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Atlantic City (Atlantic County) Property and Tax Data Index Table

This page contains an index of New Jersey counties, municipalities, or parcels to help find the PogoData web site with a web search. You can go directly to the main page of the site or you can click through the indexes here to the index map for the state, a county, or a municipality, or to view the index map and complete property data for a specific parcel.

Parcels are sorted by Owner Name. While you could use your browser find-in-page facility to find a parcel here it will probably be faster and easier to locate the parcel on the Index Map for the municipality (link below) or by using the filter on the Asmt Table or Sales Table tabs there.

Atlantic City (Atlantic County) Index Map
New Jersey Index Table
Atlantic County Index Table

Index of Parcels in Atlantic City (Atlantic County)

Click in the parcel column for index map and complete property data for parcel.
ParcelOwner NameProperty Address
0102_247_9. Elos Santos, Eucirda, & Barragan J.106 N Laclede Pl
0102_262_1_X1 North Boston LLC3317 Atlantic Ave
0102_262_11 North Boston LLC3317 Atlantic Ave
0102_259_9_C030110 S Mississippi Ave LLC8 N Providence C1
0102_105_1_C120410 Sextant Drive, LLC10 Sextant Dr
0102_181_810 South Chelsea5 S Montpelier Ave
0102_181_510 South Chelsea15 S Montpelier Ave
0102_526_1110 U 2 LLCBay St
0102_526_1310 U 2 LLCBay St
0102_452_710-U-2 LLC1302 Adriatic Ave
0102_538_410-U-2 LLC1121 Adriatic Ave Rr
0102_640_810-U-2 LLC817 N Michigan Ave
0102_452_3810-U-2 LLC356 Ocean Terr
0102_526_2410-U-2-LLCBay St
0102_526_2210-U-2-LLCBay St
0102_79_2101 Dewey 100 Pacific LLC101 Dewey Pl
0102_79_1101 Dewey 100 Pacific LLC100 Pacific Ave
0102_48.01_1101 Mlk LLC101 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_11_1101 South Delancy LLC101 S Delancy Pl
0102_628_81015 N Ohio LLC1015 N Ohio Ave
0102_36_60102 S Bellevue LLC102 S Bellevue Ave
0102_643_171027 N Ohio Ave LLC2019 Grant Ave
0102_616_181027 N Ohio LLC811 N Indiana Ave
0102_433_251036 N Ohio LLC719 Harris Pl
0102_433_211036 Ohio Ave LLC711 Harris Pl
0102_433_231036 Ohio Ave LLC715 Harris Pl
0102_684_161036 Ohio Ave LLC1403 N Michigan Ave
0102_546_151036 Ohio Ave LLC401 N Delaware Ave
0102_402_331036 Ohio Ave LLC1523 Baltic Ave
0102_467_21036 Ohio Ave LLC1724 Hummock Ave
0102_517_31036 Ohio Ave LLC & One, O Three S616 Green St
0102_491_41036 Ohio Avenue LLC715 N Michigan Ave
0102_320_51036 Ohio Avenue LLC130 N Tennessee Ave
0102_653_141036 Ohio Avenue LLC1036 N Ohio Ave
0102_638_81036, Ohio Ave LLC & One, O Three S1005 N Michigan Ave
0102_116_24104 N Houston Realty LLC104 Houston Ave
0102_54_19105 S California LLC167 S Tennessee Ave
0102_34_8105 S California LLC105 S California Ave
0102_136_261054 Associates LLC33 S Gordons Alley
0102_36_62106 South Bellevue Ave LLC106 S Bellevue Ave
0102_34_4106-108 Albion Ave LLC106 Albion Pl
0102_34_5106-108 Albion Ave LLC108 Albion Pl
0102_507_3106-108 Albion Ave LLC1815 Hummock Ave
0102_36_63108 South Bellevue Ave LLC108 S Bellevue Ave
0102_315_9.03108-110 N Presbyterian LLC108-110 N Presbyterian
0102_665_6109 New Jersey Ave LLC1216 N Ohio Ave
0102_433_26109 New Jersey Ave LLC721 Harris Pl
0102_345_19109 New Jersey Ave LLC2805 Carlton Ave
0102_35_10109, South Albion Place & One, O Ni109 Albion Pl
0102_111_211, Galleon Ct LLC & Eleven, Galleo11 Galleon Ct
0102_56_54110 South Carolina Avenue, LLC110 S South Carolina Ave
0102_650_121109 Emerson Place LLC1109 Emerson Pl
0102_244_3111 N Windsor LLC111 N Windsor Ave
0102_139_41124 Atlantic LLC1124 Atlantic Ave
0102_298_61125 Atlantic Ave LLC1125 Atlantic Ave
0102_8_15119 S Kingston Ave LLC119 S Kingston Ave
0102_315_9.01119-121 N Pennsylvania119-121 N Pennsylvania
0102_170_1012 S Texas LLC & One, Two S Texas12 S Texas Ave
0102_28_1.02_C12081208 Tower II Associates, LLC3101 Bdwk 1208-2
0102_54_9121 S Tenn Ave LLC121 S Tennessee Ave
0102_57_241212 Chalfonte LLC1210 Pacific Ave
0102_141_41226 Atlantic Ave LLC1226 Atlantic Ave
0102_141_21226 Atlantic Ave LLC1232 Atlantic Ave
0102_51_25124 South New York Avenue LLC124 S New York Ave
0102_329_4126 North Indiana LLC126 N Indiana Ave
0102_122_25127 St James Plaace LLC % P. ChopraBader Ave
0102_122_40127 St James Place LLC % P. ChopraMassachusetts Ave Rear
0102_306_13127 St James Place LLC % P. Chopra24 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_54_10129 Tenn Ave Realty LLC127 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_12131 S Tenn Ave LLC131 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_631318 Pacific Avenue LLC1318 Pacific Ave
0102_54_13133 S Tenn Ave LLC133 S Tennessee Ave
0102_143_21333 Pacific Corp1329 Pacific Ave
0102_311_32137 N Clinton Ave Ac NJ LLC137 N Clinton Ave
0102_7_12_C0002137 South Berkley Square Unit B LLC137 S Berkley #b
0102_51_24139 South New York Avenue LLC122 S New York Ave
0102_52_6139 South New York Avenue LLC151 S New York Ave
0102_52_5139 South New York Avenue LLC143 S New York Ave
0102_147_101401 Memorial LLC1401 Memorial Ave
0102_50_25142 Westminster LLC144 Westminister Ave
0102_50_26142 Westminster LLC142 Westminster Ave
0102_683_131420 Arkansas Ave LLC1512 Madison Ave
0102_639_51420 Arkansas LLC905 N Michigan Ave
0102_679_161420 Arkansas LLC1507 N Ohio Ave
0102_689_51420 Arkansas LLC1420 N Arkansas Ave
0102_558_21420 Arkansas LLC514 Magellan Ave
0102_707_81420 Arkansas LLC1815 N Missouri Ave
0102_443_291420 Arkansas LLC1117 Drexel Ave
0102_616_61420 Arkansas LLC1725 Grant Ave
0102_684_191420 Arkansas LLC1411 N Michigan Ave
0102_279_281420 Arkansas LLC26 N Georgia Ave Rr #1
0102_684_181420 Arkansas LLC1411 N Michigan Ave #a
0102_338_201420 Arkansas LLC125 N Georgia Ave
0102_697_91420 Arkansas LLC2233 Grammercy Ave
0102_56_19145 Ocean Ave Ac NJ LLC145 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_15147 S Tennessee LLC147 S Tennessee Ave
0102_36_25147 S Texas Ave LLC147 S Texas Ave
0102_50_23148 Westminster LLC148 Westminster Ave
0102_264_2215 Montpelier Avenue LLC15 N Montpelier Ave
0102_50_31_C19071507 New York Ave, LLC % Pcf Manage1515 Bdwk 1907
0102_149_101510 Belfield Associates LLC1510 Belfield Ave
0102_50_31_C00011515 Ny Boardwalk LLC1515 Bdwk C1
0102_678_201523-1525 Penrose Condominium Assoc1523 Penrose Ave
0102_51_36153 Westminster Ac LLC153 Westminister Ave
0102_50_171537 Ac Boardwalk LLC1537 Boardwalk
0102_54_16155 S Tennnessee Ave LLC155 S Tennessee Ave
0102_52_7159 S Ny Ave LLC153 S New York Ave
0102_271_1416 North Iowa Avenue LLC16 N Iowa Ave
0102_291_61600 Arctic Ave LLC1600 Arctic Ave
0102_152_31600 Atlantic Ltd Ptnrshp1600 Atlantic Ave
0102_54_17161 S Tennessee LLC159 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_18161 S Tennessee LLC161 S Tennessee Ave
0102_173_817 N Texas LLC22 S California Ave
0102_275_3217 N Texas LLC17 N Texas Ave
0102_279_6317 North Florida LLC17 N Florida Ave
0102_616_21720 Mckinley Ac LLC1720 Mckinley Ave
0102_698_1.021720 Mckinley Ac LLC1625 Columbia Ave
0102_628_121720 Mckinley Ac LLC1001 N Ohio Ave
0102_427_151720 Mckinley Ac LLC314 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_688_201720 Mckinley Ac LLC1425 N Arkansas Ave
0102_688_181720 Mckinley Ac LLC1421 N Arkansas Ave
0102_490_51720 Mckinley Ac LLC601 N Michigan Ave
0102_688_191720 Mckinley Ac LLC1423 N Arkansas Ave
0102_156_41722 1724 Atlantic Ave LLC1724 Atlantic Ave
0102_156_51722 1724 Atlantic Ave LLC1722 Atlantic Ave
0102_714_91723ckman, Marc & Deborah1070 W Riverside Dr
0102_289_321729 C & K LLC A NJ LLC1729 Atlantic Ave
0102_50_12177 Kentucky Ave LLC % Stanley Realty185 S Kentucky Ave
0102_50_11177 Kentucky Ave LLC % Stanley Rlty177 S Kentucky Ave
0102_138_518 S Pennsylvania Realty LLC18 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_157_81800 Atlantic LLC1800 Atlantic Ave
0102_469_1.101811 Bacharach Blvd LLC & Eighteen1811 Bacharach Blvd
0102_187_4_C0002187midt, Tom4 S Hartford L2
0102_139_1819 North Illinios Ave, LLC.20 S Mansion Ave
0102_151_1019 North Illinois Ave Assoc, LLC1508 Atlantic Ave
0102_139_1719 North Illinois Avenue Assoc., LLC18 S Mansion Ave
0102_290_319 North Mlk Boulevard Assoc LLC15 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_290_419 North Mlk Boulevard Assoc LLC16 N Mt Vernon Ave
0102_290_219 North Mlk Boulevard Assoc LLC19 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_128_441900 Capital Tr II & Us Bank Na7 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_174_31909 Associates LLC2714 Atlantic Ave
0102_174_81909 Associates LLC14 S California Ave
0102_173_21909 Associates LLC2719 Pacific Ave
0102_173_61909 Associates, LLC2710 Monterey Ave
0102_721_11914 Emerson Avenue LLC1914 Emerson Ave
0102_213_31937 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd LLC4712 Ventnor Ave
0102_547_31ills, Alfred & Minnie622 Caspian Ave
0102_781_112 S Bartram Avenue LLC543 N Trenton Ave
0102_257_52 S Bartram Realty LLC3630 Winchester Ave
0102_342_32 S Bartram Realty LLC126 N Texas Ave #b
0102_310.03_152 S Bartram Realty LLC & Two, S Ba723 Arctic Ave
0102_124_662 South Bartram Realty LLC13 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_385_3201 North Florida Ave LLC201 N Florida Ave
0102_52_16201, 205 So Ny Ave LLC & Two, O One193 S New York Ave
0102_52_18201-205 S New York Ave LLC205 S New York Ave
0102_52_17201-205 S New York Ave LLC201 S New York Ave
0102_52_30201-205 S New York Ave LLC142 St James Pl
0102_643_182021 Grant Ave Ac LLC2021 Grant Ave
0102_402_34205 Kentucky Ave LLC % David Lerman205 N Kentucky Ave
0102_78_4208 S New Hampshire LLC208 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_236_35_C002121 Chelsea Court LLC21 Chelsea Ct
0102_206_221 S Bartram LLC21 S Bartram Ave
0102_138_721-19 South Mansion Ave LLC21 S Mansion Ave
0102_138_621-19 South Mansion Ave LLC19 S Mansion Ave
0102_76_17221 235 Boardwalk LLC233 Boardwalk
0102_76_15221 235 Boardwalk LLCS Seaside Ave
0102_76_16221 235 Boardwalk LLC221 Boardwalk
0102_701_122223 Kuehnle LLC2223 Kuehnle Ave
0102_271_3023. 5 Stenton Place LLC23 N Stenton Pl #a
0102_277_923. 5 Stenton Place LLC19 N Bellevue Ave
0102_280_452300, Atlantic Ave LLC & Two, Three2315 Atlantic Ave
0102_280_412300, Atlantic Ave LLC & Two, Three2307 Atlantic Ave
0102_163_442303-07 Pacific Ave Assoc % Frankel2307 Pacific Ave
0102_163_432303-07 Pacific Ave Assoc % Frankel2303 Pacific Ave
0102_337_12308 Fairmount Ave Real Estate LLC2308 Fairmount Ave
0102_280_432309 Atlantic Ave LLC2309 Atlantic Ave
0102_163_452309 Pacific Realty, LLC2309 Pacific Ave
0102_163_402309 Pacific Realty, LLC2309 Pacific Ave Rr #b
0102_380_2232 N California Ave Inc226 N California Ave
0102_380_3232 N California Ave Inc222 N California Ave
0102_380_1232 N California Ave LLC228 N California Ave
0102_380_1.01232 N Calilfornia Ave, Inc232 N California (piers)
0102_271_342323 Arctic Real Estate LLC31 N Stenton Pl
0102_299_524 N Pennsylvania Ave LLC24 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_124_4424 North Vermont Avenue LLC24 N Vermont Ave
0102_136_1324 S Virginia Avenue Associates LLC24 S Virginia Ave
0102_164_632405 Pacific Ave LLC2405 Pacific Ave
0102_279_442409 Atlantic Ave LLC14 N Georgia Ave Rr #b
0102_279_482409 Atlantic Avenue LLC2405 Atlantic Ave
0102_279_462409 Atlantic Avenue LLC12 N Georgia Ave
0102_279_402409 Atlantic Avenue LLC16 N Georgia Ave Rr
0102_279_452409 Atlantic Avenue LLC14 N Georgia Ave
0102_279_492409 Atlantic LLC2409 Atlantic Ave
0102_279_49_X2409 Atlantic LLC2409 Atlantic Ave
0102_279_512409 Atlantic LLC2415 Atlantic Ave
0102_279_522409 Atlantic LLC2417 Atlantic Ave
0102_279_502409 Atlantic LLC2413 Atlantic Ave
0102_339_22414 Fairmount Ave Associates, LLC2414 Fairmount Ave
0102_388_152425 Fairmount Ave, LLC2425 Fairmount Ave
0102_339_782430 Fairmount Ave LLC, % Krantz, Sam125 N Florida Ave
0102_339_38_C41012433 Formica's Way LLC2433 Formica's Way
0102_279_582435-2437 Atlantic Ave LLC2435 Atlantic Ave
0102_130_4125 S Congress Realty LLC25 S Congress Ave
0102_130_4425 S Congress Realty, LLC11 S Congress Ave
0102_130_4525 S Congress Realty, LLC7 S Congress Ave
0102_166_262511 Pacific Realty LLC2511 Pacific Ave
0102_652_126 North Barnes LLC1059 N Michigan Ave
0102_138_1026 S Pennsylvania Realty Corp26 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_109_4126 Schooner Court LLC26 Schooner Ct
0102_166_1826-28 S Florida Ave Assoc LLC26 S Florida Ave
0102_166_1926-28 S Florida Ave Associates LLC28 S Florida Ave
0102_35_202600 Corner On Pacific LLC2600 Pacific Ave
0102_169_42601 Pacific LLC2601 Pacific Ave
0102_342_332607 Arctic Ave LLC2607 Arctic Ave
0102_274_52612 Arctic Street, LLC2616 Arctic Ave
0102_274_72612 Arctic Street, LLC2612 Arctic Ave
0102_274_62612 Arctic Street, LLC2614 Arctic Ave
0102_169_82619 Pacific Acnj LLC2619 Pacific Ave
0102_381_732647 Fairmount Corner, LLC2647 Fairmount Ave
0102_152_626skentucky LLC26 S Kentucky Ave
0102_28_1.02_C27092709 2 LLC % Martin Edelstein3101 Bdwk 2709-2
0102_174_42712 Atlantic Assoc2712 Atlantic Ave
0102_147_828 Atlantic Holding LLC28 S Tennessee Ave
0102_50_31_C28052805ap Realty LLC1515 Bdwk 2805
0102_270_242829 Atlantic LLC2829 Atlantic Ave
0102_270_232829 Atlantic LLCAtlantic Ave
0102_269_62901 Atlantic Ave LLC2901 Atlantic Ave
0102_269_12935 Atlantic, LLC2935 Atlantic Ave
0102_799_2299 Partners LLCAbsecon Blvd
0102_799_2_B01299 Partners, LLCAbsecon Blvd
0102_488_253 Levendes, LLC1931 Bacharach Blvd
0102_488_263 Levendes, LLC1900 Adriatic Ave
0102_166_2030 S Florida Ave Assoc, LLC30 S Florida Ave
0102_428_17300 N Massachusetts Ave LLC300 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_180_33000 Atlantic LLC3002 Atlantic Ave
0102_180_43000 Atlantic LLC3000 Atlantic Ave
0102_358_9302 N Annapolis LLC302 N Annapolis Ave
0102_119_19307 Grammercy LLC307 Grammercy Pl
0102_12_1_C0308308 Warwick LLC101 S Raleigh 308
0102_28_1.01_C00253105 Boardwalk LLC3101 Bdwk R25
0102_182_43112 Atlantic Ave Holdings LLC3112-14 Atlantic Ave
0102_470_1314/326 North New Jersey Ave, LLC1820 Hummock Ave
0102_118_19317 Beach LLC317 Beach Ave
0102_147_432 S Tennessee LLC14 S Tennessee Ave
0102_313_1321nt Andrew By The Sea Evangelical136 Baltic Ave
0102_236_36_C003333 Chelsea Court LLC33 Chelsea Ct
0102_457_3331 N New York Ave LLC331 N New York Ave
0102_457_4331 N New York LLC333 N New York Ave
0102_166_2234 South Florida Avenue Assoc. L. L. C34 S Florida Ave
0102_350_63401 Winchester Ave LLC3401 Winchester Ave
0102_644_435 Lentz Avenue LLC2020 Grant Ave
0102_24_9_C31073501 Diving Horse LLC3501 Bdwk C107
0102_259_163509 Ventnor Ave Condomimium Assoc3509 Ventnor Ave
0102_186_153529 Pacific LLC3529 Pacific Ave
0102_236_22_C0103353 George Road Realty, LLC3809 Ventnor 3
0102_186_163531 Pacific, LLC3531 Pacific Ave
0102_22_23536 Pacific Ave Corp3536 Pacific Ave
0102_186_173539 Pacific LLC3539 Pacific Ave
0102_186_13542 Atlantic Ave, LLC3542 Atlantic Ave
0102_258_183601 Corner LLC3601 Ventnor Ave
0102_242_43709 Sunset LLC3711 Sunset Ave
0102_242_33709 Sunset LLC3709 Sunset Ave
0102_242_53709 Sunset, LLC3713 Sunset Ave
0102_366_13712 Porter Avenue LLC3712 Porter Ave
0102_367_223726 South Boulevard Avenue Condo3726 South Blvd
0102_367_22.013726 South Boulevard Condominium As3726 South Blvd Riparian
0102_192_6_C04033801 D-3 Atlantic Ave LLC3801 Atlantic D3
0102_192_43807 Atlantic LLC, A NJ L L Co3807 Atlantic Ave
0102_728_93817 Corporation1936 Murray Ave
0102_728_103817 Corporation1924 Murray Ave
0102_728_83817 Corporation1940 Murray Ave
0102_236_233817 Landmark Towers Condominium3817 Ventnor Ave
0102_236_23_C03013817 Ventnor Ave LLC3817 Ventnor 301
0102_236_23_C10083817 Ventnor Ave LLC3817 Ventnor 1008
0102_236_23_C04083817 Ventnor Avenue LLC3817 Ventnor 408
0102_236_23_C03083817 Ventnor Avenue LLC3817 Ventnor 308
0102_192_23829 3831 Atlantic Realty LLC3829 Atlantic Ave
0102_192_13835 Atlantic, LLC3835 Atlantic Ave
0102_31_2_C032339 Exeter LLC2721 Bdwk 323
0102_364_173909 South Boulevard LLC3909 South Blvd
0102_195_133921 Atlantic Ave LLC3921 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_53939 Arabella LLC100 N Trenton Ave
0102_268_104 N Brighton Avenue LLC4 N Brighton Ave
0102_194_940 S Harrisburg LLC40 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_341_2640 Stenton Place LLC118 N Florida Ave
0102_270_740 Stenton Place LLC40 N Stenton Pl
0102_539_1_B01401 Associates LLC401 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_539_1401 Associates LLC.401 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_786_11404 N Dover Ave LLC410 Dover Ave
0102_13_14100 Atlantic Avenue Assoc4100 Atlantic Ave
0102_227_14104 Winchester LLC4104 Winchester Ave
0102_550_14411 N Connecticut Ave LLC411 N Connecticut Ave
0102_360_104113 Stewart Avenue LLC4113 Stewart Ave
0102_250_44121 Sunset Ave LLC4121 Sunset Ave
0102_201_204127 Atlantic Ave, LLC.4127 Atlantic Ave
0102_463_5417 Mlk LLC417 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_793_3422 Jp LLC, A NJ Limited Liab. Co.422 N Albany Ave
0102_551_5425 Massachusetts Holding LLC423 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_551_6425 Massachusetts Holding LLC417 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_551_4425 Massachusetts Holding LLC425 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_223_134301 Investments LLC4301 Ventnor Ave
0102_355_34306 Stewart Ave Trust4306 Stewart Ave
0102_222_164333 Ventnor Ave Holding LLC4333 Ventnor Ave
0102_207_24400 Investments LLC4400 Ventnor Ave
0102_7_104503 Boardwalk Condominium Assoc4503 Boardwalk
0102_7_114505 Boardwalk Condominium Associat4505 Boardwalk
0102_791_5452 Wist LLC452 Wisteria Rd
0102_201_1246 S Windsor LLC46 S Windsor Ave
0102_213_174711 Theresa Place Of Ac LLC4711 Theresa Pl
0102_31_2_C0508485 Cpw LLC C/O Tony Huang2721 Bdwk 508
0102_236_35_C00055 Chelsea Court LLC5 Chelsea Ct
0102_107_75 K Capital LLC29 Windjammer Ct
0102_137_25 Penn LLC5 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_194_2850 Harrisburg LLC50 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_306_20501-503 Atlantic Ave Realty, LLC501 Atlantic Ave
0102_425_16505 Spring Road LLC505 Spring Lane
0102_488_6514 North Michigan Ave LLC514 N Michigan Ave
0102_117_252 Golf LLC414 Madison Ave
0102_667_852 Golf, LLC2046 Horace Bryant Jr Dr
0102_173_1_C300152 Golf, LLC33 S Iowa C1
0102_428_5527 Melrose Ave LLC527 Melrose Ave
0102_560_10.02527/531 N Mass LLC % S Hankin527 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_206_853 S Bartram Realty LLC53 S Bartram Ave
0102_556_33539 New Jersey Avenue Condo Assoc539 N New Jersey Ave
0102_278_954 Golf, LLC36 N Florida Ave
0102_195_1254 S Elberon Ave LLC54 S Elberon Ave
0102_194_1354 S Harrisburg LLC, A NJ L Co54 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_434_32551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC734 Pearl Pl
0102_320_25551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC131 Centre St
0102_320_26551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC135 Centre St
0102_452_8551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1301 Drexel Ave
0102_301_18551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC906 Westcoat Pl
0102_452_6551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1304 Adriatic Ave
0102_526_35551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1434 Sewell Ave
0102_434_34551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC747 Drexel Ave
0102_320_1551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC137 Centre St
0102_434_39551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC342 Pearl Place Rr #a
0102_434_8551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC342 N New Jersey Ave #a
0102_328_3551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1712 Baltic Ave Rr
0102_589_22551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC600 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_117_42551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC135 Houston Ave
0102_328_2551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1714 Baltic Ave
0102_479_1551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC803 Penrose Rd
0102_508_1551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1808 Rev Jj Walters
0102_301_45551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC2 Steermans Pl
0102_479_2551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC801 Penrose Rd
0102_301_44551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1 Steermans Pl
0102_301_41551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC1 Maryland Terr
0102_452_31551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC343 N Ocean Ave
0102_434_29551 Lafayette Boulevard LLC732 Pearl Pl
0102_526_36551 Lafayette Boulevard LLCBay St
0102_244_65624 Burk Avenue LLC104 N Annapolis Ave
0102_763_105624 Burk Avenue LLC632 N Trenton Ave
0102_687_205k Capital LLC1525 N Arkansas Ave
0102_116_7.025k Capital LLC136 Houston Ave
0102_690_45k Capital LLC1520 N Arkansas Ave
0102_305_3.015k Capital LLC514 Grammercy Pl
0102_309_1_C01245k, Capital LLC & Five, K Capital L126 N Connecticut Ave 24b
0102_690_66 N Brighton LLC1510 N Arkansas Ave
0102_358_146 N Brighton LLC4219 South Blvd
0102_277_106 N Brighton LLC21 N Bellevue Ave
0102_431_356 N Brighton LLC353 N New Jersey Ave
0102_431_136 N Brighton LLC356 N Connecticut Ave
0102_381_186 N Brighton LLC212 N Texas Ave
0102_279_26 N Brighton LLC % H Bassford2420 Arctic Ave
0102_549_86 N Brighton LLC % Harry Bassford420 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_731_126 N Brighton LLC % Harry Bassford1600 N Michigan Ave
0102_279_416 N Brighton LLC & Six, N Brighton16 N Georgia Ave Rr #c
0102_534_356 N Brighton, LLC441 N Tennessee Ave
0102_264_136 N Chelsea Avenue LLC6 N Chelsea Ave
0102_125_3.116 New Hampshire Ave Condominium6 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_176_1_C070160 Stevens LLC2834 Atlantic 701
0102_487_8600 N Michigan Ventures LLC600 N Michigan Ave
0102_597_1602 North Carolina LLC602 N North Carolina Ave
0102_548_8604 Wabash Acnj LLC & Six, O Four604 Wabash Ave
0102_510_11607 North Indiana Ave LLC607 N Indiana Ave
0102_274_28609-610 Mullica Hill Rd LLC2601 Atlantic Ave
0102_547_2624 Caspian Ave LLC624 Caspian Ave
0102_17_2_C1605637 Church Street Assocs LLC3851 Bdwk 1605
0102_301_2168 West 17 Street LLC36 N Maryland Ave
0102_492_768w17thst LLC1920 Magellan Ave
0102_492_668w17thst LLC1922 Magellan Ave
0102_678_8692kye, Elvis K1509 Penrose Ave
0102_626_147 Fairmount Terrace LLC705 N Ohio Ave
0102_341_107 Fairmount Terrace LLC7 Fairmount Terr
0102_141_37 S South Carolina Associates, LLC7 S South Carolina Ave
0102_105_1_C12077 Sextant Dr LLC7 Sextant Dr
0102_133_1700 Atlantic Ave Urban Renewal LLC700 Atlantic Ave
0102_553_11712 Magellan LLC712 Magellan Ave
0102_434_4722 Adriatic Ave LLC716 Adriatic Ave
0102_434_3722 Adriatic Ave LLC722 Adriatic Ave
0102_434_6722 Adriatic Ave LLC348 N New Jersey Ave
0102_434_7722 Adriatic LLC344 N New Jersey Ave
0102_434_2722 Adriatic, LLC724 Adriatic Ave
0102_434_38730 Adriatic Inc345 N Delaware Ave
0102_434_1730 Adriatic Inc728 Adriatic Ave
0102_765_11732 N Harrisburg Ave, LLC.732 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_277_78 North Florida Ave LLC8 N Florida Ave
0102_415_16807 Baltic LLC805 Baltic Ave
0102_415_15807 Baltic LLC204 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_19807 Baltic LLC821 Baltic Ave
0102_415_4807 Baltic LLC814 Lexington Ave #a
0102_415_3807 Baltic LLC814 Lexington Ave
0102_415_8807 Baltic LLC810 Lexington Ave Rr
0102_415_7807 Baltic LLC808 Lexington Ave
0102_415_6807 Baltic LLC810 Lexington Ave
0102_415_5807 Baltic LLC812 Lexington Ave
0102_415_14807 Baltic LLC,206 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_11807 Baltic LLC,212 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_12807 Baltic LLC,210 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_13807 Baltic LLC, C/O Clayton Compani208 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_9807 Baltic, LLC807 Baltic Ave
0102_415_2807 Baltic, LLC818 Lexington Ave
0102_415_10807 Baltic, LLC214 N Delaware Ave
0102_415_18807 Baltic, LLC, A New Jersey Limit815 Baltic Ave
0102_86_3817 North Third Associates Lp101 Atlantic Ave
0102_86_13817 North Third Associates Lp7 N St Katherine Pl
0102_86_2817 North Third Associates, Lp8 N Maine Ave
0102_631_1818 North Ohio LLC818 N Ohio Ave
0102_687_21900 N Mlk Ac LLC1527 N Arkansas Ave
0102_614_2900 N Mlk Ac LLC900 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_609_12901 N Martin Luther King Realty LLC901 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_52_4915 17 Atlantic LLC137 S New York Ave
0102_301_62917 Atlantic Ave LLC917 Atlantic Ave
0102_301_63921 Atlantic LLC919 Atlantic Ave
0102_12_1_C0407A & J Warwick LLC101 S Raleigh 407
0102_644_3A And K Management Of NJ LLC2022 Grant Ave
0102_789_13A C Designing Women401 N Elberon Ave
0102_773_6A C Elec Co % Tax Dept4301 Filbert Ave
0102_602_5A C Jersey LLC1421 Magellan Ave
0102_838_12A C Meadowlands, LLCMeadow Track
0102_838_17A C Meadowlands, LLCMeadow Track Front
0102_838_15A C Meadowlands, LLCMeadow Track
0102_337_62A Rando Bakery Inc5 Blake St
0102_337_64A Rando Bakery Inc5 Blake St Rr #b (alley)
0102_830_9A. C. Tuna Club, LLC903 N Albany Ave
0102_830_10A. C. Tuna Club, LLC901 N Albany Ave
0102_830_8A. C. Tuna Club, LLC905 N Albany Ave
0102_659_1Aarav Hospitality One LLC1600 Absecon Blvd
0102_677_8Aarav Hospitality Two LLC1400 Absecon Blvd
0102_701_16Aaron, George P2151 Kuehnle Ave
0102_208_1Aaronson, Paul D4500 Ventnor Ave
0102_105_1_C1305Abarca, Edzyl Isidro & Remo A18 Sextant Dr
0102_684_26Abbadi, Hicham1427 N Michigan Ave
0102_63_1_C1901Abbate, Ms Irene526 Pacific 1901
0102_9_7Abbate, Raymond & Marcella133 S Bartram Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2017Abbate, Rosemary & Abbate, Joseph3101 Bdwk 2017-2
0102_28_1.01_C0024Abbey Road Studios LLC3101 Bdwk R24
0102_702_1Abbonizio, Nicholas2322 Murray Ave
0102_702_3Abbonizio, Steven2316 Murray Ave
0102_236_21Abbruscato, Frank J3807 Ventnor Ave
0102_171_1Abco Federal Credit Union2652 Atlantic Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2801Abdi, Wondwosen & Fetlework3101 Bdwk 2801-2
0102_384_22Abdul, Hakim239 N Nevada Ave
0102_278_1Abdulla, Israt2512 Arctic Ave
0102_622_5Abdullah, Marlina C.1819 Mckinley Ave
0102_312_2Abdullah, Patricia Sartor127 N Maryland Ave
0102_486_5Abdur-Raheem, Hassan & Turiya704 N Michigan Ave
0102_345_36Abedin, Shirin2815 Denny St
0102_651_9Abellard, Jean & Yolette, Benoit1935 Ontario Ave
0102_591_11Abiah Consulting And Trading Corp1029 Caspian Ave
0102_244_7Abokhars, Rida & Chun, Liu Sim4101 Winchester Ave
0102_229_11_C1201Abokhars, Rida Aka John27 N Annapolis A2
0102_196_8Abovedeck Development LLC4012 Ventnor Ave
0102_23_1_C1116Abramowitz, Avram,-Tr & Daniels, Di3501 Bdwk A116
0102_776_5Abrams, Glenn & Cannavo, Jacqueline544 N Elberon Ave
0102_23_1_C2221Abrams, Stuart3501 Bdwk B221
0102_210_1Abramson, Stuart & Marlyn1 S Plaza Pl
0102_192_3.01Abreu, Endry & Espinoza, Omar3825 Atlantic Ave
0102_200_4_C0204Abrigo, Anatolio A & Lourdes19 S Windsor B4
0102_660_1Absecon Boulevard Investments Inc1200 Absecon Blvd
0102_192_6_C0304Absin, Bernadeth Ma Lou3801 Atlantic C4
0102_607_18Abusada, Chafic725 Green St
0102_681_13Abusada, Chafic1407 Madison Ave
0102_337_18Abusada, Chafic116 N Mississippi Ave
0102_488_10Abusada, Marianela506 N Michigan Ave
0102_365_1_C0109Ac A3820 Trust351 N Harrisburg 3820a
0102_731_7Ac Acorn One LLC1628 N Michigan Ave
0102_365_1_C0209Ac B3820 Trust351 N Harrisburg 3820b
0102_187_4_C0503Ac Beaumont, LLC2 S Hartford E3
0102_576_1.14Ac Conference Newco LLCHuron Ave
0102_802_1Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_800_1Ac Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_799_95Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_93Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_94Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_56Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_54Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_53Ac Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_183_1Ac Equities LLC C/O Rite Aid Of Nj3218 Atlantic Ave
0102_779_31Ac Harrisburg, LLC633 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_201_28Ac High Life, LLC9 S Richmond Ave
0102_571_2Ac Holding CorpAtlantic Brig & Huron Ave
0102_73_1Ac Inlet LLC312 Oriental Ave
0102_404_2_C0212Ac Investment Group LLC1438 Mediterranean #c
0102_404_2_C0302Ac Investment Group LLC201 N New York #b
0102_279_55Ac Jersey L. L. C2421 Atlantic Ave Rr #b
0102_257_20Ac Jersey LLC25 N Albany Ave
0102_257_11Ac Jersey LLC8 N St Davids Pl
0102_200_7Ac Land & Properties35 S Windsor Ave
0102_551_1Ac Land Mass, LLC435 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_113_16Ac Living LLC5 Windjammer Ct
0102_417_7Ac Living LLC222 N New Jersey Ave
0102_765_1Ac Lodge 216 Of Moose % A J Angelo J3900 West End Ave
0102_80_35Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLCDewey Pl Rear
0102_80_30Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC114 Dewey Pl
0102_80_33Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC106 Dewey Pl
0102_80_32Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC110 Dewey Pl
0102_80_5Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC130 S Maine Ave
0102_80_6Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC105 Oriental Ave
0102_80_4Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC128 S Maine Ave
0102_80_27Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC120 Dewey Pl
0102_80_1Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC102 Dewey Pl
0102_80_2Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC124 S Maine Ave
0102_80_9Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC115 Oriental Ave
0102_80_3Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC126 S Maine Ave
0102_80_20Ac Main Stree Renaissance LLC111 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_236_23_P0022Ac Mansion LLC3817 Ventnor P22
0102_12_1_C0116Ac Mansion LLC101 S Raleigh 116
0102_12_1_C0421Ac Mansion LLC101 S Raleigh 421
0102_236_23_P0032Ac Mansion LLC3817 Ventnor P32
0102_236_23_C0600Ac Mansion LLC3817 Ventnor 600
0102_236_23_C0800Ac Mansion LLC3817 Ventnor 800a
0102_12_1_C0515Ac Mansion LLC101 S Raleigh 515
0102_12_1_C0415Ac Mansion LLC101 S Raleigh 415
0102_53_28Ac Market Jumbo Qozb LLC1400 Pacific Ave
0102_53_26Ac Market Jumbo Qozb LLC114 S Tennessee Ave
0102_53_27Ac Market Jumbo Qozb LLC112 S Tennessee Ave
0102_838_12_B01Ac Meadowlands, LLCMeadow Track
0102_838_17_B01Ac Meadowlands, LLCMeadow Track Front
0102_402_2Ac Nibur LLC1536 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_402_42Ac Nibur LLC219 N Kentucky Ave
0102_402_40Ac Nibur LLC215 N Kentucky Ave
0102_402_41Ac Nibur LLC217 N Kentucky Ave
0102_402_18Ac Nibur LLC1503 Harlem Terr
0102_402_39Ac Nibur LLC213 N Kentucky Ave
0102_402_36Ac Nibur LLC211 N Kentucky Ave #b
0102_402_35Ac Nibur LLC211 N Kentucky Ave
0102_402_11Ac Nibur LLC1518 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_402_17Ac Nibur LLC1505 Harlem Terr
0102_402_16Ac Nibur LLC1507 Harlem Terr
0102_402_15Ac Nibur LLC1509 Harlem Terr
0102_231_6Ac Norse, LLC3939 Ventnor Ave
0102_169_6Ac Planks 1976 LLC2609 Pacific Ave
0102_556_1Ac Property Holdings LLC626 N Connecticut Ave
0102_435_3Ac Property Solutions LLC812 Adriatic Ave
0102_171_2_C0307Ac Property, LLC2628 Atlantic 307
0102_35_42Ac Texas Ave Equities LLC116 S Texas Ave
0102_63_1_C2101Ac2101 LLC526 Pacific 2101
0102_105_1_C2703Acacio, Barbara18 Lighthouse Ct
0102_27_5_C0203Acciavatti, Mary Lou108 S Montpelier 203
0102_27_5_C0225Acciavatti, Marylou108 S Montpelier 225
0102_28_1.01_C0012Accu Properties LLC3101 Bdwk R12
0102_304_29Acdg LLC621 Atlantic Ave
0102_304_32Acdg LLC9 N New Jersey Ave
0102_304_31Acdg LLC1 N New Jersey Ave
0102_304_34Acdg LLC11 N New Jersey Ave
0102_304_30Acdg LLC629 Atlantic Ave
0102_304_29_B01Acdg LLC621 Atlantic Ave
0102_31_2_C0704Aceste, D. James & Aceste, Camille2721 Bdwk 704
0102_225_1Acevedo, Maria65 N Laclede Pl
0102_216_6Acharya, Ravi & Sidhu, Simran8 N Plaza Pl
0102_28_1.01_C2210Acker, Barbara3101 Bdwk 2210-1
0102_615_1Acnj Congregation Of Jehovah Witnes913 N Indiana Ave
0102_90.02_2Acosta, Marlene G.149 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1609Acosta, Robert, David & Frank3101 Bdwk 1609-1
0102_62_1Acowre LLC500 Boardwalk
0102_73_16Acowre LLCS Victoria Ave
0102_73_5Acowre LLC208 S Victoria Ave
0102_62_2Acowre LLC601 Boardwalk
0102_73_11Acowre LLC220 S Victoria Ave
0102_73_45Acowre LLC201 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_73_47Acowre LLC314 Oriental Ave
0102_73_40Acowre LLC211 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_73_46Acowre LLC316 Oriental Ave
0102_68_3.02Acowre LLC117 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_164_40Acquasanta, Gian C22 S Georgia Ave Rr #2
0102_164_41Acquasanta, Susan Y.22 S Georgia Ave Rr #1
0102_405_1Acth Partners, Lp1330 Mediterranean Ave
0102_538_9Ad 1103 LLC1103 Adriatic Ave
0102_431_4Ad 626 LLC626 Adriatic Ave
0102_526_6Ad White & Associates LLC1441 Caspian Ave
0102_105_1_C0701Adams, Brian J61 Anchorage Ct
0102_680_1Adams, Clara B1436 Penrose Ave
0102_680_19Adams, Clara B1838 Morningside Dr
0102_733_16Adams, Delores1625 Madison Ave
0102_611_5Adams, Diana700 Green St
0102_105_1_C1708Adams, Lesley14 Anchorage Ct
0102_607_1Adams, Michelle D.729 Green St
0102_607_15Adams, Michelle Denise719 Green St
0102_24_10_C0002Adams, Naomi J132 S Providence #2
0102_691_15Adams, Sr, Johnnie & Phyllis1535 N Missouri Ave
0102_278_12Addari, Lorenzo,-Jr30 N Florida Ave
0102_7_8_C0003Adelberg, Edna132 S Kingston #c
0102_10_6Aders, Robert & Tabitha130 S Delancy Pl
0102_10_7Aders, Robert & Tabitha136 S Delancy Pl
0102_28_1.01_C2115Adesman, Michael B & Weil Susan M3101 Bdwk 2115-1
0102_223_11Adika, And Zaken Inv LLC24 N Raleigh Ave
0102_105_1_C2104Adkins, Wendell55 Lighthouse Ct
0102_23_1_C2215Adler, Florence Sweet3501 Bdwk B215
0102_6_1_C1509Adler, Lee & Kovnat, Karel100 S Berkley 15j
0102_28_1.01_C2315Adler, Mark & Stavros, Joan3101 Bdwk 2315-1
0102_28_1.02_C2803Adlerstein, Irving & Audrey3101 Bdwk 2803-2
0102_187_4Admiral Condo C/O Wasser2 S Hartford Ave
0102_187_4_B01Admiral Condominium Association2 S Hartford Ave
0102_443.01_1.06Adolphine, L Roline341 N North Carolina Ave
0102_173_1_C2006Adriano, Fernando33 S Iowa B6
0102_78_14Adriatic Assoc223 S Seaside Ave
0102_78_15Adriatic Assoc221 S Seaside Ave
0102_78_16Adriatic Assoc219 S Seaside Ave
0102_435_1Adriatic Town Homes, LLC822 Adriatic Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1702Advisory Board Inc3101 Bdwk 1702a-1
0102_124_79Aed Oceanview Realty, LLC301 Atlantic Ave
0102_124_47Aed Oceanview Realty, LLC6 N Vermont Ave
0102_124_46Aed Oceanview Realty, LLC8 N Vermont Ave
0102_124_48Aed Oceanview Realty, LLC4 N Vermont Ave
0102_330_28Afc 08 Llp1827 Arctic Ave
0102_330_25Afc 08 Llp1817 Arctic Ave
0102_31_2_C1011Affannato, Patricia2721 Bdwk 1011
0102_381_83Afroze, Lipika219 N California Ave
0102_170_13Afzal, Nadeem2609 Monterey Ave
0102_375_24Afzal, Tasneem3015 Howard Ave
0102_85_1.04Agas, Patricio & Lydia29 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_303_41Agnl Laundry, LLC C/O Gordon Angelo14 N New Jersey Ave Rr C
0102_5_1_C0912Agresta, Pietro & Chiara101 S Plaza 912
0102_113_30Ags Enterprises LLC10 Galleon Ct
0102_208_1104Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic A4
0102_208_1105Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic A5
0102_208_1106Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic A6
0102_208_1101Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic A1
0102_60_3Ags Property Management LLC1100 Pacific Ave
0102_208_1119Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic C6
0102_208_1111Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic B4
0102_208_1110Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic B3
0102_208_1116Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic C3
0102_208_1112Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic B5
0102_208_1109Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic B2
0102_60_3_B01Ags Property Management LLC1100 Pacific Ave
0102_208_1108Ags Property Management LLC4501 Atlantic B1
0102_213_12Aguilar, Angelica4701 Theresa Pl
0102_31_2_C1605Aguilar, David2721 Bdwk 1605
0102_130_13Aguilar, Eulogio & Lota40 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_23_1_C2110Aguilar, Maria Bldg G-73501 Bdwk B110
0102_130_14Agular, Eulogio & Lota42 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_261_31Ahamed, Aiub35 N Boston Ave
0102_341_30Ahamed, Syed2505 Centennial Ave
0102_733_13Ahasan Realty LLC1615 Madison Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2609Ahluwalia Family Trust3101 Bdwk 2609-1
0102_28_1.02_C2605Ahluwalia Family Trust3101 Bdwk 2605-2
0102_28_1.01_C3001Ahluwalia, Jolly & Gurmeet(trust)3101 Bdwk 3001-1
0102_28_1.01_C3301Ahluwalia, Jolly & Gurmett (trust)3101 Bdwk 3301-1
0102_28_1.02_C1212Ahmad, Syed Nisar & Kishori N.3101 Bdwk 1212-2
0102_245_23Ahmed, Ashik129 N Richmond Ave
0102_478_9Ahmed, Bilal814 N Arkansas Ave
0102_105_1_C2604Ahmed, Linda Higginbotham25 Lighthouse Ct
0102_779_6Ahmed, Md Sujath638 Wisteria Rd
0102_384_56Ahmed, Mohammed2511 Fairmount Ave
0102_620_1Ahmed, Nisar914 N Indiana Ave
0102_171_2_C0306Ahmed, Nisar2628 Atlantic 306
0102_176_1_C0408Ahmed, Nisar2834 Atlantic 408
0102_279_32Ahmed, Rafique26 N Georgia Ave Rr #5
0102_341_32Ahmed, Rekha2509 Centennial Ave
0102_341_33Ahmed, Rekha2511 Centennial Ave
0102_155_3Ahmed, Saleh U1626 Atlantic Ave
0102_146_2Ahmed, Saleh Uddin1434 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_23_C1511Ahmed, Shamsun3817 Ventnor 1511
0102_123_8Ahmed, Sim & Sultana, Sirin38 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_790_16Ahmed, Sk428 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_469_1.03Ahmed, Sohail331 N Ohio Ave
0102_248_17Ahmed, Suhel Mohammed105 N Delancy Pl
0102_687_16Aht Enterprises LLC1517 N Arkansas Ave
0102_679_25Aht Enterprises LLC1529 N Ohio Ave
0102_684_23Aiken, Scott1421 N Michigan Ave
0102_609_2Aikens, Anthony Aikens, Juan1620 Marmora Ave
0102_31_2_C1002Aita, Renee2721 Bdwk 1002
0102_107_8Aitken, Neal31 Windjammer Ct
0102_236_23_C1512Aizenshtat, Yeshayau3817 Ventnor 1512
0102_337_4Ajm Properties, L. L. C.2300 Fairmount Ave
0102_337_6Ajm Properties, L. L. C.126 N Mississippi Ave
0102_659_1_B01Ajs Enterprises, LLC1500 Absecon Blvd
0102_677_5Ajs Enterprises, LLC1415 Penrose Ave
0102_780_20Akbar, Ali518 N Trenton Ave
0102_339_38_C4201Akeret Jr, Robert2437 Formica's Way
0102_171_7Akhter, Furzana2615 Monterey Ave
0102_381_15Akhter, Mariam218 N Texas Ave
0102_146_7Akhter, Masuda1414 Atlantic Ave
0102_360_1Akhter, Shamima & Gazi, Mohammed A369 N Annapolis Ave
0102_792_7Akhunzada, Noorul3801 Porter Ave
0102_443_27Akiva Investment LLCc336 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_477_1Akiva Investment, LLC1016 N Michigan Ave
0102_552_1.01Akiva Investments LLC810 Magellan Ave
0102_547_4Akiva Investments LLC620 Caspian Ave
0102_376_8.01Akiva Investments LLC2907 Sunset Ave
0102_435_15Akiva Investments LLC319 Absecon Blvd
0102_534_12Akiva Investments LLC410 N Ocean Ave
0102_307_15Akiva Investments, LLC509 Grammercy Pl
0102_309_10Akiva Investments, LLC621 Arctic Ave
0102_426_19Akiva Investments, LLC529 Drexel Ave
0102_402_12Akiva Investments, LLC1516 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_402_10Akiva Investments, LLC1520 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_401_33Akpan, Esther239 N Kentucky Ave
0102_401_1Akpan, Esther Okon249 N Kentucky Ave Rr
0102_401_34Akpan, Esther Okon241 N Kentucky Ave
0102_347_43Akram, Muhammad3019 Landmark Court
0102_339_29Aktar, Musammat134 N Georgia Ave
0102_339_7Aktar, Shalma4 Liberty Terr
0102_378_9Akter, Nargis & Ali, Shaikh S2817 Fairmount Ave
0102_116_29Akter, Nasrin423 Grammercy Pl
0102_383_42Akter, Nelufa253 N Texas Ave
0102_224_29Akter, Nilufa & Nakib, Shaimun21 N Raleigh Ave
0102_345_35Akter, Samima & Mustafz, Norul2817 Denny St
0102_365_1_C0203Akter, Yeasmin351 N Harrisburg 355b
0102_791_6Akther, Farzana450 Wisteria Rd
0102_232_2Akther, Nasima & Hossain, Zafar45 N Dover Ave
0102_342_56Akther, Rahena & Hakim, Tanzina109 N California Ave
0102_404_3.06Alam, Absaar204 N Tennessee Ave
0102_790_27Alam, Akm409 Warrena Rd
0102_770_8Alam, Akm & Jahanara621 N Annapolis Ave
0102_54_53Alam, Isfaqual118 S Ocean Ave
0102_345_26Alam, Mohammad2800 Carlton Ave
0102_664_13Alam, Mohammad J1215 N Ohio Ave
0102_279_11Alam, Mohammad J2406 Arctic Ave
0102_277_2Alam, Mohammed20 N Florida Ave
0102_339_22Alam, Mohammed D1 Liberty Terr
0102_339_8Alam, Mohammed D & Nipa, Israt Z6 Liberty Terr
0102_339_23Alam, Mohammed D & Nipa, Israt Z2406 Fairmount Ave
0102_339_25Alam, Mohammed D & Nipa, Israt Z2402 Fairmount Ave
0102_339_24Alam, Mohammed D & Nipa, Israt Z2404 Fairmount Ave
0102_338_2Alam, Nurnahar2324 Fairmount Ave
0102_275_39Alam, Nurul M31 N Texas Ave
0102_765_10Alam, S M715 Warrena Rd
0102_171_6Alam, Salma2611 Monterey Ave
0102_339_60Alam. Shafiqul2425 Arctic Ave
0102_504_6Alan Investments III LLC616 Hobart Ave
0102_176_1_C1101Alandy, Michael & Ubian, Maria2834 Atlantic 1101
0102_176_1_C1106Alandy, Michael R & Ubina, Maria Ji2834 Atlantic 1106
0102_243_6Alasha, Mohammed4001 Winchester Ave
0102_194_22Alasha, Mohammed23 S Elberon Ave
0102_6_1_C0607Albert, Lawrence & Arleen100 S Berkley 6g
0102_7_11_C0001Albert, Steven & Alexis4505 Boardwalk 1a
0102_780_7Albertson, Danene558 N Trenton Ave
0102_35_9Albion Associates, LLC111 Albion Pl
0102_187_4_C0301Albright, Roger & Linda2 S Hartford C1
0102_629_6Albright, Thomas1006 N Ohio Ave
0102_195_24Alcantara, Giovanni E9 S Dover Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0905Alcarez, Catherine3101 Bdwk 905-1
0102_336_24Alcaro, Dominic2243 Arctic Ave
0102_164_91Alessandrini, Camillo & Anna2428 Trenwith Terr
0102_27_5_C0224Alessandro, Jos & Josephine108 S Montpelier 224
0102_31_2_C0418Alexander, Sam2721 Bdwk 418
0102_171_2_C0103Alfa Solutions2628 Atlantic 103
0102_28_1.01_C2410Alfano, Josephine & Aviles, Evelyn3101 Bdwk 2410-1
0102_383_6Ali, Arif252 N Nevada Ave
0102_609_9Ali, Bythenia1605 Mckinley Ave
0102_208_9Ali, Jehangir & Rayshma47 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_383_7Ali, Md Zamat & Yesmin, Mst Farhana250 N Nevada Ave
0102_340_3Ali, Mohammed2506 Centennial Ave
0102_166_31Ali, Mohammed & Mina, Shadiba43 S Bellevue Ave
0102_230_5Ali, Mohammed Yusuf36 N Dover Ave
0102_589_21_C0817Ali, Moin655 Absecon 818
0102_254_14Ali, Monir & Alam, Md Jahangir4507 Winchester Ave
0102_279_38Ali, Shah S. & Narjis Khatoon Ali18 N Georgia Ave
0102_163_10Alili, Redzep2304 Atlantic Ave
0102_163_12Alili, Redzep10 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_9Alili, Redzep2310 Atlantic Ave
0102_245_21Aliyarukunju, Nizar & Resia123 N Richmond Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1705Alkiyal, Bilal & Michelle3101 Bdwk 1705-2
0102_23_1_C2122Alkurdi, Mohammad & Sabine3501 Bdwk B122
0102_790_9All Nations Fin LLC442 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_763_19All Nations Financial LLC703 Wisteria Rd
0102_196_7All Nations Financial LLC4014 Ventnor Ave
0102_50_31_C1004All Nations Financial LLC % Moin Ali1515 Bdwk 1004
0102_149_1All Pro Properties L. L. C.31 S Kentucky Ave
0102_149_2All Pro Properties, L. L. C.37 S Kentucky Ave
0102_149_23All Pro Properties, L. L. C.1537 Pacific Ave
0102_83_3All Star Liquor LLC128 Atlantic Ave
0102_83_4All Star Liquor LLC126 Atlantic Ave
0102_83_1All Star Liquor LLC132 Atlantic Ave
0102_467_16Allen Ame Churuch1717 Bishop Richard Allen
0102_27_5_C0204Allen, Bradford & Kathleen108 S Montpelier 204
0102_109_31Allen, Clayton & Ginna Alysse11 Barkentine Ct
0102_516_3Allen, Eugene L650 Green St
0102_700_6Allen, Eugene M Jr1626 N Arkansas Ave
0102_534_2Allen, Gilbert & Wilson, Barbara1314 Caspian Ave
0102_534_1Allen, Gilbert & Wilson, Barbara451 N Tennessee Ave
0102_680_6Allen, Gladys Leona1416 Penrose Ave
0102_699_21Allen, James1613 N Missouri Ave
0102_699_22Allen, James1615 N Missouri Ave
0102_31_2_C0922Allen, Michael & Kim Barnes2721 Bdwk 922
0102_63_1_C0801Allen, Samuel & Diane526 Pacific 801
0102_689_21Allen, Thomas1421 Beach Ave
0102_221_6Allen, Timothy33 N Bartram Ave
0102_386_6Alley2399 Sunset Ave
0102_339_3Alley2412 Fairmount Ave
0102_304_5Alley616 Arctic Ave
0102_377_2Alley2918 Sunset Ave
0102_416_7Alley723 Lexington Ave
0102_151_17AlleyOff New York
0102_260_26AlleyBoston To Odonnell
0102_75_2AlleySeaside Ave
0102_338_10Alley121 N Georgia Ave #a
0102_464_13Alley405 Robinson Ave
0102_316_22Alley102 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_504_15Alley609 Trinity Ave
0102_346_19Alley2906 Fairmount Ave
0102_54_4AlleyOcean And Tenn.
0102_122_30AlleyMassachusetts & Rhode Isl
0102_338_22Alley127 N Georgia Ave #a
0102_77_15AlleyNew Hampshire In
0102_671_5Alley1971 Horace Bryant Dr
0102_77_10AlleyNew Hampshire In
0102_149_5AlleyBelfield In
0102_338_26AlleyGeorgia And Blake
0102_384_44Alley2501 Fairmount Ave #a
0102_328_4Alley1710 Baltic Ave
0102_230_13AlleySussex To Norsex
0102_149_3AlleyBelfield Ave In
0102_251_8AlleyOff Sunset
0102_381_4Alley238 Texas Ave #a
0102_169_3AlleyTexas In
0102_626_8Alley715 N Ohio Ave #a
0102_384_53Alley2505 Fairmount Ave
0102_375_29Alley3008 Morris Ave
0102_337_22Alley114 Mississippi Ave #a
0102_375_20Alley3007 Howard St
0102_375_7Alley3004 Sunset Ave
0102_322_2Alley1426 Baltic Ave
0102_526_31AlleyTennessee And New York
0102_322_6Alley142 Bay St
0102_260_30AlleyCaptain Odonnell In
0102_339_26Alley2400 Fairmount Ave #a
0102_309_6Alley613 Arctic Ave #a
0102_262_5AlleySovereign And Boston
0102_377_12Alley2900 Sunset Ave #a
0102_137_4Alley Cad Associates1018 Atlantic Ave
0102_300_19Alley Cad Associates Lp21 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_611_7Allmond, Lannie M711 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_28_1.02_C2811Almanzor, Felix Jr. & Helen3101 Bdwk 2811-2
0102_630_7Almar Development LLC908 N Ohio Ave
0102_31_2_C0428Almario, Alejandro & Elsie2721 Bdwk 428
0102_31_2_C0520Almario, Alejandro F2721 Bdwk 520
0102_28_1.02_C1414Almazan, Florentino T & Sonia O3101 Bdwk 1414-2
0102_259_13_C0403Almeida, Linda A & Fortune, Jeffrey3501 Ventnor D3
0102_12_1_C0225Almonte, Elizabeth & Rivera, Joel101 S Raleigh 225
0102_225_6Aloi, Sharon M45 N Laclede Pl
0102_273_9Alom, Mohammed S & Mohammed M38 N California Ave
0102_17_2_C2112Alperin, Stuart & Marylee3851 Bdwk 2112
0102_31_2_C0620Alperstein, David & Fellenbaum, Tod2721 Bdwk 620
0102_6_1_C0905Alpert, Roman & Alpert, Zoya100 S Berkley 9e
0102_50_16Alpert, Roman & Zoya1539 Boardwalk
0102_35_43Alpha Mar, Inc118 S Texas Ave
0102_35_8Alpha Mar, Inc115 Albion Pl
0102_35_7Alpha Mar, Inc.2601 Boardwalk
0102_35_6Alpha Mar, Inc.2617 Boardwalk
0102_80_15Alpha Pa I LLC121 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_208_8Alpine NJ Lp43 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_364_27Alris Holdings LLC323 N Elberon Ave
0102_236_35_C0019Alshallah, Mohamed19 Chelsea Ct
0102_245_14Alshtein, Mark & Fania4133 Winchester Ave
0102_685_11Alston, Clifford & Barbara1401 Emerson Ave
0102_653_5Alston, Mary T1054 N Ohio Ave
0102_478_23Alston, Mary T817 Fisher Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2212Alterman, Stuart & Lauren3101 Bdwk 2212-2
0102_691_4Altomare, Justin1522 Beach Ave
0102_260_21Aluise, Joseph16 N Boston Ave
0102_203_6Aluise, Ralph & Mary Beth34 S Laclede Pl
0102_17_2_C1501Alulis, Paul & Gena3851 Bdwk 1501
0102_17_2_C2106Alulis, Paul & Gena3851 Bdwk 2106
0102_779_18.02Alva Management Group LLC3853 Filbert Ave
0102_522_5Alvarado Victor649 N New York Ave
0102_214_7Alvarado, Elvin32 N Newton Ave
0102_522_6Alvarado, Victor659 N New York Ave
0102_431_7Alvarado, Victor620 Adriatic Ave
0102_522_4Alvarado, Victor605 N New York Ave
0102_550_18Alvarado, Victor O423 N Connecticut Ave
0102_469_11Alvardo O Victor320 N Indiana Ave
0102_469_1.11Alvarenga, Ananias Melgar & Ana F An318 N Indiana Ave
0102_339_1Alvarez Rigoberto P/Eric O Alvarez2430 Fairmount Ave
0102_765_18Alvarez, Elvia704 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_778_11.01Alvarez, Eric & Patricia500 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_778_11.02Alvarez, Eric & Patricia3917 Filbert Ave
0102_765_17Alvarez, O. Eric708 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_355_2Alvarez, Rigoberto4316 Stewart Ave
0102_775_20Alvarez, Rigoberto & Rios, Andy511 Dover Ave
0102_775_2Alvarez, Rigoberto & Rios, Andy4016 Crossan Ave
0102_775_1Alvarez, Rigoberto & Rios, Andy4018 Crossan Ave
0102_775_3Alvarez, Rigoberto & Rios, Andy534 Harbor Rd
0102_769_13Alvarez, Rosalia604 N Dover Ave Rr
0102_769_10Alvarez, Rosalia604 N Dover Ave
0102_345_16Alvarez-Martinez; A, E Njuyen; H2809 Carlton Ave
0102_345_29Alvarez-Martinez; A, E Njuyen; H2812 Carlton Ave
0102_762_8Alverez, Rigoberto730 Augustine Rd
0102_342_14Alvi, Zakaria116 N Texas Ave Rr
0102_224_26Alzate, Gilma L & Velasquez, Etal3 N Raleigh Ave
0102_549_4Amado, Wallace & Molly500 Caspian Ave #a
0102_236_23_C1412Amaka-Maidoh, Afamefuna Daniel3817 Ventnor 1412
0102_105_1_C0906Amalfitano, Ellen81 Anchorage Ct
0102_28_1.02_C2608Amami, Mayra & Wall3101 Bdwk 2608-2
0102_409.02_1.04Amandy, Pyke Tierra, Etal1118 Mediterranean Ave
0102_171_2_C0202Amar, Eliana2628 Atlantic 202
0102_171_2_C0305Amar, Eliane2628 Atlantic 305
0102_31_2_C0510Amarnick, Joan S.2721 Bdwk 510
0102_679_4Amaro, Jannet & Inocencio1532 Penrose Ave
0102_12_1_C0734Ambrosini, Anthony & Mary101 S Raleigh 734
0102_265_5Amelia Associates3101 Atlantic Ave
0102_179_2Amelia Associates4 S Morris Ave
0102_179_3Amelia Associates8 S Morris Ave
0102_178_1Amelia Associates2922 Atlantic Ave
0102_289_14Amelia Associates1705-1717 Atlantic Ave
0102_304_27.02Amelia Associates601 Atlantic Ave
0102_304_28Amelia Associates617 Atlantic Ave
0102_289_1Amelia Associates % Days Inn1726 Arctic Ave
0102_678_15Amen, Mohamed I1513 Penrose Ave
0102_543_7America Dream Realty LLC813 Adriatic Ave
0102_667_3American Atlantic City LLC1200 N Michigan Ave
0102_430_7American Equity Funding Inc622 Drexel Ave
0102_840_1_T01American Tower CorporationMeadow Track
0102_31_2_C0006American World Porperies LLC2721 Bdwk M6
0102_139_19American, Equities LLC21 S North Carolina Ave
0102_139_12American, Equities LLC11 S North Carolina Ave
0102_139_20American, Equities LLC25 S North Carolina Ave
0102_139_24American, Equities LLC27 S North Carolina Ave
0102_491_6Amg 3 Plus LLC711 N Michigan Ave
0102_381_14Amin, Muhammad220 N Texas Ave
0102_635_5Amirco Group LLC1918 Mckinley Ave
0102_646_6Amirco Group LLC805 N Arkansas Ave
0102_654_6Amirico Group LLC1124 N Ohio Ave
0102_688_14Amjad Rehman Inc1405 N Arkansas Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2808Amk World LLC3101 Bdwk 2808-1
0102_694_13Ammour, Issa1500 W Riverside Dr
0102_36_33Amorates, Nicholas & Roseann2 Charles Ct
0102_176_1_C1115Amoroso, Diane2834 Atlantic 1115
0102_491_2An Land And Properties LLC719 N Michigan Ave
0102_491_3An Land And Properties LLC717 N Michigan Ave
0102_31_2_C1205Anama, Luzminda2721 Bdwk 1205
0102_24_9_C3203Anama, Luzminda3501 Bdwk C203
0102_449_5Anand, Jaidev1212 Belmont Terr
0102_449_6Anand, Jaidev1210 Belmont Terr
0102_342_27Anand, Jaidev106 N Texas Ave
0102_342_25Anand, Jaidev110 N Texas Ave
0102_342_24Anand, Jaidev112 N Texas Ave
0102_449_1Anand, Jaidev303 N South Carolina Ave
0102_449_2Anand, Jaidev1226 Belmont Terr
0102_450_9Anand, Jaidev1207 Belmont Terr
0102_449_4Anand, Jaidev1216 Belmont Terr
0102_449_3Anand, Jaidev1218 Belmont Terr
0102_452_27Anand, Jaidev & Raghbir1309 Drexel Ave
0102_351_1Anand, Jaidev & Raghbir128 N Hartford Ave
0102_73_22Anand, Jaidev S329 Hygeia Pl
0102_342_5Anand, Jaidev S124 N Texas Ave Rr
0102_122_11Anand, Jaidev S34 Taylor Ave
0102_765_14Anand, Jaidev S711 Warrena Rd
0102_342_6Anand, Jaidev S124 N Texas Ave
0102_342_7Anand, Jaidev S122 N Texas Ave
0102_342_23Anand, Jaidev S108 N Texas Ave Rr
0102_316_6Anand, Jaidev S.1108 Baltic Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0815Anapolsky, Jack & Tina3101 Bdwk 815-2
0102_207_15Andaloro, Charles & Marie55 S Kingston Ave
0102_434_27Andemariam, Solomon731 Drexel Ave
0102_464_10Andemariam, Solomon,/Shff1711 Bishop Richard Allen
0102_12_1_C0325Ander, Carol101 S Raleigh 325
0102_254_17Andersen, Donna & Terence Kelly113 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_404_2_C0311Anderson, Abdul & Octavia207 N New York #b
0102_684_7Anderson, Abdullah & Octavia1420 Madison Ave
0102_140_3Anderson, Abdullah & Octavia1208 Atlantic Ave
0102_85_1.09Anderson, Abdullah & Octavia19 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_645_2Anderson, Abdullah & Octavia2021 Magellan Ave
0102_431_25Anderson, Abdullah M & Octavia619 Drexel Ave
0102_684_8Anderson, Abdullah Sr & Octavia1418 Madison Ave
0102_404_2_C0201Anderson, Abdullah, & Octavia1432 Mediterranean #a
0102_28_1.02_C0701Anderson, Carol3101 Bdwk 701-2
0102_682_10Anderson, Cynthia1901 Morningside Dr
0102_372_7Anderson, Dorothy220 N Montpelier Ave
0102_653_11Anderson, Earl & Ida1042 N Ohio Ave
0102_19_3_C0304Anderson, John & Karen3801 Bdwk 101
0102_36_14Anderson, Leonard III Etal127 S Texas Ave
0102_213_10Anderson, Lois & Dahme, Patricia28 S Montgomery Ave
0102_654_19Anderson, Tarik1121 Monroe Ave
0102_701_7Anderson, Tarik2305 Kuehnle Ave
0102_116_23Anderson, Tobijah106 Houston Ave
0102_510_10Anderson, Tobijah603 N Indiana Ave Rr
0102_510_16Anderson, Tobijah615 N Indiana Ave Rr
0102_510_3Anderson, Tobijah1726 Lincoln Ave
0102_50_31_C2407Andreeva, Veselina Todorova1515 Bdwk 2407
0102_17_2_C1407Andrews, Waverly3851 Bdwk 1407
0102_791_17Andros, Teresa428 Wisteria Rd
0102_151_4Ang, Choi1534 Atlantic Ave
0102_223_16Ang, Choi4309 Ventnor Ave
0102_193_8Ang, Choi S.38 Trenton Terr
0102_63_1_C1104Angel, Carla526 Pacific 1104
0102_280_4Angela Issac Real Estate LLC2320 Arctic Ave
0102_15_6Angelo, Robert & Meryle Asaro135 S Ridgeway Ave
0102_279_13Angeloni's Inc.2402 Arctic Ave
0102_280_5Angeloni's Of Ac Inc2316 Arctic Ave
0102_280_63Angeloni's Of Ac Inc37 N Georgia Ave
0102_279_14Angelonis Of Atlantic City Inc2400 Arctic Ave
0102_173_21_C0403Anglefund Inc37 S Iowa Ave 4c
0102_230_27Angon, Sergio27 N Parker Ave
0102_782_1Annapolis Gardens Associates, LLC444 N Richmond Ave #a
0102_359_7Annaria LLC332 N Annapolis Ave
0102_364_15Annaria, LLC314 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_779_9Annaria, LLC632 Wisteria Rd
0102_12_1_C0506Anolik, Daniel & Gail101 S Raleigh 506
0102_19_3_C0316Ansaldo, Desire & Ansaldo, Micheal3801 Bdwk B5
0102_383_15Ansari, Aslam234 N Nevada Ave
0102_687_19Ansari, Kashif1523 N Arkansas Ave
0102_687_18Ansari, Kashif1523 N Arkansas Ave #a
0102_173_21_C0206Ansari, Kashif37 S Iowa Ave 2f
0102_764_3Ansari, Mohammad Younas723 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_193_12Ansum, Afshana43 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_830_5_B01Anter Assoc1095 N Albany Ave
0102_798_4Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_799_80Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_832_2Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_799_83Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_799_69Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_795_1Anter AssocMeadow Track
0102_830_5Anter Assoc.1095 N Albany Ave
0102_12_1_C0910Anthe, Marianne & Angeline, Linda101 S Raleigh 910
0102_31_2_C0317Anthony, Don: Anthony, Paola2721 Bdwk 317
0102_173_1_C5002Antonicello, Anthony33 S Iowa E2
0102_337_17Antonicello, Anthony120 N Mississippi Ave
0102_343_17Antonicello, Anthony116 N California Ave
0102_236_6Antonicello, Anthony62 N Trenton Ave
0102_236_7Antonicello, Anthony60 N Trenton Ave
0102_791_28Antonio, Candelaria C.419 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_726_12Anzum, Afshana1827 N Michigan Ave
0102_131_25Aponte, Rosa36 S Congress Ave
0102_12_1_C0602Apostolidis, Peter & Karen101 S Raleigh 602
0102_267_11Apostolopoulos, C Etux16 N Morris Ave
0102_267_10Apostolopoulos, Nicholas18 N Morris Ave
0102_145_5Apostolos, Basdekis & Sophia1326 Atlantic Ave
0102_6_1_C0407Appel, Joan C & Howley, Randi Ellyn100 S Berkley 4g
0102_31_2_C1615Appelbaum, Keith2721 Bdwk 1615
0102_279_59Aps 7 N Florida LLC7 N Florida Ave
0102_381_62Aps Real Estate LLC206 N Arizona Ave
0102_791_41Aps Real Estate LLC445 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_245_20Aps Real Estate LLC121 N Richmond Ave
0102_275_29Aps Real Estate LLC11 N Texas Ave
0102_278_14Aps Real Estate LLC26 N Florida Ave
0102_259_21Aps Real Estate LLC5 N Hartford Ave
0102_164_51Aps Real Estate LLC26 S Georgia Ave 1/2
0102_232_3Aps Real Estate LLC43 N Dover Ave
0102_767_10Aps Real Estate LLC624 N Elberon Ave
0102_12_1_C0728Aquino, Kenneth & Abraham, Thomas101 S Raleigh 728
0102_478_11Ar 810 LLC810 N Arkansas Ave
0102_480_2Ar701 LLC701 N Arkansas Ave
0102_195_15Arato, Antonino55 S Dover Ave
0102_628_2Arbieto, Salomon1027 N Ohio Ave
0102_402_7Arbieto, Salomon1526 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_264_1Arctic Properties LLC3114 Arctic Ave
0102_287_3Arctic Realty Co. LLC1801 Atlantic Ave
0102_27_5_C0420Arcuri, Mark G108 S Montpelier 420
0102_50_31_C2007Arguilla; Salvador, Aida (trust)1515 Bdwk 2007
0102_367_1Argus, Craig J.4016 South Blvd
0102_344_20Argus, Lester M.2727 Arctic Ave
0102_344_19Argus, Lester M.2725 Arctic Ave
0102_201_1Aria Atlantic LLC4116 Ventnor Ave
0102_260_39Arias, Olivia & Arias, Modesto17 N Providence Ave
0102_63_1_C1001Arico, Frances526 Pacific 1001
0102_498_5Arif, Manuella404 N Ohio Ave
0102_164_85Arif, Umer & Hossain, Mohammed25 S Florida Ave
0102_173_1_C4004Arif, Zaheer & Zaheer, Humaira33 S Iowa D4
0102_330_30Arik, Manuella105 N Ohio Ave
0102_28_1.01_C3406Arluck, David & Stebbins, Pamela3101 Bdwk 3406-1
0102_684_22Armirco Group LLC1417 N Michigan Ave
0102_201_7Armour, Leslie J,-3rd38 S Windsor Ave
0102_199_5Armour, Leslie,-3rd4019 Van Renseleer Ave
0102_105_1_C1801Armstrong, Florence And Fam Trust15 Anchorage Ct
0102_690_22Armstrong, Rodney & Donna & Adele1555 Beach Ave
0102_695_6Aro, Thomas W. & Misty M Aro1652 W Riverside Dr
0102_73_9Aronberg, David & Cohen, Jaime216 S Victoria Ave
0102_259_13_C0303Arratea, Maynee3501 Ventnor C3
0102_28_1.01_C2408Arrison, Laurie Paige3101 Bdwk 2408-1
0102_515_3Arroyo-Seymour, Sebastiana B620 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_257_22Arsenis Family Trust29 N Albany Ave
0102_164_9Arsenis Properties LLC9 S Florida Ave
0102_54_64Arsenis Properties LLC1322-1324 Pacific Ave
0102_145_4Arsenis Properties, LLC1328 Atlantic Ave
0102_54_1_B01Arsenis, M & G Etal1330 Pacific Ave
0102_144_9Arsenis, Marcel29 S Tennessee Ave
0102_11_13Arsensis, Marcel & Elizabeth4300 Atlantic Ave
0102_225_5Arshad, Mohammed47 N Laclede Pl
0102_63_1_C1805Artale, Sabrina & Milad, Carla526 Pacific 1805
0102_629_1Artis, Verna1902 Marmora Ave
0102_113_49Aruanno, Celia Darlene1 Sloop Ct
0102_78_20Arych, Marc211 S Seaside Ave
0102_464_5Asbury Methodist Church424 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_141_8Asbury United Methodist Church1211 Pacific Ave
0102_140_17Asbury United Methodist Church1207 Pacific Ave
0102_5_1_C1113Aschettino, Michael & Marie101 S Plaza 1113
0102_260_8Asha, Mohammad40 N Boston Ave
0102_694_8Ashbrook, Michael1440 W Riverside Dr
0102_688_11Ashe, Gena Lynn & Gena L1400 Emerson Ave
0102_384_20Ashidnoor, Talukder Muhammad & Talu241 N Nevada Ave
0102_519_6Ashley, Rosalind510 N Kentucky Ave
0102_248_4Ashrafi, Khawia & Habib, Ahsan116 N Raleigh Ave
0102_31_2_C1119Asis David M2721 Bdwk 1119
0102_31_2_C0707Asis, Alfredo2721 Bdwk 707
0102_28_1.01_C3123Assad, Nabil S3101 Bdwk 3103b-1
0102_206_9_C0102Astromskis, Tomas4401 Atlantic A2
0102_146_9Atallah, Inc.1408 Atlantic Ave
0102_514_14Atallah, Magdy509 Robinson Ave
0102_469_1.15Atallah, Magdy310 N Indiana Ave
0102_469_1.14Atallah, Mounir312 N Indiana Ave
0102_524_5Atallah, Mounir1541 Sewell Ave
0102_50_31_C2510Atantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2510
0102_264_9Atb Real Estate Ventures LLC18 N Chelsea Ave
0102_450_5Atcf Reo Holdings LLC1218 Drexel Ave
0102_680_13Atcf Reo Holdings LLC1407 N Ohio Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1823Atienza Properties And Holdings LLC3101 Bdwk 1803b-1
0102_694_10Atkinson, Michael1462 W Riverside Dr
0102_647_1Atl City Electric Co2025 Grant Ave
0102_592_1Atl City Preservation % Interstate924-941 Sewell Ave
0102_589_3Atl. City Preservation % Interstate732 N Maryland Ave #a
0102_540_1Atl. City Preservation % Interstate925 Caspian Ave
0102_593_1Atl. City Preservation % Interstate601-621 N Virginia Ave
0102_589_2Atl. City Preservation % Interstate818 N Maryland Ave #k
0102_602_1Atl. City Preservation % Interstate837 N New York Ave #a
0102_185_3Atlantic 3426 LLC3426 Atlantic Ave
0102_259_24Atlantic Area Guidance Center13 N Hartford Ave
0102_344_21Atlantic Argus LLC101 N Iowa Ave
0102_31_1Atlantic Ascot Et Al101 S Iowa Ave
0102_18_1_C0200Atlantic Avenue Urban Renewal Assoc3800 Atlantic C200
0102_324_1Atlantic Cape Community College1525 Arctic Ave
0102_324_2Atlantic Cape Community College1515 Arctic Ave
0102_323_4Atlantic Cape Community College124 N New York Ave
0102_323_3Atlantic Cape Community College126 N New York Ave
0102_323_2Atlantic Cape Community College128 N New York Ave
0102_97_2_T01Atlantic Cioty Ocean Terrace351 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_552_14Atlantic City 2035 LLC524 N Delaware Ave
0102_410_1Atlantic City Board Of Ed201 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_774_3Atlantic City Board Of Education4101 Filbert Ave
0102_328_1Atlantic City Board Of Education117 N Indiana Ave
0102_268_1Atlantic City Board Of Education30 N Brighton Ave
0102_369_1.01Atlantic City Board Of Education3501 Sunset Ave
0102_831_2Atlantic City Board Of Education1400 N Albany Ave
0102_370_1Atlantic City Board Of Education3401 Fairmount Ave
0102_226_1Atlantic City Board Of Education4115 Ventnor Ave
0102_349_1Atlantic City Board Of Education3223 Arctic Ave
0102_527_1Atlantic City Board Of Education411 N New York Ave
0102_114_2Atlantic City Board Of Education323 Madison Ave
0102_114_3Atlantic City Board Of Education301 Madison Ave
0102_340_1Atlantic City Board Of Education2523 Arctic Ave
0102_369_1Atlantic City Board Of Education3501 Sunset Ave
0102_831_1.01Atlantic City Board Of EducationGreat Island
0102_658_3Atlantic City Board Of Education1700 Marmora Ave
0102_370_1.01Atlantic City Board Of Education3411 Sunset Ave (piers)
0102_304_1Atlantic City Board Of Education23 N New Jersey Ave
0102_658_2Atlantic City Board Of Education1700 Marmora Ave
0102_350_4Atlantic City Day Nursery101 N Boston Ave #a
0102_310.01_7Atlantic City Dev'p LLC712 Baltic Ave
0102_301_64Atlantic City Developers, LLC925 Atlantic Ave
0102_186_9Atlantic City Development Corp10 S Providence Ave
0102_187_3_B01Atlantic City Development Corp3604 Atlantic Ave
0102_186_8Atlantic City Development Corp16 S Providence Ave
0102_187_3Atlantic City Development Corp3604 Atlantic Ave
0102_186_5Atlantic City Development Corp3532 Atlantic Ave
0102_186_6Atlantic City Development Corp3506 Atlantic Ave
0102_186_7Atlantic City Development Corp3504 Atlantic Ave
0102_21_1Atlantic City Development Corp3601 Boardwalk
0102_476_24Atlantic City Elec Co2124 Magellan Ave
0102_799_30Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_584_13Atlantic City Electric CoAbsecon Blvd
0102_801_1Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_68Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_9Atlantic City Electric CoSe Arkansas & Ontario
0102_795_2Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_808_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_795_6Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_22Atlantic City Electric Co2128 Magellan Ave
0102_819_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_824_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_472_1Atlantic City Electric CoBch Tho/Bacharach Blvd Ex
0102_476_6Atlantic City Electric CoNw Marmora & Arkansas
0102_476_7Atlantic City Electric CoArkansas Ave
0102_801_4Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_5Atlantic City Electric CoNw Marmora & Beach
0102_799_88Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_816_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_799_81Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_795_20Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_826_2Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_826_4Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_592_2Atlantic City Electric Co901 Sewell Ave
0102_799_70Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_50Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_799_78Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_18Atlantic City Electric CoArkansas Ave
0102_795_22Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_58Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_57Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_838_21Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_52Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_55Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_800_3Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_822_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_796_5Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_8Atlantic City Electric CoArkansas & Marmora
0102_476_19Atlantic City Electric Co912 N Arkansas Ave
0102_799_36Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_476_12Atlantic City Electric CoMarmora Ave Rr
0102_799_34Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_796_3Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_813_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_795_32Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_51Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_795_38Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_16Atlantic City Electric CoMckinley Ave
0102_476_23Atlantic City Electric Co2126 Magellan Ave
0102_476_20Atlantic City Electric Co2121 Bacharach Blvd
0102_795_10Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_795_14Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_11Atlantic City Electric CoMarmora Ave
0102_476_10Atlantic City Electric CoMarmora Ave
0102_795_19Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_476_17Atlantic City Electric CoN Arkansas Ave
0102_476_13Atlantic City Electric CoMarmora Ave Rr
0102_795_15Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_805_2Atlantic City Electric CoSalt Lake City
0102_795_48Atlantic City Electric CoMeadow Track
0102_799_31Atlantic City Electric Co.Meadow Track
0102_583_10Atlantic City Electric Co.1001 Absecon Blvd
0102_802_4Atlantic City Electric CompanySalt Lake City
0102_591_8Atlantic City Equities Urban LLC1001 Caspian Ave
0102_591_1Atlantic City Equities Urban LLC1000 Sewell Ave
0102_591_3Atlantic City Equities Urban LLC1004 Sewell Ave
0102_590_1Atlantic City Equities Urban Renew700 N Virginia Ave
0102_280_50Atlantic City Florist, LLC2327 Atlantic Ave
0102_310.03_4Atlantic City Housing Auth117 N Delaware Ave
0102_151_15Atlantic City Inv LLC Series 110 S New York Ave
0102_80_13Atlantic City Inv LLC Series 2123 Oriental Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1622Atlantic City Invest Part3101 Bdwk 1602b-1
0102_52_20Atlantic City Investments LLC247 S New York Ave
0102_303_78Atlantic City Linen Supply LLCVacated Burkard Terr
0102_303_28Atlantic City Linen Supply LLCBurkard Terr
0102_303_11Atlantic City Linen Supply LLC716 Arctic Ave
0102_303_12Atlantic City Linen Supply, LLC714 Arctic Ave
0102_303_1Atlantic City Linen Supply, LLC18 N New Jersey Ave
0102_303_77Atlantic City Linen Supply, LLCVacated Burkard Terr
0102_303_40Atlantic City Linen Supply, LLC4 N New Jersey Ave Rr
0102_765_4Atlantic City Loyal Order Of Moose731 Warrena Rd
0102_294_1Atlantic City Medical Center1401 Atlantic Ave
0102_158_3.02Atlantic City Medical Center1924 Atlantic Ave
0102_459_1Atlantic City Municipal Utilities1560 Drexel Ave
0102_541_1Atlantic City Municipal Utilities401 N Virginia Ave
0102_329_13Atlantic City Municipal Utilties Au1824 Baltic Ave
0102_97_2Atlantic City Ocean Terrace351 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_697_3Atlantic City Opera Theater1619 N Mississippi Ave
0102_184_1Atlantic City Opportunity LLC3320 Atlantic Ave
0102_79_11Atlantic City Property Investment143 Dewey Pl
0102_731_14Atlantic City Real Estate LLC1603 Emerson Ave
0102_342_19Atlantic City Rental LLC114 N Texas Ave Rr #a
0102_516_8Atlantic City Rental LLC651 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_516_7Atlantic City Rental LLC645 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_488_2Atlantic City Rescue Mission2009 Bacharach Blvd
0102_488_20Atlantic City Rescue Mission1926 Hummock Ave Rr
0102_488_21Atlantic City Rescue Mission1953 Bacharach Blvd
0102_488_1Atlantic City Rescue Mission511 N Arkansas Ave
0102_488_15Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Inc2007 Bacharach Blvd Rr
0102_488_18Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Inc1926 Hummock Ave
0102_60_1Atlantic City Sai, LLC1104 Pacific Ave
0102_381_3Atlantic City Sewerage Co240 N Texas Ave
0102_248_2Atlantic City Sewerage Co124 N Raleigh Ave
0102_839_2Atlantic City Sewerage CoMeadow Track
0102_741_1Atlantic City Sewerage Co1701 Absecon Blvd Rr
0102_381_3.01Atlantic City Sewerage Co240 N Texas Riparian
0102_831_6Atlantic City Sewerage CoAlbany Ave
0102_759_2Atlantic City Sewerage Co701 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_300_18Atlantic City Sewerage Co19 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_580_1Atlantic City Sewerage Co1401 Marina Blvd
0102_407_1Atlantic City Sewerage Company1209 Baltic Ave
0102_830_4Atlantic City Station LLC1125 Albany Ave
0102_830_4.01Atlantic City Station LLC1125 N Albany Ave Rr
0102_273_6Atlantic City True Value, LLC2702 Arctic Ave
0102_273_3Atlantic City True Value, LLC2708 Arctic Ave
0102_273_4Atlantic City True Value, LLC2706 Arctic Ave
0102_273_5Atlantic City True Value, LLC2706 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_273_7Atlantic City True Value, LLC2700 Arctic Ave
0102_682_21Atlantic City Venice Park LLC7525 Madison Ave
0102_682_4Atlantic City Venice Park LLC1550 N Ohio Ave
0102_297_2Atlantic County Improvement Auth1201 Bacharach Blvd
0102_38_3.02Atlantic County Improvement AuthAir Rights Mississippi Av
0102_38_3Atlantic County Improvement Auth2301 Boardwalk
0102_295_4Atlantic County Improvement Auth1333 Atlantic Ave
0102_396_6Atlantic County Improvement Auth267 N Ohio Ave
0102_716_1Atlantic County Improvement Author2006 Beach Ave
0102_38_3.01Atlantic County Improvement AuthoriAir Rights Boardwalk
0102_741_2Atlantic County Sewerage Authority1701 Absecon Blvd
0102_840_1Atlantic County Sewerage Authority1801 Absecon Blvd
0102_840_1.01Atlantic County Sewerage AuthorityBeach Thorofare
0102_828_1Atlantic County Sewerage AuthorityMeadow Track
0102_840_1.02Atlantic County Sewerage AuthorityBeach Thorofare
0102_739_1Atlantic County Sewerage Authority1601 Absecon Blvd
0102_741_4Atlantic County Utilities Authority1635 N Riverside Dr
0102_741_3Atlantic County Utilities AuthorityN Riverside Dr
0102_319_1Atlantic Gardens Lp % Odin Prop LLC1300 Baltic Ave
0102_318_1Atlantic Gardens Lp % Odin Prop LLC1201 Arctic Ave
0102_239_2Atlantic General Construction30 N Albany Ave
0102_239_1Atlantic General Construction Comp.36 N Albany Ave
0102_340_15Atlantic Home Management, LLC2511 Arctic Ave
0102_456_2Atlantic Human Resources Inc.328 Center St
0102_455_4Atlantic Human Resources Inc.328 N Tennessee Ave
0102_455_3Atlantic Human Resources Inc.330 N Tennessee Ave
0102_456_1Atlantic Human Resources, Inc.1410 Adriatic Ave
0102_455_2Atlantic Human Resources, Inc.332 N Tennessee Ave
0102_455_1Atlantic Human Resources, Inc.334 N Tennessee Ave
0102_366_4Atlantic Medical Real Estate, LLC302 N Albany Ave
0102_366_3Atlantic Medical Real Estate, LLC310 N Albany Ave
0102_259_7Atlantic Mental Health Center12 N Providence Ave
0102_126_4Atlantic Norse, LLC212 Atlantic Ave
0102_125_22Atlantic Norse, LLC225 Atlantic Ave
0102_126_3Atlantic Norse, LLC214 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_36_C0068Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC68 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0038Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC38 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0036Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC36 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0035Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC35 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0069Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC69 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0034Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC34 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0045Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC45 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0065Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC65 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_35_C0031Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC31 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0067Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC67 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_35_C0004Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC4 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0061Atlantic Northeast Holdings LLC61 Chelsea Ct
0102_236_36_C0057Atlantic Northesat Holdings LLC57 Chelsea Ct
0102_50_31_C3213Atlantic Palace Condo Assoc., Inc1515 Bdwk C11
0102_50_31_C0012Atlantic Palace Condo Assoc., Inc1515 Bdwk C12
0102_50_31Atlantic Palace Condominium Assoc1515 Boardwalk
0102_50_31_C1911Atlantic Palace Dev LLC1515 Bdwk 1911
0102_50_31_C0408Atlantic Palace Dev LLC1515 Bdwk 408
0102_50_31_C1201Atlantic Palace Dev LLC1515 Bdwk 1201
0102_50_31_C2311Atlantic Palace Develop LLC1515 Bdwk 2311
0102_50_31_C1901Atlantic Palace Develop LLC1515 Bdwk 1901
0102_50_31_C0608Atlantic Palace Developement LLC1515 Bdwk 608
0102_50_31_C1102Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 1102
0102_50_31_C2903Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 2903
0102_50_31_C0701Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 701
0102_50_31_C0502Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 502
0102_50_31_C0803Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 803
0102_50_31_C0404Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 404
0102_50_31_C2711Atlantic Palace Development1515 Bdwk 2711
0102_50_31_C2308Atlantic Palace Development L. L. C1515 Bdwk 2308
0102_50_31_C0509Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 509
0102_50_31_C2309Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2309
0102_50_31_C0702Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 702
0102_50_31_C1511Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1511
0102_50_31_C1905Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1905
0102_50_31_C2011Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2011
0102_50_31_C1602Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1602
0102_50_31_C1608Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1608
0102_50_31_C1508Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1508
0102_50_31_C3009Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 3011
0102_50_31_C2010Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2010
0102_50_31_C2901Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2901
0102_50_31_C0410Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 410
0102_50_31_C3103Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 3103
0102_50_31_C1604Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1604
0102_50_31_C0602Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 602
0102_50_31_C2905Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2905
0102_50_31_C1010Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1010
0102_50_31_C0808Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 808
0102_50_31_C2409Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2409
0102_50_31_C1801Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1801
0102_50_31_C2611Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 2611
0102_50_31_C1808Atlantic Palace Development LLC1515 Bdwk 1808
0102_50_31_C1411Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1411
0102_50_31_C0710Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 710
0102_50_31_C2408Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2408
0102_50_31_C1204Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1204
0102_50_31_C1207Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1207
0102_50_31_C1209Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1209
0102_50_31_C2610Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2610
0102_50_31_C1208Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1208
0102_50_31_C1410Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1410
0102_50_31_C1202Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1202
0102_50_31_C0801Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 801
0102_50_31_C0805Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 805
0102_50_31_C0804Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 804
0102_50_31_C1203Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1203
0102_50_31_C1805Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1805
0102_50_31_C1804Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1804
0102_50_31_C2405Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2405
0102_50_31_C0407Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 407
0102_50_31_C1807Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1807
0102_50_31_C2402Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2402
0102_50_31_C0405Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 405
0102_50_31_C0610Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 610
0102_50_31_C2104Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2104
0102_50_31_C0611Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 611
0102_50_31_C2401Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2401
0102_50_31_C1610Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1610
0102_50_31_C1611Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1611
0102_50_31_C1802Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1802
0102_50_31_C2106Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2106
0102_50_31_C0409Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 409
0102_50_31_C2404Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2404
0102_50_31_C2105Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2105
0102_50_31_C3006Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3008
0102_50_31_C1609Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1609
0102_50_31_C2808Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2808
0102_50_31_C2509Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2509
0102_50_31_C3001Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3001
0102_50_31_C1603Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1603
0102_50_31_C2501Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2501
0102_50_31_C2507Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2507
0102_50_31_C1505Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1505
0102_50_31_C1509Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1509
0102_50_31_C2504Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2504
0102_50_31_C2208Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2208
0102_50_31_C3008Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3010
0102_50_31_C2204Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2204
0102_50_31_C0711Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 711
0102_50_31_C0909Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 909
0102_50_31_C1011Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1011
0102_50_31_C2710Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2710
0102_50_31_C0904Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 904
0102_50_31_C3002Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3002
0102_50_31_C0902Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 902
0102_50_31_C0905Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 905
0102_50_31_C2505Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2505
0102_50_31_C0906Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 906
0102_50_31_C2310Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2310
0102_50_31_C1501Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1501
0102_50_31_C1910Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1910
0102_50_31_C3003Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3003
0102_50_31_C2503Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2503
0102_50_31_C2809Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2809
0102_50_31_C1504Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1504
0102_50_31_C2205Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2205
0102_50_31_C1701Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1701
0102_50_31_C1707Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1707
0102_50_31_C0510Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 510
0102_50_31_C0511Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 511
0102_50_31_C1709Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1709
0102_50_31_C1702Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1702
0102_50_31_C2304Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2304
0102_50_31_C2811Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2811
0102_50_31_C1902Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1902
0102_50_31_C2703Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2703
0102_50_31_C2708Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2708
0102_50_31_C2810Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2810
0102_50_31_C2210Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2210
0102_50_31_C1908Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1908
0102_50_31_C2705Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2705
0102_50_31_C2706Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2706
0102_50_31_C0706Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 706
0102_50_31_C2306Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2306
0102_50_31_C2003Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2003
0102_50_31_C0704Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 704
0102_50_31_C2301Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2301
0102_50_31_C2004Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2004
0102_50_31_C1904Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1904
0102_50_31_C2002Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2002
0102_50_31_C0505Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 505
0102_50_31_C0508Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 508
0102_50_31_C0507Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 507
0102_50_31_C0501Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 501
0102_50_31_C0503Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 503
0102_50_31_C1906Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1906
0102_50_31_C2511Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2511
0102_50_31_C1510Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1510
0102_50_31_C1909Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1909
0102_50_31_C2006Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2006
0102_50_31_C1405Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1405
0102_50_31_C0601Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 601
0102_50_31_C1007Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1007
0102_50_31_C1408Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1408
0102_50_31_C0603Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 603
0102_50_31_C0604Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 604
0102_50_31_C0605Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 605
0102_50_31_C1005Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1005
0102_50_31_C1002Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1002
0102_50_31_C2601Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2601
0102_50_31_C1404Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1404
0102_50_31_C2803Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2803
0102_50_31_C1006Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1006
0102_50_31_C2906Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2906
0102_50_31_C2602Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2602
0102_50_31_C2907Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2907
0102_50_31_C2605Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2605
0102_50_31_C2904Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2904
0102_50_31_C1407Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1407
0102_50_31_C2604Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2604
0102_50_31_C1605Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1605
0102_50_31_C1210Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1210
0102_50_31_C1402Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1402
0102_50_31_C1403Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1403
0102_50_31_C2908Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2908
0102_50_31_C3109Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3111
0102_50_31_C3106Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3108
0102_50_31_C0810Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 810
0102_50_31_C1009Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1009
0102_50_31_C2410Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2410
0102_50_31_C2411Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2411
0102_50_31_C2804Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2804
0102_50_31_C3102Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3102
0102_50_31_C0811Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 811
0102_50_31_C2111Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2111
0102_50_31_C0411Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 411
0102_50_31_C1106Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1106
0102_50_31_C1105Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1105
0102_50_31_C1104Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1104
0102_50_31_C1001Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1001
0102_50_31_C3108Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 3110
0102_50_31_C2802Atlantic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 2802
0102_50_31_C2902Atlantic Palace Developmetn LLC1515 Bdwk 2902
0102_50_31_C1401Atlantic Palace Develpoment, LLC1515 Bdwk 1401
0102_50_31_C2203Atlantic Palace Develpoment, LLC1515 Bdwk 2203
0102_50_31_C0802Atlantic Palace Develpoment, LLC1515 Bdwk 802
0102_50_31_C0506Atlantic Palace Develpoment, LLC1515 Bdwk 506
0102_50_31_C0707Atlantic Palace Develpoment, LLC1515 Bdwk 707
0102_50_31_C2211Atlantic Palace Dvelop, LLC1515 Bdwk 2211
0102_50_31_C2001Atlantic Palace Height, LLC1515 Bdwk 2001
0102_50_31_C2701Atlantic Palace Heights/Huang, Tony1515 Bdwk 2701
0102_268_11Atlantic Properties And Holdings Ll2 N Brighton Ave
0102_58_4Atlantic Sai Motel, LLC124 S North Carolina Ave
0102_58_6Atlantic Sai Motel, LLC136 S North Carolina Ave
0102_127_1Atlantic Square LLC328 Atlantic Ave
0102_710_1Atlantic Venice Park LLC1922 Beach Ave
0102_711_1Atlantic Venice Park LLC1917 N Columbia Ave
0102_709_1Atlantic Venice Park, LLC1926 N Arkansas Ave
0102_261_3Atlantic Voyage Inc26 N Sovereign Ave
0102_259_2Atlanticare Behavioral Health Inc3506 Winchester Ave
0102_171_2Atlantis Condominium C/O Thompson2628 Atlantic Ave
0102_790_23Atlas Management 440 N LLC414 N Harrisburg Ave #b
0102_790_29Atlas Management 440 N LLC413 Warrena Rd
0102_792_3_C0101Atlas Management 440 N LLC440 N Trenton 440a
0102_793_9Atlas Management 440 N LLC3717 Porter Ave
0102_50_31_C1803Atlatic Palace Development, LLC1515 Bdwk 1803
0102_501_2Atlf Properties, LLC1902 Magellan Ave
0102_501_1Atlf Properties, LLC1904 Magellan Ave
0102_124_78Atm Acquisition LLC31 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_123_7Atm Acquisition LLC40 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_167_31Atm Acquisition LLC15 S Texas Ave
0102_123_6Atm Acquisition LLC42 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_124_14Atm Acquisition LLC24 N Irving Ave
0102_124_40Atm Acquisition LLC36 N Vermont Ave
0102_124_7Atm Acquisition LLCGrammercy Pl Rr
0102_124_10Atm Acquisition LLC312 Grammercy Pl
0102_124_13Atm Acquisition LLC26 N Irving Ave
0102_124_12Atm Acquisition LLC28 N Irving Ave
0102_124_4Atm Acquisition LLCN Rhode Island Ave
0102_124_8Atm Acquisition LLC314 Grammercy Pl #a
0102_124_9Atm Acquisition LLC314 Grammercy Pl
0102_124_6Atm Acquisition LLC316 Grammercy Pl
0102_124_1Atm Acquisition LLC43 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_124_2Atm Acquisition LLC41 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_124_39Atm Acquisition LLC40 N Vermont Ave
0102_243_1802Atwater, Gregory A151 N Annapolis #2
0102_375_44Au, Chi & Cindy Thai3023 Fairmount Ave
0102_375_52Au, Lac Tam213 N Chelsea Ave
0102_176_1_C0201Au, S B & Chan, Fong Au2834 Atlantic 201
0102_279_8Auburn Terrace Rental LLC2409 Auburn Terr
0102_279_16.02Auburn Terrace Rentals2412 Auburn Terr
0102_279_21Auburn Terrace Rentals LLCAuburn Terr
0102_279_20Auburn Terrace Rentals LLC2400 Auburn Terr
0102_279_16.01Auburn Terrace Rentals LLC.2408 Auburn Terrace
0102_718_2Aucule, P & Irizarry, M2130 N Riverside Dr
0102_708_3Aulicino, Gregory1834 N Arkansas Ave
0102_707_6Aulicino, Gregory2131 Murray Ave
0102_729_2Aulicino, Gregory2031 Kuehnle Ave
0102_731_10Aulicino, Gregory1620 N Michigan Ave
0102_339_51Aulicino, Michael & Danielson, Chri2413 Arctic Ave
0102_708_2Aulicino, Pasquale2104 Hamilton Ave
0102_459_6Aultman, Dorris N.324 N New York Ave
0102_138_13Aum Ashta Vinayak, LLC % Modi1101 Pacific Ave
0102_54_24Aum Av LLC193 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_25Aum Av LLC195 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_40Aum Av, LLC138 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_41Aum Av, LLC136 S Ocean Ave Rr
0102_56_11Aum Av, LLC133 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_34Aum Av, LLC160 S Ocean Ave
0102_105_1_C2304Aurelio, Matthew44 Lighthouse Ct
0102_275_11Ausby, James2514 Arctic Ave
0102_685_17Austin, Elizabeth1421 Emerson Ave
0102_176_1_C1014Austin, Jerianne & Jeffrey2834 Atlantic 1014
0102_176_1_C1012Austin, Jerianne & Jeffrey S2834 Atlantic 1012
0102_19_3_C0330Aviad, Maida & Zvi (trustees)3801 Bdwk 305
0102_708_9Avila, Shiela1825 Beach Ave
0102_791_34Aviles, John431 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_212_12Avir One, LLC4705 Atlantic Ave
0102_237_1Awan Convenience St & Ahmad, Ashfaq3701 Ventnor Ave
0102_339_44Ayala, Margarita106 N Georgia Ave
0102_313_4Ayamamani, Juan A.908 Baltic Ave
0102_791_18Ayan Real Estate LLC426 Wisteria Rd
0102_167_16Ayan Real Estate LLC32 S Bellevue Ave
0102_365_12Ayler, Edna320 N Trenton Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0906Ayzenberg, G Trust3101 Bdwk 906-2
0102_505_1Azad, A K & Hussain, Nazma1830 Rev Jj Walters
0102_342_59Azad, Abul & Sakil, Kamrul111 N California Rr #a
0102_339_35Azad, Abul & Yesmin, Khaleda122 N Georgia Ave
0102_366_8Azcona, Enoe317 N Trenton Ave
0102_433_8Azel, Reuben714 Drexel Ave
0102_770_1_C0103Azer, Antoney674 Carolyn Terrace
0102_770_1_C0104Azer, Antoney & Chang, Yong Won676 Carolyn Terrace
0102_17_2_C1507Azvolinsky, Arvady & Valentina3851 Bdwk 1507
0102_316_13B & B Parking137 N Mansion Ave
0102_51_32B & B Parking156 S New York Ave
0102_316_11B & B Parking139 N Mansion Ave
0102_316_15B & B Parking135 N Mansion Ave
0102_317_1B & B Parking Inc133 N North Carolina Ave
0102_51_17B & B Parking Inc114 S New York Ave
0102_316_17B & B Parking Inc126 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_187_4_C0505B & B Parking Inc2 S Hartford E5
0102_316_18B & B Parking Inc120 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_187_4_C0501B & B Parking Inc2 S Hartford E1
0102_316_32B & B Parking Inc1121 Arctic Ave
0102_51_28B & B Parking Inc144 S New York Ave
0102_51_29B & B Parking Inc146 S New York Ave
0102_316_1B & B Parking Inc1118 Baltic Ave
0102_51_34B & B Parking, LLC149 Westminister Ave
0102_51_31B & B Parking, LLCS New York Ave
0102_51_30B & B Parking, LLC148 S New York Ave
0102_51_19B & B, Parking Inc120 S New York Ave
0102_560_9B & E Mass Ave LLC531 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2012B & M Real Estate Entpr C/O Kabo3101 Bdwk 2012-1
0102_291_18B & S Partners1601 Atlantic Ave
0102_210_9B M F Group L. L. C4601 Atlantic Ave
0102_17_2_C2701Bab Associates LLC3851 Bdwk Ph101
0102_28_1.01_C1423Babbin, Laurence A. & Laura3101 Bdwk 1403b-1
0102_469_1.12Bach, Linh & Son N Nguyen316 N Indiana Ave
0102_176_1_C0603Bachan, Ishwar & Jaskaran, Apriya2834 Atlantic 603
0102_50_31_C1008Bachen, Cynthia & Abary, Ramon & M1515 Bdwk 1008
0102_61.01_1_C3207Bachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific C207
0102_6_1_C2212Bachow, Terri Morse100 S Berkley Ph2m
0102_6_1_C0906Backal, Marvin Trustee100 S Berkley 9f
0102_186_13_C0112Badal, Michael & Badal, Carol J.3501 Pacific 59
0102_28_1.01_C2510Baer, Phillip & Ellen3101 Bdwk 2510-1
0102_28_1.02_C2502Bagell, Neal & Wendy3101 Bdwk 2502-2
0102_240_7Baginski; Slawomir Baginska; Malgorza65 N Trenton Ave
0102_12_1_C0618Baglivo, Steven101 S Raleigh 618
0102_31_2_C0622Bailer, Hal2721 Bdwk 622
0102_449_24Bailey, Alonzo1213 Mediterranean Ave
0102_555_1Bailey, Alonzo, & Cecelia644 Sewell Ave
0102_383_44Bailey, Barbara & Bucci, John257 N Texas Ave
0102_555_9Bailey, C & Ward, D & L & Overby, L512 N Connecticut Ave
0102_512_3Bailey, Claudette512 Robinson Ave
0102_613_1Bailey, Corey & Anita834 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_315_11.02Bailey, Dennis104 N Presbyterian Ave
0102_727_6Bailey, Dolores & Michael1801 Madison Ave
0102_493_1Bailey, Donald & Linda1931 Blaine Ave
0102_651_17Bailey, Ibin Nassir1149 N Michigan Ave
0102_655_19Bailey, Jean E1111 N Ohio Ave
0102_309_1_C0128Bailey, Margo G.614 Baltic Ave 28a
0102_553_16Bailey, Patricia A520 N New Jersey Ave
0102_553_15Bailey, Patricia A & Alonzo Bailey540 N New Jersey Ave
0102_314_1.04Bailey, Viana124 N Virginia Ave
0102_616_5Bailey, William H812 Robinson Ave
0102_402_20Bailey, William H212 N New York Ave
0102_6_1_C2008Baim, Edward & Segal, Barbara100 S Berkley 20h
0102_117_37.02Baker, Alfreda127 Houston Ave
0102_227_19Baker, Florence Trust % Hlmdd Llp45 N Windsor Ave
0102_24_1Baker, Kenneth & Camille121 Wilson Ave
0102_24_2Baker, Kenneth & Silverman, Rochelle123 Wilson Ave
0102_19_3_C0310Baker, Larry3801 Bdwk 107
0102_109_10Bakersville Investment Group LLC17 Clipper Ct
0102_113_28Bakersville Investment Group LLC18 Caravel Ct
0102_656_4.06Bakersville Investment Group LLC1802 Ontario Ave #a
0102_112_3Bakersville Investment Group LLC27 Schooner Ct
0102_656_4.04Bakersville Investment Group LLC1804 Ontario Ave #a
0102_176_1_C0714Baldachino, Wayne2834 Atlantic 714
0102_381_69Balderas, Jesus & Acevedo, Concepc2619 Fairmount Ave
0102_345_58Baldwin, Jessica108 N Iowa Ave #a
0102_12_1_C0923Balick, Lyssa & Brooke101 S Raleigh 923
0102_186_13_C0204Baliszewski, Krzysztof & Robert3501 Pacific 75
0102_589_21_C0706Baliszewski, Krzysztof & Robert655 Absecon 706
0102_683_19Ball, Steven1511 N Michigan Ave
0102_488_8Ballard, Pam & Ford, Laverne510 N Michigan Ave
0102_63_1_C2405Ballezzi, Enrico526 Pacific 2405
0102_45_1Bally's Atlantic City LLC1811 Boardwalk
0102_45_3Bally's Atlantic City LLC1901 Boardwalk
0102_45_5Bally's Atlantic City LLC1935 Boardwalk
0102_44_4Bally's Atlantic City LLC124 Park Place
0102_44_4.02Bally's Atlantic City LLCAir Rights Ohio Ave
0102_42_1Bally's Atlantic City LLC2000 Pacific Ave
0102_43_1Bally's Atlantic City LLC1900 Pacific Ave
0102_42_7Bally's Atlantic City LLCAir Rights Michigan Ave
0102_488_23Bally's Atlantic City LLC1920 Hummock Ave
0102_42_6Bally's Atlantic City LLCAir Rights Michigan Ave
0102_43_13Bally's Atlantic City LLCAir Rights Pop Lloyd Blvd
0102_42_1.03Bally's Park PlaceAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_44_4.01Bally's Park Place Realty CoAir Rights Park Pl
0102_42_1.02Bally's Park Place, IncAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0910Balmaseda, Philip & Ofelia B. Md.3101 Bdwk 910-1
0102_327_1_B01Baltic Ave Assoc C/O Interstate1700 Baltic Ave
0102_329_2Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC128 N Indiana Ave
0102_329_5Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC124 N Indiana Ave
0102_329_6Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC122 N Indiana Ave
0102_329_8Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC1811 Garfield Ave
0102_329_7Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC1809 Garfield Ave
0102_329_9Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC1813 Garfield Ave
0102_329_10Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC1815 Garfield Ave
0102_329_11Baltic Ave Realty Assoc LLC1810 Baltic Ave
0102_329_3Baltic Ave Realty Associates128 N Indiana Ave Rr
0102_405_16Baltic Properties Corp1325 Baltic Ave
0102_176_1_C0310Bamsal, Pardeep2834 Atlantic 310
0102_65_19Bandi Jfs LLC116 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_171_2_C0406Bandi Property Mgmt LLC2628 Atlantic 406
0102_171_2_C0405Bandi Property Mgmt LLC2628 Atlantic 405
0102_171_2_C0301Bandi Property Mgmt LLC2628 Atlantic 302
0102_105_1_C1303Bandi Property Mgmt LLC16 Sextant Dr
0102_171_2_C0206Bandi Property Mgmt LLC2628 Atlantic 206
0102_309_1_C0119Banfield, Glenn & Bessie136 N Connecticut Ave 19a
0102_380_15.02Bangladesh Assoc Of South Jersey2709 Fairmount Ave
0102_380_8Bangladesh Association South Jersey212 N California Ave
0102_135_1Bank Of America C/O Corp Estate918 Atlantic Ave
0102_656_8Bank Of Ny Mellon & Of Ny1801 Marmora Ave
0102_17_2_C1111Bank, Cory3851 Bdwk 1111
0102_17_2_C2412Bank, Richard & Francine3851 Bdwk 2412
0102_28_1.01_C3303Banka, Vidya & Reena3101 Bdwk 3303a-1
0102_780_2Bankers Trust Co Of Ca574 N Trenton Ave
0102_664_23Banks, James H1259 N Ohio Ave
0102_63_1_C1503Banks, Kemp526 Pacific 1503
0102_309_1_C0118Banks, Linda S.138 N Connecticut Ave 18b
0102_12_1_C0707Banks, Wanda & Martins, Everaldo101 S Raleigh 707
0102_457_1Bannett, Roger & Alma327 N New York Ave
0102_467_11Bannett, Roger & Alma412 Robinson Ave
0102_653_13Bannister, Stacy1038 N Ohio Ave
0102_229_11_C2206Bao, Quyen Ngoc27 N Annapolis B12
0102_31_2_C1619Bar, Ittai2721 Bdwk 1619
0102_105_1_C1004Barabin, Robert & Babara72 Anchorage Ct
0102_28_1.02_C1717Barag, Sylvia, Barton E., Michael H.3101 Bdwk 1717-2
0102_508_5Barahona, Lilia516 N Indiana Ave
0102_383_21Barakah Properties Usa Inc222 N Nevada Ave
0102_383_22Barakah Properties Usa Inc222 N Nevada Ave
0102_17_2_C1806Baranova, M & Camarre, M3851 Bdwk 1806
0102_5_1_C0506Barazani, Susan101 S Plaza 506
0102_217_9Barbara Rae Youtie Irrevocable Trus4 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_261_4Barbary, Samuel & Sherrill24 N Sovereign Ave
0102_339_9Barbere Jr, Michael & Theresa8 Liberty Terr
0102_339_19Barbere, Michael Etal7 Liberty Terr
0102_550_17Barbour, Suzanne & Barbour, Carleto421 N Connecticut Ave
0102_589_21_C0815Barcia, Margaret655 Absecon 816
0102_589_6Barclay Ac Renewal, LLC814 N Virginia Ave
0102_24_4Bard-Hairston, Lynelle127 Wilson Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0817Barenholtz, Mildred & Dori Fern3101 Bdwk 817-2
0102_5_1_C0503Barker, Eileen101 S Plaza 503
0102_254_1.01Barker, Eileen117 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_23_1_C2224Barker, Gerard & Kara3501 Bdwk B224
0102_417_9Barker, Gerard & Kara218 N New Jersey Ave
0102_19_3_C0325Barker, Gerard & Kara3801 Bdwk 216
0102_554_27Barksdale, Lloyd C & Carolyn515 N Delaware Ave
0102_554_26Barksdale, Lloyd C & Carolyn507 N Delaware Ave
0102_554_25Barksdale, Lloyd C & Carolyn501 N Delaware Ave
0102_35_13Barksdale, Thomas103 Albion Pl
0102_666_14Barksdale, Wanda & Johnson, Michael1233 N Michigan Ave
0102_31_2_C1402Barnes, James & Adriana2721 Bdwk 1402
0102_731_11Barnes, Jarrod1612 N Michigan Ave
0102_12_1_C0434Barnes, Pamela & Jablonski, David101 S Raleigh 434
0102_621_1Barnes, Robert,-Jr1812 Marmora Ave
0102_406_4.04Barnett, Lisa F201a N South Carolina Ave
0102_261_25Baron, Ronald I23 N Boston Ave
0102_280_61.02Barone-Kaukeano, Rosemary33 N Georgia Ave Rr
0102_63_1_C1007Barrasso, John & Michelle526 Pacific 1007
0102_341_49Barreda, Daniel2499 Tindaro Ct
0102_341_46Barreda, Daniel J2504 Tindaro Terr
0102_339_28Barreda, Paul136 N Georgia Ave
0102_636_4Barrera, Marlene & Arturo1913 Mckinley Ave
0102_247_1Barreto, Evelyn123 N Raleigh Ave
0102_36_76Barrett, Raymond & Barbara140 S Bellevue Ave
0102_339_4Barron, Charles2410 Fairmount Ave
0102_17_2_C1410Barron, John3851 Bdwk 1410
0102_221_3Barron, Kelly (etal)51 N Bartram Ave
0102_31_2_C1622Barry, Drew Thomas2721 Bdwk 1622
0102_28_1.02_C2315Barsky, Evan & Donna3101 Bdwk 2315-2
0102_28_1.02_C1905Barsky, Howard & Shirley3101 Bdwk 1905-2
0102_6_1_C2203Bartholomew, Lynne C100 S Berkley Ph2c
0102_8_4Bartram Estates Condominium Associa112 S Bartram Ave
0102_790_13Barua, Pulak434 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_346_24Barua, Pulak118 N Brighton Ave
0102_344_5Barua, Pulak130 Maxwell Ave
0102_31_2_C1503Baruiz, Benjamin & Ethel2721 Bdwk 1503
0102_341_35Basar, Abul Md2517 Centennial Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0901Basavanand, Nirmala3101 Bdwk 901-2
0102_339_38_C4202Basazinew, Yeshe2439 Formica's Way
0102_206_6Basdekis, Sophia & Apostolos41 S Bartram Ave
0102_343_11Basher, Kazi A & Akhter, Sayera196 N California Ave
0102_348_28Basile, Patricia A119 N Montpelier Ave
0102_449_29Basse, Alexander J & Lisa M1223 Mediterranean Ave
0102_559_17Bassett Holding Co.511 Caspian Ave
0102_443_28Bassett Holdings1115 Drexel Ave
0102_234_11Bassett Holdings55 N Dover Ave
0102_304_13Bassett Holdings30 N Connecticut Ave
0102_229_67Bate, John4031 Ann Dover Gdns
0102_426_16Bateman, Marie D501 Drexel Ave
0102_684_5Bates, Jannie M1424 Madison Ave
0102_136_21Batmanghelich, Mohammad Ali1009 Pacific Ave
0102_209_8Battaglia, Frank & Herron, Suzanne44 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_217_3Battaglia, Frank Anthony54 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_116_46Battaglia, Suzanne & Frank129 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_23_1_C2202Batterman, Jeffrey3501 Bdwk B202
0102_254_4Battisti, Rose & Frank Battisti Tru120 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_524_7Battle, Raymond & Joyce625 N Kentucky Ave
0102_649_7Battle, Raymond H & Joyce1100 Emerson Pl
0102_118_5.02Batts, Melinda & Savage, Clemie124 N Vermont Ave
0102_358_13Baudo, Donna Cohen4217 South Blvd
0102_6_1_C1713Bauer, Joanne100 S Berkley 17n
0102_12_1_C0715Bauer, Joanne101 S Raleigh 715
0102_620_8Baughman, Celeste900 N Indiana Ave
0102_63_1_C1506Baum, E Harris526 Pacific 1506
0102_19_3_C0313Baurkot, Camille3801 Bdwk B2
0102_219_6Baxter, William & Carmella37 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_243_1813Bay Colony A LLC151 N Annapolis #a
0102_243_17.01Bay Colony Condo % F A Barbera151 Annapolis Ave
0102_243_17Bay Colony Condominium Assoc151 N Annapolis Ave
0102_704_1Bay Park Condominium Assoc2304 Sheldon Ave
0102_705_2Bay Park Condominium Assoc2305 Sheldon Ave
0102_715_1Bay Park Condominium Assoc2005 W Riverside Dr
0102_713_1Bay Park Condominium Assoc1905 W Riverside Dr
0102_705_1Bay Park Condominium Assoc2304 Hamilton Ave
0102_63_1_C0405Bayer, Frank526 Pacific 405
0102_12_1_C0729Baylor, Philomena & Stephen101 S Raleigh 729
0102_12_1_C0730Baylor, Stephen, & Philomena101 S Raleigh 730-731
0102_186_13_C0117Bayoran, Marialuz3501 Pacific 64
0102_367_11Bayport Condominium Assoc3816 South Blvd
0102_367_11.01Bayport Condominium Assoc3816 South Blvd
0102_367_11.06Bayport Marina Condo3816 South Blvd Bd5
0102_432_7Bayshore Investment LLC727 Mediterranean Ave
0102_404_2_C0218Bayview Loan Serv LLC1442 Mediterranean #c
0102_762_1Bayview Realty, LLC673 N Trenton Ave
0102_119_3.01Bazigian, Louise110 N Vermont Ave
0102_339_72Bb Truong LLC121 N Florida Ave
0102_381_51Bb Truong LLC228 N Arizona Ave
0102_381_87Bb Truong LLC227 N California Ave
0102_381_89Bb Truong LLC231 N California Ave
0102_645_1Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC2021 Magellan Ave Rr
0102_301_9Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC902 Arctic Ave
0102_553_10Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC714 Magellan Ave
0102_645_4Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC2013 Magellan Ave
0102_463_8Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC411 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_402_6Bc Real Estate Ventures LLC1528 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_548_4Bc, Real Ventures LLC622 Wabash Ave
0102_229_11_C1106Bdb Properties LLC27 N Annapolis A12
0102_32_3Bdjm Assoc & Bw Assoc2700 Pacific Ave
0102_32_1Bdjm Assoc & Bw Assoc2710 Pacific Ave
0102_32_2Bdjm Assoc & Bw Assoc2704 Pacific Ave
0102_32_11Bdjm Assoc & Bw Assoc107 S Belmont Ave
0102_50_15Beach Property LLC1541 Boardwalk
0102_145_7Beach Theatre Assoc. C/0 Thompson R1314 Atlantic Ave
0102_715_1_C0201Beach Thorofare Limited Liability2005 W Riverside 2005-2
0102_50_31_C1506Beachcomber Resort Holdings LLC1515 Bdwk 1506
0102_61.01_2Beachgate Assoc Of Owners600 Pacific Ave
0102_61.01_1Beachgate Condominium Assoc600 Pacific Ave
0102_61.01_1_C4101Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D101
0102_61.01_1_C1105Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A105
0102_61.01_1_C4105Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D105
0102_61.01_1_C4106Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D106
0102_61.01_1_C1201Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A201
0102_61.01_1_C4207Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D207
0102_61.01_1_C3105Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific C105
0102_61.01_1_C4204Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D204
0102_61.01_1_C4205Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D205
0102_61.01_1_C3108Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific C108
0102_61.01_1_C4208Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific D208
0102_61.01_1_C1207Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A207
0102_61.01_1_C1101Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A101
0102_61.01_1_C1102Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A102
0102_61.01_1_C1107Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A107
0102_61.01_1_C2104Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific B104
0102_61.01_1_C1104Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific A104
0102_61.01_1_C2208Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific B208
0102_61.01_1_C2202Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific B202
0102_61.01_1_C2206Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific B206
0102_61.01_1_C5208Beachgate Homes, L. L. C.600 Pacific E208
0102_61.01_1_C3107Beachgate Homes, LLC600 Pacific C107
0102_61_27Beachview Ac % Tower Investments160 S New Jersey Ave
0102_61_28Beachview Ac % Tower Investments170 S New Jersey Ave
0102_17_6Beachview Lp106 Lincoln Pl
0102_17_1Beachview Lp3850 Atlantic Ave
0102_431_22Beard, Marjorie A.613 Drexel Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1206Becerra, John J & Candice3101 Bdwk 1206-1
0102_358_7Beck, Edw & Geraldine308 N Annapolis Ave
0102_717_1Beck, Nichol2207 Senate Ave
0102_611_3Beck, Robert Lee716 Green St
0102_17_2_C2311Becker, Dennis & Marcia3851 Bdwk 2311
0102_85_1.14Becktel Brothers LLC9 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_560_1Becktel, Frank827 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_85_1.15Becktel, Frank7 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_339_57Bedys Capital 2 LLC2423 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_339_59Bedys Capital 2 LLC2423 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_28_1.01_C1204Bedys Capital LLC3101 Bdwk 1204-1
0102_35_35Bedys Capital LLC106 S Texas Ave #a
0102_35_36Bedys Capital LLC106 S Texas Ave #b
0102_339_63Bedys Capital LLC103 N Florida Ave
0102_77_35Bedys Capital LLC117 S Seaside Ave
0102_12_1_C0520Bee, Mark101 S Raleigh 520
0102_28_1.02_C1406Beehler, John Robert3101 Bdwk 1406-2
0102_455_5Begum, Afrose A326 N Tennessee Ave
0102_791_30Begum, Afsana423 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_365_15Begum, Fardus3815 South Blvd
0102_56_12Begum, Ferdaus A135 S Ocean Ave
0102_166_8Begum, Hosne Ara4 S Florida Ave
0102_230_11Begum, Khodeja & Kabir, Faisal18 N Dover Ave
0102_171_4Begum, Lipi & Subhan, Abdul14 S Spray Ave
0102_381_68Begum, Majeda2617 Fairmount Ave
0102_374_35Begum, Matoara209 N Montpelier Ave
0102_365_17Begum, Nazma3821 South Blvd
0102_365_16Begum, Nazma3817 South Blvd
0102_341_7Begum, Rina1 Fairmount Terr
0102_316_26Begum, Salma1107 Arctic Ave
0102_279_76Begum, Seema35 N Florida Ave
0102_762_22Begum, Shaheda601 N Trenton Ave
0102_167_10Begum, Shameem20 S Bellevue Ave
0102_383_41Begum, Shameem Ara251 N Texas Ave
0102_381_47Begum, Sharifa235 N Arizona Ave
0102_342_54Begum, Sultana107 N California Rr
0102_225_11Begum, Taslima A.21 N Laclede Pl
0102_176_1_C0104Begum, Ummia2834 Atlantic 104
0102_28_1.01_C0806Behler, Richard A,-Jr3101 Bdwk 806-1
0102_6_1_C1903Behrmann, Neil100 S Berkley 19c
0102_63_1_C0302Bejan, Anca526 Pacific 302
0102_217_2Bekoff, Malcolm & Suzanne4600 Winchester Ave
0102_28_1.01_C3201Belete, G Senayitg3101 Bdwk 3201-1
0102_28_1.01_C3207Belete, Senayit & Jacob Levin3101 Bdwk 3207-1
0102_28_1.01_C2923Belete, Senayit & Levin, Jacob3101 Bdwk 2903b-1
0102_149_11Belfer, Larry1508 Belfield Ave
0102_166_17Belfer, Larry24 S Florida Ave
0102_166_21Belfer, Larry32 S Florida Ave
0102_166_29Belfer, Larry E.55 S Bellevue Ave
0102_166_30Belfer, Larry E.53 S Bellevue Ave
0102_24_9_C3104Belfus, Isaac3501 Bdwk C104
0102_709_3Belgrave, Timothyj2115 Hamilton Ave
0102_681_11Bell Atlantic-NJ C/O Duff & Phelps1401 Madison Ave
0102_726_5Bell, Barbara1814 Madison Ave
0102_105_1_C0103Bell, Gloria J.23 Anchorage Ct
0102_685_1.02Bell, Louis Sidney1428 N Michigan Ave
0102_683_7.02Bell, Loukeeler1518 Madison Ave
0102_6_1_C0704Bell, Rose F100 S Berkley 7d
0102_63_1Bella Condominium Association Inc526 Pacific Ave
0102_267_21Bellapigna, Luciano & Serafina19 N Chelsea Ave
0102_267_19Bellapigna, Luciano & Serafina15 N Chelsea Ave
0102_31_2_C0614Belletieri; Anthony Foti; Gina2721 Bdwk 614
0102_36_68Bellevue Ave LLC % Frankel122 S Bellevue Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1105Bellitta, Diane & Kauffan, Lisa3101 Bdwk 1105-1
0102_518_6Bello Villa, Edith A519 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_316_7Beltran, Felix142 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0922Benavides, Rudolph & Margie3101 Bdwk 902b-1
0102_28_1.02_C1011Bender, Janet3101 Bdwk 1011-2
0102_12_1_C0409Benedict, Bruce & Benedict, Jill101 S Raleigh 409
0102_174_1Benetton Holdings LLC2722 Atlantic Ave
0102_174_1_T01Benetton Holdings LLC2722 Atlantic Ave
0102_176_1_C0504Benitez, Sonia2834 Atlantic 504
0102_17_2_C2211Benjamin, Charles & Sharon3851 Bdwk 2211
0102_63_1_C1402Benn, Harvey & Iris526 Pacific 1402
0102_63_1_C1401Benn, Harvey & Iris526 Pacific 1401
0102_6_1_C2208Benn, Paul100 S Berkley Ph2h
0102_554_3Bennett, Eleanor732 Sewell Ave
0102_431_17Bennett, Michael & Bennett, Gina348 N Connecticut Ave
0102_365_9Bennis, Anne Marie & Hartman, Willi332 N Trenton Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2307Benson, Patricia3101 Bdwk 2307-1
0102_465_7Bentley, Harold Jr300 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_309_1_C0144Bentley, Jane E.129 N New Jersey Ave 44c
0102_780_4Bentz, William M & Robert M568 N Trenton Ave
0102_779_27Bentz, William M & Robert M629 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_777_1Berardis, Nicholas3910 Crossan Ave
0102_209_3Berenato, Dominick & Denise4 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_28_1.01_C1905Berenshtein, Leonid & Elena3101 Bdwk 1905-1
0102_28_1.01_C2109Berezein, Michael & Amy3101 Bdwk 2109-1
0102_28_1.01_C2011Berezein, Michael & Berezein, Amy3101 Bdwk 2011-1
0102_12_1_C0726Berg, Sandra Ann101 S Raleigh 726
0102_56_18Bergen; William Ingram; Mary Et Al151 S Ocean Ave
0102_63_1_C2307Berger, David & Lisa526 Pacific 2307
0102_28_1.01_C0701Berger, Kenneth & Renee3101 Bdwk 701-1
0102_109_32Berger, Neil & Caren L9 Barkentine Ct
0102_6_1_C0710Bergman, Barnett & Sherbekow, Renee100 S Berkley 7k
0102_28_1.02_C1612Bergman, Dale & Marlene3101 Bdwk 1612-2
0102_73_41Bergman, Ira Etal C/O Emanuel Levin209 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_176_1_C0615Bergonio, Aida & Karen2834 Atlantic 615
0102_63_1_C1707Bergonio, Karen & Aro, Gerard526 Pacific 1707
0102_31_2_C1616Bergonio, Karen & Aro, Gerard2721 Bdwk 1616
0102_31_2_C1511Berk, Jessica2721 Bdwk 1511
0102_7_17Berkley Condominium Assoc107 S Berkley Sq
0102_7_16Berkley Condominium Assoc115 S Berkley Sq
0102_7_1Berkley Condominium Assoc101 S Berkley Sq
0102_6_1Berkley Condominium Association100 S Berkley Sq
0102_6_1_C2102Berkley Square 21b LLC100 S Berkley 21b
0102_173_1_C1005Berkman, Claire33 S Iowa A5
0102_28_1.01_C3402Berkowitz, Andrew3101 Bdwk 3402-1
0102_4_3Berkowitz, Deanne & Daniel H114 S Plaza Pl
0102_5_1_C0306Berkowitz, Edwin & Lynne A101 S Plaza 306
0102_5_1_C0305Berkowitz, Edwin & Lynne A.101 S Plaza 305
0102_589_21_C0610Berkowitz, Ira S655 Absecon 610
0102_17_2_C0911Berkowitz, Maier3851 Bdwk 911
0102_6_1_C1201Berlin, Lawrence & Barbara S100 S Berkley 12a
0102_6_1_C0807Berlin, Michael & Dalit100 S Berkley 8g
0102_17_2_C2305Berlino, William & Susan3851 Bdwk 2305
0102_176_1_C0312Berman Md, Arnold2834 Atlantic 312
0102_239_4Berman, A & C C/O Midas Realty Corp26 N Albany Ave
0102_6_1_C0402Berman, Arnold100 S Berkley 4b
0102_243_1808Berman, Arnold151 N Annapolis #8
0102_12_1_C0209Berman, Arnold101 S Raleigh 209
0102_244_10Berman, Arnold T.109 N Windsor Ave
0102_239_5Berman, Charlotte-Trustee24 N Albany Ave
0102_14_4Berman, James & James, John & Etal128 S Ridgeway Ave
0102_268_13Berman, Myron C/O Shelly Berman9 N Morris Ave
0102_63_1_C1201Bernabeo, Anthony & Patricia526 Pacific 1201
0102_674_1.02Bernard, Floyd T1339 Penrose Ave
0102_236_23_P0035Bernardez, Juliet3817 Ventnor P35
0102_187_4_C0206Bernardini, Alfred Jr2 S Hartford B6
0102_28_1.02_C2806Bernstein, Joshua3101 Bdwk 2806-2
0102_28_1.01_C1710Bernstein; Ellen Parks; B Polonsky; N3101 Bdwk 1710-1
0102_138_1Beron Jewish Older Adult Services1102 Atlantic Ave
0102_253_7Berrio, Brian & Tharpe, Cara4421 Winchester Ave
0102_631_2.03Berrios, Oscar812 N Ohio Ave
0102_339_14Berroa, Ada120 N Georgia Ave Rr #b
0102_311_7.01Berroa, Adrianna100 Chesapeake Bay Ct
0102_365_1_C0205Berroa, Albertina351 N Harrisburg 359b
0102_377_3Berry, David Sm & Belamarich, Dawn2916 Sunset Ave
0102_24_9_C3105Bess, Ronald3501 Bdwk C105
0102_23_1_C2111Bess, Ronald D3501 Bdwk B111
0102_63_1_C2403Best Choice Holdings LLC526 Pacific 2403
0102_61_8Best Of Life Partners LLC129 S Virginia Ave
0102_535_2.01Best Partnership405 N Ocean Ave
0102_535_2.02Best Partnership1301 Adriatic Ave
0102_236_23_C0001Best Property Inv LLC3817 Ventnor C1
0102_678_20_C0101Best, Kelli1525 Penrose Ave
0102_679_9Best, Kelli & Lewis, Gwendolyn1502 Penrose Ave
0102_459_3Best, Marketa1530 Drexel Ave
0102_7_8_C0002Betesh, Roger & Phyllis132 S Kingston #b
0102_65_1Beth Jacob Congregation Inc506 Pacific Ave
0102_65_2Beth Jacob Congregation, Inc111 S Congress Ave
0102_109_8Bethea, Lorenzo21 Clipper Ct
0102_617_5Bethea, Raymond & Terri Bethea711 N Indiana Ave #b
0102_651_8Bethea, Tracey F1110 Monroe Ave
0102_310.02_4Bethel Baptist Church Inc116 N New Jersey Ave
0102_404_2_C0123Bethel, Anthony1430 Mediterranean #b
0102_799_5Betty, Simon Tr LLCMeadow Track
0102_346_16Bey, Kasine R & Diane Bey2912 Fairmount Ave
0102_513_5Bey, Keisha1716 Logan Ave
0102_452_26Bey, Keisha1307 Drexel Ave
0102_17_2_C2210Bezzubov, Irina & Valentin3851 Bdwk 2210
0102_219_3Bgw, Holdings LLC53 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_176_1_C0704Bhargava, Kuldip & Asha2834 Atlantic 704
0102_200_3Bhatt, Shanker A. & Shyama S.15 S Windsor Ave
0102_223_6Bhavsar, P & K48 N Raleigh Ave
0102_589_21_C0216Bhoag, Brijmohan655 Absecon 217
0102_589_21_C0816Bhoag, Brijmohan655 Absecon 817
0102_589_21_C0713Bhoag, Brijmohan655 Absecon 714
0102_589_21_C0809Bhoag, Rick & Bhoag, Brijmohan655 Absecon 809
0102_338_13Bhowmik, Anjana R & Begum, Mostary119 N Georgia Ave Rr
0102_263_29Bhowmik, Kazal R. & Hirak B. Routh19 N Sovereign Ave
0102_271_16Bhowmik, Kazal R. & Routh, Hirak B.10 N Iowa Ave
0102_259_6Bhowmik, Santosh & Bithika Roy14 N Providence Ave
0102_345_67Bhowmik, Santosh S2821 Arctic Ave
0102_80_22Bhowmik, Santosh S & Bithika S Roy130 Dewey Pl
0102_80_23Bhowmik, Santosh S & Bithika S Roy128 Dewey Pl
0102_345_69Bhowmik, Santosh S & Roy, Bithika A2825 Arctic Ave
0102_381_38Bhowmik, Uttam217 N Arizona Ave
0102_277_13Bhowmik, Uttam27 N Bellevue Ave
0102_229_60Bhuiyan, Abu Sufian4038 Ann Dover Gdns
0102_205_8Bhuiyan, Emdad & Chowdhury, Sabiha42 S Delancy Pl
0102_383_9Bhuiyan, Imtiaz246 N Nevada Ave
0102_374_17Bhuiyan, Jahangir & Shahadat212 N Chelsea Ave
0102_272_8Bhuiyan, Mohammed2714 Arctic Ave
0102_229_68Bhuiyan, Mohammed4037 Ann Dover Gdns
0102_278_21Bhuiyan, Mohammed Ullah49 N Bellevue Ave
0102_166_36Bhuyan, Mohammed & Begum, Jahan29 S Bellevue Ave
0102_176_1_C0507Bi, Xiao Ming, Ling, Hua, Shuang Ying2834 Atlantic 507
0102_236_35_C0007Bianco, Francis & Mary Jo7 Chelsea Ct
0102_173_21_C0402Biarritz 4b LLC37 S Iowa Ave 4b
0102_173_21Biarritz Condominium Association37 S Iowa Ave
0102_17_2_C2012Biasa, LLC3851 Bdwk 2012
0102_686_3Bibby, Gwendolyn C & Cortez Martin1542 N Michigan Ave
0102_643_21Biddle, June N903 Emerson Ave
0102_12_1_C0616Biebel, Maria101 S Raleigh 616
0102_261_19Biebel, Thomas & Maria11 N Boston Ave
0102_31_2_C1415Bieber, Donald & Betty2721 Bdwk 1415
0102_73_12Bielous, David222 S Victoria Ave
0102_6_1_C2012Bienenfeld, Jack,-Tr & Michael,-Tr100 S Berkley 20m
0102_644_1Biggins, Gwendolyn2026 Grant Ave
0102_720_11Bill Averys Quality Bay Clams, LLC2013 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_10Bill Averys Quality Bay Clams, LLC2009 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_9Bill Averys Quality Bay Clams, LLC2005 N Riverside Dr
0102_689_17Bingue, Ida1411 Beach Ave
0102_63_1_C1405Bird, Amy526 Pacific 1405
0102_23_1_C1100Birney, Cynthia & Ceyan3501 Bdwk A100
0102_459_13Bishop, Christopher M.301 N Kentucky Ave
0102_545_1Bishop, Clarence & Sonella451 N Delaware Ave
0102_173_21_C0507Bishop, Dorsara & Shareesah37 S Iowa Ave 5g
0102_443_19Bishop, Emma L.352 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_359_2Biswas, Sanjoy & Basak, Jumu4214 Porter Ave
0102_12_1_C0926Bittner; Shaun, Pamela, Breann101 S Raleigh 926
0102_602_4Biz Capital LLC704 James St
0102_75_3Biz Capital LLC102 S Seaside Ave
0102_74_46Biz Capital LLC304 Oriental Ave
0102_301_10Biz Capital, LLC900 Arctic Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1915Bjmbs Atlantic City LLC3101 Bdwk 1915-1
0102_31_2_C1221Bjorklund, John2721 Bdwk 1221
0102_493_6Bl 1921 LLC1921 Blaine Ave
0102_484_3Bl 2015 LLC2015 Blaine Ave
0102_105_1_C1602Black, Archie A. & Brenda M.5 Anchorage Ct
0102_12_1_C0717Black, Sheri101 S Raleigh 717
0102_656_4.01Blackman, S & Y Fannie Mae1806 Ontario Ave #b
0102_426_20Blackmon, General L & Myrtle531 Drexel Ave
0102_309_1_C0122Blackwell, Elizabeth124 N Connecticut Ave 21c
0102_679_23Blake, Iliene M1521 N Ohio Ave #b
0102_679_22Blake, Iliene M1521 N Ohio Ave
0102_679_21Blake, Iliene M1521 N Ohio Ave #a
0102_28_1.01_C0805Blake, Jacqueline (liv Trust)3101 Bdwk 805-1
0102_526_25Blake, Larry & Blake, Sharon511 N New York Ave
0102_526_9Blake, Larry & Sharon509 N New York Ave
0102_402_4Blake, Larry & Sharon1532 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_105_1_C1905Blake, Magdeline67 Lighthouse Ct
0102_651_12Blake, Totlin & White, Cleveland1113 N Michigan Ave
0102_683_14Blakeley, Keinia1500 Madison Ave
0102_708_5Blakeney, Farrar1814 N Arkansas Ave
0102_628_6Blanch Real Estate LLC1019 N Ohio Ave
0102_642_21Blanch Real Estate LLC901 Keener Ave
0102_626_6Blanch Real Estate LLC719 N Ohio Ave
0102_654_12Blanch Real Estate LLC1102 N Ohio Ave
0102_654_10Blanch Real Estate LLC1106 N Ohio Ave
0102_654_11Blanch Real Estate LLC1104 N Ohio Ave
0102_5_1_C0308Blanchard, Robert & Marie101 S Plaza 308
0102_233_2Blanco, Bessy28 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_171_2_C0105Blandura, Agnes V.2628 Atlantic 205
0102_192_6_C0404Blandura, Agnes V.3801 Atlantic D4
0102_28_1.02_C1517Blank, Debra3101 Bdwk 1517-2
0102_197_5Blatcher, Joseph30 S Dover Ave
0102_767_9Blavat, Pattie628 N Elberon Ave
0102_218_20Blazich, Joseph35 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_689_20Bleau, Kevin1417 Beach Ave
0102_6_1_C0910Bleiman, Jeffrey & Harriet100 S Berkley 9k
0102_15_12Blessed Virgin Mary Sisters128 S Dover Ave
0102_6_1_C1006Blinder, Jeffrey & Jill100 S Berkley 10f
0102_682_3Blinds 48, LLC1554 N Ohio Ave
0102_9_3Blisard, Mary F & Layman, Steven111 S Bartram Ave
0102_23_1_C1129Bloch, Nathan & Bergman, Rose3501 Bdwk A129
0102_73_26Block 73 LLC331 Hygeia Pl
0102_73_43Block 73 LLC205 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_74_34Block 73 LLC219 S Victoria Ave
0102_74_36Block 73 LLC215 S Victoria Ave
0102_74_32Block 73 LLC221 S Victoria Ave
0102_74_15Block 73 LLC230 S Vermont Ave
0102_74_12Block 73 LLC224 S Vermont Ave
0102_73_17Block 73 LLC230 S Victoria Ave
0102_73_4Block 73 LLC206 S Victoria Ave
0102_73_3Block 73 LLC204 S Victoria Ave
0102_73_19Block 73 LLC323 Hygeia Pl
0102_74_8Block 73 LLC216 S Vermont Ave
0102_74_41Block 73 LLC205 S Victoria Ave
0102_74_5Block 73 LLC740 S Vermont Ave
0102_73_13Block 73, LLC224 S Victoria Ave
0102_73_33Block 73, LLC233 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_73_34Block 73, LLC231 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_73_2Block 73, LLC202 S Victoria Ave
0102_846_1Block 846 Associates, LLCBrigantine Blvd
0102_28_1.02_C3302Blocklin, Sheryl D3101 Bdwk 3302-2
0102_28_1.01_C0915Bloom, Eleanor, Trustee Of Eb Rev T3101 Bdwk 915-1
0102_322_19Bloom, Mary Lou118 Bay Ave
0102_56_4Bloom, Richard111 S Ocean Ave
0102_56_57Bloom, Richard P106 S South Carolina Ave
0102_176_1_C0512Bloor, Robert & Alicia2834 Atlantic 512
0102_12_1_C0211Blrb, LLC101 S Raleigh 211
0102_50_31_C0002Blue Elephant Company LLC1515 Bdwk C2
0102_299_6Blue Heron Woods, LLC C/O Real Est1101 Atlantic Ave
0102_50_31_C2508Bluegreen New Jersey1515 Bdwk 2508
0102_50_31_C2603Bluegreen New Jersey LLC1515 Bdwk 2603
0102_50_31_C2707Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC1515 Bdwk 2707
0102_50_31_C3211Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC1515 Bdwk C9
0102_50_31_C0401Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC1515 Bdwk 401
0102_50_31_C0402Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC1515 Bdwk 402
0102_50_31_C0010Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk C10
0102_50_31_C0705Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 705
0102_50_31_C0709Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 709
0102_50_31_C0032Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk C3b
0102_50_31_C0703Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 703
0102_50_31_C1107Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 1107
0102_50_31_C0609Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 609
0102_50_31_C3007Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 3009
0102_50_31_C2502Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 2502
0102_50_31_C2806Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 2806
0102_50_31_C0008Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk C8
0102_50_31_C0907Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk 907
0102_50_31_C0007Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC,1515 Bdwk C7
0102_50_31_C2801Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 2801
0102_50_31_C2201Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 2201
0102_50_31_C0504Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 504
0102_50_31_C0406Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 406
0102_50_31_C2909Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 2909
0102_50_31_C2609Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 2609
0102_50_31_C1101Bluegreen New Jersey, LLC.1515 Bdwk 1101
0102_146_10Bluland, Inc. C/0 Urbanwear Outlet1406 Atlantic Ave
0102_6_1_C2105Blum, Carole100 S Berkley 21e
0102_6_1_C1712Blum, Harriet & Levin, Richard100 S Berkley 17m
0102_17_2_C1012Blumberg, Judith3851 Bdwk 1012
0102_12_1_C0804Blume, Joe & Marlene R.101 S Raleigh 804
0102_28_1.02_C1502Blumenthal, M. Jennifer3101 Bdwk 1502-2
0102_548_3Blummer, Jon & Maryann626 Wabash Ave
0102_589_21_C0804Bly Realty LLC655 Absecon 804
0102_556_22Bm South LLC613 Sewell Ave
0102_340_2Board Of Education2508 Centennial Ave
0102_323_1Board Of Trustees Acc1535 Bacharach Blvd
0102_61_21Boardwalk 1000 LLC1001 Boardwalk
0102_61_20Boardwalk 1000 LLC1001 Boardwalk
0102_61_7Boardwalk 1000 LLC1001 Boardwalk
0102_61_3Boardwalk 1000 LLC107 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_61_1Boardwalk 1000 LLC1022 Pacific Ave
0102_61_2Boardwalk 1000 LLC105 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_61_5Boardwalk 1000 LLC1000 Boardwalk
0102_61_4Boardwalk 1000 LLC109 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_61_6Boardwalk 1000 LLC1020 Pacific Ave
0102_61_9Boardwalk 1000 LLC916 Pacific Ave
0102_61_16Boardwalk 1000 LLC120 S Maryland Ave Rr
0102_61_17Boardwalk 1000 LLC1003 Boardwalk
0102_61_15Boardwalk 1000 LLC120 S Maryland Ave
0102_61_18Boardwalk 1000 LLC130 S Maryland Ave
0102_61_11Boardwalk 1000 LLC910 Pacific Ave
0102_61_14Boardwalk 1000 LLC900 Pacific Ave
0102_61_10Boardwalk 1000 LLC912 Pacific Ave
0102_61_19Boardwalk 1000 LLC901 Boardwalk
0102_61_33Boardwalk 1000 LLCPresbyterian Ave Vacated
0102_61_13Boardwalk 1000 LLC904 Pacific Ave
0102_61_12Boardwalk 1000 LLC908 Pacific Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0642Boardwalk 3 Ph LLC3101 Bdwk 604b-2
0102_28_1.01_C0029Boardwalk 3 Ph LLC3101 Bdwk R29
0102_28_1.01_C0028Boardwalk 3 Ph LLC3101 Bdwk R28
0102_28_1.02_C0712Boardwalk 3 Ph LLC3101 Bdwk 712-2
0102_618_2Boardwalk Community Fellowship Chur730 N Indiana Ave
0102_720_13Boardwalk Cowgirl & R & A Services2015 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_12Boardwalk Cowgirl & R & A Services2015 N Riverside Dr
0102_83_15Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC11 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_83_19Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC3 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_83_18Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC5 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_83_16Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC9 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_83_10Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC22 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_13Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC30 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_14Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC32 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_12Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC28 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_11Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC26 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_17Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC7 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_84_20Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC17 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_21Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC15 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_2Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC112 Atlantic Ave
0102_84_3Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC110 Atlantic Ave
0102_84_5Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC100 Atlantic Ave
0102_84_1Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC114 Atlantic Ave
0102_84_4Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC2 S Maine Ave
0102_84_15Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC29 St Katherine Pl
0102_84_19Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC19 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_9Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC20 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_7Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC16 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_14Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC31 S St Katherine Pl
0102_83_8Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC18 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_16Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC27 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_17Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC25 S St Katherine Pl
0102_84_11Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC107 Euclid Ave
0102_84_18Boardwalk Empire Resorts LLC21 S St Katherine Pl
0102_37_23Boardwalk Florida Enterprises110 S Florida Ave
0102_37_24Boardwalk Florida Enterprises108 S Florida Ave
0102_37_21Boardwalk Florida Enterprises155 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_25Boardwalk Florida Enterprises106 S Florida Ave
0102_37_22.01Boardwalk Florida EnterprisesAir Rights Florida Ave
0102_37_22.02Boardwalk Florida EnterprisesAir Rights Florida Ave
0102_37_22Boardwalk Florida Enterprises2501 Boardwalk
0102_37_27Boardwalk Florida Enterprises102 S Florida Ave
0102_37_20Boardwalk Florida Enterprises153 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_29Boardwalk Florida Enterprises2500 Pacific Ave
0102_37_5Boardwalk Florida Enterprises121 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_11Boardwalk Florida Enterprises135 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_8Boardwalk Florida Enterprises127 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_9Boardwalk Florida Enterprises129 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_6Boardwalk Florida Enterprises123 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_10Boardwalk Florida Enterprises133 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_13Boardwalk Florida Enterprises139 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_12Boardwalk Florida Enterprises137 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_2Boardwalk Florida Enterprises111 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_19Boardwalk Florida Enterprises151 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_7Boardwalk Florida Enterprises125 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_18Boardwalk Florida Enterprises149 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_16Boardwalk Florida Enterprises145 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_15Boardwalk Florida Enterprises143 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_17Boardwalk Florida Enterprises147 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_14Boardwalk Florida Enterprises141 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_26Boardwalk Florida Enterprises104 S Florida Ave
0102_38_2Boardwalk Florida Enterprises2401 Boardwalk
0102_38_2.01Boardwalk Florida Enterprises2401 Boardwalk Easement
0102_37_4Boardwalk Florida Enterprises LLC117 S Bellevue Ave
0102_37_3Boardwalk Florida Enterprises LLC115 S Bellevue Ave
0102_55_1Boardwalk Investment Prop % Heller1325 Boardwalk
0102_56_28Boardwalk Investment Properties LLC175 S Ocean Ave
0102_47_15Boardwalk Piers 1 LLC1733 Boardwalk
0102_47_16Boardwalk Piers 1 LLC1731 Boardwalk
0102_47_19Boardwalk Piers 1 LLCAir Rights Dr Martin Luth
0102_47_18Boardwalk Piers 1 LLC1701 Boardwalk
0102_47_17Boardwalk Piers 1 LLC1723 Boardwalk
0102_47_15_B01Boardwalk Piers 1, LLC1733 Boardwalk
0102_48_24Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1621 Boardwalk
0102_48_25Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1615 Boardwalk
0102_48_23Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1625 Boardwalk
0102_48_19Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1637 Boardwalk
0102_48_16Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1649 Boardwalk
0102_48_15Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1635 Boardwalk Rr
0102_48_17Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1641 Boardwalk
0102_48_18Boardwalk Piers 2 LLC1639 Boardwalk
0102_51_7Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC1514 Pacific Ave
0102_51_2Boardwalk Piers 3 LLCS Kentucky Ave
0102_51_6Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC1516 Pacific Ave
0102_156_20Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC8 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_156_29Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC1713 Pacific Ave
0102_51_10Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC109 Westminister Ave
0102_156_22Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC14 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_51_8Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC1514 Pacific Ave Rr
0102_156_21Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC10 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_51_18Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC118 S New York Ave
0102_48_10Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC131 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_51_4Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC107 S Kentucky Ave
0102_51_9Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC107 Westminister Ave
0102_48_12Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC147 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_51_3Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC105 S Kentucky Ave
0102_51_5Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC105 Westminster Ave
0102_51_11Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC111 Westminister Ave
0102_48_14Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC168 S Kentucky Ave
0102_50_3Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC125 S Kentucky Ave
0102_156_19Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC8 S Dr Martin Luther Rr 1
0102_49_1Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC1610 Pacific Ave
0102_51_20Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC113 Westminister Ave
0102_50_4Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC127 S Kentucky Ave
0102_156_18Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC8 S Dr Martin Luther Rr 2
0102_156_17Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC8 S Dr Martin Luther Rr 3
0102_51_21Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC115 Westminister Ave
0102_51_22Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC117 Westminister Ave
0102_51_23Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC119 Westminister Ave
0102_47_14Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC148 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_47_13Boardwalk Piers 3 LLC135 S Indiana Ave
0102_48_13Boardwalk Piers 3, LLC151 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_156_23Boardwalk Piers 3, LLC18 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_51_1Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1520 Pacific Ave
0102_156_30Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCS Dr Martin Luther K Rr
0102_48_11Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC139 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_156_25Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC20 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_156_26Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC22 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_156_27Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCS Indiana Ave Rr
0102_49_20Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCAir Rights Mt Vernon Ave
0102_47_8Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1700 Pacific Ave
0102_47_12Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC145 S Indiana Ave
0102_47_10Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC118 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_47_4Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1720 Pacific Ave
0102_47_1Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1746 Pacific Ave
0102_47_3Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1726 Pacific Ave
0102_47_5Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1712 Pacific Ave
0102_47_11Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC111 S Indiana Ave
0102_47_7Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1706 Pacific Ave
0102_47_6Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1710 Pacific Ave
0102_48.01_8Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC121 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_48.01_4Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1618 Pacific Ave
0102_48.01_3Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC1622 Pacific Ave
0102_156_32Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCPacific Ave
0102_50_2Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC123 S Kentucky Ave
0102_49_18Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC141 S Mt Vernon Ave 1/2
0102_49_19Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCAir Rights Mt Vernon Ave
0102_49_14Boardwalk Piers 4 LLCVacated Mt Vernon Ave
0102_48.01_8.01Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC121 S Dr Martin Luther Rr
0102_49_11Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC134 S Kentucky Ave
0102_49_10Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC120 S Kentucky Ave
0102_49_12Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC133 S Mt Vernon Ave
0102_49_13Boardwalk Piers 4 LLC150 S Kentucky Ave
0102_47_9Boardwalk Piers 4, LLC114 S Dr Martin Luther K
0102_47_2Boardwalk Piers 4, LLC1734 Pacific Ave
0102_50_1Boardwalk Piers 4, LLC117 S Kentucky Ave
0102_156_31Boardwalk Pirs 3 LLC1715 Pacific Ave
0102_159_27Boardwalk RegencyAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_159_29Boardwalk Regency CorpAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_159_28Boardwalk Regency CorpAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_41_11Boardwalk Regency CorpAir Rights Arkansas Ave
0102_159_30Boardwalk Regency CorpAir Rights Michigan Ave
0102_41_10Boardwalk Regency CorpAir Rights Pacific Ave
0102_157_21.03Boardwalk Regency LLC1811 Pacific Ave
0102_157_19Boardwalk Regency LLC1801 Pacific Ave
0102_157_18Boardwalk Regency LLC34 S Indiana Ave
0102_157_17Boardwalk Regency LLC30 S Indiana Ave
0102_157_16Boardwalk Regency LLC26 S Indiana Ave
0102_157_20Boardwalk Regency LLC1807 Pacific Ave
0102_48_22Boardwalk Stripp Tee LLC1627 Boardwalk
0102_48_26_C0903Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 903
0102_48_26_C0902Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 902
0102_48_26_C0702Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 702
0102_48_26_C0906Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 906
0102_48_26_C0904Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 904
0102_48_26_C1001Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1001
0102_48_26_C0001Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky C1
0102_48_26_C1004Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1004
0102_48_26_C0901Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 901
0102_48_26_C1005Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1005
0102_48_26_C1003Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1003
0102_48_26_C0905Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 905
0102_48_26_C1002Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1002
0102_48_26_C0907Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 907
0102_48_26_C0802Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 802
0102_48_26_C0803Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 803
0102_48_26_C0801Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 801
0102_48_26_C0807Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 807
0102_48_26_C0806Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 806
0102_48_26_C0805Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 805
0102_48_26_C0804Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 804
0102_48_26_C0703Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 703
0102_48_26_C0504Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 504
0102_48_26_C1101Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky P1101
0102_48_26_C0507Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 507
0102_48_26_C0506Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 506
0102_48_26_C0502Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 502
0102_48_26_C0503Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 503
0102_48_26_C0505Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 505
0102_48_26_C0501Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 501
0102_48_26_C0707Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 707
0102_48_26_C0704Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 704
0102_48_26_C0701Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 701
0102_48_26_C0706Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 706
0102_48_26_C0705Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 705
0102_48_26_C0605Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 605
0102_48_26_C0406Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 406
0102_48_26_C0602Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 602
0102_48_26_C0407Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 407
0102_48_26_C0603Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 603
0102_48_26_C0606Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 606
0102_48_26_C0601Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 601
0102_48_26_C0403Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 403
0102_48_26_C0405Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 405
0102_48_26_C0607Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 607
0102_48_26_C0402Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 402
0102_48_26_C0401Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 401
0102_48_26_C0604Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 604
0102_48_26_C0404Boardwalk Ventures LLC190 S Kentucky 404
0102_49_3Boardwlk Piers 3 LLC1600 Pacific Ave
0102_627_2Boasmond, D & G & Nakia Boasmond919 N Ohio Ave
0102_566_16Boathouse Enterprises, LLC421 Carson Ave
0102_566_16.01Boathouse Enterprises, LLC421 Carson Ave
0102_173_21_C0602Bobe, Christina37 S Iowa Ave 6b
0102_12_1_C0418Bobe, Christina101 S Raleigh 418
0102_173_1_C1001Bobe, Christina33 S Iowa A1
0102_383_25Boby, Farzana & Khatun, Mosammat219 N Texas Ave
0102_31_2_C0421Boehm, Brian & Maureen2721 Bdwk 421
0102_28_1.02_C2906Boer, Flarie Den3101 Bdwk 2906-2
0102_17_2_C2310Bogatin, Galina & Jacob3851 Bdwk 2310
0102_236_23_C0909Bogaziotis, G. Eftimios & Elsa M3817 Ventnor 909
0102_28_1.02_C1911Boianelli, Vincent & Zaharo3101 Bdwk 1911-2
0102_6_1_C1603Boiman, Morris & Boiman, Anna100 S Berkley 16c
0102_694_20Boland, William1564 W Riverside Dr
0102_187_4_C0404Boland, William & Boland, Teresa2 S Hartford D4
0102_187_4_C0504Boland, William & Teresa2 S Hartford E4
0102_28_1.01_C1504Bolus, Samir & Blanche3101 Bdwk 1504-1
0102_28_1.01_C0831Bolus, Samir & Blanche3101 Bdwk 803a-1
0102_31_2_C1122Bondoc, Edna2721 Bdwk 1122
0102_224_7Bongiovanni, Maria Etal54 N Laclede Pl
0102_218_1Bongiovanni, Mario & Carmen65 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_105_1_C2101Booker, Cornelius C.58 Lighthouse Ct
0102_6_1_C1112Borden, R Barry & Arlene100 S Berkley 11m
0102_63_1_C0908Borden, Scott P & Mindy L526 Pacific 908
0102_27_5_C0318Borowick, Bertha108 S Montpelier 318
0102_105_1_C1002Borzi, Alfred R.74 Anchorage Ct
0102_387_10Boselli Robert R Jr/Colleen Boselli2420 Sunset Ave
0102_386_3Boselli Robert R Jr/Colleen Boselli2441 Sunset Ave
0102_386_4Boselli Robert R Jr/Colleen Boselli2425 Sunset Ave
0102_387_9Boselli Robert R Jr/Colleen Boselli2424 Sunset Ave
0102_17_2_C1608Bossard, Kelly & Denise H/W3851 Bdwk 1608
0102_404_3.04Bostic, Georgetta E.208 N Tennessee Ave
0102_260_11Boston Ave Imp Assn % Pv WickleN Boston Ave
0102_667_1Boston, Shirley1238 N Michigan Ave
0102_12_1_C0304Bostwick, Dianna & Justin101 S Raleigh 304
0102_6_1_C0909Botros, Lamia & Elmlry, Sarah100 S Berkley 9j
0102_729_1Botros, Maher2041 Kuehnle Ave
0102_681_12Botros, Maher1405 Madison Ave
0102_404_2_C0102Botros, Maher1416 Mediterranean #b
0102_268_9Bottalico, Pasquale A6 N Brighton Ave
0102_248_14Bouchouar, Amina4317 Winchester Ave
0102_236_23_C0302Boudville, Brenda A.3817 Ventnor 302
0102_346_43Boulageris, Roudolfos Etux107 N Morris Ave
0102_607_12Boustani, Elias713 Green St
0102_509_9Boustani, Elias604 N Indiana Ave
0102_498_7Boustani, Elias400 N Ohio Ave
0102_509_5Boustani, Elias612 N Indiana Ave
0102_607_11Boustani, Elias711 Green St
0102_105_1_C1903Bowe, Carl F.70 Lighthouse Ct
0102_548_12Bowen 401k408 N Connecticut Ave
0102_105_1_C0502Bowen 401k Plan45 Anchorage Ct
0102_124_75Bowen 401k Plan25 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_257_6Bowes, James & Pauline3628 Winchester Ave
0102_80_19Bowhnik, Santosh & Bithika Roy113 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_63_1_C2008Bowman, Daniel & Helen526 Pacific 2008
0102_125_3.11_C0004Bowser, Stephanie6 N New Hampshire Ave 2b
0102_690_19Boxers All Day LLC1539 Beach Ave
0102_173_21_C0103Boxers All Day LLC37 S Iowa Ave 1c
0102_186_13_C0121Boxers All Day LLC3501 Pacific 68
0102_789_3Boyce, Dennis P467 N Elberon Ave
0102_404_2_C0122Boyden, Catherine1430 Mediterranean #a
0102_31_2_C0815Boyer, Eugene D % Amirault, Cynthia2721 Bdwk 815
0102_206_5Boyer, Tina M & Hedelt Tina37 S Bartram Ave
0102_339_38_C2102Boyette, Christopher2413 Formica's Way
0102_28_1.02_C1908Boyle, Patrick & Jennifer3101 Bdwk 1908-2
0102_779_3Boyle, Richard T644 Wisteria Rd
0102_441_8Boys & Girls Club Of Atlantic City317 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_372_1Boys And Girls Club Of Atlantic227 N Sovereign Ave
0102_560_2.06Brach Living Trust739 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_12_1_C0813Bracoloni, Nancy101 S Raleigh 813
0102_12_1_C0213Bracoloni, Nancy101 S Raleigh 213
0102_12_1_C0431Bracoloni, Nancy101 S Raleigh 431
0102_12_1_C0621Bracoloni, Nancy A101 S Raleigh 621
0102_526_30Bradley, Almeta Mae (etal)521 N New York Ave
0102_526_19Bradley, Almeta Mae (etal)Bay St
0102_610_3Bradley, John L. Etal820 Green St
0102_610_4Bradley, John L. Etal818 Green St
0102_763_12Bradley, Paul Etal628 N Trenton Ave
0102_495_4Bradley, Richard & Sabrina1911 Caspian Ave
0102_98.01_5Bradley, Theda E.411 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_85_1.13Bradley-Johnson, Timia M.11 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_17_2_C1912Brady James3851 Bdwk 1912
0102_309_1_C0125Brady, Kristine M130 N Connecticut Ave 25c
0102_348_12Brady, Patrick138 N Chelsea Ave
0102_17_2_C2108Brady, Teresa3851 Bdwk 2108
0102_6_1_C1204Braid, Jennifer & Ashley100 S Berkley 12d
0102_642_23Brailin Holding, LLC905 Keener Ave
0102_610_5Braithwaite, E Le Lewis, Brenda810 Green St
0102_547_1.03Braithwaite, Rodney L.632 Caspian Ave
0102_309_1_C0141Braithwaite, Ronald & Mccall Jacque117 N New Jersey Ave 41a
0102_664_21Bralin Holding LLC1255 N Ohio Ave
0102_642_18Bralin Holdings2009 Grant Ave
0102_642_2Bralin Holdings LLC2008 Mckinley Ave
0102_451_3Bralin Holdings LLC1224 Adriatic Ave
0102_457_8Bralin Holdings, LLC1419 Drexel Ave
0102_401_27Bralin Holdings, LLC1533 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_545_4Branch, Bryon & Debora712 Caspian Ave
0102_609_8Branch-Brown, Shelia & Ronald1603 Mckinley Ave
0102_669_1Branco, Manuel & Dorothy2100 E Riverside Dr
0102_669_2Branco, Manuel & Dorothy2102 E Riverside Dr
0102_176_1_C0902Brand, Jason2834 Atlantic 902a
0102_186_13_C0119Brand, Karen Etal3501 Pacific 66
0102_6_1_C0801Brand, Phyllis100 S Berkley 8a
0102_6_1_C2204Brand, Phyllis R100 S Berkley Ph2d
0102_28_1.01_C1409Brand, Steve L.3101 Bdwk 1409-1
0102_23_1_C2230Brandolph, Norma3501 Bdwk B230
0102_609_3Brandon, Alonzo Jr & Jacqueline R1618 Marmora Ave
0102_684_17Brandon, Boyden1405 N Michigan Ave
0102_23_1_C2225Brandt, Robert Etux3501 Bdwk B225
0102_17_2_C2104Brant, Michael & Ida3851 Bdwk 2104
0102_559_19Brathwaite, Chas E & Nina503 N Connecticut Ave
0102_467_9Braun, Raymond John & Associates I416 Robinson Ave
0102_6_1_C2307Braunstein, Robert & Romy100 S Berkley Ph1h
0102_589_21_C0805Braverman Homes NJ LLC655 Absecon 805
0102_136_12Braymes, Lois Testamentary Trust22 S Virginia Ave
0102_498_2Brazi Real Estate LLC410 N Ohio Ave
0102_77_18Brazi Real Estate LLC205 Oriental Ave
0102_559_7Brazi Real Estate LLC514 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_279_29Breeden, Jeffrey26 N Georgia Ave Rr #2
0102_28_1.02_C1814Bremmer, N & Walpole-Brown, E3101 Bdwk 1814-2
0102_90.02_6Brennan, Timothy J.125 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_255_2Bressler, Peter & Sandra108 N Tallahassee Av
0102_6_1_C1703Brestle, Mark100 S Berkley 17c
0102_684_14Brewer, Jerry1404 Madison Ave #a
0102_105_1_C2902Brewington, Dana5 Lighthouse Ct
0102_534_24Brick, Steven & Estee415 N Tennessee Ave
0102_119_3.02Brickous, J & Alveario, G108 N Vermont Ave
0102_666_6Bridgers, Alberta & Joseph R Jr1226 Monroe Ave
0102_11_6Bridgeton Prop Inc116 S Raleigh Ave
0102_589_5Brigantine Preservation Assoc1062 Brigantine Blvd
0102_589_10Brigantine Preservation AssocNe Reading & North Caroli
0102_589_12Brigantine Preservation AssocN Carolina & Brig Blvd
0102_270_34Brighton Ave Associates, LLC31 N Brighton Ave
0102_270_1Brighton Ave Associates, LLC33 N Brighton Ave
0102_176_1_C0407Brighton Towers Condo Assoc2834 Atlantic 407
0102_176_1_C0815Brighton Towers Condo Assoc Inc2834 Atlantic 815
0102_176_1_C0311Brighton Towers Condo Assoc Inc2834 Atlantic 311
0102_176_1_C0215Brighton Towers Condo Assoc Inc2834 Atlantic 215
0102_176_1Brighton Towers Condominium Assoc2834 Atlantic Ave
0102_176_1_T01Brighton Towers Condominium Assoc2834 Atlantic Ave
0102_398_1Brights Villa Inc263 N Indiana Ave #a
0102_660_2Brights Villa Inc C/O Crm1012-1066 N Kentucky Ave
0102_673_8Brisco, John & Linda1305 N Ohio Ave
0102_89_5Briscoe, Carl Jr & Farris, Phoebe187 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_613_2Briscoe, Carletta826 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_681_5Briscoe, Norma1422 N Ohio Ave
0102_383_17Briscuso, Cono & Graham, J. & A.230 N Nevada Ave
0102_12_1_C0334Briskin, Selma & Hartman & Briskin101 S Raleigh 334
0102_341_43Bristol, Areli2510 Tindaro Terr
0102_641_8Britton, Tracey812 N Michigan Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2203Broadnax, David3101 Bdwk 2203a-1
0102_613_4Broady, Willie J. & Tamara L.810 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_12_1_C0206Brocco, Diana R,-Sr101 S Raleigh 206
0102_23_1_C1229Brocco, Lou3501 Bdwk A229
0102_28_1.01_C2412Brocia, Joseph3101 Bdwk 2412-1
0102_643_2Brock, Christine A2020 Mckinley Ave
0102_121.02_1Brock, Dierdre216 Dylan Dr
0102_731_1Brock, Monica2012 Kuehnle Ave
0102_466_9Brock, Steven & Brock, Shamiya301 N Indiana Ave
0102_109_16Brock, Tanika7 Clipper Ct
0102_311_7.08Brock-Dubose, Mary L.114 Chesapeake Bay Ct
0102_691_11Brockington, Ellis J1509 Missouri Ave #a
0102_431_32Broderick Industries LLC347 N New Jersey Ave
0102_377_7Brody, Jay S & Sally2908 Sunset Ave
0102_770_9Broecker, Carolyn J & Harold J Jr619 N Annapolis Ave
0102_6_1_C1002Bronstein, Elizabeth & Leonard100 S Berkley 10b
0102_720_14Brooke, Joseph M & Dawn M2037 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_15Brooke, Joseph M & Dawn M2039 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_16Brooke, Joseph M & Dawn M2039 N Riverside Dr
0102_401_14Brooklyn 20 LLC20 Brooklyn Ave
0102_176_1_C0803Brooks, Anthony2834 Atlantic 803
0102_680_14Brooks, B & Daniel D1409 N Ohio Ave
0102_209_11Brooks, Dennis J4511 Atlantic Ave
0102_31_2_C0711Brooks, Elliot & Jacqueline2721 Bdwk 711
0102_721_3Brooks, Erin2031 Hamilton Ave
0102_311_7.02Brooks, Ganeen102 Chesapeake Bay Ct
0102_330_10Brooks, John W Jr & Cynthia1808 Garfield Ave
0102_308_18.01Brooks, Maria104 N Congress Ave
0102_6_1_C1205Brooks, Marshall & Andrea100 S Berkley 12e
0102_28_1.02_C3304Brooks, Tova3101 Bdwk 3304-2
0102_105_1_C2202Brookstein, Bennett51 Lighthouse Ct
0102_23_1_C2119Brookstein, G & I & Munz, R3501 Bdwk B119
0102_24_9_C3115Brookstein, Irma & Gary3501 Bdwk C115
0102_12_1_C0701Brouillette, Susan E.101 S Raleigh 701
0102_784_13Brower, David441 Windsor Rd
0102_784_5Brower, David424 N Annapolis Ave
0102_784_14Brower, David443 Windsor Rd
0102_526_12Brower, Norma & Muhammad, Cheryl513 N New York Ave
0102_589_21_C0908Brown Crouch, Lois655 Absecon 908
0102_613_5Brown Sr, Myron800 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_109_34Brown, Albert & Donna5 Barkentine Ct
0102_304_7Brown, Anthony, Douglas & Sylvia42 N Connecticut Ave
0102_120_6Brown, Arlene128 Folsom Ave
0102_342_21Brown, Ava114 N Texas Ave Rr #c
0102_105_1_C2003Brown, Barbara61 Lighthouse Ct
0102_482_5Brown, Barbara2009 Caspian Ave
0102_110_3Brown, Barbara M.14 Barkentine Ct
0102_482_6Brown, Barbara S.2007 Caspian Ave
0102_98.02_5Brown, Barbara S.431 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_113_3Brown, Candace E.30 Windjammer Ct
0102_122_10Brown, Carlous & Nutter, Timothy38 N Taylor Avenue
0102_508_11Brown, Carrie L502 N Indiana Ave
0102_642_3Brown, Clement & Rozena2006 Mckinley Ave
0102_86_1_C3105Brown, Conville60 N Maine 3105
0102_521_5Brown, David W & Brown, Gail E638 N Kentucky Ave
0102_105_1_C1403Brown, Debra L.6 Spinnaker Way
0102_722_1Brown, Doris2030 Hamilton Ave
0102_724_2Brown, Doris1900 N Michigan Ave
0102_27_5_C0306Brown, Elizabeth & Pelis, Nicholas108 S Montpelier 306
0102_105_1_C0605Brown, Ellen M.56 Anchorage Ct
0102_655_8Brown, George1118 Jefferson Pl
0102_610_1Brown, George817 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_17_2_C2504Brown, Isabelle3851 Bdwk 2504
0102_12_1_C0918Brown, James A & Lisa A101 S Raleigh 918
0102_633_2Brown, Jessica O1918 Grant Ave
0102_633_1Brown, Jessica O1920 Grant Ave
0102_105_1_C2807Brown, Johnnie & Renee13 Lighthouse Ct
0102_559_22Brown, Joseph C Jr & Jacqueline L509 N Connecticut Ave
0102_113_8Brown, Julia & Glass, Ronald20 Windjammer Ct
0102_650_4Brown, Kevin & Brown, Karen1160 N Michigan Ave
0102_714_15Brown, Kevin & Karen2193 W Riverside Dr
0102_731_13Brown, Kevin & Karen1601 Emerson Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2407Brown, L & R A & G Brown Trus3101 Bdwk 2407-1
0102_556_25Brown, Mary V. Charles & Etal621 Sewell Ave
0102_502_4Brown, Maxine513 N Ohio Ave
0102_12_1_C0708Brown, Michael & Deborah101 S Raleigh 708
0102_54_52Brown, Nicholas120 S Ocean Ave
0102_73_10Brown, Quentin Eilers (etal)218 S Victoria Ave
0102_17_2_C1812Brown, Robert & Ruth3851 Bdwk 1812
0102_434_24Brown, Rose724 Pearl Pl
0102_511_7Brown, Russel517 N Indiana Ave
0102_109_2Brown, Spring32 Clipper Ct
0102_559_10Brown, Stacey Lee510 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_105_1_C2001Brown, Suzanne V.59 Lighthouse Ct
0102_513_9Brown, T, Cross, B & Joshua, B L1715 Hummock Ave
0102_549_3Brown, Victor T & Barbara H500 Caspian Ave
0102_425_5Browne, Carl & Vera516 Adriatic Ave
0102_718_1.02Browne, James & Evans-Browne, Dale2125 N Missouri Ave
0102_12_1_C0604Brownstein, Bruce & Rosa101 S Raleigh 604
0102_61.01_1_C4104Brubaker, Susan:mckinney III, John600 Pacific D104
0102_6_1_C0809Bruder, Helene100 S Berkley 8j
0102_5_1_C1407Bruin, John & Jeannine (liv Trust)101 S Plaza 1407
0102_513_4Brumfield, Diane1718 Logan Ave
0102_513_3Brumfield, Diane1720 Logan Ave
0102_689_6Brumfield, Wastella E.1416 N Arkansas Ave
0102_486_4Brundidge, Karen706 N Michigan Ave
0102_486_3Brundidge, Karen710 N Michigan Ave
0102_6_1_C0505Bruner, Steven & Roberta100 S Berkley 5e
0102_17_2_C1706Bruni, Lorraine3851 Bdwk 1706
0102_28_1.01_C0821Bruno, Dawn3101 Bdwk 802a-1
0102_28_1.02_C2311Bruno, Dawn & Jones, Jeffrey3101 Bdwk 2311-2
0102_6_1_C1913Bruno, Linda100 S Berkley 19n
0102_109_52Bruno, Nicholas5 Schooner Ct
0102_253_2Bruton, Matthew & Kathleen132 N Bartram Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0706Bryan, Mamie3101 Bdwk 706-2
0102_309_1_C0108Bryant, Mitchell626 Baltic Ave
0102_404_2_C0110Bryant, Ollie & Pamela1422 Mediterranean #a
0102_623_3Bryant, Rachel1810 Mckinley Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2801Bryne, Margaret3101 Bdwk 2801-1
0102_652_3Bryson, Nathan L.1048 Monroe Ave
0102_5_1_C0609Bsk Family Limited, LLC101 S Plaza 609
0102_301_23Bt 32 LLC32 Born Terr
0102_766_20Bu, Thuong3911 Crossan Ave
0102_5_1_C1103Bubanj, Natalie & Radovan & Yuri101 S Plaza 1103
0102_204_6Bucceroni; Mark, Mandi, Daniel(trust)32 S Raleigh Ave
0102_3_2Buchan, Bonnie & Douglas4700 Atlantic Ave
0102_28_1.02_C3109Buchanan, Robin3101 Bdwk 3109-2
0102_12_1_C0205Buckley, Alexander James & Robert E101 S Raleigh 205
0102_12_1_C0426Buckley, David & Maria M101 S Raleigh 426
0102_109_37Bucksar, Nicholas34 Schooner Ct
0102_236_23_C1005Buczek, Leokadia & Matthew3817 Ventnor 1005
0102_31_2_C0712Buenaventura, Imelda D2721 Bdwk 712
0102_271_35Bui, Brandon37 N Stenton Pl
0102_345_44Bui, Lot V & Chau, Cecilia120 N Iowa Ave
0102_264_21Bui, Than-Lan & Thao Y Bui13 N Montpelier Ave
0102_236_23_C0601Bukhari, Syeda A3817 Ventnor 601
0102_170_12Bukhari, Tabbassam J2607 Monterey Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1908Bukhmil, Yan & Zakharchenko, Nataly3101 Bdwk 1908-1
0102_28_1.01_C1722Bukhmil, Yan & Zakharchenko, Natalya3101 Bdwk 1702b-1
0102_504_2Bullard, Jr Allen & Minnie1818 Lincoln Ave
0102_361_8Bullock Bethelee A.4105 South Blvd
0102_604_7Bullseye Traders LLC800 N New York Ave
0102_17_2_C2501Bulmash, Samuel3851 Bdwk 2501
0102_645_3.03Bunch, Alicia2015 Magellan Ave
0102_650_16Bunch, Wm & Delores1145 Emerson Pl
0102_24_10_C0021Bundick, L & Bundick, S & S132 S Providence 1a
0102_24_10_C0001Bundick, L & Bundick, S & S132 S Providence #1
0102_31_2_C1403Bunnucci, Anthony & Gonnello, Judy2721 Bdwk 1403
0102_345_84Bunting, Arthur M III2820 Carlton Ave
0102_345_8Bunting, Arthur M III2819 Carlton Ave
0102_63_1_C1802Burdman, S & Godz, L526 Pacific 1802
0102_15_11Burgin, John & Quan136 S Dover Ave
0102_77_24Burgos De Velez, Josefina J.219 Oriental Ave
0102_63_1_C0004Burgos, David R526 Pacific Th4
0102_384_41Burgos, Diane & Edith204 N Florida Ave
0102_727_2Burke II, Joseph & Sonja1824 N Ohio Ave
0102_50_22Burke, Catherine D & Decenso Donata150 Westminster Ave
0102_6_1_C2206Burke, James100 S Berkley Ph2f
0102_277_17Burke, John35 N Bellevue Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1523Burke, Lawrence3101 Bdwk 1503b-1
0102_28_1.01_C1810Burke, Lawrence3101 Bdwk 1810-1
0102_52_27Burke, Richard & (etal)162 St James Pl
0102_367_11_C1201Burke, Sean3816 South Blvd 1
0102_367_11.02Burke, Sean3816 South Blvd Bd1
0102_566_34.03Burke, Sean841 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_5_1_C0508Burns, Sarah101 S Plaza 508
0102_538_6Burroughs, Goldburn & Martine1111 Adriatic Ave Rr
0102_546_6Burroughs, James & Rosalie C706 Wabash Ave
0102_651_6Burroughs, Jodi1126 Monroe Ave
0102_538_16Burroughs, Marvin N1117 Adriatic Ave
0102_591_10Burrus, Christine G.1023 Caspian Ave
0102_105_1_C0304Burt, Ronnie Jr34 Anchorage Ct
0102_523_6Burton, Angela645 Howard St
0102_109_4Burton, Joseph28 Clipper Ct
0102_28_1.01_C1002Burzichelli, Dominick & Karen3101 Bdwk 1002a-1
0102_217_6Busch, Scott & Busch, Steven & Etal10 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_523_5Bush, William S.641 Howard Avenue
0102_546_3Busuttil, Victor716 Wabash Ave
0102_477_3Buswell, David1012 N Michigan Ave
0102_14_6.01Butch And Charlie, LLC139 S Annapolis Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2107Butler, Bruce & Eileen3101 Bdwk 2107-1
0102_208_5Butler, Darlene & Coggins, Eileen23 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_731_17Butler, Douglas R. F1619 Emerson Ave
0102_552_5Butler, Douglas R. F542 N Delaware Ave
0102_731_18Butler, Douglas R. F.1621 Emerson Ave
0102_121.02_15Butler, Karen & Perkins, Victor211 Grammercy Pl
0102_343_26Butt, Tariq J & Yasmin2703 Arctic Ave
0102_109_9Butts, Inez E. (revocable Trust)19 Clipper Ct
0102_692_12Byard, Charlotte D1411 W Riverside Dr
0102_632_1Byard, Lisa1919 Magellan Ave
0102_640_7Byard, Lisa819 N Michigan Ave
0102_105_1_C1408Byard, Ruth J.1 Spinnaker Way
0102_350_13Bybee, Danny & Ngo, Bill3501 Winchester Ave
0102_71_49Byers Properties LLC217 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2906Byrne, Margaret P3101 Bdwk 2906-1
0102_31_2_C0523Byrne, Timothy & Kerri2721 Bdwk 523
0102_31_2_C0908Byrne, Timothy & Kerri2721 Bdwk 908
0102_422_1.02C & C Housing LLC516 Melrose Ave
0102_454_1.19C & C Housing, LLC1330 Drexel Ave
0102_265_1C & C, Real Estate LLC3123 Atlantic Ave
0102_594_1C & D Seafood, Inc.605 N Maryland Ave
0102_366_2C G F Associates330 N Albany Ave
0102_301_61C R Property Ventures LLC915 Atlantic Ave
0102_172_1Ca 23 LLC23 S California Ave
0102_12_1_C0824Caballo, Asteria & Teodulo101 S Raleigh 824
0102_173_21_C0407Cabangon, Shelley S37 S Iowa Ave 4g
0102_63_1_C0401Cabanilla, Keri & Jorge526 Pacific 401
0102_23_1_C2228Cabb Properties LLC3501 Bdwk B228
0102_27_5_C0320Caccavo, Marc N.108 S Montpelier 320
0102_767_11Cadavid, Elvis M & Porter, Kielsey4001 Crossan Ave
0102_1_93_B08Caesars Atlantic City1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B11Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B07Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B09Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B01Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B14Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B02Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B03Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_159_1.03Caesars Atlantic City LLC15 S Arkansas Ave
0102_1_93_B06Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B05Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B13Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_1_93_B04Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_159_1.02Caesars Atlantic City LLC10 S Michigan Ave
0102_1_93.01Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_41_1Caesars Atlantic City LLC2101 Boardwalk
0102_41_2Caesars Atlantic City LLC2125 Boardwalk
0102_161_1.02Caesars Atlantic City LLC2101 Pacific Ave
0102_1_93_B12Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_157_21.01Caesars Atlantic City LLC1809 Pacific Ave
0102_42_4.01Caesars Atlantic City LLC139 S Arkansas Ave
0102_1_93_B10Caesars Atlantic City LLC1 Atlantic Ocean
0102_28_1.02_C1711Cahan, Bruce & Kahn, Andrew3101 Bdwk 1711-2
0102_31_2_C1112Cahill, Thomas2721 Bdwk 1112
0102_222_13Cai, Wen Shao20 N Delancy Pl
0102_781_2Cal Realty Holdings, LLC648 N Albany Ave
0102_781_3Cal Realty Holdings, LLC646 N Albany Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1602Calabrese, Christopher J & Judith3101 Bdwk 1602a-1
0102_775_17Calabrese, Francis & Wife529 N Dover Ave
0102_775_12Calabrese, Francis & Wife514 Harbor Rd
0102_775_14Calabrese, Francis & Wife510 Harbor Rd
0102_775_13Calabrese, Francis & Wife512 Harbor Rd
0102_775_10Calabrese, Francis J Etux520 Harbor Rd
0102_775_11Calabrese, Francis J II516 Harbor Rd
0102_28_1.02_C0811Caldwell Circle Irrevocable Trust3101 Bdwk 811-2
0102_663_4Caldwell, Stephen Sr1236 N Indiana Ave
0102_338_17Calen, Lucy119 N Georgia Ave
0102_31_2_C1003Calhoun, Elnora B. Trustee2721 Bdwk 1003
0102_32_7California Ave Ventures120 S California Ave
0102_32_6California Avenue Ventures, LLC118 S California Ave
0102_32_10California Avenue Ventures, LLC109 S Belmont Ave
0102_32_5California Avenue Ventures, LLC116 S California Ave
0102_32_4California Avenue Ventures, LLC102 S California Ave
0102_32_9California Avenue Ventures, LLC111 S Belmont Ave
0102_32_8California Avenue Ventures, LLC2701 Boardwalk
0102_35_2California Villas Condominium Assoc119 S California Ave
0102_688_10Calla Holdings, LLC1408 Emerson Ave
0102_164_1Callaghan, Brian J & Thompson, Edward2428 Atlantic Ave
0102_273_14Callahan Investments LLC24 N California Ave
0102_670_5Callahan, John2020 E Riverside Dr
0102_211_2Callahan, Thomas J Etux10 S Plaza Pl
0102_550_4Callaway, Craig500 Wabash Ave
0102_63_1_C0601Callazzo Properties LLC526 Pacific 601
0102_54_54Callazzo Properties LLC116 S Ocean Ave
0102_337_13Callazzo Properties LLC8 Italy Terr
0102_63_1_C1902Callazzo, Mark & Nicole526 Pacific 1902
0102_63_1_C1903Callazzo, Mark & Nicole526 Pacific 1903
0102_425_20Callender, Gary & Daniels, Ivy351 N Connecticut Ave
0102_425_21Callender, Gary & Daniels, Ivy353 N Connecticut Ave
0102_425_1Callender, Gary & Daniels, Ivy355 N Connecticut Ave
0102_425_2Callender, Gary & Daniels, Ivy522 Adriatic Ave
0102_301_17Callender, Gary & Daniels, Ivy L38 N Maryland Ave
0102_604_3Calvi Electric Co820 N New York Ave
0102_695_10Calvitti, Joseph J1622 W Riverside Dr
0102_341_6Camarota, Michael2514 Fairmount Ave
0102_230_23Camarota, Mike19 N Parker Ave
0102_219_11Camp, Anetia11 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_105_1_C1703Camp, Michael P9 Anchorage Ct
0102_61.01_1_C2204Campanile, Marie (rev Trust)600 Pacific B204
0102_27_5_C0205Campanile, T. Maria108 S Montpelier 205
0102_666_3Campbell, Elizabeth1250 Monroe Ave
0102_12_1_C0924Campbell, Florence, Etal101 S Raleigh 924
0102_469_9Campbell, J. Robert322 N Indiana Ave
0102_105_1_C0903Campbell, Jennifer & Flesher, Matth78 Anchorage Ct
0102_560_2.05Campbell, Jennifer & Flesher, Matth741 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_469_10Campbell, Robert J320 N Indiana Ave #a
0102_779_33Campbell, Thomas W737 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_526_39Campbell, Wilhelmena1418 Sewell Ave
0102_459_4Camper, Michelle1520 Drexel Ave
0102_6_1_C2003Campiglia, Robert J100 S Berkley 20c
0102_247_3Campione, Alexis & Davis, Karim136 N Laclede Pl
0102_28_1.02_C2411Campisi, Cheryl3101 Bdwk 2411-2
0102_387_8Campisi, Gaspare2442 Sunset Ave
0102_387_7Campisi, Gaspare2444 Sunset Ave
0102_50_31_C2103Campos, Danilo & Emily C Etal1515 Bdwk 2103
0102_6_1_C1105Camron, Bracha & David100 S Berkley 11e
0102_559_20Canayunan, Glenn505 N Connecticut Ave
0102_17_2_C2602Candelori, William & Renee3851 Bdwk 2602
0102_17_2_C2404Candido, Anthony & Susan3851 Bdwk 2404
0102_28_1.01_C2504Candido, Floyd3101 Bdwk 2504-1
0102_790_21Canilla, Edgard418 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_330_18Cannady, Henry1805 Arctic Ave
0102_526_29Cannella, Frank Jr.519 N New York Ave
0102_520_2Cannella, Frank Jr.626 N Kentucky Ave
0102_526_15Cannella, Frank LBay St
0102_526_20Cannella, Frank TBay St
0102_17_2_C1710Cannizzo, Lawrence Y. & Iris3851 Bdwk 1710
0102_71_37Canosa, Vincent Jr243 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_768_17Cantes, Richard & Margaret Mclees4023 Crossan Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0908Cantor, Nancy3101 Bdwk 908-1
0102_6_1_C1410Canuso, Nicholas A.100 S Berkley 14k
0102_176_1_C0605Canzoneri, Joseph2834 Atlantic 605
0102_310.03_7Cao, Hoa M111 N Delaware Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2201Cao, Thomas Xuan & Davies, Kelvin P3101 Bdwk 2201-1
0102_28_1.01_C3302Capaci, Frank & Vicki3101 Bdwk 3302a-1
0102_17_2_C2802Capece, Frank & Capece, Theresa M.3851 Bdwk Ph202
0102_65_14Capex Returns Inc501 Oriental Ave
0102_65_20Capex Returns Inc114 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_65_18Capex Returns Inc118 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_65_5Capex Returns Inc119 S Congress Ave
0102_24_9_C3208Capistrano, Cecelio & Merceditas3501 Bdwk C208
0102_229_11_C2103Capital Finance Co Of Del Val Inc27 N Annapolis B5
0102_63_1_C1008Capital Street Ventures LLC526 Pacific 1008
0102_187_4_C0102Caplan, Wayne & Susan2 S Hartford A2
0102_376_10Capone, Anne Marie,/Tr & Mcgettigan2901 Sunset Ave
0102_376_10.01Capone, Daniel J2901 Sunset Ave
0102_31_2_C1215Capone, Michele2721 Bdwk 1215
0102_339_38_C2101Capone, Victor & Yang, Lin2412 Formica's Way
0102_12_1_C0328Cappo, Thomas101 S Raleigh 328
0102_566_38Cappuccio, Anthony & Curran, Patric829 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_6_1_C1813Caprice, Robert100 S Berkley 18n
0102_27_5_C0222Capulli, Graziano108 S Montpelier 222
0102_28_1.01_C1509Caraan, Ursula3101 Bdwk 1509-1
0102_275_22Caraballo, Pedro M.24 N Bellevue Ave
0102_259_18Caranza, Alejandro1 N Hartford Ave Rr
0102_339_13Carbajal De Bennett, Paola122 N Georgia Ave Rr #b
0102_105_1_C0406Carbino, Paul43 Anchorage Ct
0102_379_6.01Cardani, James & Joseh (etal)2827 Fenton Pl Rr (piers)
0102_379_7Cardani, James & Joseph (etal)206 N Iowa Ave
0102_379_6Cardani, James & Joseph (etal)2827 Fenton Pl
0102_379_5Cardani, James & Joseph (etal)2829 Fenton Pl
0102_379_7.01Cardani, James & Joseph (etal)206 N Iowa Ave
0102_379_5.01Cardani, James & Joseph (etal)2829 Fenton Pl Rr (piers)
0102_379_3.01Cardani, Joseph & James A.215 N Brighton Ave
0102_379_3Cardani, Joseph & James A.215 N Brighton Ave
0102_379_4Cardani, Joseph W & Catherine M2831 Fenton Ave
0102_380_22Cardani, Joseph W. & Cardani James211 N Iowa Ave Rr (bay)
0102_380_23Cardani, Joseph W. & Cardani, James211 N Iowa Ave
0102_380_24Cardani, Joseph W. & Cardani, James211 N Iowa Ave #b (alley)
0102_380_22.01Cardani, Joseph W. & Cardani, James213 N Iowa Ave (piers)
0102_380_26Cardani, Real Estate LLC209 N Iowa Ave
0102_203_8Cardellia, Vincenzo48 S Laclede Pl
0102_229_11_C1205Cardona, Carolos & Raquel27 Annapolis A10
0102_72_9Cardona-Paz, Wilmer336 Pacific Ave
0102_150_7Carepenters Local Union 523 Re Corp1507 Belfield Ave
0102_50_31_C1507Carfagno, Francis A & Michelle1515 Bdwk 1507
0102_236_35_C0001Carfagno, Michael & Nancy1 Chelsea Ct
0102_28_1.01_C2004Carise, Deni3101 Bdwk 2004-1
0102_361_15Carlson, Mark & Hunter, Ben4117 South Blvd
0102_358_3Carmen, Mark4204 Stewart Ave
0102_280_31Carnuccio, Nicholas2308 Ruffu Terr
0102_367_25Carole, Jacqueline M3716 South Blvd
0102_367_25.01Carole, Jacqueline M3716 South Blvd
0102_723_7Caroline, Christine M. & Ronald S.1815 Emerson Ave
0102_770_1Carolyn Terrace Condominium Assoc670 Carolyn Terr
0102_12_1_C0833Carpenter, Damien J101 S Raleigh 833
0102_721_2Carpenter, Joseph J,-3rd & Rivers,1906 Emerson Ave
0102_322_41Carpenter, Nadine143 N New York Ave
0102_404_2_C0317Carpenter, Ruth M211 N New York #b
0102_779_29Carpenter, Stephanie628 Wisteria Rd
0102_150_8Carpenters Local Union 623 Est Corp1505 Belfield Ave
0102_207_10Carr, Ashley & Carr, Kimberly54 S Bartram Ave
0102_6_1_C1804Carr, Harold & Elaine100 S Berkley 18d
0102_653_6Carr, Kristina1052 N Ohio Ave
0102_121.02_3Carr, Kristina212 Dylan Dr
0102_690_20Carr, Kristina1543 Beach Ave
0102_690_16Carr, Kristina & John1531 Beach Ave
0102_176_1_C0403Carr, Lisa2834 Atlantic 403
0102_770_1_C0101Carrasco, Jehova & Elizabeth R670 Carolyn Terrace
0102_683_21Carreon, Jose1523 N Michigan Ave
0102_364_26Carrieri, Anne Marie (lf Est) Et Al321 N Elberon Ave
0102_12_1_C0927Carrigan, Joyce & Daniel H/W101 S Raleigh 927
0102_173_21_C0501Carrillo, Julio37 S Iowa Ave 5a
0102_695_4Carrington, Thomas1658 W Riverside Dr
0102_105_1_C1901Carrington, Vera72 Lighthouse Ct
0102_263_17Carrizosa-Lopez; Sealtiel Solano; Ang3205 Atlantic Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1605Carroll, James & Candace3101 Bdwk 1605-1
0102_28_1.01_C0815Carroll, James & Joyce3101 Bdwk 815-1
0102_243_1816Carroll, James J & Joyce Candace151 N Annapolis #d
0102_108_6Carroll, Josephine6 Clipper Ct
0102_12_1_C0709Carruolo, Dawn101 S Raleigh 709
0102_691_17Carter, Charles B & Merilyn A1565 N Missouri Ave
0102_105_1_C0703Carter, Gail Peggy & Robert G59 Anchorage Ct
0102_693_3Carter, Leslie R1548 N Missouri Ave #a
0102_693_2Carter, Leslie R1548 N Missouri Ave
0102_693_14Carter, Leslie R2204 Grammercy Ave
0102_693_1Carter, Leslie R1548 N Missouri Ave #b
0102_693_13Carter, Leslie R2206 Grammercy Ave
0102_693_12Carter, Leslie R2208 Grammercy Ave
0102_693_4Carter, Leslie R & Carter, Susie M.1548 N Missouri Ave
0102_236_23_C0811Carter, Lindsay Binder3817 Ventnor 811
0102_776_2Caruso, Angela566 N Elberon Ave
0102_105_1_C2801Caruso, Joseph S7 Lighthouse Ct
0102_660_7Caruso, Joseph S.1617 Marmora Ave
0102_322_3Carvajal, Joshua1424 Baltic Ave
0102_322_16Carvajal, Joshua122 Bay St
0102_249_10Carvajal, Josue & Ramos, Ray103 N Columbia Ave
0102_596_1Carver Hall Urban Renewal501 N South Carolina Ave
0102_535_1Carver Hall Urban Renewal420 N South Carolina Ave
0102_595_1Carver Hall Urban Renewal501 N Tennessee Ave
0102_280_34Casale Realty LLC4 N Mississippi Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0709Casarino, C & Kari, M3101 Bdwk 709-1
0102_24_9_C3109Casasanto, Joanne3501 Bdwk C109
0102_306_33Casey, Alice M.37 N Congress Ave #a
0102_304_18Casey, Anthony26 N Connecticut Ave
0102_304_19Casey, Anthony24 N Connecticut Ave
0102_128_34Casey, Anthony G17 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_167_11Casey, Forrest22 S Bellevue Ave
0102_556_32Casey, John & Luann E.537 N New Jersey Ave
0102_634_4Cash, Julie1909 Grant Ave
0102_7_12_C0001Casiello, Jr, Nicholas137 S Berkley #a
0102_164_53Casino Hotel LLC28 S Georgia Ave
0102_75_30Casino Reinvest Develop Authority220 Pacific Ave
0102_75_28Casino Reinvest Develop Authority224 Pacific Ave
0102_75_29Casino Reinvest Develop Authority222 Pacific Ave
0102_77_33Casino Reinvest Develop Authority119 S Seaside Ave
0102_72_12Casino Reinvest Develop Authority328 Pacific Ave
0102_228_12Casino Reinvestment Dev Auth4001 Ventnor Ave
0102_336_8Casino Reinvestment Dev Auth2209 Arctic Ave
0102_336_23Casino Reinvestment Dev Auth2231 Arctic Ave
0102_128_12Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth31 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_72_16Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth102 S Victoria Terr
0102_130_21Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth501 Pacific Ave
0102_75_24Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth113 S Vermont Ave
0102_72_23Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth302 Pacific Ave
0102_126_12Casino Reinvestment Develop Auth10 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_163_32Casino Reinvestment Develop Author40 S Mississippi Ave #a
0102_126_1Casino Reinvestment Development226 Atlantic Ave
0102_38_1Casino Reinvestment Development2430 Pacific Ave
0102_472_2Casino Reinvestment Development1 Convention Boulevard
0102_126_11Casino Reinvestment Development8 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_77_28Casino Reinvestment Development127 S Seaside Ave
0102_472_17Casino Reinvestment DevelopmentConvention Boulevard
0102_75_25Casino Reinvestment Development Aut111 S Vermont Ave
0102_367_11.05Casolaro, Donald3816 South Blvd Bd4
0102_367_11_C1202Casolaro, Donald3816 South Blvd 2
0102_610_7Cason, Louise803 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_627_1Cason, Valerie921 N Ohio Ave
0102_545_3Casp 720 LLC720 Caspian Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1404Cassir, Jorge F & Eileen B3101 Bdwk 1404-2
0102_61.01_1_C4206Castagna, Robert D & Eleanor600 Pacific D206
0102_214_1Castellani, David R. K. Lisa % Mary C49 N Jackson Ave
0102_36_61Castellanos, Mario104 S Bellevue Ave
0102_384_63Castillo, Maria2525 Fairmount Ave
0102_502_5Castillo, Nelson511 N Ohio Ave
0102_224_21_C0104Castillo, Roxanna4209 Ventnor #4
0102_176_1_C0907Castillo, Thomas L2834 Atlantic 907
0102_518_5Castle One Inc521 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_616_19Castle One Inc812 Ariff Ave
0102_502_1Castle One Inc521 N Ohio Ave
0102_427_9Castle One Inc516 Drexel Ave
0102_52_28.02Castle One Inc160 A St James Pl
0102_36_16Castle One Inc.131 S Texas Ave
0102_128_42Castle One Inc.11 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_626_1Castle One, Inc725 N Ohio Ave
0102_301_30Castle One, Inc26 N Maryland Ave
0102_35_27Castle One, Inc.4 Texas Ct
0102_556_11Castor, James & Hevener, Joseph552 N Connecticut #a
0102_556_10Castor, M A & Castor, J S552 N Connecticut #b
0102_404_2_C0108Castro, Alcides E1420 Mediterranean #b
0102_222_14Castro, Evelin M4 N Delancy Pl
0102_346_39Casumpang, Lemuel101 N Morris Ave #b
0102_339_31Catalioti, Franco & Rosa130 N Georgia Ave
0102_786_5Catanese, Salvatore & Claudette450 N Dover Ave
0102_786_4Catanese, Salvatore & Claudette E458 N Dover Ave
0102_786_17Catanese, Salvatore & Claudette E451 N Ridgeway Rd
0102_355_12Catanese, Salvatore & Rose311 N Raleigh Ave
0102_545_7Cates, Paul & Margaret446 N New Jersey Ave
0102_23_1_C2105Catona, Anthony J.3501 Bdwk B105
0102_330_26Catrickes, Constantine & Sarantoula1821 Arctic Ave
0102_263_2Catrickes, Constantine & Sarantoula26 N Montpelier Ave
0102_427_7Catrickes, Constantine & Sarantoula520 Drexel Ave
0102_280_40Catrickes, Constantine & Sarantoula2305 Atlantic Ave
0102_36_11Catrickes, Constantine & Sarantoula121 S Texas Ave
0102_434_18Catrickes, Sarantouka & Constantine719 Drexel Ave
0102_330_27Catrickes, Sarantoula1825 Arctic Ave
0102_330_4Catrickes, Sarantoula1818 Garfield Ave #a
0102_330_12Catrickes, Sarantoula112 N Indiana Ave
0102_36_39Catrickes, Sarantoula4 Stanley Ct
0102_36_12Catrickes, Sarantoula123 S Texas Ave
0102_330_24Catrickes, Sarantoula1815 Arctic Ave #a
0102_330_29Catrickes, Sarantoula1829 Arctic Ave
0102_431_27Catrickes, Sarantoula623 Drexel Ave
0102_330_6Catrickes, Sarantoula & Constantine1816 Garfield Ave
0102_228_9Catrickes, Sarantoula & Constantine4009 Ventnor Ave
0102_492_5Catrickes, Sarantoula & Constantine1924 Magellan Ave
0102_299_4Catrickes. Sarantoula39 N Mansion Ave
0102_164_39Catrikes, Sarantoula22 S Georgia Ave Rr #3
0102_363_3Cavalieri, Dino & Karen350 N Elberon Ave
0102_5_1_C0414Cavalieri, Joseph101 S Plaza 414
0102_723_6Cavaretta, Christopher J2003 Murray Ave
0102_664_16Caviness, Carl1227 N Ohio Ave
0102_664_15Caviness, Carl1225 N Ohio Ave
0102_654_5Caviness, Sheila P1128 N Ohio Ave
0102_270_33Ccam Realty LLC23 N Brighton Ave
0102_549_10Ceaser, John C519 Wabash Ave
0102_733_9Ceaser, Mcneil & Vivian1603 Madison Ave
0102_245_1Cecil, Anne137 N Richmond Ave
0102_200_4_C0303Cedar Lane Suites LLC19 S Windsor C3
0102_186_13_C0216Cedar Lane Suites LLC3501 Pacific 87
0102_31_2_C1007Cedar Lane Suites, LLC2721 Bdwk 1007
0102_328_5Cedar Rental Prop LLC & Khalil, You1712 Baltic Ave
0102_327_1Cedar Rental Prop LLC & Khalil, You1700 Baltic Ave
0102_317_23Cedar Rental Properties LLC1123 Arctic Ave
0102_113_29Cedar Rental Properties LLC201 Melrose Ave
0102_468_5Cedeno, Luis N410 N Indiana Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1411Cella, Ruth & John3101 Bdwk 1411-1
0102_84_7Center City PropertiesS Maine Ave Rr
0102_51_42Center City Properties LLC165 Westminster Ave
0102_84_13Center City Properties, LLC24 S Maine Ave Rr
0102_1_25_T01Central Pier Associates LLC1400 Boardwalk
0102_1_125Central Pier Associates LLC1400 Boardwalk
0102_1_125_T01Central Pier Associates LLC1400 Boardwalk
0102_1_125_B01Central Pier Associates, LLC1400 Boardwalk
0102_63_1_C2301Cerdena, Ernesto526 Pacific 2301
0102_28_1.01_C0904Ceremuga, Krystyna & Cornacchia, Vi3101 Bdwk 904-1
0102_17_2_C2706Cereste, Nicholas3851 Bdwk Ph106
0102_17_2_C2306Cereste, Nicholas A3851 Bdwk 2306
0102_85_1.12Cermele, Anthony J. & Karin Irene13 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_236_23_P0033Cerota, Richard & Barbara3817 Ventnor P33
0102_36_56Ceylan, Adelheid2518 Pacific Ave
0102_27_5_C0323Cfp Real Estate Mgmt LLC108 S Montpelier 323
0102_366_10Cgf Assoc % Kerbeck327 N Trenton Ave
0102_74_10Ch Equities Attn S Goldfond220 S Vermont Ave
0102_210_11Chabad Synagogues, Inc43 S Plaza Pl
0102_236_23_C0504Chabur, Guillermo3817 Ventnor 504
0102_17_2_C2109Chachkes, IIya & Irina3851 Bdwk 2109
0102_214_5Chadwick, Jamie36 N Newton Ave
0102_170_14Chadwick, Jamie21 S Spray Ave
0102_690_3Chainey, Brenden R1522 N Arkansas Ave
0102_224_2Chait, Nathan4228 Winchester Ave
0102_224_3Chait, Nathan64 N Laclede Pl
0102_339_18Chakraborty, Debaswrup9 Liberty Terr
0102_534_33Chamberlayne, Nicholas437 N Tennessee Ave
0102_534_34Chamberlayne, Nicholas439 N Tennessee Ave
0102_543_1Chamberlayne, Nicholas & Taliaferro808 Wabash Ave
0102_624_2Chambers, Marilyn G1809 Grant Ave
0102_12_1_C0310Champlin Realty II LLC101 S Raleigh 310
0102_12_1_C0914Champlin, Curtis101 S Raleigh 914
0102_136_25Chan, Allen35 S Gordons Alley
0102_172_8Chan, Chak Woon & Connie Chan32 S Spray Ave
0102_339_16Chan, Connie Z & Chak W122 N Georgia Ave Rr #a
0102_176_1_C1211Chan, David P2834 Atlantic 1211
0102_299_1_C0103Chan, Eric60 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_65_16Chan, Eric & Li, Jia Xing122 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_197_20Chan, Kam K23 S Parker Ave
0102_342_51Chan, Lisa105 N California Rr
0102_339_15Chan, Lisa & Chan, Hoi K.120 N Georgia Ave Rr #a
0102_301_14Chan, Man Ching42 N Maryland Ave
0102_197_12Chan, Man Ching4009 Van Ranseleer Ave
0102_347_6Chan, Mei Sau3014 Fairmount Ave
0102_14_1Chan, Nongnart R. C/O Handle Rental4020 Atlantic Ave
0102_156_11Chan, Peter And Lisa1706 Atlantic Ave
0102_35_15Chan, Peter Hoi Keung2616 Pacific Ave
0102_262_6Chan, Peter, Lisa & Chan, Scott S.3313 Atlantic Ave
0102_673_11Chan, Shek & Xiu1331 N Ohio Ave
0102_260_10Chan, Shing K & Fei C36 N Boston Ave
0102_163_49Chan, Shing K. Etal2317 Pacific Ave
0102_163_48Chan, Shing K. Etal2315 Pacific Ave
0102_163_47Chan, Shing K. Etal2311 Pacific Ave
0102_236_23_C1207Chan, Siew & Chan, Fong Yiow3817 Ventnor 1207
0102_36_18Chan, Stephanie & James135 S Texas Ave
0102_36_81Chan, Wai Ling150 S Bellevue Ave
0102_36_80Chan, Wai Ling & Chong, Wai K148 S Bellevue Ave
0102_261_7Chan, Ying Sho & Chen, Hong Zhen18 N Sovereign Ave
0102_65_15Chan; Eric Yau; Moon Li; Jia Xing124 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_17_2_C0909Chando, Mark & Bruton, Mark3851 Bdwk 909
0102_28_1.02_C2501Chandra, Nakul & Santosh3101 Bdwk 2501-2
0102_28_1.01_C1511Chang, Alan & Jean3101 Bdwk 1511-1
0102_247_5Chang, Fred & Nhan, Tein126 N Laclede Pl
0102_301_29Chang, Ryan A.26 Born Terr
0102_31_2_C1012Chang, Sung Dae & Yon Sook2721 Bdwk 1012
0102_365_1_C0108Chang-Leon, Alberto Wing Ming351 N Harrisburg 3818a
0102_31_2_C0602Chao, Daniel & Martinez, Charles2721 Bdwk 602
0102_139_22Chaos, Charles & Kathy42 S Mansion Ave
0102_339_38_C3101Chapko, Stephen & Katelyn2425 Formica's Way
0102_206_9_C0203Chapko, Stephen J,-Jr4401 Atlantic B3
0102_61.01_1_C3201Chapman, Arleen600 Pacific C201
0102_520_8Chapman, Arthur & Helen601 Green St
0102_700_12Chapman, Bradley A & Michelle1609 Beach Ave
0102_691_8Chapman, Ericka1500 Beach Ave
0102_557_1.01Chapman, Robert & Gasperini, Bonnie610 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_258_4Charalidis, Ekaterini52 N Hartford Ave
0102_689_3Charles, Brenda1422 N Arkansas Ave
0102_559_13.01Charleswortj, Melanie504 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1715Charlotte A Greco Holdings LLC3101 Bdwk 1715-1
0102_361_13Charlotte Brainard Irrevocable Trus4115 South Blvd
0102_136_19Charm House Assoc1003 Pacific Ave
0102_109_26Charman, David B.19 Barkentine Ct
0102_17_2_C2303Charnis, Boris & Charnis, Faina3851 Bdwk 2303
0102_23_1_C1124Charokopos, George & Zena3501 Bdwk A124
0102_23_1_C1123Charokops Zena & George3501 Bdwk A123
0102_511_1Charter Properties525 N Indiana Ave
0102_236_23_C0401Chase, Gerald Trust C/O Edna Nelson3817 Ventnor 401
0102_435_4Chatman, Nicole A810 Adriatic Ave
0102_221_7Chatterjee, Sushil K. & Manju29 N Bartram Ave
0102_280_36Chau, Ken & Lisa2 N Mississippi Ave
0102_141_13Chau, Ken & Mao Ling29 S South Carolina Ave
0102_176_1_C0308Chau, Kevin & Chau, Kemy2834 Atlantic 308
0102_310.01_13Chau, Kiet & Chau, Thuan700 Baltic Ave
0102_260_33Chau, Lai & To, Danh3419 Ventnor Ave
0102_197_18Chau, Wing Wo35 S Parker Ave
0102_250_3Chau; Brenda, Vanwaas; John4123 Sunset Ave
0102_229_11_C2106Chauhan, Sobhana27 N Annapolis B11
0102_164_48Chavez, Jorge Bello & Monica Bello -2409 Aliantro Terr
0102_275_23Cheangwoo, Choy B22 N Bellevue Ave
0102_341_15Cheangwoo, Choy B2504 Fairmount Ave
0102_404_3.07Cheatham, Helen202 N Tennessee Ave
0102_182_6Check Casher II, L. L. C.3100 Atlantic Ave
0102_719_3Cheeks, Mary L.2101 Sheridan Ave
0102_203_14Cheepnick, Harriet55 S Raleigh Ave
0102_269_5Chef King LLC2903 Atlantic Ave
0102_131_17Cheifetz, Lewis Etux25 S Connecticut Ave
0102_266_1Chelsea Atl. Equities, LLC C/O L Hemo3015 Atlantic Ave
0102_266_2Chelsea Atlantic Equites LLC3005 Atlantic Ave
0102_156_2Chelsea Atlantic Equities LLC1732 Atlantic Ave
0102_267_16Chelsea Atlantic Equities LLC3 N Chelsea Ave
0102_156_1Chelsea Atlantic Equities, LLC1740 Atlantic Ave
0102_181_6Chelsea Ave Associates, LLC9 S Montpelier Ave
0102_181_7Chelsea Ave Associates, LLC7 S Montpelier Ave
0102_178_2Chelsea Baptist Church2906 Atlantic Ave
0102_178_3Chelsea Bapts C/O Boa Nc1-001-03-812904 Atlantic Ave
0102_179_12Chelsea Community Church9 S Chelsea Ave
0102_195_14Chelsea Hebrew % Schwartz3923 Atlantic Ave
0102_198_5Chelsea Hebrew Cong % Schwartz, M.4001 Atlantic Ave
0102_77_31Chelsea Jacob Inc123 S Seaside Ave
0102_77_37Chelsea Jacob, Inc109 S Seaside Ave
0102_77_42Chelsea Jacob, Inc206 Pacific Ave
0102_236_23_P0016Chelsea Landmark Inc.3817 Ventnor P16
0102_236_23_P0017Chelsea Landmark Inc.3817 Ventnor P17
0102_236_23_P0042Chelsea Landmark Inc.3817 Ventnor P42
0102_236_36Chelsea View Associates110 N Dover Ave
0102_236_35Chelsea View Associates137 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_350_3Chelsea Village Ptnrs LLC3330 Sovereign Ct
0102_350_2Chelsea Village Ptnrs LLC3330 Providence Ct
0102_350_1Chelsea Village Ptnrs LLC3330 Hartford Ct
0102_199_6Chen Bai Qia & Zhi Yun Tan4021 Van Renseleer Ave
0102_176_1_C0910Chen, Ba N2834 Atlantic 910
0102_180_2Chen, Bai Q.3004 Atlantic Ave
0102_196_11Chen, Chang Da & Chan, Man Ching4006 Ventnor Ave
0102_314_17Chen, Chang Song & Hui Qin1003 Arctic Ave
0102_50_31_C1205Chen, David H T & Gwendyline Yy1515 Bdwk 1205
0102_197_15Chen, Fengling & Lin, Jianquan4017 Van Renseleer Ave
0102_197_16Chen, Hao Jui & Li, Suling41 S Parker Ave
0102_229_4Chen, Huan Xiong & Chen, Shu Juan58 N Dover Ave
0102_248_11Chen, Jeffrey4309 Winchester Ave
0102_261_30Chen, Jeffrey & Li, Guo & Chan, C M33 N Boston Ave
0102_199_7Chen, Jian He & Lo, Ying Yven4023 Van Renseleer Ave
0102_197_17Chen, Jianyang37 S Parker Ave
0102_124_67Chen, Kan15 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_278_15Chen, Kan & Lin, Yi Fen37 N Bellevue Ave
0102_190_12Chen, Ling Zhou12 S Trenton Ave
0102_195_18Chen, Mei You35 S Dover Ave
0102_258_22Chen, Melissa Wei9-11 N St David Pl
0102_28_1.01_C3007Chen, Michael & Michele3101 Bdwk 3007-1
0102_274_23Chen, Ming F10 N Texas Ave
0102_225_12Chen, Ming Feng15 N Laclede Place
0102_278_19Chen, Ming Feng45 N Bellevue Ave
0102_275_20Chen, Ming Feng & Chen, Zhen Hong28 N Bellevue Ave
0102_265_4Chen, Ming Zhen & Ming Feng Chen3109 Atlantic Ave
0102_197_13Chen, Ping Dong & Chen, Danni4011 Van Renseleer Ave
0102_230_18Chen, Renhe & Wang, Yanxia9 N Parker Ave
0102_447_1.01Chen, Rui Zhong & Mei, Xui Fang1130 Drexel Ave
0102_199_11Chen, Tammy43 S Annapolis Ave
0102_246_11Chen, Wei & Zhang, Li Fen101 N Laclede Pl
0102_166_16Chen, Wei K18 S Florida Ave
0102_166_15Chen, Wei K16 S Florida Ave
0102_275_35Chen, Wen & Hui Bai Chen23 N Texas Ave
0102_232_10Chen, Xiao & Tran, Vu29 N Dover Ave
0102_409.04_1.01Chen, Xiaomin1117 City Ave
0102_223_9Chen, Xiaopeng & Miaoe36 N Raleigh Ave
0102_164_14Chen, Xiu Yu2429 Trenwith Terr
0102_409.04_1.04Chen, Xuan1129 City Ave
0102_245_18Chen, Yan & Zheng, Xiumin117 N Richmond Ave
0102_377_40Chen, Ying & Feng207 N Morris Ave
0102_223_7Chen, Ying Q & Xia Qiu44 N Raleigh Ave
0102_345_62Chen, Yu Bei2801 Arctic Ave
0102_12_1_C0221Cheng, Bobby & Linda101 S Raleigh 221
0102_376_9.01Cheng, Chuen Git2905 Sunset Ave
0102_341_55Cheng, Chuen Git125 N Texas Ave #a
0102_376_9Cheng, Chuen Git2905 Sunset Ave
0102_257_13Cheng, Chuen Git & Ling Zhou4 N St Davids Pl
0102_302_6Cheng, Chuen Hor805 Atlantic Ave
0102_139_16Cheng, Hoi16 S Mansion Ave
0102_224_21_C0105Cheng, Hoi & Xiao4209 Ventnor #5
0102_176_1_C0109Cheng, Linda2834 Atlantic 109
0102_195_3Cheng, Ling8 S Elberon Ave
0102_314_1.01Cheng, Michael130 N Virginia Ave
0102_314_1.03Cheng, Peter Lam126 N Virginia Ave
0102_310.03_8Cheng, Shouqu & Shouhu109 N Delaware Ave
0102_118_5.03Cheng, Sin Mui & Lai Ching, Cheng122 N Vermont Ave
0102_195_4Cheng, Tung Tsz12 S Elberon Ave
0102_322_34Cheng, Wun Jei J & Shin Cheng121 N New York Ave
0102_31_2_C1206Chepovertsky, Stanislav & Lidia2721 Bdwk 1206
0102_682_7Cherilin, Melise & Antoine Archange1514 N Ohio Ave
0102_50_31_C2910Cheripka, James & Marguerite1515 Bdwk 2910
0102_17_2_C1401Cherkassky, Anatoly & Susan3851 Bdwk 1401
0102_714_16Cherry, Rosetta William , Jerry, Etal2189 N Riverside Dr
0102_513_8Chesarek, J & Korik, Alan J1713 Hummock Ave
0102_384_1Chevere, Luis265 N Nevada Ave
0102_90.01_3Chew, Cheewee & Loo, Yueh-Lin116 Sunrise Ave
0102_348_2Chia, Heng & Lim, Thye3114 Fairmount Ave
0102_105_1_C1504Chiarella, Ralph & Cyrene4 Halyard Dr
0102_618_3Chicken Bone Beach Historical Found726 N Indiana Ave
0102_384_38Chiddique, Mohammed210 N Florida Ave
0102_28_1.02_C3006Chien, Tom & Lin, Yu-Ting3101 Bdwk 3006-2
0102_309_1_C0138Chila, Albert & Kenia127 N New Jersey Ave 38a
0102_176_1_C0411Chilas, Juana2834 Atlantic 411
0102_187_4_C0207Chille, Franz & Constance2 S Hartford B7
0102_187_4_C0502Chille, Franz & Constance2 S Hartford E2
0102_31_2_C0419Chimento, Angelo & Marianne2721 Bdwk 419
0102_28_1.02_C2602Chin, Edwin3101 Bdwk 2602-2
0102_28_1.01_C2001Chin, Edwin & Josefina3101 Bdwk 2001-1
0102_173_21_C0503Chin, Lana & Jennifer37 S Iowa Ave 5c
0102_236_23_P0023Chin, Nelson3817 Ventnor P23
0102_236_23_C1007Chin, Nelson3817 Ventnor 1007
0102_173_21_C0606Chin, Oswald & Chin, Debbie37 S Iowa Ave 6f
0102_173_21_C0607Chin, Oswald & Chin, Debbie37 S Iowa Ave 6g
0102_253_6Chin, Wei Shing & Yan Wen112 N Bartram Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1012Ching, Lam Wai & Lam, Wai Ching3101 Bdwk 1012-2
0102_259_9_C0101Chirenje, Tait8 N Providence A1
0102_113_47Chisholm, Abbie L.5 Sloop Ct
0102_92_1Chivulescu, Bogdan & Niculina198 N Maine Ave
0102_17_2_C1807Chliakhanov, A. & Zakharova Y.3851 Bdwk 1807
0102_31_2_C0311Chmelko, Lisa2721 Bdwk 311
0102_86_1_C1710Cho, Kun Ho & Ji Youn Lee Cho60 N Maine 1712
0102_50_31_C1706Cho, Paul K & Grace C1515 Bdwk 1706
0102_63_1_C0804Choe, Young Ja526 Pacific 804
0102_28_1.02_C1715Choi, Jun3101 Bdwk 1715-2
0102_176_1_C0710Choi, Suzie & Young2834 Atlantic 710
0102_63_1_C0207Choi, Suzie & Young526 Pacific 207
0102_176_1_C0315Choi, Suzie & Young2834 Atlantic 315
0102_63_1_C0605Choi, Young & Suzie526 Pacific 605
0102_176_1_C0901Choi, Young & Suzie2834 Atlantic 901
0102_176_1_C0506Choi, Young & Suzie2834 Atlantic 506
0102_176_1_C0806Choi, Young T & Suzie Y2834 Atlantic 806
0102_176_1_C0209Choi, Young Tai & Suzie2834 Atlantic 209
0102_176_1_C0811Choi, Young Tai & Young, Suzi2834 Atlantic 811
0102_518_10Cholula-Gonzalez, Miguel509 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_223_14Chon, Yong4303 Ventnor Ave
0102_24_9_C3211Chong, Joseph3501 Bdwk C211
0102_223_28Choudhury, Delowar45 N Delancy Pl
0102_222_8Choudhury, Delowar36 N Delancy Pl
0102_223_27Choudhury, Ripa & Miah, Nasar37 N Delancy Pl
0102_167_1Choudhury, Rukia1 S Texas Ave
0102_36_27Chouequet, Allegra2529 Boardwalk
0102_201_2Chow, Edmond2 S Windsor Ave
0102_384_52Chow, Ket Chuen2519 Fairmount Ave Rr
0102_384_60Chow, Ket Chuen2519 Fairmount Ave
0102_192_6_C0305Chowdhary, Bhullan3801 Atlantic C5
0102_766_17Chowdhury , Abu & Sumona704 Warrena Rd
0102_383_31Chowdhury, Abdul & Shaleha231 N Texas Ave
0102_790_12Chowdhury, Abhjit436 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_364_1Chowdhury, Abu327 N Elberon Ave
0102_766_18Chowdhury, Abu & Sumona605 N Elberon Ave
0102_766_16Chowdhury, Aby & Sumona704 Warrena Rd Rr
0102_383_11Chowdhury, Anup242 N Nevada Ave
0102_348_6Chowdhury, Chapa & Joy3106 Fairmount Ave
0102_258_14Chowdhury, Dhalia26 N Hartford Ave
0102_384_27Chowdhury, Habibur231 N Nevada Ave
0102_235_11Chowdhury, Hisham M111 N Dover Ave
0102_787_11Chowdhury, Kajal & Rita404 Harbor Rd
0102_380_30Chowdhury, Kanchan201 N Iowa Ave
0102_166_38Chowdhury, Kanchan25 S Bellevue Ave
0102_166_39Chowdhury, Kanchan23 S Bellevue Ave
0102_342_55Chowdhury, Mohammad L107 N California Ave
0102_223_4Chowdhury, Mohammed58 N Raleigh Ave
0102_204_22Chowdhury, Mohammed7 S Delancy Pl
0102_191_7Chowdhury, Mohammed44 S Trenton Ave
0102_223_3Chowdhury, Mohammed62 N Raleigh Ave
0102_223_30Chowdhury, Mohammed57 N Delancy Pl
0102_787_19Chowdhury, Mohammed461 N Dover Ave
0102_383_26Chowdhury, Mohammed221 N Texas Ave
0102_364_16Chowdhury, Mohammed3901 South Blvd
0102_171_13Chowdhury, Mohammed11 S California Ave
0102_789_4Chowdhury, Mohammed457 N Elberon Ave
0102_194_18Chowdhury, Mohammed53 S Elberon Ave
0102_244_1Chowdhury, Mohammed115 N Windsor Ave
0102_228_6Chowdhury, Mohammed4015 Ventnor Ave
0102_194_6Chowdhury, Mohammed22 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_341_44Chowdhury, Mohammed O & Sumi, Kamru2508 Tindaro Terr
0102_792_2Chowdhury, Mohammed R460 N Trenton Ave
0102_363_6Chowdhury, Mohammed W330 N Elberon Ave
0102_240_3Chowdhury, Mohammed W3712 Winchester Ave
0102_246_4Chowdhury, Nahid & Ashan, Dewan115 N Laclede Pl
0102_778_18Chowdhury, Niladri & Dey, Sukla559 Warrena Rd
0102_345_12Chowdhury, Nithay Dhan2815 Carlton Ave
0102_339_10Chowdhury, Pulak10 Liberty Terr
0102_261_22Chowdhury, Shahru & Khondakar, R19 N Boston Ave
0102_779_14Chowdhury, Shahru R & Shaheen, Hoss622 Wisteria Rd #a
0102_779_13Chowdhury, Shahru R & Shaheen, Hoss622 Wisteria Rd #b
0102_776_4Chowdhury, Subrata & Chowdhury, Lucky548 N Elberon Ave
0102_352_3Chowdhury, Surajit114 N St Davids Pl
0102_784_7Chowdhury, Taslima416 N Annapolis Ave
0102_784_6Chowdhury, Taslima418 N Annapolis Ave
0102_235_10Chowdhury, Thairu & Sharul109 N Dover Ave
0102_227_17Chowdhury, Ushakar33 N Windsor Ave
0102_787_15Chowdlury, Kajal K. & Rita415 Dover Ave
0102_337_54Chowdury, Gazi2322 Siracusa Terr
0102_31_2_C1401Chrisana Investment Properties LLC2721 Bdwk 1401
0102_504_13Christ Gospel Ch % T Taliaferro815 Rev Jj Walters Ave
0102_503_1Christ Gospel Church615 N Ohio Ave
0102_206_9_C0104Christensen III, Dawn & Robert4401 Atlantic A4
0102_12_1_C0605Christensen III, Robert & Dawn101 S Raleigh 605
0102_12_1_C0622Christensen, Kenneth101 S Raleigh 622
0102_339_38_C3102Christensen, Olivia & Marchesani L2427 Formica's Way
0102_549_5Christmas, Sandra M442 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_272_1Christopher's Wholesale Trading Co43 N Iowa Ave
0102_224_18Chui, Y. Kwai22 N Laclede Pl
0102_77_7Chun, Woneui118 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_236_23_C1110Chutuape, Mariano & Desideria3817 Ventnor 1110
0102_423_6.02Ciabattoni, Richard J & Amy-Morgen226 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_31_2_C1506Ciallella, Michael & Joann2721 Bdwk 1506
0102_271_6Ciancio, Natalie & Angelo34 N Iowa Ave
0102_31_2_C0910Cianfrini, Kimberly & Richard2721 Bdwk 910
0102_176_1_C1008Ciaramella, Elaine2834 Atlantic 1008
0102_176_1_C9004Ciaramella, Elaine & John Rev Tr2834 Atlantic Ph4
0102_176_1_C9002Ciaramella, John & Elaine2834 Atlantic Ph2
0102_23_1_C2220Ciccotelli, Lelio (trustee)3501 Bdwk B220
0102_28_1.01_C0931Ciceron, Asuncion V3101 Bdwk 903a-1
0102_63_1_C0901Ciesielski, Charles & Trofe, Barbar526 Pacific 901
0102_203_5Ciliberti, Diane & Anthony26 S Laclede Pl
0102_17_2_C1201Cills, Etta3851 Bdwk 1201
0102_176_1_C1010Cimorelli, Dorothy2834 Atlantic 1010
0102_236_10Cioffi, Alexander & Eileen R54 N Trenton Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2304Cioffi, Massimillano3101 Bdwk 2304-1
0102_514_15Cipolla, Richard511 Robinson Ave
0102_514_5Cipolla, Richard514 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_98.01_9Cipolla, Russell & Rita403 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_23_1_C2229Cipressi, Richard & Cynthia3501 Bdwk B229
0102_470_2Cir Ent Group LLC1816 Hummock Ave
0102_309_1_C0110Cirigliano, Victoria616 Baltic Ave 10a
0102_236_23_C0807Cisek, Irena & Kozicka, Halina3817 Ventnor 807
0102_23_1_C2117Citizens, Bank Of Pa3501 Bdwk B117
0102_241_4City Marketing Of New York Inc3717 Winchester Ave
0102_77_11City Oa Atlantic City134 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_625_5City Of Alantic City710 Hobart Ave
0102_471_3City Of Altantic City419 N Ohio Ave
0102_79_12City Of Atalantic City147 Dewey Pl
0102_77_14City Of Atalantic City140 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_77_21City Of Atalantic City211 Oriental Ave
0102_71_48City Of Atalntic City219 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_421.04_3City Of Atalntic City621 Baltic Ave
0102_420.04_2City Of Atalntic City622 Lexington Ave
0102_418.04_10City Of Atantic City606 Melrose Ave
0102_741_9City Of AtlanticN Riverside Dr
0102_106_5City Of Atlantic City308 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_743_8City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_430_10City Of Atlantic City616 Drexel Ave
0102_743_9City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_1_65City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_499_5City Of Atlantic City508 N Ohio Ave
0102_353_1City Of Atlantic City4400 West End Ave
0102_251_12City Of Atlantic CityNw Richmond & Sunset
0102_418.05_12City Of Atlantic City210 N Connecticut Ave
0102_35_2_C0201City Of Atlantic City119 S California 201
0102_641_4City Of Atlantic City2004 Grant Ave
0102_623_4City Of Atlantic City1808 Mckinley Ave
0102_815_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_51_13City Of Atlantic City1510 Pacific Ave
0102_566_27City Of Atlantic City406 Carson Ave Rr
0102_35_2_C0511City Of Atlantic City119 S California 511
0102_135_2City Of Atlantic City900 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_169City Of Atlantic City3726 South Blvd #b
0102_1_168City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_167City Of Atlantic CityMassachusetts Ave Street
0102_1_166City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_165City Of Atlantic CityConnecticut Ave
0102_1_164City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_163City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_418.04_2City Of Atlantic City622 Melrose Ave
0102_35_2_C0516City Of Atlantic City119 S California 516
0102_35_2_C0517City Of Atlantic City119 S California 517
0102_418.04_3City Of Atlantic City620 Melrose Ave
0102_35_2_C0510City Of Atlantic City119 S California 510
0102_35_2_C0512City Of Atlantic City119 S California 512
0102_485_3City Of Atlantic City2020 Magellan Ave Rr
0102_420.04_7City Of Atlantic City612 Lexington Ave
0102_35_2_C0515City Of Atlantic City119 S California 515
0102_213_11City Of Atlantic CityS Montgomery Ave
0102_35_2_C0514City Of Atlantic City119 S California 514
0102_1_162City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_160City Of Atlantic CityNew Jersey Ave Street End
0102_489_5City Of Atlantic City509 N Michigan Ave
0102_1_62City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_686_5City Of Atlantic City1512 N Michigan Ave #a
0102_301_76City Of Atlantic City27 N Virginia Ave
0102_814_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_803_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_35_2_C0221City Of Atlantic City119 S California 221
0102_35_2_C0220City Of Atlantic City119 S California 220
0102_544_8City Of Atlantic City821 Wabash Avenue
0102_1_63City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_60City Of Atlantic CityCalifornia Ave Street End
0102_1_61City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_573_2City Of Atlantic CityGrace Ave
0102_231_4City Of Atlantic CityVentnor Ave
0102_196_14City Of Atlantic City4000 Ventnor Ave
0102_1_69City Of Atlantic CityFlorida Ave Street End
0102_1_68City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_64City Of Atlantic CityTexas Ave Street End
0102_1_67City Of Atlantic CityBellvue Ave Street End
0102_1_66City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_343_3City Of Atlantic City2720 Fairmount #a (alley)
0102_741_8.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_845_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_742_30City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_543_4City Of Atlantic City406 N Delaware Ave
0102_138_12City Of Atlantic City34 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_800_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_639_6City Of Atlantic City901 N Michigan Ave
0102_452_16City Of Atlantic City354 N South Carolina Ave
0102_742_22City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_857_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_752_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Bartram Ave (bay)
0102_513_6City Of Atlantic City1714 Logan Ave
0102_273_23City Of Atlantic City2721 Atlantic Ave
0102_273_24City Of Atlantic City2725 Atlantic Ave
0102_861_1City Of Atlantic CityCaptain O'Donnell Pkwy
0102_741_20.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_742_36City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_345_64City Of Atlantic City2815 Arctic Ave (alley)
0102_742_34City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_251_11City Of Atlantic CityNw Sunset & La Clede
0102_273_20City Of Atlantic City2707 Atlantic Ave
0102_857_3City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_678_11City Of Atlantic City1504 Absecon Blvd
0102_439_4City Of Atlantic CityVacated Drexel Ave
0102_1_126City Of Atlantic CityTennessee Ave Street End
0102_1_8City Of Atlantic CityBerkley Sq Street End
0102_1_127City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_120City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_694_9City Of Atlantic City1458 W Riverside Dr
0102_1_121City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_122City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_741_15.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_35_2_C0519City Of Atlantic City119 S California 519
0102_1_124City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_129City Of Atlantic CityOcean Ave Street End
0102_439_1City Of Atlantic City926 Absecon Blvd
0102_1_6City Of Atlantic CityTallahassee Ave St End
0102_1_7City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_4City Of Atlantic CityPlaza Place Street End
0102_1_123City Of Atlantic CitySt James Pl Street End
0102_1_128City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_811_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_82_1City Of Atlantic City17 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_35_2_C0518City Of Atlantic City119 S California 518
0102_466_11City Of Atlantic City305 N Indiana Ave
0102_464_12City Of Atlantic City1715 Bishop Richard Allen
0102_418.04_6City Of Atlantic City614 Melrose Ave
0102_418.04_7City Of Atlantic City612 Melrose Ave
0102_418.04_4City Of Atlantic City618 Melrose Ave
0102_418.04_5City Of Atlantic City616 Melrose Ave
0102_744_10City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_744_11City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_744_12City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_418.04_1City Of Atlantic City624 Melrose Ave
0102_643_23City Of Atlantic City907 Emerson Ave
0102_838_23City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_188_1City Of Atlantic City3501 Atlantic Ave
0102_742_18City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_649_1City Of Atlantic City2040 Erie Ave
0102_852_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_491_1City Of Atlantic City721 N Michigan Ave
0102_1_181City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_433_11City Of Atlantic City708 Drexel Ave
0102_433_12City Of Atlantic City706 Drexel Ave
0102_1_145City Of Atlantic CityPresbyterian Ave
0102_1_144City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_147City Of Atlantic CityVirginia Ave Street End
0102_1_141City Of Atlantic CityMansion Ave Street End
0102_1_140City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_143City Of Atlantic CityPennsylvania Ave
0102_565_1.18City Of Atlantic City601 Carson Ave
0102_1_149City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_148City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_431_20City Of Atlantic City342 N Connecticut Ave
0102_742_19City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_186_13_C0210City Of Atlantic City3501 Pacific 81
0102_418.05_5City Of Atlantic City224 N Connecticut Ave
0102_418.05_4City Of Atlantic City226 N Connecticut Ave
0102_418.05_3City Of Atlantic City228 N Connecticut Ave
0102_799_48City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_20City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_418.05_2City Of Atlantic City230 N Conecticut Ave
0102_370_2City Of Atlantic City3301 Fairmount Ave
0102_741_21City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_315_23City Of Atlantic City115 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_488_5City Of Atlantic City516 N Michigan Ave
0102_418.05_1City Of Atlantic City232 N Connecticut Ave
0102_427_1City Of Atlantic City532 Drexel Ave
0102_418.05_9City Of Atlantic City216 N Connecticut Ave
0102_801_5City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_418.05_6City Of Atlantic City222 N Connecticut Ave
0102_386_2City Of Atlantic City2445 Sunset Ave
0102_742_16City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_742_17City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_863_1City Of Atlantic CityCaptain O'Donnell Parkway
0102_9_9City Of Atlantic City4401 Boardwalk
0102_418.05_15City Of Atlantic City204 N Connecticut Ave
0102_589_4City Of Atlantic City1140 Brigantine Blvd
0102_418.05_14City Of Atlantic City206 N Connecticut Ave
0102_735_2City Of Atlantic City1601 N Ohio Ave
0102_741_22City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_618_1City Of Atlantic City732 N Indiana Ave
0102_645_5City Of Atlantic City2011 Magellan Ave
0102_743_20City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_418.05_7City Of Atlantic City220 N Connecticut Ave
0102_65_12City Of Atlantic City505 Oriental Ave
0102_855_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_707_5City Of Atlantic City1814 Beach Ave
0102_312_7City Of Atlantic City119 N Maryland Ave #a
0102_401_24City Of Atlantic City1527 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_129_2City Of Atlantic City416 Wistar Pl
0102_312_8City Of Atlantic City119 N Maryland Ave
0102_312_9City Of Atlantic City117 N Maryland Ave
0102_415_21City Of Atlantic City203 N Maryland Ave
0102_74_40City Of Atlantic City207 S Victoria Ave
0102_71_41City Of Atlantic City233 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_35_2_C0204City Of Atlantic City119 S California 204
0102_35_2_C0207City Of Atlantic City119 S California 207
0102_273_58City Of Atlantic City41 Marshall Ave (alley)
0102_35_2_C0206City Of Atlantic City119 S California 206
0102_799_39City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_799_43City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_547_14City Of Atlantic City615 Wabash Ave
0102_753_2City Of Atlantic City800 N Annapolis Riparian
0102_753_3City Of Atlantic City802 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_753_1City Of Atlantic City800 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_753_4City Of Atlantic City804 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_429_4City Of Atlantic City619 Mediterranean Ave
0102_836_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_745_1City Of Atlantic City900 N Kingston Ave (bay)
0102_827_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_464_4City Of Atlantic City1704 Hummock Ave
0102_740_1City Of Atlantic CityGrammercy Ave
0102_490_4City Of Atlantic City603 N Michigan Ave
0102_799_35City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_799_32City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_48City Of Atlantic CityMorris Ave (cs)
0102_1_49City Of Atlantic CityBrighton Ave Street End
0102_404_2_C0121City Of Atlantic City1428 Mediterranean #c
0102_794_1City Of Atlantic City601 N Albany Ave
0102_800_4City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_425_10.06City Of Atlantic City342 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_862_1City Of Atlantic CityCaptain O'Donnell Parkway
0102_489_3City Of Atlantic City513 N Michigan Ave
0102_799_45City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_1_187City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_184City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_185City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_182City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_183City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_427_20City Of Atlantic City515 Graff Lane
0102_1_186City Of Atlantic CityPacific Ave Street End
0102_1_189City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_489_1City Of Atlantic City517 N Michigan Ave
0102_1_44City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_45City Of Atlantic CityChelsea Ave Street End
0102_417_18City Of Atlantic City737 Baltic Ave
0102_1_46City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_47City Of Atlantic CityMorris Ave Street End
0102_1_40City Of Atlantic CitySovereign Ave Street End
0102_1_41City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_42City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_43City Of Atlantic CityMontpelier Ave Street End
0102_548_13City Of Atlantic City408 N Connecticut Ave #a
0102_511_4City Of Atlantic City520 Morgan Ave
0102_1_188City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_853_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_180City Of Atlantic CityNew Hampshire Ave St End
0102_357_7City Of Atlantic City4108 South Blvd
0102_1_29City Of Atlantic CityRoosevelt Pl Street End
0102_418.05_8City Of Atlantic City218 N Connecticut Ave
0102_353.01_5City Of Atlantic City515 N Columbia Ave
0102_35_2_C0205City Of Atlantic City119 S California 205
0102_353.01_4City Of Atlantic City501 N Columbia Ave
0102_1_28City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_320_17City Of Atlantic City108 N Tennessee Ave
0102_452_37City Of Atlantic City355 N Ocean Ave
0102_280_7City Of Atlantic CityArctic Ave
0102_452_30City Of Atlantic City1315 Drexel Ave
0102_353.01_6City Of Atlantic City525 N Columbia Ave
0102_357_3City Of Atlantic City4208 South Blvd
0102_357_1City Of Atlantic City4216 South Blvd
0102_353.01_2City Of Atlantic City545 N Columbia Ave
0102_835_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_316_14City Of Atlantic City132 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_628_1City Of Atlantic City1029 N Ohio Ave
0102_860_1City Of Atlantic CityBoston & Winchester
0102_844_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_844_5City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_123_10City Of Atlantic City24 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_420.04_10City Of Atlantic City606 Lexington Ave
0102_357_6City Of Atlantic City4112 South Blvd
0102_547_5City Of Atlantic City618 Caspian Ave
0102_370_2.01City Of Atlantic City3301 Sunset Ave
0102_254_6City Of Atlantic City121 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_418.04_8City Of Atlantic City610 Melrose Ave
0102_430_4City Of Atlantic City628 Drexel Ave
0102_466_2.01City Of Atlantic City346 Robinson Ave
0102_566_25City Of Atlantic City404 Carson Ave
0102_466_2.02City Of Atlantic City344 Robinson Ave
0102_420.04_8City Of Atlantic City610 Lexington Ave
0102_357_2City Of Atlantic City4212 South Blvd
0102_117_1City Of Atlantic City416 Madison Ave
0102_466_2.06City Of Atlantic City336 Robinson Ave
0102_367_11.07City Of Atlantic City3816 South Blvd Bd6
0102_420.04_9City Of Atlantic City608 Lexington Ave
0102_804_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_805_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_254_5City Of Atlantic CityN Aberdeen Ave Street End
0102_522_12City Of Atlantic City1414 Magellan Ave
0102_522_11City Of Atlantic City1418 Magellan Ave
0102_452_21City Of Atlantic City344 N South Carolina Ave
0102_452_20City Of Atlantic City346 N South Carolina Ave
0102_316_16City Of Atlantic City130 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_313_23.02City Of Atlantic City915 Arctic Ave
0102_316_25City Of Atlantic City1105 Arctic Ave
0102_799_77City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_566_26City Of Atlantic City406 Carson Ave
0102_466_2.07City Of Atlantic City334 Robinson Ave
0102_684_6City Of Atlantic City1422 Madison Ave
0102_418.05_13City Of Atlantic City208 N Connecticut Ave
0102_357_9City Of Atlantic City4100 South Blvd
0102_415_17City Of Atlantic City811 Baltic Ave
0102_74_20City Of Atlantic City240 S Vermont Ave
0102_799_92City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_1_21City Of Atlantic CityAnnapolis Ave Street End
0102_35_2_C0203City Of Atlantic City119 S California 203
0102_74_28City Of Atlantic City231 S Victoria Ave
0102_357_5City Of Atlantic City4200 South Blvd
0102_213_21City Of Atlantic CityS Jackson Ave
0102_1_72City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_74City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_382_1City Of Atlantic City301 N Texas Ave
0102_682_13City Of Atlantic City1507 Madison Ave
0102_682_14City Of Atlantic City1509 Madison Ave
0102_799_49City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_432_11City Of Atlantic City705 Mediterranean Ave
0102_643_25City Of Atlantic City911 Emerson Ave
0102_643_24City Of Atlantic City909 Emerson Ave
0102_526_40City Of Atlantic City1418 Sewell Ave #a
0102_301_38City Of Atlantic City4 Maryland Terr
0102_1_20City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_23City Of Atlantic CityDover Ave Street End
0102_1_24City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_617_20City Of Atlantic City725 N Indiana Ave
0102_1_27City Of Atlantic CityLincoln Place Street End
0102_741_21.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_1_25City Of Atlantic CityJohn A Seedorf La St End
0102_1_26City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_353.01_3City Of Atlantic City4301 Filbert Ave
0102_431_19City Of Atlantic City344 N Connecticut Ave
0102_35_2_C0202City Of Atlantic City119 S California 202
0102_813_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_426_27City Of Atlantic City337 N Connecticut Ave #a
0102_368_2.01City Of Atlantic City3601 Sunset Ave Rr
0102_357_4City Of Atlantic City4204 South Blvd
0102_1_22City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_838_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_546_7City Of Atlantic City700 Wabash Ave
0102_478_20City Of Atlantic City811 Fisher Ave
0102_19_1City Of Atlantic City3827 Boardwalk
0102_849_1City Of Atlantic CityBeach Thorofare
0102_19_2City Of Atlantic City3825 Boardwalk
0102_140_13City Of Atlantic City27 S Chalfonte Ave
0102_73_23City Of Atlantic CityS Rhode Island Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0612City Of Atlantic City3101 Bdwk 612-2
0102_514_11City Of Atlantic City503 Robinson Ave
0102_272_10City Of Atlantic City2712 Arctic Ave
0102_720_8City Of Atlantic City1937 N Riverside Dr
0102_500_6City Of Atlantic City616 N Ohio Ave
0102_500_4City Of Atlantic City620 N Ohio Ave
0102_838_4City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_799_13City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_421.04_7City Of Atlantic City613 Baltic Ave
0102_546_11City Of Atlantic City713 Adriatic Ave
0102_421.04_6City Of Atlantic City615 Baltic Ave
0102_312_12.02City Of Atlantic City113 N Maryland Ave.
0102_1_95City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_799_10City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_434_36City Of Atlantic City751 Drexel Ave
0102_743_4City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_420.04_1City Of Atlantic City624 Lexington Ave
0102_312_12.03City Of Atlantic City111 N Maryland Ave
0102_116_1City Of Atlantic City139 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_726_11City Of Atlantic City1823 N Michigan Ave
0102_341_16City Of Atlantic City2502 Fairmount Ave
0102_312_12.05City Of Atlantic City837 Arctic Ave
0102_312_12.04City Of Atlantic City835 Arctic Ave
0102_831_5City Of Atlantic City1100 N Albany Ave
0102_36_79City Of Atlantic City146 S Bellevue Ave
0102_326_1City Of Atlantic City135 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_638_9City Of Atlantic City1003 N Michigan Ave
0102_838_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_725_1City Of Atlantic City1901 N Michigan Ave
0102_256_8City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_36_78City Of Atlantic City144 S Bellevue Ave
0102_256_9City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_337_23City Of Atlantic City2313 Arctic Ave
0102_481_5City Of Atlantic CityN Arkansas Ave
0102_838_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_421.04_2City Of Atlantic City623 Baltic Ave
0102_36_34City Of Atlantic CityStanley Ct Easment(alley)
0102_35_2_C0305City Of Atlantic City119 S California 305
0102_255_5.02City Of Atlantic CityNe Winchester & Montgomer
0102_742_35City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_35_2_C0303City Of Atlantic City119 S California 303
0102_35_2_C0301City Of Atlantic City119 S California 301
0102_450_7City Of Atlantic City1214 Drexel Ave
0102_397_1City Of Atlantic City1800 Mediterranean Ave
0102_128_47City Of Atlantic City1 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_420.04_3City Of Atlantic City620 Lexington Ave
0102_383_43City Of Atlantic City255 N Texas Ave
0102_522_13City Of Atlantic City1412 Magellan Ave
0102_116_26City Of Atlantic City415 Grammercy Pl
0102_420.04_5City Of Atlantic City616 Lexington Ave
0102_544_14.02City Of Atlantic City448 N Delaware Ave
0102_654_15City Of Atlantic City1909 Ontario Ave
0102_858_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_80City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_426_13City Of Atlantic City517 Drexel Ave
0102_50_30City Of Atlantic CityS New York Ave Rr
0102_35_2_C0309City Of Atlantic City119 S California 309
0102_421.04_1City Of Atlantic City625 Baltic Ave
0102_35_2_C0307City Of Atlantic City119 S California 307
0102_35_2_C0306City Of Atlantic City119 S California 306
0102_602_3City Of Atlantic City708 James St
0102_420.04_4City Of Atlantic City618 Lexington Ave
0102_809_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_1_84City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_302_5City Of Atlantic CityAtlantic Ave
0102_1_85City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_86City Of Atlantic CityColumbia Place Street End
0102_1_87City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_88City Of Atlantic CityChristopher Colmubus Blvd
0102_500_3City Of Atlantic City622 N Ohio Ave
0102_1_89City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_421.04_4City Of Atlantic City619 Baltic Ave
0102_35_2_C0308City Of Atlantic City119 S California 308
0102_140_16City Of Atlantic City1201 Pacific Ave
0102_315_15City Of Atlantic City1015 Arctic Ave
0102_1_83City Of Atlantic CityMississippi Ave St End
0102_1_76City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_138_4City Of Atlantic City16 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_141_6City Of Atlantic City9 S South Carolina Ave
0102_476_14City Of Atlantic City2011 Mckinley Ave
0102_691_14City Of Atlantic City1521 N Missouri Ave
0102_749_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Montgomery Av (bay)
0102_126_7City Of Atlantic City204 Atlantic Ave
0102_131_18City Of Atlantic City26 S Congress Ave
0102_500_9City Of Atlantic City610 N Ohio Ave
0102_1_81City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_82City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_421.04_5City Of Atlantic City617 Baltic Ave
0102_35_2_C0304City Of Atlantic City119 S California 304
0102_432_8City Of Atlantic City709 Mediterranean Ave
0102_795_9City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_795_25City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_541_10.02City Of Atlantic City440 Maryland Ave
0102_419.04_9City Of Atlantic City609 Lexington Ave
0102_795_24City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_795_21City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_125_3.12City Of Atlantic City217 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_202City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_322_23City Of Atlantic City114 N Bay St
0102_427_21City Of Atlantic City517 Graff Lane
0102_744_8City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_418.05_11City Of Atlantic City212 N Connecticut Ave
0102_855_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_301_15City Of Atlantic City901 Westcoat Pl
0102_375.01_2.01City Of Atlantic City3001 Sunset Ave Riparian
0102_251_2City Of Atlantic CityNe Columbia & Sunset
0102_547_22City Of Atlantic City445 N New Jersey Ave
0102_585_8City Of Atlantic CityCarolina & Marmora
0102_307_17City Of Atlantic City107 N Congress Ave Rr
0102_419.04_10City Of Atlantic City607 Lexington Ave
0102_46_5City Of Atlantic City1801 Boardwalk
0102_742_20City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_755_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Raleigh Ave (bay)
0102_384_7City Of Atlantic City259 N Nevada Ave Rr
0102_851_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_301_12City Of Atlantic City44 N Maryland Ave #b
0102_837_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_203City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_542_9City Of Atlantic City827 Adriatic Ave
0102_843_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_330_16City Of Atlantic City1801 Arctic Ave
0102_330_17City Of Atlantic City1803 Arctic Ave
0102_797_3City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_185_2City Of Atlantic City3428 Atlantic Ave
0102_96_3City Of Atlantic City331 N Maine Ave
0102_96_2City Of Atlantic City325 N Maine Ave
0102_96_1City Of Atlantic City301 N Maine Ave
0102_305_7City Of Atlantic City34 N Congress Ave
0102_301_40City Of Atlantic City2 Maryland Terr
0102_38_4City Of Atlantic CityVacated Georgia Ave
0102_260_27City Of Atlantic City3403 Ventnor Ave
0102_1_179City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_405_10City Of Atlantic City210 N South Carolina Ave
0102_330_14City Of Atlantic City1807 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_260_28City Of Atlantic City3401 Ventnor Ave
0102_301_42City Of Atlantic City20 N Maryland Ave
0102_826_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_425_10.07City Of Atlantic City340 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_826_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_425_10.08City Of Atlantic City338 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_425_10.09City Of Atlantic City336 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_742_6City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_330_19City Of Atlantic City1807 Arctic Ave
0102_742_5City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_742_4City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_327_2City Of Atlantic City126 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_742_3City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_566_29City Of Atlantic City416 Carson Ave
0102_1_178City Of Atlantic CitySeaside Ave Street End
0102_251_3City Of Atlantic CityNw Sunset & Delancey
0102_1_104City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_618_13City Of Atlantic City715 Hobart Ave
0102_642_26City Of Atlantic City911 Keener Ave
0102_642_24City Of Atlantic City907 Keener Ave
0102_743_3City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_618_12City Of Atlantic City713 Hobart Ave
0102_434_16City Of Atlantic City714 Pearl Pl
0102_806_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_522_3City Of Atlantic City603 N New York Ave
0102_511_3City Of Atlantic City524 Morgan Ave
0102_311_31City Of Atlantic City135 Clinton Ave
0102_743_5City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_312_10City Of Atlantic City115 N Maryland Ave
0102_526_21City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_494_2City Of Atlantic City1922 Blaine Ave
0102_742_14City Of Atlantic CityBarnard & N Riverside
0102_1_105City Of Atlantic CityIndiana Ave Street End
0102_1_102City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_103City Of Atlantic CityPark Place Street End
0102_1_100City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_101City Of Atlantic CityOhio Ave Street End
0102_1_109City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_518_7City Of Atlantic City517 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_518_2City Of Atlantic City527 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_658_1City Of Atlantic City1700 Huron Ave
0102_354_2City Of Atlantic City4318 Porter Ave
0102_773_5City Of Atlantic City500 N Richmond Ave
0102_773_3City Of Atlantic City500 N Annapolis Ave
0102_773_8City Of Atlantic City501 N Raleigh Ave
0102_485_2City Of Atlantic City2020 Magellan Ave
0102_625_7City Of Atlantic City708 Hobart Ave
0102_820_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_301_47City Of Atlantic City16 N Maryland Ave
0102_427_10City Of Atlantic City514 Drexel Ave
0102_251_5City Of Atlantic CitySunset Ave
0102_463_12City Of Atlantic City403 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_251_4City Of Atlantic CityNe Delancey & Sunset
0102_251_7City Of Atlantic CityNw Sunset & Raleigh
0102_799_65City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_799_66City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_743_7City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_810_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_251_6City Of Atlantic CityNw Raleigh & Sunset
0102_251_1City Of Atlantic CityNe Kingston & Sunset
0102_795_17City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_381_1City Of Atlantic City237 N California Ave
0102_251_9City Of Atlantic CityNe Sunset & Raleigh
0102_368_1City Of Atlantic City3615 Sunset Ave
0102_415_20City Of Atlantic City823 Baltic Ave
0102_625_8City Of Atlantic City704 Hobart Ave
0102_403_1City Of Atlantic City250 N New York Ave
0102_643_16City Of Atlantic City2017 Grant Ave
0102_833_1_B01City Of Atlantic CityAlbany Ave
0102_35_2_C0420City Of Atlantic City119 S California 420
0102_35_2_C0421City Of Atlantic City119 S California 421
0102_87_2City Of Atlantic City5 N Maine Ave
0102_87_1City Of Atlantic City1 N Maine Ave
0102_728_4City Of Atlantic City2014 Murray Ave
0102_712_1City Of Atlantic City1900 N Columbia Ave
0102_56_10City Of Atlantic CityOcean Ave
0102_1_176City Of Atlantic CityVermont Ave Street End
0102_320_12City Of Atlantic City116 N Tennessee Ave
0102_35_2_C0320City Of Atlantic City119 S California 320
0102_352_1City Of Atlantic City120 St. David Pl
0102_759_1City Of Atlantic City703 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_838_3City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_301_48City Of Atlantic City14 N Maryland Ave
0102_256_5City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_71_3City Of Atlantic City206 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_677_4City Of Atlantic City1436 Absecon Blvd
0102_309_19City Of Atlantic City107 N New Jersey Ave
0102_309_18City Of Atlantic City105 N New Jersey Ave
0102_35_2_C0321City Of Atlantic City119 S California 321
0102_759_3City Of Atlantic City703 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_419.04_2City Of Atlantic City623 Lexington Ave
0102_330_32City Of Atlantic City109 N Ohio Ave
0102_419.04_5City Of Atlantic City617 Lexington Ave
0102_320_19City Of Atlantic City107 Centre St
0102_320_18City Of Atlantic City106 N Tennessee Ave
0102_419.04_7City Of Atlantic City613 Lexington Ave
0102_419.04_6City Of Atlantic City615 Lexington Ave
0102_426_9City Of Atlantic City524 Spring Lane
0102_54_50City Of Atlantic City124 S Ocean Ave
0102_256_4City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_256_2City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_35_2_C0418City Of Atlantic City119 S California 418
0102_1_2City Of Atlantic CityMontgomery Ave Street End
0102_643_9City Of Atlantic City910 Keener Ave
0102_260_42City Of Atlantic CityN Boston Ave Rr
0102_260_43City Of Atlantic CityN Providence Ave Rr
0102_330_2City Of Atlantic City1822 Garfield Ave
0102_357_8City Of Atlantic City4104 South Blvd
0102_330_8City Of Atlantic City1812 Garfield Ave
0102_476_15City Of Atlantic CityMckinley Ave
0102_330_11City Of Atlantic City114 N Indiana Ave
0102_130_36City Of Atlantic City508 Wistar Pl
0102_745_3City Of Atlantic City900 N Kingston Rr (bay)
0102_1_3City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_759_4City Of Atlantic City3801 West End Av Rr (bay)
0102_747_1City Of Atlantic City4501 Elizabeth Ave
0102_256_3City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_744_4City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_130_30City Of Atlantic City37 S Congress Ave
0102_1_220City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_256_1City Of Atlantic CityNe Winchester & Jacksn
0102_1_221City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_419.04_4City Of Atlantic City619 Lexington Ave
0102_330_9City Of Atlantic City1810 Garfield Ave
0102_122_1City Of Atlantic City47 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_312_12.01City Of Atlantic City115 N Maryland Ave.
0102_35_2_C0401City Of Atlantic City119 S California 401
0102_738_1City Of Atlantic City1701 Absecon Blvd
0102_488_12City Of Atlantic City2010 Caspian Rr (alley)
0102_642_12City Of Atlantic City904 N Michigan Ave
0102_534_31City Of Atlantic City433 N Tennessee Ave
0102_430_8City Of Atlantic City620 Drexel Ave
0102_1_206City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_205City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_469_5City Of Atlantic City330 N Indiana Ave
0102_469_6City Of Atlantic City328 N Indiana Ave
0102_35_2_C0402City Of Atlantic City119 S California 402
0102_1_200City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_35_2_C0403City Of Atlantic City119 S California 403
0102_437_2City Of Atlantic City833 Mediterranean Ave
0102_256_6City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_799_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_35_2_C0409City Of Atlantic City119 S California 409
0102_426_8City Of Atlantic City526 Spring Lane
0102_35_2_C0408City Of Atlantic City119 S California 408
0102_35_2_C0407City Of Atlantic City119 S California 407
0102_35_2_C0406City Of Atlantic City119 S California 406
0102_35_2_C0405City Of Atlantic City119 S California 405
0102_35_2_C0404City Of Atlantic City119 S California 404
0102_280_37City Of Atlantic City2305 Atlantic Ave Rr
0102_799_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_797_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_320_13City Of Atlantic City114 N Tennessee Ave
0102_744_5City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_36_53City Of Atlantic CityPacific Ave Easment Alley
0102_743_6City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_320_16City Of Atlantic City110 N Tennessee Ave
0102_36_55City Of Atlantic City2528 Pacific Ave
0102_320_11City Of Atlantic City118 N Tennessee Ave
0102_320_14City Of Atlantic City112 N Tennessee Ave Rr
0102_320_15City Of Atlantic City112 N Tennessee Ave
0102_301_39City Of Atlantic City3 Maryland Terr
0102_419.04_1City Of Atlantic City625 Lexington Ave
0102_829_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_754_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Columbia Ave (bay)
0102_419.04_3City Of Atlantic City621 Lexington Ave
0102_381_1.01City Of Atlantic City237 N California Riparian
0102_802_2City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_256_7City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_558_16City Of Atlantic City555 N Connecticut Ave
0102_746_1City Of Atlantic City800 N Kingston Ave (bay)
0102_320_10City Of Atlantic City120 N Tennessee Ave
0102_1_157City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_304_14City Of Atlantic City28 N Connecticut Ave
0102_452_25City Of Atlantic City1305 Drexel Ave
0102_1_150City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_799_23City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_375.01_1City Of Atlantic City3003 Sunset Ave (piers)
0102_251_10City Of Atlantic CityNe Raleigh & Sunset
0102_584_7City Of Atlantic CitySouth Carolina Ave
0102_566_19City Of Atlantic City417 Carson Ave
0102_1_153City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_74_39City Of Atlantic City209 S Victoria Ave
0102_1_154City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_155City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_432_14City Of Atlantic City306 N New Jersey Ave
0102_224_37City Of Atlantic CityN Raleigh Ave Rr
0102_1_152City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_743_12City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_774_2City Of Atlantic City569 N Annapolis Ave
0102_799_29City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_151City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_507_2City Of Atlantic City1817 Hummock Ave Rr
0102_368_1.01City Of Atlantic City3615 Sunset Ave Rr
0102_679_6City Of Atlantic City1528 Penrose Ave
0102_337_49City Of Atlantic City2321 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_741_14.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_466_2.16City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana Ave #a
0102_466_2.15City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana Ave #b
0102_79_13City Of Atlantic City149 Dewey Pl
0102_1_201City Of Atlantic CityMadison Ave Street End
0102_566_30City Of Atlantic City418 Carson Ave
0102_566_31City Of Atlantic City420 Carson Ave
0102_418.05_17City Of Atlantic City200 N Connecticut Ave
0102_1_158City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_671_1City Of Atlantic City2013 Horace Bryant Dr
0102_356_1City Of Atlantic City4300 South Blvd
0102_1_159City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_264_6City Of Atlantic CityN Chelsea Ave
0102_799_24City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_466_2.14City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana Ave #c
0102_743_10City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_799_33City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_795_29City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_12City Of Atlantic City1653 N Riverside Dr
0102_273_15City Of Atlantic City2715 Atlantic Ave
0102_313_6City Of Atlantic City900 Baltic Ave
0102_799_20City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_847_1City Of Atlantic CityBeach Thorofare
0102_742_8City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_467_6City Of Atlantic City1714 Hummock Ave
0102_313_5City Of Atlantic City906 Baltic Ave
0102_694_18.01City Of Atlantic City1544 W Riverside Dr
0102_819_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_742_15City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_741_14City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_167_9City Of Atlantic City18 S Bellevue Ave
0102_167_7City Of Atlantic City14 S Bellevue Ave
0102_382_2City Of Atlantic City303 N Texas Ave
0102_757_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_591_13City Of Atlantic City1043 Caspian Ave
0102_741_19City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_742_9City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_741_11City Of Atlantic City7411 N Riverside Dr
0102_743_15City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_74_31City Of Atlantic City225 S Victoria Ave
0102_799_22City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_743_14City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_1_156City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_816_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_743_17City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_743_16City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_743_18City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_74_33City Of Atlantic CityVictoria Ave Rr
0102_456_5City Of Atlantic City1401 Drexel Ave
0102_743_19City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_320_9City Of Atlantic City122 N Tennessee Ave
0102_320_8City Of Atlantic City124 N Tennessee Ave
0102_795_28City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_617_6City Of Atlantic City718 Robinson Ave
0102_434_14City Of Atlantic City713 Drexel Ave
0102_467_4City Of Atlantic City1720 Hummock Ave
0102_664_20City Of Atlantic City1253 N Ohio Ave
0102_743_11City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_799_47City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_1_34City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_37City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_420.04_6City Of Atlantic City614 Lexington Ave
0102_1_31City Of Atlantic CityAlbany Ave Street End
0102_398_2City Of Atlantic City1701 Bacharach Blvd
0102_1_30City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_33City Of Atlantic CityHartford Ave Street End
0102_1_32City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_35City Of Atlantic CityProvidence Ave Street End
0102_1_38City Of Atlantic CityBoston Ave Street End
0102_1_39City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_35_2_C0502City Of Atlantic City119 S California 502
0102_799_46City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_795_31City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_512_6City Of Atlantic City517 Morgan Terr
0102_406_3City Of Atlantic City217 N South Carolina Ave
0102_512_7City Of Atlantic City521 Morgan Terr
0102_848_1City Of Atlantic CityBeach Thorofare
0102_93_1City Of Atlantic City101 N Maine Ave
0102_421.04_8City Of Atlantic City611 Baltic Ave
0102_426_5City Of Atlantic City532 Spring Lane
0102_164_77City Of Atlantic City27 S Florida Ave #b
0102_506_1.02City Of Atlantic City510 Hobart Ave
0102_164_76City Of Atlantic City29 S Florida Ave
0102_822_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_367_11.12City Of Atlantic City3816 South Blvd Bd11
0102_1_209City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_208City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_502_8City Of Atlantic City1819 Hummock Ave
0102_833_7City Of Atlantic CityAlbany Ave
0102_833_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_502_9City Of Atlantic City1821 Hummock Ave
0102_1_204City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_306_12City Of Atlantic City32 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_477_2City Of Atlantic City1014 N Michigan Ave
0102_830_6City Of Atlantic City1075 N Albany Ave
0102_737_2City Of Atlantic City1800 Murray Ave
0102_742_7City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside & Seymour
0102_512_1City Of Atlantic City525 Morgan Terr
0102_741_10City Of Atlantic City1649 N Riverside Dr
0102_833_1City Of Atlantic CityAlbany Ave
0102_799_44City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_466_2.13City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana Ave #d
0102_126_56City Of Atlantic City17 S Vermont Ave
0102_615_4City Of Atlantic City901 N Indiana Ave
0102_743_13City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_506_1.01City Of Atlantic City514 Hobart Ave
0102_130_29City Of Atlantic City39 S Congress Ave
0102_824_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_418.05_10City Of Atlantic City214 N Connecticut Ave
0102_421.04_10City Of Atlantic City607 Baltic Ave
0102_201_8City Of Atlantic CityS Windsor Ave (alley)
0102_758_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Annapolis Ave (bay)
0102_466_2.10City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana #g
0102_748_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Jackson Ave (bay)
0102_466_2.12City Of Atlantic City317 N Indiana Ave #e
0102_466_2.11City Of Atlantic City466 N Indiana Ave #f
0102_213_18City Of Atlantic CityS Jackson Ave
0102_102_7City Of Atlantic CityWaterfront
0102_102_3City Of Atlantic CityWaterfront
0102_538_12City Of Atlantic City1109 Adriatic Ave
0102_102_1City Of Atlantic CityCaspian Ave
0102_566_32City Of Atlantic City422 Carson Ave
0102_306_32City Of Atlantic City37 N Congress Ave
0102_799_41City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_799_40City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_626_7City Of Atlantic City717 N Ohio Ave
0102_626_5City Of Atlantic City721 N Ohio Ave
0102_308_15City Of Atlantic City112 N Congress Ave
0102_741_24City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_356_5City Of Atlantic City4316 South Blvd
0102_585_9City Of Atlantic CityMarmora Ave
0102_438_1City Of Atlantic City827 Drexel Ave
0102_741_7City Of Atlantic City1641 N Riverside Dr
0102_130_27City Of Atlantic City43 S Congress Ave
0102_833_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_402_1City Of Atlantic City225 N Kentucky Ave
0102_418.04_9City Of Atlantic City608 Melrose Ave
0102_584_4City Of Atlantic CityN Tennessee Ave
0102_741_22.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_451_5City Of Atlantic City1214 Adriatic Ave
0102_1_207City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_438_2City Of Atlantic CityVacated Drexel Ave
0102_432_2City Of Atlantic City309 N Delaware Ave
0102_795_33City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_741_13.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_1_75City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_73City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_70City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_826_7City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_71City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_826_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_212_7City Of Atlantic CityS Montgomery Ave
0102_741_18City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_17_3City Of Atlantic City114 S Lincoln Pl
0102_742_10City Of Atlantic CitySeymour & N Riverside
0102_432_9City Of Atlantic City706 Harris Pl
0102_1_78City Of Atlantic CityBoardwalk (kennedy Plaza)
0102_481_2.02City Of Atlantic City2034 Blaine Ave
0102_826_3City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_301_46City Of Atlantic City14 N Maryland Ave Rr
0102_1_79City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_77City Of Atlantic CityGeorgia Ave Street End
0102_101_1City Of Atlantic City451 N Maine Ave
0102_353_9City Of Atlantic City4400 South Blvd
0102_854_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_289_12City Of Atlantic CityArctic Ave
0102_35_2_C0215City Of Atlantic City119 S California 215
0102_35_2_C0214City Of Atlantic City119 S California 214
0102_567_5City Of Atlantic City600 Huron Ave #rr
0102_316_16_B01City Of Atlantic City130 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_589_7City Of Atlantic CityReading Ave
0102_35_2_C0217City Of Atlantic City119 S California 217
0102_567_6City Of Atlantic CityRhode Island Ave
0102_437_3City Of Atlantic City301 N Maryland Ave
0102_432_12City Of Atlantic City312 N New Jersey Ave
0102_35_2_C0212City Of Atlantic City119 S California 212
0102_35_2_C0219City Of Atlantic City119 S California 219
0102_384_48City Of Atlantic City2509 Fairmount Ave Rr
0102_301_68City Of Atlantic City11 N Virginia Ave
0102_35_2_C0218City Of Atlantic City119 S California 218
0102_319_2City Of Atlantic City1301 Arctic Ave
0102_236_34City Of Atlantic CityInside Thoroughfare
0102_35_2_C0211City Of Atlantic City119 S California 211
0102_35_2_C0210City Of Atlantic City119 S California 210
0102_801_3City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_212_1City Of Atlantic CityS Jackson Ave
0102_139_5City Of Atlantic City1118 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_57City Of Atlantic CityBelmont Ave Street End
0102_1_58City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_139_9City Of Atlantic City2 S Mansion Ave
0102_139_8City Of Atlantic City1112 Atlantic Ave
0102_329_1City Of Atlantic City138 N Indiana Ave
0102_430_20City Of Atlantic City312 N Connecticut Ave
0102_801_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_139_6City Of Atlantic City1116 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_190City Of Atlantic CityAtlantic Ave Street End
0102_139_7City Of Atlantic City1114 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_53City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_484_2City Of Atlantic City2017 Blaine Ave
0102_1_52City Of Atlantic CityStenton Place Street End
0102_1_51City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_50City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_192City Of Atlantic CityOutside Boardwalk & Gramm
0102_1_193City Of Atlantic CityOutside Boardwalk & Atlan
0102_1_191City Of Atlantic CityOutside Boardwalk & Gramm
0102_801_2City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_373_1City Of Atlantic City3101 Sunset Ave
0102_736_4City Of Atlantic City1701 Kuehnle Ave
0102_1_195City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_630_10City Of Atlantic City900 N Ohio Ave
0102_1_198City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_432_13City Of Atlantic City310 N New Jersey Ave
0102_1_199City Of Atlantic CityGrammercy Pl Street End
0102_1_54City Of Atlantic CityIowa Ave Street End
0102_320_3City Of Atlantic City134 N Tennessee Ave
0102_801_8City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_1_194City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_56City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_59City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_817_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_808_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_414_1.02City Of Atlantic CitySw Delaware & Mediterrane
0102_1_55City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_196City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_197City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_35_2_C0216City Of Atlantic City119 S California 216
0102_149_8City Of Atlantic City1514 Belfield Ave
0102_1_13City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_381_30City Of Atlantic City201 N Arizona Ave
0102_742_32City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_166_32City Of Atlantic City41 S Bellevue Ave
0102_35_2_C0503City Of Atlantic City119 S California 503
0102_35_2_C0501City Of Atlantic City119 S California 501
0102_356_3City Of Atlantic City4308 South Blvd
0102_742_31City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_35_2_C0508City Of Atlantic City119 S California 508
0102_35_2_C0505City Of Atlantic City119 S California 505
0102_35_2_C0504City Of Atlantic City119 S California 504
0102_401_16City Of Atlantic City18 Brooklyn Ave
0102_1_14City Of Atlantic CityColumbia Ave Street End
0102_1_16City Of Atlantic CityRaleigh Ave Street End
0102_1_17City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_35_2_C0520City Of Atlantic City119 S California 520
0102_742_33City Of Atlantic CitySeymour Ave
0102_35_2_C0506City Of Atlantic City119 S California 506
0102_35_2_C0521City Of Atlantic City119 S California 521
0102_35_2_C0507City Of Atlantic City119 S California 507
0102_1_15City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_855_4City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_742_12City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_280_38City Of Atlantic City2301 Atlantic Ave Rr
0102_742_11City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_342_1City Of Atlantic City2648 Fairmount Ave
0102_799_38City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_741_15City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_353.01_7City Of Atlantic City531 N Columbia Ave
0102_838_34City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_16City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_617_4City Of Atlantic City715 N Indiana Ave
0102_741_23City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_742_1City Of Atlantic City1509 Absecon Blvd
0102_373_2City Of Atlantic City3105 Sunset Ave (piers)
0102_799_42City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_742_2City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_375.01_2City Of Atlantic City3001 Sunset Ave
0102_426_11City Of Atlantic City521 Drexel Ave
0102_795_26City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_356_4City Of Atlantic City4312 South Blvd
0102_741_13City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_1_12City Of Atlantic CityBartram Ave (cs)
0102_513_7City Of Atlantic City1712 Logan Ave
0102_741_24.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_1_170City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_437_1City Of Atlantic City320 Absecon Blvd
0102_1_171City Of Atlantic CityRhode Island Ave Street E
0102_1_172City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_514_6City Of Atlantic City508 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_1_173City Of Atlantic CityVictoria Ave Street End
0102_839_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_174City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_175City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_418.05_16City Of Atlantic City202 N Connecticut Ave
0102_1_177City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_599_1City Of Atlantic City1231 Magellan Ave
0102_514_7City Of Atlantic City1705 Hummock Ave
0102_553_9City Of Atlantic City716 Magellan Ave
0102_1_11City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_10City Of Atlantic CityKingston Ave Street End
0102_376_8City Of Atlantic City2907 Sunset Ave
0102_1_19City Of Atlantic CityRichmond Ave Street End
0102_1_18City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_795_8City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_431_18City Of Atlantic City346 N Connecticut Ave
0102_301_22City Of Atlantic City34 N Maryland Ave
0102_795_5City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_218City Of Atlantic CityCaspian Ave Street End
0102_149_7City Of Atlantic City1516 Belfield Ave
0102_694_15.01City Of Atlantic City1514 W Riverside Dr #a
0102_1_211City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_301_56City Of Atlantic City903 Atlantic Ave
0102_478_15City Of Atlantic City802 N Arkansas Ave
0102_795_36City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_17City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_401_9City Of Atlantic City1522 Mediterranean Ave
0102_618_8City Of Atlantic City708 N Indiana Ave
0102_795_30City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_212City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_439_3City Of Atlantic City400 N Maryland Ave
0102_1_213City Of Atlantic CityMelrose Ave Street End
0102_1_210City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_618_9City Of Atlantic City706 N Indiana Ave
0102_1_139City Of Atlantic CityNorth Carolina Ave Street
0102_584_5City Of Atlantic CityN Tennessee Ave
0102_795_34City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_743_2City Of Atlantic CityPark Ave
0102_742_21City Of Atlantic CityPark & Absecon Blvd
0102_1_138City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_256_12City Of Atlantic CityNw Winchstr & Montgmry
0102_642_8City Of Atlantic City912 N Michigan Ave
0102_616_8City Of Atlantic City1733 Grant Ave
0102_485_1City Of Atlantic City2022 Magellan Ave
0102_256_10City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_766_19City Of Atlantic City702 Warrena Rd
0102_73_6City Of Atlantic City210 S Victoria Ave
0102_642_27City Of Atlantic City913 Keener Ave
0102_251_1.01City Of Atlantic CityCulumbia Ave Street End
0102_128_51City Of Atlantic City400 Atlantic Ave
0102_617_19City Of Atlantic City723 N Indiana Ave
0102_741_18.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_353.01_10City Of Atlantic CityVacated Filbert Ave
0102_825_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_401_35City Of Atlantic City243 N Kentucky Ave
0102_256_11City Of Atlantic CityWinchester Ave
0102_1_106City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_35_2_C0315City Of Atlantic City119 S California 315
0102_499_1City Of Atlantic City518 N Ohio Ave
0102_526_16City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_526_17City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_526_14City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_35_2_C0316City Of Atlantic City119 S California 316
0102_321_15City Of Atlantic City114 Centre St
0102_35_2_C0317City Of Atlantic City119 S California 317
0102_415_1City Of Atlantic City822 Lexington Ave
0102_526_10City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_35_2_C0314City Of Atlantic City119 S California 314
0102_35_2_C0310City Of Atlantic City119 S California 310
0102_678_12City Of Atlantic City1502 Absecon Blvd
0102_154_11.01City Of Atlantic City31 S Dr Martin Luther Kin
0102_692_2City Of Atlantic City1444 Beach Ave
0102_692_3City Of Atlantic City1442 Beach Ave
0102_1_107City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_342_2City Of Atlantic City2600 Fairmount Ave
0102_742_28City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_526_18City Of Atlantic CityBay St
0102_678_14City Of Atlantic City1511 Penrose Ave
0102_499_2City Of Atlantic City516 N Ohio Ave
0102_818_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_1_217City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_214City Of Atlantic CityOutside Rip Grant
0102_341_51City Of Atlantic City2505 Tindaro Terr
0102_1_215City Of Atlantic CityAdriatic Ave Street End
0102_322_13City Of Atlantic City126 Bay St
0102_546_8City Of Atlantic City701 Adriatic Ave
0102_798_2City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_380_12City Of Atlantic City2701 Fairmount Ave
0102_618_15City Of Atlantic City719 Hobart Ave
0102_1_216City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_341_50City Of Atlantic City2503 Tindaro Ct
0102_306_7City Of Atlantic City46 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_128_7City Of Atlantic City417 Wistar Pl
0102_467_5City Of Atlantic City1718 Hummock Ave
0102_452_5City Of Atlantic City1306 Adriatic Ave
0102_35_2_C0311City Of Atlantic City119 S California 311
0102_35_2_C0312City Of Atlantic City119 S California 312
0102_742_13City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_322_33City Of Atlantic City119 N New York Ave
0102_421.04_9City Of Atlantic City609 Baltic Ave
0102_1_108City Of Atlantic CityDr M L King Jr Bl St End
0102_618_14City Of Atlantic City717 Hobart Ave
0102_54_44City Of Atlantic City134 S Ocean Ave
0102_542_2City Of Atlantic City820 Wabash Ave
0102_838_5_B05City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_174_7City Of Atlantic City2700 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_90City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_781_7City Of Atlantic City535 N Trenton Ave
0102_449_27City Of Atlantic City1219 Mediterranean Ave
0102_506_1.03City Of Atlantic City504 Hobart Ave
0102_320_7City Of Atlantic City126 N Tennessee Ave
0102_750_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Tallahassee (bay)
0102_432_17City Of Atlantic City302 N New Jersey Ave
0102_1_91City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_838_5_B04City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_841_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_252_3City Of Atlantic City123 N Bartram Ave
0102_542_3City Of Atlantic City412 Delta Ave
0102_542_1City Of Atlantic City425 N Maryland Ave
0102_150_5City Of Atlantic City1511 Belfield Ave
0102_150_4City Of Atlantic City1513 Belfield Ave
0102_1_92City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_198_1City Of Atlantic City4025 Atlantic Ave
0102_439_2City Of Atlantic City914 Absecon Blvd
0102_741_17.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_838_5_B02City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_301_31City Of Atlantic City24 Born Terr
0102_35_2_C0412City Of Atlantic City119 S California 412
0102_35_2_C0411City Of Atlantic City119 S California 411
0102_368_2City Of Atlantic City3601 Sunset Ave
0102_35_2_C0410City Of Atlantic City119 S California 410
0102_478_19City Of Atlantic City809 Fisher Ave
0102_741_16.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_838_5_B01City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_35_2_C0419City Of Atlantic City119 S California 419
0102_353.01_8City Of Atlantic City400 N Raleigh Ave
0102_550_16City Of Atlantic City417 N Connecticut Ave
0102_478_16City Of Atlantic City803 Fisher Ave
0102_36_41City Of Atlantic CityStanley Ct Easment(alley)
0102_301_33City Of Atlantic City22 N Maryland Ave
0102_478_14City Of Atlantic City804 N Arkansas Ave
0102_301_32City Of Atlantic City22 Born Terr
0102_301_37City Of Atlantic City5 Maryland Terr
0102_823_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_478_17City Of Atlantic City805 Fisher Ave
0102_271_31City Of Atlantic City25 N Stenton Pl
0102_838_5_B03City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_550_12City Of Atlantic City401 N Connecticut Ave #a
0102_478_18City Of Atlantic City807 Fisher Ave
0102_296_1City Of Atlantic City1201 Atlantic Ave
0102_1_99City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_443_20City Of Atlantic City350 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_151_8City Of Atlantic CityAtlantic Ave
0102_1_98City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_471_2City Of Atlantic City422 Trinity Ave
0102_534_27City Of Atlantic City425 N Tennessee Ave
0102_1_97City Of Atlantic CityMichigan Ave Street End
0102_341_23City Of Atlantic City132 N Florida Ave
0102_260_32City Of Atlantic CityVentnor Ave
0102_741_10.01City Of Atlantic City1649 N Riverside Dr
0102_452_18City Of Atlantic City350 N South Carolina Ave
0102_728_5City Of Atlantic City2008 Murray Ave
0102_311_8City Of Atlantic City817 Pocono Terr
0102_795_35City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_9.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_676_9City Of Atlantic City1806 E Riverside
0102_249_2City Of Atlantic City124 N Delancy Pl
0102_642_6City Of Atlantic City2000 Mckinley Ave
0102_249_1City Of Atlantic City114 N Delancy Pl
0102_452_19City Of Atlantic City348 N South Carolina Ave
0102_616_15City Of Atlantic City808 Ariff Ave
0102_566_23City Of Atlantic City401 Carson Ave
0102_566_22City Of Atlantic City413 Carson Ave
0102_68_16City Of Atlantic CityS Metropolitan Ave
0102_741_8City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_75_11City Of Atlantic City118 S Seaside Ave
0102_75_10City Of Atlantic City116 S Seaside Ave
0102_799_64City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_452_3City Of Atlantic City1310 Adriatic Ave
0102_735_1City Of Atlantic City1601 Penrose Ave
0102_741_11.01City Of Atlantic City1651 N Riverside Dr
0102_432_10City Of Atlantic City707 Mediterranean Ave
0102_466_2.08City Of Atlantic City332 Robinson Ave
0102_466_2.09City Of Atlantic City330 Robinson Ave
0102_316_31City Of Atlantic City1119 Arctic Ave
0102_338_11City Of Atlantic City121 N Georgia Ave Rr #a
0102_534_28City Of Atlantic City427 N Tennessee Ave
0102_1_96City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_566_20City Of Atlantic City415 Carson Ave Rr
0102_1_94City Of Atlantic CityArkansas Ave Street End
0102_799_75City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_741_5City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_741_6City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_741_23.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_487_4City Of Atlantic City608 N Michigan Ave
0102_799_91City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Tract
0102_488_22City Of Atlantic City1953 Bacharach Blvd Rr
0102_437_4City Of Atlantic CityVacated Drexel Ave
0102_1_133City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_132City Of Atlantic CitySouth Carolina Ave Street
0102_408_12City Of Atlantic City1110 Commodore Ave
0102_1_131City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_795_12City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_130City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_638_6City Of Atlantic City1009 N Michigan Ave
0102_408_18City Of Atlantic City208 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_1_137City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_136City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_405_4City Of Atlantic City242 N South Carolina Ave
0102_310_9City Of Atlantic City705 Arctic Ave
0102_305_19City Of Atlantic City535 Atlantic Ave
0102_320_23City Of Atlantic City113 Centre St
0102_795_16City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_1_119City Of Atlantic CityNew York Ave Street End
0102_342_26City Of Atlantic City108 N Texas Ave
0102_1_115City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_864_1City Of Atlantic CityCaptain O'Donnell Parkway
0102_807_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_419.04_8City Of Atlantic City611 Lexington Ave
0102_371_1City Of Atlantic City3201 Sunset Ave (piers)
0102_795_11City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_304_4City Of Atlantic City620 Arctic Ave Rr B
0102_741_12.01City Of Atlantic City1653 N Riverside Dr
0102_337_67City Of Atlantic City10 Siracusa Terr (alley)
0102_434_33City Of Atlantic City745 Drexel Ave
0102_34_3City Of Atlantic City104 Albion Pl
0102_1_116City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_505_2City Of Atlantic City1828 Rev Jj Walters
0102_812_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_54_62City Of Atlantic City102 S Ocean Ave
0102_617_11City Of Atlantic City1719 Lincoln Ave
0102_795_18City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_850_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_114_1City Of Atlantic City201 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_103_2City Of Atlantic CityN New Hampshire Ave
0102_103_1City Of Atlantic City801 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_103_8City Of Atlantic CityRiparian Grants
0102_320_24City Of Atlantic City115 Centre St
0102_794_1_LOTCity Of Atlantic City601 N Albany Ave
0102_356_2City Of Atlantic City4304 South Blvd
0102_320_20City Of Atlantic City1401 Arctic Ave
0102_345_31City Of Atlantic City2816 Carlton Ave
0102_756_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Richmond Ave (bay)
0102_774_1City Of Atlantic City571 N Annapolis Ave
0102_337_26City Of Atlantic City110 Mississippi Ave #a
0102_1_1City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_135City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_80_29City Of Atlantic City116 Dewey Pl
0102_383_19City Of Atlantic City226 N Nevada Ave
0102_1_134City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_320_22City Of Atlantic City111 Centre St
0102_103_3City Of Atlantic CityN Rhode Island Ave
0102_36_24City Of Atlantic CityCharles Ct Easment(alley)
0102_468_3City Of Atlantic City416 N Indiana Ave
0102_744_9City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_482_4City Of Atlantic City2013 Caspian Ave (alley)
0102_1_5City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_257_1City Of Atlantic City3638 Winchester Ave
0102_642_17City Of Atlantic City2007 Grant Ave
0102_427_19City Of Atlantic City511 Graff Lane
0102_1_118City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_821_1City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_352_1.01City Of Atlantic CityRiparian Grant
0102_54_27City Of Atlantic City215 S Tennessee Ave
0102_103_7City Of Atlantic CityRiparian Grants
0102_103_6City Of Atlantic City800 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_103_5City Of Atlantic City850 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_103_4City Of Atlantic CityRhode Island Ave
0102_263_33City Of Atlantic City27 N Sovereign Ave
0102_642_22City Of Atlantic City903 Keener Ave
0102_139_14City Of Atlantic City12 S Mansion Ave
0102_449_7City Of Atlantic City1208 Belmont Terr
0102_744_2City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_744_3City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_744_1City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_123_2City Of Atlantic City412 Grammercy Pl
0102_744_6City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_744_7City Of Atlantic CityE Riverside Dr
0102_1_111City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_325_1City Of Atlantic City1618 Baltic Ave
0102_640_11City Of Atlantic City811 N Michigan Ave
0102_1_9City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_1_110City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_751_1City Of Atlantic City700 N Kingston Ave (bay)
0102_139_10City Of Atlantic City4 S Mansion Ave
0102_314_16City Of Atlantic City1001 Arctic Ave Rr
0102_441_7City Of Atlantic City1010 Drexel Ave
0102_1_117City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_339_21City Of Atlantic City3 Liberty Terr
0102_742_29City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_742_26City Of Atlantic City1501 Absecon Blvd
0102_282_1.01City Of Atlantic City2101 Atlantic Ave Rr
0102_742_27City Of Atlantic CityBarnard Ave
0102_8_10City Of Atlantic City4405 Boardwalk
0102_460_1City Of Atlantic City1510 Adriatic Ave
0102_467_18City Of Atlantic City409 N Indiana Ave
0102_467_14City Of Atlantic City404 Robinson Ave
0102_742_23City Of Atlantic CityNe Park & Absecon Bl
0102_295_2City Of Atlantic City20 N South Carolina Ave
0102_467_13City Of Atlantic City416 Robinson Ave 1/2
0102_742_25City Of Atlantic City1409 Absecon Blvd
0102_799_11City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_797_6City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_497_2City Of Atlantic City1917 Hummock Ave
0102_838_26City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_322_4City Of Atlantic City1422 Baltic Ave
0102_441_6City Of Atlantic City1034 Drexel Ave
0102_1_113City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_836_1City Of Atlantic CityMeadow Track
0102_643_19City Of Atlantic City2023 Grant Ave
0102_88_1City Of Atlantic City59 N Maine Ave
0102_35_17City Of Atlantic City2612 Pacific Ave
0102_795_13City Of Atlantic CitySalt Lake City
0102_128_11City Of Atlantic City29 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_375_14City Of Atlantic City218 N Morris #b (alley)
0102_467_15City Of Atlantic City403 N Indiana Ave Rr
0102_742_24City Of Atlantic CityAbsecon Blvd
0102_315_7City Of Atlantic City129 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_1_112City Of Atlantic CityKentucky Ave Street End
0102_295_1City Of Atlantic City1301 Bacharach Blvd
0102_504_5City Of Atlantic City1812 Lincoln Ave
0102_1_114City Of Atlantic CityPublic Beach
0102_773_7City Of Atlantic City501 N Raleigh Ave Rr
0102_193_11City Of Atlantic City44 Trenton Terr #b
0102_480_1City Of Atlantic City703 N Arkansas Ave
0102_600_1City Of Atlantic City600 Magellan Ave
0102_322_42City Of Atlantic City145 N New York Ave
0102_773_4City Of Atlantic City502 N Annapolis Ave
0102_741_19.01City Of Atlantic CityN Riverside Dr
0102_71_55City Of Atlantic City C205 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_752_1_B01City Of Atlantic City C/O Solicitor700 N Bartram Ave (bay)
0102_759_4_B01City Of Atlantic City C/O Solicitor3801 West End Ave Rr (bay
0102_838_5City Of Atlantic City C/O SolicitorMeadow Track
0102_797_6_B01City Of Atlantic City C/O SolicitorMeadow Track
0102_750_1_B01City Of Atlantic City C/O Solicitor700 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_799_23_B01City Of Atlantic City C/O SolicitorMeadow Track
0102_150_1City Of Atlantit City1519 Belfield Ave
0102_330_5City Of Atlatic City1818 Garfield Ave
0102_35_2_C0509City Of City Atlantic119 S California 509
0102_35_2_C0417City Of City Atlantic City119 S California 417
0102_35_2_C0416City Of City Atlantic City119 S California 416
0102_801_7City Of PleasantvilleSalt Lake City
0102_149_22Cityof Atlantic City1519 Pacific Ave
0102_434_28Cityof Atlantic City730 Pearl Pl
0102_252_1Ciurlino, Ronald135 N Bartram Ave
0102_271_33Cjq Enterprises LLC29 N Stenton Pl
0102_271_32Cjq Enterprises LLC27 N Stenton Pl
0102_714_26Clam Daddy Properties LLC2047 N Riverside Dr
0102_714_27Clam Daddy Properties LLC2047 N Riverside Dr #a
0102_714_25Clam Daddy Properties LLC2113 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_19Clam Daddy Properties LLC2043 N Riverside Dr #a
0102_720_17Clam Daddy Properties, LLC2043 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_18Clam Daddy Properties, LLC2043 N Riverside Dr Rr
0102_433_5Clark Cassandra720 Drexel Ave
0102_543_6Clark, Austin Jr & Cassandra % Cohen400 N Delaware Ave
0102_665_7Clark, Cassandra1200 N Ohio Ave
0102_546_1Clark, Cassandra419 N Delaware Ave
0102_724_5Clark, Cassandra1911 Emerson Ave
0102_643_4Clark, Cassandra & Austin2016 Mckinley Ave
0102_641_3Clark, Cassandra & Austin2006 Grant Ave
0102_552_6Clark, Cassandra C/O Cohen540 N Delaware Ave
0102_554_7Clark, Cassandra C/O Cohen720 Sewell Ave
0102_549_1Clark, Cassandra C/O Cohen461 N Connecticut Ave
0102_543_5Clark, Cassandra F C/O Cohen406 N Delaware Ave
0102_376_3.01Clark, Joseph & Barbara Etal2919 Sunset Ave
0102_376_3Clark, Joseph & Barbara Etal2919 Sunset Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1022Clarke, James & Maria3101 Bdwk 1002b-1
0102_545_2Clarke, Joel Pierre730 Caspian Ave
0102_152_5Clavel, Berenice R & Garcia, J G24 S Kentucky Ave
0102_500_10Clayton, Joseph & Sarah608 N Ohio Ave
0102_547_8Clayton, Mark450 N Connecticut Ave
0102_702_8Clayton, Ralph2236 Murray Ave
0102_831_5_BLDGClean Energy C/O Tax Dept1100 N Albany Ave
0102_799_21_B01Clear Channel Outdoor IncMeadow Track
0102_799_21_B03Clear Channel Outdoor IncMeadow Track
0102_799_1_B01Clear Channel Outdoor IncMeadow Track
0102_799_4_B01Clear Channel Outdoor IncMeadow Track
0102_799_21_B02Clear Channel Outdoor IncMeadow Track
0102_799_21Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.Meadow Track
0102_799_4Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.Meadow Track
0102_799_97Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.Meadow Track
0102_799_1Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.Meadow Track
0102_723_1Clegg, William1830 N Michigan Ave
0102_342_9Cleo Investments LLC120 N Texas Ave Rr
0102_787_6Clisham, Casey414 Harbor Rd
0102_330_31Cls Property Group LLC107 N Ohio Ave
0102_555_3Clyburn, Belinda626 Sewell Ave
0102_360_7Clyde, A. Barbara & Clyde, Francis328 N Dover Ave
0102_362_6Clyde, Frank J & Barbara333 N Dover Ave
0102_792_3Coastal Bay Condominium Assoc440 N Trenton Ave
0102_106_34.03Coastal Investments , LLC343 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_106_34.01Coastal Investments LLC335 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_106_34.05Coastal Investments, LLC501 Adriatic Ave
0102_106_34.04Coastal Investments, LLC347 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_106_34.02Coastal Investments, LLC,339 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_123_11Coaxum; Dennis Aponte; Christopher22 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_326_5Coba, Inc1605 Arctic Ave
0102_326_7Coba, Inc1617 Arctic Ave
0102_326_2Coba, Inc1601 Arctic Ave
0102_455_7Coba, Inc322 N Tennessee Ave
0102_222_9Coburn, Kathleen & Philip34 N Delancy Pl
0102_98.08_2Cochran, Christopher414 N Maine Ave
0102_12_1_C0807Cochran, Ruby101 S Raleigh 807
0102_342_46Cocozza, Harvey & Raymond Cocozza2635 Arctic Ave
0102_459_10Cody, Birdie L1511 Mediterranean Ave
0102_63_1_C0008Coerbell, Racquel526 Pacific Th8
0102_552_25Coffey-Givnish, Kara500 N Delaware Ave
0102_674_6Coger, Lucille & Etal1300 N Indiana Ave
0102_63_1_C0201Cohan Properties LLC % Nvc Realty526 Pacific C1
0102_12_1_C0803Cohan, Burton & Joan101 S Raleigh 803
0102_77_43Cohen S., Ira & Lawrence Bergman204 Pacific Ave
0102_63_1_C2207Cohen, Aaron526 Pacific 2207
0102_267_25Cohen, Edward & Cohen, Donna27 N Chelsea Ave
0102_24_10_C0018Cohen, Eve132 S Providence #18
0102_268_19Cohen, Herman Etal23 N Morris Ave
0102_481_6Cohen, Jacob C/O Lonny Klein2031 Caspian Ave Rr
0102_28_1.02_C2014Cohen, Jerold J.3101 Bdwk 2014-2
0102_105_1_C1503Cohen, Joann3 Halyard Dr
0102_16_7Cohen, Joel & Margaret117 S Dover Ave
0102_566_6Cohen, Joel B507 Barrett Ave
0102_16_6Cohen, Joel B & Margaret A115 S Dover Ave
0102_164_80Cohen, Joshua29 S Florida Ave Rr #a
0102_164_79Cohen, Joshua29 S Florida Ave Rr #b
0102_384_55Cohen, Joshua2509 Fairmount Ave
0102_642_11Cohen, Joshua906 N Michigan Ave
0102_642_13Cohen, Joshua902 N Michigan Ave
0102_6_1_C2010Cohen, Joyce & Barry (trustees)100 S Berkley 20k
0102_128_43Cohen, Saul Etal9 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_75_8Cohen, Saul Etal C/O Emanuel Levin112 S Seaside Ave
0102_128_49Cohen, Saul H414 Atlantic Ave
0102_128_50Cohen, Saul H412 Atlantic Ave
0102_128_48Cohen, Saul H.416 Atlantic Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0912Cohen, Seymour S & Barbara R3101 Bdwk 912-1
0102_17_2_C1212Cohen, Stanley & Ruth3851 Bdwk 1212
0102_27_5_C0425Coholan, Michael108 S Montpelier 425
0102_63_1_C0005Colabelli, John526 Pacific Th5
0102_16_16.01Colaguori, Linda3910 Atlantic Ave
0102_12_1_C0516Colalillo, John101 S Raleigh 516
0102_213_4Colanzi, Kathleen4710 Ventnor Ave
0102_213_5Colanzi, Kathleen LLC4708 Ventnor Ave
0102_192_6_C0303Colavito, Christopher & Ewing, Kevi3801 Atlantic C3
0102_365_11Colbert, Joseph & Rosalee322 N Trenton Ave
0102_619_5Colbert, Rudolph E800 N Indiana Ave
0102_699_2Cole, Cathy D. & Duckett, Josie W.2130 Kuehnle Ave
0102_698_1.01Colella, Antonio & Carmella1650 N Missouri Ave
0102_338_8Colella, Domenic & Theresa125 N Georgia Ave Rr
0102_109_42Coleman, Agnes24 Schooner Ct
0102_616_16Coles, Hazel W & Coles, Sylvester810 Ariff Ave
0102_5_1_C0711Collaretti, Julia M & Smith, David101 S Plaza 711
0102_594_9Collet, Edward461 N Maryland Ave
0102_544_2Collet, Edward455 N Maryland Ave
0102_730_9Collette III, John W & E Fetherson1612 Emerson Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0904Colletti, Vita C Trust3101 Bdwk 904-2
0102_404_2_C0119Collier, Darryl1428 Mediterranean #a
0102_404_2_C0315Collier, Darryl209 N New York #c
0102_404_2_C0210Collier, Darryl1438 Mediterranean #a
0102_31_2_C0005Collins, Bernadette M.2721 Bdwk M5
0102_731_19Collins, Dean1623 Emerson Ave
0102_651_3Collins, Gregory C.1150 Monroe Ave
0102_687_3Collins, Teroy & Rosalie1524 Emerson Ave
0102_184_11Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3301 Pacific Ave
0102_184_10Colosseo Atlantic City Inc18 S Sovereign Ave
0102_184_13Colosseo Atlantic City Inc29 S Boston Ave
0102_184_12Colosseo Atlantic City Inc34 S Sovereign Ave
0102_1_36Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3400 Boardwalk
0102_25_1Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3401 Boardwalk
0102_25_2Colosseo Atlantic City IncAir Rights Pacific Ave
0102_184_9Colosseo Atlantic City Inc16 S Sovereign Ave
0102_25_3Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3309 Boardwalk
0102_26_1Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3301 Boardwalk
0102_26_2Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3305 Boardwalk
0102_185_9Colosseo Atlantic City Inc3401 Pacific Ave
0102_428_15Colucci, Gerald B507 Melrose Ave
0102_428_16Colucci, Karen505 Melrose Ave
0102_130_2Commerce Devel Co & Zrp LLCMassachusetts To Congress
0102_130_42Commerce Developement Co. LLC,23 S Congress Ave
0102_130_43Commerce Development Co LLC15 S Congress Ave
0102_131_12Commerce Development Co LLC18 S Congress Ave
0102_130_10Commerce Development Co, LLC.18 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_131_10Commerce Development Co. LLC,16 S Congress Ave
0102_131_14Commerce Development Company, LLC22 S Congress Ave
0102_416_2.02Community Baptist Church Inc234 N New Jersey Ave
0102_402_24Community Harvesters Church204 N New York Ave
0102_135_3Community Haven Hsg Ltd39 S Virginia Ave
0102_443_25Compton, John340 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_31_2_C1422Comstock, James2721 Bdwk 1422
0102_23_1_C2211Conboy, Mark & Debra H/W3501 Bdwk B211
0102_203_3Concepcion, A & A , Cartageng, M8 S Laclede Pl
0102_692_4Concepcion, Carmello & Sheila1436 Beach Ave
0102_692_16Concepcion, Carmello & Sheila1421 W Riverside Dr
0102_469_1.18Concepcion, Cynthia L.304 N Indiana Ave
0102_63_1_C1708Concepcion, H & C526 Pacific 1708
0102_231_1Concrete Development LLC % J Feriozz3901 Ventnor Ave
0102_50_31_C1708Conejero, Nestor & Terencia1515 Bdwk 1708
0102_305_11Cong 26 LLC26 N Congress Ave
0102_211_6Congregation Rodef Sholom4609 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_8Coniglio & Towers Corp58 N Trenton Ave
0102_337_30Conley, Mary Rose & Conley, Philip2301 Arctic Ave
0102_131_1Conn & Atl Ptr % F Siracusa538 Atlantic Ave
0102_131_8Conn & Atlantic Ptr C/O F Siracusa17 S Connecticut Ave
0102_556_2.01Connecticut Ave Real Est Dev LLC622 N Connecticut Ave
0102_556_3Connecticut Ave Real Estate Dev LLC618 N Connecticut Ave
0102_556_2.02Connecticut Avenue Real Estate620 N Connecticut Ave
0102_556_7Connecticut, Avenue View LLC602 N Connecticut Ave
0102_556_8.01Connecticut, Avenue View LLC558 N Connecticut Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1003Connelly, Thomas & Arlene Toon3101 Bdwk 1003a-1
0102_236_23_C0910Conner, Anita T3817 Ventnor 910
0102_236_23_P0068Conner, Anita T3817 Ventnor P68
0102_105_1_C2106Conner, Ernest & Beverly53 Lighthouse Ct
0102_31_2_C0703Conner, Thomas R Jr2721 Bdwk 703
0102_23_1_C1222Connolly, David & Lynn H/W3501 Bdwk A222
0102_31_2_C0426Connor, Thomas2721 Bdwk 426
0102_833_5_B01Conover Associates1600 N Albany Ave
0102_556_20Conover, Nancy S & Kirk W609 Sewell Ave
0102_259_13_C9001Conover, Stephen & Ladzinski, Maria3501 Ventnor Ph1
0102_790_22Conroy, Robert Francis416 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_105_1_C0801Conte, Joseph62 Anchorage Ct
0102_210_13Conti, Doris Spiegel25 S Plaza Pl
0102_6_1_C1902Contino, Anthony V. & Arlene R.100 S Berkley 19b
0102_236_22_C0107Contino, Florence & Kowaleski, Hen3809 Ventnor #a
0102_645_6Contreras, Eulalio2009 Magellan Ave
0102_780_3Contreras, Jose & Parraga, Hilda572 N Trenton Ave
0102_264_12Contreras, Juana8 N Chelsea Ave
0102_263_3Contreras, Santos & Juana24 N Montpelier Ave
0102_785_12Conwell, Andrew & Diane E401 N Annapolis Ave
0102_785_11Conwell, Andrew & Diane E4121 Porter Ave
0102_23_1_C1112Conwell, Andrew U & Diana3501 Bdwk A112
0102_404_2_C0214Conwell, Pamela A.1440 Mediterranean #b
0102_520_3Cook, Doris A624 N Kentucky Ave
0102_36_67Cook, George118 S Bellevue Ave
0102_667_9Cook, Jr., Charles G2036 Horace Bryant Jr Dr
0102_550_3Cook, Norman512 Wabash Avenue
0102_17_2_C1901Cooke, Gregg & Karen3851 Bdwk 1901
0102_5_1_C0607Cooke, Marie (borowitz, M-Life Est)101 S Plaza 607
0102_783_13.01Cooke, Ryan413 N Richmond Ave #a
0102_783_13.02Cooke, Ryan413 N Richmond Ave
0102_5_1_C1403Cooper, Joyce (trustee)101 S Plaza 1403
0102_280_29Cooper, Maria Del Rosario2312 Ruffu Terr
0102_401_23Cooper, Patricia L.1525 C Morris Cain Pl
0102_630_8Cooper, Vincent P & Angela L906 N Ohio Ave
0102_630_9Cooper, Vincent P & Angela L904 N Ohio Ave
0102_5_1_C1401Cooperstein, Frank & Jacobsen, Este101 S Plaza 1401
0102_219_9Coosaboon, Terri L.25 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_28_1.01_C1822Coppa, Marc N3101 Bdwk 1802b-1
0102_443.01_1.08Coppin, Mary E.337 N North Carolina Ave
0102_28_1.01_C3103Coppola, Silvio, & Annarosa3101 Bdwk 3103a-1
0102_678_10Cora, Claudino1505 Penrose Ave
0102_787_2Corabi, V & N & A & M470 Harbor Ave
0102_724_3Coral LLC1901 Emerson Ave
0102_732_8Coral LLC1618 Madison Ave
0102_672_5Coral LLC1915 Huron Ave
0102_685_8Coral LLC1402 N Michigan Ave
0102_672_4Coral LLC1915 Huron Ave
0102_110_4Corbin, Felicia & Lester21 Barkentine Ct
0102_722_5Corbin, Margaret & Corbin, Gina2031 Murray Ave
0102_679_5Corbin, Mark & Dolores1530 Penrose Ave
0102_310.02_1Corbitt, Dennis C Jr128 N New Jersey Ave
0102_311_7.14Corbitt, Esther105 Chesapeake Bay Ct
0102_548_9Corbitt, Joseph Sr & Cristola H/W426 N Connecticut Ave
0102_310.01_12Corbitt; Kimberly Skinner; Kamika, Kas702 Baltic Ave
0102_3_10Corcoran, Kevin & Patricia121 S Newton Ave
0102_223_17Corcoran, Kevin J4311 Ventnor Ave
0102_236_36_C0047Corcoran; Jack, Keith Siracusa; John47 Chelsea Ct
0102_7_6Cordasco, Mark & Rita122 S Kingston Ave
0102_17_2_C1802Cordeiro, John & Cordeiro, Mary3851 Bdwk 1802
0102_545_8Cordova, Zaida444 N New Jersey Ave
0102_5_1_C1002Corey, Kevin & Tina Marie Corey101 S Plaza 1002
0102_186_13_C0203Coricor, Ezad & Mardo, Lina3501 Pacific 74
0102_28_1.01_C2310Corines, Christopher & Fotiny3101 Bdwk 2310-1
0102_28_1.01_C1808Cornide, Robert & Clara3101 Bdwk 1808-1
0102_28_1.01_C2507Corrado, Rosemary3101 Bdwk 2507-1
0102_550_8Corraliza, Jose Luis Sr400 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_176_1_C0705Correia, Emanuel & Natevidade2834 Atlantic 705
0102_207_22Corrubia, Lucas Joseph Jr.15 S Kingston Ave
0102_12_1_C0920Corso, Carl & Corso, Gina101 S Raleigh 920
0102_248_1Corson, Christopher117 N Delancy Pl
0102_367_20.01Corson, Joseph A.3812 South Blvd
0102_367_21.01Corson, Joseph A.3810 South Blvd
0102_367_21Corson, Joseph A.3810 South Blvd
0102_367_20Corson, Joseph A.3812 South Blvd
0102_362_3Corson, Wilbur L Jr & Wife357 N Dover Ave
0102_236_23_P0065Cortes, Maria L.3817 Ventnor P65
0102_236_23_C1103Cortes, Maria L.3817 Ventnor 1103
0102_589_21_C1507Cortes, Michael655 Absecon 1507
0102_265_3Cortez, Eduardo3115 Atlantic Ave
0102_554_1Corvaia, Calvin D740 Sewell Ave
0102_105_1_C0404Cosey, Brenda L41 Anchorage Ct
0102_348_8Cosola, Michael3102 Fairmount Ave
0102_53_20Costa Corp % G Georges136 S Tennessee Ave
0102_53_19Costa Corp % G Georges138 S Tennessee Ave
0102_53_18Costa Corp % G Georges140 S Tennessee Ave
0102_17_2_C1610Costa, Anthony P & Josephine3851 Bdwk 1610
0102_9_5Costanzo, Sandra123 S Bartram Ave
0102_8_7Costanzo, Sandra128 S Bartram Ave
0102_139_3Costas Associates L. L. C.1126 Atlantic Ave
0102_139_1Costas Associates, LLC1130 Atlantic Ave
0102_52_44Costas Corp % G C Georges108 St James Pl
0102_53_3Costas Corp % G Georges121 St James Pl
0102_53_4Costas Corp % G Georges123 St James Pl
0102_53_2Costas Corp % G Georges119 St James Pl
0102_52_43Costas Corp % G Georges112 St James Pl
0102_52_42Costas Corp % G Georges114 St James Pl
0102_27_7Costas Corporation115 S Sovereign Ave
0102_27_3Costas Corporation102 S Montpelier Ave
0102_139_2Costas, Associates, LLC3 S North Carolina Ave
0102_625_12Costello, Charles1813 Lincoln Ave
0102_625_11Costello, Charles1811 Lincoln Ave
0102_430_23Costello, Charles311 N New Jersey Ave
0102_655_15Costello, Charles1103 N Ohio Ave
0102_204_7Costello, Jerry J38 S Raleigh Ave
0102_236_36_C0043Costello, Richard J.43 Chelsea Ct
0102_105_1_C1406Cotlov, Jerry & Olson, Linda3 Spinnaker Way
0102_236_23_C1000Cotterall, Robert3817 Ventnor 1000
0102_31_2_C1421Cotteta, Gina2721 Bdwk 1421
0102_547_16Cotto, Nasmoon619 Wabash Ave
0102_124_38Cotton, Mary F308 Grammercy Pl
0102_27_5_C0322Cotugno, Alfonso108 S Montpelier 322
0102_553_20Couch, Donald & Quwana735 Sewell Ave
0102_404_2_C0305Couch, Jeannette203 N New York #b
0102_150_10Council Of Carpenters Building Corp24 S New York Ave
0102_150_9Council Of Carpenters Building Corp1503 Belfield Ave
0102_404_2_C0312Council, Lois V207 N New York #c
0102_12_1_C0921Count On Print LLC101 S Raleigh 921
0102_451_11County Of Atlantic1225 Drexel Ave
0102_94_1County Of Atlantic201 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_293_3County Of Atlantic1400 Arctic Ave
0102_293_4County Of Atlantic1401 Bacharach Blvd
0102_293_2County Of Atlantic1431 Bacharach Blvd
0102_738_2County Of Atlantic1711 Absecon Blvd
0102_404_2_C0202Couplin, Brian1432 Mediterranean #b
0102_730_13Couplin, Rose1615 N Arkansas Ave
0102_105_1_C0303Coursey, D Edward & Patricia A.35 Anchorage Ct
0102_698_3Coursey, Ernest D. & Leslie D. White1646 N Missouri Ave
0102_685_3Coursey, Keith1416 N Michigan Ave #a
0102_685_4Coursey, Keith1416 N Michigan Ave
0102_653_15Coursey, Ray R Jr1041 Monroe Ave
0102_565_8Courter, Joseph A Jr555 N New Jersey Ave
0102_552_12Courter, Jr. Joseph A.528 N Delaware Ave
0102_630_3Couthen, Arthur & Jennifer D916 N Ohio Ave
0102_622_1Couthen, Jennifer Denice & Arthur1827 Mckinley Ave
0102_301_66Covenant House A NJ Corp.929 Atlantic Ave
0102_406_1Covenant House New Jersey Inc227 N South Carolina Ave
0102_301_49Covenant House Nj, Inc10 N Maryland Ave
0102_682_11Covert, Bertha1915 Morningside Dr
0102_5_1_C0701Cowan, Eric & Andi101 S Plaza 701
0102_651_14Cox Jr, Anthony R1129 N Michigan Ave
0102_656_1Cox Jr, Anthony Raymond1063 N Ohio Ave
0102_680_5Cox, Angela1420 Penrose Ave
0102_51_40Craig 5 LLC161 Westminister Ave
0102_51_41Craig 5 LLC163 Westminister Ave
0102_301_83Craig 5 LLC43 N Virginia Ave
0102_27_5_C0312Cramer, Ronald & Karen108 S Montpelier 312
0102_632_3Crane, Albert Jr. Etal1909 Magellan Ave
0102_74_35Crda217 S Victoria Ave
0102_126_26Crda2 Lawn Pl
0102_119_21CrdaGrammercy Pl
0102_126_27CrdaLawn Place
0102_336_4Crda106 N Missouri Ave
0102_336_7Crda2201 Arctic Ave
0102_336_3Crda108 N Missouri Ave
0102_336_2Crda110 N Missouri Av (alley)
0102_442_3Crda1010 Adriatic Ave
0102_416_1.01CrdaMediterranean Ave
0102_336_5Crda104 N Missouri Ave
0102_336_1Crda2200 Fairmount Ave
0102_537_1.12Crda408 N North Carolina Ave
0102_126_58Crda107 Vermont Terr
0102_584_9CrdaVacated Marmora Ave
0102_451.01_1.02Crda342 N North Carolina Ave
0102_451.01_1.01Crda344 N North Carolina Ave
0102_301_67Crda937 Atlantic Ave
0102_130_18Crda30 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_129_10.01Crda439 Pacific Ave
0102_130_25Crda509 Pacific Ave
0102_130_26Crda45 S Congress Ave
0102_305_26.01Crda23 N Connecticut Ave
0102_281_12Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_11Crda2221 Atlantic Ave
0102_451.01_1.03Crda340 N North Carolina Ave
0102_451.01_1.04Crda338 N North Carolina Ave
0102_336_6Crda102 N Missouri Ave
0102_451.01_1.06Crda334 N North Carolina Ave
0102_442_2Crda1012 Adriatic Ave
0102_308_19Crda517 Grammercy Pl
0102_308_12Crda118 N Congress Ave
0102_308_13Crda117 N Connecticut Ave
0102_537_1.09Crda416 N North Carolina Ave
0102_537_1.08Crda420 N North Carolina Ave
0102_451.01_1.07Crda332 N North Carolina Ave
0102_143_4Crda60 S South Carolina Ave
0102_537_1.07Crda422 N North Carolina Ave
0102_163_71Crda13 S Georgia Ave Rr
0102_281_10Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_126_25CrdaVermont And New Hampshire
0102_432_5Crda303 N Delaware Ave
0102_126_40Crda31 S Vermont Ave
0102_407_6Crda216 N North Carolina Ave
0102_442_6Crda338 N Virginia Ave
0102_451.01_1.05Crda336 N North Carolina Ave
0102_432_6Crda301 N Delaware Ave
0102_126_54Crda23 S Vermont Ave
0102_407_5Crda218 N North Carolina Ave
0102_126_41Crda216 Grafton Terr
0102_156_15Crda1702 Atlantic Ave
0102_126_43Crda212 Grafton Terr
0102_126_42Crda214 Grafton Lane
0102_126_19Crda18 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_130_22Crda503 Pacific Ave
0102_130_20Crda34 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_130_28Crda41 S Congress Ave
0102_126_14Crda7 Lawn Pl
0102_126_15Crda5 Lawn Pl
0102_407_10Crda208 N North Carolina Ave
0102_129_14.02Crda35 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_126_18CrdaLawn Place
0102_126_47Crda215 Grafton Terr
0102_407_8Crda212 N North Carolina Ave
0102_126_24Crda4 Lawn Pl
0102_126_48CrdaGrafton Terr
0102_126_28Crda24 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_126_29Crda26 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_126_20Crda20 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_126_21Crda22 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_130_19Crda32 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_126_22Crda8 Lawn Pl
0102_538_3Crda430 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_126_23Crda6 Lawn Pl
0102_451.01_1.08Crda330 N North Carolina Ave
0102_156_16Crda1700 Atlantic Ave
0102_407_9Crda210 N North Carolina Ave
0102_126_49Crda213 Grafton Terr
0102_77_32Crda121 S Seaside Ave
0102_126_45Crda29 S Vermont Ave
0102_538_2Crda1108 Absecon Blvd
0102_308_3Crda522 Madison Ave
0102_163_31Crda1 Lincoln Terr
0102_163_34Crda42 S Mississippi Ave #a
0102_305_23Crda11 N Connecticut Ave
0102_163_38Crda6 Lincoln Terr
0102_130_32Crda33 S Congress Ave
0102_163_33Crda18 S Mississippi Ave
0102_305_22Crda7 N Connecticut Ave
0102_163_30Crda2 Lincoln Terr
0102_305_29Crda29 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_28Crda27 N Connecticut Ave
0102_163_39Crda2309 Pacific Ave Rr #a
0102_163_35Crda28 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_36Crda8 Lincoln Terr
0102_163_16Crda36 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_17Crda38 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_14Crda18 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_15Crda20 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_13Crda14 S Mississippi Ave
0102_163_18Crda40 S Mississippi Ave
0102_442_8Crda336 N Virginia Ave
0102_442_9Crda306 N Virginia Ave
0102_128_22Crda30 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_128_21Crda32 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_163_19Crda2302 Leopold Terr
0102_125_3.13Crda21 N Vermont Ave
0102_128_20Crda34 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_130_33Crda31 S Congress Ave
0102_163_37Crda7 Lincoln Terr
0102_130_34Crda29 S Congress Ave
0102_305_20Crda5 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_21Crda5 N Connecticute Ave #a
0102_163_53Crda27 Baratta Terr #b
0102_163_54Crda27 Baratta Terr #c
0102_163_50Crda2319 Pacific Ave
0102_137_6Crda15 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_163_55Crda25 Baratta Terr #c
0102_407_13Crda1201 Baltic Ave
0102_163_58Crda25 S Georgia Ave
0102_70_7Crda107 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_70_4Crda423 Oriental Ave
0102_70_3Crda134 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_137_5Crda9 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_70_1Crda400 Pacific Ave
0102_157_21.04Crda7 S Ohio Avenue
0102_70_8Crda113 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_129_15.02Crda33 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_163_57Crda25 Baratta Terr #a
0102_163_56Crda25 Baratta Terr #b
0102_129_11.02Crda39 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_72_5Crda315 Oriental Ave
0102_305_1Crda43 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_27Crda25 N Connecticut Ave
0102_126_60Crda111 Vermont Terr
0102_163_52Crda27 Baratta Terr #a
0102_70_2Crda128 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_163_51Crda27 S Georgia Ave
0102_72_4Crda313 Oriental Ave
0102_305_24Crda15 N Connecticut Ave
0102_407_4Crda220 N North Carolina Ave
0102_407_7Crda214 N North Carolina Ave
0102_336_30CrdaAtlantic City Expressway
0102_442_4Crda1008 Adriatic Ave
0102_163_59Crda23 S Georgia Ave #b
0102_126_52CrdaPacific To Atlantic
0102_128_8Crda415 Wistar Pl
0102_128_9Crda411 Wistar Pl
0102_137_7Crda29 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_442_10Crda1001 Drexel Ave
0102_396_1Crda301 N Ohio Ave
0102_126_9Crda4 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_336_28Crda111 N Mississippi Ave
0102_336_29CrdaAtlantic City Expressway
0102_156_40Crda25 S Indiana Ave
0102_336_25Crda2253 Arctic Ave
0102_336_26Crda107 N Mississippi Ave
0102_336_27Crda109 N Mississippi Ave
0102_156_41Crda21 S Indiana Ave
0102_159_1.04Crda2030 Atlantic Ave
0102_163_29Crda3 Lincoln Terr
0102_128_10Crda409 Wistar Pl
0102_128_17Crda405 Pacific Ave
0102_128_16Crda407 Pacific Ave
0102_163_41Crda2309 Pacific Ave Rr #c
0102_163_46CrdaPacific Ave
0102_128_15Crda409 Pacific Ave
0102_128_14Crda35 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_281_1Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_3Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_2Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_163_28Crda4 Lincoln Terr
0102_163_23Crda2310 Leopold Terr
0102_128_6Crda27 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_308_5Crda516 Madison Ave
0102_128_19Crda36 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_128_18Crda401 Pacific Ave
0102_163_24Crda2312 Leopold Terr
0102_163_25Crda2314 Leopold Terr
0102_163_26Crda2316 Leopold Terr
0102_163_27Crda5 Lincoln Terr
0102_163_20Crda2304 Leopold Terr
0102_163_21Crda2306 Leopold Terr
0102_163_22Crda2308 Leopold Terr
0102_72_3Crda311 Oriental Ave
0102_281_5Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_80_25Crda124 Dewey Pl
0102_305_34Crda39 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_31Crda33 N Connecticut Ave
0102_794_1_BLDGCrda601 N Albany Ave
0102_305_30Crda31 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_33Crda37 N Connecticut Ave
0102_305_32Crda35 N Connecticut Ave
0102_396_7Crda1801 Baltic Ave
0102_126_39Crda33 S Vermont Ave
0102_126_38Crda35 S Vermont Ave
0102_598_1Crda615 N North Carolina Ave
0102_126_32Crda213 Pacific Ave
0102_72_6Crda165 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_281_4Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_7Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_6Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_9Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_281_8Crda30 N Christopher Columbus
0102_423_11Crda225 N Congress Ave
0102_305_35Crda41 N Connecticut Ave
0102_68_15Crda122 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_136_14Crda26 S Virginia Ave
0102_126_33Crda215 Pacific Ave
0102_126_35Crda219 Pacific Ave
0102_163_60Crda23 S Georgia Ave #a
0102_126_53Crda211 Grafton Terr
0102_163_61Crda21 S Georgia Ave
0102_308_25Crda119 N Connecticut Ave
0102_126_17Crda1 Lawn Pl
0102_126_16Crda3 Lawn Pl
0102_126_37Crda37 S Vermont Ave
0102_161_1.01Crda2140 Atlantic Ave
0102_126_46Crda27 S Vermont Ave
0102_308_6Crda514 Madison Ave
0102_399_3Crda201 N Indiana Ave
0102_126_36Crda221 Pacific Ave
0102_126_57Crda105 Vermont Terr
0102_416_2.01CrdaMediterranean Ave
0102_126_50Crda25 S Vermont Ave
0102_308_1Crda133 N Connecticut Ave
0102_407_12Crda204 N North Carolina Ave
0102_308_27Crda123 N Connecticut Ave
0102_308_2Crda526 Madison Ave
0102_126_51Crda25 S Vermont Ave Rr
0102_308_26Crda121 N Connecticut Ave
0102_308_29Crda127 N Connecticut Ave
0102_308_28Crda125 N Connecticut Ave
0102_407_11Crda206 N North Carolina Ave
0102_308_24Crda113 N Connecticut Ave
0102_126_34Crda217 Pacific Ave
0102_304_27.01Crda601 Atlantic Ave
0102_308_7Crda129 N Connecticut Ave
0102_130_16Crda26 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_422_1.01Crda507 Madison Ave
0102_126_30Crda28 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_399_2Crda205 N Indiana Ave
0102_537_1.14Crda400 N North Carolina Ave
0102_163_67Crda1 Georgia Terr
0102_442_5Crda1006 Adriatic Ave
0102_68_2Crda115 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_442_7Crda340 N Virginia Ave
0102_308_20Crda519 Grammercy Pl
0102_308_21Crda523 Grammercy Pl
0102_129_13Crda35 S Massachusetts Ave #a
0102_68_1.01Crda436 Pacific Ave
0102_308_4Crda518 Madison Ave
0102_537_1.13Crda406 N North Carolina Ave
0102_129_16Crda31 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_537_1.11Crda410 N North Carolina Ave
0102_163_68Crda19 S Georgia Ave
0102_389_1Crda2301 Fairmount Ave
0102_156_28Crda1701 Pacific Ave
0102_129_12.02Crda37 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_395_1Crda1923 Baltic Ave
0102_163_66Crda3 Georgia Terr
0102_126_31Crda201 Pacific Ave
0102_163_62Crda2 Georgia Terr
0102_126_13Crda14 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_129_8Crda36 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_129_9Crda411 Pacific Ave
0102_129_1Crda29 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_305_25.01Crda19 N Connecticut Ave
0102_129_3Crda414 Wistar Pl
0102_129_5Crda33 S Massachusetts Ave Rr
0102_163_63Crda4 Georgia Terr
0102_399_1Crda1750 Bacharach Blvd
0102_129_7Crda34 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_163_64Crda6 Georgia Terr
0102_308_22Crda109 N Connecticut Ave
0102_74_27Crda233 S Victoria Ave
0102_308_23Crda111 N Connecticut Ave
0102_163_65Crda5 Georgia Terr
0102_537_1.10Crda412 N North Carolina Ave
0102_285_1.01Crda C/O Atlantic City Assoc, LLC1931 Atlantic Ave
0102_160_2Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2022 Atlantic Ave
0102_160_4Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2020 Atlantic Ave
0102_284_2Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates11 N Fleming Ave
0102_333_1Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates122 N Michigan Ave
0102_161_1.01_B01Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2140 Atlantic Ave
0102_331_1Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates1924 Baltic Ave
0102_282_1Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2101 Atlantic Ave
0102_331_2Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates1900 Baltic Ave
0102_333_19Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2101 Arctic Ave
0102_331_5Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates132 N Ohio Ave
0102_158_2Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates1928 Atlantic Ave
0102_331_8Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates1907 Arctic Ave
0102_331_4Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates136 N Ohio Ave
0102_331_7Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates104 N Ohio Ave
0102_331_3Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates138 N Ohio Ave
0102_331_6Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates128 N Ohio Ave
0102_284_1Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2001 Atlantic Ave
0102_283_18Crda C/O Atlantic City AssociatesAtlantic City Expressway
0102_158_1Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates1930 Atlantic Ave
0102_159_1.01Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates2016 Atlantic Ave
0102_158_25Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates11 S Michigan Ave
0102_158_26Crda C/O Atlantic City Associates9 S Michigan Ave
0102_391_1Crda/Headquarters Hotel C/O F Gallo2 Convention Boulevard
0102_292_1Crda/Renaissance C/O Aac Management1501 Atlantic Ave
0102_764_9Crean, Michael730 Wisteria Road
0102_223_22Crean, Michael21 N Delancy Pl
0102_28_1.01_C2104Credidio, Gerard & Margaret3101 Bdwk 2104-1
0102_301_82Creig 5 LLC41 N Virginia Ave
0102_714_22Crema, Raymond & Barbara2119 N Riverside Dr
0102_236_23_C1205Crescenzo, Robert Jr3817 Ventnor 1205
0102_367_4Cress, Bradford W4004 South Blvd
0102_784_4Cress, Joy Lynn & Redina Lucille444 N Annapolis Ave
0102_784_16Cress, Lynn Joy447 Windsor Rd
0102_680_15Crimi, Wayne S1413 N Ohio Ave
0102_589_21_C1009Cristallo, Doreen655 Absecon 1009
0102_342_8Cristobal, Manuel120 N Texas Ave
0102_688_13Criswell, Michelle1401 N Arkansas Ave
0102_105_1_C1805Cropf, William & Jones, Jennifer19 Anchorage Ct
0102_107_1Crosby, William B Sr. & Karen M.2 Windjammer Ct
0102_666_1Croskey, Betty1255 N Michigan Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0805Cross, Joyce & Milton3101 Bdwk 805-2
0102_688_3Crosson, E J & Nadella1428 Emerson Ave
0102_688_2Crosson, Edmond & Nadella1428 Emerson Ave #a
0102_28_1.02_C1817Crosson, Matthew & Siegelman, Stuart3101 Bdwk 1817-2
0102_28_1.01_C2206Crotty, Robert & Karlyn3101 Bdwk 2206-1
0102_731_2Crouch, George2010 Kuehnle Ave
0102_401_5Crouch, Lyndora1530 Mediterranean Ave
0102_401_12Croudy, Ronald L.24 Brooklyn Ave
0102_176_1_C0812Crowell, Maria2834 Atlantic 812
0102_28_1.02_C0715Crowley, William J. & Nancy R.3101 Bdwk 715-2
0102_477_4Crumble, L Woody, L & Woody, M1008 N Michigan Ave
0102_643_12Crumble, Woody Tameka904 Keener Ave
0102_90.02_8Crump, Karen115 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_200_4_C0304Crusco, Vanessa & Lewis19 S Windsor C4
0102_31_2_C1710Cruz, Darwin O2721 Bdwk 1710
0102_31_2_C1419Cruz, Dionisio V & Estrellita O2721 Bdwk 1419
0102_28_1.01_C1402Cruz, Gelsimo & Amelia3101 Bdwk 1402a-1
0102_309_14Cruz, Igmar629 Arctic Ave
0102_337_31Cruz, Joshua2303 Arctic Ave
0102_337_29Cruz, Joshua106 N Mississippi Ave
0102_655_16Cruz, Wilmer1105 N Ohio Ave
0102_24_7Csure Holdings LLC133 Wilson Ave
0102_550_1Ct 427 LLC427 N Connecticut Ave
0102_553_23Cuffari, Rudolph & Amarylis553 N Delaware Ave
0102_72_19Culligan Jr, John & Rinker, Kathlee101 Victoria Terr
0102_19_3_C0303Cullin, Carolyn3801 Bdwk A3
0102_279_43Culmone, Maria14 N Georgia Ave Rr #d
0102_236_23_C0603Cultural Bridge Center LLC3817 Ventnor 603
0102_726_7Cummings, Jared1941 Murray Ave
0102_484_1Cupples, Scott2021 Blaine Ave
0102_200_4_C0104Curcione, Carol E19 S Windsor A4
0102_31_2_C0624Curinga, Joseph2721 Bdwk 624
0102_15_14Curran, Edward112 S Dover Ave
0102_31_2_C0407Curran, Robert & Claire2721 Bdwk 407
0102_307_14Currie, Randolph & Elonda507 Grammercy Pl
0102_31_2_C0414Curry, Michael2721 Bdwk 414
0102_31_2_C0003Curry, Michael2721 Bdwk M3
0102_31_2_C0619Curry, Michael2721 Bdwk 619
0102_31_2_C0312Curry, Michael2721 Bdwk 312
0102_6_1_C1207Custodio, Joseph & Joann100 S Berkley 12g
0102_483_3Custodio, Wilfredo M2016 Blaine Ave
0102_337_11Cutler, Anna5 Italy Terr
0102_8_4_C0003Cutler, Cheri & Weisgold, Dean112 S Bartram #c
0102_5_1_C0806Cutler, Paul & Joan101 S Plaza 806
0102_74_29Cutty Associates LLC229 S Victoria Ave
0102_139_25Cvb LLC33 S North Carolina Ave
0102_207_3Cvb LLC2 S Bartram Ave
0102_307_24Cw Atlantic LLC125 N Congress Ave
0102_75_12Cw Atlantic LLC120 S Seaside Ave
0102_309_7Cw Atlantic LLC615 Arctic Ave
0102_426_1Cw Atlantic LLC347 N Connecticut Ave
0102_75_21Cw Atlantic LLC121 S Vermont Ave
0102_425_17Cw Atlantic LLC523 Spring Lane
0102_426_25Cw Atlantic LLC335 N Connecticut Ave
0102_426_17Cw Atlantic LLC525 Drexel Ave
0102_426_2Cw Atlantic LLC538 Spring Lane
0102_426_6Cw Atlantic LLC530 Spring Lane
0102_425_19Cw Atlantic LLC349 N Connecticut Ave
0102_426_18Cw Atlantic LLC527 Drexel Ave
0102_426_21Cw Atlantic LLC533 Drexel Ave
0102_426_4Cw Atlantic LLC534 Spring Lane
0102_72_20Cw Atlantic LLC103 Victoria Terr
0102_426_3Cw Atlantic LLC536 Spring Lane
0102_481_9Cw Atlantic, LLC2023 Caspian Ave
0102_77_6Cw Atlantic, LLC116 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_80_7Cw Atlantic, LLC107 Oriental Ave
0102_426_7Cw Atlantic, LLC528 Spring Lane
0102_243_1811Czajkowski, Witold & Ann151 N Annapolis #11
0102_243_1812Czajkowski, Witold & Ann151 N Annapolis #12
0102_408_24D & I Atlantic Corp1105 Baltic Ave
0102_167_29D & M LLC 6 Nth Mississippi LLC19 S Texas Ave
0102_167_28D & M LLC 6 Nth Mississippi LLC21 S Texas Ave
0102_344_15D'Agostino, Alfonso115 N Iowa Ave
0102_259_13_C0203D'Alicandro, Anthony3501 Ventnor B3
0102_24_9_C3108D'Alonzo, Francis & Carol3501 Bdwk C108
0102_28_1.01_C3404D'Amato, Michael & Lois3101 Bdwk 3404-1
0102_341_29D'Ancona, Regina2503 Centennial Ave
0102_359_3D'Ancona, Regina E4202 Porter Ave
0102_12_1_C0719D'Angelo, Claire & Louis101 S Raleigh 719
0102_12_1_C0216D'Antonio, Robert101 S Raleigh 216
0102_63_1_C0906D'Elia, Emil & Barbara526 Pacific 906
0102_28_1.02_C1015D'Elia, Frank R. & D'Elia, J.3101 Bdwk 1015-2
0102_28_1.02_C1017D'Elia, Gloria J.3101 Bdwk 1017-2
0102_381_39D'Intino, Philip219 N Arizona Ave
0102_655_5D0uglas, Marjorie Et Al1132 Jefferson Pl
0102_431_31Dabney, A, E, M, D341 N New Jersey Ave
0102_310.01_1Dabney, Gina724 Baltic Ave
0102_701_15Dacchioli, Albert D & June2201 Kuehnle Ave
0102_199_1Dadarwala, Navinchandra I17 S Annapolis Ave
0102_53_15Dafni Ac LLC156 S Tennessee Ave
0102_12_1_C0823Dagostino, Jeana101 S Raleigh 823
0102_463_6Dahka Holdings Corp415 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_124_37Dahka Holdings Corp29 N Irving Ave
0102_556_9Dahm, Jennifer & Montgomery554 N Connecticut Ave
0102_257_23Dalipovski, Erkan & Erdoan31 N Albany Ave
0102_63_1_C0209Dalpiaz, Majura526 Pacific 209
0102_377_44Dalton, Barbara217 N Morris Ave
0102_377_43Dalton, Paul215 N Morris Ave
0102_116_11Dalton, Thomas & Nancy130 Houston Ave
0102_105_1_C0805Daly, Dennis66 Anchorage Ct
0102_367_11_C1301Daly, Joann3816 South Blvd 3
0102_11_2Daly, Joann111 S Delancy Pl
0102_367_11.03Daly, Joann3816 South Blvd Bd2
0102_12_1_C0810Daly, Joann & Wallace, Glenn101 S Raleigh 810
0102_12_1_C0811Daly:joan, Daly Wallace:jo Ann101 S Raleigh 811
0102_173_21_C0202Damaris Consulting Group LLC37 S Iowa Ave 2b
0102_28_1.01_C1723Damawuzan-Bills, Suzette3101 Bdwk 1703b-1
0102_11_8Damawuzan-Bills, Suzette112 S Raleigh Ave
0102_236_36_C0051Damerjian, Robert Jr & Melody51 Chelsea Ct
0102_12_1_C0828Damico, Christine Faith101 S Raleigh 828
0102_28_1.01_C1108Damis, Gregory & Melody3101 Bdwk 1108-1
0102_28_1.01_C2112Damm, Edward3101 Bdwk 2112-1
0102_215_3Damm, Elaine44 N Montgomery Ave
0102_216_3Damm, Elaine14 N Plaza Pl
0102_28_1.01_C2711Dandrea, Richard,-Tr & Maryclaire, -3101 Bdwk 2711-1
0102_337_25Dandridge, Tanya112 N Mississippi Ave
0102_345_70Daneguy, Q. Vince2829 Arctic Ave
0102_260_34Dang, Anh1 N Providence Ave
0102_236_23_C1200Dang, Chau T., Hong, Hue, Hue3817 Ventnor 1200a
0102_259_4Dang, Lan & Nguyen, Tina3502 Winchester Ave
0102_383_39Dang, Lan & Nguyen, Tina247 N Texas Ave
0102_165_4Dang, Lan & Tina Nguyen2508 Atlantic Ave
0102_164_22Dang, Long G & Chu, Brian2418 Atlantic Ave
0102_164_4Dang, Long Giang & Chu, Brian2420 Atlantic Ave
0102_345_51Dang, Muoi A2812 Denny St
0102_129_6Dang, Trang32 S Metropolitan Ave
0102_176_1_C0503Dangelo, Isabella & Dimatteo, Miche2834 Atlantic 503
0102_6_1_C1007Daniels, Alan & Phyllis100 S Berkley 10g
0102_89_4Daniels, Malcolm A.191 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_109_49Daniels, Yuri M.11 Schooner Ct
0102_17_2_C1512Dann, Carol3851 Bdwk 1512
0102_304_12Danna, Anthony S,-Tr & Gene, Evans32 N Connecticut Ave
0102_17_2_C2207Dannenfelser, Shaun & Kelly3851 Bdwk 2207
0102_559_23Dansby, Deborah519 N Connecticut Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1515Dantiis, Marilyn & Dantis, Sergio3101 Bdwk 1515-2
0102_176_1_C0510Dao, Dana L.2834 Atlantic 510
0102_372_5Dao, Duc Minh & Tran Le224 N Montpelier Ave
0102_342_40Dao, Huy2617 Arctic Ave
0102_347_11Dao, Nghia & Tran, Nguyen124 N Morris Ave
0102_172_15Dao, Thanh29 S California Ave
0102_170_8Dao, Thanh8 S Texas Ave
0102_247_14Dao, Thanh4223 Winchester Ave
0102_170_9Dao, Thanh10 S Texas Ave
0102_194_1Dao, Thanh & Yen & Scott, Tuyet3906 Ventnor Ave
0102_136_27Daouda, Shelah & Robinson, Shirley31 S Gordons Alley
0102_205_2Darby, David E8 S Delancy Pl
0102_694_15Darden, Edward & Jearlene1512 W Riverside Dr
0102_694_16Darden, Edward & Jearlene1514 W Riverside Dr
0102_694_17Darden, Edward & Jearlene1518 W Riverside Dr
0102_694_18Darden, Edward & Jeralene1544 W Riverside Dr
0102_31_2_C0208Darienzo, James & Carolyn2721 Bdwk 208
0102_634_2Darkes, Leroy W & Wife1913 Grant Ave
0102_634_1Darkes, William1919 Grant Ave
0102_374_12Darnell, Joseph & Virginia220 N Chelsea Ave
0102_374_11Darnell, Joseph G. & Virginia L.222 N Chelsea Ave
0102_107_6Darpino, Grace27 Windjammer Ct
0102_664_5Dartlowe Incorporated1238 Penrose Ave
0102_365_5Das, Biplob346 N Trenton Ave
0102_793_8Das, Biplob3715 Porter Ave
0102_358_5Das, Chabon & Chowdhury, Prianka4202 Stewart Ave
0102_384_9Das, Dipankar255 N Nevada Ave
0102_384_28Das, K. Ratan & Das, Baby229 N Nevada Ave
0102_12_1_C0929Das, Prabhat & Saumya101 S Raleigh 929
0102_12_1_C0629Das, Prabhat & Saumya101 S Raleigh 629
0102_12_1_C0930Das, Prabhat & Saumya101 S Raleigh 930-931
0102_347_20Das, Rana3003 Landmark Court
0102_342_32Das, Sajal Kanti & Sarkar, Tripti2605 Arctic Ave
0102_342_31Das, Sajal Kanti & Sarkar, Tripti2603 Arctic Ave
0102_377_9Das, Sanchita & Das, Uttom K2904 Sunset Ave
0102_345_45Das, Souman118 N Iowa Ave
0102_769_8Das, Titun & Dey, Susree630 Dover Ave #a
0102_769_15Das, Titun & Dey, Susree630 N Dover Ave Rr #b
0102_769_7Das, Titun & Dey, Susree630 N Dover Ave #b
0102_769_14Das, Titun & Dey, Susree630 N Dover Ave Rr #a
0102_28_1.02_C0910Dascenzo, Stephen & Dascenzo, Amy3101 Bdwk 910-2
0102_230_2Dasgupta, Sanjoy & Popi44 N Dover Ave
0102_12_1_C0315Dashevsky, Marc I & Marcia S101 S Raleigh 315
0102_799_7Dattalo, Michael Et AlMeadow Track
0102_799_7_B01Dattalo, Michael Et AlMeadow Track
0102_799_7_B02Dattalo, Micheal EtalMeadow Track
0102_28_1.01_C1611Dauber, Allen3101 Bdwk 1611-1
0102_168_3Daud & Mina LLC2516 Atlantic Ave
0102_497_5Daughtery, Gerri & Jones, Gassie1911 Hummock Ave
0102_6_1_C0702Davco Construction Inc100 S Berkley 7b
0102_6_1_C1605Davco Construction Inc100 S Berkley 16e
0102_553_5Davenport Jr:clarence, Davenport T726 Magellan Ave
0102_118_5.13Davenport, Carol A313 Beach Ave
0102_316_29David, Tayoun1115 Arctic Ave
0102_19_3_C0322Davidovitz, Michael & Freda3801 Bdwk 213
0102_608_7Davidson, Cammie813 Green St
0102_27_5_C0319Davidson, Melanie B108 S Montpelier 319
0102_23_1_C1209Davis Sr, Michael (trustee)3501 Bdwk A209
0102_555_4Davis, Alvin S,-Jr & Sylicia A618 Sewell Ave
0102_17_2_C2611Davis, Barbara Revocable Trust3851 Bdwk 2611
0102_693_8Davis, Deidre M1509 W Riverside Dr
0102_553_22Davis, Eddie & Davis II, Eddie545 N Delaware Ave
0102_644_5Davis, Eileen2016 Grant Ave
0102_692_15Davis, Everett & Tanoia1417 W Riverside Dr
0102_591_9Davis, Frances & Segura, Pestronila1017 Caspian Ave
0102_404_2_C0117Davis, Fred W. & Amy E.1426 Mediterranean #b
0102_404_2_C0224Davis, Frederick & Clarice1446 Mediterranean #c
0102_113_24Davis, Gary10 Caravel Ct
0102_63_1_C1308Davis, Glenn A526 Pacific 1308
0102_514_1Davis, Inez532 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_508_10Davis, Jacob Esau504 N Indiana Ave
0102_255_1Davis, James D. & Brown, Randolph L110 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_255_1.01Davis, James R & Brown, Randolph110 N Tallahassee Rr
0102_309_1_C0126Davis, Jeffrey & Carla134 N Connecticut Ave 27a
0102_50_31_C1108Davis, Joshua1515 Bdwk 1108
0102_558_7Davis, Kenneth M538 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_699_13Davis, Kenneth M1608 Beach Ave
0102_699_20Davis, Kenneth M1608 Beach Ave
0102_732_13Davis, Lena P.1600 Madison Ave
0102_510_9Davis, Leonard E. & Bernice A.603 N Indiana Ave
0102_553_7Davis, Marlene & Yapi, Nikki722 Magellan Ave
0102_431_16Davis, Oliver T. Jr.350 N Connecticut Ave
0102_660_5Davis, Robert And Latrece1613 Marmora Ave
0102_309_1_C0136Davis, Shirley D.135 N New Jersey Ave 36c
0102_23_1_C2212Davis, Sr. M Trstee M Davis Jr Trst3501 Bdwk B212
0102_726_1Davis, Winifred1830 Madison Ave
0102_471_15Davison, F Molina, B Martinez & Wms421 N Ohio Ave
0102_105_1_C1003Dawkins, A. Walter & Marzella Etal73 Anchorage Ct
0102_342_11Day, Tapan & Sien, King120 N Texas Ave Rr #b
0102_198_3De Censo, Donata4017 Atlantic Ave
0102_31_2_C1016De Ieso; Vincent, Elayne (liv Trust)2721 Bdwk 1016
0102_221_12De La Pena, Mario & Nancy Z1 N Bartram Ave
0102_342_65De Los Santos, Luis115 N California Ave
0102_779_16De Paul, Philip616 Wisteria Rd
0102_776_11De Rugeris, Flaviano518 N Elberon Ave
0102_776_12De Rugeris, Flaviano514 N Elberon Ave
0102_558_1Dean, Mark T & Esther518 Magellan Ave
0102_726_9Dean, Rachel & Etal1815 N Michigan Ave
0102_345_37Dearth, Frances2813 Denny St
0102_364_6Deb, Biplab K.354 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_15_2Debah, Rajkumar & Samson, Theresa109 S Ridgeway Ave
0102_27_5_C0316Debellis-Di Berardino, Janice108 S Montpelier 316
0102_685_12Deboise, Diane1403 Emerson Ave
0102_125_3.11_C0001Decaprio, Thomas & Donna6 N New Hampshire Ave 1a
0102_31_2_C0403Decaro, Salvatore & Mary2721 Bdwk 403
0102_452_13Decasablanca, Henry360 N South Carolina Ave
0102_377_33Decasablanca, Henry2915 Fairmount Ave
0102_618_5Decasablanca, Henry722 N Indiana Ave
0102_299_1_C0105Decasablanca, Henry56 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_341_47Decasablanca, Henry2502 Tindaro Terr
0102_232_5Decenso, Donata C39 N Dover Ave
0102_233_3Decker, Gerald And Lois A26 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_268_15Deconcini, William15 N Morris Ave
0102_31_2_C0316Decoteau, E & Frascione, D2721 Bdwk 316
0102_342_69Dectrinity LLC123 N California Ave
0102_342_70Dectrinity LLC125 N California Ave
0102_65_11Dedalus Ventures LLC C/O D Brodsky507 Oriental Ave
0102_130_15Dedalus Ventures, LLC C/O D Brodsky24 S Massachusetts Ave
0102_167_2Dedar, M; Sarder, S; Bashar, A3 S Texas Ave
0102_273_1Dedar, Mohammed2710 Arctic Ave #b
0102_232_8Dedar, Mohammed; Sarder S; Bashar A33 N Dover Ave
0102_254_12Dedek-Pease, Victoria112 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_279_22Dedomenicis, Michael36 N Georgia Ave
0102_31_2_C1222Dee, Consuelo Y2721 Bdwk 1222
0102_27_5_C0212Defranco, Joanna108 S Montpelier 212
0102_27_5_C0408Defranco, Joanna F108 S Montpelier 408
0102_236_23_C0307Defranco, Joanna F3817 Ventnor 307
0102_27_5_C0214Defranco, John R108 S Montpelier 214
0102_31_2_C1601Degeso, Michelle2721 Bdwk 1601
0102_11_9Deglin, Edward & Deglin, Ellan110 S Raleigh Ave
0102_203_7Degrandmaison, Jason46 S Laclede Pl
0102_63_1_C0504Deguzman, Darryl C.526 Pacific 504
0102_31_2_C0328Deieso; Vincent, Elayne (liv Trust)2721 Bdwk 328
0102_173_21_C0105Deitch, David37 S Iowa Ave 1e
0102_171_2_C0107Deitch, David2628 Atlantic 107
0102_770_5Dejesus, Isael647 N Annapolis Ave
0102_489_7.01Dejesus, Maria505 N Michigan Ave
0102_617_17Dekbon Community Devel Corp711 N Indiana Ave
0102_434_11Dekbon Community Develop Corp711 Drexel Ave
0102_518_11Dekbon Community Development507 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_431_10.03Dekbon Community Development360 N Connecticut Ave
0102_315_8Dekbon Community Development Corp122 N Presbyterian Ave
0102_434_12Dekbon Community Development Corp710 Pearl Pl
0102_315_25Dekbon Community Development Corp123 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_616_14Dekbon Community Development Corp807 N Indiana Ave
0102_491_8Dekbon Community Development Corp707 N Michigan Ave
0102_434_13Dekbon Community Develp Corp712 Pearl Pl
0102_456_8Dekbon Community Deverlopment Corp1407 Drexel Ave
0102_554_15Del La Melena, Maria508 N New Jersey Ave
0102_341_34Dela Cruz, Salvador Rosales2513 Centennial Ave
0102_105_1_C2504Delafuente, Jorge L & Lorraine A32 Lighthouse Ct
0102_204_1Delancy Partners LLC1 S Delancy Pl
0102_213_7_C0106Delaney, James2 S Montgomery B2
0102_213_8Delaney, James T. Jr.12 S Montgomery Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1812Delasota, Fernando3101 Bdwk 1812-1
0102_28_1.01_C2008Delasotta, Fernando3101 Bdwk 2008-1
0102_28_1.02_C3203Delasotta, Fernando3101 Bdwk 3203-2
0102_28_1.01_C2909Delasotta, Phyllis3101 Bdwk 2909-1
0102_63_1_C2005Delaurenzo, Katherine526 Pacific 2005
0102_6_1_C1110Delborrello III, Peter100 S Berkley 11k
0102_218_21Delcher, Mary Amanda39 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_31_2_C1514Deleo, Cesare2721 Bdwk 1514
0102_31_2_C1621Deleo, Cesare2721 Bdwk 1621
0102_16_3Delfiner, Adele & Alan105 S Dover Ave
0102_378_5Delgado, Luis & Maritza2809 Fairmount Ave
0102_252_6Delizza, Theresa4403 Winchester Ave
0102_63_1_C0706Dell'oso, Vito & Tanyell526 Pacific 706
0102_164_84Delligatti, Raffaele & Raffaela25 S Florida Ave Rr
0102_236_23_C0611Dellnetti LLC3817 Ventnor 611
0102_785_1Dellomo, Angelo Jr N477 N Annapolis Ave
0102_785_2Dellomo, Angelo Jr. N.4112 Filbert Ave
0102_790_24Delross, Pasquale & Pamela414 N Harrisburg Ave #a
0102_443_22Delross, Pasquale C.346 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_23_1_C1110Delso, Gregory & Theresa3501 Bdwk A110
0102_344_10Delvalle, Ernesto,-Jr131 N Iowa Ave
0102_311_7.13Delvalle, Gilberto & Carmen107 Chesapeake Bay Ct
0102_792_4Demaio, Diane436 N Trenton Ave
0102_792_3_C0107Demaio, Diane & Angelo440 N Trenton 446a
0102_125_3.11_C0002Demarco, David6 N New Hampshire Ave 1b
0102_250_6Demarco, Gabriel & Gaudioso, Barbar4117 Sunset Ave
0102_220_4Demarco, N & B Co Trust56 N Bartram Ave
0102_36_22Demarco, Robert & Carol Ann143 S Texas Ave
0102_215_14Demarco, Robert & Marakos, Katie22 N Montgomery Ave
0102_5_1_C0902Demarco, Susan101 S Plaza 902
0102_98.02_3Demelia, Joseph435 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_6_1_C1910Demian, Makram & Fifi100 S Berkley 19k
0102_105_1_C1806Demones, Gwendolyn20 Anchorage Ct
0102_673_2Demones, Lois B.1336 Penrose Ave
0102_673_4Demones-Woods, Michele1322 Penrose Ave
0102_236_36_C0062Denaples, Margaret & Muller, James62 Chelsea Ct
0102_28_1.02_C2909Denboer, Peter & Flarie, Trustees3101 Bdwk 2909-2
0102_28_1.02_C1507Denboer, Peter & Florie3101 Bdwk 1507-2
0102_149_12Deng, Jian; Deng, Cui; Leung, Chui1506 Belfield Ave
0102_224_16Deng, Yu & Cheng, Jiang28 N Laclede Pl
0102_28_1.01_C1101Denise, Steven N & Nicholas J3101 Bdwk 1101-1
0102_12_1_C0901Dennis, Albert E Jr.101 S Raleigh 901
0102_727_3Dennis, Craig Sr1816 N Ohio Ave
0102_6_1_C0804Dennis, Diane & Lipton, Cindy & Mel100 S Berkley 8d
0102_28_1.02_C3009Dennis, Eileen3101 Bdwk 3009-2
0102_431_26Dennis, Patricia A.621 Drexel Ave
0102_546_14Dennis, Winifred H.725 Adriatic Ave
0102_17_2_C1409Denpat, LLC3851 Bdwk 1409
0102_462_8Deo, Roger1611 Adriatic Ave
0102_7_9.02Deon, Pasquale T. Sr. & Carlene A.4501 Bdwk 4501b
0102_3_5Depace, Marilyn124 S Montgomery Ave
0102_786_8Dephillipo, Alexander Joseph428 N Dover Ave
0102_186_13_C0103Depiiano, Michael3501 Pacific 50
0102_214_10Depko, Thomas & Depko, Clara22 N Newton Ave
0102_50_31_C2606Derago, Margaret1515 Bdwk 2606
0102_50_31_C2207Derago, Margaret1515 Bdwk 2207
0102_50_31_C1704Derago, Margaret S1515 Bdwk 1704
0102_116_14.05Deritis, Thomas122 Houston Ave
0102_17_2_C1203Derito, Philomena I.3851 Bdwk 1203
0102_516_4Derry Jr, Raymond644 Green St
0102_28_1.01_C3307Desai Anil & Smita3101 Bdwk 3307-1
0102_28_1.02_C2705Desai, Amita & Desai, Shailendra3101 Bdwk 2705-2
0102_173_21_C0301Desai, Hetalben37 S Iowa Ave 3a
0102_229_11_C1104Desai, Nalin B. & Aruna N.27 N Annapolis A8
0102_176_1_C1007Desai, R & Dr Gopal Rao Desai2834 Atlantic 1007
0102_279_47Desai, Saurabh2401 Atlantic Ave
0102_315_18Desamours, Jean1021 Arctic Ave
0102_678_19Desamours, Roselin & Marie1521 Penrose Ave
0102_687_11Desantis, Lynda Ann2045 Morningside Dr
0102_23_1_C2128Desantis, Nicole3501 Bdwk B128
0102_12_1_C0705Desanto, Anita101 S Raleigh 705
0102_12_1_C0305Desanto, Rene101 S Raleigh 305
0102_31_2_C0507Desgranges, Todd & Blume, Joseph2721 Bdwk 507
0102_107_2Designs By Dash Prop LLC4 Windjammer Ct
0102_28_1.01_C2015Desimone, Helen3101 Bdwk 2015-1
0102_254_9Desmedt, Emily4503 Winchester Ave
0102_313.01_8Desnoes, Verona & Anwar Washington105 N Virginia Ave
0102_105_1_C2401Despeaux, Edward & Martha40 Lighthouse Ct
0102_5_1_C1102Dessberg, Elsa101 S Plaza 1102
0102_387_2_B01Deull Service Co C/O Outdoor Income300 N Georgia Ave
0102_387_2Deull Service Corp300 N Georgia Ave
0102_684_25Deutsche Bank National Trust Co1425 N Michigan Ave
0102_778_4Dev, B & Chowdhury, M550 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_338_9Dev, Bashu & Chowdhury, Himu123 N Georgia Ave Rr
0102_404_2_C0322Devane, Ronald & Ella M215 N New York #a
0102_171_2_C0101Deveney, F W & George2628 Atlantic 101
0102_229_57Devera, Arsenia D,-Tr & Living Tr4022 Andover Gdns
0102_6_1_C0604Devers, Donald & Theodore Devers100 S Berkley 6d
0102_24_9_C3214Devineni, Syam3501 Bdwk C214
0102_169_9Devito, Karen37 Spray Ave
0102_52_23Devki Rental Co LLC1431 Boardwalk
0102_36_85Devlin Family LLC C/O Devlin Hotels2517 Boardwalk
0102_209_4Devlin, John A & Devlin, Jessica M18 S Aberdeen Pl
0102_645_3.02Devonish, Brenda2017 Magellan Ave
0102_80_16Dewey Place Properties LLC119 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_63_1_C0603Dewitt, Briliant Dale526 Pacific 603
0102_381_32Dey, Prodip K & Mary Das205 N Arizona Ave
0102_171_2_C0403Deza, Leo & Bernadette2628 Atlantic 403
0102_1_142_B01Dgmb Casino LLC1100 Boardwalk
0102_1_142.01Dgmb Casino LLC1100 Boardwalk
0102_54_32Dgmb Casino LLC168 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_31Dgmb Casino LLC170 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_28Dgmb Casino LLC219 S Tennessee Ave
0102_56_48Dgmb Casino LLC122 S South Carolina Ave
0102_54_29Dgmb Casino LLC223 S Tennessee Ave
0102_56_49Dgmb Casino LLC120 S South Carolina Ave
0102_56_27Dgmb Casino LLC173 S Ocean Ave
0102_1_142Dgmb Casino LLC1100 Boardwalk
0102_59_3Dgmb Casino LLC & Resorts Casino1241 Boardwalk
0102_60_28Dgmb Casino, LLCMansion Ave
0102_799_84Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_838_28_B01Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_58_7Dgmb Casino, LLC138 S North Carolina Ave
0102_56_5Dgmb Casino, LLC113 S Ocean Ave
0102_449_8Dgmb Casino, LLC1205 Mediterranean Ave
0102_60_20Dgmb Casino, LLC153 S North Carolina Rr
0102_386_5Dgmb Casino, LLC2401 Sunset Ave
0102_58_8Dgmb Casino, LLC140 S North Carolina Ave
0102_59_1Dgmb Casino, LLC1201 Boardwalk
0102_58_9Dgmb Casino, LLC152 S North Carolina Ave
0102_798_3Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_61_30Dgmb Casino, LLCAir Rights Pennsylvania
0102_56_14Dgmb Casino, LLC137 S Ocean Ave
0102_56_15Dgmb Casino, LLC139 S Ocean Ave
0102_59_1.01Dgmb Casino, LLCAir Rights North Carolina
0102_56_38Dgmb Casino, LLC124 S South Carolina Ave
0102_60_9Dgmb Casino, LLC134 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_60_8Dgmb Casino, LLC120 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_56_31Dgmb Casino, LLC181 S Ocean Ave
0102_56_50Dgmb Casino, LLC112 S South Carolina Ave
0102_60_4Dgmb Casino, LLC104 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_60_5Dgmb Casino, LLC110 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_60_6Dgmb Casino, LLC114 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_57_9Dgmb Casino, LLC149 S South Carolina Ave
0102_60_7Dgmb Casino, LLC118 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_60_38Dgmb Casino, LLC101 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_31Dgmb Casino, LLC139 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_37Dgmb Casino, LLC109 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_34Dgmb Casino, LLC127 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_36Dgmb Casino, LLC115 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_30Dgmb Casino, LLC145 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_35Dgmb Casino, LLC121 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_33Dgmb Casino, LLC133 S North Carolina Ave
0102_799_87Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_799_86Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_838_28Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_60_19Dgmb Casino, LLCMansion Ave
0102_798_1Dgmb Casino, LLCMeadow Track
0102_56_22Dgmb Casino, LLC163 S Ocean Ave
0102_58_10Dgmb Casino, LLC156 S North Carolina Ave
0102_56_23Dgmb Casino, LLC165 S Ocean Ave
0102_60_15Dgmb Casino, LLC1109 Boardwalk
0102_60_39.02Dgmb Casino, LLC1139 Boardwalk
0102_310_7Dgmb Casino, LLC701 Arctic Ave
0102_56_20Dgmb Casino, LLC147 S Ocean Ave
0102_60_11Dgmb Casino, LLC138 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_56_25Dgmb Casino, LLC169 S Ocean Ave
0102_56_29Dgmb Casino, LLC177 S Ocean Ave
0102_56_30Dgmb Casino, LLC179 S Ocean Ave
0102_60_10Dgmb Casino, LLC136 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_60_39.01Dgmb Casino, LLC1137 Boardwalk
0102_58_11Dgmb Casino, LLC157 S Chalfonte Ave
0102_60_16Dgmb Casino, LLCAir Rights North Carolina
0102_60_17Dgmb Casino, LLCMansion Ave
0102_56_21Dgmb Casino, LLC161 S Ocean Ave
0102_60_14Dgmb Casino, LLC1121 Boardwalk
0102_56_24Dgmb Casino, LLC167 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_33Dgmg Casino, LLC162 S Ocean Ave
0102_223_5Dhaka Holding Inc52 N Raleigh Ave
0102_196_2Dhaka Holding Inc3 S Annapolis Ave
0102_245_3Dhaka Holding Inc136 N Windsor Ave
0102_17_2_C0803Dhakhwa, Raj3851 Bdwk 803
0102_452_32Dhaliwal Family LLC345 N Ocean Ave
0102_167_4Dhar, Asim & Dey, Rini8 S Bellevue Ave
0102_167_5Dhar, Asim & Reni Dey H/W & Amar Das10 S Bellevue Ave
0102_173_21_C0205Di Bacco, Anthony & Edna37 S Iowa Ave 2e
0102_27_5_C0209Di Giulio, John & Debbie108 S Montpelier 209
0102_23_1_C2209Di Paola, Maria3501 Bdwk B209
0102_538_17Diamond Homes LLC1119 Adriatic Ave
0102_538_18Diamond Homes LLC1121 Adriatic Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1405Diamond, Harriet & Michael3101 Bdwk 1405-2
0102_17_2_C1109Diamond, Michael & Kaplan, Frances3851 Bdwk 1109
0102_236_23_C0704Diamontides, Marino & Rita3817 Ventnor 704
0102_263_9Diaz, Arturo S. & Melida12 N Montpelier Ave
0102_224_21_C0101Diaz, Carlos C & Niurka E4209 Ventnor #1
0102_31_2_C1509Diaz, Jacquelyn2721 Bdwk 1509
0102_791_22Diaz, Rafael418 Wisteria Rd
0102_86_1_C2317Diaz, Wilman60 N Maine 2319
0102_28_1.02_C1004Dib, Haitham & Faten3101 Bdwk 1004-2
0102_17_2_C1002Dibardino, Anthony R3851 Bdwk 1002
0102_12_1_C0316Dibona, Flora101 S Raleigh 316
0102_28_1.01_C2506Dicce, Vincent J3101 Bdwk 2506-1
0102_339_38_C2203Dicerbo, Basil2421 Formica's Way
0102_361_20Dicioccio Jr, Richard & Teresa4123 South Blvd
0102_358_12Dicioccio, Richard & Amelia4215 South Blvd
0102_360_4Dicioccio, Richard & Wescoat, Racha338 N Dover Ave
0102_691_16Dickens, Thomas A & Betty1555 N Missouri Ave
0102_462_4Dickerson, Yolanda424 N Kentucky Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2904Dickey, Raymond & Newman, Michele3101 Bdwk 2904-2
0102_28_1.02_C1210Diclaudio, Barbara3101 Bdwk 1210-2
0102_31_2_C1005Dicristo, Christine2721 Bdwk 1005
0102_431_5Didato, Doris & Thomas624 Adriatic Ave
0102_5_1_C0507Didomenico, James & Sheila101 S Plaza 507
0102_5_1_C0604Didomenico, James & Shelia101 S Plaza 604
0102_31_2_C1104Didonato, William & Maryanne2721 Bdwk 1104
0102_165_7Dieg/Mart, L. L. C.2500 Atlantic Ave
0102_342_20Diehm, Margaret114 N Texas Ave Rr #b
0102_17_2_C1107Diener, Keith W & Melissa A3851 Bdwk 1107
0102_17_2_C2708Diener, Keith William3851 Bdwk Ph108
0102_280_1Diep, Cung & Hanh T. Luu2326 Arctic Ave
0102_275_3Diep, Cung T. & Hanh T. Luu35 N Texas Ave
0102_384_58Diep, Jane2515 Fairmount Ave
0102_261_29Diep, Rinh & Son Ngo31 N Boston Ave
0102_213_7_C0102Dietrich, Kelli Ann & Stephanie2 S Montgomery Ave #2
0102_208_1113Dietrich, Stephanie4501 Atlantic B6
0102_186_13_C0104Difabritiis, Joseph3501 Pacific 51
0102_274_10Digiacomo, David2606 Arctic Ave
0102_611_6Digiovanni; Rachel Ward; Kamil Et Al701 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_187_4_C0402Digirolamo, Joseph & Linda2 S Hartford D2
0102_315_26Digital Tumbleweed LLC125 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_27_5_C0207Digiulio, John108 S Montpelier 207
0102_27_5_C0404Digiulio, John & Debbie108 S Montpelier 404
0102_27_5_C0402Digiulio, John & Debbie108 S Montpelier 402
0102_27_5_C0405Digiulio, John & Deborah108 S Montpelier 405
0102_27_5_C0409Digiulio, John & Nicole108 S Montpelier 409
0102_27_5_C0210Digiulio, John & Tenuto, Michael108 S Montpelier 210
0102_27_5_C0419Diliberto, Gloria108 S Montpelier 419
0102_113_26Dillon, Zangar L14 Caravel Ct
0102_589_21_C1014Dilorenzo, Charles & Nancy655 Absecon 1015
0102_684_21Dimaggio, Anthony1415 N Michigan Ave
0102_12_1_C0513Dimaio, Domenico & Iris101 S Raleigh 513
0102_257_17Dimarcar LLC17 N Albany Ave
0102_257_15Dimarcar LLC3607 Ventnor Ave
0102_257_16Dimarcar, LLC3609 Ventnor Ave
0102_176_1_C0514Dimare, Diane2834 Atlantic 514
0102_589_21_C0509Dimare, Diane655 Absecon 509
0102_589_21_C0516Dimare, Diane655 Absecon 517
0102_260_3Dimaren LLC3416 Winchester Ave
0102_176_1_C0203Dimatteo, Michele2834 Atlantic 203
0102_202_10Dimedio, Lisa M & Richard A53 S Laclede Pl
0102_28_1.02_C0810Dimitrijevic, Paul3101 Bdwk 810-2
0102_28_1.01_C2215Dimmerman, Martin & Dawn3101 Bdwk 2215-1
0102_279_72Din, Huma H.29 N Florida Ave Rr #a
0102_31_2_C1715Dinapoli, Michael & Rhonda2721 Bdwk 1715
0102_381_74Dinatale, John201 N California Ave
0102_268_16Ding, Chao & Liang, Feisi17 N Morris Ave
0102_483_2Ding, Jie2022 Blaine Ave
0102_260_12Dinh, Anthony & Le, Hong34 N Boston Ave
0102_375_42Dinh, Khoa Cong & Pham, Amy Dieu3019 Fairmount Ave
0102_352_7Dinh, Minh V106 N St Davids Pl
0102_781_10Dinh, Phu Van541 N Trenton Ave
0102_144_7Dinicolantonio, Edward1317 Memorial Ave
0102_212_9Dinizo, Anthony & Christine46 S Montgomery Ave
0102_72_15Dinofa, Vincent310 Pacific Ave
0102_236_36_C0040Dion, Samuel A & Lescht, Alan40 Chelsea Ct
0102_98.02_8Diones, Fragante & Diones, Susan425 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_782_3Diorio, Michael J Jr & Tracy L400 N Richmond Ave
0102_176_1_C0912Dipalma, Pasquale & Helen2834 Atlantic 912
0102_176_1_C0309Dipalma, Pasqualino & Helen2834 Atlantic 309
0102_280_42Dipalma, Pasqualino & Helen2307 Atlantic #a
0102_23_1_C2208Dipaola, Fernando & Linda3501 Bdwk B208
0102_229_11_C2204Dipaola, Maria27 N Annapolis B7
0102_105_1_C1005Dipietro, Gerald71 Anchorage Ct
0102_701_22Dipietropolo, Al2101 Kuehnle Ave
0102_206_9_C9001Dipipi, Robert & Gwen M4401 Atlantic Ph
0102_186_13_C0115Dippold, William H & Jeanette3501 Pacific 62
0102_75_15Dippolito, Frank223 Oriental Ave
0102_131_29Dippolito, Frank42 S Congress Ave
0102_131_28Dippolito, Frank40 S Congress Ave
0102_339_67Dippolito, Frank111 N Florida Ave
0102_131_30Dippolito, Frank44 S Congress Ave
0102_176_1_C0001Dipti, Afsana A2834 Atlantic C1
0102_176_1_C0002Dipti, Afsana A2834 Atlantic C2
0102_12_1_C0508Dirato, Cheryl101 S Raleigh 508
0102_721_6Dirige Family LLC1911 N Arkansas Ave
0102_721_5Dirige, Artemio & Vivar, Cyrus1907 N Arkansas Ave
0102_28_1.02_C3205Disomma, John & Annette3101 Bdwk 3205-2
0102_666_13District Realty LLC1229 N Michigan Ave
0102_634_3Ditech Financial LLC1911 Grant Ave
0102_192_6_C0103Dittberner, J & D Fasnacht3801 Atlantic A3
0102_19_3_C0314Diva T LLC3801 Bdwk B3
0102_141_7Diversified-Ac Land LLC11 S South Carolina Ave
0102_142_2Diversified-Ac LLC18 S South Carolina Ave
0102_142_1Diversified-Ac LLC14 S South Carolina Ave
0102_145_9Diversified-Ac LLC1300 Atlantic Ave
0102_338_3Dixon, David2318 Fairmount Ave
0102_229_11_C1107Dixon-Davis, Regina27 N Annapolis A13
0102_35_39Djs, Holdings LLC110 S Texas Ave
0102_48_30Dk Boardwalk 1613 LLC1613 Boardwalk
0102_138_8Dk Pennsylvania Realty LLC22 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_138_9Dk Pennsylvania Realty, LLC24 S Pennsylvania Ave
0102_164_25Do, Bang Tam T2412 Atlantic Ave
0102_280_62Do, Boi Thi & Truong, Duc Phong35 N Georgia Ave
0102_222_12Do, Chuyen & Do, Thuy24 N Delancy Pl
0102_374_39Do, Chuyen & Do, Thuy217 N Montpelier Ave
0102_200_5Do, Chuyen & Thuy29 S Windsor Ave
0102_223_24Do, Chuyen & Thuy T29 N Delancy Pl
0102_345_59Do, Duke106 N Iowa Ave
0102_375_38Do, Duong3011 Fairmount Ave
0102_409.01_1.04Do, Hung T & Vo, Binh T235 N North Carolina Ave
0102_380_7Do, Kelvin214 N California Ave
0102_343_5Do, Kelvin2716 Fairmount Ave
0102_258_17Do, Lan Ngoc18 N Hartford Ave
0102_380_6Do, Quinn & Tran, Amy216 N California Ave
0102_374_1Doan, Khi241 N Montpelier Ave
0102_344_6Doan, Lanh Thi Ngoc & Tran, Huu Tai151 N Iowa Ave
0102_125_3.07Doan, Vong & Binh Nhan14 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_12_1_C0720Dobin, Brett101 S Raleigh 720
0102_523_8Dobson, Jr Theo & Wife659 Howard St
0102_187_2Docks Land Development, LLC3618 Atlantic Ave
0102_187_1Docks Land Development, LLC3611 Pacific Ave
0102_104_11Dockside Packing Co., Inc.332 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_104_10Dockside Packing Co., Inc.410 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_106_2Dockside Packing Co., Inc.326 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_106_1Dockside Packing Co., Inc.,330 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_12_1_C0302Dodge, Craig & Virginia101 S Raleigh 302
0102_703_9Dodson, Paul A & Ressie E1840 W Riverside Dr
0102_688_16Doesq Ventures LLC1417 N Arkansas Ave
0102_301_43Doesq Ventures LLC18 N Maryland Ave
0102_80_10Doesq Ventures LLC117 Oriental Ave
0102_2_2Doherty, J & M Doherty110 S Newton Ave
0102_197_9Doherty, Michael42 S Dover Ave
0102_367_11.11Doiron, Ha3816 South Blvd Bd10
0102_367_11.10Doiron, Ha3816 South Blvd Bd9
0102_367_11_C2301Doiron, Ha3818 South Blvd 7
0102_764_13Dolan, Jos M & Mildred711 N Harrisburg Ave #b
0102_764_11Dolan, Jos M Etux711 N Harrisburg Ave #a
0102_764_14Dolan, Jos M Etux709 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_764_10Dolan, Joseph M & Mildred713 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_776_3Dollard, John556 N Elberon Ave
0102_122_3Dollard, Mary K43 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_253_5Dolshun, Suzanne & Negro, Matthew116 N Bartram Ave
0102_119_3.10Dombrowski, Jason C316 Beach Ave
0102_381_48Donato, Natalie234 N Arizona Ave
0102_176_1_C1005Donchez, Liying Liu2834 Atlantic 1005
0102_6_1_C2109Doner, B. & Greenbaum, P., Trustee100 S Berkley 21j
0102_552_15.01Donfrio, B & Spositi, S522 N Delaware Ave
0102_176_1_C0612Dong, Khanh Phung2834 Atlantic 612
0102_692_11Donley, Matthew & Meredith Dale1403 W Riverside Dr
0102_692_10Donley, Matthew & Meredith Dale1401 W Riverside Dr
0102_566_8Donofrio, Sheryl503 Barrett Ave
0102_566_9Donofrio, Sheryl800 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_560_2.01Donofrio, Sheryl A.821 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1109Donohue, Marietta3101 Bdwk 1109-2
0102_176_1_C1214Dooley, Eric2834 Atlantic 1214
0102_105_1_C2002Doorley, Robert S. & Andrew60 Lighthouse Ct
0102_220_17Doran, Kevin & Patricia3 N Kingston Ave
0102_227_6Dorce, Jean46 N Annapolis Ave
0102_218_5Dorce, Jean46 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_218_4Dorce, Pradel50 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_28_1.01_C3008Dorfman, Alexander & Alla3101 Bdwk 3008-1
0102_732_19Dorn, Gena1641 N Michigan Ave
0102_612_3Dorn, Gene & Susan720 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_466_10Dorn, Nicole303 N Indiana Ave
0102_307_18Dorn, Troy113 N Congress Ave
0102_663_6Dorrington, Dorretta A1222 N Indiana Ave
0102_636_5Dorsainvil, Maxi1911 Mckinley Ave
0102_673_6Doster, Yolanda Davis1300 Penrose Ave
0102_194_24Dotel, Kenia C19 S Elberon Ave
0102_14_5Dothe, Craig & Carol133 S Annapolis Ave
0102_236_23_C0609Doublestein, Blanche & Leon3817 Ventnor 609
0102_257_2Dougherty, Charles3636 Winchester Ave
0102_215_13Dougherty, P (angelini D-Life Est)24 N Montgomery Ave
0102_374_49Dougherty, Terrence P237 N Montpelier Ave
0102_452_4Dougherty, Thomas1308 Adriatic Ave
0102_452_1Dougherty, Thomas1314 Adriatic Ave
0102_127_6Douglas, Julian A. & Douglas, Maria21 Lighthouse Lane
0102_492_4Douglas, Maria T. & Julian A.1926 Magellan Ave
0102_732_14Doung, Troy1601 N Michigan Ave
0102_12_1_C0612Dowd, Francis J. & Patricia M.101 S Raleigh 612
0102_628_9Dowe, Patrice & Gittens, Martha1011 N Ohio Ave
0102_209_13Downey, William J Etux39 S Tallahassee Ave
0102_28_1.01_C0811Downie, Erica3101 Bdwk 811-1
0102_28_1.01_C1404Downie, Erica & Isaacman, Marc3101 Bdwk 1404-1
0102_455_6Downing, Ronnie Wayne & Kim P.324 N Tennessee Ave
0102_31_2_C0514Doyle, Mary K2721 Bdwk 514
0102_212_14Doyle, Michael & Alice4709 Atlantic Ave
0102_17_2_C2406Doyle, Sharon3851 Bdwk 2406
0102_566_28Dpl Inc C/O Scarborough410 Carson Ave
0102_431_28Dr 625 LLC625 Drexel Ave
0102_433_9Dr 712 LLC712 Drexel Ave
0102_23_1_C2112Dr Luzminda M & Theodoore Anama3501 Bdwk B112
0102_365_6Draper, Norman344 N Trenton Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1608Drazen, Michelle3101 Bdwk 1608-2
0102_17_2_C1909Dream Rentals LLC3851 Bdwk 1909
0102_28_1.02_C2902Dreyer, Lisa3101 Bdwk 2902-2
0102_27_5_C0417Drossner, Marvin & Ann/Living Trust108 S Montpelier 417
0102_589_21_C0902Drozd, Thomas & Charles Drozd655 Absecon 902
0102_463_4Druid, Trent & Rodine419 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_309_1_C0120Drummond, David Sr. & Carolyn128 N Connecticut Ave 20c
0102_432_4Dryden, Paula305 N Delaware Ave
0102_236_23_C1411Dtb-3c Investment Trust3817 Ventnor 1411
0102_192_6_C0201Dtb-3c Investment Trust3801 Atlantic B1
0102_351_16Du, Dong Mei103 N St Davids Pl
0102_263_18Dua, Bimal, Satish & Latif, S3207 Atlantic Ave
0102_6_1_C0711Dubb, Ruth & Jeffrey100 S Berkley 7l
0102_28_1.02_C1604Dubowitch, Arthur & Pearl H/W3101 Bdwk 1604-2
0102_6_1_C0406Dubrow, Ronald & Dubrow, Rande M100 S Berkley 4f
0102_28_1.01_C2110Duca, Yeo Yeon3101 Bdwk 2110-1
0102_28_1.02_C1009Ducato, Joseph & Kathleen3101 Bdwk 1009-2
0102_28_1.01_C2009Duff III:joseph, Santini: Stephanie3101 Bdwk 2009-1
0102_71_13Duffy Associates LLC228 S Rhode Island Ave
0102_31_2_C1602Duffy, John & Duffy Estrelita2721 Bdwk 1602
0102_28_1.01_C2401Duffy, John & Estrelita3101 Bdwk 2401-1
0102_31_2_C0716Duffy, John F. & Estrelita P. Duffy2721 Bdwk 716
0102_367_23Duffy; John, Marie, Philip3724 South Blvd
0102_367_23.01Duffy; John, Marie, Philip3724 South Blvd
0102_5_1_C1003Dugan, Lynne Richardson Etal101 S Plaza 1003
0102_546_16Duglas, Renee401 N Delaware Ave #a
0102_555_17Dukes, Janice Rae515 N New Jersey Ave
0102_118_1.03Duncan, April320 Madison Ave
0102_192_6Dunes Condominium Assoc3801 Atlantic Ave
0102_105_1_C2702Dunham, Martha A.19 Lighthouse Ct
0102_12_1_C0610Dunkelman, David & Jodi101 S Raleigh 610
0102_236_35_C0029Dunkelman, Jack & Karen29 Chelsea Ct
0102_229_69Dunn, James4039 Ann Dover Gdns
0102_118_5.05Dunn, Rosa118 N Vermont Ave
0102_783_12Dunn, Stephen R & Dunn, Kthleen411 N Richmond Ave
0102_762_20Duong, Hoang609 N Trenton Ave
0102_301_60Duong, Sy911 Atlantic Ave
0102_553_6Dupont, Joan724 Magellan Ave
0102_299_1_C0101Dupont, Joan64 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_220_8Duque, Mery32 N Bartram Ave
0102_271_28Duran, Doningo Sanchez & Odalis21 N Stenton Pl
0102_329_12Durant, Gladstone129 N Ohio Ave
0102_109_29Durney, Alfred13 Barkentine Ct
0102_218_3Durney, Alfred & Laura52 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_31_2_C1609Duru, Charles & Anne2721 Bdwk 1609
0102_136_7Dutchtown 7 LLC12 S Virginia Ave
0102_672_3Dvila, Geovanny1300 N Ohio Ave
0102_12_1_C0410Dw And Cf LLC101 S Raleigh 410
0102_236_23_C1212Dwyer, Bill & Nancy3817 Ventnor 1212
0102_723_2Dymszo, Juanita1822 N Michigan Ave
0102_31_2_C0521Dyreyes, Catalina Etal2721 Bdwk 521
0102_206_9_C0201D^ambrosio, Ralph V4401 Atlantic B1
0102_139_11E Pluribus Unum5 S North Carolina Ave
0102_305_15E Pluribus Unum Inc.14 N Congress Ave
0102_305_12E Pluribus Unum, Inc24 N Congress Ave
0102_305_13E Pluribus Unum, Inc22 N Congress Ave
0102_306_24E Pluribus Unum, Inc511 Atlantic Ave
0102_306_19E Pluribus Unum, Inc507 Atlantic Ave Rr
0102_305_16E Pluribus Unum, Inc.12 N Congress Ave
0102_305_17E Pluribus Unum, Inc.10 N Congress Ave
0102_306_25E Pluribus Unum, Inc.515 Atlantic Ave
0102_31_2_C0203Earl, Warman Rev Tr & Warman, Earl,2721 Bdwk 203
0102_468_7.01East Meridian LLC400 N Indiana Ave
0102_61.01_1_C3106Easterling John & Marguerite M600 Pacific C106
0102_125_2Eastern Pines Healthcare210 Grammercy Pl
0102_125_1Eastern Pines Healthcare210 Grammercy Pl
0102_125_33Eastern Pines Healthcare29 N Vermont Ave
0102_125_32Eastern Pines Healthcare27 N Vermont Ave
0102_125_3.14Eastern Pines Healthcare25 N Vermont Ave
0102_125_31Eastern Pines HelathcareN Vermont Ave
0102_517_1Easton, Harriett625 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_83_2Easy Rental Properties LLC1 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_176_1_C1205Eaton, David G.2834 Atlantic 1205
0102_234_10Ebag Realty LLC53 N Dover Ave
0102_487_5Eberhart, Anita & Chalon606 N Michigan Ave
0102_589_21_C1117Ebner Properties, LLC655 Absecon 1118
0102_589_21_C0906Ebner Properties, LLC655 Absecon 906
0102_121.01_8Ebron, Janice & Goldsby, Melitte203 Dylan Dr
0102_223_12Ecac Properties LLC22 N Raleigh Ave
0102_195_17Ecac Properties LLC41 S Dover Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1110Eccles, James & Ann3101 Bdwk 1110-2
0102_28_1.01_C0605Eccles, James & Anne3101 Bdwk 605-1
0102_28_1.01_C0832Eccles, James II & Anne M.3101 Bdwk 803b-1
0102_785_17Eccles, John443 N Annapolis Ave
0102_701_10Eck, Christopher T2235 Kuehnle Ave
0102_666_10Eck, Peter & Katie Lynn1205 N Michigan Ave
0102_6_1_C0512Eckhart, Devorah R100 S Berkley 5m
0102_12_1_C0313Economides, Catherine101 S Raleigh 313
0102_233_4Economides, Marika N24 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_218_6Economides, Theodora40 N Aberdeen Pl
0102_261_18Economides, Zicos & Stella9 N Boston Ave
0102_556_37Economides, Zikos549 N New Jersey Ave
0102_351_11Economidis, Charles C3601 Winchester Ave
0102_6_1_C1213Edelman, Leonard & Shirley100 S Berkley 12n
0102_309_1_C0131Edgehill, Ramona & Moore, Billie624 Baltic Ave 31c
0102_515_1Edwards, Aloha636 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_692_9Edwards, B & Beck, R & Edwards, C A1400 Beach Ave
0102_679_1Edwards, Barbara1538 Penrose Ave
0102_404_2_C0114Edwards, Betty & Wade, James1424 Mediterranean #b
0102_510_17Edwards, Harold615 N Indiana Ave
0102_433_4Edwards, R & M & Anderson, Sarah722 Drexel Ave
0102_139_27Edwin, Jacobs Jr & Barbone, Louis1125 Pacific Ave
0102_683_3Efendy, Kusni1528 Madison Ave
0102_299_1_C0102Effiong, Agustina A & A E Effiong62 N Pennsylvania Ave
0102_236_23_C1507Ehman, Sumiko & Streaty, Kim J3817 Ventnor 1507
0102_63_1_C0402Ehresman, Eric S & Jennifer526 Pacific 402
0102_345_66Ehsan, Abdullah2819 Arctic Ave
0102_63_1_C1102Eichhorn, Mark & Eichhorn, Linda526 Pacific 1102
0102_695_11Eichmann, Kenneth & Mary1614 W Riverside Dr
0102_6_1_C0412Eisenberg, Marilyn & Kppyt, Andrea100 S Berkley 4m
0102_28_1.01_C2702Eisenhofer, David, Barbara & Jay3101 Bdwk 2702a-1
0102_192_6_C0306Eissa, Ahmed & Abou-Abdo, Fatima3801 Atlantic C6
0102_683_10Elam, Louise Y1516 Madison Ave
0102_176_1_C0505Elassad, Linda2834 Atlantic 505
0102_28_1.01_C1023Elbaum, Barry & Libbie3101 Bdwk 1003b-1
0102_789_1Elberon Condominium Assoc473 N Elberon Ave
0102_12_1_C0330Elder, Clifford & Nancy101 S Raleigh 330-331
0102_707_3Elder, Sherry1834 Beach Ave
0102_63_1_C0305Elhachimi, Fouad E & Serrar, Amina526 Pacific 305
0102_28_1.01_C2723Elias, Edmond3101 Bdwk 2703b-1
0102_194_14Elkaim LLC3901 Atlantic Ave
0102_603_1Elliot Hse For S C Inc710 N New York Ave
0102_113_19Elliott, Mabel11 Windjammer Ct
0102_609_4Ellis, Donald1616 Marmora Ave
0102_28_1.02_C3106Ellis, Freddie L (lt)3101 Bdwk 3106-2
0102_517_6Ellis, Lucille & Thompson, Andrea601 N Dr Martin Luther K
0102_417_6Elois B Blizzard Living Trust224 N New Jersey Ave
0102_36_5Els Properties LLC109 S Texas Ave
0102_36_10Els Properties LLC119 S Texas Ave
0102_164_71Els Properties LLC35 S Florida Ave
0102_85_1.01Elsa Sanchez Trust % Evan Sanchez35 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_665_1Elsayed, Nader1261 Monroe Ave
0102_726_4Ely, Jacob A & Penny1818 Madison Ave
0102_638_7Ely, Jacob Sr & Ely, J. Penny1007 N Michigan Ave
0102_5_1_C0511Emas, Robert & Elena Tappit101 S Plaza 511
0102_206_9Embassy Condominium Assoc4401 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_23_C0312Emc Mortgage Corporation3817 Ventnor 312
0102_770_2Emmell, Christopher661 N Annapolis Ave
0102_770_15Emmell, Christopher M.4126 West End Ave
0102_770_4Emmell, Christopher Michael653 N Annapolis Ave
0102_73_20Emmons, Gregory & Renee325 Hygeia Pl
0102_28_1.01_C1608Enca, Management LLC3101 Bdwk 1608-1
0102_17_2_T01Enclave Condo Association3851 Boardwalk
0102_17_2Enclave Condo Association3851 Boardwalk
0102_17_2_C0701Enclave Condo. Assn.3851 Bdwk C3
0102_17_2_C0101Enclave Condo. Assn.3851 Bdwk C1
0102_17_2_C0102Enclave Condominium Association3851 Bdwk C2
0102_183_9Endeavor Ac II LLC8 S Montpelier Ave
0102_183_18Endeavor Ac II LLC45 S Sovereign Ave
0102_183_10Endeavor Ac II LLC10 S Montpelier Ave
0102_183_12Endeavor Ac II LLC3201 Pacific Ave
0102_183_19Endeavor Ac II LLC41 S Sovereign Ave
0102_183_16Endeavor Ac II LLC53 S Sovereign Ave
0102_183_17Endeavor Ac II LLC49 S Sovereign Ave
0102_183_13Endeavor Ac II LLC3203 Pacific Ave
0102_183_14Endeavor Ac II LLC3205 Pacific Ave
0102_183_15Endeavor Ac II LLC3207 Pacific Ave
0102_183_11Endeavor Acii LLC12 S Montpelier Ave
0102_366_7Endy, L. Lynda313 N Trenton Ave
0102_236_23_C0305Eng, Fawn3817 Ventnor 305
0102_24_9_C3204Engel, Shelley3501 Bdwk C204
0102_17_2_C1204Engstrom, William T & Joanne3851 Bdwk 1204
0102_23_1_C2116Enman, Charles3501 Bdwk B116
0102_192_6_C0202Enman, Charles J3801 Atlantic B2
0102_31_2_C0915Enold, John2721 Bdwk 915
0102_171_11Enriquez, Evelyn & Eduardo19 S California Ave
0102_187_5Ensign Park LLC3601 Pacific Ave
0102_22_5Ensign Park LLC3506 Pacific Ave
0102_22_6Ensign Park LLC3504 Pacific Ave
0102_22_7Ensign Park LLC3500 Pacific Ave
0102_22_1Ensign Park, LLC103 S Hartford Ave
0102_14_3Eplan, Michele116 S Ridgeway Ave
0102_619_3Epps, Diane812 N Indiana Ave
0102_667_11Epps, Virginia2018 Horace Bryant Jr Dr
0102_468_7.03Epps, William Eugene407 Hobart Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1505Epstein, Richard & Libby3101 Bdwk 1505-2
0102_28_1.02_C1503Epstein, Richrad & Libby3101 Bdwk 1503-2
0102_28_1.02_C2701Epstein, Steven3101 Bdwk 2701-2
0102_737_1Equity Communications Lp1826 Murray Ave
0102_720_1Equity Communications Lp1831 Murray Ave
0102_720_5Equity Communications Lp1801 N Riverside Dr
0102_720_3Equity Communications Lp1817 Murray Ave
0102_720_4Equity Communications Lp1827 N Ohio Ave
0102_720_2Equity Communications Lp1825 Murray Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2511Equity Trust Co & Dunnegan, William3101 Bdwk 2511-2
0102_696_2Equity Trust Co & Richard, Foronjy2300 Kuehnle Ave
0102_384_66Equity, Trust Co & Trust Co Etc Cus2531 Fairmount Ave
0102_75_31Erenesto, Go Etal218 Pacific Ave
0102_17_2_C1206Erfer, Ronald & Alice3851 Bdwk 1206
0102_250_2Erhart, Arthur N.4129 Sunset Ave
0102_176_1_C0206Erlandson, Curt E2834 Atlantic 206
0102_119_2Erlandson, Lila318 Beach Ave
0102_337_15Erlandson, Lila4 Italy Terr
0102_477_7Erlandson, Lila & Hinshaw-Thomas, J1002 N Michigan Ave
0102_118_20Erlandson, Lila Hinshaw319 Beach Ave
0102_5_1_C1410Erlich, Eli & Maxine101 S Plaza 1410
0102_5_1_C1411Erlich, Eli & Maxine101 S Plaza 1411
0102_23_1_C1210Erlich, Yetta3501 Bdwk A210
0102_700_4Ervin, Frank & Curene1640 N Arkansas Ave
0102_337_7Eschaniz, Paul & Teresita124 N Mississippi Ave
0102_8_5Escobar, Diego & Emma118 S Bartram Ave
0102_220_18Escobar, Jose & Digna5 N Kingston Ave
0102_194_7Escobar, Jose C & Digna28 S Harrisburg Ave
0102_348_22Escobar, Jose Luis & Rojas, Carmen105 N Montpelier Ave
0102_236_23_C0501Esdale, Kenneth3817 Ventnor 501
0102_348_4Eskandor, Mohammed3110 Fairmount Ave
0102_338_23Espejo, Arlene M Ruiz129 N Georgia Ave
0102_375_36Espejo, Arlene Ruiz3007 Fairmount Ave
0102_63_1_C2007Espenshade, Janet526 Pacific 2007
0102_364_8Espichan, Julio & Luisa350 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_364_7Espichan, Julio & Luisa352 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_762_19Esposito, Joseph V Etal613 N Trenton Ave
0102_404_2_C0313Esq Capital III LLC209 N New York #a
0102_17_2_C1005Esrey, Thomas D.3851 Bdwk 1005
0102_609_11Esset, Esther Okon1609 Mckinley Ave
0102_322_15Esset, Uduak S124 Bay St
0102_17_2_C0910Essrig, Mitchell3851 Bdwk 910
0102_74_3Estate Of Ac, LLC206 S Vermont Ave
0102_339_38Estates Of Ac LLC2401-2439 Formica's Way
0102_339_38_C2204Estates Of Ac LLC2423 Formica's Way
0102_339_38_C2201Estrada, Rosa Maritza2417 Formica's Way
0102_23_1_C2106Euksuzian, Vaskene Life Estate3501 Bdwk B106
0102_212_4Evans, Bruce & Karen Ann4710 Theresa Pl
0102_121.01_1Evans, Doris204 Madison Ave
0102_122_43Evans, Gene (trust) & Grant, Patric35 N Massachusetts Ave
0102_340_4Evans, Gene (trust) Fbo P Grant2504 Centennial Ave
0102_717_2Evans, Loreta2205 Senate Ave
0102_649_5Evans, Loretta H.1116 Emerson Pl
0102_669_10Evans, Scott2130 E Riverside Dr
0102_694_1Evans, Scott1402 W Riverside Dr
0102_214_2Evans, Thomas & Wentz, Shelley42 N Newton Ave
0102_558_13Evans; Gene(trust) Grant; Fbo Patrici549 N Connecticut Ave
0102_664_19Everett Development LLC1251 N Ohio Ave
0102_664_18Everett Development LLC1249 N Ohio Ave
0102_122_5Everett, Shirley422 Grammercy Pl Rr
0102_122_6Everett, Shirley L.422 Grammercy Pl
0102_12_1_C0229Everitt, Patricia Anne101 S Raleigh 229
0102_424_2.10Everywhere And Now Public Housing210e N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.11Everywhere And Now Public Housing210d N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.12Everywhere And Now Public Housing210c N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.14Everywhere And Now Public Housing210a N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.07Everywhere And Now Public Housing216b N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.08Everywhere And Now Public Housing216a N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.09Everywhere And Now Public Housing210f N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.13Everywhere And Now Public Housing210b N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.05Everywhere And Now Public Housing220a N Massachusetts Ave
0102_424_2.06Everywhere And Now Public Housing216c N Massachusetts Ave
0102_404_2_C0208Evidente, M & Kochoa, D1436 Mediterranean #b
0102_164_30Exadaktilos Family LLC2404 Atlantic Ave
0102_164_32Exadaktilos Family LLC14 S Georgia Ave
0102_7_7Exadaktilos, J & J130 S Kingston Ave
0102_250_8Exadaktilos, John4103 Sunset Ave
0102_163_6Exceptional Properties, LLC2318 Atlantic Ave
0102_236_23_C1011Exr LLC3817 Ventnor 1011
0102_367_603Eyde, Dennis P.3920 South Blvd #c
0102_125_3.03Ezeh, Charles22 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_17_2_C2509F & T Realty Assoc3851 Bdwk 2509
0102_388_3F T N Realty Trust212 N Georgia Ave
0102_388_4F T N Realty Trust210 N Georgia Ave
0102_388_2F T N Realty Trust2406 Island Ave
0102_388_14F T N Realty Trust2421 Fairmount Ave
0102_104_9F/V Katie Sharp, Inc428 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_104_6F/V Katie Sharp, Inc434 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_104_7F/V Katie Sharp, Inc432 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_104_8F/V Katie Sharp, Inc.428 N Rhode Island Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2507Faaland, Kaitlyn3101 Bdwk 2507-2
0102_262_2Faanaz Estates LLC3313 Ventnor Terr
0102_229_2Fabia, Leilani Trustee62 N Dover Ave
0102_28_1.02_C3002Factor, Stuart & Factor, Valery3101 Bdwk 3002-2
0102_186_13_C0109Faiella, Faith3501 Pacific Unit#56
0102_28_1.01_C1510Faig, Frederick & Ethelyn H/W3101 Bdwk 1510-1
0102_616_23Fairac Wh LLC823 N Indiana Ave
0102_650_17Fairac, Wh LLC1153 Emerson Pl
0102_553_18Fairac, Wh LLC719 Sewell Ave
0102_58_1_C2412Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2412
0102_58_1_C2609Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2609
0102_58_1_C2605Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2605
0102_58_1_C1111Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1111
0102_58_1_C2604Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2604
0102_58_1_C1008Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1008
0102_58_1_C1807Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1807
0102_58_1_C0809Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 809
0102_58_1_C1009Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1009
0102_58_1_C2708Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2708
0102_58_1_C1808Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1808
0102_58_1_C1211Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1211
0102_58_1_C1210Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1210
0102_58_1_C2601Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2601
0102_58_1_C2602Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2602
0102_58_1_C2603Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2603
0102_58_1_C2607Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2607
0102_58_1_C1809Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1809
0102_58_1_C2410Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2410
0102_58_1_C2606Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2606
0102_58_1_C2411Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2411
0102_58_1_C1212Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1212
0102_58_1_C2709Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2709
0102_58_1_C0804Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 804
0102_58_1_C1803Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1803
0102_58_1_C2702Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2702
0102_58_1_C1806Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1806
0102_58_1_C3204Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3204
0102_58_1_C1805Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1805
0102_58_1_C1804Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1804
0102_58_1_C3201Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3201
0102_58_1_C3202Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3202
0102_58_1_C1006Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1006
0102_58_1_C1007Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1007
0102_58_1_C1001Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1001
0102_58_1_C3203Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3203
0102_58_1_C3205Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3205
0102_58_1_C3206Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3206
0102_58_1_C1103Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1103
0102_58_1_C1002Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1002
0102_58_1_C1003Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1003
0102_58_1_C0801Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 801
0102_58_1_C0802Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 802
0102_58_1_C2703Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2703
0102_58_1_C2705Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2705
0102_58_1_C1802Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1802
0102_58_1_C1801Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1801
0102_58_1_C1004Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1004
0102_58_1_C1005Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1005
0102_58_1_C2704Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2704
0102_58_1_C2707Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2707
0102_58_1_C2608Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2608
0102_58_1_C3012Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3012
0102_58_1_C0808Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 808
0102_58_1_C0807Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 807
0102_58_1_C2706Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2706
0102_58_1_C2701Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2701
0102_58_1_C0806Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 806
0102_58_1_C0805Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 805
0102_58_1_C0803Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 803
0102_58_1_C1105Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1105
0102_58_1_C3003Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3003
0102_58_1_C1502Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1502
0102_58_1_C2510Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2510
0102_58_1_C1505Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1505
0102_58_1_C2511Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2511
0102_58_1_C2907Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2907
0102_58_1_C2211Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2211
0102_58_1_C2906Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2906
0102_58_1_C2905Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2905
0102_58_1_C2011Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2011
0102_58_1_C2904Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2904
0102_58_1_C2512Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2512
0102_58_1_C2010Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2010
0102_58_1_C2909Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2909
0102_58_1_C2908Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2908
0102_58_1_C2212Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2212
0102_58_1_C2902Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2902
0102_58_1_C1503Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1503
0102_58_1_C3002Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3002
0102_58_1_C1509Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1509
0102_58_1_C0711Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 711
0102_58_1_C1508Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1508
0102_58_1_C1506Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1506
0102_58_1_C2012Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2012
0102_58_1_C3006Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3006
0102_58_1_C2210Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2210
0102_58_1_C1504Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1504
0102_58_1_C2901Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2901
0102_58_1_C1501Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1501
0102_58_1_C1507Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1507
0102_58_1_C2112Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2112
0102_58_1_C3103Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3103
0102_58_1_C1401Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1401
0102_58_1_C1404Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1404
0102_58_1_C1708Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1708
0102_58_1_C1402Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1402
0102_58_1_C2111Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2111
0102_58_1_C1406Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1406
0102_58_1_C1407Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1407
0102_58_1_C3102Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3102
0102_58_1_C3101Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3101
0102_58_1_C1403Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1403
0102_58_1_C3107Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3107
0102_58_1_C3106Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3106
0102_58_1_C3105Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3105
0102_58_1_C3104Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3104
0102_58_1_C2110Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2110
0102_58_1_C1405Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1405
0102_58_1_C1709Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1709
0102_58_1_C2310Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2310
0102_58_1_C0905Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 905
0102_58_1_C0904Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 904
0102_58_1_C0907Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 907
0102_58_1_C0906Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 906
0102_58_1_C2311Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2311
0102_58_1_C1812Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1812
0102_58_1_C1811Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1811
0102_58_1_C1810Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1810
0102_58_1_C2812Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2812
0102_58_1_C2810Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2810
0102_58_1_C0902Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 902
0102_58_1_C0903Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 903
0102_58_1_C1704Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1704
0102_58_1_C1705Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1705
0102_58_1_C1706Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1706
0102_58_1_C0909Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 909
0102_58_1_C1707Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1707
0102_58_1_C1701Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1701
0102_58_1_C1702Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1702
0102_58_1_C1703Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1703
0102_58_1_C0908Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 908
0102_58_1_C0901Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 901
0102_58_1_C2312Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2312
0102_58_1_C2811Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2811
0102_58_1_C3108Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3108
0102_58_1_C0018Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C18
0102_58_1_C1910Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1910
0102_58_1_C1911Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1911
0102_58_1_C2402Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2402
0102_58_1_C0710Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 710
0102_58_1_C2403Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2403
0102_58_1_C2406Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2406
0102_58_1_C2405Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2405
0102_58_1_C2401Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2401
0102_58_1_C2408Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2408
0102_58_1_C2409Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2409
0102_58_1_C3011Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3011
0102_58_1_C1611Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1611
0102_58_1_C0712Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 712
0102_58_1_C2407Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2407
0102_58_1_C3010Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3010
0102_58_1_C1112Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1112
0102_58_1_C1912Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1912
0102_58_1_C3109Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3109
0102_58_1_C1610Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1610
0102_58_1_C1409Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1409
0102_58_1_C1408Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1408
0102_58_1_C0014Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C14
0102_58_1_C0015Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C15
0102_58_1_C0016Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C16
0102_58_1_C0017Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C17
0102_58_1_C0010Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C10
0102_58_1_C0011Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C11
0102_58_1_C0012Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C12
0102_58_1_C0013Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C13
0102_58_1_C1612Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1612
0102_58_1_C0019Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C19
0102_58_1_C1110Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1110
0102_58_1_C2404Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2404
0102_58_1_C1908Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1908
0102_58_1_C0002Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C2
0102_58_1_C1901Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1901
0102_58_1_C0003Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C3
0102_58_1_C1902Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1902
0102_58_1_C0004Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C4
0102_58_1_C0005Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C5
0102_58_1_C1903Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1903
0102_58_1_C1905Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1905
0102_58_1_C0006Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C6
0102_58_1_C0007Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C7
0102_58_1_C1906Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1906
0102_58_1_C0001Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C1
0102_58_1_C2308Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2308
0102_58_1_C2303Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2303
0102_58_1_C2302Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2302
0102_58_1_C2305Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2305
0102_58_1_C2304Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2304
0102_58_1_C2309Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2309
0102_58_1_C2307Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2307
0102_58_1_C2306Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2306
0102_58_1_C0008Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C8
0102_58_1_C1904Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1904
0102_58_1_C1907Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1907
0102_58_1_C0009Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C9
0102_58_1_C2301Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2301
0102_58_1_C1604Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1604
0102_58_1_C2809Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2809
0102_58_1_C2802Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2802
0102_58_1_C1102Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1102
0102_58_1_C2801Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2801
0102_58_1_C1602Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1602
0102_58_1_C0911Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 911
0102_58_1_C2806Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2806
0102_58_1_C2807Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2807
0102_58_1_C2804Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2804
0102_58_1_C2805Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2805
0102_58_1_C0910Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 910
0102_58_1_C1109Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1109
0102_58_1_C1108Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1108
0102_58_1_C3301Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3301
0102_58_1_C1608Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1608
0102_58_1_C2808Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2808
0102_58_1_C1607Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1607
0102_58_1_C1606Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1606
0102_58_1_C1909Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1909
0102_58_1_C1412Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1412
0102_58_1_C1104Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1104
0102_58_1_C1107Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1107
0102_58_1_C1411Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1411
0102_58_1_C1410Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1410
0102_58_1_C1106Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1106
0102_58_1_C1101Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1101
0102_58_1_C1601Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1601
0102_58_1_C1603Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1603
0102_58_1_C2104Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2104
0102_58_1_C1609Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1609
0102_58_1_C3004Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3004
0102_58_1_C0709Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 709
0102_58_1_C0702Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 702
0102_58_1_C0705Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 705
0102_58_1_C2109Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2109
0102_58_1_C2108Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2108
0102_58_1_C2102Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2102
0102_58_1_C2101Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2101
0102_58_1_C1710Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1710
0102_58_1_C0707Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 707
0102_58_1_C2105Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2105
0102_58_1_C1711Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1711
0102_58_1_C1712Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1712
0102_58_1_C2107Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2107
0102_58_1_C2106Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2106
0102_58_1_C2103Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2103
0102_58_1_C3110Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3110
0102_58_1_C3111Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3111
0102_58_1_C0704Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 704
0102_58_1_C0706Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 706
0102_58_1_C0708Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 708
0102_58_1_C0912Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 912
0102_58_1_C0701Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 701
0102_58_1_C3112Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3112
0102_58_1_C0703Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 703
0102_58_1_C1605Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1605
0102_58_1_C2803Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2803
0102_58_1_C2202Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2202
0102_58_1_C0020Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina C20
0102_58_1_C1208Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1208
0102_58_1_C2002Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2002
0102_58_1_C2503Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2503
0102_58_1_C2612Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2612
0102_58_1_C2611Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2611
0102_58_1_C2610Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2610
0102_58_1_C2201Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2201
0102_58_1_C0810Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 810
0102_58_1_C0811Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 811
0102_58_1_C2009Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2009
0102_58_1_C2001Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2001
0102_58_1_C2203Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2203
0102_58_1_C1209Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1209
0102_58_1_C2204Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2204
0102_58_1_C2208Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2208
0102_58_1_C2207Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2207
0102_58_1_C1201Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1201
0102_58_1_C1203Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1203
0102_58_1_C1202Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1202
0102_58_1_C2206Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2206
0102_58_1_C2712Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2712
0102_58_1_C1205Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1205
0102_58_1_C1204Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1204
0102_58_1_C1511Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1511
0102_58_1_C2710Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2710
0102_58_1_C2711Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2711
0102_58_1_C2205Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2205
0102_58_1_C1207Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1207
0102_58_1_C1206Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1206
0102_58_1_C1012Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1012
0102_58_1_C1011Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1011
0102_58_1_C1010Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1010
0102_58_1_C2506Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2506
0102_58_1_C2910Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2910
0102_58_1_C3001Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3001
0102_58_1_C2005Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2005
0102_58_1_C3007Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3007
0102_58_1_C3005Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3005
0102_58_1_C2003Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2003
0102_58_1_C3008Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3008
0102_58_1_C3009Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 3009
0102_58_1_C2507Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2507
0102_58_1_C2508Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2508
0102_58_1_C2509Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2509
0102_58_1_C2008Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2008
0102_58_1_C2911Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2911
0102_58_1_C2504Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2504
0102_58_1_C2912Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2912
0102_58_1_C2006Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2006
0102_58_1_C2007Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2007
0102_58_1_C1510Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1510
0102_58_1_C2501Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2501
0102_58_1_C2502Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2502
0102_58_1_C2004Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2004
0102_58_1_C1512Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 1512
0102_58_1_C0812Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 812
0102_58_1_C2505Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2505
0102_58_1_C2903Fairfield Atlantic City100 S North Carolina 2903
0102_58_1Fairfield Atlantic City Skyline100 S North Carolina Ave
0102_58_2Fairfield Atlantic City Skyline110 S North Carolina Ave
0102_58_1_C3303Fairfield Atlantic City Skyline100 N South Carolina 3303
0102_58_1_C2209Fairfield Aylantic City100 S North Carolina 2209
0102_381_72Fairmount Left 2645 LLC2645 Fairmount Ave
0102_381_71Fairmount Right 2643 LLC2643 Fairmount Ave
0102_260_31Fairview Building Associates LLC3417 Ventnor Ave
0102_280_44Falasca Holdings Co LLC2311 Atlantic Ave
0102_60_23Falcar Inc % Resorts International151 S North Carolina Ave
0102_60_24Falcar, Inc % Resorts InternationalMansion Ave
0102_252_7Falco, Jaime4409 Winchester Ave
0102_176_1_C0810Falcone Alfred J & Jeanette Martin2834 Atlantic 810
0102_31_2_C0303Falcone, John A. & Falcone, Rita J.2721 Bdwk 303
0102_364_20Falcone, Joseph3915 South Blvd
0102_121.01_6Falkina, Irina124 N New Hampshire Ave
0102_140_10Falls, Lani26 S North Carolina Ave
0102_119_3.07Fam, Ghia & Phan, Hong308 Beach Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1111Farace, Andrea & Tamasitis, Margaret3101 Bdwk 1111-1
0102_385_4Farag, Amany2431 Fairmount Ave
0102_385_2Farag, Amany203 N Florida Ave
0102_388_10Farag, Amany2411 Fairmount Ave
0102_388_9Farag, Amany2409 Fairmount Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1412Farber, Bevan3101 Bdwk 1412-1
0102_23_1_C1206Farcus, Esther3501 Bdwk A206
0102_365_13Farfan, Rosario318 N Trenton Ave
0102_642_5Farhan, Basem2002 Mckinley Ave
0102_28_1.01_C1201Farhood, Joann3101 Bdwk 1201-1
0102_105_1_C0302Farmer, Anthony36 Anchorage Ct
0102_491_7Farmer, Nicholas709 N Michigan Ave
0102_492_3Farmer, Rachel1928 Magellan Ave
0102_548_19Farmer, Richard & Loretta607 Adriatic Ave
0102_31_2_C0102Farooq, Umar2721 Bdwk 102a
0102_31_2_C0105Farooq, Umar & Faheem2721 Bdwk 102b
0102_28_1.02_C1207Farquharson, Jacob3101 Bdwk 1207-2
0102_500_12Farquharson, Lincoln604 N Ohio Ave
0102_730_8Farrell, Louis E.1614 Emerson Ave
0102_617_13Farrell, W & W Woodberry & S Woodber1739 Lincoln Ave
0102_105_1_C2205Farrington, P & Brocco, A48 Lighthouse Ct
0102_63_1_C2108Farrington, Robert J & Wojcik, Robe526 Pacific 2108
0102_666_9Farrow, Frank1200 Monroe Ave
0102_383_10Faruk, Mohammad I244 N Nevada Ave
0102_63_1_C2407Farzad, Ahmad & Shapar526 Pacific 2407
0102_73_7Fasano, Pat212 S Victoria Ave
0102_74_30Fasano, Pat227 S Victoria Ave
0102_31_2_C0511Fast, Mark2721 Bdwk 511
0102_28_1.01_C2301Fata, Burhan & Kaminski, Deborah3101 Bdwk 2301-1
0102_271_4Fatah, Burhan & Kaminski, Deborah38 N Iowa Ave
0102_553_1Faulk, Mary Lou559 N Delaware Ave
0102_452_23Faulkner, Jean340 N South Carolina Ave
0102_643_1Fauntleroy, Jeffree M. & Karen2022 Mckinley Ave
0102_28_1.01_C2806Favoroso, Anthony P.3101 Bdwk 2806-1
0102_63_1_C2203Fazilka LLC526 Pacific 2203
0102_236_23_C0306Fearon, Sherene3817 Ventnor 306
0102_236_23_P0059Fearon, Sherene3817 Ventnor P59
0102_545_5Feaster, Annette Etal450 N New Jersey Ave
0102_383_14Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp236 N Nevada Ave
0102_513_11Federal National Mortgage Assoc1719 Hummock Ave
0102_105_1_C2503Federal National Mortgage Assoc31 Lighthouse Ct
0102_12_1_C0317Federal National Mortgage Associati101 S Raleigh 317
0102_732_11Federal National Mtg Assn1610 Madison Ave
0102_699_1Federal National Mtg Assn2114 Kuehnle Ave
0102_236_31_C0001Federal National Mtg Assn69 N Harrisburg #a
0102_609_7Federal National Mtg Assn1601 Mckinley Ave
0102_236_31_C0102Federal National Mtg Assn69 N Harrisburg 2
0102_50_31_C1606Federal National Mtg Assn1515 Bdwk 1606
0102_28_1.02_C0814Federico, Gloria & Fred Jr Et Al3101 Bdwk 814-2
0102_28_1.02_C1912Fedorko, Michael3101 Bdwk 1912-2
0102_52_26Feeley's Hotel Inc % Richard Burke164 St James Pl
0102_52_19Feeley's Hotel, Inc C/O Horn, Kaplan209 S New York Ave
0102_12_1_C0320Feeley, William A III & Maria A.101 S Raleigh 320
0102_12_1_C0801Feeley, William A. & Maria A.101 S Raleigh 801
0102_28_1.02_C2008Fein, Patricia3101 Bdwk 2008-2
0102_105_1_C1803Feinberg, Brandi & Nayowith, Nancy17 Anchorage Ct
0102_6_1_C1812Feinberg, Eliahli & Terry100 S Berkley 18m
0102_12_1_C0527Feinstone, Lee101 S Raleigh 527
0102_109_15Fej Revocable Trust II9 Clipper Ct
0102_63_1_C0208Felderman, Jared & Derrah, Kimberly526 Pacific 208
0102_236_29Feldman, Morton & Krystyna61 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_54_36Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane154 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_35Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane158 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_39Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane140 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_38Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane142 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_37Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane150 S Ocean Ave
0102_54_23Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane187 S Tennessee Ave
0102_54_21Feldman, Robyn & Robyn E Kane175 S Tennessee Ave
0102_17_2_C1006Feldsher Rosalind/Jacobson-P Dallyn3851 Bdwk 1006
0102_28_1.02_C1401Felicio, Jack & Teresa R3101 Bdwk 1401-2
0102_224_4Feng, Qiao & Mai, Han Z62 N Laclede Pl
0102_224_12Feng, Yong Zhang40 N Laclede Pl
0102_633_5Fenner, F. Stanley1906 Grant Ave
0102_633_3Fenner, Stanley1910 Grant Ave
0102_236_23_P0052Fenner, Stanley3817 Ventnor P52
0102_236_23_C1401Fenner, Stanley3817 Ventnor 1401
0102_236_23_C1101Fenner, Stanley F.3817 Ventnor 1101a
0102_478_8Fenton, Eunice816 N Arkansas Ave
0102_12_1_C0721Ferber, Matthew101 S Raleigh 721
0102_17_2_C1009Ferber, Norman & Judith3851 Bdwk 1009
0102_275_25Fercho LLC18 N Bellevue Ave
0102_136_9Fercho, LLC16 S Virginia Ave
0102_375_5Feriozzi Concrete Co, L3008 Sunset Ave
0102_23_1_C1111Ferkle, James D. & Linda A.3501 Bdwk A111
0102_121.02_5Fermano, Paul208 Dylan Dr
0102_280_61.01Fernandez, Cesar & Caban, Dora33 N Georgia Ave
0102_236_23_C1202Fernandez, Eduardo3817 Ventnor 1202
0102_28_1.02_C0908Fernandez, Frederick & Goitia, Rosa3101 Bdwk 908-2
0102_217_8Fernandez, Juan & Nhora6 N Tallahassee Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1206Fernandez, Leonor E & Etal3101 Bdwk 1206-2
0102_28_1.01_C1407Fernandez, Leonor Etal3101 Bdwk 1407-1
0102_77_4Fernandez, Nhora & Juan112 S New Hampshire Ave
0102_28_1.02_C0902Fernandez, P & Salcedo, A & Salcedo, C3101 Bdwk 902-2
0102_536_1.04Fernandez, Santos431 N South Carolina Ave
0102_235_6Ferrante, Corrine & Anthony J,-3rd101 N Dover Ave
0102_679_14Ferrante, Jeanne M1505 N Ohio Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1101Ferrara, Benjamin & John3101 Bdwk 1101-2
0102_780_24Ferrara, Helen3805 Filbert Ave
0102_214_6Ferrario, Raymond C Etux % Raymond34 N Newton Ave
0102_28_1.02_C1808Ferretti, John & Silvia Ferretti3101 Bdwk 1808-2
0102_236_23_C1107Fessler, Jonathan3817 Ventnor 1107
0102_236_27Fetter, Paul C.37 N Harrisburg Ave
0102_788_1Ficca, Frank4000 Filbert Ave
0102_354_8Ficca, Nina M330 N Richmond Ave
0102_176_1_C0115Fiel, Barry2834 Atlantic 115
0102_589_21_C0710Fiel, Barry E.655 Absecon 710
0102_730_16Fields, Andrew & Rory1643 N Arkansas Ave
0102_105_1_C2302Fields, Pamela42 Lighthouse Ct
0102_120_11Fields, Wilbur E.115 N Vermont Ave
0102_27_5_C0414Fierro, James108 S Montpelier 414
0102_27_5_C0308Fierro, James & Fierro, Judy108 S Montpelier 308
0102_186_13_C0209Fierro, Massimo3501 Pacific 80
0102_731_3Figueroa, Edwin & Garcia, Anyi2000 Kuehnle Ave
0102_340_6Figueroa, Rufino & Guadalupe112 N Florida Ave
0102_31_2_C1115Figurelli, Joseph2721 Bdwk 1115
0102_121.02_12Filiciello, Christopher205 Grammercy Pl
0102_253_3Filoon, Robert & Kathryn126 N Bartram Ave
0102_28_1.02_C2209Fine, Nathaniel & Adeline3101 Bdwk 2209-2
0102_263_31Fineberg, Irene23 N Sovereign Ave
0102_63_1_C0505Finkelberg, Olga & Leonid526 Pacific 505
0102_6_1_C0806Finkelstein, Susan S100 S Berkley 8f
0102_6_1_C0608Finley, Dennis J100 S Berkley 6h
0102_176_1_C0712Finley; Rosanne Kahn; Cynthia, Marc2834 Atlantic 712
0102_714_8Finne, Robert2060 W Riverside Dr
0102_714_7Finne, Robert2050 W Riverside Dr
0102_703_10Finne, Robert1830 W Riverside Dr
0102_703_8Finne, Robert1850 W Riverside Dr
0102_714_5Finne, Robert2030 W Riverside Dr
0102_703_4Finne, Robert1920 W Riverside Dr
0102_703_6Finne, Robert1900 W Riverside Dr
0102_714_13Finne, Robert Michael2130 W Riverside Dr
0102_714_12Finne, Robert Michael2120 W Riverside Dr
0102_714_11Finne, Robert Michael2110 W Riverside Dr
0102_63_1_C0903Finnegan, James526 Pacific 903
0102_6_1_C1611Finzimer, Alan & Sharen (trust)100 S Berkley 16l
0102_31_2_C0411Fioravanti, Michael & Satmary, Gina2721 Bdwk 411
0102_207_8Fiordimondo, Anne E42 S Bartram Ave
0102_192_6_C0204Fiorentino, Diego3801 Atlantic B4
0102_279_60Fiorentino, Natale & Giuseppa9 N Florida Ave
0102_6_1_C0602Fireman, Raymond & Helene100 S Berkley 6b
0102_235_2First Access Real Estate LLC3911 Winchester Ave
0102_124_41First Access Real Estate LLC34 N Vermont Ave
0102_235_3First Access Real Estate LLC3913 Winchester Ave
0102_236_23_P0006First Boston Corp Inc3817 Ventnor P6
0102_176_1_C0004First Church Of Christ Scientist2834 Atlantic C4
0102_86_1_C2602First Flagship Financial Services60 N Maine 2604
0102_289_36First Sai LLC1737 Atlantic Ave
0102_57_6First, Knight Inv LLC143 S South Carolina Ave
0102_205_3Fischer, Iva16 S Delancy Pl
0102_105_1_C3104Fischer, Jacquelyn M4 Starboard Ct
0102_5_1_C0605Fischer, Robert & Cathy101 S Plaza 605
0102_50_31_C2406Fish, Gene A1515 Bdwk 2406
0102_28_1.01_C0026Fishbeyn & Briskiin LLC3101 Bdwk R26
0102_210_10Fishbeyn, Alexander49 S Plaza Pl
0102_17_2_C2203Fishel, Alexander & Irina3851 Bdwk 2203
0102_28_1.02_C2104Fisher Gary & Fisher, Celia3101 Bdwk 2104-2
0102_28_1.02_C0702Fisher, Celia & Gary3101 Bdwk 702-2
0102_28_1.01_C1923Fisher, Gary3101 Bdwk 1903b-1
0102_28_1.02_C2510Fisher, Gary3101 Bdwk 2510-2
0102_28_1.01_C1704Fisher, Gary & Celia3101 Bdwk 1704-1
0102_28_1.01_C2403Fisher, Gary And Celia3101 Bdwk 2403a-1
0102_732_10Fisher, Herbert L1610 Madison Ave
0102_16_4Fisher, Jay & Fisher, Frances107 S Dover Ave
0102_434_17Fisher, Martha C/O Raymond Fisher718 Pearl Pl
0102_670_13Fisher, P & J1906 E Riverside Dr
0102_670_14Fisher, P & J1904 E Riverside Dr
0102_685_13Fisher, Peter & Fisher, James E.1405 Emerson Ave
0102_247_13Fisher, Ryan & Stagg, Lauren4221 Winchester Ave
0102_212_17Fisher, Terry & Lisa51 S Jackson Ave
0102_3_12Fisher, Terry & Lisa115 S Newton Ave
0102_23_1_C1227Fisher, Yakov & Tsilya3501 Bdwk A227
0102_165_3Fishlevich, Ben & Ellen2510 Atlantic Ave
0102_17_2_C0808Fishman, D & M & Foerster, R & J3851 Bdwk 808
0102_28_1.02_C0909Fishman, Mariam3101 Bdwk 909-2
0102_404_2_C0104Fittipaldi, Pasquale1418 Mediterranean #a
0102_28_1.02_C0804Fitts, Leonard & Sherrell3101 Bdwk 804-2
0102_375_8Fitzgerald, Beverly J.228 N Morris Ave
0102_681_1Fitzgerald, Edward & Wendie1432 N Ohio Ave
0102_681_2Fitzgerald, Edward & Wendie1432 N Ohio Ave #a
0102_477_8Fitzgerald, Shawn G1000 N Michigan Ave
0102_17_2_C2712Five Grasshoppers Family Prtn3851 Bdwk Ph112
0102_50_31_C1601Flag Resort Development Corp1515 Bdwk 1601
0102_86_1Flagship Condo60 N Maine Ave
0102_86_1_T01Flagship Condo60 N Maine Ave
0102_86_1_C0601Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C12
0102_86_1_C0602Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C13
0102_86_1_C0102Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C2
0102_86_1_C0103Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C3
0102_86_1_C0104Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C4
0102_86_1_C0105Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C5
0102_86_1_C3008Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine 3008
0102_86_1_C0708Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C21
0102_86_1_C0111Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C11
0102_86_1_C0701Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C14
0102_86_1_C0702Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine C15
0102_86_1_C1207Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine 1209
0102_86_1_C2315Flagship Condo Assoc60 N Maine 2317
0102_86_1_C0703Flagship Condo Assoc Inc.60 N Maine C16
0102_86_1_C0704Flagship Condo Assoc, Inc.60 N Maine C17
0102_86_1_C0705Flagship Condo Assoc. Inc.60 N Maine C18
0102_86_1_C0709Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C22
0102_86_1_C0110Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C10
0102_86_1_C0707Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C20
0102_86_1_C0706Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C19
0102_86_1_C0109Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C9
0102_86_1_C0106Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C6
0102_86_1_C0101Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C1
0102_86_1_C0710Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C23
0102_86_1_C0108Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C8
0102_86_1_C0107Flagship Condo Assoc., Inc.60 N Maine C7
0102_86_1_C1105Flagship Heights Assoc LLC60 N Maine 1107
0102_346_34Flagship Property Management LLC2903 Arctic Ave
0102_86_1_C2301Flagship Resort60 N Maine 2303
0102_86_1_C1613Flagship Resort60 N Maine 1615
0102_86_1_C2915Flagship Resort Dev. Corp.60 N Maine 2915
0102_86_1_C3001Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3001
0102_86_1_C3210Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3210
0102_86_1_C2210Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2212
0102_86_1_C3009Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3009
0102_86_1_C2003Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2005
0102_86_1_C2413Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2415
0102_86_1_C2911Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2911
0102_86_1_C2910Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2910
0102_86_1_C1015Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1017
0102_86_1_C2008Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2010
0102_86_1_C2004Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2006
0102_86_1_C1917Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1919
0102_86_1_C2007Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2009
0102_86_1_C1915Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1917
0102_86_1_C2411Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2413
0102_86_1_C2001Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2003
0102_86_1_C2414Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2416
0102_86_1_C1017Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1019
0102_86_1_C1016Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1018
0102_86_1_C1715Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1717
0102_86_1_C3005Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3005
0102_86_1_C1403Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1405
0102_86_1_C2002Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2004
0102_86_1_C2608Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2610
0102_86_1_C2607Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2609
0102_86_1_C3007Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3007
0102_86_1_C2604Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2606
0102_86_1_C3004Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3004
0102_86_1_C2402Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2404
0102_86_1_C2409Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2411
0102_86_1_C2404Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2406
0102_86_1_C3205Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3205
0102_86_1_C1414Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1416
0102_86_1_C3204Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3204
0102_86_1_C2401Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2403
0102_86_1_C3013Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3013
0102_86_1_C3011Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3011
0102_86_1_C3015Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3015
0102_86_1_C1602Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1604
0102_86_1_C1605Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 1607
0102_86_1_C3014Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3014
0102_86_1_C2712Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2714
0102_86_1_C2713Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 2715
0102_86_1_C3208Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3208
0102_86_1_C3209Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3209
0102_86_1_C3201Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3201
0102_86_1_C3010Flagship Resort Development60 N Maine 3010