birch Ct
0409_433.20_1_C0217Cousin Thomas M M217 Centura
0409_214.01_19Cousins, Thomas E99 Barlow Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0724Coutin Ann E & Ortiz Carlos J724 Chanticleer
0409_337.07_2Coutumas Theodore & Frances2 Crofton Commons
0409_286.09_25Covelli Carmenza3008 Chapel Ave W
0409_286.09_24Covelli, Rene & Stacy3010 Chapel Ave W
0409_526.05_4Covelman, Kenneth W & Sandra1146 Ann Dr
0409_395.03_42Covenant Pres Church520 Kings Hwy S
0409_434.06_11Covenko, Howard L & Jacqueline1333 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_404.33_9Coverdale, Paul D119 Bentwood Dr
0409_435.16_12Covered Bridge Swim Club1 Aqua Ln
0409_467.02_2Covert Jason M & Dana A69 Green Vale Rd
0409_513.45_14Covert Kelly A858 Stonehenge Rd
0409_159.01_6Covington Charles S & Katherine M1123 Martin Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0918Cowan Emily R918 Chanticleer
0409_437.03_1_C0315Cowan Lilly315 Society Hill
0409_515.09_24Cowan Russell F & Ilene15 Charles Ln
0409_286.39_21Cowan William & Pamela J21 Greensward
0409_52.01_1_C0505Cowan, R M & Abate, N L H/W505 Park Pl
0409_513.33_28Cowley Ernest R-Indvl & Trustee & D642 Croyden Dr
0409_382.01_14Cowley, Jane M150 Edison Ave
0409_404.05_3Cowperthwaite Douglas & Mary405 Burning Tree Rd
0409_513.24_20Cox Dennis & Elizabeth425 Old Orchard Rd
0409_529.07_7Cox James W & Christine M1903 Baldwin Rd
0409_513.31_33Cox Sara E11 Regent Rd
0409_339.24_3Cox William Leslie + Linda827 Kingston Dr
0409_404.36_75Cox, Francis & Joan23 Teak Ct
0409_54.01_8_C0332Cox, Ronald F & Susan L332 Plaza Grande
0409_395.08_1_C118FCox, Suzanne M118f Cherry Parke
0409_528.55_12Coyle Alexander C & Glenys Z1724 Country Club Dr
0409_387.01_10Coyle Eric & Keneally Jennifer L30 Harding Ave
0409_380.01_24Coyle Mary E151 Wesley Ave
0409_292.02_17Coyle Michael R & Manuela G4 Maple Terr
0409_404.05_11Coyle Robert & Didonato Elise426 St Johns Dr
0409_435.02_9Coyle Robert M & Mary J205 Granville Dr
0409_404.07_7Coyle Robert M & Mary Jane1325 Shelly Ln
0409_339.18_14Coyle, Daniel J & Theresa102 Forest Rd
0409_335.12_2Cracknell, William H & Teresa F103 Garfield Ave
0409_241.01_5Craig Michael M Jr18 Bala Rd
0409_397.05_7Craig Scott & Kathleen12 Shepherd Rd
0409_338.20_24Craig, Kim E411 Sheffield Rd
0409_248.01_15Craig, Michael M & Kathleen E116 Colwick Rd
0409_397.07_7Craig, Scott & Kathleen112 Edison Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0804Craig, William804 Society Hill
0409_350.01_17Craige Jamie-Lynn & Simon Zachary206 Massachusetts Ave
0409_335.04_17Crain Kenneth & Lauren210 Garfield Ave
0409_203.01_6Cramer, Robert311 Linderman Ave
0409_397.02_32Crane Peter & Bardakas Aphrodite40 Park Circle
0409_543.01_6Craner, Kevin & Odette125 Carolina Ave
0409_286.08_2Crass Samuel & Sandra3 Forge Ln
0409_470.07_17Craven Eugene & Edith27 Lakeview Ct
0409_519.06_9Craven, Herschel R & Linda S208 Sandringham Rd
0409_404.07_22Craven, Patricia A443 Burning Tree Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0721Craver Richard M721 Chanticleer
0409_434.11_20Cravitz Stephen & Patricia1209 Heron Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0133Cravitz, Richard & Joan133 Centura
0409_429.04_1_C0350Crawford Daniel350 Tavistock
0409_519.09_47Crawford Norman Jr & Elizabeth140 Partridge Ln E
0409_518.10_49Crawford Robert & Margaret51 Cohasset Ln
0409_580.01_2Crawford, Cheryl J214 Ashland Ave
0409_339.15_6Crawford, Patrick G & Nicole206 Cambridge Rd
0409_471.13_7Crawley, Joseph M & Barbara138 Weston Dr
0409_370.01_8Cream, Aaron T & Jaime16 Edison Ave
0409_469.18_22Creanga, Radu & Mihaela3 Green Acre Dr
0409_337.07_11Crecelius, Minerva11 Crofton Commons
0409_342.20_15Creedon, Gerald M & Cindy J200 Brace Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0809Creedon, Lillian RMark 70-#809
0409_404.41_6Creek Jesse A & Wilson Brittany1212 Sequoia Rd
0409_462.02_2Creek Joseph & Erin Mcgee -133 Green Vale Rd
0409_54.02_5_C4845Creek Richard J.4845 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_455.01_1Creek Rosemarie1105 Queens Rd
0409_529.12_48Creel Brandon1406 Longfellow Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0409Crehan Paul J.409 Tavistock
0409_244.01_8Creighton Charles C & Frances L24 St Martins Rd
0409_58.01_45Crenny Thomas M & Michelle M106 Redwood Ave
0409_431.07_23Crescenzo, Christopher & Kelly121 Ashbrook Rd
0409_111.02_4Crespo, Magaly208 Lawrence St
0409_528.58_10Crest Construction LLC2012 Morris Dr
0409_529.07_16Creuz Aaron J216 Mcintosh Rd
0409_365.01_11Crew, James & Kathleen28 Whitman Ave
0409_186.01_26Crew, Robert W Sr L/T317 Union Ave
0409_286.17_7Creyaufmiller Wayne27 Pebble Ln
0409_340.14_2Criaris Olympia403 Valley Run Dr
0409_521.16_5Crimaldi, Joseph J9 Bridle Ct
0409_429.02_6Crincinjo, LLC60 Berlin Rd
0409_378.01_1Crincoli Johnathan651 Jefferson Ave
0409_353.01_9Crincoli Mollie Sue15 Rhode Island Ave
0409_397.02_35Crist, Charla A28 Park Circle
0409_429.04_1_C0346Crist, Stephen J & Linda F346 Tavistock
0409_529.03_13Cristal S & Jackson L1929 Delicious Way
0409_413.02_15Cristiani Joanne Negrin -24 East Riding Dr
0409_340.10_2Cristobal F , Panagsagan T & Etal317 Windsor Dr
0409_340.03_8Cristobal Godofredo & Mercedes118 Maine Ave
0409_233.01_4Cristobal Luviminda V & Etal224 Wilbur Ave
0409_253.01_6Cristobal-Medina Jose M & Morales-R110 St Davids Rd
0409_342.34_13Crivaro, Mark A & Anne C450 Wayland Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1012Croce Adina1012 Chanticleer
0409_434.09_19Croce Joseph & Roberta1442 Starling Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0322Croce Joseph A & Nicola322 Playa Del Sol
0409_528.12_7Croce Nick + Elsie1512 Randy Ln
0409_470.13_6Croce Nicola1810 Springdale Rd
0409_340.15_6Croce Nicola & Elise L11 Forge Ln S
0409_513.27_44Croce Raymond J Jr936 Cropwell Rd
0409_242.01_1Croce Remo + Patricia1100 Maple Ave
0409_335.13_17Croce, G & Kines, S3501 Church Rd
0409_372.01_1Croce, Joseph811 Rt 70 W
0409_321.01_4Croce, Nicola & Elise214 Lincoln Ave S
0409_199.01_3Croce, Nicola & Elise316 Church Rd
0409_513.30_23Croce, Raymond J Sr420 Old Orchard Rd
0409_285.14_28Crock Stacey A308 Monmouth Dr
0409_433.10_20Croft, Susan T209 Philellena Rd
0409_149.01_8Croge, David & Phyllis149. 01rcer St
0409_164.01_17Croge, Kendra & Jason509 Mercer St
0409_444.01_10Croge, Paul18 Miami Ave W
0409_214.01_10Croker Adam115 Barlow Ave
0409_368.01_5Crompton Gary & Larissa1201 Wayne Ave
0409_54.02_5_C4743Cronin Michael4743 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_463.09_18_C0509Crosbie, CliveMark 70-#509
0409_395.08_1_C115ACrosby, D & Cockerill, T115a Cherry Parke
0409_335.09_21Crosby, Robert C & Linda119 Meeting House Ln
0409_388.01_23Crosley David & Robbins Elizabeth19 Harding Ave
0409_390.01_11Cross Tracey E.10 Utah Ave
0409_513.12_32Cross-Peart Cyntrena & Donovan O.10 Niamoa Dr
0409_404.43_10Crossen, Carol D1207 Caldwell Rd
0409_289.05_1Crossroads Partnership % Needleman843 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_336.01_18Crossroads Programs Inc105 Crooked Ln
0409_404.24_26Crothers Charles Jr + Martha340 Bortons Mill Ct
0409_404.23_2Crouch Bradford G & Cheryl J Chew -105 Split Rail Dr
0409_404.46_6Crow Michael C & Martino Michele145 Munn Ln
0409_430.04_3Crowder, Thomas Jr & Beverly124 Woodstock Dr N
0409_286.04_32Crowell Patricia4 Coach Ln
0409_340.27_6Crowell Richard & Caitlin315 Royal Oak Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0101Crowley, Terrance L101 Tavistock
0409_338.08_15Crowley, Theresa J & William205 Elkins Rd
0409_333.01_1Crown Woodland LLC200 Lake Dr E
0409_333.01_2Crown Woodland LLC210 Lake Dr E
0409_319.03_4Crown Woodland LLC2498 Rt 38
0409_284.02_13Crown Woodland LLC220 Lake Dr E
0409_331.01_1Crown Woodland LLCLake Dr E
0409_337.06_1_C0725Crowthers, Karen S725 Kings Croft
0409_404.11_9Crozier, D J & Patterson L116 Bentwood Dr
0409_513.24_9Cruikshank Terry L & Bader R Keith18 Waverly Rd
0409_526.06_7Crumpton Matthew D & Katie M26 Imperial Dr
0409_342.09_21Cruse William R & Stephanie H/W205 Redstone Ridge
0409_519.09_2Cruz Angel J & Eloisa72 Brick Rd
0409_433.16_3Cruz Awilda & Eliud104 Haddontowne Ct
0409_513.12_9Cruz B D & Salloum A J5 Lamp Post Ln
0409_342.28_1_C0506Cruz Gilberto III506 Barclay Walk
0409_528.09_12Cruz Jeffrey & Leamsy M313 Nature Dr
0409_433.07_4Cruz Jonathan D & Erin M1014 Robwill Pass
0409_57.01_46Cruz Leonardo & Helen4 Redwood Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0379Cruz Michelle379 Tavistock
0409_346.01_13Cruz Neisonet & Pena Ileana14 Connecticut Ave
0409_282.01_31Cruz Nolte2305 Church Rd
0409_339.38_7Cruz Ralph & Estefania319 Chelten Pkwy
0409_433.04_18Cruz Richard & Batista-Arias Walesk1018 Haral Pl
0409_525.08_8Cruz Robert & Kortney1152 Willowdale Dr
0409_469.08_16Cruz Vitalina1920 Huntington Dr
0409_192.01_1Cruz, Arinda310 Evergreen Ave
0409_286.20_11Cruz, Imelda109 Knollwood Dr
0409_207.01_5Cruz, Israel & Ines M215 Third Ave W
0409_286.05_22Cruz, Jesus & Cindi C16 Darby Ln
0409_340.13_1Cruz, Melchor Dela321 Valley Run Dr
0409_288.05_1_C0316Cruz, Sandra & Huynah, My316 Chestnut Pl
0409_433.20_1_C0229Cruz, Sonia B229 Centura
0409_433.20_1_C022GCruz, Sonia BCentura
0409_429.04_1_C0113Cruz, Victoria L113 Tavistock
0409_404.43_17_C0101Ctarp LLC1236-A Brace Rd
0409_404.43_17_C0106Ctarp LLC1236-F Brace Rd
0409_467.22_25_C0017Ctb Systems LLC1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-17
0409_342.13_12Ctr For Spec Needs Trst Adm Inc L/E128 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_286.16_9Cubbage M G & Mccarron L Mj120 Knollwood Dr
0409_341.28_13_C0002Cubesmart Lp Pta-Cs #548106 Rt 70 E
0409_370.01_15Cuccoli A & Salomone A H/W52 Edison Ave
0409_469.05_17Cuccuini Mark & Cynthia5 Forest Hill Dr
0409_337.02_10Cucinotta James Jr & Lorraine16 Hillcroft Ln
0409_162.01_5Cucinotta, Robt P & M1115 Bedford Ave
0409_411.07_5Cucukow Seksan104 West Riding Dr
0409_518.15_5Cuddihy, Peter S & Eileen4 Brondesbury Dr
0409_431.15_9Cue, Joseph & Arnette149 Ashbrook Rd
0409_283.01_5Cuenca, L & Poblador, A W/H6 Coles Ave
0409_434.24_20Cueto Alex & Mila464 Browning Ln
0409_340.10_19Cueto Lyndon P316 Valley Run Dr
0409_214.01_7Cueto Maria A & Patrick110 Linderman Ave
0409_529.01_24Cueto, Agnes112 Cuffys Ln
0409_434.24_19Cueto, Alex & Mila466 Browning Ln
0409_441.01_5Cueto, Cesar & Edith105 Ormond Ave W
0409_340.21_5Cueto, Raul P & Ruth M416 Windsor Dr
0409_342.30_27Cuevas Christian & Middleton Erica125 Westover Dr
0409_437.04_6Cui Cui152 Lucerne Blvd
0409_335.12_3Cuilla Joseph & Shawne105 Garfield Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0134Culbertson Paul D & Rosemary134 Kings Croft
0409_165.01_35Culbertson Paul D Jr & Lisa1116 Bedford Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0121Culbertson, Richard W Jr121 Kings Croft
0409_523.06_9Cullen Kathleen L36 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_529.12_33Cullen Robert M & Pape Audrey C1518 Hillside Dr
0409_431.14_11Cullinan, Crystal122 Ashbrook Rd
0409_52.01_1_C0415Cullmann, Charles T415 Park Pl
0409_188.01_33Culp Daniel E & Alexis347 Monroe Ave
0409_411.05_21Culver David & Sherri10 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_413.02_20Cumarasamy, Thayalan K14 East Riding Dr
0409_316.01_10Cummings Patrick J & Depinto Kimber317 Lincoln Ave S
0409_338.09_20Cummings Ronald F & Linda L325 Sheffield Rd
0409_513.09_15Cummings Steven & Alyece8 Heather Ln
0409_347.01_13Cummings Terry & Sheila106 Massachusetts Ave
0409_471.06_5Cummins Lisa4 Dunbarton Rd
0409_244.01_16Cummins Robert & Grace7 St Davids Rd
0409_281.01_3Cummins Robert & Grace26 Overbrook Dr
0409_529.05_1Cundiff Amanda1903 Delicious Way
0409_436.01_30Cundiff Jeffrey & Debra1361 Paddock Way
0409_342.16_10Cuneo Richard1112 Green Briar Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0260Cuneo, Charlotte J260 Tavistock
0409_460.01_4Cung Hai & Cherri207 Tampa Ave E
0409_404.09_6Cunliffe, Edward & Dorothy522 Tarrington Rd
0409_336.05_2.01Cunliffe, Kenneth W & Gwyneth9 Crooked Ln
0409_520.04_1_C1921Cunney Jacqueline1921 The Woods II
0409_471.07_10Cunningham John Carey & Lindsay10 Lavenham Ct
0409_529.22_25Cunningham Sean & Maria G1507 Longfellow Dr
0409_523.03_6Cunningham Thomas Jr & Dromgoole S11 Forage Ln
0409_528.15_14Cunningham, Jean M & Claudio, Nilda409 Cranford Dr
0409_471.06_7Cunningham, Kieran & Jennifer107 Ashford Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0827Cunningham, Margaret827 Kings Croft
0409_282.01_29Curcio Esperanza38 Chestnut Terr
0409_337.06_1_C0125Curcio, Paul G & Costa Susan125 Kings Croft
0409_397.07_1Curran Marie J92 Edison Rd
0409_576.01_5Curran, Arlene111 Ward Terr
0409_339.07_5Curran, Carolyn408 Sheffield Rd
0409_358.01_3Curran, Daniel J504 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_145.01_6.01Curran, David J & Miriam S1010 Fulton St
0409_338.11_7Curran, Elise Marie508 Salsbury Rd
0409_529.12_60Curran, Michael & Kizis, Pamela112 Woodfield Ct
0409_521.09_55Curreri, Joseph P & Kathleen Jo24 Carriage House Ct
0409_398.01_5Currie, Keith A & Grace M Leuzzi -613 Kings Hwy S
0409_513.20_13Curro Jessica6 Firethorne Rd
0409_191.01_16Curry Juanita A504 Chapel Ave W
0409_408.01_15Curry, Gregory H & C M217 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0202Curry, Julianne Marie202 Chanticleer
0409_338.25_20Curry, Shante41 Syracuse Dr N
0409_188.01_20Curtis, Andre L & Vanessa T362 Lincoln Ave N
0409_513.21_20Curtis, C & Rudziewicz, K12 Candlewyck Way
0409_337.06_1_C0535Cusack Beth Anne535 Kings Croft
0409_471.12_12Cusick, Joseph P & Gretchen F18 Wexford Ct
0409_545.01_24Cuspilich Stephen & Baccaro Daniell116 Palmwood Ave
0409_287.06_10Cuspilich, Kelly19 Lloyd Ave
0409_353.01_5Cussat Terrance + Marilyn7 Rhode Island Ave
0409_66.01_1Cuthbert Boulevard Re LLC761 Cuthbert Blvd
0409_467.22_25Cuthbert Plaza Condo AsssocOld Cuthbert Road
0409_596.02_2Cuthbert Real Estate Holding LLC302 Cuthbert Blvd
0409_564.01_3Cutler David % Pancerella & Assoc5 Seventh Ave
0409_528.59_17Cutler Hank & Nancy513 Brian Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0438Cutler, Bernard & Sonia438 Chanticleer
0409_525.17_16Cutler, David & Lisa1013 Dell Dr
0409_519.04_18Cutler, Evan S & Natalie R206 Nathaniel Ave
0409_408.03_2Cutler, Kathleen A1315 Charleston Rd
0409_528.28_25Cutler, Sharon1803 Morris Dr
0409_397.02_6Cutuli, Audra35 Edison Rd
0409_120.01_3Cuzzupe Jesse M505 Kenilworth Ave
0409_468.01_10Cvtech Realty LLC4 Esterbrook Ln
0409_285.19_5Cwanger Albert & Aileen-Trustees419 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_41.01_6Cwanger Albert & Aileen-Trustees12 Washington Ave S
0409_437.12_37Cwanger Michelle37 Versailles
0409_564.01_6Cyan Properties LLC20 Sixth Ave E
0409_57.01_16Cybulski, Donald & Ellen625 Woodland Ave
0409_57.01_15Cybulski, Donald & Ellen629 Woodland Ave
0409_471.09_4Cyganik, K A & Metzger, R128 Ashford Rd
0409_524.20_4Cygler Adam L & Lauren E304 Fries Ln
0409_156.01_4Cys International LLC809 Murray Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0732Czajka Kelly732 Chanticleer
0409_433.13_27Czajka Stephen + Sandra306 Provincetown Rd
0409_520.04_2_C2306Czajkowski Michael2306 The Woods
0409_463.09_18_C1307Czajowski Matthew J % J PalittoMark 70-#1307
0409_286.19_21Czerwinski David & Linda50 Ivy Ln
0409_161.01_14Czerwonka James1226 Martin Ave
0409_525.08_18Czuzak, Antonia1230 Crane Dr
0409_104.01_2D & J Holding & Inv LLC805 Rt 38
0409_467.20_11_C0005D & L Custom Services LLC600 Deer Rd Ste 5
0409_513.18_10D & M Real Estate LLC121 Thornhill Rd
0409_404.20_2D Alesandro Thomas + Julie103 Kitty Hawk Rd
0409_411.08_18D Armi Frank + Georgette805 Kresson Rd
0409_340.10_1D'Adamo, Mario & Maureen Alice1 Westwood Ave
0409_513.21_26D'Alesandro, Dennis M & Alison J24 Candlewyck Way
0409_286.09_8D'Alessandro Antonia J15 Meryl Ln
0409_341.06_4D'Alessandro T C-Truste L/E1029 Chelten Pkwy
0409_513.24_7D'Alessandro, Patrick J & Mary T14 Waverly Rd
0409_375.01_20D'Allesandro, Vincent & Elaine901 Park Dr
0409_395.01_9D'Amato Anthony15 School Ln
0409_404.01_2D'Amato Anthony399 Sherry Way
0409_469.19_9D'Amato Anthony1921 Kings Point Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0132D'Amato Eileen132 Kings Croft
0409_339.07_14D'Amato Peter & Diane425 Yorkshire Rd
0409_286.17_9D'Ambra Josephine23 Pebble Ln
0409_433.13_32D'Ambra Thomas & Michele212 Provincetown Rd
0409_166.01_5D'Ambra, S & Borell, C2011 Chapel Ave W
0409_342.18_6_C0904D'Ambrosio, Steven M904 Barclay Towers
0409_338.08_1D'Amico Christopher200 Chapel Ave E
0409_433.07_1D'Amico Jason R & Kristen M1020 Robwill Pass
0409_339.15_19D'Amico, Dominic & Barbara S213 Avon Rd
0409_354.01_21D'Amico, Frank & Eileen3 New Hampshire Ave
0409_436.03_58D'Amico, Leon & Angela102 Europa Blvd
0409_439.01_11D'Andrea Donna F & Camerote Joshua305 Valley Run Dr
0409_340.09_2D'Andrea, Joseph J Sr329 Berkshire Ave
0409_469.13_23D'Andrea, Michael & P14 Anders Dr
0409_437.03_1_C1011D'Angelo Kathleen1011 Society Hill
0409_577.01_10D'Angelo, Michael & Sharon F Moyer -8 Ashland Ave
0409_404.31_40D'Angio Antonio & Vilma115 Barcroft Dr
0409_395.03_30D'Anjolell, Therese A & Ronald24 Winding Way
0409_342.08_12D'Antonio Robert C & Barbarann319 Wayland Rd
0409_404.48_12D'Antonio, Dante & Renata1207 Cotswold Ln
0409_515.04_27D'Ascendis Julie E & Dylan W122 Henfield Ave
0409_404.07_34D'Auria Michael & Ellen H525 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_342.03_39D'Auria, Jeffry M & Lee M6 Surrey Ct
0409_529.21_29D'Auria, Joseph & Angela1513 Longfellow Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0010D'Dumo Wilhelmina10 Playa Del Sol
0409_340.27_5D'Dumo Wilhelmina317 Royal Oak Ave
0409_285.20_17D'Elia Michael419 Hialeah Dr
0409_285.14_31D'Eustachio Richard & C300 Monmouth Dr
0409_412.01_3D'Ilio, Victor & June35 East Riding Dr
0409_529.24_12D'Imperio, Patrick & Anita220 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_524.07_24D'Orazio, Daniel & Rosemarie6 Vanessa Ct
0409_286.23_19D'Urso, Paul & Lena4 Knoll Ln
0409_340.31_99_C0015D-H Loveland Properties LLC15 Playa Del Sol
0409_340.17_8D>antonio Nicholas & M515 Mackin Dr
0409_184.01_29Da Silva-Nunes E & Chrisostomo-Nune310 Woodland Ave
0409_431.09_7Daboul C B & Vicencio C B Etals121 Valleybrook Rd E
0409_513.05_21Dabritz Frederick Jr. & Jean3 Windgate Rd
0409_525.22_18Dabrow Melissa & Allan M1012 Owl Ln
0409_528.62_11Dabrow, Michael B & Fine, Manette K2027 Queen Anne Rd
0409_340.05_23Dabrowski Arlene + Karen158 Valley Run Dr
0409_335.18_1Dabrowski Julian M & Meredith L3 Farmhouse Ln
0409_342.03_7Dabulewicz Mary + Ronald10 Brookmead Dr
0409_513.04_8Dacanay, Aurora K14 Windgate Ln
0409_368.01_10Dacchille Joseph & Christine1208 Jefferson Ave
0409_519.02_23Dadhania Ramnik & Sudha1006 Marlowe Rd
0409_528.32_23Dadia Dhaval & Parikh Pooja545 Balsam Rd
0409_342.12_12Dadyan, Paula A105 Sharrow Vale Rd
0409_436.03_18.03_C0334Daga Kishor K & S % Sand Inv334 Tuvira Ln
0409_217.01_24Daggupati Hareesh107 Victor Ave
0409_215.01_4Dagnelli, Cherlyn113 Linderman Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0226Dahan Jacques226 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_1_C1325Dahan Jacques1325 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_2_C0605Dahan Jacques605 The Woods
0409_520.04_1_C0908Dahan Jacques908 Chanticleer
0409_433.20_1_C0249Dahan Jacques249 Centura
0409_520.04_1_C0910Dahan Jacques910 Chanticleer
0409_520.04_2_C2301Dahan, Jacques2301 The Woods
0409_324.01_2Dahan, Joel & Audrey306 Wilson Rd
0409_471.08_14Dahlgaard Knute110 Highgate Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0909Dahms, D A & Danelutt, C M909 Society Hill
0409_528.64_1Dahodwala, Quresh429 Fireside Ln
0409_524.17_6.01Dahodwala, Quresh Z & Risrin Q1 Wilderness Dr
0409_335.05_3Dahri, Rosemary208 Madison Ave N
0409_520.02_32Dai Zhenle32 Lafayette Ln
0409_470.06_44Dai, Thomas & Sam, Choi Ha50 Lakeview Dr
0409_285.08_13Daidone, Annette412 Narragansett Dr
0409_433.16_7_C0201Dailey, D % Grapevine Consult201 Haddontowne Ct
0409_437.03_1_C1019Dailey, D % Grapevine Consult1019 Society Hill
0409_231.01_3Dailey, Kenneth & Stacey46 Cornell Ave
0409_425.01_2Daily Ann8 Coleman Ave
0409_518.09_6Daily Joseph & Amanda E8 Pendleton Dr
0409_286.27_15Dain, Martin A & Jamie L304 Surrey Rd
0409_372.01_27Dairsow Melissa J43 Wesley Ave
0409_286.18_8Dais Daphne15 Wagon Ln
0409_513.45_6Daisey Eleanor M Lobach-Trust602 Guilford Rd
0409_468.03_7Dakota Properties Inc2051 Springdale Rd
0409_450.01_2Dakota Properties Inc5 Ormond Ave E
0409_340.01_25Dakota Properties Inc501 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_449.01_15Dakota Properties Inc1409 Kings Hwy N
0409_525.13_7Dalal Kishor & Renuka1724 Independence Ln
0409_469.13_5Dalal, Shridatt & Dhananjaya100 Morningside Dr
0409_515.16_14Dalal, Vishal & Komal105 Saxby Terr
0409_338.23_14Dalbey, Patrick J & Karen S28 Clemson Rd
0409_434.13_15Dale Linsey L1012 Eagle Ln
0409_513.44_33Dale Rachel & Clayton N611 Guilford Rd
0409_340.15_4Daleo Jordan F7 Forge Ln S
0409_523.01_27Dalkilic Evren B & Alican7 En Provence Dr
0409_446.01_1Dalkilic Evren Burakgazi & Alican12 Daytona Ave
0409_513.24_28Dallas Jon & Dawn409 Old Orchard Rd
0409_335.13_3Dallas, Helyn L101 Harvest Rd
0409_335.06_1Dallas, Judith A124 Cherry Tree Ln W
0409_342.22_24Dallow Richard140 Fox Chase Ln
0409_437.12_39Dalphin, Ruth39 Versailles
0409_435.16_11Dalschaert, Stephane & Cathleen-Tru1230 Forge Rd
0409_520.04_1_C0533Dalsey Christine533 Chanticleer
0409_337.06_1_C0847Dalsey Grace847 Kings Croft
0409_335.02_3Dalsey, Dorothy3419 Church Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0636Dalton Deborah636 Society Hill
0409_149.01_10Dalton Jean M1114 Graham Ave
0409_513.21_23Dalumpines, Noel F & Norma A18 Candlewyck Way
0409_404.36_25Dalwadi, Nilang & Prinal6 Roland Ct
0409_528.06_16Daly Jonathan & Sarah310 Juniper Dr
0409_519.01_29Daly Meaghan & Thomas Sean141 Partridge Ln E
0409_513.14_23Daly Michael & Diana27 Highgate Ln
0409_518.22_11Daly Paul & Patricia4 Staffordshire Rd
0409_340.04_7Daly, Dorothy E215 Miami Ave W
0409_186.01_29Daly, Marian305 Union Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0810Daly, Marie R810 Society Hill
0409_433.20_1_C0409Daly, Tara J409 Centura
0409_471.09_7Daly, Theresa A134 Ashford Rd
0409_335.12_15Damens Alice120 Harvest Rd
0409_338.22_12Damian Brian27 Syracuse Dr S
0409_437.03_1_C1036Damiani Alyce A1036 Society Hill
0409_404.49_27Damirgian, Michael R452 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_342.08_1Damiri Joseph R111 Brookmead Dr
0409_435.16_32Danauskas Mark & Maureen308 Randle Ct
0409_54.02_5_C4045Dandamudi Adinarayana & Venkata D4045 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_529.23_15Dande Viviene1417 Longfellow Dr
0409_339.22_9Dandridge, Anthony803 Edgemoor Terr
0409_336.04_16Danfield Joseph & Tammy16 Old Salem Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0248Danfield, Diane248 Tavistock
0409_286.33_33Dang M T & Nguyen U3 Blue Bell Dr
0409_434.09_32Dang Teresa & Do Le T1300 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_528.21_11Dang, Peter & Le Mary420 Tearose Ln
0409_285.10_13Dang, Quang V2118 Chapel Ave W
0409_218.01_17Dang, Thanh T210 Third Ave W
0409_339.13_6Dang, Tom210 Chelten Pkwy
0409_128.01_24Danh Thien1402 Orchard Ln
0409_285.18_5Dani Salvatore & Atchison Kelli Ann409 Jamaica Dr
0409_288.06_22Daniel Mary Rosamond22 Appley Ct
0409_433.20_1_C0483Daniel, E & Cohen, V483 Centura
0409_520.04_2_C0602Daniel, Sander & Ronit602 The Woods
0409_520.04_2_C0606Daniel, Sander & Ronit606 The Woods
0409_338.28_16Daniel, Vickie Boyer -20 Colgate Dr
0409_533.01_4Daniele Christopher J & Stacey L8 Bayberry Ct
0409_339.02_9Daniello Andrew M & Jones Crystal216 Sheffield Rd
0409_338.05_4Daniello Robert & D M507 Forest Rd
0409_335.15_14Daniello Robert J & Jennifer H1101 Garfield Ave
0409_513.16_4Daniels Barbara8 Tunbridge Rd
0409_528.02_34Daniels Denise305 Juniper Dr
0409_342.04_3Daniels John W & Diane107 Bowood Dr
0409_513.26_10Daniels K E Jr & Scarlet M20 Scattergood Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0305Daniels Ruth305 Playa Del Sol
0409_342.18_6_C0602Daniels, Catherine S602 Barclay Towers
0409_434.12_15Daniels, Jody J1016 Eagle Ln
0409_513.09_26Daniels, Quentin E & Christinel202 Old Orchard Rd
0409_565.01_12Daniels, Raymond & Lafrance516 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_342.22_13Daniluk David & Lenore A121 Granville Dr
0409_347.01_17Danks, Debra Ann704 Pennsylvania Ave
0409_54.01_8_C2034Dann Gary & Carol2034 Plaza Grande
0409_179.01_7Dann, Ramona & Joseph W416 Harvard Ave
0409_548.01_4Dansico Dyan V & Cesar T405 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_520.04_2_C0701Dansky Taylor701 The Woods
0409_513.23_10Danyo Joseph + Daria20 Locust Grove Rd
0409_502.01_1Danzeisen, Robert Et Als1720 Rt 70 E
0409_380.01_7Danzey Valerie A114 Cooper Ave
0409_528.48_29Dao Amanda & Tavares Corey407 Gatewood Rd
0409_513.32_8Dapi Ilirjan & Jonida614 Old Orchard Rd
0409_395.06_11Dappallone, Mark A15 Rose Ln
0409_435.16_17Dappolone Anthony & Linda1218 Forge Rd
0409_339.32_1Dappolone, Michael & Kristie918 Deland Ave
0409_519.09_8Dar Sarfraz & Khalid Sonia84 Brick Rd
0409_563.01_3Darczuk Michael II & Christina22 Seventh Ave
0409_436.05_99_C0065Darji Mihir & Truptiben65 Buckingham Pl
0409_529.14_29Darnell Joseph & Harriette109 Mcintosh Rd
0409_360.01_13Darr James B204 Rhode Island Ave
0409_470.03_34Das Sekhar K & Swastika10 W High Ridge Rd
0409_529.15_9Das, Goutam & Rita122 Ashley Ct
0409_520.04_1_C0818Dash, M & Gross, G818 Chanticleer
0409_521.09_13Dashevsky, Jeffrey L & Rochelle B42 Saddle Horn Dr
0409_434.19_6Dashkow, Michael13 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_158.01_4Dashow Ronald & Ralph M631 Mercer St
0409_395.08_1_C124DDasilva Arthur F124d Cherry Parke
0409_286.17_29Dastis Timothy & Shireen22 Meryl Ln
0409_515.15_11Datla, Raju V & Anuradha5 Brompton Ct
0409_338.15_14Datta Avishek & Esha Rathour -503 Douglas Dr
0409_404.44_14Datta Kesang201 Munn Lane
0409_528.60_26Datto George A & Barbara E530 Kings Dr
0409_467.20_11_C0006Datz Jr, Philip600 Deer Rd Ste 6
0409_467.20_11_C0007Datz Philip Jr & Margaret600 Deer Rd Ste 7
0409_433.12_22Datz Steven & Brianne202 Philellena Rd
0409_179.01_10Daugherty, Sean K1312 Chapel Ave W
0409_525.13_25Daut Stanley E & Helen1713 Lark Ln
0409_523.02_25Dautle, Michael T & Alaine A50 Coopers Run Dr
0409_470.08_21Dave Harenda R & Yogina H-Trustees1999 Greentree Rd
0409_528.02_27Dave Jay & Kinjal J319 Juniper Dr
0409_525.15_8Dave Pranav & Etal216 Charlann Circle
0409_521.17_20Dave Shilpa40 Bridle Ct
0409_337.02_7Davenport Arnold & Gutierrez Diana10 Hillcroft Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0716David Adam J & Nikki & Jerome P716 Society Hill
0409_524.14_14David Deborah Lynn28 Southwood Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0631David Nelly631 Kings Croft
0409_430.09_1_C0128David, Leon & Linda128 Uxbridge
0409_520.04_1_C1912David, Mariecar B1912 The Woods II
0409_165.01_39David, Tito D & Maria Luisa L1104 Bedford Ave
0409_528.59_20Davidoff Steven + Barbra507 Brian Dr
0409_434.22_10Davidow Dennis & Ann Fry -20 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_471.02_29Davidow, Evan & Renee L110 Partree Rd
0409_339.18_25Davidrew Assoc701-715 Kings Hwy N
0409_339.11_14_C0207Davidson Brian William207 Sussex House
0409_194.01_13Davidson Kyle M329 Greenleigh Ct
0409_339.22_26Davidson Robert + Marie309 Chelten Pkwy
0409_335.12_4Davidson T & Colau L H/W107 Garfield Ave
0409_435.04_13Davidson, Glenn T & Antoinette T100 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_339.14_36Davidson, Jay S & Kristen M207 Chelten Pkwy
0409_527.01_7Davidson, Joseph M & Heather113 Woodfield Ct
0409_431.04_18Davies, Barry J & Laurie W208 Brookfield Rd S
0409_335.10_8Davies, Eric J & Patricia A117 Weather Vane Dr
0409_465.03_1Davies, J & Gaete, S W/H98 Kingswood Ct
0409_339.23_14Davis Albert & Maureen800 Kingston Dr
0409_515.16_35Davis Antoine R & Gullatt Jereda K106 Longstone Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1709Davis Bryce By Guardian Davis Debor1709 Chanticleer
0409_375.01_29Davis Christopher & Lo-Ann1111 Park Dr
0409_58.01_42Davis Danny & Fiorina664 Woodland Ave
0409_468.03_1Davis Enterprises2091 Springdale Rd
0409_513.14_1Davis George & June2 Cricket Ln
0409_433.19_7Davis James C5 Old Towne Rd
0409_525.26_8Davis Jeffrey L & Aysegul Ozen1929 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_548.01_6Davis Jos T Jr & Joan C401 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_404.30_4Davis Justin & Alissa206 Heritage Rd
0409_364.01_8Davis Katherine R & Joel M14 Webster Ave
0409_581.01_15Davis Lesley A Cruz-& John N235 Dobson Ln
0409_198.01_7Davis Marina L229 Glenwood Ave
0409_524.03_2Davis Meryl B14 Galway Ln
0409_589.01_1Davis Michael103 Lakeside Ave
0409_577.01_20Davis Noble H & Charlotte11 Perot Ave
0409_336.04_15Davis Renee28 Old Salem Rd
0409_244.01_3Davis Robert & Margaret12 St Martins Rd
0409_568.01_1Davis Scott9 Third Ave E
0409_523.01_10Davis Steven L & Roslynn112 Saddlebrook Ct
0409_455.01_3Davis, Alice M104 Daytona Ave
0409_525.25_9Davis, Andrew P & Kristin T1828 West Point Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1123Davis, Bernadette1123 Chanticleer
0409_288.05_1_C0207Davis, Bernard207 Chestnut Pl
0409_288.05_1_C0515Davis, Clarence H & Eleanor G515 Chestnut Pl
0409_519.07_2Davis, Donald M & Noel M302 Hille Dr
0409_203.01_5Davis, Erik & Meghan309 Linderman Ave
0409_397.04_14Davis, J & Koch, S95 Churchill Rd
0409_528.20_4Davis, Jane Carol1755 Tearose Ln
0409_54.01_5_C1114Davis, Janice M1114 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_513.05_5Davis, Larry L & Rosanne112 Old Orchard Rd
0409_52.01_1_C0315Davis, Lora J315 Park Pl
0409_521.06_5Davis, Lucia M1625 Prince Dr
0409_128.01_39Davis, M A & Lisa608 Highland Ave
0409_175.01_1Davis, Margaretta E702 Murray Ave
0409_518.18_8Davis, Matthew R & Wyndee103 Kingsdale Ave
0409_340.31_99_C0621Davis, Michael S621 Playa Del Sol
0409_525.03_7Davis, Patricia18 Willowdale Dr
0409_184.01_31Davis, Patricia808 Dudley Ave
0409_338.25_13Davis, Patrick M & Debra J27 Syracuse Dr N
0409_469.19_10Davis, Percy P & Gail B1919 Kings Point Rd
0409_288.05_1_C0613Davis, Phyllis613 Chestnut Pl
0409_340.24_30Davis, Richard A & Hanh T312 Royal Oak Ave
0409_437.06_36Davis, Robert7 Lucerne Ct
0409_461.01_5Davis, Robert & Sherron207 Miami Ave E
0409_528.20_5Davis, Roger J & Jane Carol1757 Tearose Ln
0409_528.10_9Davis, S Jr & Christy, M H/W311 Tearose Ln
0409_342.09_5Davis, S M & Finley, D T275 Sawmill Rd
0409_285.20_5Davis, Stephen & Deborah443 Hialeah Dr
0409_528.24_6Davis, Stuart R & Sarina Z500 Fireside Ln
0409_433.12_3Davis, Vincent & Shermaine110 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_528.02_16Davis, Woodrow W & Evangelia % Exec328 Browning Ln
0409_436.03_9Dawat-E-Hadiyah (america)7 Perina Blvd
0409_335.15_4Dawson Barbara1122 Harvest Rd
0409_463.02_7Dawson Steven & Fowler Meghan520 Park Rd
0409_342.03_11Dawson, Brian F18 Brookmead Dr
0409_282.03_12Dawson, Charles J & Kathy L17 Coles Ave
0409_515.15_26Day Craig A & Judith R106 Dalton Terr
0409_518.20_2Day David L & Megan C21 Brondesbury Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0831Day Gina831 Kings Croft
0409_214.01_3Day Nancy S & Place Howell C-Truste102 Linderman Ave
0409_286.03_31Day Rebecca & Rentz Steven6 Coolidge Rd
0409_188.01_42Day, Alan R Jr323 Monroe Ave
0409_341.02_11Day, Helen1018 Abington Rd
0409_286.06_18Day, Stephen & Nancy12 Eddy Ln
0409_340.06_11Dayaon-Manalo Jojo & Manalo Cristle138 Valley Run Dr
0409_520.02_11Dayton, Isabella11 Lafayette Ln
0409_472.01_6Dazen, Kenneth & Anne1785 Springdale Rd
0409_524.11_10Dazza Mario M & Barbara38 Fairhaven Dr
0409_128.02_2Db Real Estate Assets II LLC1410 Rt 38
0409_521.17_15Dbmfi Real Estate LLC30 Bridle Ct
0409_463.09_6Dc Hospitality Cherry Hill LLC1830 Frontage Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0139Dcarem LLC139 Tavistock
0409_520.04_2_C0506Dcarem LLC506 The Woods
0409_467.21_1_C0015Dcs Property LLC620 Deer Rd, Ste 15
0409_404.14_5Dds Real Estate Services LLC115 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_340.18_1De Angelis Jos & Dolores409 Windsor Dr
0409_54.01_5_C1205De Caires Beverley1205 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_472.01_18De Cosmo, John J & Theresa1925 Rt 70 E
0409_54.01_5_C0608De Cosmo, Michael J & Kathleen608 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_388.01_15De Coursey Clifford & Patricia52 Park Dr
0409_337.07_34De Finis Joan & Joseph M34 Crofton Commons
0409_389.02_2De George, Louis9 Utah Ave
0409_339.26_5De Grazia, Thomas J & Barbara Ann408 Howard Rd
0409_518.13_10De Groot, Angela5 Cohasset Ln
0409_513.35_6De Guzman Danilo & Evangeline111 Lamp Post Ln
0409_341.03_12De Guzman, Cesar S & Rosalinda C1005 Edgemoor Rd
0409_404.04_22De Hart, Jeffrey M & Susan M416 Burning Tree Rd
0409_220.01_11De Jesus, Romeo & Angelita207 Church Rd
0409_411.05_24De Keyser Dwight G & Holly Y4 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_529.03_21De Korsey, Mieko S1911 Delicious Way
0409_525.05_6De Leon, Miguel & Elizabeth1 Middle Acre Ln
0409_342.03_44De Lima Udo7 Kenwood Dr
0409_285.04_14De Luca Carmine & Lillian28 Embassy Ct
0409_387.01_5De Luca, Rudolph & Cheryl501 Rt 70 W
0409_325.01_10De Maio Fiorina P.200 Wilson Rd
0409_515.07_5De Marco Alfred + Kimberly1504 Squire Ln
0409_513.44_45De Marco Frederick & Martha635 Guilford Rd
0409_523.13_7De Marco, Adolfo1 Justa Ln
0409_521.08_17De Masi, Vincent + Beverly1547 Chalet Dr
0409_529.26_22De Medio John Jr & Crystal1525 Hillside Dr
0409_447.02_1_C0301De Meo Darwin1211 Kings Hwy N
0409_447.02_1_C0201De Meo Darwin1211 Kings Hwy N
0409_528.34_4De Moura Ricardo L A & Gauz A L -410 Country Club Dr
0409_469.10_29De Naples-Hiler, Margaret E1 Hilltop Dr
0409_286.39_45De Nardo Michael & Macelis Barbara45 Greensward
0409_340.10_9De Pasquale A J & G M303 Windsor Dr
0409_341.02_14De Puy, Robt P & Audrey1022 Edgemoor Rd
0409_404.36_54De Rago John + Elizabeth1217 Sequoia Rd
0409_528.34_7De Rito Philomena404 Country Club Dr
0409_518.02_14De Saint, Martin, Oliver & Barbara6 Partridge Ct
0409_404.21_17De Santo Fred & Barbara108 Fieldstone Rd
0409_335.14_3De Simone Bernadette54 Kings Hwy N
0409_339.05_4De Sousa Edgar & J700 Douglas Dr
0409_515.17_14De Valle Johnny & Cetinich Mariana115 Dalton Terr
0409_404.31_17De Vera, Ryan V & Teresita J1248 Charleston Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1808De Virgilis, John & Donna1808 The Woods II
0409_404.49_25De Wolf Thomas & Virginia1277 Sherry Way
0409_525.23_23De Young Mark & Elizabeth1048 Swallow Dr
0409_528.35_16Deabreu Raquel & Robert412 Heartwood Dr
0409_381.01_21Deacon Andrew Rory & Nichole153 Edison Ave
0409_404.21_13Deacon Karen116 Fieldstone Rd
0409_179.01_9Deak, Frieda422 Harvard Ave
0409_437.03_1_C0420Deal Janie420 Society Hill
0409_434.19_10Deal Ralph & Rosemarie5 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_529.26_19Deal Richard M Jr & Beden Jennifer1519 Hillside Dr
0409_528.04_25Deal William & Ramona1531 Pleasant Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0342Deal-Blachniak, Cynthia Ann342 Chanticleer
0409_404.22_21Dean Dennis & Mary106 Split Rail Dr
0409_434.07_10Dean Sheldon W III & Ricco Valerie1212 Heartwood Dr
0409_341.10_5Dean, J C & Meyer, K A1016 Edgemoor Rd
0409_514.04_15Deandrade Cesar30 Downing St
0409_520.04_1_C1235Deandrade Rosemary1235 Chanticleer
0409_436.01_60Deangelis Anthony D & Lisa I6 Promenade Ct
0409_342.02_23Deangelis, Jeffrey J & Maria J106 Bowood Dr
0409_463.09_18_C0701Deantonio, Louis & AdelaideMark 70-#701
0409_342.21_23Deas, Howard E & Sandra L122 Granville Dr
0409_91.01_8Deasis, Agustin Jr & Faith915 Longwood Ave
0409_287.02_4Deb Associates2201 Rt 38
0409_109.01_12Debari Luigi522a-522b Merchant St
0409_412.06_1Debelle M A & Gorman E49 East Riding Dr
0409_52.01_1_C0123Debellis, Judith A123 Park Pl
0409_413.02_37Debello Daniel & Lindsey21 North Riding Dr
0409_529.24_16Debernardo H Stacey228 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_544.01_11Debiase Eugene W & L G109 Palmwood Ave
0409_286.10_47Debrova Sitki5 Lafferty Dr
0409_431.12_8Decandia, Tina M & Luigi130 Greenwood Rd
0409_286.03_4Decarolis Joseph M & Danielle P6 Knollwood Dr
0409_340.06_15Decasanova, Leonardo & Myriam146 Valley Run Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0173Decastro, Rosalio C & Anita D173 Tavistock
0409_469.15_4December Rehema & Pollard Orion7 Anders Dr
0409_379.01_9Decheser Mark & Chen Yanni132 Madison Ave
0409_342.19_24Dechristopher Charles R Sr & Rose A1113 Yardley Rd
0409_340.27_14Dechristopher, Charles R & Eileen302 Brentwood Ave
0409_431.10_10Dechristopher, V & Romeo, L105 Sunnybrook Rd
0409_579.01_1Decillis, Anthony V & D216 Dobson Ave
0409_521.17_29Decina, Jo-Anne58 Bridle Ct
0409_528.43_7Decker Edward W & Kathryn J407 Viking Ln
0409_513.06_12Decker Scott J & Angela M5 Evans Ln
0409_592.01_12Decker WilliamLakeside Ave
0409_592.01_7Decker William16 Lakeside Ave
0409_592.01_1Decker William1603 Atlantic Ave
0409_433.07_8Decker, Thomas J & Christine M1006 Robwill Pass
0409_434.11_10Decobel Inc1228 Liberty Bell Dr
0409_515.20_14Decolli Christopher Albert & Gina M129 Kilburn Dr
0409_358.01_8.01Decoursey Thomas115 Rhode Island Ave
0409_515.09_28Decrescenzo James & Sheila7 Charles Ln
0409_519.05_24Decurtis Anthony & Susan207 Sandringham Rd
0409_564.01_8Decuzzi P & C & Hemingway D % W Decuzzi601 Railroad Blvd
0409_529.21_28Decuzzi Peter C & C % W Decuzzi112 Kipling Rd
0409_564.01_9Decuzzi, Robert E & Etal % W Decuzzi22 Sixth Ave E
0409_515.06_15Dedomenico Andrew P1529 Squire Ln
0409_408.01_10Deeck Richard K Jr381 Kresson Rd
0409_431.11_8Deeck Robert T130 Oakdale Rd
0409_397.04_25Deeley Brad & Gerold Ryan40 Stanford Rd
0409_469.02_10Deen Aminata & Samura Korabai1918 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_513.50_6Deer Park Fire Co % Wp Kelly Tr985 Cropwell Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0604Deer Rd Business Prk LLC % Stelmaszyk604 Kings Croft
0409_467.01_13_C0002Deer Rd Business Prk LLC % Stelmaszyk670 Deer Rd
0409_404.45_25Defalco Nicole C1246 Kay Dr E
0409_286.09_28Defelice, Augustine1 Bellows Ln
0409_524.07_3Defeo Mark1 Doris Dr W
0409_285.22_2Defeo Ronald J & Julie A313 Hialeah Dr
0409_204.01_8Defeo, Ronald J & Andrea K315 Petitt Ave
0409_513.44_24Defrancesco Anthony J & Susan M212 Mimosa Dr
0409_434.24_9Defrates, Bruce & Lorrie496 Browning Ln
0409_470.09_8Defreitas Bruce G & Cathy A15 Crestview Dr
0409_515.09_15Defuria Jason B & Morgan Julia33 Charles Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0393Degannes, Shane393 Tavistock
0409_340.28_12Degerolamo, Anthony J303 Brentwood Ave
0409_412.01_4Degnan Jeanne37 East Riding Dr
0409_471.14_5Degrace, Richard J & Carol J21 Buxton Rd
0409_436.01_45Degrazia Dominic & Sanchez Jennifer137 Antietam Rd
0409_286.10_27Degrazia Paul & Kathleen45 Lafferty Dr
0409_217.01_13Degrazia, Antonio & Suzette216 Woodland Ave
0409_525.09_5Degrazia, Donald J & Susan P1141 Willowdale Dr
0409_256.01_17Degrouchy, Suzanne16 Colmar Rd
0409_528.43_10Deguzman, Ronaldo & Karen401 Viking Ln
0409_359.01_22Dehart Carol M108 Rhode Island Ave
0409_518.15_43Deiches Ira & Ferschmann Susan320 Hadleigh Dr
0409_434.06_23Deighan, Joseph C & Claire A1216 Heron Rd
0409_342.29_4Deis Phillip R & Kathleen M218 Redstone Ridge
0409_528.26_2Deitch Stanton & Estelle1756 Larkspur Rd
0409_342.29_12Deitch, Christopher W & Laurie H258 Redstone Ridge
0409_520.04_1_C2015Deitelbaum Sharon2015 The Woods II
0409_518.05_15Deitz David & Erin30 Harrowgate Dr
0409_469.04_32Deitz, Bernard M & Harriet M36 Forest Hill Dr
0409_567.01_3Dejesus Cecily Marie19 Fourth Ave
0409_54.01_5_C1008Dejesus Dino & Nicole1008 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_340.33_15Dejesus Melissa15 Windsor Mews
0409_513.06_8Dekerlegand, Robert & Jennifer L6 Anvil Ct
0409_529.04_13Dekerlegand, Ronald J & Madeline1917 Sussex Ave
0409_520.04_1_C0210Dekhayser, Arlene & Arthur210 Chanticleer
0409_286.04_10Dektor David A23 Knollwood Dr
0409_161.01_7Del Bono, Judith M1215 Bedford Ave
0409_339.25_7Del Campo Jaime & Clarita807 Orlando Rd
0409_437.03_1_C0130Del Campo Ryan130 Society Hill
0409_437.03_1_C0713Del Conte, Anthony Jr & Joyce A713 Society Hill
0409_45.01_2Del Fico, Garfield C108 Beideman Ave
0409_360.01_7Del Fierro, Gonzalo B & Mary Grace213 Massachusetts Ave
0409_282.01_9Del Gozzo Frank & Sandra-Trustees13 Chestnut Terr
0409_480.01_9Del Guercio, Marie1922 Linden Ave
0409_413.02_38Del Re, Vito & Elisa23 North Riding Dr
0409_189.01_26Del River Bridge RrMonroe Ave
0409_190.01_30Del River Bridge RrHinchman Ave
0409_120.01_4Del River RrKenilworth Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0104Del Roccili, Marie F104 Tavistock
0409_467.03_5Del Rocini Gary Sr & Anna M504 Deer Rd
0409_525.11_20Del Rosario Redento R & Editha V1129 Heartwood Dr
0409_401.01_15Del Sole Linda & Neill Dennis36 Newell Ave
0409_404.13_1Del Viscio Vincent & Mary1221 Brace Rd
0409_404.36_31Dela Torre, P & Rodriguez, C18 Roland Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0129Delaney Anne Laura129 Tavistock
0409_518.07_12Delaney, Christopher & Sharon A3 Pendleton Dr
0409_513.43_1Delaney, Francis & Dolores225 Mimosa Dr
0409_528.15_18Delarosa Asset Management LLC401 Cranford Rd
0409_471.01_15Delarosa, John C18 Old Orchard Rd
0409_189.01_24Delatorre, Joselito & Elizamir364 Monroe Ave
0409_590.01_3Delaware River Port AuthMelrose Ave
0409_598.01_3Delaware River Port AuthRailroad & Atlantic
0409_598.01_9Delaware River Port AuthRailroad & Atlantic
0409_586.01_1Delaware River Port AuthAtlantic Ave
0409_576.01_10Delaware River Port Authority16 Evesham Road West
0409_574.01_6Delaware River Port AuthorityEvesham Ave
0409_598.01_5Delaware River Port AuthorityEast Of Rt 295
0409_285.15_4Delaware Valley Torah Institute305 Monmouth Dr
0409_285.14_9Delaware Valley Torah Institute401 Belmont Dr
0409_287.07_9Delaware Valley Torah Institute Inc31 Maple Ave
0409_287.03_2Delaware Valley Torah Institute Inc4 Aaron Ct
0409_379.01_18Delbeau Joseph J & Heidi167 Cooper Ave
0409_436.03_4Delduke Eileen F1190 Marlkress Rd
0409_404.39_17Delduke Eileen F1039 Red Oak Dr
0409_513.26_19Delduke, Mark J & Barbara A10 Elbow Ln
0409_286.05_10Delecce Tyler & Danielle19 Coach Ln
0409_285.13_16Delena Alan & Maria322 Belmont Dr
0409_288.03_28Delena Teresita M16 Maple Ave
0409_286.19_9Delena, Charmaine M114 Knollwood Dr
0409_469.15_9Delena, Genesis M & Lilia E1970 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_302.01_28Deleon Jessica424 Kennebec Rd
0409_193.01_11Deleon Steven A34 Spruce St
0409_434.12_9Delessio Francis III & Chantry1120 Heartwood Dr
0409_434.24_12Delex Construction Inc489 Hidden Ln
0409_520.04_2_C2302Delex Construction Inc2302 The Woods
0409_340.27_1Delfierro, Romeo B & Arminda S325 Royal Oak Ave
0409_383.01_5Delfino Robert J & Suzanne A177 Sheridan Ave
0409_528.09_14Delgado James & Cruz Erika C309 Nature Dr
0409_525.23_6Delgado Jonathan & Rachael Maina -1029 Heartwood Dr
0409_521.05_31Delgado Joseph A & April1642 Prince Dr
0409_111.01_18Delgado, Victor M & Ines570 Main St
0409_342.11_10Delgozzo Christian F & Nicole M220 Southview Dr
0409_337.06_1_C0103Delgozzo, Christian103 Kings Croft
0409_342.17_17Delguercio, Karen M125 Barclay Ln
0409_465.06_4Deli On The Go Realty LLC615 Deer Road
0409_434.19_4Deliberis Ida C & Smith Adrian A17 Woodleigh Dr N
0409_520.04_1_C0333Deliberis Jeffrey & Davis Nancy333 Chanticleer
0409_389.01_15Delise Louis A & Theresa A83 Park Dr
0409_513.33_41Dell'aquila, Gladys880 Cropwell Rd
0409_224.06_10Dell, David H & Sindy M705 Church Rd
0409_397.07_19Della Torre M & Houck A160 Edison Rd
0409_513.21_11Della Vecchia, Anthony M & Patricia5 Firethorne Rd
0409_437.04_24Della-Peruta, Joseph & Betsy A24 Collage Ln
0409_471.04_2Della-Volpe Marc & Sara M108 Weston Dr
0409_476.01_10Dellasala, Matthew1912 Graydon Ave
0409_54.02_5_C4741Delleani Anthony4741 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_513.10_3Dellelci Steven + Joanne205 Old Orchard Rd
0409_434.12_30Dello Buono, Felicia A1161 Sea Gull Ln
0409_434.10_4Dellorco Frank + Josephine1320 Bunker Hill Dr
0409_304.01_6Delman Jonathan P & Devora H403 Kennebec Rd
0409_515.20_19Delmendo Federico M & Venus T-Trust119 Kilburn Dr
0409_340.01_24Delmonte Carolina335 Connecticut Ave
0409_342.17_19Delmonte, Daniel J1103 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_285.16_4Delong Nicholas D & Sara L407 Monmouth Dr
0409_338.02_14Delorenzo Steven & Maria205 Kingsley Rd
0409_433.07_11Delpercio Joseph P & Pamela A1000 Robwill Pass
0409_467.03_7Delrocini Gary Theodore512 Deer Rd
0409_243.01_20Delrosario Ana A7 Ambler Rd
0409_404.21_4Delrossi, Mark J & Brenda J105 Warfield Rd
0409_404.12_22Delsignore, Frank J & Kimberly A140 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_341.13_21Delsing Dale & Lynn909 Deland Ave
0409_342.07_17Deluca Mary Anne328 Wayland Rd
0409_187.01_43Deluca Richard M311 Lincoln Ave N
0409_433.19_34Deluca Rudy V & Ashley E304 Provincetown Cir
0409_404.07_25Deluca Thomas A & Mary Anne477 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_286.33_4Deluca, Louis & A8 Silvertop Ln
0409_387.01_28Delucca Frank & Maria31 Harrison Ave
0409_387.01_29Delucca Frank & MariaHarrison Ave
0409_431.10_15Demaio Daniel A Sr & Rebecca A132 Willowbrook Rd
0409_525.28_15Demalo, Robert J & Mary Beth1224 Concord Ln
0409_469.02_14Demarco Jody F & Jennifer E1926 Birchwood Pk Dr N
0409_528.42_16Demarco, Jeffrey J & Franceska V1711 Country Club Dr
0409_430.08_3Demasi, Michael F117 Woodstock Dr S
0409_408.02_5Dematteis Dorothy J443 Kresson Rd
0409_518.10_31Demcsak, Michael & Eileen67 Harrowgate Dr
0409_342.16_18Demeo, Darwin Jr119 Barclay Ln
0409_340.16_6Demers Evan A & Kaitlyn Marie436 Valley Run Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0167Demers, Elaine167 Tavistock
0409_523.10_25Demichele Joyce F & Richard A4 Oakley Ct
0409_431.04_7Deminno, Christopher & Justine1009 Pinebrook Rd
0409_286.31_12Demirci Selahattin7 Melody Ln
0409_437.03_1_C0727Demone Lois J & Vespe Lois A727 Society Hill
0409_470.07_10Demone, Pat & Lois Jean13 Lakeview Pl
0409_375.01_27Demonsi, Frank & Lydia1101 Park Dr
0409_285.08_10Dempsey Brian & April418 Narragansett Dr
0409_348.01_7Dempsey George H & Mary123 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_526.06_14Dempsey Nancy K37 Imperial Dr
0409_404.29_1Dempsey Paul A & Anne K212 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_404.05_9Dempsey Stephen & Mary J429 Burning Tree Rd
0409_525.22_20Dempster, James T & Priscilla J1020 Owl Ln
0409_433.10_26Demurjian Malcolm S & S116 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_433.07_19Demurjian, Warren S56 Plymouth Dr
0409_470.01_20Denas LLC1907 Greentree Rd
0409_462.04_12Denbo Leonard124 Green Vale Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0412Denbo Nancy412 Kings Croft
0409_433.20_1_C0186Denenberg Selma B & Jill & Jo Anne186 Centura
0409_286.02_13Deniken Richard J Jr26 Glen Ln
0409_340.05_40Deniken, M J & Ranieri, A116 Ridge Rd
0409_338.05_20Denish Jeffrey & Grace Kennedy -100 Ramble Rd
0409_286.29_6Denizkurdu, Ismail & Zelha319 Surrey Rd
0409_518.14_11Denker Aaron & Leslie50 Cohasset Ln
0409_335.13_26Denker William P Jr & Mildred E Hai3519 Church Rd
0409_285.14_3Denkin Robert305 Belmont Dr
0409_514.05_4Denkin, Barbara12 Sandringham Pl
0409_526.06_2Denmark Lisa & Solano Vanessa1137 Ann Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1930Denney George1930 The Woods II
0409_337.06_1_C0603Denney George E III603 Kings Croft
0409_520.04_1_C1963Denney George III1963 The Woods II
0409_525.02_22Denney George III & Wendy5 Robin Lake Dr
0409_339.11_14_C0409Denney, George E III & Wendy409 Sussex House
0409_404.21_8Dennin Michael & Nina113 Warfield Rd
0409_335.06_47Denning, Joseph M & Michelle M8 Farmhouse Ln
0409_125.05_12Dennis Glen Joseph Jr & Sarah Ann519 Northwood Ave
0409_565.01_3Dennis James III9 Sixth Ave E
0409_513.41_1Dennis John6 Stonebridge Rd
0409_433.20_1_C0481Dennis Michael & Cathy L481 Centura
0409_365.01_20Dennis, J & Hue C9 Webster Ave
0409_341.13_28Dennis, Roger & Deborah923 Deland Ave
0409_198.01_8Dentino N R & Kelly S M227 Glenwood Ave
0409_465.01_3_C1001Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-1
0409_465.01_3_C1004Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-4
0409_465.01_3_C1009Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-9
0409_465.01_3_C1002Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-2
0409_465.01_3_C1008Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-8
0409_465.01_3_C1003Denton 8 Real Estate LLC1950 Old Cuthbert Rd U-3
0409_52.01_1_C0214Denworth Michelle214 Park Pl
0409_525.21_1Depace Nicholas (l/E) & Nicholas Jr1029 Swallow Dr
0409_528.26_6Depalma, W A & Bowman, M M1763 Morris Dr
0409_521.17_17Depani, Dinesh & Jalpa34 Bridle Ct
0409_436.03_95Depaola J J & Sardarian A422 Tuvira Ln
0409_184.01_57Depasquale Amber443 State St
0409_211.01_8Depasquale Anthony J215 Linderman Ave
0409_435.02_26Depasquale J Jr & Leafey C1237 Forge Rd
0409_514.06_10Depasquale Jarrod & Christine12 Banner Rd
0409_340.03_7Depasquale, Anthony & Maureen114 Maine Ave
0409_529.14_24Depasquale, Robert T & Mary119 Mcintosh Rd
0409_518.04_4Depaul, Francis III & Rebecca23 Harrowgate Dr
0409_528.48_7Depaul, Thomas412 Barby Ln
0409_521.05_9Depersia Pascal1616 Prince Dr
0409_423.01_1_C0002Depersia Rudolph T Jr & Lori A22 Kresson Rd
0409_519.01_36Depersia, Robert E II & Janet960 Brick Rd
0409_353.01_8Depew Steven & Garzillo Anastasia S13 Rhode Island Ave
0409_335.06_35Dephillipo Thomas & Marcie Line -105 Cranberry Ct
0409_471.11_18Deppa Timothy W & Sarah M18 Buxton Rd
0409_143.01_11Depre, Joseph & Kelly Anne902 Murray Ave
0409_578.01_60Dept Of Human Services30 Evesham Road West
0409_595.02_2Dept Of Law & Pub Safety % Dmv617 Hampton Rd
0409_465.07_7Dept Of TransDeer Rd & Rte 295
0409_123.01_1Dept Of TransRoute 38
0409_503.01_8Dept Of TransRockhill Road Jughandle
0409_583.01_2Dept Of TransEssex Ave E
0409_432.01_1Dept Of TransRoute 295
0409_55.02_3Dept Of TransRt 70 W
0409_55.02_4Dept Of TransCornell Ave-Rear
0409_467.01_5Dept Of TransPark Rd
0409_432.02_1Dept Of TransAtlantic Ave
0409_436.02_14Dept Of TransKay Ave
0409_436.02_13Dept Of Trans1100 Frontage Rd S
0409_288.01_12Dept Of TransRoute 38
0409_578.01_18Dept Of TransRailroad Bed
0409_319.02_1Dept Of TransRt 38
0409_55.01_5Dept Of TransRt 70 W
0409_104.01_1Dept Of TransNorthwood Ave
0409_586.02_1Dept Of TransMelrose Ave
0409_288.01_1Dept Of TransRoute 38
0409_998_4Dept Of TransRt 41 & Rt 38
0409_998_7Dept Of TransGrove & Hdnfld Rd
0409_998_1Dept Of TransRt 70 & Rt 295
0409_285.25_4.04Dept Of TransRt 38-Dot
0409_285.25_1.03Dept Of TransRt 38-Dot
0409_998_3Dept Of TransCuthbert Blvd & Rt 38
0409_121.01_2Dept Of TransRoute 38
0409_470.13_5Dept Of Trans1814 Springdale Rd
0409_998_5Dept Of TransBerlin Rd & Rt 295
0409_998_8Dept Of TransChurch Rd & Rt 38
0409_998_2Dept Of TransCuthbert & Marlton
0409_998_9Dept Of TransKresson Rd & Rt 295
0409_126.02_1Dept Of TransRoute 38
0409_998_6Dept Of TransEllisburg Circle
0409_120.01_1Dept Of Transportation501 Kenilworth Ave
0409_525.12_4Dera, Daniel & Risa1044 Heartwood Dr
0409_513.39_1Derascavage, Joseph & Joan3 Stonebridge Rd
0409_525.18_3Deren Julius J & Audrey-Trustees1033 Owl Ln
0409_529.27_4Derenzo Geo T & M M1618 Longfellow Dr
0409_338.19_5Derer Richard & Michelle404 Preston Rd
0409_404.14_6Derham Gregory W & Suzanne P117 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_339.26_12Deringer, David C & Elaine422 Howard Rd
0409_339.21_4Derins Robert + Marian306 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_434.02_18Derisi David M & Jaclyn M1305 Heartwood Dr
0409_404.28_5Derita Jan & Denny208 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_404.31_1Derita Michael J & Tobin Alyssa A111 Barcroft Dr
0409_525.25_1Derivaux Chas H & Marilyn1800 West Point Dr
0409_437.07_2Derman Brian D. & Helen R.126 Lucerne Blvd
0409_437.12_43Derman, Neil A & Stephanie D43 Versailles
0409_528.02_23Derman, Seymour & Shirley327 Juniper Dr
0409_437.04_48Dermer Shay & Shoshana6 Collage Ct
0409_429.04_1_C0247Dermody, Alfred & Dawn247 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0392Dermody, Alfred & Dawn392 Tavistock
0409_404.12_7Derose Joseph & Amanda110 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_524.07_11Derouanna A & Feuer L54 Southwood Dr
0409_525.30_31Derouanna George & Sharon1889 West Point Dr
0409_437.03_1_C1037Derouanna Hali1037 Society Hill
0409_515.03_1Desai Alkeshkumar C & Arpita A838 Marlowe Rd
0409_518.15_36Desai Girish & Vandita9 Hadleigh Terr
0409_429.04_1_C0316Desai Hamilton Properties LLC316 Tavistock
0409_414.01_5Desai Kokila J & Jay A1280 Charleston Rd
0409_463.09_18_C0608Desai Nayan & Umesh-Mehta AnitaMark 70-#608
0409_513.50_3.11Desai, Anil & Smita9 Villagio Ct
0409_513.05_12Desai, Bharat & Pratibha313 Highgate Ln
0409_525.37_18Desai, Binesh & Seema26 Exton Circle
0409_465.04_6Desai, Jay & Kokila107 Kingswood Ct
0409_470.09_5Desai, Kirit N & Kailash9 Crestview Dr
0409_515.13_3Desai, Nirlesh C & Rita N204 Balfield Terr
0409_513.05_11Desai, Rashmikant & Neela315 Highgate Ln
0409_135.01_2.02Desai, Shailesh & Achla1215 Sherwood Ave
0409_515.16_10Desai, Sujit H & Nipa S702 Marlowe Rd
0409_521.16_9Desai, Unmesh & Panna17 Bridle Ct
0409_433.07_35Desalle Kevin & Bridget26 Plymouth Dr
0409_111.01_24Desante Jena L605 Merchant St
0409_513.27_39Desantis Anthony & Hannah R4 Black Latch Ln
0409_108.01_4Desantis James102 Miller Ave
0409_359.01_20Desantis Lois & William114 Rhode Island Ave
0409_338.10_9Desantis, Shani516 Bancroft Rd
0409_433.07_63Descano Michael & Tiziana406 Kresson Rd
0409_286.39_89Descano Paul J (l/E) & Etals89 Greensward
0409_447.01_18Deshayes, Deyanira8 Tampa Ave E
0409_447.01_16Deshayes, Deyanira12 Tampa Ave E
0409_153.01_4Deshong Gernald818 Fulton St
0409_520.02_7Desiderio Peter7 Lafayette Ln
0409_337.07_16Desiderio Vincent & Zamichieli Mary16 Crofton Commons
0409_462.04_19Desiderio, Linda M138 Green Vale Rd
0409_528.28_20Desikan Radha & Ravi511 Balsam Rd
0409_399.01_11Desimone, R & Russo, M A21 Bel Aire Ave
0409_341.27_7Desjardins David R & Serina C22 Ranoldo Terr
0409_342.07_11Desjardins, Peter T & Sheri B370 Wayland Rd
0409_104.01_10Desmond, Donna Jean720 Northwood Ave
0409_523.11_19Desrochers, Gloria R38 Doncaster Rd
0409_465.04_4Destasio Eric M & Bechtold Stephani103 Kingswood Ct
0409_340.19_15Destefano Joseph & Kuni Cynthia C530 Rhode Island Ave
0409_382.01_37Destefano Joseph & Motto Billie129 Grant Ave
0409_21.01_1Destination Imagination Inc1111 Union Ave S
0409_523.05_7Desumma, Darren & Shannon30 Fox Hollow Dr
0409_521.17_19Desumma, Edward M38 Bridle Ct
0409_515.05_5Desumma, Ernest & Diane149 Henfield Ave
0409_404.24_4Detlefsen, John W & S J105 Farmington Rd
0409_429.04_1_C0118Detofsky Beth118 Tavistock
0409_523.10_6Deutsch Cynthia11 Doncaster Rd
0409_339.19_10Deutsch, Aryeh L & Heather608 Ramble Rd
0409_462.04_5Deutsch, Benjamin & Kelly110 Green Vale Rd
0409_352.01_5Deutsch, M G & Hinman, P7 Massachusetts Ave
0409_395.04_16Deutsch, Tami Lynn14 School Ln
0409_286.39_94Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co-Trustee94 Greensward
0409_433.04_22Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co-Trustee1010 Haral Pl
0409_338.03_9Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co-Trustee508 Forest Rd
0409_149.01_9Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co-Trustee825 Mercer St
0409_165.01_1Deutsche Bank Natl Trust-Trustee590 Mercer St
0409_529.24_14Dev, Marur N & Amshu224 Walt Whitman Blvd
0409_472.01_4Dev, Marur N & Amshumathi1779 Springdale Rd
0409_340.31_99_C0223Devault, Daniel223 Playa Del Sol
0409_441.01_2Devenny, Christine & Etal111 Ormond Ave W
0409_436.01_26Dever, J G & Paul, S E1377 Paddock Way
0409_431.03_19Devera Dave A & Dorothy A110 Valleybrook Dr N
0409_523.05_1Devers P D & Rempfer, S C1 Hawthorne Dr
0409_404.12_24Devincentis, Richard J & Janet J144 Pearl Croft Rd
0409_218.01_8Devine Amy207 Woodland Ave
0409_286.39_59Devine Paul & Irma L59 Greensward
0409_338.24_14Devine Vincent & Yamayra6 Dartmouth Rd
0409_529.22_23Devita Ashley1419 Hillside Dr
0409_429.04_1_C0253Devito Albert J Jr253 Tavistock
0409_470.09_6Devito Michael & Gail11 Crestview Dr
0409_520.04_2_C0706Devlin Anthony F.706 The Woods
0409_404.31_26Devlin Harriet W200 Horse Shoe Ct
0409_518.15_13Devlin Linda & Laurence20 Brondesbury Dr
0409_395.01_12Devlin Lindsay9 School Ln
0409_528.38_2Devlin, Philip & Olga402 Heartwood Rd
0409_320.01_2Devone Jacqueline Y122 Monroe Ave N
0409_337.06_1_C0321Dewey Susan321 Kings Croft
0409_286.29_9Dey Avijit & Dicksha325 Surrey Rd
0409_339.25_3Dezii Eric + Carole815 Orlando Rd
0409_513.01_4Dezii Gary & Rosemary11 Split Rock Dr
0409_342.03_34Dezii, Paul & Annette23 Kenwood Dr
0409_285.15_16Dezutti Earl & Beverly304 Hialeah Dr
0409_515.20_15Dhanjal, Gurdeep & Manmohan127 Kilburn Dr
0409_54.02_5_C4333Dhillon W S & Kaur J H/W4333 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_519.04_7Dhillon, Manjot S & Tank Niti209 Monterey Ave
0409_286.39_12Di Bartolomeo Arthur & Dorothy12 Greensward
0409_549.01_2Di Bello, Jos N & Sharon L121 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_221.01_1Di Biase John & JosephineElma Ave
0409_188.01_5.01Di Biase, Ernest Jr312 Lincoln Ave N
0409_527.01_4Di Biase, Joseph & Gloria107 Woodfield Ct
0409_527.04_18Di Caprio, David & Serene1618 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_354.01_20Di Carlo, Alexander5 New Hampshire Ave
0409_469.07_6Di Chiara, Nancy S & Etals1911 Huntington Dr
0409_286.39_95Di Cicco Lawrence & Angela95 Greensward
0409_340.24_28Di Criscio Alfonso & Linda308 Royal Oak Ave
0409_359.01_7Di Curcio, Louis A & Raffeline T107 Massachusetts Ave
0409_386.01_14Di Donato, Karin J56 Harrison Ave
0409_14.01_2Di Eva David T & Susan2332 Rt 70 W
0409_285.13_22Di Eva, David & Susan310 Laurel Pl
0409_529.26_10Di Fabio, Dolores D1501 Hillside Dr
0409_342.23_12Di Fedele Blaise & Carol1216 Fulwood Rd
0409_339.21_21Di Gaetano, Vincent + Diane301 Cambridge Rd
0409_386.01_2Di Geralamo, Rocco & Wendy601 Rt 70 W
0409_125.05_14Di Gerolamo Joseph A Jr & Cynthia M515 Northwood Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0186Di Giacomo Frank186 Tavistock
0409_521.03_11Di Giallorenzo Joseph & Teresa1421 Autumn Ln
0409_178.01_1Di Giallorenzo, Joseph & Teresa1512 Rt 38
0409_128.02_1Di Giallorenzo, Joseph & Teresa1420 Rt 38
0409_340.17_7Di Giesi Vincent Jr & Christine513 Mackin Dr
0409_528.18_22Di Guglielmo, Anthony & Stephanie1760 Lark Ln
0409_395.04_3Di Luigi Thomas & Faith47 Winding Way
0409_397.07_18Di Lullo, John156 Edison Rd
0409_520.04_1_C1253Di Maggio Theresa J1253 Chanticleer
0409_434.23_11Di Marcangelo, Mark T & Sheila L420 Browning Ln
0409_286.39_36Di Medio Robert & Phyllis36 Greensward
0409_404.36_40Di Medio Robert Jr + Therese1125 Buttonwood Dr
0409_339.15_24Di Paola, Joseph R & Esther203 Avon Rd
0409_339.21_2Di Pascale Robert + Deborah302 Belle Arbor Dr
0409_437.06_7Di Piero, Nicholas & Deborah143 Lucerne Blvd
0409_520.04_1_C1962Di Pietro, Nicolette P1962 The Woods II
0409_431.10_1Di Pietro, Richard & Marie137 Valleybrook Rd N
0409_230.01_13Di Renzo, Emma705 Princeton Ave N
0409_515.09_26Di Salvatore Joseph + Pamela11 Charles Ln
0409_529.03_15Di Santi, Timothy & Candice1923 Delicious Way
0409_326.01_5Di Sibio Joseph113 Columbia Blvd
0409_155.01_5Di Siena Peter J727 Fulton St
0409_513.18_8Di Tullio Richard & Mary Ann16 Ramsgate Rd
0409_513.50_3.03Di Ventura, Luciano & Donna M1 Villagio Ct
0409_528.10_11Di Vietro, Maureen & James L307 Tearose Ln
0409_338.09_2Diabagate Yaya302 Chapel Ave E
0409_338.06_3Diamante Raymond & Xandrina112 Chapel Ave E
0409_285.12_2Diamanti Nicolas R & Impagliazzo Br403 Saratoga Dr
0409_404.08_11Diamanti Richard J & Nancy1215 Black Baron Dr
0409_53.01_1Diamantis Bros. Inc % Walgreen#69291819 Rt 70 W
0409_431.04_6Diamantis Cosmas P1007 Pinebrook Rd
0409_515.20_1Diamantis Costas & Olga309 Longstone Dr
0409_54.01_5_C0503Diamantis, Christina E503 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_340.28_3Diamond Alan J & Zipkin Rachel L321 Brentwood Ave
0409_338.03_4Diamond Eli & Sherril507 Kings Hwy N
0409_339.28_5Diamond Eli & Sherril811 Johns Rd
0409_286.04_1Diamond Tova & Gold Andrew5 Knollwood Dr
0409_463.09_18_C0504Diamond, Jos H & ElvaMark 70-#504
0409_437.11_26Diamond, Kolman & Cecelia23 Cameo Ct
0409_404.31_41Diamond, Robert B & Elsa S113 Barcroft Dr
0409_437.07_58Diamond, Tracey21 St Moritz Ln
0409_52.01_1_C0113Diamondstein, Sharon113 Park Pl
0409_538.01_4Diamore Anthony5 Sussex Ave
0409_129.01_11Diangelo, Raymond J & Emily539 Highland Ave
0409_520.04_1_C1334Diantonio, Joseph W & Dana1334 Chanticleer
0409_180.01_21Diantonio, Vincent A411 Woodland Ave
0409_471.11_17Diarenzo, Thomas J & Kathi L20 Buxton Rd
0409_431.14_14Dias Susana M126 Ashbrook Rd
0409_288.01_9Diastora Propertie LLC % Longhor53852301 Rt 38
0409_411.05_22Diaugustine, A J & Mckee, M J8 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_404.36_18Diaz Douglas & Melissa L1107 Buttonwood Dr
0409_527.03_15Diaz, A B & Cruz, J1526 Bowling Green Dr S
0409_372.01_13Diaz, C J & Abrams, A H/W36 Cooper Ave
0409_339.32_15Diaz, G & Allen, D M902 Kingston Dr
0409_286.07_16Diaz, So Yin12 Forge Ln
0409_335.11_7Dibartolo Danielle Marie113 Hedgerow Dr
0409_529.04_3Dibartolomeo-Mollo Lisa118 Winesap Rd
0409_53.01_11Dibella, James & Maureen38 Curtis Ave
0409_335.02_11Dibona, Joseph3401 Church Rd
0409_522.03_9Dibruno Daniel + Elaine18 Signal Hill Rd
0409_513.24_30Dicamillo Beth & Abruscato Michael405 Old Orchard Rd
0409_288.03_1Dicecca William820 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_529.10_5Dicesare, John J & Sharon L214 Ocean St
0409_471.08_19Dicicco Christopher J & Marisa C100 Highgate Ln
0409_404.47_7Dicicco Larry J & Nadine316 Cotswold Ln
0409_342.04_6Dicicco Mark L & Marrazzo Mary G104 Kenwood Dr
0409_282.02_13Dicicco Properties LLC2323 Church Rd
0409_286.17_6Dicicco, Kenneth29 Pebble Ln
0409_195.01_3Diciurcio John A & E J305 Westminster Ave
0409_359.01_6Diciurcio Marilyn105 Massachusetts Ave
0409_215.01_11Dick Eleanor600 Church Rd
0409_513.23_3Dick, Dwight6 Locust Grove Rd
0409_166.01_12Dickerson Joseph + Vernell2029 Chapel Ave W
0409_413.04_1Dickert Sanford M & Edwards Stacey30 North Riding Dr
0409_529.15_4Dickey, William T112 Ashley Ct
0409_411.03_2Dickinson Mark7 Indian King Dr
0409_525.08_35Dickinson Matthew R & Kimberly D1233 Heartwood Dr
0409_397.06_1Dickinson, David A Jr & Vanessa A7 Shepherd Rd
0409_144.01_4Dickinson, J Barry & Carleen D910 Fulton St
0409_411.05_23Dickinson, Samuel G Jr & J6 Laurel Hill Dr
0409_434.02_4Dickinson, Timothy & Lisa Q1361 Heartwood Dr
0409_57.01_26Dickson James Patrick614 Third Ave W
0409_118.01_13Dickson Phyllis C-Trustee617 Helena Ave
0409_118.01_11Dickson Phyllis C-Trustee619 Helena Ave
0409_286.29_18Dickson, Tara L12 Saddle Ln
0409_521.09_71Dickstein, Shari L18 Manor House Ct
0409_577.01_23Dicolandrea Salvatore & Shari A17 Perot Ave
0409_397.05_1Dicrescenzo Brett N31 Churchill Rd
0409_380.01_3Dicrescenzo Brett N & Natalie H805 Jefferson Ave
0409_525.26_12Dicrescenzo Frank & Lewis Amanda1880 West Point Dr
0409_286.39_40Didio, Joan40 Greensward
0409_115.01_9Didomenico, Thomas520 Helena Ave
0409_519.09_16Didonato D E & Thompson Wm H III10 Inskeep Ct
0409_526.06_5Didonato Donald22 Imperial Dr
0409_529.27_13Didonato Stephen D & Lauren M1533 Hillside Dr
0409_366.01_34Didonato, Ronald & Josephine P1 Whitman Ave
0409_337.06_1_C0848Diduch John848 Kings Croft
0409_147.01_5.01Diecks James Jr & Christine1219 Severn Ave
0409_435.07_12Diegel Michele & Stafford Michael1247 Winston Way
0409_431.09_15Diehl, Patricia & Melvin110 Sunnybrook Rd
0409_435.09_23Diekow Adam & Jodi104 Antietam Rd
0409_142.01_1Diemer, Clare M1305 Graham Ave
0409_465.04_13Dietz Diane121 Kingswood Ct
0409_515.03_34Difederico Nicholas R131 Henfield Ave
0409_224.08_1Difilipo, P & Zabroski, A409 Church Rd
0409_513.46_5Difilippo Brian & Heather628 Bamford Rd
0409_529.23_13Difilippo Steven & Kathleen1413 Longfellow Dr
0409_340.05_39Difillippo Paul & Jones Jeff118 Ridge Rd
0409_520.04_2_C2305Difillippo, Paul2305 The Woods
0409_335.18_10Diflorio, Marco P & Alison N23 Farmhouse Ln
0409_429.04_1_C0183Digaetano Kristina183 Tavistock
0409_411.07_4Digamber Vijay & Diaz Janyra102 West Riding Dr
0409_465.04_14Digerolamo Rocco & Benedict Rebecca123 Kingswood Ct
0409_338.07_8Digiacomo Stephen J Jr203 Chapel Ave E
0409_340.10_10Digiacomo Theresa & Tarsio Keith301 Windsor Dr
0409_519.06_6Digiacomo, Frank & Marlene202 Sandringham Rd
0409_287.01_33Digilio, Chrisitne33 James Run
0409_337.07_18Digioia Doretta R18 Crofton Commons
0409_360.01_2Digiovanni Danielle203 Massachusetts Ave
0409_366.01_27Digiovanni Robert & Marian23 Whitman Ave
0409_285.05_9Digirolamo Thomas & Jane17 Embassy Dr
0409_340.31_99_C0009Digital Facilities Management Prope9 Playa Del Sol
0409_443.01_13Digiulio Properties LLC1410 Kings Hwy N
0409_260.01_17Digiulio, James J Sr & Susan L137 Colwick Rd
0409_463.02_9Dignan Terence F512 Park Rd
0409_286.20_23Digneo Anthony & Santina10 Orchid Ln
0409_433.23_8Digregorio, John J Jr & Rosemarie1113 Haral Pl
0409_325.01_9Diiorio, Pasquale201 Columbia Blvd
0409_430.09_1_C0101Dijulio Patricia101 Uxbridge
0409_513.41_4Dilauro Richard D & Maureen12 Stonebridge Rd
0409_433.16_4Dilba Christopher & Krista M Barry -106 Haddontowne Ct
0409_433.07_25Dilba, Rimgaudas & Patricia44 Plymouth Dr
0409_180.01_9Dileo Dennis M & Ruth A420 Third Ave W
0409_404.10_14Dileo, Cheryl538 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_184.01_42Dileo, M & Mcdonald, B401 State St
0409_54.02_5_C4024Dilisi Giacomo A4024 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_52.01_1_C0405Dilisi Valeria C405 Park Pl
0409_247.01_1Dilks Dennis J & Abigail F12 Colwick Rd
0409_342.02_8Dilks Rose18 Kenwood Dr
0409_342.02_18Dilks Samuel J Iv34 Kenwood Dr
0409_341.11_35Dilks, Harold & Carol906 Tampa Ave
0409_342.26_7Dilks, Robert J & Nichole D B550 Pelham Rd
0409_404.19_16Dilks, Samuel J III & Robin114 Fenwick Rd
0409_525.29_7Dill Scott & Andrea1225 Concord Ln
0409_469.05_21Dillenschneider Debora13 Forest Hill Dr
0409_286.09_22Dillon Fredrick E Jr & Lana C Moore -3014 Chapel Ave W
0409_53.01_14Dillon Joseph R Jr1602 Park Blvd
0409_338.08_3Dillon Lynda204 Chapel Ave E
0409_145.01_6Dillon Patricia L1014 Fulton St
0409_404.19_10Dillon, Christine B & James J115 Nantucket Dr
0409_565.01_10Dillon, Timothy R & Karen J16 Fifth Ave E
0409_411.07_6Dilullo Josephine106 West Riding Dr
0409_513.11_1Dilullo, Joseph A & Sandra117 Old Orchard Rd
0409_436.04_2Dimaio Mary Ann & Quinn David128 Europa Blvd
0409_340.15_10Dimalaluan Ana Liza19 Forge Ln S
0409_158.01_3Dimarco Frederick J & John J Jr629 Mercer St
0409_286.39_74Dimarco John F & Roberta L74 Greensward
0409_339.14_1Dimarino Amber M & Mattucci Peter J201 Chelten Pkwy
0409_529.02_5Dimartino Philip & Erin1904 Delicious Way
0409_529.21_2Dimartino William R III117 Keats Pl
0409_183.01_13Dimatteo, Elisa326 Third Ave W
0409_518.22_3Dimattia, Ronald T Sr & Susan I24 Staffordshire Rd
0409_54.01_5_C0507Dimedio Gabriel S & Angela M507 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_286.26_15Dimedio, Annette18 Pebble Ln
0409_286.01_2Dimenna 496 LLC % Tammi Coppinger496 Kings Hwy N
0409_529.26_4Dimenna Bryan1518 Longfellow Dr
0409_404.36_47Dimichele Adam Dominic & Katherina1205 Sequoia Rd
0409_338.28_26Dimitrakis M & E & S5 Bucknell Dr
0409_54.02_5_C4342Dimizas Pagona4342 Park Place @ Gsp
0409_528.01_16Dimo Blerta & Ioannidis Ioannis130 Rue Du Bois
0409_523.03_4Dimola Joseph J Jr & Kylie Mcneil7 Forage Ln
0409_338.28_5Dimopoulos Antonios + Sophia10 Rutgers Rd
0409_545.01_18Dimpter, Robert & Kimberly104 Palmwood Ave
0409_528.23_10Dimter Howard & Juliana1766 Tearose Ln
0409_563.01_6Dina Moench LLC14 Seventh Ave
0409_518.19_3Dinapoli Margaret A & John66 Partridge Ln
0409_326.01_8Dinesh Patel101 Columbia Blvd
0409_437.07_44Ding Zhe & Ruan Yang18 Cameo Dr
0409_388.01_21Ding, Herbert H27 Harding Ave
0409_528.24_13Ding, R & Zhu, W Q518 Fireside Circle
0409_439.01_2Dinger Anthony W & Dinger Anthony M1312 Jackson Rd
0409_431.14_12Dinh Cindy124 Ashbrook Rd
0409_453.01_1Dinh Nhieu T101 Tampa Ave E
0409_448.01_12Dinh Thao M & Cheang Trang D18 Miami Ave E
0409_311.01_10Dinich Joseph E & Anna Jean111 Roosevelt Dr
0409_282.01_48Dinicola, Ray & Harris, Wendy5 Delwood Rd
0409_513.19_1Dinkler, Douglas W & Karen B100 Thornhill Rd
0409_433.04_3Dinoto Jos J & Roseanna115 Mansfield Blvd S
0409_520.04_2_C0808Dinsmore Steven P808 The Woods
0409_518.05_12Dinsmore, Steven T & Anna R24 Harrowgate Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0921Dinu, Eugen921 Chanticleer
0409_528.01_23Dinunzio, R & Borden, L116 Rue Du Bois
0409_525.25_18Dinunzio, Thomas J & J1841 Cardinal Lake Dr
0409_339.13_20Dionisio, John J III & Carolyn M238 Chelten Pkwy
0409_52.01_1_C0521Diorio Michael V & Kissel Casey521 Park Pl
0409_521.17_7Diorio, Louis14 Bridle Ct
0409_340.04_31Dioszeghy John & Nancy218 Maine Ave
0409_513.27_51.11Dipalo, John J & Kristine E1 Jordan Ct
0409_192.01_31Dipaola Lisa329 Hinchman Ave
0409_287.09_12Dipaolo Amanda M & James J III10 Isaac Ln
0409_513.38_1Dipaolo, Dino & Kathy101 Eagle Ln E
0409_340.16_7Dipasquale, Carmela434 Valley Run Dr
0409_513.47_7Diphillipo, Joseph M Jr & Clare M628 Guilford Rd
0409_243.01_13Dipiero Michael & Collen1201 Media Rd
0409_57.01_42Dipietrantionio, Tonino & Maria676 Third Ave W
0409_452.01_2Dipietrantonio, D & Etals L/E103 Miami Ave
0409_57.01_11Dipietrantonio, Tonino & Maria637 Woodland Ave
0409_191.01_11Dipietro John & June514 Chapel Ave W
0409_529.23_5Dipietro Nicholas & Alice1406 Hillside Dr
0409_520.04_1_C1847Dipietropolo Al-Trustee1847 The Woods II
0409_375.01_14Dipietropolo Al-Trustee701 Park Dr
0409_161.01_9.01Diplacido, Miyoko K633 Murray Ave
0409_335.11_2Dippner, James L & Valerie S103 Hedgerow Dr
0409_381.01_31Direnzo, D Jr & Petrucelli L117 Edison Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0327Direnzo, Danielle327 Tavistock
0409_335.14_19Direnzo, Donald A & Angela D1109 Harvest Rd
0409_387.01_30Direnzo, Sandra M23 Harrison Ave
0409_513.37_4Direnzo, Thomas G & Louise R106 Eagle Ln E
0409_285.18_25Direnzo-Bongiovanni, Doreen412 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_528.15_17Dirico, R Jr & Franciotti, N H/W403 Cranford Rd
0409_431.05_3Dirienzi Gina E118 Brookfield Rd N
0409_391.01_7Dirienzo, Daniel C & Janet7 Nevada Ave
0409_429.04_1_C0341Diruscio, Michael341 Tavistock
0409_142.01_12Disalvo, Joseph F & Rosemary1303 Graham Ave
0409_151.01_5Disalvo, Joseph F & Thomas, M1310 Graham Ave
0409_528.05_1Disanto Mary318 Pleasant Dr
0409_289.02_8Disanto, Johanna M310 Oak Ave
0409_525.13_3Disanzo Christina Maria1708 Independence Ln
0409_193.01_15Disclafani, Joyce Anna40 Spruce St
0409_513.10_7Discrisco, Anthony & Laura9 Candlewyck Way
0409_471.04_16Disipio Charles E & Golden Claudia107 Partree Rd
0409_527.05_50Disipio, Donald & Marie A1614 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_431.14_56Distafano Josephine A Kondras -1107 Valleybrook Rd W
0409_429.04_1_C0328Distanislao, R P % S Holland328 Tavistock
0409_429.04_1_C0117Distanislao, R P % S Holland117 Tavistock
0409_426.01_4Ditech Financial LLC31 Moore Ave
0409_430.07_16Ditkoff Lawrence118 Woodstock Dr
0409_123.01_2Ditomaso Richard901 Rt 38
0409_340.08_3Ditomasso Patrick115 Miami Ave W
0409_411.06_7Ditore Alfred & Joanne Vickery -113 West Riding Rd
0409_513.06_11Ditore Carmen A3 Evans Ln
0409_335.15_18Ditrolio, Anthony J & Anne M1109 Garfield Ave
0409_421.01_16Divello, Christopher A Sr & Denise15 Kresson Rd
0409_437.05_16Divello, Joseph T & Jean C66 Cameo Dr
0409_343.03_7.01Diventura Sergio & Bree1106 Warren St
0409_520.04_1_C1832Diventura, Amalvia1832 The Woods II
0409_339.13_4Diventura, Carolyn206 Chelten Pkwy
0409_404.13_38Diversified Applications LLC1299 Brace Rd
0409_562.01_4Diversified Applications LLC15 Burnt Mill Rd
0409_337.06_1_C0712Diviney, William P & Susan M712 Kings Croft
0409_339.32_5Divirgilio, Michael M & Angela M919 Orlando Rd
0409_342.17_29Divite Armand M & Hofman Mackenzie1123 Coopers Kill Rd
0409_470.03_32Divito Timothy & Caitlin14 W High Ridge Rd
0409_433.23_2Divito, Albert & Martha1101 Haral Pl
0409_337.02_2Divito, Mark J & Michelle M32 Crooked Ln
0409_286.23_13Dixey John M & Sheila M16 Knoll Ln
0409_528.33_23Dixit Santos & Rashmi535 Brian Dr
0409_256.01_3Dixon Ashley & Quinn Joseph1704 Maple Ave
0409_430.09_1_C0220Dixon Francis J Jr & Linda C220 Uxbridge
0409_129.01_10Dixon, Myron & Diane Young -535 Highland Ave
0409_338.24_28Dixon, Roger25 Clemson Rd
0409_111.01_15Dizon Monapil M & Jhun546 Main St
0409_187.01_38Dizon Rosario & Etal323 Lincoln Ave N
0409_433.16_7_C0303Djj Property LLC303 Haddontowne Ct
0409_286.09_11Djordjevic, Miodrag V & Cornelia21 Meryl Ln
0409_339.18_10Dl Petracci LLC108 Forest Rd
0409_489.01_3Dlf LLC2040 Fairfax Ave
0409_337.07_38Dmitriyev, V & Lyustina, E H/W38 Crofton Commons
0409_433.16_7_C0203Dmp Holdings LLC203 Haddontowne Ct
0409_187.01_8Dms Real Estate LLC316 Union Ave
0409_404.18_13Dms Real Estate Services123 Iron Master Rd
0409_513.11_3Dms Real Estate Services121 Old Orchard Rd
0409_513.23_8Dms Real Estate Services16 Locust Grove Rd
0409_528.32_14Dms Real Estate Services LLC527 Balsam Rd
0409_338.27_28Dms Real Estate Services LLC21 Colgate Dr
0409_520.04_1_C0741Dnb Holding Co Inc741 Chanticleer
0409_467.22_25_C0015Dns Properties LLC1916 Old Cuthbert Rd U-15
0409_433.17_10Do Elise T1008 Lowber Dr
0409_299.01_10Do Hoangphi H & Le Duyen M421 Coolidge Rd
0409_469.12_2Do Hoi & Hannah1990 Greentree Rd
0409_285.18_27Do Hung & Le Claudia H408 Cherry Hill Blvd
0409_192.01_4Do Thanh Tuyen & Pham Thuc Ngoc322 Essex Ave
0409_215.01_6Do Tho T109 Linderman Ave
0409_57.01_24Do Thuy H606 Third Ave W
0409_335.14_9Do, Binh & Hoang, Thoa78 Kings Hwy N
0409_527.02_53Do, Hung & Tran, Cuong1525 Berlin Rd
0409_338.25_15Do, Kimoanh31 Syracuse Dr N
0409_340.04_42Doan Hoang504 New York Ave
0409_217.01_6Doan Lap114 Woodland Ave
0409_286.09_21Doan Lap3016 Chapel Ave W
0409_437.03_1_C0613Doan Nghi T & Daniel V613 Society Hill
0409_282.04_5Doan Ngu28 Delwood Rd
0409_339.25_10Doan Phuong T & Nguyen Hoi801 Orlando Rd
0409_521.09_126Doan Toan & Ha Tan & Doan Thyvan6 Steeple Chase Ct
0409_454.01_7Doan V Hoang1202 Princess Rd
0409_287.05_2Doan, Doi722 Cooperlanding Rd
0409_528.09_8Doar, Raanan & Elana321 Nature Dr
0409_549.01_22Dobariya Gunvant118 Philmar Ave
0409_518.15_32Dobbins Aaron6 Hadleigh Terr
0409_433.02_6Dobbs Edmund & Elaine1 Howard Johnson Rd
0409_528.60_23Dobin, Andrea524 Kings Dr
0409_529.01_26Dobkin Bruce & Gayle110 Cuffys Ln
0409_404.39_3Dobkin Lee & Revie Jane Mae Decida1248 Sequoia Rd
0409_469.08_8Dobner, Michael & Mary36 Strathmore Dr
0409_513.33_25Dobranic, J K & Cutler, C H/W636 Croyden Dr
0409_217.01_16Dobrova, Argent211 Victor Ave
0409_339.13_11Dobrova, Iqerem220 Chelten Pkwy
0409_52.01_1_C0213Dobrowolski Elana213 Park Pl
0409_523.08_12Dodd Richard & Katie22 Whitby Rd
0409_338.14_2Dodd, Edward L III & Dina M502 Douglas Dr
0409_286.39_131Dodds John J131 Greensward
0409_437.03_1_C0227Dodge Arthur M & Hiltrud A227 Society Hill
0409_187.01_26Dodoo K N & Ashong V H/W353 Lincoln Ave N
0409_404.31_27Dodson Edward & Deborah202 Horse Shoe Ct
0409_435.08_7Dodulik Justin R & Marisa L207 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_529.12_30Doe Alvin Eugene & Gladys1524 Hillside Dr
0409_435.04_9Doerr, George H116 Covered Bridge Rd
0409_342.28_1_C0100Dogan Fusun100 Barclay Walk
0409_519.09_31Doganiero E & Doganiero M6 Sudley Green Ct
0409_434.05_6Dohanicz Brandon M1624 Mayflower Ln
0409_433.23_15Dohanicz, John Jr & Gwen R1127 Haral Pl
0409_467.02_5Doheny, L57 Green Vale Rd
0409_342.14_5Doherty Kevin & Barbara1120 Yardley Rd